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If you'd like to make your nfl games a little more interesting. you've come to the right place even money. Podcast with russ tucker and steve. Yeah vegas baby vegas. It is the even money podcast presented by draftkings. And i am former nfl player. Ross tucker check me out on social. At ross tucker. Nfl five teams seven years. Those of you that check us out on youtube. Youtube dot com slash. Ross tucker. Nfl you can see the helmets behind me. Washington buffalo new england dallas. As i like to say it was an awesome temp job in my twenties. Now i got a bunch of podcast. Ross tucker football podcast three days a week in the offseason daily during the season we got the fantasy fees podcast for the fantasy. Focus college draft. Podcast if you're into that andrew. Brandt does the business of sports. And of course this podcast. They even money podcast so fired up to dive into draft gangs. Free to play fifty thousand dollar round one pool on today's show. And make sure you guys ready to win as much as you possibly can of those winnings on the draftkings free to play pool the star this show though not me and i make no bones about it. It is deep as the only two time winner of the super bowl of professional football sports betting the super contests at the west gate casino. Check steve out on twitter at physics. You can always follow all of our shows that i already mentioned at ross tucker pod steve what is my man love contest roster should be a fun. Show discussing your best opportunity to cash in the contest. Yeah i love it. I mean here. We are recording this nine days away from the nfl draft. You and i will die in hot and heavy on all of the potential. Nfl draft bets on the d. Case sportsbook at next week should be awesome. Can't wait to see what bet you are firing up. But we know there's also a lot of listeners in places where they can't bet on the drag me steve year in pennsylvania. They don't let you bet on the draft. So i am all about the free to play fifty thousand dollar pool. It's ten questions and then based on how you answer those ten questions steve. They divvy up the fifty thousand dollars. So i guess let's just start with that when you're in a contest like this. We'll get dive into the questions. Ten questions those of you again. That are watching on youtube. You can see. I got the app pulled up on my iphone right now. Those of you that are just listening. Of course obviously pull up the free to play fifty thousand. Nfl draft around one pool on your draftkings app. But you are the guy that's one contest. Steve like major test so before we dive into these specific questions. What do we need to know as a relates to entering contests such as these the number one strategy. I would absolutely asking to do is to submit your entry as late as possible. Don't submit early because the information changes now. It certainly changes during an nfl week if you're an in an nfl contest. Injury updates and the like point spreads move but those movements pale in comparison to what you're going to see in the draft. We've already seen that with who's going to go. Third in terms of tremendous line moves on the choices. And we're going to keep seeing those as the draft approaches. You're the severe disadvantage if you try to pick the winners with incomplete imperfect information now versus a week from now done okay so it says you just have to enter the contest by eight. Pm eastern time on thursday. The twenty ninth when the first round of the nfl draft. Start so it. Sounds like steve. Theoretically you could make all ten of your picks at seven forty five thursday night when pretty much any information. It's going to come out at that. Point has come out exactly and that really is your best opportunity. Now the one aspect of this. That's curious is that you're going to have so many people entering that it might be optimal for you to take a flyer pick something. That's extremely unlikely. For instance who's going to go number two in the draft. If you wanna play contrarian hey you're gonna have a ninety nine percent chance. Perhaps being eliminated right with that question. But if you get a right then you're going to be ahead of ninety nine percent of the people right so it's interesting because it looks like a bunch of people get money on this thing. I mean up to nine thousand seven hundred and fifty people get some money as they divvy out the fifty thousand dollars. So i place. The thousand second-place five hundred third through tenth is one hundred but there could be a lot of people that end up doing this steve. So you gotta make sure that you are ready to go and it certainly seems to me like you wanna make sure you have the right pick. But it's a good point if you wanna win if you wanna get first place. Do you go contrarian and really there are certain opportunities. I feel like steve. Where you can go contrarian a little bit and there's others where boy you need to take the chalk i mean let's start with this okay. Who will be the second overall pick is question one. They've got zack. Wilson trae lance justin feels trevor lords. Penny soul. Any other player. Those six choices. I think at this point. We all know it's going to be zach wilson. I guess you could take a flyer. Their stephen go just in fields. But that does feel like it's eliminating you on one that we certainly not like the next one who will be the third pick who will be the fourth pick. That's where i feel like there's variants and you can maybe take a shot. I feel like with the second pick. You gotta go. zach wilson. Young agree if the choices were. Just zack wilson or somebody else. All right at that point you could go in and take your flyer. Maybe you win. Two percent of the time three percent of the time. But let's face it. You could go contrarian and pick the wrong guy we don't even know might go over wilson if olsen should fall out of a window and break a leg or something so because of that. I think you do have to wilson to go. Second aren't now is where it gets interesting. And this is where it gets interesting for every aspect of the draft. I mean you. And i we do