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Paul Georges Historic Start, the Sixers Angst, and Austin vs. Doc | Heat Check


The ringer NBA show. He check is presented by state farm just like basketball. The game of life is unpredictable. talked to a state farm agent and get a teammate. Who can help you navigate the unexpected expected and help you handle whatever life throws your way? Isaac Life through a couple balls at your clippers. But George Cain back Paul George came back. He scored I believe the the mathematical term is Kazillion points I think. That's scientific gap railroad kazillion points in his first two games and I love him so much. That it hurts He came back he was the first game not so good the second game much better. Get you a teammate. Who can help you navigate the unexpected? Just like Paul George and the clippers talked to a state farm agent today about combining your home and auto insurance. Today's show is also brought to you by brilliant earth. Create your own one of a kind engagement ring. With brilliant earth the global leader and ethically sourced fine jewelry brilliant earth exclusive unique designs are brought to life by master jewellers and they offer free shipping and returns on all orders order today four delivery by Christmas and receive a surprise gift with the purchase of an engagement ring to see terms for the special offer at a shop. All of brilliant Earth Selections go to brilliant earth dot com slash ringer NBA. And now he check I. It is check. I'm your host. John Paul's joined reunited dated once again with our producer. Isaac last week Isaac out. I think you were like flitting about what the stars and Hollywood famous the people. You're too good for US last week. Jim Cunningham filled in for you. But it's nice to see your smiling faces. I see your smiling faces well not fiddling around I was producing another podcast. In the same timeframe with superstars they count as Hollywood star. Yes Yeah Molly Ruben. Jason Kasyanov The the famous injured in this podcast Star Wars. Was this time star wars this time going. Well it's it's almost as exciting as basketball. You are a hitmaker. You're basically the DJ college of the Ringer. You're where basically you produce all of the podcast. I love that comp is like it's you could have gone with any successful for only one I could think of on the spot. Not Max Martin who Max Martin is. Thanks for listening everybody. A reminder to please rate and review are probably GonNa get dragged for not knowing who Max Martin Rick Rubin even would recruit could be Rick Rubin then Thanks for listening everybody. A reminder to please rate and review US and don't forget about all the great NBA content on the Ring Dot Dot Com. Dan Devine had his early season. Pleasant surprises that was fun. Our very own halo. Shaughnessy wrote about Andrew Wiggins killing it. And whether or not. He's he's for real. I suspect you think he's not a real I need. I need a bigger sample size. Caraman who you're a man of science like much like Zach Cram who wrote another varies. He's a cramp. ps It's never been easier to score fifty points in the NBA. And of course he has the evidence to prove it how relevant and then later on the show. We're going to have our good buddy. Dan Dan Pfeiffer just talk about a team we never talk about. What is it the it's in Philadelphia's Adelphia The Philadelphia eighteen they do have an NBA team? Or so I've been told it did not GEICO well for them for much of the seasons are beat the cavs on Sunday which could slightly altered Dan's mood but on Friday after they lost the Oklahoma City thunder he and the rest of Sixers xers twitter. We're having a complete meltdown so I texted him and said Hey. Do you want to vent. And within seconds he was like yes so Dan will be on the program we love. Dan Joins us. But first let's review the latest news from around the League and bring in our regular singular. This time I'll explain why in a second contributor Halio Shaughnessy Normally we'd go to our heat chat coast to coast regulars but double d. Dan Devine is out today. In his place. Our producer producer Isaac has joined the program as a fully accredited member of heat check. While finally this right it took how many years this moment. How many years for you to get a full seat at the table that season producing the show He'll be here for Headlines and then later on the show good call and bad call And then later in the show we're going to have a big announcement. Is it that big of a pretty big. I don't know how big it is. It's a pretty big announcement. This is called a tease as they say in the bay a nice little special broadcaster. Yes assist announcement later but also joining us in the studio. She's a multimedia superstar seen and heard on the big leads press pass podcast and she was also mentioned last week is likely by. NPR's gene denby. One half of code switch as one of OUR FINEST NBA writers. Let's give it up or superstar writer. Halio Shaughnessy questions for you. Helio Shaughnessy I see okay one are you signing autographs and to how much to the cost so my God please and by the way I don't have any money but my wife is good for it. I I have stooped offals after the shells drew C-. She's good at this. She's very good. That's a good tease All right let's hit the headlines from around the league with our segment. NBA instant instant replay top of the headlines. Melo Carmelo Anthony One of our favorites here at he check is back. He signed with the Portland Trailblazers. The the thirty five year old is scheduled to