Isaiah Simmons To Redskins?


You want it you need it. It's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show. Now here's Kevin. You're listening to the sports big. Samis here by phone errands with me. In studio we are more than six feet apart as we continue to practice. Very good social distancing. We're here. We are essential I can't believe Tommy. Nobody's ever referred to you me or Erin as essential. But we're media members were broadcasters and course there's no sort of differentiation between a news broadcaster and a sports broadcaster in these times. So I you know I got a letter. Basically says if you need to show anybody that you're essential here's the letter that describes your essential nece. But you know what in all seriousness? I will in in being serious. We are considered as media people to be essential even though really what we're doing is essential to anything But I am really actually glad to be working. I don't I think I'd be going nuts if I didn't have. You know the three hour radio show and then this podcast and the conversations we have I mean just how. How many times can you sit down to watch tiger king? You've watched it didn't you you you you It was so exciting to hear that you've been watching it. 'cause we're going to get to that in a moment but I'm glad to be working. I don't know about you you know I've got I. I always say I remembered that Don King when he went to jail for eating guy to death And he spent five years in prison before he got the governor to give them apart and get him out. He always said don't do time. Let time work for you and I Have A. I've always said I would adopt that philosophy if ever had to do serious time and this is time basically what I'm doing time here In an apartment ALP Frederick so I talked her my day casually but structured. And I've got that. I got a hand on this thing. So I'm okay I mean you know I I I sleep. Wake up by two little reiten. You know I watch a little law and order you know long. I do some more writing. I do some exercising. You know that I do some reading and I I focus cigar have some dinner and watch some TV and hey all of a sudden bedtime. No so I I let yesterday it got also not a whack because You know I sent life really wanted to go for a walk. I said okay. We'll go for short walk. so What turned out to? What's supposed to be short? Walk turned out almost three mile and I wasn't really ready for that and it kind of screwed up my whole a whole day out of whack so I'm back to normal now today. Were you concerned about the walk out in the park with Nobody around and what's interesting as soon as we as we were ending the walk ranger came up to us and said we're closing the park for good today well for thirty days today. Eight o'clock tonight. So but we didn't really encounter anyone we encountered was like you know ten twelve twenty feet apart And it wasn't my day you know I mean I have my days mapped out and I'm happy with them. That's good. I'd be happy area. I was working more but I'm not. I got this thing on control. I think you may be one of those people and by the way. I'm not suggesting that I'm not. I have to think about it actually to answer the following. Are you enjoying social distancing more than you thought you know I I grew up one of two kids in a family. My sister was eight years older than me so we weren't really close. I mean she was like another mother and And so I've always kind of abused myself so to speak. You know I've always been able to say you know if there's nobody around talk to nobody around the hang out with I'm fine you know Taking care of myself now. That doesn't mean I. I don't like people I love hanging out with people. One of the things I met is going to sporting events and seeing people go into shelly back room having a cigar and a beer and hanging out with with with them. Those my friends there. I like that I get energy off of people but I'm perfectly fine on my own For so so so so different thing. It's not something that I it sounds good accurate. It's not something I would crave. I think that there are a lot of people that actually would say. You know what this is okay with me. You know I I'm not I'm not oak. No I I. It's not that I am so social that this is really thrown me off. Because that's not the case. I'm probably more antisocial than social but I'm not antisocial either And I miss being able to do things the way we did them. I mean I've also and I've told you I've got. I've got a lot of people in the house. You know I mean probably too many to be honest with you but It's it's what we're doing right now and you know my wife and I feel much better with the three boys home Then than not being home and and there's you know there's nothing to do in College Park or State College. Nothing's open in those places you know in my oldest is working from home anyway But you know it's it's confined like I found myself yesterday. Basically saying after the PODCAST was over. I'm I'm hanging out here in the in the studio because I can get more done here and by the way it's quiet Then at home but there was this video that was circulating last week and I may have talked about it and I want to play it here because of corona virus. You were going to be quarantined. But you have a choice. Do you a quarantine with your wife and child all be. You gotTa See guy too. Because it's so deadpan. Didn't even think about it in. There's Bombay I think a lot of people are in that position too. I mean God bless us in in our families and being able to be with families. But you know after a while. It's like It's it's time for this thing then but it's not gonNA end anytime soon. You know now now I mean you got a bigger much bigger challenge than I do. Well I I I honestly Tommy. I honestly don't consider it a challenge. I had a conversation with Cooley the other night. And he's telling me he's got two young kids you know five and to the those people with young kids right now. Have the biggest challenge. I mean my kids are adults basically. I mean th that's easy. They're off doing their own