April 10, 2019: Luck Of The Devils


Apapa ten nine eight seven six five two forty one fifty to forty one fifty Iraq Peterborough's best rough. Okay. Let me preface this podcast by saying it's going to be a little bit Frankenstein. This is the Mary Shelley edition of thirty one thoughts the podcast because Elliott as we record this first part of the podcast. It is to forty nine eastern on Tuesday little bit later on the NHL draft lottery before that we will sit down with Dale Tallon general manager of the Florida Panthers to discuss what we will discuss you in the opening segments. The hiring of Joel Quenneville as new head coach of the Florida Panthers afterwards. We'll sit down with a couple of GM's one GM NHL people who knows post NHL draft lottery and put that and big that into the oven. Which is this week's edition of thirty one thoughts the podcast so ama- will make it sound great ama- will make it sound seamless. But just in the back of your mind, gentle listener understand that this one has been done. Macgyver style put together with toothpicks and toothpaste and. Oh, forget the duct tape always duct tape. Hey, are you like me that you use shin pad tape for everything around the house? No, I know you shouldn't pets I use actual duct. I just got the Sheni the Shany's. And honestly, everything it's embarrassing. I'm the worst handyman around the house, but we shouldn't pad tape, but I'm solid red green cures everything. Panthers are going to director now announcing the hiring of a new head coach the Panthers wasting no time after a very disappointing season woman says right here with details. Now, the hiring Joel how do you pronounce Quenneville Quinn? He's known your and his lawyers known as just coach q so easy for all of us to remember coach q the Panthers making a big splash with the latest head coaching higher Florida, bringing -dult Glenville or words can't even express. How excited our family is about coming down south Florida across the board. Everybody's elated. This is where we wanted to be. And we're so happy to join the Florida panther family. I've been privileged to coach some of the great players in the game. And it's one of the reasons why I'm here today. Joel Quenneville is the new head coach of the Florida Panthers before we get there though. Bob UC Noor is now the ex head coach of the Florida Panthers geeky surpass what happened. I think quite simply they got the guy they wanted. I'm not sure that if they didn't get Joel Quenneville that there would be announcement of Bob. Buner and that he would be back for his third season. One of the things I understand is that nobody nobody made harder beeline to Joel Glenville the Florida Panthers. Did they targeted him as opposed to Kaga firing pose Chicago? Okay. They targeted him. They went after him. They made it very clear. This was not going to be a search. This was going to be for him only. They didn't they weren't gonna talk to anybody else. If he wanted the job, I think also, and we'll ask deal about it. I think he's probably got some personnel say think they gave him an idea of white. You know, they were going to look like and what they were going to go after he likes Florida. You've heard a lot of jokes about the race tracks. He's definitely a race track Vinnie. Viola is a horse racing guy. He knows talent his last stop in Chicago, you know, him and STAN Bowman didn't see eye to eye and they threw money at him. So I just look at this. Whole thing. And I believe that this was the situation that was primed up bass in some of the other teams, I think there were some teams the through some money at Quenneville to they believe that this was where he wanted to go. You've said before the first thing that Joel Quenneville asks when he's offered a position is who is our goaltender stain for this one. Then if he has personnel decisions who's going to be the goaltender. I hope. Florida's put none of this down on paper because everybody thinks Borowski is going there next year. You know, I mean, I know Columbus isn't really happy about it. And we'll see where this goes. But I think we all expected for Broschi is going to be the goaltender in Florida next season. I think the biggest question is going to be the backup lewanda was made it very clear he wants to back up. I don't know. I don't know if that's going to happen. Let's get back to Cueva here in a second. But I wanna get a couple of thoughts from you on Bob boob ner. I still maintain that the word fair is the cruellest word in the NHL dictionary. I think that every NHL fan every H L person. Should go there dictionary and take the page with the word fair on it and rip it out crumple it and throw it away when coaches get fired the first thing, I always do for each not sure about you is I go look at the goaltenders and look at the percentage of the goalies. And then I asked myself this coach get goal lead. And when you look at the Florida Panthers with no goaltender with a save percentage, anywhere. You know, higher than nine hundred a look at myself, and I say, this is a top ten team offensively deem. It has a real good power play. But this is a team that couldn't get a save. And the defense didn't help. What happened to Bob Buner? Don't think their defense overall was as good as they thought it was going to be especially on their blue line. I think there were some guys there that didn't have as good years as they were hoping. I definitely feel that the goal tending was a factor. One of the things I was told in the aftermath was that organizationally. They came up with a plan Luongo should play this much rotation. Should kind of go that way and Buber went out of the rotation. And I know that frustrated some people in the organization, you know, my response to that was he lost faith in James Rymer. And when you're a coach you're going to go to the guys that you have faith in. It's that old Mike Tyson line. Everybody's got a plan until you get punched in the face. I think Florida had a plan. They want him follow the plan. They knew that Lewan go being approaching forty years old was gonna make it impossible to play as much as boob ner light. But you know, he lost faith in Rymer. Who didn't have a good year? I think that's all true. And. I think that's gonna fix the situation. I have heard you talking about Bugno thought, it was really nice that Logan mature went on Twitter to come to boot nurse defense thought that was a a really nice move on Kapoor's behalf. I think he'll be back. But I also wanted to mention the second name that you've talked about briefly, and that is Paul McFarland who had the league's second-best power play. And a great a historically really good power play. I heard that he was really blind sided he's a young guy. He's very talented. I think I mean, you know, him better than I do. I I've met him briefly. I know him more by reputation. Somebody is going to snap up that guy too. And he's going to help someone worked on the bench and Oshawa with the with generals became head coach Kingston Fronton axe with the Florida Panthers. And you mentioned what he did on the power play. And I know people don't like it when I talk about the gym. So I won't mention that's where I met Paul. But he's a smart guy and a hard worker and good thing. No. I just. Cleverly disguised Amil smirks behind me as well. The same time, I'm with you. And I I wonder if he ends up like we've talked about what happens with Jay Smith in Toronto a head coach impossibility for him somewhere down the road. I wonder if this season if DJ Smith ends up going somewhere else, I wonder if Paul McFarland ends up taking that spot in Toronto. And he is highly regarded around the NHL and his handiwork was on full display with the Florida Panthers this year. So I'm with you. I think the Paul ends up somewhere probably sooner than later because he is valued another question along the lines of the courting of Joel Quenneville by the Florida Panthers. Let's say Florida makes it into the playoffs this year. Let's say the Florida Panthers squeak in and whatever flame out in the first round what whatever ends up happening considering that. They went after Joel Quenneville hard. Was it a as in French Fe at compli that? That at the end of all this if they had a shot at Quenneville, and he was amenable that they were going to get Joe Quinn, volt. Not unlike what we saw in Montreal where Claude Julien to over from shell -tarian the moment he became available. I think it was kind of like that. Now, if they get into the playoffs, maybe we're talking a different story. But it was tough not to see del Talon going big for Joel Quenneville. Maybe if the end of the play offs. It's different. You know, I think if Bugno winds around or two then you're really up against it. There's no way that you can probably make that change. But when they saw this was going later in the year where they probably weren't going to get in. I think thousand percent this was fate accompli. I think other teams tried but a couple of guys told me this is where he wanted to go sort of the Florida Panthers have right now in your assessment bark off. Ninety six points three thirty goal scorers. They can fill the nets real good power plays. You mentioned as well. What's under the hood of the Florida Panthers for Joel Quenneville right now. This is the tough thing for us to talk about right now. Do you think like me LeBron's going to Florida? I believe that it just makes the most right? It makes the most sense. Do you believe like me that there's a decent chance that parents going to Florida between Florida or the New York Rangers? Okay. Perhaps it depends what hour of the day. You ask me that question different answer will immediately with Abruzzi of different team with Panara n-. You have a really different team. You think you're better in goal Yardley had good forwards. But if you've got you've got even better forwards, you gotta think somebody's going out. Now, I would suspect that as part of this. And we'll ask town this that viola has made a cap commitment with the Panthers. The Joel Quenneville wasn't going there unless he knew that they're willing to spend the cap somebody's going out if it's both Abroskin paren- so who's getting subtracted, and how are you gonna make your team better with the peace? You're subtracting trade. What are you doing? Because does the goalie solve all their problems? Everything's better. When you get a safe. Everything's better save, but the fence. This year. They weren't good enough. I think you're trying to still help your blue li-. You're hoping that some guys are better next year. They recovery hope at Plata's a better year. You'll Matheson has a better year in your hoping raises your game. But I think something's gotta go out, cap wise. So what's coming in? If you throw darts at that Panthers lineup, and it's tough because this guy just you know, fed thirty five goals. You wonder if my coffin could be that guy like bar cops going nowhere. Nope. Not a chance. No, Charlton Huber, though is one of the most underrated left-wingers in the game. And he's at a a decent ticket at five point nine and they've committed to him through twenty twenty three tro check second line center. Perfect spot high production. He's going nowhere. The one that I keep coming back to in all of this who I can see being the odd man out as often Rosal rightly Ryan. That's what I got nothing to do with the Ottawa stuff for what happened or knowing that. I'm not saying he's getting traded because of or potential gain trade because it was reputation that I think that's all irrelevant. I just think that when you're if you're adding those two guys what are you? Adding what's their number going to be combined close to twenty million g somewhere between eighteen and twenty million? You think he's gonna look for something similar to the carry price deal? Don't you, you know. You know, I gotta tell you. We're we're doing this before the plow starts, and I might feel differently you know, week, but the Broschi based on the way played this year. He's not a ten million dollar player. I don't disagree with. I'd be extremely nervous free agent end GM's can get goofy. Well, rob and say hold on a second. We have a good team. We should be in the playoffs. We can't get a save will then you know, what if you're saying he's going to get carry prices deal. Get that is the ballpark is. Let's let's say we're in the ballpark. Let's just say you're actually seated in the ballpark. Even if you're in the five hundred level, you're in the ballpark euro over twenty million dollars for these guys. Yep. Well, you've made a significant