play his first game on Tuesday at New Orleans which frankly is a petty Haley because they play Houston tonight on Monday night And that would have been a fund reunion but he last played in an NBA game over a year ago with the Houston Rockets What do you make of this? How much do you think he has left? I I have mixed next feelings because on one hand I'm happy. This should not be have been how he went out in the league. Even though I think he's consistently thought of himself a little too new highly the last couple years which is hard to say. I'm sure like after his career. YOU WOULD WANNA maintain being that guy but that's not how we should have went out. I mean he's a fantastic. He'll he's going to go down in history so I'm glad that he's getting another chance. Maybe retire on his own terms. However I think this is a bad situation for him because is if you look at it on the surface seems good right like oh he has an opportunity to Have a Philip spot for them. Legitimately Phyllis for them. But it's GONNA be too big of a role again and he can't fill at this point in his career. I don't think it's GonNa go very well. We're not buying it. I'll say that in the same way that every player in in history who's coming into the preseason says there in career best shape Carmelo Anthony was not played in over a year told the ESPN. I'm in the gym every single day. when asked why he hasn't talked much over his year hiatus he said he said. Silence is not my surrender cy. He was silent for so long because he felt he needed to step away from the game to to quote reevaluate myself. Reevaluate my career reevaluate. My life is equally. In addition to being the ringers resident Rick Rubin. You're also basically Carmelo Anthony. Are you buying that. He's in the gym. Every single day is supposed to be a compliment. I don't know if that's a comment your an insult to both. I don't know what it is is your Carmelo. You're here. He's here now. And what what do you expect. What do I expect from Carmelo Anthony? He was washed two years ago. Go so I think he's GonNa be stole washed This is clearly to me. This is the blazers resisting trading. Anthony Simon's for someone like Kevin Love or Gallo. Oh as it's been rumored like they're trying to fill their front court void without compromising their backward hence bringing in someone like mellow instead of trading for Gallo or training for Kevin Love then. I'm not sure it'll work Listen Carmelo Anthony. Great player in his prime. I think everybody has always couched. You know talking about me. Like he was a great player. He really was he was Pakistan's. Yeah Pass those little panic movie because the Portland Trailblazers are five and eight after making it to the Western Conference finals last year. The only one of their five games at home and I feel like they needed a little boost. They obviously as Haley mentioned. Have all these injuries. So Neil O'Shea goes out and gets the guy who's available available and we'll see how much mellow has left. It should be interesting. I'm much more fun. One for you to talk about another guy. WHO's back Paul? George Lodge Raj Georgia's back. You missed the first eleven games off season shoulder surgeries plural yet. Thirty I at thirty three points and nine rebounds in his debut it was the most points in a season opener in his career to which he responded. I thought it was terrible. The clips lost to the Pelicans but in the next game they smashed the Hawks. PG had thirty seven points in twenty minutes. It's in declared Isaac. Louis I'm back yes. He is I am such a big fan of Paul George. I was a big fan of Paul George from his Indiana days. Obviously Just the fact that he's a two way player in my opinion. I think it's actually a much bigger addition on the defensive end than on the office because he frees up so much on defense it's like they don't need to rotate as much. They don't need a switch as much Because he can kind of handle he so big he so Tali so long he can handle a lot of a lot of Offense offense players and it frees up to do his thing. He frees up tresses. Do his thing a big fan of Paul George on defensive and as well as thirty seven points in twenty minutes I he does so many things. Yeah Haley it's interesting that Isaac brings that up because Doc rivers said that very thing it's like you and Doc rivers have a mind meld is that he says doc rivers. I said that He's designed a lot of different offense of sets around. PG But mostly what he said he was excited about was with PG Kawhi pat of they can get whatever they want defensively pensively It's been a good start for the clippers. Not a great start much like the the sixers. We'll talk about a little later on the program. They're eight and five. But how much does this change thing for the clippers in their prospects and their hope that they'll make it to the western conference finals. It changes everything. This is the actual team. They're going to be. And I think the I mean except for scoring some top scoring according seventy points and forty four minutes good. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. We check with Isaac again. He's already playing. He's playing through contact. He already looks really good like Isaac saying he's already super aggressive on defense looking like his old self already so it's super encouraging. There's not going to be much of a wait period as he has to like slowly integrate himself back in. It looks like he's already ready to play their contact and be aggressive. I I love Paul George. I thought that he was missed. H- must used in Oklahoma City in that first season especially when he was basically stuck in the corner and deployed it primarily as their most prolific three point. Shooter you on. That team is Carmelo and Carmelo Anthony. Maybe they should get the band back together. The clippers should think about about him. He washes out in Portland. Another headline that I very much wanted to discuss with you. Guys interesting stuff. With the San Antonio Spurs over the weekend so Gregg Popovich got tossed and a loss to the blazers presumably setting up Becky Hammon to fill in. As the first female head coach of a professional men's team the reports that becky and Tim Duncan shared the the duties with Hammond running the coaches huddle and then handing the clipboard to Dunkin who ran the team huddle according to Jeff McDonald but afterwards pot. Bizarrely shut all that down according warning to Bruno pesos. After the Ejection Popovich said Duncan was the acting head coach and according to Tom Osborne. This is what I really wanted to dig into here. He was asked if there was any consideration of allowing going Becky Hammon to make history as the first woman to coach a North American male pro sports team to which pope replied. I'm not here to make history Haley Haley. I'm groaning here. I like Popovich. I his CROTCH INLE Lake get off my back get off my lawn. Bit can be endearing at times. This was one I thought he should have and could have just played it straight. He's been somebody who has been outspoken on social and political issues previously. He has hired Becky Hammon and empowered her. Why not just let Becky Hammon take it and be proud and happy? I truly hate this however I do think that it's just it's has nothing nothing to do with Becky Hammon which would have been a huge issue. I think it's just a thing we've seen with pop over the years that he resents being forced to do anything and he resents narratives that are created aided by the media so while I'm just just let it happen. Perhaps he will the rest of the season. I think it's just more of him not wanting to Have something created prematurely prematurely because the media wants to defense of all of us in the media not created by the media created by pop getting run from that game is as he got toss us and he also hired Becky Hammon as his primary assistant. Yeah why not let Becky do this. And then and then applaud her lauder. Let her have her moment on and the spotlight like I'd be in this moment. The Guy who's I'm not going to answer your question during the sideline interview because that's my brand. Why be that guy? In that moment because he he can be very thoughtful. It is strange. It's bizarre I mean just as a boss to delegate responsibilities with lower seniority that is itself just on an organizational organizational level. Just a weird move as somebody who manages people and you know he can obviously run as organization the way that he wants he has no obligation but like it would have been really cool and it would have made sense. No one would have said like Oh. He's elevating Becky Hammon. Just because she's a woman it's like no she's he's second in line therefore she should have taken over in that respect. Yeah also that that makes me a little bit more okay with this. Because I think that he's also been someone who's like like let's not just make this about. She's the first woman she's a woman. It's I hired her because she's good and I'm obviously a fan of that. Yeah you hired her. Because she's good would she is. I mean just run with that right. That would be nice. That's the simple way to handle this. It's very confusing to me all right last thing for headlines in NBA instant reply. We've got injuries. Kyrie irvings day with the right shoulder. Impingement I don't know unemployment is it doesn't sound good. I think he'd probably prefer not to have an impingement because he's day to day Dangelo Russell the hits. Keep coming for the Golden State Warriors out two weeks with a sprained thumb walking wounded like they still are fielding a basketball team. I it's the walking dead out there. It's Eric Paschal and the gang so that's not a good way to open up a brand new arena. I keep telling people and I will tell you again. Watch them because they are actually. I don't I don't know if I can go all the way fun but these argo these are players who are going to batter a couple years. You're you're enjoying garbage. Time Warriors Yes yes I am and also I'm enjoying This rough start to the opening of the arena because they should have never done it in the first place. It's extremely disrespectful to their I. I will say somebody who was an early adopter of bad suns basketball last year and has been rewarded this year. Maybe you're right about that last one for are you. This is very bizarre. I almost put in good call bad call but didn't have the heart to do it. Jonathan Isaac is out for a little bit he got hurt during Jersey. Unveiling ceremony rolled his ankle laughing. Your much crueler than I have. No what I'm laughing. Okay actually yeah. That's fucked up. I'm sorry I apologize. But what's the funniest thing about this. Is that every time I read Magic City Edition Jerseys I think of the Strip club in Atlanta. And I'm like wow. Those Jersey should be much different. The couple of years ago the city went had like glitter on them so that would have been much more appropriate. What an Orlando Magic Story? Isn't it Jonathan. Isaac sprains his ankle cool during a Jersey unveiling ceremony. Listen I'm I'm pro Jonathan Isaac. Obviously we share name and Pro