thing. They're working or they're watching. Tv or they're on their Yeah I don't have to entertain anybody You know have to feed everybody But I don't have to entertain anybody if your home with kids that are young and would have been in school and that is. That's a challenge. I feel for those people you know. My wife and I had an argument about kids. We don't even have any or the other day Not An argument to be I said that if we have little kids I'll cable. Bill would be five hundred dollars a month right now. Yeah right now. Oh no we rent movies all the time she said No. I wouldn't allow that. I said Oh that's talk you know now You know they five when you're having to play with them every day You you'd be reading every Disney movie that you could find. So I mean that's my contention. My cable bill would be through the roof. I think I think everybody's Experiencing that before we get to tiger king which. I finished up late last night. I was just as you were talking. I was just thinking about you. Know what everybody's going through right now and because really. This is unprecedented for our lifetimes. I mean you lived through Kennedy being shot and nine eleven. Those are the two right. The two biggest events news events impactful events of your life for me. It's nine eleven. You know this is nothing like nine eleven. Within a week they were playing sports again. People were back at work. Sure people were concerned and they were worried in it. Impacted definitely airline travel for awhile and the way we traveled. It certainly had a permanent impact but this is completely different. This is the whole world. In every single person's normal life has been turned upside down and I was thinking about what permanent changes will come out of this. You know we already have this sense right that handshakes in greetings among people. And you know that will change moving forward. I I don't know if we get back to handshakes and hugs and everything once we get a vaccine once we get treatment for this thing and we just say you know what it's going to be another hundred years before something like this happens. We're going to be fine. You know maybe it does. But don't you think there will be permanent things that come at us the the lifestyle changes or not absolutely? I tell you what I think. No matter why You'll see a lot more mass all the time. He for wearing masks for years to come like they do in Asia You know as as a way of life that then you do now not not not the majority. But you'll see more of that. You'll see more people wearing masks even when this thing is over on an everyday basis when they go out. Yeah you're probably right because it does happen in Asia a lot more and by the way I haven't put a mask on once I don't own a mask. There aren't any to be had right now and you know base unless. I'm wrong about this Erin. This suggestion still is if you don't have symptoms. You shouldn't be wearing a mask correct. I don't know the CDC's is about to come out with guidelines. Says everybody swear mask when they go out okay? So we're we're GONNA get masks. We're GONNA ninety five masks. Well not not those. I mean you have You gotTa have a seamstress in your family who can make them. That would be a problem in our family. But yeah I mean I mean basically the MAC which I have one not not a typical one not at the tech one. You've got the faked that goes with it right. That's part of what you guys like. Yeah and I wore out yesterday because I mean you can't deny does not. It gives you some sense of protection for particular when it comes to droplets better that are out there in the air so the CDC is about to issue forty two a new guideline that says they should be worn all the time when you go out. I've heard and read now that a lot of you know. Er doctors doctors in general. Just say if you just stop touching your face you're way ahead of the ballgame that we touch our face so many times during the course of the day and you know even if people are practicing the handwashing and that it's it's about you know touching your face big deal so I am definitely concentrating on not touching my face But back to just the permanent changes like just things like that may have been already well on their way to being part of sort of things that were normal. I mean more and more people were working from home and teleworking and all of that that that that was a change that it's been in you know may get accelerated but we've been seeing that more and more over the last ten fifteen years anyway. I WANNA point out that the trump administration was trying to cut it back. I know that SIP. It sailed the You know distal. Obviously you know learning. You know large gatherings in campuses in high schools. I mean we may end up with more distance. Learning which you know we're GONNA end up potentially with more telemedicine you know a lot of that Hell I mean some people believe we're GONNA end up with a lot more religion. Even there aren't large gatherings at this. Get people back to you. Know Faith But you know I don't know. Part of me thinks six months from now the vaccine the treatments are in place. And we're right back to where we were. I think large garage for sporting events initially are going to be impacted by I think. Let's just say six months from now we're in the middle of NFL season right. You know. It's September October and their treatments. That are working in. There is a vaccine. That's about to come out. And people are less concerned about this corona virus in and and getting seriously ill. I still think that live sporting events are gonna be massively impacted early on I mean why would you take the risk of going to a you know a ninety thousand seat stadium when the Games on? Tv Well I mean okay. Let's say they start up at NFL football And and this is a downturn. You know from the downside. It's still a very contagious disease. What happens if one player has positive and an accident down the league again again. If you've got the treatments in place then it's just. Isn't it very much considered even though it super