investment in Joe Quinn, full right away. You've changed the conversation around the Florida Panthers. This is poised to be an ugly off season for that team in the next couple of months, we're going to be really challenging for that team and right away with this move. Day after the NHL regular season concludes. You've changed the conversation with Joel Quenneville, but let me throw them back at shoop. Do you like me believe that Joel Quenneville was told that other players are coming that? This isn't the team. Yes. There's more than this. Yes. And if he has personnel decisions. One of the first things would have to be the goaltender the goaltender and the second might be and who loved playing. Yep. For Quenneville Chicago background final thought on the Florida Panthers. Before we go to break. We'll talk about this with talent. But this is the biggest bat by Panthers owner since Pavel berry. Thoughts is brought to you by the next generation GMC Sierra dinner. The head coach of the buffalo. Sabres was fired today just hours after the season ended giving the sabers were on top of the NHL world tied for the league lead in points at one point but buffalo was the worst team in hockey since and Phil Housley was just not going to survive that sabres GM Jason Botterill announced this morning that housi- was let go as head coach in the end. I thought this decision had to be made for organization to move forward. We are all responsible for the success and failures of this organization. We are certainly not pleased at where we're at. And where results happen this year? We all need to be accountable and not make excuses. Okay, elliott. So the Florida Panthers situation. Joel Quinn vote comes in a couple of other coaching situations to go over Phil Housley is now exit of the Buffalo Sabres we've talked about this on the podcast for couple of weeks. And you mentioned that Jason bottle really didn't want to do. This is wasn't his preference. What happened? I think as you said the other day when they took a look at the end of the season the bottom line is look at our record. You look at our record in the first twenty five games. You look at the record in last week, but games, unfortunately, the message wasn't get through. This is going to be their fifth coach since Lindy Ruff was fired in February of two thousand thirteen and they're paying Phil Housley over a million dollars each of the next two years. I think they have one more year of Dan byles might think that was a five year deal. I mean, they're paying a lot. And now the word comes in that they've thrown a mega offer at Todd McLellan. Yeon to try to turn them away from Los Angeles. I mean there unafraid throw money at the problem. I give them that. But guys are looking at me and saying what's the problem here? Why can't they get this ship on track at what point do you look at it and say, it's not coaching, and you're really going to have to do some major surgery on the roster. I think major surgery on the roster is coming look at the Buffalo Sabres myself. This is the team that's the way of couch. It is this is a team that's in reflection. They don't know what they have in Thomson medal stat and Neil Lander until they get that sorted out. I don't know what the Buffalo Sabres are going to be able to chart a course here. They don't they have an Eichel. They have in Rasma stellian. And after that there are a lot of question marks. But your point about the coaching is a good ones. Visor men went through this early in his career as well. As revolving door of coaches season was the as Polanow every season. There was a new coach that was coming in. And. Actually, I visor men there had to be some stability there and eventually at happened. And you wonder about the same thing with Jack Eichel and the Buffalo Sabres to that point. There needs to be some stability there, and they can't keep going through the scenario each and every year or every couple of years where you say, well, we give it a shot, then work. Let's move on at a certain point. These superstars needs to -bility false. It's true. It's totally true. And you know, what's interesting is that I coil is an interesting guy in the stands that he wears his frustration his anger on his face. He would be a terrible poker player because you know, when he would have a good hand. And when he would have a bad hand, and you can read it on him from what I understand the concern is in lobby will look at that. And they say, well, that's the problem. He's too frustrated. And I think to a degree I I would agree with that. You can't show your frustration. But you know, what I've heard they. Feel about some of their young players other than him there too, passive, so the sabers kind of have a franchise player who people are saying is to obvious with his frustration and a bunch of other young pieces that they hope are really good that are way too, passive and not forceful enough. And what that says to me is you've got to let these guys grow. And we talked about this. How hard it is to stay in buffalo. You know, we need patience because those are great fans and they've been patient in less. You are going to give up on the knee Landers and the middle stats you have no choice, but to let them kind of mature into what they're going to be some worry about those guys now. But I think Ovechkin again, I'm gonna keep going back to this over and over again is proved that people can evolve and people can change, and if you are going to like there's all. This talking Winnipeg should they get rid of lying, should they trade lining? I think when you have a guy who was a talent like that. You have to be really smart about what you do if you give up you give up knowing that could blow up in your face. And I think buffalo, you know, they've made their picks. They've gotta live with their picks. And they better make sure that if they give up on some of those guys it's because they know they won't grow into something better. I wonder about Neil enders specifically. Okay. So he goes back to the to the buffalo draft. That's the the Austin Matthews draft, and they passed over some pretty big players and Miquel surrogate Chev is certainly one of them to draft kneeland or and I wonder where his head is that when he sees someone like Casey middle stat get drafted and go right into the NHL. Yup. And how much of an effect that has on that player while he's still plying it in the American Hockey League in Rochester. I'm sure it's a factor. You know, we see that all the time. You know, we know that the knee Landers the family. Tough. They went until a big contracts Butte with the Maple Leafs this year, and they took them right down the absolute last minute with each other before they got the deal done. So I have no doubt that that's a factor. The guy I wonder about is wrist allying. And I'm not wondering about him personally. I'm just saying that I'm hearing his name a lot. I think there's I've heard there's a lot of teams that spent the back half of the year really looking at him. And I get the sense that there are other teams out there who were like if we get him into our situation, we think this can be a lot better the analytics community, they hate them. Can't stay. I know I know, but you know, what he's still young years. No doubting his talent. There are people out there say if he gets into our situation he's going to be better. And I think that's going to be an interesting one for bottle to way because I think he knows that's. Chip he can use how frisky are they in the off season. We've talked about them as the draft. And look like a wet dog. Jeez. We're already on the podcast. I could be the intro for this week's edition of it. You know, we look at them as being one of those teams that are able to absorb contract, right? Yes. If you have problems Buffalo Sabres are open for business. Yes. It'll cost you. We're open for business. Yes. Okay. So Todd McLellan could go from coaching Connor mcdavid to coaching Jack Eichel. We've all been hearing for a couple of months now that the next guy in L A was going to be tied McClellan we're going to do a search. But now again today, but he was the preferred candidate, and I heard that at the end of the year, somebody told me they heard from outside that Ellie was like, you know, what if we really think that he's the preferred candidate, why waste time and screw around. Let's just go get them and they spoke to him. And I believe they had provisioned before the end of the season before it was reported at least anyway, and they got onto it. You know, I think LA has a limit Darryl Sutter. I believe made about three and a half million. And he was a guy who won twice as a Stanley Cup champion. And I believe McClellan was. Three and a half in Edmonton. So I think that that's about as high as Elliot's willing to go if there and buffalo comes in and the rumor is they've come in a massive number maybe five times five or something like that. I just don't think the kings are going to do that. And there's a lot to like from plowing about the kings. He's a western guy. Nice place to live. Nice place to live his family likes it out there. He knows raw Blake luck. He battled with Doug Wilson in San Jose. He battled with Peter seraglio the end Annette Minton. And now he has a guy he knows who played for them. And Blake speaks very highly of him a lot of it lines up with L A. I mean, you know, how it is. I never knock anybody for taking the money. It sounds like buffalo is going to make it hard for him to say, no first of all, you know, we need online. What's that coach cap friendly to keep track of all this and find out how much each coach makes the coaches loved telling you other how much I don't really like telling them the media how much they mean? But it benefits those. Here's the thing. Like if you look at. Some of the coach now, we know Babcock's at six although it was heavily front loaded. We know Quenneville is it five to five now in Florida and the way a lot of these deals work is so let's just say Jeff America's a coach and I've hired him. And I'm hiring you to five million dollar contract. Like when it says it could rise as highest seven. This is my guest with how it works from someone who explained to me, so Jeff I'm signing you and you're making five million this year. I'll take the pig. But if you if you make the first round of the playoffs, you get a one hundred thousand dollar bonus. Right. If get it that year, and it becomes your base for the next four years of your deal if signed a five year deal, so that's how it works. Go. That's five million dollars turns into one one or five point five million dollars in the that is as for the next few. So let's let's just say I signed you contract say, okay, Jeff, you're you got a five year deal at five million season. If you make the playoffs you get hundred. Thousand dollars bonus. If you win the first round, you get another two hundred thousand if you if you win the second round, you get two hundred fifty thousand if you go to the Stanley Cup finally get five hundred thousand if you win you get an extra million, some coaches, I know they have it all worked in that. If you get one of those bonuses on comes part of your salary for all the future years that becomes locked in. Then your base becomes a states five point five. It becomes a five point five. And then you're bonuses add up on top of that for the follow the one for the one year. You get them. Your bonuses are on top of that in your bonuses are raced, but it becomes your salary. Okay. Because I was thinking and then y'all another boat whereby you can just leapfrog over yourself every single season. So you have your five point five for next season. And then you have the we made the playoffs that becomes five point six million. And then that becomes your thing though, you only hit them once and you stays that. But it could be that way. So I don't know what numbers. I just threw. Out there. I can't even remember somebody. Listen to. But basically if you hit all those bonuses your salary starts at five million from winning the Cup get five hundred thousand for making the final, plus whatever else, I gave you you're basically at seven million. So if you win the company year one, yeah, you've made yourself an extra two million almost proceeding. Puck pedia does a good job tracking things like which agents represent which players and salary cap stuff on there as well. Cap friendly. Does a great job on the resource. We all use we need a coach version of all of this guys. They love each other knowing it, but they don't want us to know. So you have a gut feeling on buffalo and and