this every week. Where we talk about the best bats in the nfl and otherwise we'll be all over talking about the line movement with the third overall. Pick next week year on the even money pod gas. Because i've still got some strong opinions. But i kind of lay out here right now. They've got zack. Wilson justin fields mack jones. Trae lance jomar chase any player you know after the niners made that trade steve mac jones was the favourite but in recent days after his second pro day. It's been just feels last time. I looked at it. I think just fields was maybe minus one twenty five. I think mack jones plus one fifty. What does that mean when you're in a pool like this should you just go with the odds on favorite and just say fields or should you go jones. You say you know what. I'm taking a shot. It's neither guy. I'm going trae lance. It's complicated. you've got a forecast. Let's assume fields is forty percents And let's assume the mac jones's thirty percents in everyone else else's thirty percents and then all right. Well i'll take fields. He is the best chance. But if you assume more than half the people are gonna take fields then maybe goal contrary. No i'm gonna go a little contrarian. I'll go with mac jones here hoping that more people will select fields. I think it's pretty close to fifty fifty between those two being the most likely you know. I'm gonna go mack jones. I talked to sage rosenfels this week on the ross tucker football podcast sage played four. Kyle shanahan for several years in houston with the texans and he said that his initial thoughts were that. There's no way kyle shanahan would make this move up all the pics to get number three overall for mac. Joe just didn't think he was that physically impressive but he went back and he watched the sec championship game. You know jones had a joe burrow esque. Season steve seventy seven percent. He was absolutely phenomenal all year and he really does compare favorably to guys. I know and sage rosenfels knows that kyle shanahan loves match. Shabaab kirk cousins. I even put on our social feed today at ross tucker pod steve that that sage said that he thinks sometimes kyle shanahan so confident with his ability to design. Plays and get guys open. He just wants an accurate executor's he just wants a guy that consistent and can execute accurately day in and day out. That sounds a lot like mac. Jones other words cow. Shani just wants person to do what he tells them to do. All right i need the extra stuff if you just do how i lay it out. We will win. Because i'm good. I'm going back jones steve. I'm with you all right. So we have consensus so far. Be interesting to see where we vary as we move forward. Yeah now it gets a little tougher. Who will be the fourth overall. Pick right now. It's the atlanta falcons that are making that selection as we record this. You never know. If a trade goes down somebody moves up there to try to get a quarterback. You know they could go. Quarterback they being the falcons a guy like trae lance or justin fields. They could also take somebody else here. Here's the choices. Zack wilson. Just in fields. Pennies tool jomar chase trae lance or any other player. I gotta tell you steve. I am tempted to either go trae lance and they get a quarterback or any other player and think. That new falcons head coach. Arthur smith wants to get kyle pits tight end out of florida. You know that's interesting because you do go any other player. And i thought about this. Not many people going to select that. I think in terms of their overall selections. So you're going contrarian against the field ultimately i'm going to go slightly contrary and i'm gonna go trae lance to go fourth year. The lesser known quarterback if you will while the lesser covered one than fields so trey lance for me number four. I'm doing any other player. I think it's kyle pitch either atlanta. Maybe somebody even trades up for kyle pits. I'm going any other player. So on the third question. We have our first disagreement. What about the fifth overall. Pick zack wilson. Trae lance just in fields jomar chase pennies tool any other player right now the cincinnati bengals hold the fifth overall. Pick much of the conversation has centered around pencil and jomar chase but you could still go any other player here. Because kyle pits again isn't listed to any other player here or soul or chase or somebody else if you want steve. I'm gonna go any other player. I'm gonna go and fifth here and the latest odds. I saw as he's favored to be a top five. Pick so he's not going one two three fourth or fifth. Ross you a fourth on any other player. I'll take that for this election. So i i'm going to lean penny sore here. I think the bengals are more likely to take pennies tool than jomar chase. What about this strategy. Those of any other player back to back in other words. I i think four or five one of them will be pissed so i almost guarantee myself getting one of those right but i also kind of guarantee myself getting one of them wrong and it feels like if you get one of the first four wrong. You're probably not going to be in the money. I don't think you can go any other player for both four and five because really pisses the only guy that has a viable chance. So you're going to want to go any other player for one of those not for both are now we get some of the first guy at position to be drafted again on the draft kings free to play fifty thousand dollar pool. Love these pools by the way. So i love pools in general by way. We just opened our pool. Steve april nineteenth. We opened our pool. It is very very cold but attala. I'm trying to stay. Lean trying to keep my weight down as a former player. Swim latte. it's so it's so easy and good on your joints. You swim out there in vegas or no poll sixty eight degrees. So i've been the water's always recirculating. So it never really gets very warm and working out. In the pool is underrated push ups. You can go ahead and do crunches against the side of the pool across board. Obviously i'm not doing enough of them But you really don't need a gym even like when i go for a long walk. Jog redundancy a park