Isaacs in general right. Yeah I want him to have have a long and fruitful career. But that's this is just it's bad luck. Obviously it's you hate to see something like this happen It's still though like my my irreverent brain goes to wow what an Orlando magic thing. I just wanted noted for the record that both Haley and Isaac laughed at his misfortune and I was the adult Jonathan Isaac Isaac that was NBA instant replay We're going to bring Dan Pfeiffer in just a second. You guys are going to take a quick quick time out and then you're GonNa join me later in the show for good call and bad call but first let's take a break for a word from our sponsors today's episode of the Ringer. NBA Show. He check is brought to you by Ziprecruiter. Hiring can be a slow process. CAFE AL-TOHRA Z. O.. Oh Dylan Moskovitz needed to hire a director of coffee for his organic coffee company. But he was having trouble finding qualified applicants so he switched to Ziprecruiter. Ziprecruiter doesn't isn't depend on candidates finding you. It finds them. It's technology identifies people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job. So you get qualified. Candidates Fast Dylan posted his job on Ziprecruiter and said he was impressed by how quickly he had. Great candidates apply. We also use ZIPRECRUITER's candidate rating feature to filter his applicants so he could focus on the most relevant ones. 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And yet you are taking time out of your incredibly busy schedule at an important time in our country to talk about the sixers who thank God. They beat the cavaliers careers on Sunday. Because I feared for how sixers twitter might have responded. They basically burn the whole joint down on Friday after the O.. K. C. Loss. How are you feeling after the cavs win? I feel like crisis averted. Because if they had even if they had beaten Cleveland but it had been a sort of half ass down by two at half-time sort of win like most of the winds have been in the last few weeks I would've felt even worse than I feel. So it's like I don't all feel better but I feel less bad than I thought I might with a different result on Sunday. You and and a lot of people were feeling pretty sad after Friday's loss to okay. See there was some angst before or that Sunday game. That win much-needed against Cleveland so the sixers started out five zero and then they lost five of seven and their strike. The schedule's been okay Not Great Eight nine sort of middle of the pack but that lost o'casey really freaked everybody out because it came in a back to back laws. They had lost to the magic than they lose to the thunder and I went on twitter her and spike and Mike. There's not I don't think there was anything left of them after that but ashes and I texted you and said you want event and you immediately responded. Yes I know that it's sort of temper now. By the Cleveland Win. But but what's your overall panic meter with how we've seen them perform so far this season. I think I've said this on on this podcast before but by post trump view of politics is my rule is a worry about everything panicked about nothing and that is something thing that has actually was just me applying philly like a lifelong sixers fan mantra to democratic politics. And that's where I fear. That's that's sort of my approach right now. It's not panic time but it is concerning because all of the problems that were present last year are still still president now even with a very new team and there is a different like I tweeted after the magic loss. I believe it was that the sixers or a complete mess right now. Inmates over obviously from five thirty eight and he has does a lot of analytics. Teams responded to me by saying they're not really early amass. They've had a pretty relatively hard schedule. All new teammates and Mo and there's been such sort of chaos in the lineup with and beat suspension attention. Simmons in brief injury and then Horford Horford and Simmons or Horford and Beatrice game. And that's all true but if you watch the Games James Every offensive possession. Other than on Sunday has been a struggle. And that is that is what is concerning. Yes for sure I would push back. I mean you know nate silver not the only guy who can use numbers on this podcast strength the schedule for The Philadelphia Seventy sixers fourteenth middle of the pack. I mean not not too terribly taxing could obviously be better but I I think your inclination to say that. them struggling to score. Find offense is right. They are eighteenth offensive rating. This is a team though that they decided they were going to build around defense defense their eighth and defensive rating which is good. But it's you could even I mean top. Third of the League is is better than good. But it's not that like you know top five top three defensive rating that we expect it from them especially when as you noted they sort of struggled to find their shots which even that Sunday Game Dan. I think the most concerning thing thing about that loss was that they actually shot well that night they had fifty percent from the field. Forty two percent from three and they still lost that game and I just yes. I worry about the offense in the same way that you do especially when you know these games. Start to count when we get into the playoffs. And then what are you GonNa do with. Ben Simmons where do you hide him is going to be able to be on the floor. They're gonNA Stick them the dunker spot again. Where they're gonNA get shooting from right now? They're super reliant