Todd McLellan my head says LA, but not with a lot of confidence. Okay. What's your? He's going to buffalo his sons playing in the frozen four for Denver. I'm sure he'll meet with bottle there. My head says LA. But again, I I never knocked people for taking the money. I never do. Let's do LA then Willie Daesh art and this was destined from day one. The question then becomes the Los Angeles Kings who gets the new lease on life. And is that person Ilyasova, John, I would think so and maybe Dion Fano to like it didn't. Work for those guys. First of all I have noticed to kick willy jar. And while he's down, you know, it didn't work you move on. I really liked what Rob Blake sake. I Java that this year out all tear put willing to tough spot smokes. When I look at it. Now was he able to have success in that probably not he came in on a team that I wasn't sure was ready to buy into play hard enough to win. Again. It's a really really tough spot for Willie. And I take one hundred percent responsibility for that. That's on me. I didn't do good enough. We all have that happens to all of us. Now, he did say at his postseason media conference at buyouts were a possibility. And a lot of people are kind of thinking about Fano if with that. But I'm sure that whoever he interviews. He's asking them. Okay. How can we make Cova Chuck better? How can we make fun of better? Do you think we can do that? How what's your plan for us doing that? So I think that becomes a part of the conversation. What are you doing to make these guys better? I will say this if they don't. Get mcclellan. I think Patrick was going to be in this conversation. You know, someone else told me that Doug, wait could potentially be in this conversation is back to that. I had Trich wall. Blake played with them. Of course, Colorado. I've heard why as part of this attribute Quebec ramparts almost upset. The memorial Cup host Halifax move says in the opening round. He's a really good job with that program specifically in the back half of the season. Patrick wa- back in the NHL. I think wall will be in the conversation. I've heard wait could be in the conversation. You know, I'm wondering if Adam Oates wants to coach again, I don't know about that one. But they brought him in as an advisor. Right. I'll tell you what other name that someone brought up to me. It makes a lot of senses. Tony granato. Yep. Another guy who's really tight with Rob Blake. You know, he coaches at the university of Wisconsin. I could see all of those things being in the mix of it's not McClellan. But I think Blake will listen to ideas. How do we get the guys who had rough years this year? How do we get them going and the MO for the Los Angeles Kings this off season seems last season we need to get faster and younger now interestingly enough, they went out there and the out-bid the Boston Bruins Ilya Kovalchuk. But still it's a team. I understand that foot speed is a big issue. Yup. And I think they will look at how you can play faster. No question about it from the coach got fired to the coach that stayed story the Minnesota while a lot of people have been saying all season long. Minnesota is make the playoffs. Paul Fenton's only choice here is to get rid of the coach. This is new territory for Bruce Boudreau not being in the playoffs. This is unfamiliar for him and unfamiliar for any team whose Benxi stands behind the Paul Fenton said. Nope, Bruce Boudreau is coming back as our head coach next season, Paul Fenton. Stay noted Craig Leopold saying, though, what do you think I think the owner probably had a lot to do with it? You know, he's making three and a half million. I don't know people don't want these contracts to be retirement contracts, where you actually retire and still collect all that money. They want him to coach next year. And part of me wondered, and this is just me, and I want to stress this. This is me just talking and wondering myself a Sam Bujar Jorda buffalo. I was kinda wondering there would be like a trade. Same booed rose, a southern Ontario guy. He's got family and Saint Catherine's it made a lot of sense. But obviously he's gonna stay there next year. I just kind of wondered about that. Like, this doesn't look like a really happy marriage. Does it? But none of this does like with Minnesota. No, we've talked about this before this is frozen team. You look at the contracts look at the length on these contracts, if you're Paul Fenton, you mean made the move with for victirats need Anita rider who had fallen out of favor with your organization's only with the head coach that didn't work out. There are very we've talked about this before this very limited amount of moves. You can make in Minnesota. And there's no saviors coming. No, frustrated. Yes. That's the one team that I look at and say to myself, I do not a lot of general managers that have tough tasks ahead of them, whomever. Ends up managing the Oilers front and center, but how frustrating must be if you're Paul Fenton, the Minnesota wild knowing man, I really can't do anything. Even if I wanted to you have to take big wax. And if you look at Paul Fenton where he came from in. Asheville they grew incrementally. And then they took their swings. When did David Poile, take swings? He took a swings with shea Weber and peaky sue ban. He took a swings with Seth Jones, and you know, Ryan Hansen, and he is continually taken big wax at the top available guys. But if you look at the foreign the majority of them, are that's all made by trades. It's unique team and they. And the and the deal last year. There's another one fourth Berg is a trade Hanson had a gr- what he thought was a team on the brink before he did that. So I would guess that. That is probably the way Fenton prefers to do it too. But you're right. It's a slow turning ship. You don't see an easy route to do all of that kind of thing. Philadelphia flyers. I have a hard time believing. They weren't in the conversation for Joel Quenneville. I had heard that. There was a meeting between Quenneville in the flyers and early April. That rumor was out there, April fourth. I think it was let me back this up. I'm trying to the Quenneville time line. And we're doing this again before we speak the talent. I heard after it happened that Quenneville told other teams on Saturday that he was going to Florida. I think there were some who said, well, you can decide that. But that doesn't mean we have to give up and they threw bags of money at him. And he stayed with where he was going. I find hard to believe too that Philly knowing Phillies history, and the fact that you know, guys like Paul homegrown, and Bob Clark is still around that they wouldn't have considered it. But the one thing as I said, I do believe is that people thought Florida was whereas heart was it's gonna be interesting now like where do you go Chuck Fletcher has seen Dan byles get hired Scranton wilkes-barre Pittsburgh Penguins. There's a connection you always look for connections. There's a connection I gotta. Think a land vino is in this conversation too. I gotta think he's a guy that they're going to at least look at Scott, Gordon, if they decide to keep him. But this is a situation. I wonder if it evolves like who loses early in the play offs does that change the future of some people's organizations. This somebody gets shaken loose in the first round that these teams look at and say, yeah, if I'm Philly, I'm going there the Walker. There would be Toronto. That would be the earthquake. In the marketplace. Yeah. I mean, it would you know, Columbus to let's just see what happens one of the questions. People ask are one of the speculations. Was once Joel Quenneville domino fell would other teams scrambling day. We'd better get our guy or agai before the music stops. And we don't have a chair will. That's what buffalo is clearly done. Buffalo has just said, you know, what we're not screwing around here. We're throwing we're not waiting for playoff. We're going after guy, you know, the thing about I kind of wondered Avena would be in there to Botterill, and you're going to be together at the world championships. I gotta tell you just sure theory on my part I thought of this last night, and it was like. Now, your head is spinning top. Is this last night when you weren't with your wife at the Fleetwood MAC concert because postponed took her to a great restaurant a restaurant? You would like I was disappointed for that for her because she was really excite you. And I really did this idiot husband this week, by the way. Okay. So was her name like you guys know this the barefoot Contessa that is no chef the the verified. So she's coming Toronto this week. And I'm like, of course, I can I can go with you like, I always try one thing with my wife right before the plastic. I may not like, but she's gonna love just to make your happy. I'm going into the witness protection program for too much. And then, you know, Vegas goes to the cop. I get to go back there again. So I get her tickets the barefoot Contessa just like I only want to go if you can go with me. I'm like check the date. Oh, yeah. No problem. I'm such a more it's Thursday. So I can't Thursday. I thought it was. Hey, guys, I'm gonna take off lease Bruins and Calgary. The the back end of the w go see the barefoot Contessa you'll catch with that. So anyway, we were supposed to Fleetwood back Stevie nicks sick got cancelled drag I took her out Lindsey Buckingham. So anyway, as I was saying with buffalo. Okay. So what have we seen? We have seen D Lombardi go back to Darryl center. Yep. We have seen Anaheim go back to Randy Carlyle this pause right there. I don't want to see this card. Well, it's obvious. If you don't get this, right? Your complete idiot. Well, we already know that was gonna show almo. Okay. Go ahead. Finish your thoughts. You there's any chance. Buffalo will go back to Lindy rough going to go with Delfi there. Oh, I was holding that card Ken Hitchcock. I don't know. I I mean, I was thinking this any chance buffalo go back to Lindy row. Why not? He was the longest serving buffalo. Saber coach ever helped develop that team in a salary cap to being amongst the elite in the NHL that was a fun team to watch. I love that addition of the sabers with Briere and Drewery and Campbell and a young Haman Ville, I loved that. Ryan Miller, I love watching that Buffalo Sabres squat. And when they moved the Parker on will and Thomas Vantic, dick. I loved it's not. Why not? Okay. I thought you're gonna say, Philadelphia and Kennedy gawk you ready. What's happening in Edmonson? Well, they've announced Hitchcock won't be back. That's right. I was really intrigued by the fact that he said they're not hiring president of hockey operations. But just GM. That's what Nicholson said that their urine media conference. I thought they were gonna go after Holland of Holland didn't stand Troy, but now that they're only talking about a GM. I'm I'm not sure, you know, we've had the Mike Gillis to be here. I think he's going to get interviewed there. Bob Nicholson has said he's going to try to keep quiet on this. I think they're going to futa. I think they're gonna be bills ITO. I think they're gonna be Mark hunter think they're going to Brad mccrum. I think people are gonna ask for a lot of power. The people were going in. There are going to ask for a lot of power. And I think that's gonna be where going to be one of the most interesting questions are they willing to give up that kind of power. You know, the fact that they're not talking about president of hockey house. But GM, I think that's really intriguing in what sense in that. That GM sounds will be veteran guy coming in that GM's plug in a lot of power. I think they're gonna Keith Gretzky still think he's in the mix. I think Bob Nicholson this has been such a roller coaster ride for him. I think he's changed kind of thinking of few times here. And there I'm curious to see where this is going to go over the next couple of months that general manager come in with a preferred candidate behind the bench. Well, I think it's going to be up to that guy. Right. Sure. Certainly. But as part of that. Part of the interview process is I'm not just hiring this GM marrying this GM who is bringing with him this recommendation. I'm trying to think like for some of these guys who the obvious connection. That's what I'm trying to dry. The the Mark hunter gets the job who's the coach? There's no way deals going there DJ. Yeah. That's all DJ. Smith is a great call. What any get at here in a roundabout way is is there any outside the box thinkers, and if so because this name has popped up