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This is March 2nd. And this is the Bruins beat on C L & S media and welcome back to the Bruins game on Ceylon s media. My name is Evan Aronofsky. You guys are having a great day a great week. I can't believe its March. It's March which is so crazy. But that just means warm weather is on the way so that obviously is a great thing a happy thing. I also want to note that if I sound terrible or sound worse than normal in this podcast is cuz I I had to come home for something and I left my mic up Faith in uh in my other house the other house I live in up in school and I forgot my mic halfway home. I was like, oh my God, I forgot my podcast mic. What am I going to do? And then I said, you know what? I'm just going to have to deal with off the laptop microphone, which is never fun. But I thought I'd note it because maybe now you'll notice it which I isn't good. But also like for those who do notice it during the show dog. I don't want like you to think what happened to Evans Mike. They used to talk about how good he sounded like, why does he sound terrible? So I don't know how I sound I'll I guess I'll hear myself when I edit it but to note. Yes. I am not using my normal Mike little Mike will be making it beloved return next week. So in this episode this was this was a fun episode Connor and I did first we talked to see what's wrong with the Bruins. What is going wrong? What what's happening? How does it get fixed? So we we try to play fixer uppers where we can kind of figure out what's going on. We're playing doctor we get to you know, see what's going wrong. And then this this I didn't expect to talk about again jack. I was a Bruins after fluto shinzawa is article in the athletic we discussed sort of what it would take to get Aiko and all that stuff. We've done it a lot but it never gets old. It's weird cuz it's just so fun to think about and there's so many little elements to it that, you know, get brought up every time. 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With Conor Ryan and we're here with Conor Ryan Conor Evans doing swell. How you doing? I'm doing well. I it's a Monday obviously recordings on Mondays and it's fun. But you know, there's no Bruins media. So it's kind of a day off. It's nice just to sit around talk some ruins, you know, watch the Irishman last night. I had a ton of time. Are you need a lot of time to watch that? So it was like 8:30 and I was like, you know what I have all this time. I've nothing to do I might as well just watch the Irish, but I've been meaning to watch it and it was good. It just was really long like that was very long. It's a very long movie. Yeah, and it's slow in parts. So it's not like it's like, you know Fast and Furious action packed like it's not like watching Goodfellas where it's idling 2 and 1/2 hours and it feels like it's like, you know ninety minutes cuz how how quick it rolls through. Its I don't know I don't care song. They're in like the retirement home. Really? No, this is so we have 40 minutes left. Oh God. Yeah. No Goodfellas. Goodfellas is way better. Like I said, I don't know if anyone would ever say the irishman's better than Goodfellas. Goodfellas was certainly better. Both movies package is going to Baris me if you were going to be angry. I've seen in the past month doesn't I've still Good Fellows for the first time this past month in February. So whenever I exactly I saw it off technically Twenty-One because my poor performer 22nd birthday. So I'm ready. I'm ready to to make the Goodfellas jokes like I did yesterday. Okay, they was worried when I dropped that out of it. I didn't know if I was found one out there, but I'm glad I'm glad you got it. Oh no. No, no. No, of course, I got that so not a great way for Bruins not a great week. I know they ended it on our early started next week Sunday. They started to walk on a good note, but not ending particularly. Well, there are a lot of problems. What was the biggest to you? Well, I mean, obviously the the one where you look at just the Optics of it right is the defense, right? I mean you give up 13 goals in two games. I think everyone get concerned about that and I think that's wrong. You see the right flag is you know, you're seeing way too many transition goals created chances in front of Rask and a lot, but the thing is is that that's always a concern. Oh shit. Like when you go that many goals. I'm sure not to spend learning but also, I mean I look at it right where I think we all are in agreement of the rooms and needs more depth on the blue. Looks like we've talked about at home last week. Like that's a guy they need right? So this isn't any surprise and when you missing three starters on your blue line, you know, including two guys in lausanne and Thursdays are good at kind of showing up that net front and girls like ew, you know as much as I think people are now the critics been hurt. I feel like there's like the The Narrative of like, oh they can they they can do well without them, you know, he's an injury-prone. Even though it's really only been