contagious? So are you know I mean would you? I don't know I don't think so. Not If you had treatments to to tend to the sick you know if you've got medication that ensures that you can't get seriously ill then it's a whole different ballgame isn't it. I don't think there's any there is no medication. I'm saying that if there is. I'm just saying that if we get to that point in there is if there isn't any more in the same position where now yeah I mean I think I think it's going to be a problem holding sports events for the next until you get a vaccine? Which is at the best early next year? So are you. Cancel the tournament before anybody else dinner. You cancelling the NFL season. I'm not willing. I mean again I had it sense. That smart people knew that this was going to be worse than than most people but now everybody is again so. I. I'm not GonNa make that leap that point if you asked me for an educated guess. I think there's a I think I don't think we'll see life on the events this year the year. Yeah I mean I. I hope you're wrong. Obviously wrong but I I wouldn't. I wouldn't bet that you're wrong I I think it's a it's like what we've said all along we. Just we don't know The problem of course is just the potential head fake with a seasonal Lessening of the spread and the big concern that come fall and winter. It's coming back again. And hopefully at that point we do have treatments that work and we you know we're getting closer to making the vaccine widely available. The treatments are crucial. Because you know if you've got drugs that can actually take a seriously ill person who's in at major risk And turning their situation around with with with you know meds that's huge. We don't have that right now. I know that people have talked up. Including the president you know the hydrochloric wine You know combined with the antibiotic but and I know that Dr Phil. She talks all the time about another sixty seventy drugs. That are being. You know trial right now Hopefully they can come up with. Yeah you'VE GOT CORONA VIRUS. We gotta put you on the Z pack in the hydrochloric kind for Five days you'll great at the end of five days. Hopefully it's something like that. I share helps me too. I mean 'cause that's that's what they do flow for the most part yeah. I know people from the flu. I tell you what I bet you get a flu shot after I think next year. I'll get a flu shot. Definitely yeah I think I think you at a lot of other people. I I will definitely get the vaccine for the corona virus. When it comes out I mean. What was the last time you had? No this. Was it. Polio what was the last vaccine that the whole world was waiting breathlessly for it to be developed and and a widely available to people. Was it polio polio? The scare for polio happened before I was born right before I was born From what I gather I mean you know people were. It was something that that people were frightened with. You know when they went to sleep at night that their kids would wake up and not be able to move their legs. Which was you know? One or two big symptoms of of of polio and It had thrown the country into a crisis so everyone waited for what turned out to be Jonas Salk. Actually there were two vaccines. One was a vaccine. One was oil Okay at one and I think it didn't even need another guy he other which one did Jonas Salkin invent? I don't remember which one was which but I remember getting the vaccine is cool and then also getting what amounted to a super team. I remember the sugar cube when I was at elementary school and I was super young. I remember the sugar cube. Yeah so But yeah you gotta go back to polio to the kind of fright. I think that has spread through this country because if you think the person that comes up with the vaccine will become as famous as Jonas Salk. Well I think the person that comes up with a vaccine will be donald trump. Yeah I'll tell you what he will certainly take credit for it Anyway so you watch tiger king yes I did when did you? When did you finish it? I finished that Sunday night okay. We watched it sat. We started watching this Saturday. We finish Sunday night. I finished it last night. I watched the first five episodes over the weekend. I watched episodes six and seven last night. Aaron and I talked about the first five You know he didn't spoil it for me. I'm but we'll talk about it. Start to finish. I'll let you have at at first. But let me just give you my headline from the final two episodes. I found the final two episodes to be Really uneventful for the most part in disappointing. I thought it would. They were very slow. Compared to the first five episodes. I could not wait to watch Tommy after watching the first five. I couldn't wait to get to the last two last night which I finally got to and I was largely sort of disappointed. I thought they were very slow. But with that said overall tiger king for me gets at least you know at least in a minus no worse than that. It was crazy but go ahead. It was it was the kind of thing where I said to myself. God I wish this is a story I would have written. That's measure for me when I look at something else that's done. It said while this this story was out there waiting to be done. You know if we're paying attention and what a great story it turned out to be and I like the endings the last two episodes. Because that's when that's when at least A semi reality. Some truth came into play like what actually happens. Cities People You know when when this thing comes to a conclusion so I like the I like knowing you know what what the end result was going to be for Jill exotic and Carol and Uh Rick and kill the guy who had the hair of women doc doc and and And so I like. I like fat in the sense that You got an I. It was the conclusion of the story. Now the story is still going on. That's part of it. Is that this like we don't know I mean. Do we know Erin has jeff flow been indicted on anything at this point. Not that I know of okay. What wh- What we do know that. Carroll's second husband poor done who is still missing as far as I know