more so in in discourse online than anywhere else. Ricard Grinberg this we head coach. Yeah. We had them on interested in working in the NHL has been in North America. Previous as we all know like I wonder if you get interviewing auto don't know that's another on my list of ask Elliott about like Ottawa. I could see that auto buffalo. It's interesting to lean. Yeah. Buffalo like you're looking for. A team. That's got that kind of connection. Elander? I would like to see him here. It's the lie. I think it's time. I don't know if you're going to be a head coach, but he could be an associate coach I wonder if he gets interviewed NADA wa I wonder if he gets a look in buffalo Anaheim, we all say this is done. It's over Dallas Aitken's becomes the next head coach of the Anaheim ducks. I think they're gonna go through a search. I have believed it's Aitken's until told otherwise I haven't been told otherwise speaking of Anaheim, Ryan kesler hip surgery. Yeah. I don't know Ryan kesler he came back a long way to get here this year. He didn't play out. He played thousand eight thousand one for the ceremony and one guy who called me kind of rip me about that. Like not written me rip Kessler to me about that. And I'm like that is such like Bs like, you know, first of all like, I understand thousands of big deal. Secondly, are we? We really ripping people now for trying to make comebacks and trying to play and earn their contract. You know, my Forsberg point of view make them drag you off the ice drag me I'm gonna keep as long as I can get in skate. I told lame opinion. That's what I thought like in this not just hockey. But in all sports respond to celebrate never quitting. Yeah. What do we encourage guys to quit at the end? Oh, you're tarnishing reputation leave the stage while the audience is applauding not chance. Go when you're ready to go. See this almost ended up in Sports Illustrated. I know we've got out of the article, but I don't mind saying it now. So remember last summer, I reported that he might not play. Yeah. When we saw shows Anaheim came to Toronto Kessler said to me that was big motivation for him. Really? Yes. I can see that about him. And you know, what he was he wasn't an idiot about it. He was really honest. I like doing with Kessler. I always have he just said to me like. I when you reported that I took that as a big challenge. It's awesome. Good for him. Yeah. I said, well, I'm glad you proved me wrong. And I'm glad you made it, and you know, I think to play a thousand games in the league is hard, especially with the way he plays. And I think it's to be respected that you know, he was so determined at the end of the day he signed a big contract is trying to earn it. Now, he may not in it because was going to earn. It earn it. But he made. May appeal to play for it because his body's so broken down. But you can never accuse that guy of cheating you on effort before we get so break here del talent on the other side Jim before the Panthers. The future of Taylor hall. How much of a discussion will this be in the days weeks and months to come until it ends with either a contract or a move. It's going to be a top. Now. Maybe it won't be as big as the plan will be on. But right around draft time, you can imagine. If if he doesn't have an extension, you know, it's going to be at the forefront. When we come back GM and the Florida Panthers Dale town. Thirty one thoughts is brought to you by the next generation GMC Sierra the now complete with the world's first six function multi-proposal gate. Nets sliding around on the way to hockey use the built-in load stop to help keep them in place. Loading what seems like half a team's worth of bags the tailgate. Also turns into a step for easier access and has an inner gate that flips down for unloading all the year, you can fit GMC Sierra Dinelli. We are professional grade. Joined now by the general manager of the Florida Panthers. And the man that made the headlines all week long and well into this podcast as well. Dale talent joins us once again, I should mention the thirty one thoughts podcast. Of course. We're going to get to the big news with Joel Quenneville, but first we're recording this interview in advance of the draft lottery. You have had some success in the past out lotteries. Do you have a lucky charm or something you say to yourself or anything you're Irish has to be something you do? Anymore? You know, I put my left skate on. I that didn't work. No, listen, the golf ball. Listen. So I said the hell with it. No, I don't know, you know, once in a while. But not I don't really believe in that stuff. So I've been lucky my whole life. I think I'm a lucky charm. So I'll go there and hope hope for the best. Now, Dale talent. You can't see this on the pied cast but on his neck. He's wearing something that's draft lottery. VIP or? Yeah. Get in your otherwise. But Dale in the National Hockey League this week. You are not just av IP. You are the VIP because you have been the biggest newsmaker the National Hockey League. I think a lot of people were expecting the Joel Quenneville was going to end up in Philadelphia. How did you get him to Florida, my lucky charm? I guess. Joel I have a great relationship, and for me, it was kind of fate like Vinnie vile, and I had a meeting on Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday of last week Wednesday. We decided that we were going to I had read somewhere the week before that Joel was interested in getting back in up until that time. I you know, when I last spoken with them at Christmas. We always stay anti wisdom merry Christmas fan love family, and we're just buddies and he said he was enjoying retirement. And that was the end of the conversation. And then saw never thought anything of it down deep subconsciously. I always felt that it would be nice to get back together with them somehow and be on the ice with them went when when the Cup, and so I went to Vinnie and Vinnie said, let's go for it. And so then the call the the Blackhawks Thursday evening just before puck drop against Dallas and ask permission to talk to them. And they said yes, and then got the mail from STAN. And I call Joel right away and start hammering it away and explained what was going on. And what our goals were. And and he knew somewhat of our team in our players, and then I got Vinnie to call them. And we just started going after it and by the weekend, it was a done deal. And here we are just phenomenal thing that just happened in kept rolling and we'd went forward and here we are. I'm so excited. Now, the word around the league is that you guys were by far the most aggressive team, and you were not going to take. No for an answer. Very true. Very true. I don't know what other teams are doing or saying, no. There are other teams that we're looking for them that an idea that Philly was aggressive and wanted to get there as well. And I think the relationship from the past and the great young players that we have and the players we have coming and who doesn't wanna live in Florida. But I think Vinny vile has made a total commitment and you understand. That and he likes our team, and he likes me, and I like him, and it was a perfect fit. What is it? Then about joy in the obvious answer is look at he's been wildly successful three Stanley Cup rings at cetera. That's from you know, viewers point of view, someone that follows hockey, but obviously your general manager, and you know, Joel in a way that most people don't Weigel. First of all was record is impeccable. Who has a better record only one another guy? I don't think he was available. So you call. You know, and to me to be just fortunate to have a relationship with them in our situation in Florida. We needed to make a statement we have a lot of good young players. But we're kinda underachieving I thought this year last year. So we needed to make a statement. And I just like the fact that. Our players will know, whatever he tells them it works. He believes in what he's doing the players will now believe what he's capable of doing. They'll be willing to do what he tells them to do and you'll do it convincingly, honestly transparently, and he's just no BS. It's just these are the facts, this is what we're gonna do this. We're gonna win from your chair. Then what do you think Joel Quenneville 's biggest job is instill positive confident, assertive attitude? You know, I think our kids this year kinda lost her confidence and got a little bit flustered. And we lost a lot of games when we were ahead or close and composure was not there. Those are the things that will he will change a couple of questions number one. The one of the stories lines out there was that Quenneville promise. Some personnel say is that correct? Well, for sure why wouldn't you? I mean the. You know, I always had a philosophy of laying the coach hire one and then agreeing on a second. But you know, Joel I'm going to be in discussions on everything. I've changed as well. You know, from when we first started it was you coach the players I bring you in. That's it that I've changed as well. More willing to listen to other people. And and I think Joel, and I will have a lot of discussions on personnel. And I think we agree on a lot of the stuff. We have the same Leica players and coaches. So, you know, why not he's he's is very successful coach and I trust them. Apparently the storyline understand is on Saturday afternoon. He began to tell other organizations that he was going to Florida. But then there were rumors on Sunday afternoon and out this Monday. The maybe some of those organizations weren't taking no for an answer. And they were trying to stay in where you word it all on Sunday that you were going to lose them. No. Knows pretty confident you mentioned all the young players of the Florida Panthers. And listen Alexander bark off once again, wonderful campaign just shy of one hundred points. Charles Hubert, oh continues to be one of the best kept secrets on the wing in the entire NHL. You talk about players that need to need to be better need to take their game to the next level. Who are those guys because we? Young have to get better. They have to trust themselves and Matheson act Blad, you know, those kids have to improve the take it to another level. I think for us to to make a big step forward. You know? That's the toughest position. Those are the guys that I think need to have more confidence in play with more confidence and be more cert- of an aggressive those types of things and and we need more consistent play from kid lake Bjork shrimp gonna raise his game. It was you know, experience form this year. But you know, just everybody's gotta get better at gay management. Our game management was not very good. We really didn't play smart hockey when we had leads and critical situations in games, and it really backfired on his. So those are things that Joel will address and fix and and then we also have a lot of room to be aggressive in the free agent market. So we're pretty excited about the direction. We're team is headed in cap team now. Yes, that's another team. Yes. I wanted to ask you about Longo. He said that it was not only his decision. It was also the organization's decision. Where's that stand? Now. Well, we had our actually meetings yesterday. And I told him that I would like him to sit on it for a while. He's old that I don't want. Any rash decisions made yesterday and exit meeting when you're doing twenty five other guys, but we're gonna meet probably next week sometime before I go to Europe for the under eighteen and let them think about it somewhat. And they'll have really good discussions about. What's best for Lou N for the Panthers? Here we are just in advanced the draft lottery. And it wasn't that long ago. You were saying the name Owen tip outsing him as a member of the of the Florida Panthers with Saginaw right now in L H L haven't really nice playoff run. Maybe the best shooter in his fart. Right. You can really really let it go. How close you think? Someone like Owen tip. It is. And I'm thinking he's come a long way. I think last year, you know, less year training camp this training camp. He had a long way to go is stamina is enduring and paste two hundred foot game was not there. And I think since he's been traded. He's become a better two hundred foot player his energy levels higher and scoring but he's also doing good things in the defensive zone. So that's all it takes timing and conditioning and pace. He's a good skater. And he has a great shot. But it's is in Durance and and pace and continue that pays for for, you know, multiple shifts against big guys. And and pros that's the only thing that's held them back so far, but I'm really happy with the way he's developed here this year further to the draft and the draft question what point of this season? 