on Josh. Richardson and Al Horford is their main and most prolific three point win attempt guys and I I. I just wonder if that's a stable. Well it's also I think the other thing other than just Cleveland being bad. There's no about Sunday's win was went. Tobias Harris Erris is really good. The sixers are good because he gives them spacing. You have to cover him. If you close out too fast you can go to the basket. But when he is bad which he has been a decent amount. This season was obviously I think Oh of twenty six or something at one point over a three game stretch. Yeah three and was shot very poorly you for much of last season after came on the team when he is not shooting. Well then the whole like that were very dependent on Tobias Harris which you think would be okay. Hey since we're paying since the sixers are paying him thirty million dollars a year for five years But he has not been consistent a sixers uniform. Data's worrisome yeah. He's heading twenty-five little over twenty five percent from three on four attempts per game which is not going to get it done. I mean they really do especially with. Jj Gone like I think you know JJ JJ was periodically even most of the time a liability defensively but that dribble handoff that he and embiid had working whenever they really needed a bucket in some offense last year and things got tight he was there and now as I mentioned. It's very much Josh. Richardson Alford who I love. Al Horford but making out Horford. Alfred is right now taking taking just He's he's second just like shortly behind Josh Richardson and most three point attempts per game for the sixers. And Like I. I don't know if that's like the best way to deploy him. So yeah I'm with you. It's it should be Tobias Harrison that you're going to be the guy who provides the offensive oath and it hasn't been so far this season and that's let's that's concerning your exactly about Jj on defense but the thing about judy was not just the dribble handoff which was one of the only goto place the sixers had last year had had a Jimmy Butler ISO is was the gravitational pull of Jj never he never stopped running right. And you often will see whether it's Tobias Harris or Horford or Josh Richardson. Either standing in the corner or standing you know above the elbow at the three point line just standing there and and because. Jj never stopped moving and he scared the shit out of out of defenses than people have created space for other people and that that is missing. And there's also the two the to big concerning things and I also have a glass half full. Take which I'm happy to offer but concerning things is Ben. Simmons really looks like a shell of the player we saw in the last asked half of his rookie season. I was thinking back as I was watching that Oklahoma City game where he just was pretty good in the first half and then just sort of disappeared down the stretch. It was like afraid of contact on transition layoffs I was thinking back to that game. When bead was out in Ben's rookie year on the and when they had their winning streak heading into the playoffs where he went into Cleveland and took on Lebron in one and was so confident in that confidence stretched through through that I first round series in Miami and then fell apart in the Boston series and it feels like he hasn't been the same sense and that's a problem if he is your second best player and it is a problem if he is someone that you have? Invested whatever is one hundred seventy million dollars over the next five years. Yeah if he's your second best player I think is interesting interesting. You're starting to hear some murmurs from the Philadelphia Fan base and like you know we were however many minutes into our conversation here about the sixers and we're just now getting Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid but but if there's a segment of the fan base that's fatigued by the whole groundhog day issues with these two guys. I don't blame them for that because we're still talking about the same thing like I. I'm glad that they're load. Managing Joel embiid this year because they got killed for not doing that last year and now bread is sort of getting some heat for for doing it this year but I would prefer that they rest him early rather rather than late and keep him in shape and and make sure that he's healthy. But I I do wonder about these two together long term and and like the last couple of years. If you brought that up you get crushed by people in Philly now. I think a lot more people are starting to wonder about the long term viability of these together for all the reasons. You've just outlined abouts. Ben Simmons I just I just wonder how much longer they can go with a point guard. Who can't shoot who defenses saga of? There's not a lot of room on the court and ends up screwing up EMBIID and where you can put him And then just everything. That Brown has talked about in the past like this sort of cascading effect about the other pieces on the floor. I just wonder under it is that like I like. Ben is a phenomenal talent. He can be one of the best defensive players in the league at any given time like A. Hey for sure. Six ten super athletic guy who may be the fastest guy into and in the NBA. Who can cover a point guard and a center in the same switch switch is valuable but I am? We always say like Ben. Simmons can't shoot for the that's not the problem the problem is he won't shoot and it is like it is reaching man. I May If anyone from Philly. Here's this I may never be able to return thanksgiving. But