And there was no sort of. And maybe they'll never have a a definitive conclusion to that even though everybody's convinced after watching that that she very likely was involved and maybe fed him to one of the Tigers I jeff was. Jeff was a bad dude man he was. He definitely participated in the plot to kill Carol and set Joe Up. I mean it Joe was td. I asked Aaron yesterday. Who Your number one seed? Wacko on the show US And I guess we both sort of ended up landing on Joe. I I don't get Joe neces- so you didn't right you thought it was I thought it might be Jeffer- even Carol I. Carol was a little more of a Wacko than Joe yet. Not as not as outlandishly Wacko I mean Rick Kirkum the the the the the reality show director. I loved his character. I mean we say characters. This was this was not fiction. The story like he was really an interesting dude. Obviously Joe is interesting. Dr Ansell we really got very little of documental in the final few episodes we we saw in the fine print at the end of the show. That he's he's zoo was rated but was it shut down. Was He shut down? I don't believe so now down. And he has come out and said the reason it was rated was for a couple of things unrelated to anything that came up in the so You know everyone's looking for cover now. At this point there was a story. I read Quoting everybody like Carol You know he was adamant about the House. He was MIS portrayed. He was portrayed poorly in this show and her evidence that she didn't kill her husband is Al Meek Greider on on the on the properties a lot smaller than the meat grinder these shows on TV. That was her evidence that she didn't kill her that during the show. Yeah so So I mean look I think I think though with the craziest character I don't think it's even close as anyone anyone. He ran for president and governor. He ran for President Governor. And and put Al on them as campaign promote your jet. I was not. Jeff was not happy about the Hispanics of the condoms How about by the whole thing is just a group of incredibly entertaining wildly you know. W. T. Wackos all of who whom do unseemly stuff. The only normal person and I said this Aaron yesterday was the campaign manager who worked at Walmart and sold ammunition in the gun depart but in that last episode when Jeff's wife is about to pop out a child and I says once once once that child's born she's GonNa Start working out. It's going to get into the gym and meantime the he says yes to the nanny but he gets to pick the nanny outs and and he picks out like this hottest. You know twenty five year old. I mean what a scumbag his wife's pregnant and he's picking out the hottest nanny and telling her once she has the baby is GonNa have to work down. This guy is so super low rent in by the way Joe's got him figured out he's a total con artist and by the way not a very good one but consider the crowd that he was conning. You know wasn't too tough. There's a lot of guys like jeff out there. I've I've written about guys like Jeff out there I wrote about a guy A big expose I did on a mob related guy named Tony Limo back in the ninety who was basically a con artist. Who BASICALLY CON everybody everywhere? He went And and live like death like with a Las Vegas. You know mansion that was you know says something. He rented get created the illusion of with influence and money. It's amazing how how many people out there are able to do that. And how many people fall for it because let's face it like. Wc fields said. You can't see it an honest man right. So this guy's Tony Limo He basically almost convinced. Beat the chairman of the cell the airlines and he had nothing he met with this guy. He's convinced fee not Lorenza son to give him money for a movie that never existed He took he robbed the Guy. Out in western Maryland. Who owned a small airline call Cumberland Airlines to basically You know give him the airlines. That he was going to buy it and he didn't have any money. Rob The guy of his airline's everywhere he went. This is what he either when he was a prisoner. He's at a Supreme Court case a historic Supreme Court case because he convinced that inmate in prison to confess to a crime and it became basically a landmark case in a supreme court. This guy everything he did was a con. It was his name and he was so good at it. You know like that and he lives like this guy ripped it. You didn't have any money but he lives like he did. Yes so he convince people and this Guy Tony Llama once. He was in prison in Baltimore and I had written about them a lot and he called me from President threatens seriously. Oh my God you tell me about that. So he called me from prison which which Khan was in prison for You know He's I think this was the Cumberland Airlines Con I'm not sure there were so many of them. and He basically calls me. I'm at the Baltimore Sun Newsroom Collect call from Baltimore City jail So I take the call and He tells me how difficult I'm making his life. Because get this issue. He was supposed to be protective custody. Because I forgot to mention out of all this. He was a federal informant so he was in the witness protection program while he was conning everybody so he was protected by the government with a lot of these concepts so they couldn't protect him anymore so He's in jail and they want to put him in protective custody because he was a federal witness for a lot of things for. He doesn't wanted to that because he wants to send pop so he can get something on somebody. So he can negotiate his way out you know. He wants to pick up some intelligence and convince some poor slob in there but basically give them some crime that he did so he can ride them out you know. So he's he calls he says look. I'm in. I'm in central population. You're writing these stories. You're making my life difficult if I get out of here. I'm GonNa make your life more than difficult. He says seventy and you know I said to myself. You're in prison buddy going anywhere. Oh come on you you had. You had to be when you got that. Call a little bit concerned. He's imprisoned but it doesn't mean