'cause I you're one of those guys love to be at the rank your on these guy you want your own eyeballs on some of these players. Is there a time of year Dale where you step it up where you right now. All right now. No tomorrow, I'm going to go to golf, and then there's it all she wa and then you're hitting all of on -tario. Metro now, that's the favorite part of the job for me to drive all over these and go to these ranks all over I love and the atmosphere's and energy levels and the passion for the game. That's what's all about. And I love being what scouts they're they're my favorite people in hockey, you mentioned Vinnie. Viola made a big investment in role Quenneville you say the team is going to the cap. We said earlier on the podcast. This is the biggest boldest step the Florida Panthers probably taken since Pavel beret. What is the future? I think it's bright or you know, we're going to build a new practice facility right downtown at the war memorial Vinnie's committed. I mean, these unbelievable we lose twenty eight to thirty million dollars a year and here he is. Let's go. Let's go to the let's get y'all. Let's let's do we have to do, you know, God bless them. This isn't the last big headline from the Florida Panthers in the next. No, no way, we're going. We're gonna have some fun. Thanks so much for this pleasure. Thank you. Canada wanna stream every game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Sports now is the product for you available to anyone over the internet sports that now gives you twenty four seven access sports channels, including content not available on television. You can stream on the most popular devices, including smartphones tablets, apple TV, XBox, PlayStation, Amazon fire and chrome cast sign up for as long as you want and cancel whenever you'd like. You can also stream the NBA MLB IndyCar and all your favorite sports center, original programming and more. Visit SM now dot CA for more details. Okay. Elliot. So that was our conversation with Dell talent general manager of the Florida Panthers. Now, as you mentioned, this is a Frankenstein podcast repeating altogether. So what we did before the NHL draft lottery is we sat down with a couple of other general managers, and we'll hear from them now. And then at the end will hear from ratio GM of the New Jersey Devils, congratulations. They'll select first overall in Vancouver at the NHL draft in June and then Hugh Weber New Jersey Devils team president as well. In the meantime, Elliot will hear from Jason botra GM of the Buffalo Sabres. But first here is the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks. Jim Benning very pleased to be joined now by the general manager of the Vancouver connects Jim Benning gym a couple of moments ago. We were talking Dell talent GM the Florida Panthers and asked him for good luck. Charms. Now every time on Vancouver radio. It comes to the draft lottery. The common theme is Vancouver needs. Some luck. We need some luck in this thing and come back and said, wait a minute pick up. Leah's pederson. If Quinn Hughes. I don't think Vancouver knees any luck. But if you think you do need luck. Jim, do you have anything you keep with you? I don't have anything that. I keep with me. You know, over the last I guess three or four years we've showed up at this. And we end up losing two or three spots in the draft. So our hope today, it would be fantastic. If we could end up in the top three, but I don't wanna lose. We're at nine right now. I don't wanna lose too many spots. Do you allow yourself to think in any way, what it would be like to unveil Quinn and Jack Hughes together? Yeah. Well, we've you know, obviously that would be a perfect scenario for us. We had this sedans all those years, and you know, there was such great players for us. And and both Jack and Quinn are going to be great players in this league. So, you know, Jim analogy when they were in to watch Quinn's first game, you know, they'd like to see that too. But, you know, the chances of that happening we'd have to be really lucky how much jacket be able to watch how much of the he'll say, well I seen him last year. I've seen him play probably six seven times. And this year I've seen him play three or four times. And I'm going to head over to the under eighteen world championships here in another week, and I'll see him play some more. But I've seen him play enough where you know, he's dynamic fast skill player. And I think has a chance to step into the league and be a real good player next year. I I know they're different positions. But what do they share in common? Quinton jack. While they're both. Excellent. Skaters fast have good balance on the skates. And they're both really smart players. I think they're hockey IQ's are both off the charts. They grew up in hockey family like with you know, Jim always being involved with NHL teams. And you know, like when Luke Hsien we told Quinn when he was signed with us that he was going to be paired with Liu Chen. Well, well, Jim was the player development guy for Toronto. When you know he was dragging Quinton Jack in the room to work with Luke, Shan. So you know, I just came back all around in a big circle. So they've grown up around the game. Jim is you know when he's been involved in a game. He was coaching. And he's a real smart like he is smart defensive mind. So as good as both of them are offensively. I think from Jim, you know, they've learned the defensive side of the game. All right. You mentioned shin. We talked a couple. Weeks ago in hockey and about the possibility he comes back for another year. Where's that stand? At this point in time. We just finished, you know, three nights ago, we did exit meetings with our players the last couple of days and came in here last night for this today. So we're gonna when I get back after this week. We're going to sit down as a hockey operations group. And we're going to talk about all the players, and what their futures are what was Pedersen's exit interview. Like, what did you say to him? What did he talk about? He's a guy that's first of all mature beyond his years. You know, he talked to me about you know, how good the first sixty games were for him. And then how hard, you know, the last twenty games when teams are ratcheting it up a level to get ready for the playoffs. And it was a great learning experience for him. I think you know, he's seen the good side of things the first sixty games. And then he seeing the last twenty games where you know, he seen it's hard and it's hard, especially when you. Get into that last couple of months of the year and teams again ready for the playoffs. So I think it was a great learning experience for him this year, and he's the type of kid that he's going to figure out you know, what he needs to do in the summertime to to you know, to get better to get stronger. So you know, he can be really good the whole eighty two games, you know, for group one of the best picks and the history of the Vancouver specifically where you got him considering how good he is. And what he did this year in the NHL. And and what he's done to organization we believe there's at least a couple of teams that had him as high as number one on their draft rankings. How high did you have Pederson on yours? Adam. Really? Hi, I'm not going to say where it what number. We had him rated. But we Adam rated high considering what he did this year. And what you saw at the beginning of the season. Does any of this surprise you what he did all year? Well, I think what surprised this is. He was so good so fast. Like, we knew he was going to be a really skilled player. But to step in and to do the things that he did this year. You know, I don't think we are expecting that. Like, you know, when we talked he played right wing last year. Most of the year, he played seven games at center last summer. You know, we were trying to address getting like a skilled center ice meant a second center ice spent force. And and you know, we had no luck there. So we said, well, we drafted him as a center ice Mun. Let's give them a call here in August and get it in his mindset, you're gonna come to training camp play center for so he came in. And it was like every day. He got better like every day through the rookie tournament through training camp. Like every day, just and he's such a competitive guy. Like, it was the first year he played center, you know, in a couple years. And so he was having a tough time withdraws as all young players too. And they first come into the league and after games like even when he scored he'd have a goal in an assist and. And you know, I say good game tonight. And he was like it was driving him crazy that he went like four eight on draws. You know what I mean? But he's like a perfectionist that way he wants, you know, it's just we see the scoring. We see the shot we see the vision but his defensive play and playing winning hockey and a little details of the game. And that's all the great players. You know, we've seen come through the years. That's the way they're like. And he's no different marks. Jim. Do you see him as the long term future in goal for Vancouver? We're in a good position goal is. Now Jacob had an excellent year for us. And you know, this last three or four months kept us in a lot of games. And you know, was excellent. So he took another step like he, you know, he's now a true number one goalie that has the ability to on any given night when a game for you Thatcher, damn co we got him up and going this year. And played him some games that the end here, and he was really good too. So I feel really good about the two of them going into next year. You know, I think Ian Clark worked with Jacob this year and got him to another level. And so we're going to talk about he's got another year left on his contract. So when we have our meetings, we'll talk about whether you know, we try to approach him after July first about signing a deal, but we got good goalies. Where's it staying with header? So Alex wants to be in Vancouver. He was really good for us this year. He was our best defenseman. He had a real good year. You know, he's the type guy where he's a leader in our group like when we did our exit meetings, and we talked to some of the young guys who do you look up to on the team who do you talk to one things on going? Well, and and Alex is name always comes up of the three or four players players mentioned his name always comes up. So like, he learned from the sedans, the culture. What it means to be Vancouver? And I think you know, PD's looked up to him this year spent a lot of time with them help advise him in certain situations. So he's an important guy. And we're going to you know, now that we're done the season. We're going to get together with his agent, and we're going to try to figure it out has that process been any more difficult than you thought. It was going to be no no it hasn't. He's played his whole career in Vancouver. He wants to win and he loves the direction of the team and the young players we have and. You know, he thinks that we're heading in the right direction. So you know, we just have to figure out what the deal looks like. But he wants to be there and be part of our group moving forward. You say you're you're an interview you're looking at a top six four diedhiou. See that being free agency or trade thing, we're going to try looking at both like if it's you know, if there's something available in trade, and you know, we'll take a look at that. Or, you know, and we're gonna look at free agency too. So I think we took a as an organization as team this year. We took a step and we want to take another step next year. And you know, we have to make some improvements in certain areas. And if we can address those I feel like, you know, we're capable of taking that next step talked earlier Jim about how at least Pederson change the expectation for this team almost immediately and what they're going to becoming how quickly they're going to get there. How does Quin Hughes? It's a lot of easy zone exits when he's on the ice s. The first thing that comes to mind, but knows expecting them to do to the back end. What Pederson did up front, but what's explication acting that though like he has it in him to do that? Like, he's a fantastic skater. He's got good balance on his skates. We just seen a glimpse of it. And these five games that he