bench if twenty five push-ups on the bench. You know both things like that you can avoid that. Gmc's all the germs of the gym just by being active. Yeah i i just like the total body workout of the poor. We're doing an advertisement for fools here. We're not we're talking about the draft gangs fifty thousand pool who will be the first wide. Receiver drafted boy. It feels like it would be a major surprise. Jomar as i did see something recently or someone suggested perhaps jalen waddell. But i'm going to march as their steve yet. Chase over the alabama wide receivers. I think it's a slam dunk. I'd be willing to lay like minus five hundred. Plus he goes. I chase it is all right. The next question is interesting. Who will be the first running back drafted the. Here's the three options though. Nashi harris from alabama travis from clemson. And then any other player slash no running back strat in the first round does not just any other player no running backs going in the first round you know be. I'm sure there's gonna be people that get them all right. It's not going to be easy. Steve because this this feels to me almost like a third a third a third between these three options. Yeah very interesting. The latest numbers i saw was harris about twenty eight ec n about thirty four so maybe harris a sixty percent bed. But it's certainly possible. That's against the n. Certainly possible nobody goes in the first round. I'm gonna go chok and go harris but certainly can make a case for the other. Two options speci- with harris have an ankle issue. I guess they say it's healed now. I'm gonna go eat the end now. I'm to say someone wants some speed. Someone wants that burst. And they want a guy that's healthier. The nashi harris all go will differ there. The next one is who will be the first defensive player draft but before we get to that speaking of defense. Mas vidal uis. They put on absolute show the last time they stepped into the octagon round to shirt a pack a punch. Here's all you need to know whether it's you have see this weekend or hockey basketball whatever. It is draft. Draftkings has unbelievable promotion for you. Just make sure you put the code in ross and they have some ridiculous offers including this weekend code. Ross to turn five dollars into one hundred thirty dollars if the fighter of your choosing takes home the crown limited time only at draftkings sportsbook. I defensive player drafted caleb farley. Mike parsons gregory russo. Patrick ser tan the second. Quit e pay or any other player slash node defensive players drafted in the first round. I can tell you right now. It's not gonna be russo or kayla parley. So don't pick one of those guys. I tend to doubt parsons. There's some concerns about him off the field. Then you've got ser tan you've got quickey pay or you've got the any other player no defensive player trap in the first round steve. Why think we're going to get a defensive player drafted. Ross i'll 'certain you know. It's interesting because i looked at some of my initial mock drafts and i asked my expert. One of my draft experts about that. And he echoed. What you said about parsons. Because i saw parsons was very highly fought of and he said that one of his biggest bets was fading to have not go in the top ten. So through a black marker through his name lance man 'certain it's either patrick's tan the second or quickey pay. I would go patrick tan. The second i think you know he's pretty much generally considered the best corner in the draft. There's not a dominant defensive. Linemen linebackers don't usually go that high. I don't know you always know the percentages. That's why you're my co-host here on the even money podcast but it certainly seems like patrick ser. Tan is the odds on favourite to be the first defensive player drafted so i would lean there that time. I guess look you could think maybe the cowboys at ten denver at night. One the other teams. Maybe they take a quick pace. Something like that or a mike parsons. It's possible but i would lean ser tan the second as well so i feel like the next one we on some level almost already answered because it's which of the listed players will be selected. I justin fields trae lance or mack jones. So if we all continue to assume. It's trevor lawrence. Won and zack wilson. To we think it's going to be one of these quarterbacks. That goes three to the forty niners so i guess my question steve. You have to make the same pick here that you did for who goes third overall right like you a match those two you have to and kudos to draft kings are basically asking you. Are you paying attention to your experience. You're not don't get to win. That would be amazing as all these Entries come in if they just looked at it like all right. This feels like a Like almost like an intelligence test like what did what they put for the second question though overall take match what they put for the eighth question. If the answer is no they are a moron. Don't ever talk to them in any capacity ever again because really that's what it is right like. I guess what st there might be people that aren't paying attention that closely or they're not paying as they fill this out because it's a free to play pool. Is there any value in in splitting up so you get one of them right in other words. let's say you're torn between fields and mack jones for the niners at three. Is there any logic in picking one at one spot and the other the other you get one of them right at least know because they don't they're not giving your price for finishing in the middle if you do exceptionally well okay. So the next question is a pretty interesting one. How many we'll be talking about this next week when we look at some of the odds for this stuff because obviously every week here on the even money podcast we dominate any. Nfl beds and even other bets masters march madness triple crown stuff like that and iraq. Obviously those who've been listening or watching for awhile you know that we are up in the one hundred plus units combined over. The last five years that is documented. Go back and check. Some of our previous episodes for are documented. Track