the but it's reaching teaching. False level of weirdness like anyone who has ever played any level basketball right. Even if you're just going to the Y.. On a Sunday every person who was open will shoot the fact that Ben will not shoot an open three or even put himself in a position to shoot and open three like he avoids going to the place where he would be put in that position and that is problematic and that that extends to free throw shooting he avoid if he was someone who could make free throws it was not afraid to take free throws and would go to the basket at full like Lebron style full speed then he could average if he would up his average because he would be shooting five more for the game. He is constantly missing transition opportunities. Because he's T or thr turning the ball over on by trying to throw a tougher pass as opposed to just going to the basket no he's going to get fouled that that is a problem and it'd be better if he if he would take those shots now in missiles free throws is now in order to improve. But it's like he puts himself in this stasis where whatever he like whatever is done to improve his game by the first preseason season game he will he will not work on anything else during the season because he does not want to fail in that Jaanus like. It's unfair to call it. Compared Ben Tiana's dark anyone the honest but Jaanus missed threes all the time in an effort to be in his first couple of years to be better at shooting threes in his fourth or fifth year. Whatever this year says and that's what Simmons has to do in even a mystery from an open spot in the corner would be better off of opportunity for the sixers who are theoretically really a very good offensive rebounding team then going to a place in the dunker spot or somewhere else where there is no room and clogging up the lane for Richardson? Tobias Harris or drawing your over to a beat. All of it is tremendously problematic. I'm not exactly sure how they fix it under the current With the current Roster Mr. Yeah I mean we're another year now into kicking it down the road the can of. Oh maybe he'll shoot a three next year And it's always next year and I know that it's only been a a couple of seasons with him since he came back. He red shirted that I share. But still we're we're another year on. I would be so thrilled to exactly what you said. If he would just take a corner three. Imagine how excited everybody in Philly would get about at that. But you mentioned The personnel and how they are kind of locked in their limited things that they can do because of the roster construction and how much money they have allocated to all these guys so then unnaturally. Because that's the way things work in Philadelphia. A lot of eyes are going to turn to Brown who I have consistently defended and we'll continue to defend Until I no longer grows this program but where are you on. Britney's days I worry for Brett's future if this does not turn around when you were texting me like you knew this was like a real l.. sixers moment 'cause you're texting may about doing this podcast. I was in communication with spike and Mike with a racer Sanchez about my panic level. We're going to start really fans of my life life and I predicted to someone that if this does not pickup. I think it's unlikely. That Brat is the coach at the all-star break because they can't fix anything anything else in the short term. And what happened now. I think that would be a mistake for two reasons. One Who I don't know who your other coaches like there is not as some for years. Matilda was pre pre timber. Wolves temporal del. Everyone would like fire coach. You get Tibbett. Oh then you will win. There is not that you don't want now that has been proven but like there's not a coach sitting out there who would be the person that you'd like WanNa pull out a TV or take somewhere else in. It's it's not so. I don't know who you're replacing with but also like I remember our friend Kevin O'Connor writing a piece last year about The sixers offense and why they don't do more pick and roll with bending the screen and all those things put Simmons more in the Draymond Green sipe role of someone who enrolled to the rim. And like it all seems when you say that like patently obvious. Like why wouldn't you do those things. But I don't think that's Brett's faults because there's probably more that team's fault and maybe Benz fault but if you like two of the best coaches in the NBA. The Lat this season are Lloyd Pearson Monty Williams tips to people who have sat next to Brown in the last few seasons and they're running smart schemes clever offenses that are maximizing the talent of their players on before. So there's nothing about Brett Brown. That tells me that he's vetoing smart ideas from these people. I think it's more it's more of a roster problem then than it is a coaching problem. I don't know who you're replacing Brett Brown with it's GonNa get you a better result particularly on an interim basis on a year in which you you have to like it. Could things get harder next year when Ben Simmons is Extension Kicks in. Yeah and and Brett I mean he did phase in more pick and roll late last last season and then into the playoffs. It's still it's still not really his his bag in the offense. I wanted to fend him. It's becoming harder though as these things Continue two new to sort of like amble along in the same way that we've seen previously. I hope he corrects it though for all the reasons that you just outlined less for you expectations sort of change. Everything