played, but he's like a one man break. Oh machine. He's fast enough to get back at the puck, and he you know, in two strides. He's going full speed. And he's pasta. I four checker and breaking the puck up. I so, you know, like in we've played some big strong teams here in these five games. He played we played Saint Louis. Dallas San Jose hard teams like big teams. And but he's such a good skater. He's got such good balance on skates. And he's smart like he's he reads the play. Well, he made some plays and the games. He played PD made up front for us this year that you know, we haven't had like that offensive type defenseman around. In Vancouver for a long time. And and you know, we drafted him last year, and we feel he can be that guy for us. He's like a young Jim Benning. Way better than Jim playing. It's funny. We were joking awhile ago. But how there needs to be a separate Twitter feed? Just to alert people when Vancouver's going into overtime because three on three with Hoover with Hughes. Pederson best around the ice. Like that's must see even if you're not watching the connects game. That's must see TV. Yeah. That was fun to watch. We've seen it in two instances this year where they're playing three on three and the three of them the way, they think the game and the way Quinn skates and the vision that PD has and you know, with Brock's shot, it just seems like a perfect scenario. The three of them, you know, and Travis, and I talk and stuff, and we're like, wow. This is going to be fun going forward to watch these guys. I wonder about planning so Edmondson has mcdavid and dry Seidel. And now, they're on their second contracts. Toronto went through it with Mathewson martyr. And now they're all going to be on their second contracts with tha virus do you look at? This and say Pedersen's, really good. So who knows what we're gonna be paying him in two years. And hopefully, these other guys are going to be just as good Besser Hughes. Never one else to know look at the next two years and say we have to make a run during that time. I don't think so you know, I feel like we've taken a step in the right direction this year, we want to take the next step next year. You know, and these young exciting players, and we're gonna have to start paying them. We know that we have cap, you know, room available right now. And I think we just have to be careful like because both Quinn and PD come up to say me air that you know, we have enough money to make sure that you know, to pay these guys what they're going to be worth or what they're going to be asking for. So, you know, we're mindful of that. But you know, I think you know, we have a group now that I feel is going to grow together and hopefully have success and. It should be fun for fans to watch. And and I hope in that, you know, like, I said, we can take the next step and be a playoff team, and they get experienced to in that. And we'll see where it goes. Should we expect big headlines out of Hoover in the off season? Well, I don't like I don't necessarily know big headlines we want, you know, we've identified some areas we'd like to get better like getting Pearson for us. I think is really worked out well because him in Bullhorn VAT have good chemistry together. And it's been a good fit getting him. So I think you know, we have some areas that we want to get better in and we want to add players to help us grow as a team and help our young players keep developing, but I don't necessarily know that it has to be headline type players. It's Canada every fourth line winger you sign that's seventy two point headline. Last one for me. Jim you mentioned you're going scouting. You're gonna see some OH L playoff games. You're going to Utica, what are your plans for you to? I know. I know there was some controversy there. What is the future of you know, that team and what you're gonna do with them while we like being there? It's a great place for kids to develop the fan bases. They support the team really good. We had like five or six young players go in there this year for some of them. It didn't work out. Like, you know, the player wanted like we wanted. But that's going to happen. When you have like six young players show up all at the same time like some players are gonna fall by the wayside. And that's just the way it is. I think our guys are organized down there. They have good communication with the players their expectations for the players are high. And you know, we're just going to have to make sure that you know, we keep, you know, getting young. Players. And so they get down there and make sure that we develop them properly. And and then when they're ready to play give him a chance to play in the NHL, Jim it's a big night. Fred one big night for the Vancouver Canucks for your sake. We hope we have to do an insert at the end of this interview or nounce you've you've won the draft lottery. Best of luck tonight. Thanks for having me guys. That was Jim Benning the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks after that interview the Vancouver Canucks card turned over the number ten. So at the draft they will host they will select tenth overall that's here. Now from Jason bottle, the general manager of the Buffalo Sabres, please be joined now by the general manager of the Buffalo Sabres station virtual, and I've been asking this one of all the GM so far today here on the podcast. This is in advance of the draft lottery. We asked L talent he said nothing superstitious we asked Jim bedding. Nothing superstitious. I'll ask you the same question. Any good luck? Charms secret tie that you have a rabbit's foot in your pocket anything like that. In advance of the the law. -tory balls. Well, I do have a couple of pitchers that were drawn by my daughters. And if you notice I do have the same red tie on that I wore last year outstanding very good. Oh, we didn't notice. I'm glad you told us. That's very that's very thirty. One thoughts. Ask. -cation buffalo wins if that Taiwan's for the second straight year, it's going to be out a lot fasten my blog will be tomorrow. That's for sure it certainly work last year. It was a huge advantage for organization get Mr Daul lean and we'll see if it can work out again here tonight. And by the way, as a parent, and Jeff is apparent to. I respect the fact that you brought some of your daughter stuff with you. I think that's awesome. I'm very fortunate. I have a seven year old daughter three year old daughter, and they're very good artist. So my my my office at work is certainly covered with some very creative drawings. So Jason where would you like to start? There's lots of stuff going on in buffalo rate. Now. First of all let's go back to the season. You guys were Tanna row. You're off to a great start. You seem to be a great spot. And no every team does a sort of breakdown of what happened when you look at it. What do you see happen from start to finish? Well, I think there was the excitement the of how we played in. In the fall in you saw just the excitement in the building. Especially on American thanksgiving this going on ten game win streak, and we understood what we were going through in game win streak that it was great for a group to win close games. But we also you looked at the numbers we were fortunate in those situations. But I thought it was great for our group sorta just coming together we challenged the group the previous spring on just preparation throughout the summer preparation in getting ready for the games just how they had themselves off the ice. And I think we really took a step from that standpoint. You bring a player like Rasmi Darlene into the mix. He was exactly what we're looking for. I thought we the previous year we'd spent too much time in their own zone. He helping night the transition game a lot for us. And I don't think you can ever sort of pinpoint one thing I thought going into Christmas break, although we lost a few games in December. We'd rebounded had some strong efforts in Washington and Boston one or last game going into the break played. Well there. Jack, I got an injury right after Christmas. And how we're built right now, we just can't sustain injuries to top players, and that's her momentum a little bit, especially after the all-star break teams. Just tighten up that much more and the physical play. I think a lot of teams focused on rasps Darlene Casey middle stat just instead of it being a good story in eighteen defense plane in the league, they realized he was a key to our team played a lot more physical against them. And we are still in a lot of games. But just like how we found a way to win those taking him in the first half teams tighten up defensively, and we weren't able to win those games in the third period in the second half there. And I thought all teams have young players fact that we had a lot of young players and predominant roles. They wore down a little bit Camiel sets two years removed from play Minnesota high school hockey, Rasmi, Darlene. Eighteen year old league had that same adrenaline that same energy and stuff in the game. So you know, we were very happy about the progress of where team. Got two thirds the season. Obviously, very disappointed. What transpired over that? Last the season that as an organization where we have to improve on. And that's where we talked a lot to our players of last couple of days challenged him on some things moving forward from a manager standpoint. It's where we have to continue to bring in more skill to group we joined that streak we relied too heavily on Eichel Reinhard. Skinner? We have to continue to find more depth scoring. And you just look at our numbers entire year. There's lots of room from from a defensive standpoint snapshot of the team let me know if you think this is accurate on the podcast earlier described the Buffalo Sabres as a team in reflection Jack Eichel. We know what Jaekle is and what can become Rasma stellian. Even in the first season. We can see it. We know. What's there is this a team that right now is trying to figure out who Thompson is going to be who middle stat is going to be who knee land or is going to be a team that's in reflection about players like that it's reflection. But it's also just you're looking. Them as that's the key for the for the future of the Buffalo Sabres and to me that term that's most important. It's just development everyone talks about our young players. They talk about you talk about teach Thompson rasps Darlene Casey middle stat Alex lender. But Jack Eichel Sam Reinhart restaurants were Selena and they're still young. They've been in the league now for few years, but it's imperative that they continue their developed. I thought Sam Reinhart had an outstanding season. You know, you look at it from the start of the season going through a contract negotiations and training camp. He really took control of that situation and got himself back into training camp and became a strong leader for us Jack Eichel. We gave him the at the start of the year. He took that responsibility extremely serious. And is the perfect captain. He's working at those type of things, but he took a real step in his two game this year and being the leader of a group move forward here. So to me the key for this team. It's still the core learning how to. To win. I think it was great for us to have the ten game win streak. Just so they could feel that they can do it as a group. I think before that recognition hadn't won something like three or four games and four or five years proved they know what it takes. But it's still finding out young players finding how difficult it is to be consistent in this league. Especially how to win games in the second half. This predates you, but this will be the fifth coach since February of two thousand thirteen where Lindy Ruff was fired. And we've seen guys who have not been head coaches before we've seen guys with a lot of experience. What are you looking for? Well, I think it's we're open to to anything. And you you look at different things. I think it's certainly looking for someone who has command of the room that presence in the room as I talked about before we have skill. We need to continue to Britain develop that within our organization brings some more in. But we wanna play fast up tempo style. We want to get it offense up in the play. It's that's where Rasmi. Dulling really helped group this year. But it's still as much as we wanna play that offense the game. It's having a little more structure defensively and titan in I think that's a big area where we can have improvement there. So as a group right now, it's a we