record of success here on the even money podcast. How many quarterback. Steve will be drafted in the first. The over under is five and a half under five and a half. And frankly i don't. I don't see this as being even viable option. The six guys gonna go based upon the latest over unders on all these various backup quarterbacks that are available i think the highest was mills from stanford at around sixty two. He's supposed to be selected so nowhere close to the i drown This one's a slam dunk under five. I will go as well. you know. it's funny every year. Steve they around this time you start to hear those reports could team. Xyz sneak into the back of round one to draft quarterback j k l at the fifth year option on him and it very rarely happens. I mean i guess you could argue that the packers kinda did that with jordan love last year but i just don't think it's it happens all that often and i don't think i mean if you already have five guys go in the first round and we think they will buy pick twenty the latest. What team exactly trading up back into the first round. And i just don't see it happening. I think there's more likely nobody even goes in the second round. I say it's more likely know. Quarterbacks go in the second round then one go then six go in the first round. I agree with that. And you know jordan. Love was supposed to go in the first round. He just went like four slots earlier than we thought he would win. You know the packers traded up for him so There's no quarterback that has any Resume or any evaluation right now. War the of going top fifty other than the big five which by the way appears to have been a terrible draft choice thus far for the packers rodgers is going to be their quarterback again this year. Steve which means in the four years. You have a rookie quarterback on a cheap contract which is supposed to be the point of drafting them. The packers won't even used jordan love. Barring an injured aaron rodgers for fifty percent of that contract mover. he might not play next year either. I'm gonna come over the top during the loveless the best draft pick in the draft last year because it lit a fire underneath aaron rodgers who had been struggling with mediocre average performances. The last couple of years and suddenly became the mvp. You know. for a fact steve. That's what brian good accounts. The gm for the packers meetings. He'll never say that publicly but in meetings he's like boys. This is all me mission accomplished. I lit a fire under rodgers got. Mvp sees natta them. That was the reason why we did it. But we'll see that's that is interesting perspective. I'm sure that's what the packers are selling internally. I'm not sure that i am buying that one. The last one. This is interesting. Total number of twenty twenty one first round picks traded after eight pm eastern time on four twenty nine so this is during the first round of the draft. How many picks get traded to the different team can make that selection the over under said it six and a half. I gotta tell you. I haven't done a lot of research on this to know what the averages or what's customary. I usually leave that to you. Yeah i did take a look in and last year there were four the two years before six and seven but i checked the fine print on this question. Ross this is trades at are gonna occur once the draft begins so the the the trades already occurred. Don't count correct. And if that's the case under six and a half looks like a slam dunk to me. Yeah i'll go under six and a half. They're not they're not counting the ones that have already been traded their toll number of traded after eight pm so After eight pm is when it starts there could be even another trade right before the draft starts. They're talking about trade on the clock. I seven sounds like a lot when we've already had several teams moving around like they have a lot. I'm with you. I will take the under six and a half like these questions from draftkings in the free. Fifty thousand our nfl draft around one pool next week on the fantasy fee. Steve we will have the number one. Mock drafter over the last five years ben standing. Make sure you listen to that because he gets more right than anybody else with his mock draft. They they track these things. So make sure you're subscribing. Listen or watch the fantasy. Feast podcast next week. Tomorrow's fancy feast. We're breaking down the running backs and tight ends. That are in the twenty twenty one. Nfl draft next week. Stephen i of course will place all of our official. Nfl draft bet. You don't wanna miss that ross. Football podcast on fire. this week. We had sage rosenfels monday. Greg cosell coming up later in the week to break down the draft defensive backs. We'll find out if he thinks. Patrick ser tan. The second will be the first defensive player. Maybe he likes jc horn. Joe horn son. You never know. And of course. Andrew brandt killing it on the business of sports podcasts. And you can binge listen or watch. The college draft podcasts. At we have gone position by position breaking down. Emory hunts tap players all available. Ross tucker dot com youtube dot com. Slash ross tucker. Nfl or wherever podcasts or found checkout steve on social at sports. I am at ross tucker. Nfl we are at ross. Tucker pod good like everybody would be guys win some of that money. Thanks for listening to the even money. Podcast make sure to also subscribe to the russ tucker football podcast. The fantasy feast business of sports in the college. Draft all available at apple podcasts. Ross tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found lots of times on the show. I mentioned draftkings. Here's what you need to know. You gotta be twenty one year. Old new jersey indiana pennsylvania. Only new customers only restrictions apply see draftkings dot com slash for details gambling. Problem call her gambler and indiana one. Eight hundred nine with find a way if we're talking about included a deposit bonus doesn't always sometimes it does deposit bones require twenty five times playthrough and deposit bonuses are paid out in sight credit.

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