kind of this year. We're didn't really really bad. But you know you miss Chris leak in his ability to get the puck out and you know, get the brake outgoing and hit those first passes cuz off these games have been stuck in their own Zone with for checking issues. So but you look at that defense, right you miss those three guys, you have back and iron in a top pairing roll and you know, yes potential. I mean we've seen multiple times we're out of something. He's big enough yet to handle some of these guys and he's been just kind of Knocked around by Chris Kreider which led to a goal. He got knocked around by Andrews Lee and pushed around which led to Chicago gets the island is so I mean you go to depleted decor and you know, you got drawn more playing like the minutes and he did not look very good. The last two games so wage. Obviously, you're shorthanded you hopefully you hope that a shorthand unit doesn't give up 13 goals, but still it's not expected. But you had to know that there was going to be some issues with your going to be giving birth. One more chance has given how the state of your Decor is. Now. What I think is most concerning is in Cassidy kind of touch on is that again? You're seeing the same issues that we've that the burdens of dealt with for the whole years. We've got way too many passengers, right? You've got the same situation where I mean Cassidy Maps out, like listen, we're going to have games we might give up four or five goals, you know, if that's the case for right now, we need offense and other guys to step up and he'll kind of carry that that burden because of the start of the year. The Bruins were rolling right thoughts were getting these 3rd. Come backs. They're winning games and a defense is looking great. But that was kind of masking the fact that you once again, we're kind of relying on Bergeron and my channel pops went to bring them out. Now the defense isn't looking so great and you still have no one else really kind of pulling the Rope. So I think that's the biggest concern is again, you still got way too many lines were not enough guys are pulling the same rope whether that be dead. You know coil broke through on Sunday, which is good. But before that it was a struggle for him, you look at the 4th Line which you know, I don't know what's up with Sean. Corellia, Chris wagon, but they haven't, you know been the same player. They've been in years past what you need from that fourth line. So I think that's a big concern just more guys aren't pulling the same rough, especially offensively cuz you need more guys stepping up right now given the fact that your defense is kind of estimated at the moment. Yeah, and and it's funny going into Sunday's game again debrusk zero five on five goals this season in his thirteen games and then Charlie Coyle had one goal in ten games in February and we had to yesterday one being an empty-netter but again, like it's it's really a book. When are these guys going to step up? When is Charlie Coyle? When is I mean again this right now and it's I think you know, I haven't seen a ton of people talking about this is like Charlie Coyle's audition to be the second line Center next year. This is essentially you know, he the Bruins really good log. Look at life without David krejci if they decide not to re-sign him and it's not looking good. This is like they says and and again, you know, he has Richie. He said Smith that's been pretty consistent through all of these games may not had a revolving door of guys that kept Smith with him. They kept Richie and the production has not been there and again like I love coil. I think he's great. I think he's great puck-possession guy think he's card on the forecheck, you know, he's a good solid Center, but you need to produce especially in the second line role. You can get away with it on the 3rd line a little bit more when the second line you absolutely need to produce and that's not there. The other ones depressed. Can we beat this one is a ground is just like there's the consistency just just there, you know, and and I think that that's and and to me, I mean, it's funny the past couple of games Jack's technique has had way more chances and he hasn't scored anything else but you you tweeted yesterday the expected goals for objective Nika right to the to the Moon right to the moon, but the secondary scoring just is not there the defense on the wage. The thing with the defense that I'm not super worried about is there almost certainly going to add a top-four defenseman at the deadline at least that's what it feels like that would be the logical thing to do. You're going to get lausanne back at some point Miller's it tough cuz it's an arena current anything. But if you can get him somewhat healthy for the playoffs that's that's a good thing and grizzly will be back at some point. Hopefully and you pointed this out. I think after weeks ago when when things were good, but they were there was there was examples of falters when the Bruins couldn't break out of Their Own Zone. It's like this is is what you missed for the guy like Bruce look