and the sixers obviously have outside expectations. Everybody picked them to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference and have a real shot to make the finals. The haven't gotten out of the second round with this with this group. They almost did but Leonard. Shut the door on that with that crazy for bouncer in the second round in Toronto last year. How do you see this thing shaking out ultimately and if they don't save even make it to the Eastern Conference finals? What kind of sentiment do we do? We have looking back on this team. Well I think I think there was definitely a misalignment between between national media expectations and hardcore sixer fan expectations. Because I listened to I remember when it was Ryan Russillo and bill doing the over under pods and everyone's in there like six or to the finals sixers to the final six in the east and I like my expectations for less release more tempered than that but I think if this team does not make these conference finals than everyone in Phillies will be rightfully disappointed. And I think therefore at that point undoubtedly you're gonNA have to make a change we're going to have to make a change in roster. You probably have to make a change in coach if Brown is still so there because you have like on this team right now are five players who are at least were they on their own. Teams would be in the all-star conversation appreciation of the East. Yeah they have deeper bench than they've had before being they are playing. It is not the best mentioned the NBA. It's not you know the clippers or you know Toronto. Shirow like Sunday like Toronto's bench last year but Netto Trey Burke Kylo Quinn James. Ns Mike Scott are all NBA a veterans who can play quality minutes last year. You returning to Joan bolden the minute you know you know like some years you you had to play a lot of players who are not ready to play last year at least pre buy out and then to the sixers credit the Horford signing I think is still ultimately very smart because it allows them to win games when on rest as for a beat or at least be in the show like last year. Absent Horford if you rest. NBA The sixers loose. That's just how it would be and and this year they can win games and they almost one of you in the stretch without embiid they are you also. Can you put less pressure on the bench by having Horford on the floor when it beat us off the floor but if they don't make the IT Leeson finals than I think everyone will rightly see. It's a disappointment. I think then you will start to hear very real conversations about whether the sixers should trade should break up the Simmons pairing and I was watching it when I was watching the KC KC game. and I was watching shade exander just destroy the sixers like are the sixers a better team. If S J was on this team and said of Sibbon's or if the Errand Fox was on this team said of even if Simmons is a better player all around those guys with a higher ceiling is this team better with a more traditional point guard slash scoring to. I mean in the bummer of it is like with the McKell. Bridges Trade where they ended up Zaire They could have just taken us Jay. which which would have been nice but on the whole especially considering that they won against the cavs? I feel much better about the sixers today than I did. After Friday night's loss this is what good therapy session Love having you on. You've got your new book on trumping. American the pre-sale period. It's out in February first book. Yes we still can smash success. It was very smart very clever. Very funny honey. It feels like Dan. You've got a real future and the communication game I hope. So it's all a it's less a fusion communications locations game than just A. There's just missed opportunity to be an NBA media. We got to cheer for you on. He'd check whenever you want. Thanks for doing this awesome. Thank you John. The part joining me once again in the studio Isaac Lee Halio Shaughnessy Through the magic adjective. podcast it's almost like you didn't leave almost and like you were here the entire time. It's really impressive. It's time for everybody's favorite segment on heat check. Good call bad call. What a fold call here all right continuing the heat? Check tradition of discussing a visual topic in an auditory medium. It's discuss some of the jerseys that were rolled out. Sure let's let's do that in only medium people should should go and check this out. The Dallas Mavericks. Continue to have just the worst jerseys Regular or new or or city addition. Or whatever you WANNA call tried to do with the nets did with the MTV raps font which I liked quite a bit. They came out out with a new one with like sort of a neon green. The look like sort of kind of a knockoff. Font of the fresh prince of bel-air it's It's interesting Good call bad call on the Dallas Mavericks New Jersey's bad call. It's just sad. It's sad to see Lucado cheech being wasted in in these like not cool jerseys honestly like the mavs needed rebrand themselves. Halio Shaughnessy G- I WANNA START OFF by presenting. They started with Isaac after her starting with me every other episode our struggle. We've got a big announcement coming And so I I thought I'd throw TIZOC I but I look you put me in my place. I won't forget this in the future. Spoiler alert heat shock is pregnant Extremely bad add call. What the Fuck Makes Dallas thing that they could do this of every team use this font and also look? I'm sorry sorry. I'm going to be the first to say this. Luca needs fashion. Help look at his