have to get an experienced guide or not no we weren't looking at someone who has a communicated ability has it accountability has that presence. And that's why we're sort of going to be looking at all different options. It sounds like it's almost like a guy who's can walk that fine line of players wanna play for them. But he's also going to grind them. Is that a fair way to put it? Well, I think that's a fair way for most successful coaches right there. It's always a fine line of making sure that you have their Latian ship with the players you have that dialogue with them. But there's also that ability you get the most out of them you drive. They know that you're the one in charge. You're responsible for the for the organization getting the players to play at the top level. Do you wanna address Todd McLellan? It's a situation where Todd's has amazing career has had a lot of success, and certainly. A person of interest and he's on our list. Just like there's quite a few other people have on our list right now would that list entail and would your search entail? Waiting until the playoffs are done to see which other candidates may become available or do you already? Have some preferred candidates in mind that are already available. Look, I think until you get into interviewing people and talking about people you have to sort of see a, hey, if you feel there's fit we'll certainly move forward with it. If something that, you know, you look last time I got the job in the middle of may. And we made our decision middle of June. I think in all sorts of searches like this all you wanna have something in places before the draft. But if you feel comfortable with the person that you're nerve, we'll certainly move on even if I'm going to phrase this properly, but so I was in buffalo a couple of weeks ago, and I was walking around actually Galleria mall, and I told us during the podcast last week, and they were savers fans, ripping me for being in Galleria mall. I didn't know that was such a bad thing. But you know. Thank him up when we were talking. And you know, they said, what do you think I said, well, you know, you gotta have patients like a lot of these guys are young and he's a passionate buffalo fan. I love those fans. He's like, I'm sick and tired of being told we have to be patient we've impatient for so long. That's a tough position for an organization to be in Jason because tell me I'm wrong. I'm looking at your team. And I'm saying you have to watch some guys grow. But you've got a fan base that loves hockey and they're tired of waiting. How do you handle that? Like, how do you make a great fan base happy when they're tired of waiting? Can understand it. I've been here for two years. You know, you're disappointed you're frustrated by not being in the playoffs. So I can understand where some of their frustration comes after eight years. But when I took the job my responsibility was to build a winner and not build a team that's going to be in the playoffs one year, but build a team that's continuing constantly in the playoffs. I feel their disappointment. But I can't let that impact my decisions. And we've talked a lot about it. We are going to certainly put young players on our team. You look at Casey middle stat. Rasmi Dalian teach Thompson this year bringing up Alex Neil entered in the second half bringing up a victory. We're gonna continue to put those young players in those situations. But it's also understanding that if we can find establish NHL players that are in that sort of eighteen to twenty four category. We're going to try to add them to to. And that's why we went after a Brandon menteur we utilize the first round pick to bring in a player like that. And that's sort of were injured development. But if we can bring some. Establishing h Ehlers to help out the Jack Eichel's Sam reinhart's Rasmussen Wayne in that age group. We'll certainly look at it. You have a really good goaltender coming right now is playing with the celebrate wolves. But where are you at with your goal tending right now? Well, I think if you talked to Carter Hutton or Lena Cellmark, they were very similar to our team this year. They were outstanding. I thought special in the fall when we did have go through the structure of know, the ten game win streak, they were absolute. And they certainly still have some games in the second half. I think they'd probably tell you the same thing. There was some goals that they want it back and they were inconsistent. Just like our team was, but Carter Hutton, he came in as advertisers work ethic and practice what he brought to our room from a culture standpoint and just interaction with some younger players outstanding. And Lena Cellmark is a young goalie that we understand that. There's there's always going to be in their development, and at times, he was amazing this year times that you know, there's certainly goes that he wanted to have. Back and he's a guy that we certainly want to continue to work with. But I would say our goal is know that they can be and we'll be better. And I think it's more of us looking at a structure defensively and trying to limit our chances if you look at high danger zone chances in front of the slot. We were always at the bottom league of that. That's something that we have to have to address. What would you say? The percentage is that Jeff Skinner's sabre next year. I hope it's a high percentage, and it look it's something that we've always talked about like it's been a talked about it in my press conference last couple of days ago. Like both sides continue wanna make wanna get a deal done because I strongly believe the relationship has been positive for both sides. Just got forty goals this year. I think we put them in positions. Where he was able to have success, obviously for us. He came in and brought enthusiasm tar group, and it was something. I probably underestimated a little bit just how excited that was Yutian got for jackal or a Sam Reinhart or wrestling. And like it wasn't something. That's in the future. Here's a player that came into our group right away and help their group right away and his his two nasty as excitement. When are we scored a goal, especially in the fall was exciting for our group and relationships he built with some of star players. But also some of our young players you really helped out Casey middle stat and rasps stolen this year. So it was a very positive relation from our standpoint. We think the same thing from Jeff's. And yes, we don't have a deal done. But we're certainly going to be working and try to get something done place before July first last one from me, we're about an hour away. Just a little bit over an hour away from the draft lottery. You have a couple of picks in the first round. Are they sacred? Are they saying? Cred? Well, I think as I just mentioned before we moved one of it for a defenseman Brennan martyr. You're always going to look at different situations that could help your team right now. I think where the first one's going to be certainly in the top eight. It's always going to be difficult to move that one. That's one of the your talk to your scouting staff your extreme excited about the players that you're going to get there. So as we sit even last year, you're always listening, but in the back of your mind, the top pick your or somewhere in that top eight it's probably went onto that one last one for me Jason you're in Pittsburgh, and you saw a lot good bad fantastic. Like you saw a lot. This is the first two years where you've been in that chair where you're the pilot. And what have you learned about what it's like to be in that chair in this league? Well, there's certainly a lot of attention. And there's a lot of pressure that goes along with it. It's still at same excitement. Like what I enjoyed of my job. And Pittsburgh so much was working with experience in those players go up to Pittsburgh, and especially in sixteen and seventeen when so many of those players were part of the Stanley Cup runs there. And it's the excitement that I have in this organization right now in buffalo is just the young players like they get better. And you see a player like San Reinhard maturing. And and really taking a step in his development this year, you see young player like rasps Dolan coming to buffalo in August. You know, and you're wondering if you can get everything in order, and then he goes out and plays eighty two games and beat some records on passes. Bobby orange some things like it's absolutely amazing. And it's fun to watch that. And you realize you're certainly going to be under scrutiny, and it's important to surround yourself with good people. And that's where I feel very comfortable. The having Randy Sexton, Steve Greeley as to assistance, and and I feel very comfortable with the staff that we've developed both in buffalo and Rochester. But also out in the scouting fields are pro staffer mature staff development staff, and those are the people that I feel comfortable with. And I know that ultimately it's gonna be my decision, and I'm the one responsible, but I feel I'm getting some really good information. And that's excited that we're building that type of organization we're very proud of our success down in Cincinnati R U H L team was regular season champions. You look at six in Rochester with not only players getting up to buffalo this year but battle in Syracuse for the division title. We understand we have work to be done in buffalo. But we're very proud of the first half the season. I two thirds of the season. Now have to improve on that the last little bit. It's an interesting team. And we always generally find ourselves parking some time talking about the savers so far this season on the podcast best of luck. Tonight's with the lucky tie. Hope. They're brings you what you want. Jason. Thanks for doing this. Thank you have. Jason bottle of the Buffalo Sabres their general manager the sabers will selected seventh overall in June at the Vancouver draft the third overall selection in the two thousand nineteen NHL draft belongs to the Chicago Blackhawks Chicago, we'll select third. They move all the way up from the twelve spot, three Stanley Cups. This decade came tapes Keith and now a number three picking June in Vancouver for the hawks. And then there were two and the next card revealed by deputy Commissioner Bill Daly is the winner of the two thousand nineteen and H L draft lottery. The first overall selection in the two thousand nineteen NHL draft belongs to the New Jersey Devils that leaves ratio Elliott Friedman general manager of the New Jersey Devils gracious after his big win number of media responsibilities. He had to attend to park some time for the thirty one. Podcast ratio a few moments after the New Jersey Devils won the lottery first overall. Well, this is a treat. Please welcome to the pike cast ratio. The general manager of the New Jersey Devils who will select first overall this year, the NHL draft half ask is it a lucky tie lucky pair of socks and he type of ritual or is it Taylor hall? What was the charm this time Ray, honestly, two things. Well, last time two years ago when we went went from five to one and then when I got interviewed right after tonight by Catherine Tappin hosted and she asked that question any like superstitions ties or coins, I'm like, Nope. And I didn't have any except that when I walked in that night, Katherine, and she was wearing a red jacket or something I said, well, maybe that's because she's from jersey, she went to Rutgers from jersey, she's my lucky charm. So he's tired tonight, orange jacket. And but I after when I said, it wasn't the orange jacket has just figure jersey girl was you know, so that was kind of the jersey thing and those superstitions. But it's an incredible thing for our franchise. And as you know, we had our press conference yesterday. And you know, the biggest need for the devils. I said was was more talent. And this certainly is a goes a long way toward the cheating that and plus with three second round picks to third round picks. And so we have ten picks. And anyway, that's that's awesome. And but the lottery have the Rangers up there in Chicago. And that was something that it was for the devils and looking forward to more those it's Hughes lock. He's rated number one in a lot of places and I've seen Jack play a lot. And you know, it's really proud to the USA hockey guy guess into see that the growth Nye game. And Jack, I've known his father for a long time. Jimmy, and and again, I know proclamations, but I think. I said that the chance to draft someone Jackie is fantastic. And