like yeah, he's just effortless Zone exits and countries you don't have with without Christmas. So there's issues there's issues. But again, as you said, I think the more concerning one is the secondary scoring problem just continues and and no one knows the whereabouts no one knows where this chat is no one knows how he's doing when he'll be back. And again, that's not even you can't even really rely on that because he still has yet to score a goal. That's the thing is when he even comes back. You don't really know it song. Like you're getting this let's say was you know, Kyle Palmieri one of these other guys have been more proven scorer and he was out for a month when he's coming back. Like all right, you know, we we missed him but we know when he's coming back long as he's healthy, you know, we know we're going to get from him like you don't know under the contract come back and you know average, you know, eight points the last forty games of the Season or he could go off and all sudden have like ten goals and a 15-game stretch. You just don't really know what you have from them. And even if he's doing well, unfortunately all it might take is another high hit to head down that same path. It's the the unfortunate risk you run with some of these guys who deal with a concussion issues, but you know, it's if cautious back do you feel comfortable with him roam the postseason right? Like as your toughest exclusion YouTube he's doing well, right like even if you all a sudden he's back and that second one. I'm looks like it's rolling again all it takes when you get to you know, physical hockey and a playoff berth. I'll take this one high hit even on that was relatively harmless like the miles would one wasn't like he got like completely truck wasn't looking like that's kind of just a unfortunate kind of hand. You're dealt when you're dealing with a situation like that. That's the thing and again, you can't rely on it, you know, and it's tough because you shows that potentially shows that promise. I know when the Bruins got him last year A lot of people are like this guy is going to be the guy that sticks extra crazy and obviously a pandemic here and stuff like that, but even anyway with injuries and so, you know again, I think the you know, things will get better. You saw a secondary scoring game in Sunday's game you get secondary scoring here and there but again, you need to consistently, you know again Tampa last year in the cup going out and getting gaudreau and Coleman, you know, Coleman was a bigger signing but gaudreau was not this is crazy or not a bigger signing bigger trade, you know, gaudreau was not this big guy to get you know, and whatever was going after the deadline, but he boosted her secondary scoring game. Automatic didn't really need it. So the Bruins need to find that type of guy at the deadline and and I don't think that's like a Taylor Hall either cuz you don't I think it's it's finding the right fit, you know down heavily. I know it's an old example or a Charlie Charlie Kelly Chris Kelly. So used to the Charlie's when the oil and McEvoy went yesterday and the presser. Anyways, that's the issue with the Bruins at some point. They will pass but again the secondary scoring keep an eye out for it again Bjork. I mean go down the list York Wagner Corelli like production there so long we've we've beat that into submission. But if there's one topic that we haven't talked about enough outside Heaven that is Jack items in the Boston Bruins. Now, this was not on the this was not on the show list for Thursday going into Monday. This was not like a thing. I plan to talk about until I opened up the athletic this morning and saw a flute. Oh, right Bruins trade for Jack. I have a question mark What we're hearing about the sabre star coming to Boston and you think oh my God, what is going on here and an NHL Source said I just don't see any way. They can't be all over him talking about the Bruins being all over I called my response to that is same. Yeah. I mean of course, but I also can see how they wouldn't be all over him because of the other things that other teams have at the Bruins don't have to offer now in you know fluid was on the list. You know how good a fit I could would be and I don't think the reason the Bruins wouldn't get eichel is not because he wouldn't be a good fit. I think it's the same reason it always has as to why they're not, you know, it's it's the same narrative every single time like they would love Michael but but but and and so this is the funny part the song said when it comes to what the browser to give up it said I he said I think you're looking at McAvoy in Fredrick probably minimum minimum now, yeah, like Frederick fine wage. If you want like if the Sabres Came Calling instead, we wants to Nika like two firsts and a prospect you say yes, because again, you're getting a proven proven to LEAP Center bulb and you're trading away a a more Prospect to type player instead Nika. He has the potential but he's not there yet or Fredrick same thing like you want to take friendship Frankel like by all means