house. Even it's bad on. I haven't really paid attention to his off-court stylings but I will now. I just wonder why is it so hard for Dallas or even their regular uniforms with like that sort of space horse logo. Oh where there's like the effect I hate the space anything like the Patriots. Have that same deal and the Broncos and like they all used to have these classic Clean Uniforms Classic Asoka Clean and simple is always better. Yeah it is the best in the League Philadelphia. Seventy sixers you as a Kentucky and how dare you slander. All Horse Context uh-huh well no effect like the Mavericks. You Tight Horizontal Anti Haley today. Wow this took a crazy turn. It's really escalated. All lean into it down with all horses except for will they don't have a horse over. They have King logo the Kings in Sacramento. See now they did something. The thing we call a forced segue that was not a smooth segue. But we'RE GONNA go with it anyway. It's Jersey related content as well because we're GONNA DO ANOTHER JERSEY. I am not a fan of the regular regular kings jerseys black and purple in general in the same way with the Ravens. And that's is another team that you can't Stand Jersey cal. Campbell is bad They had they debuted or rolled out once again. They're old school blue jerseys with the white script and the Red Piping G CBC Halio Halio. Shaughnessy I've learned my lesson on them. Going with the Old School Classic Clean Jersey. They're even stars. These are perfect as Lamar Jackson as the entire team. Good call. That's a juicy J. Yeah I'M GONNA go on this one. I just love I. Love Black and purple should good combination that's purple and I like the color black. I'm sorry yes independently find together absolutely not And for the record I was also BC on the mavs jerseys quickly to Austin rivers versus Doc rivers and a game between the rockets and the clippers. Things got heated Austin The Sun Lobbied for his dad to get a technical foul Helio. Shaughnessy Rivers rivers crime. Good caller bad shamefully. I love all family competitiveness. My family is extremely competitive for Thanksgiving. We'll probably just visible we do. We land we play basketball. We play football. We play cards we Bet on the football ball games against each other cheap bring. The family together is ugly. I am going bad call on this for. I just heard the name Austin rivers and I was like all right. Pat Call Immediate Pavlovian response time with Hayley Because I have to be now she told me so It's a good call for me. I love when when Austin and river and doc into it last last one for you alluded to by Halio Shaughnessy in an excellent top of show Ts. In the fourth quarter against the sons Robert Covington appeared to be eating something that look like make a waffle. Someone called a strip off. I don't know what that is. Our Guy Paul flannery from SP nation I used to do a podcast with him. By the way shouts to the now defunct drive and kick podcast. I did a well actually on twitter and said well actually that's probably a Stinger. waffle endurance athletes have known about it for years and then he said. Can't these guys get a moment of Privacy Yeah I love you. He's on the NBA bench in the fourth quarter. Of course it Kansas cameras everywhere. But I WANNA know G CBC Halio Shaughnessy on Robert Covington taking a little snack break during the game. JC I encourage all snack. Breaks Specie on a because Stinger. Awful sounds painful Good call on on eating a waffle on the bench. I'm pro sustenance and nutrition. You gotTa keep your blood sugar up. I'm also a DC. This was almost but not quite as good as Nerlens Noel as last SGI halftime hotdog which remains the best. In game. Eating experience I've ever seen That was good call bad call. I WanNa thank you guys for participating this is wonderful which brings us to our announcement on the show are longtime producer is. Typically we've done this show for how long together about two years ten years fifteen years he checks on. It's the most famous of all by basketball. PODCAST I am sad however to say that you are so famous as I mentioned as our Ringer Rick Rubin Right. You've been showing away from heat chat. Ah to go and do binge mode and devote that with your full-time attention I've always been on binge road never. We're done a previously as now. You're just doing that and only just Amanda laurean schedule overlapping. And that's why we're very excited to have Steve Allman pissing pissing our show right now. He was here the entire time. And now you'll be with US moving forward in the future. Yeah it's exciting. This is my little first day. So he's doing his first day doing doing a great job. He moved down from Chicago at the perfect time. Because as I understand it it's cold there and it's not here. It is not welcome however we are said to see you go buddy. We're ready you off the show so I think that's it definitely did on the show. Now we'll we'll we'll have a script where you rise from the dead Lazarus like right right And rejoined the Bradshaw. Isaac will join us one day but we are said to see you go. You've done excellent work here. Thanks is likely Halio. Shaughnessy Stephen Thank you guys. Thank you also to Dan Pfeiffer and I want to thank all of you guys for listening to heat check please. Rate and review us on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you get fine podcast read all of our content on the ringer dot com. Tom Listen to the ringer. MBA show always on the ringer. PODCAST network he check back next Monday.

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