that he can't have it doesn't mean that he can't have somebody outside prison. Come take care of you. I knew everything about the guy at that point. I knew he was more talk than anything. I knew The mob guys up in New York thought he was a joke So I knew he was more talk. I was saying it was talked. He never did anything. Anybody in terms of fiscal thing. That would that we know. He was never accused tobacco or anything like that. So I mean I I wanted that worried about it and I knew what his motivation was. He was just worried with the stories in the paper that somebody inside people inside would be wary of talking to them so and nothing ever happened. After that funny federal he was a federal federal witness that probably required protection yet. He wanted to be in the general population. Where you could get wacked. No not wh where. He could get wacked but he also get information. You're saying yeah 'cause 'cause you know he was fairly it that said he thought he could talk way out of anything. Here's the story getting ill. I just found your story on the inter- Internet from June twenty-fourth Nineteen ninety-one. Tom Lavera the Baltimore Sun. This is awesome. The headline the headline is Oh God. I've got an AD blocking the headline. Sorry something a I've got A. I've got a Heinz ketchup AD blocking and there's no X. to close the ad out it's driving me crazy. The Baltimore Sun's a pay site so you might not be able to get on. Oh I wrote here I can read. Let me read this story. The first paragraph the day in court for Anthony Savonarola was his name. That's his real name of the former organized. Crime Enforcer an FBI informant accused of swindling western Maryland. Commuter airline has come and gone with no trial no reason for postponement and no new date. The prosecutor isn't saying why the case scheduled for June tenth was postponed. I don't know said Ethan Bauman Assistant. Us Attorney his bosses and saying why was postponed But you've got in here as I scroll down. This is the Guy Right. Yes that's the guy. Now that's one of the story that followed I wrote this big expose about one hundred inches long A couple of months before you know detailing everything he had done That's the story that were Michael Frenz Frenzy. See a young powerful member of the Colombo family. Who An interesting story in itself because my plans easy was the son of a real nasty mob. Boss named subway fancies but went to jail. But Michael Franchisees is one of the few boxes that actually left the mob and basically has gone on to be a normal life and it's a real religious guy now and he's been interviewed on. I know exactly who he is. I just pulled them picture. I've seen many times. Probably a lot of sports shows about basketball fixing acceptable. I WANNA say Tommy. That he may have been part of that thing with Henry Hill in the in the Boston College thing and my right about that or not. Yeah I think he was But he used to be a mob boss And he wanted a few guys. That won't always walked away from it and had a semi normal life and lived to tell about it. Yeah I've definitely seen this guy. I'm but your story. Your story breaks down. Hold on here. Let me just His I love this stuff. the Mister Sarah Volare Tony. Limo Aka Tony Limo Right. That was his nickname. You don't write that okay. The federal indictment in Baltimore involving Cumberland Airlines charges that Mr Cerebral Tony. Limo thirty six years old under his alias. Anthony Steel so he. He had another aliases. Well purchased Cumberland Airlines in February. Nineteen Ninety from the owner. Alfred Nicholson using fraudulent financial documents. He wired Mr Nicholson financial documents. Showing that the shareholder's equity in coastal Maine was worth more than forty three million dollars in the company's total assets were fifty six million Mister several promised to pay fifty thousand dollars to shareholders in Cumberland Airlines along with two hundred and fifty thousand shares of coastal main stock. Mr Nicholson said. He was told that the stock was worth about four dollars a share at the time but ultimately and I'll just fast forward to it. His basically coastal Maine didn't even exist and was worth nothing. So he he. He basically bought an airline with stock and a promise to pay shareholders in stock and cash from a company. That really didn't in exists. The the indictment says the coastal main stock was totally worthless And then he depleted most of Cumberland Airlines assets by traveling around the country at the company's expense the play the planes were later repossessed by Mercantile Bank. That's pretty hysterical. You a whole store. Sometimes you make story. How Am this ad? Can't I find the little x? Here to to give you the headline it's not. I don't know this Aaron. Stay away from me. We're not getting close to the air. Wants to come over and help and I don't want him anywhere near me. God knows where he's been All right well. That was a good story. That was a good story. I don't know how we got to it. From Tiger King but overall tiger king was certainly worth you know this corona virus shutdown quarantine. Hunkering down situation you know. Basically you know seven episodes forty minutes an episode. So you know we're talking about whatever you know somewhere in the neighborhood six our commitment. Your time Ain't worth much these days so it's worth your time exactly okay and so what? I'm look I'm usually not the Kinda guy that likes to watch the show that everyone is watching. I like to be the guy in front of that parade. Not One of the last guys on that parade and and So normally I wouldn't watch this show. I Tiger King. 