but it really an influence on the list is a trade like this the Sabres I don't think we're looking to just rebuild again. They're not looking to do this whole rebuild thing again, which you probably could spark a whole rebuild with an ankle trade done. Right like you could get first and Prospects and you could do that. But again, the ankle contract is a lot but they would probably like to get someone back that they can build a nice round and there's two guys they the Bruins have McEvoy and pastrnak and you're not trading either of those guys for Jack highfill. Yeah. No, I mean again, it's one of those things where you got likely. Yep. Your cup window extends by seven eight years at a minimum, right? But you're not trading guys who are also part of what that extend a cup window is going to be right. You're not trading. You're not trading the guy young boy who very well as probably a top-five top three finalists for the Norris. Maybe the legitimate Norris front-runner right now. Like I think like I I think he's definitely top three the question really isn't is he like worthy of it? It's is he getting any attention? Yeah. Yeah people seeing that cuz again, he's not standing out of the stat sheet. He is here because he didn't last year but you know, our people are writers in La watching, you know, McEvoy shut down opposing players night in and night out. I don't know, you know, so I mean, yeah, you you're not you're not giving a pasta knock who once we hit a full season again. It's probably going to hit 50 goals or at least come very close as it's been the case the last couple of years right? So I just don't see the only the only place Way, I see an Ico trade working out would be if Buffalo is dumb enough to let this carry out through 2022 when his note no-movement Clause kicks in cuz I'm only way to ruin to get any leverage at all as if they get to the point where I go that no-movement Clause kicks in he goes to Buffalo as like, all right. I'm only going to go to Boston. Like that's the only that's the only way it's going to go and or even a case where he blocks trades. It seems that have a lot more assets. So whether that's I think Pluto methods like Minnesota where they've got like kept resolved and a few other guys took a train. Yeah or a few of those teams out west, you know, that could be rebuilding like the Kings or the the Ducks. You just want to go to the West Coast or you don't want to go to New York which would seem like it makes a lot of sense as a place you'd want to go. But if he didn't he blocked a trade their then Buffalo's has had his hand side, but for right now, it's just an open bidding and if it's an open market wage You know the the Bruins don't have much of a chance at all. They already didn't have it anyway, but now that but even if they did throw over like off a crazy trade it's not involving McEvoy posturing. Let's three first-round picks like for prospects like the bruskin Kalo and like a crazy Hall. I know it's jump in and probably match that with fewer players, but with higher Talent right like would've La does, you know by field and you know other first or Anaheim has a grass like any of these guys are younger who are on the cusp of like, you know stardom or or something like that. Like I feel like even then Buffalo probably rather have those guys then take a few first from Boston. Where do you add to that next? So taking away from a lot of its Ki Kore you're going to get a couple of 25th overall picks the next couple of years, right? Like we'd rather have that I'd rather have what you could get from a team like the King's dead. Of the Ducks. So yeah, it's not going to happen to the Bruins unless you get to a point where the the Buffalo Sabres get that no-movement Clause kick in and then I go kind of dictates the terms but I would imagine Buffalo would trade him before them. But also Buffalo seems like it's completely incompetent. They can't even get their story straight as to whether or not equals hurt. So that that whole friend just seems like a shitshow. So maybe gets to that point where they think, you know at this point. They're they're running towards forgetting the first overall pick I could see them have this narrative or it's like, all right. Well we suck this year again. I you know, we've got Ike only got deleted all these guys, but, you know, we'll get the first round. We'll get the first overall pick we'll get that Owen power kid from Michigan g-core is going to look great, even though I coaches can coach Darlene who's supposed to be like the best team in Prospect in ten years so I can see them doing that sticking around and then there's all going to ship next year. So we'll see never but never down. Buffalo to not screw up a good such a situation where they at least have some leverage right now cuz I could see that totally happening. I mean the obvious thing is you deal Hall at the deadline for as many as long as you can get you're not going to get ready for him cuz he is a pending UFA and he's having a good year. I mean, yeah that gamble worked out for him. Right just ask just ask my