now we have that chance, and we'll see and this is the first year that obviously the draft lottery has been moved up right after the season before it was much later after the eighteenth and so forth. So I think is a great thing. And I know so many tax mention calls already gotten and. I mean, there's cows are obviously so excited, and it's a great thing. And we'll see what happens in June. But as I say, yes, I'll say the the chance to draft someone like Jack is is fantastic franchise. And there's some great players in at the top. And as always say, there's there's a hall of fame player in the draft everywhere. That's not going to be the first round there'll be some there. But we some of the six hundred always happens, and that's up to our scouts, the find it, and but again, great for us and the ability of slacked, I for us and get this going again when the camera pans you, and you were introduced you're laughing at something it was it was Luc Robitaille next to me because they show Ken, Holland for some reason, I look at it. Kenny was said something about Kenny. And then I started laughing, and then came onto me, I'm laughing, and I look they Kenny and also it goes the Lucan he's just straight face. And he's the one the crack jokes, and I was laughing, and it was it's it's. Move back. And if you do you do and you'll see a team like Colorado from one to four twice now. But seeing what Colorado's done, and they got a great player in car coming and Josie when Lieven to go to a playoff game during great shape, they're going to be right player. And what's it start getting down there? And so on jumps up that that high and we're picking third. That's when you really started getting nervous. And that's what I think it was standing we're up there when he we're standing there waiting, and he is holy cow. It wasn't till that nervous in Jeff Gordon. Same like holy cow. They like, you know, you're kind of preparing yourself for not that. But when those get closer, you get pretty nervous, I can recall in two thousand seventeen having a conversation with you. And you talked about a certain point in the season. You said to yourself una need to get my eyeballs on some of these kids, I need to get out there and see them was there a point this year. We said yourself it's important for me to be on the road in the ring seeing these kids that I did it was it was posted line trade deadline. That I did that again. And I'll it does. It's very helpful to. I'd say just as I said the teens this being before that the tournament because I don't know Kako is going to be there the world champions instead. But. For every team, you know, knowing what do you have in the first round. But seeing those kids there, I think it's really good. And then, you know, the world champs at, but it's really helpful to have it earlier. It is good. It's after the deadline to get out the road and podcast amateur scout. And it's a bunch of games. It was it was really good in the reconnecting just on the images ampler scouts from our team. But from different teams and see these players, you know, but once you start picking him and over on your scouts. You're in trouble. But it was nice to get out there and see it, you know, last year was actually better because I didn't have the opportunity to do that because we were fighting for a playoff spot made it so that was better. It's been a quite a week for you ready contract extension. And now the number one pick and the natural draft. Congratulations. Thank you very much, Elliot. I appreciate that. And Josh David Blitzer, our managing partners and very thankful. What they've when they hired me and certainly faith in what we're doing. And so that was good. And I'm glad they actually announced yesterday because we don't want a lottery. On that'd be. Tiny might have been good. Yes. On the way the lottery is you? We were planning our last game and in Florida, and we played actually played. It was great to see Carolina Jala game on Thursday and Carolina. They made the plus three to one empty net was a game and see that crowd again. And I they made us no nine Pittsburgh, let me finals and for Dell. And and then you go to Florida and that tornado really competitive teams two teams that were out to nothing three one. They came back and tied it and it can't help read. Well, if we do this, and he does that. That's not the way it works. I mean, your players wanna win and they tied at three three though. And then they shot the puck over the glass with twenty seconds left. And we went on a power plant one and that lower chances. But I think the way it turned out we would have been too. And if we had been to then we wouldn't have one you know, what I mean? So anybody says that? Three to move down right to five. So so we won the game away. Guys played hard. It was great to see. And and we got the number one pick. So the whole idea players or teams like you can't control it. And this is how it goes. And as they say it's going to be what it's going to be. And I'm glad it was what it was. Well, Ray you've got more media. Do congratulations. Great work for you. And you know, the Yankees when they were dominant. They had a system starter went seven innings, and then Mary Rivera came in the last two, so Andy Pettitte ratio. Thank you very much for going. The first seven I'm gonna turn it over to Hugh ever the team president for the last two. For rain. Thanks very much. Congratulations. So we're gonna continue the interview with whoever the president of devils in your in the room. So you're not allowed to have a cellphone, right? No. So it's like it was my first time at the NHL doing this back of house experience for the lottery, and I tell you it's more like jury duty than it is, you know. Fancy stuff that rig to do sitting on stage and getting kind of all the fancy stuff. But so, yeah, they take your cell phone. They put it in an envelope. As if it's like toxic or something they put it in a drawer, and then you sit in a room with a bunch of accounts. They draw the balls up. They literally hand you a sheet with a thousand number combinations on it of which you can't keep track. So it's not like, bingo, and they read off or numbers that I had no clue what they were. They said what's the New Jersey Devils combination? So they actually went I and so at that point, you know, it's kind of like what everyone's getting Christmas. Can't tell them, you know. So you're just you're stuck in this room and you're super excited, but you don't wanna be too excited because you got your peers around you who are do. Handy for chill. Yeah. So it was really cool experience. But a great day for the franchise as you mentioned. It's a wonderful day for the New Jersey Devils wonderful day for you wonderful day for a wonderful day for everyone in the organization. Who's texted you so far? Oh my God. There any surprises. There are surprises. Long-lost aunts and uncles never wanted. No. I mean, it's like this is what's great about these types of events as they transcend, just the sport there, you know, newsworthy beyond anything else. So yeah, it's gonna be a fun night organizations work super hard. As Ray said, our coaching staff are scouts even our ticket sellers. We've had people I've been texting twenty prepare for tomorrow for what we think is going to be a lot of excitement with our fan base. So busy night and good night. Right. Kind of busy. You want your organization for sure? So this is the second time three years, you're gonna have the number one pick your focused, obviously business. What does winning the lottery do for the business of NHL team for those teams that are not fortunate to make the playoffs which are really the narrative you're trying to get across your fan base. Is that you've got a plan that you got hope? Right. So they actually is a reason that we're doing what we're doing. So it was important yesterday. When. We did our press Ville ability that we raise extension that. This was not a fluke that we took a step back or we're disappointed in the year. And that we're going to change course, it was important that even with during the mid year when the season wasn't necessarily going as planned that we extended John Heinz. We have a plan. We know we're sticking to it a lot of work and diligence around it and yet it's hard for our fans tangibly to see that. Right. They say, okay, great. You know, raise here. John's here, we we like them too. But what are you guys going to do? Are you gonna spend it free agency? You're going you're going to build to the draft. How you doing it? And so this is just a real more tangible way that are fans go holy heck. And so my Twitter account everything else is blowing up. So it's obviously, you know, something they feel really emotional about. And our fans deserve it. Kennedy. Does this make it easier? You mention the offseason and free agency. When you have a first overall pick as Elliot mentioned Nico shirk couple years ago. And now we all suspect it'll be Jack use is that make it easier. Do you think for a to go shopping in the off season? So I think what we talked about over the long term. It's been building assets that Ray can can go out and build a team. So we know that you have to do it in the right order. Josh Harrison, David butcher have been very explicit with Ray, which was like we'll spend you just tell us when and how and what we need to do. The fact was is that when they took over four years ago, you know, what we had in our system necessarily didn't fit what we wanted to be future. So to actually walk through our entire every player over the last four years and look at what he's done to change is one thing. But to do it off the ice as well. Raise got about eighty five people on staff, and I would say ninety five percent of Merle been there since he's been there. So there's been a lot of investment analytics. Sports science. You know, scouting doubling the staff all that stuff is really critically important, but Ray has been really diligent saying, listen when the time is right. We'll go find those free agents. We've seen him do it in the trade, you know market. And I think what he's going into this draft is, you know, he's got ten picks in a really solid draft. He's got the number one pick. He's a smart guy. He's he likes optionality. And so I think that this is again an important summer for us. But I think it's one that's building upon things. We've already done how long were you in that room? After you knew you had the pick took an hour and a half felt like about six days. I wanted to shout. It was like before the show even started on air. We were already done. And so they're nice enough to provide some snacks and some things. But yeah, it's brutal described the conversations. Staring. The most daggers. It's funny because there's everyone is appreciative of the fact that they're not going to, you know, steal your joy. But but at the same time, I don't on the other side as well. We all have where you're expecting hoping that you'll get at least what you're you've been granted by the draft water, but doesn't always fall that way. So it's nice. When it does doesn't again like Elliott mentioned and through the New Jersey Devils organization congrats to you Ray look forward to June in Vancouver as you do as well. We'll see in a couple of months, congratulations. Thanks very much. There's no way like Rivera. There's no way Ray. Thank you my job. Terminator. Well. Okay. That was great and nice closer reference there. Well, then Elliott Friedman wanna thank all of our guests dropping by today. Del talent GM with the Florida Panthers. Jim Benning GM of the Vancouver Canucks. Chase in Bochum seem of the Buffalo Sabres ratio. Congratulations. Again, New Jersey general manager of the New Jersey Devils and devils presidents, Hugh Weber. We will leave you with on by the way, thanks for sticking. If you're hearing me right now, thanks for sticking with us. This was wrong podcast this. When was a marathon, we knew it'd be big and all these gems were very gracious with their time. And right now as we close off what time is it animal? It is nine thirty five eastern. We've been here Elliott, and I had to do the preview show. We got here around ten o'clock this morning. It's been a long day. We have earned our pillows tonight. We hope you've enjoyed this podcast. We will leave you with a Leaf's fan from Halifax who's based in Montreal producer, dead horse beets, aka Patrick way. Is set to release his LP England Tara at the end of me. Here's a dead horse speeds with the single from that LP. Please. Joan.

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