'cause I late to it and everybody's saying you watch it and that's usually a turn off for me. Jimmy an example. Well I've never seen titanic. Well that's just ridiculous. I have never seen titanic because by the time I was interested everybody at seen it and I said I'm not going to see everybody seat. It you know you can't get a real sense of how good it is because everybody says it's it's it's good and nothing sack good. So so I've I've never seen Tadic that gives you an idea of how so But I I mean tiger. You've missed lung because you've you've missed a lot then over the course of your lifetime because let me clue in something you usually. Aren't I to the party on a lot of things I would I at a party on the Sopranos? The wire actually you know the one. I have several sort of programming major whiff. Sir Mrs at this point. The wire being the biggest. And you've been you know convincing me to widener trying to convince me to watch a wire for years and it's not that I haven't wanted to watch it and I know that you've got a cameo in the wire and I tell every single one of my friends over many years that will say you haven't watched the wire and they'll be like no and I and I'll always say dino who's in the wire no who I'm like Tommy's in it who Tommy Vero Lavar Zenit easy makes a cameo and so they go back and look for it but Yeah I have not watched the wire you did you definitely the one you and Scott probably definitely got me on breaking bad and I was late to it but I absolutely You know needed to watch it to me. That's to me. Game of thrones and breaking bad or one to in some particular order and I love the Sopranos and by the way. I've got one of my sons watching the Sopranos Right now after me. You know telling him he's got to watch it he he's never watched before he loves it But those would be the show's for me but I my sense is if I ever sat down and watched the wire that the wire would be right there too. Yeah I think you know you just mentioned another example. Game of thrones. I give a urine idiot. I've ever wanted you're totally did. I don't have a costume. Yeah you can help you and Scott the two of you and my friend Ted. Who Texted me after listening to say this yesterday because it is? It's very like what I like. I said to those that looked at tiger king and said I don't WanNa Watch that show. It's like no no no. Just forget the animals in the the you know the the crazy Wacko hillbillies rednecks in the show. I trust me on this. You're GONNA love it. And that's the thing about game of thrones like it's not fantasy it's a character show and you and Scott right forever said about watching a show with dragons and white walkers gonNA play dress up. Well that's not the show and if you ever just took our took everybody's advice and watched it you would come back as Scott would and say man. You know what I really I was wrong. You you guys were one hundred percent right. You would say that are you. Are you and your kids find dungeons and dragons yet? No we're not Tommy and that's not the that's not the comparable it's not right away. Yeah I you're an Ozark guy right so I I you know clout now. I've only watched the first episode of the season. One of heat in three okay. Well I haven't gotten to season three. I watched season one literally days after it came out and I told everybody to watch Ozark that it was the best new and then we had to wait nearly a year and a half for season. Two and I've watched like half of season two so I'm GONNA go back and watch it. I loved ozark season. One and I'll I'll catch up with that. I know it's great. Yeah it is. It's absolutely absolutely fabulous. I am in the middle watching better call Saul which comes down and watch the rest of that too. Yeah it's pretty good. God Man Look at all the shows I mean on Ozark though based on your You Know Your Philosophy. Everybody keeps saying how great ozark season three is. Maybe I'm just not going to watch it then. Even though I'm I was on ozark season one before a lot of my friends and convince them I at. It's a self defeating a lot stupid. I yeah it really is. You're depriving yourself based on what it's stupid. So Jimmy Favor Get Liz in one of the next you know thirty days and carve out two and a half hours or three hours or however long it is. It's a long movie and watch. Titanic you'll like it. You'll really like it all right. Were my pillow back. That Guy Buddy. Well I'm not gonNA say anything because who knows. Maybe my pillow will be a future advertiser on the show but I actually tried my pillow at one point and Anyway who it was. It didn't solve the problem that I was looking forward to solve. I'll just say it that way But maybe I didn't try enough pillows. Maybe I tried the wrong one pillow instead of my no. I did try a my pillow dot com pillow. That's what I'm saying. I actually was convinced by somebody because I was having migraines. And they're like you could be the pillow and so I was convinced to and this was the pillow that was suggested from my pillow dot com. And I got it and it really didn't solve the issue at all but I could have just you know ordered the wrong pillow But man you know He I I don't I don't know that. He surprised a lot of people with his discussion yesterday with the president. A lot of people said that this certainly thought that that sort of what he what he was like that was. I just I just belched by the way you miss that Tommy used to Tommy used to you on show one in for one in particular and you would not. You wouldn't admit it you were so weak it's like it's you BURP. Who Cares? You know I know that. Sound Bite on my well. Yeah mark turned it into a dropped. Remember Yeah Yeah Yeah absolutely yet did and you think you you hear everything everything any any little knee little brackets any little murmur. You hear everything you've called me on it right on the air you call you instead. It's the go you said. Did you spell. I said yes I I think we have it. I said did you just was that a BURP. Did you just burp on the air? And you turn turn beat read and you started laughing and you turn off your mic and pull the way. And I'm like he did in stern went back and played at the. I mean. Look the truth is you know and I say this with all love intended. There were a lot of noises coming you over to our period. Every day we can come up with many more sound drops There were many many days where I just sorta smiled and just kept going where I could call if I called out every odd noise coming out from your side