fantasy team. He's absolutely sucks right now you want to win though. So at least he's winning. He's winning. Yeah good for Taylor and all winning. He's winning the lottery technically. That's I guess so that is a win. That's a way across but I know I mean, it's funny. I I tweeted about the icons of the Bruins thing and some people are replying. You know, I love people when they when they reply krejci as the centerpiece of a deal. I think we talked on poke the bear like Rangers and is an older guy expiring deal probably doesn't want to leave Boston. There's no there's not a lot of trade value there and it's not like if you had if you've never cut yet and he was off. Shity team like then maybe yes, like you could feel himself somewhere from to go chase a cup. But he has a cup like it's not yes. He's good a Democrat. She's fine. But most people were against dealing for dealing knocked boil pasta drunk. But I mean you think about it like if you trade it, let's say let's say it's a one-for-one deal. Let's say you do 141 Charlie McAvoy for Jacqueline. Are you better? No. No, I don't think you are because you because again, you know, you'll have burst Run for the next couple of years, maybe Sydney could turns into you know, a top-six center. At least that's what he projects. Do. You also have Charlie Coyle who, you know supposed to project into a top-six center and your Frederick you feature in the system. They expect something out of you don't have that next franchise defenseman, you don't and and again you it's so hard to just draft one. It's so hard to just go out and get a franchise defense then birth. We're not saying franchise centers are easy to find go ask the Canadians. But again, you do have options Center. I don't know. If you don't on defense home. You don't you don't have a franchise defenseman? No, I mean, I think you get to the point where it's one thing to draft a guy like even Kalo hoye think it's to pass out of expectations as being a legitimate top Force shutdown guy off and if someone wanted to trade McEvoy, I'm sure you have someone reaching through, you know straws and having the argument of like well, we've got Jack of Sean on the way. We've got nice and Laura home open up the USHL. It's like it's all great and good but I'd rather have the surest of sure bets than a guy like McAvoy who's gonna win a Norse at some point and then add those guys to the match your Decor even better than trading away. The guy who's going to Anchor your D cor for 15 years for a guy that is great guy goes a superstar, but it's not helping out your cause right now like wage. You know desperately needing a center and have to rebuild on the fly like you're trying to max out and extend this current cup window and trading arguably the best top 5 team has been in the league form isn't really helping your cause that much like it's you know, it's a shame cuz you know, I go makes so much sense for the Bruins in terms of just what where he would fit and how he would help out this song but in terms of just the overall assets, it just doesn't make any sense because you're not going to get him for you know, mortgaging the farming cuz one you you can't really mortgage the farm long as you don't have the assets to sway it over another team that might be desperate for it. Right? There's so many other teams. I think a no-bid you unless you include pasta and and or McEvoy and I will go off but I do I do think that when you when you I mean I mean posturing if you trade in Poshmark Reichel again, like Fifty goal caliber Wingers do not grow on trees like that is so hard to find and I mean obviously, you know, you have a little more impact on the ice when you're a top-line center. They may do as a Top Line Winger, but again, like Puffs truck is your go-to goals for you know, how many teams around the league you know long it's been since the Bruins had to go to goal scorer but forever. Yeah forever. So moved it all like you have that go-to rolls for don't give it up for you know, Michael. I mean the only guy you could push back up for me said this couple of weeks ago or like a week ago whenever pilgrimage were talking about it. It's like McDavid or McKinnon like that's that's really the only way you would ever do that Idols Elite, but you don't do it. Also, the other thing is and we haven't mentioned this Buffalo trading cycle within the division. Yeah another another bit of a roadblock. Yeah, that also would not work out well, but it's fun to consider. It's always fun to consider like the Jack eichel stuff, but caught her before I let you go. Is there anything that you would like to place? Yeah, we're going to be bringing down a couple of things looking at some of the positives from that someday win, which hopefully they can build off of so, we'll have all that over at the XJ subscriber Boston Sports channel. Com. And if you want to follow me on Twitter, you can do that at, Ryan underscore 93 go to all of that and for stealing this medium Aronofsky you bruise be listeners. Have a great rest of your week.

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