of the studio We would have never gotten in any real content all right So since we last had a show I think did we do. Tommy was on Friday. Did we do all the Trent Williams stuff from? Jfk JFK interview on Friday. I think we did right. We did yeah. Okay so and I've come around the your way of thinking a little bit more in the sense that Trent Williams eighth is an idiot. He's yeah this has been bad representation. Yes he ethan. Idiot I mean really bad representation before we get to some redskins related stuff. I I was going to mention this. You know when sport like they're two things that I was thinking about in terms of. We never know like sports fans. You would say we never know about anything. I disagree with that. I think sometimes fans have you know decent perspective on things and like you know my clock management stuff. Even players have said to me cooler in particular. Do these coaches don't know how to do it. A lot of the people that just play video games no more than they do but anyway that to the side. I was reading something that somebody sent to me on twitter. It came from a Minnesota Vikings beat reporter for Fan sided which is sort of like a bleacher report thing Aaron Right. And he's the Vikings apparently had some interest in Trent Williams. Now they to clear more cap space to make it happen. But they're apparently interested in Trenton. And by the way as an aside Trent Williams more than anybody on those teams with kirk cousins was kirk cousins. Biggest fan he was the one that consistently went public with support for Kirk cousins. When the you know especially in two thousand seventeen when there was discussion of whether or not he would be back in. Trent Williams said we have to have him back? He's our guy. He's a leader. He's our franchise quarterback and so anyway. There's been some discussion about Minnesota potentially being interested in Trent Williams. So this guy's writing about all of the trade possibilities and trade scenario number one is a first rounder. A Fifth Rounder. Minnesota's first round pick which is their first their first of two first round picks number twenty two overall and their fifth round pick for Trent Williams and then trade scenario number two is Anthony Harris. They're very good franchise tagged star safety straight up for Trent Williams and then the third possibility is Riley reiff their starting left tackle and a second round pick and then the fourth one is a second. Ah Fourth and a future fourth and I started to think I'm like you know this is a guy that covers the team you know. And he's in a different market and they're thinking about Trent Williams and what kind of offer. What kind of compensation would be required for Trent Williams? And he's giving you a I in a v a star player you know eight to two seconds into fourths And I'm like this guy. Is he been paying attention? Like nobody's even offered Trent Williams a second yet And I personally would wait for for the second rounder. I wouldn't move him for anything less and it just made me think about one of the things that we sports fans always get wrong in. That is trade compensation how many conversations we have is sports fans where were like well you you know if you traded him you'd easily get a I in a second or you'd get. We have no idea because past. You know precedent setting trades Never really are comparable for whatever reason like every single situation has a unique context and a unique group of people that are doing the evaluating. We never get this right sports fans when it comes to trade value. I think Trent Williams should have brought back a first last year and I said no worse than a combination of his second and third and I think they would have gotten that but right now the redskins say they want a second and this guy in another market with the teen. That's interested is. It isn't even hearing that he's saying automatically. His opinion is well. Maybe we got to give up a I in a fifth. I mean any one of the deals he presented the redskins would take and run with right now and I just think it's one of those things that we never really get right. Sports fans there are a couple of things. I don't think we get right consistently. That's one of them in the other one has to do with Trent Williams position in particular. We never as normal regular hardcore football. Fans Get in evaluate offensive lineman correctly. We have no idea what we're looking at. This is why it's so difficult for offense and I needed to get into all the fame. Because there's no easy way for the average. Joe Even if they're sportswriter quantify The success Compost it up an offensive attack or an offensive guard You know the best you can do is I mean. And because only part of their game house of what the game on their team when they when they were there. But that's only part of the game. It doesn't even take pass protection. This is why typical for a guy like the Kobe. You know to wind up caught in the swiftest over two years whereas other guys offense players with Gaudy statistics or even offensive players with sacks and tackles. You know capacity by this. It's not just a problem for fans. It's a problem for writers values leading an offensive lineman soup. Yeah it's There are a lot of offensive lineman. I just pulled it out. There are a lot of offensive lineman in the hall of fame You know but but your your your larger point about evaluating them you know writers don't know fans don't know it's it's why. I mean obviously the easiest players to to evaluate or the players that end up at the ball in their hands. You know and the leather don't are much harder to evaluate. It's it's often. I believe that a lot of when it comes to football these advanced statistics in advanced evaluations. From you know pro. Football Focus in football. Outsiders are really you know incredibly limited. Because they don't know in football what a specific players responsibility is on a specific play. You know there are lots of times where I remember you know doing the show with cooly. Kuli knew exactly what you know. Trent Williams is responsibilities. Were on given place so he was able to accurately you know sort of evaluate his performance on the play but pro. Football Focus didn't know that. And so if he may if if he turned loose in inside rusher that sacked. The quarterback pro. Football Focus may say well. That's Trent Williams his fault. When in fact his responsibility was to pick up the outside linebacker. Something that you know when it comes to the technical Playing at a position. You know footwork handwork. You know we don't know any of that. Most of us don't let you've really coach the sport or played the sport. I think the same goes actually for defensive backs I think very often we as fans look at corners or safeties in pass coverage coverage and we automatically think when a receiver catches a pass in the general area of the guy that it was his fault. You know and we really don't know what the coverage was. We don't know where he was supposed to be. We don't know that they weren't in zone where he was turning the guy over to somebody else because he was in a certain coverage he was in quarters. And you know he's supposed to say that's exactly what he was supposed to do. Even the weeds fans go. Oh my God I mean you kidding me Quinton Dunbar. Just got beat like a drum or Josh Norman. And sometimes it's not even their fault like the coach would say what are you talking about? He did exactly what he was supposed to do. You know But I think that the you know. The evaluation of those positions in particular are always very difficult. And I think we as fans really miss more often on trade compensation for players in terms of what we think they're worth and what the ultimately you know ends up happening. I it because there's so much to it right there's contract there's Y- cap space. There is the team's evaluation of the player. It's the teams evaluation to the player in their scheme. You know all of that gets factored into it and and usually it's something we don't have any clue about. I still as it relates to Trent Williams. Don't feel any differently than I did yesterday or the day before. I'm not giving him away. There's no way on hell. I'm giving them away for anything less than a second rounder and really top half of the second round second rounder. This guy that writes for the Vikings. I'd take any one of the four deals he presented and I think the red skins would too but again I I for one thing i. I don't know the Guy Vikings from Adam but he may not have even be wanting to eat. Maybe one of these reporters basically is So from but that's on line three who doesn't talk to anybody in the organization not one person Because you're right the redskins with trump at any of those traits It offers if they were me so I don't think they're they're real listed and I don't think you know they come from any kind of credible knowledge. Now there you go. This is what I've always been telling you about what you have been describing is the difference between information and knowledge. You have pro. Football Focus has information what they don't have knowledge. The knowledge of what of a player's responsibility is on a particular play? That's the that's the hard part for fans so let's what this is what. I always argue about pitching decisions in a game that when when a man doesn't take pitcher out or breaks in a certain reliever what you don't have the knowledge of conversations that manager had with everybody that was going into the bullpen that night. And what what? They said they could set what they told the manager they'd be capable of doing and what the manager sit there? Wolf. That's knowledge and it frustrates fans. Because they all want to beat a manager manager and all they have is stabbed more information than they've ever had before which they feel empowered to make declaration but what you described is knowledge. Pool has the knowledge. We don't have that Yeah no doubt you know but back to the trade conversation knowledge and information. I think we would all say that JOE thighs. Men has more knowledge than any of US right. Well in conversation with Joe you know last summer on radio I remember US getting into Trent Williams. Joe I'd trade him and he was not in favor of trading him at the time and he's like well you're not gonNA get anything for him like what are you talking about. And he said well. What do you think you would get for him? And I said I think you could get worse. Cases second and a third. Maybe a first team gets desperate. And he's like you're insane. There's no way they would get anywhere near that. You're talking about a mid round. Pick it best now. I don't know if joe was right or I was right because I think if they did train them and if they put them on the market back then I think they would have gotten something closer to what I was suggesting Joe ultimately might be right. You know as we've waited and they didn't make the right move at the time and now you know. He's got one year left on his deal and he wants all this money and he's you know sat out an entire year and the you know all of that may be true but you know. I think it's it's The trade value thing is really the thing that even the people with knowledge. You know. Get WRONG A lot. I just think it's all look at. What De'andre Hopkins went for? Imagine you know Aaron before the Andre Hopkins Got Traded to Arizona. What people fought De'andre Hopkins was worth by the way people with knowledge and people without knowledge would have never suggested that you could get the Andre Hopkins for For what Arizona paid for him. I mean now part of that. Is that Bill Bill. Brian might be a complete and utter idiot. In terms of of of the trades that he's made me really has made some horrible trades but Hopkins and a fourth round pick to Arizona for David Johnson. And a second round pick. I mean. Come on like there. Such a disconnect between what most people would think and what it ended up being so anyway I don't know That we need to go much further on that I. I just thought that if if if the Minnesota guy had a voice in this we would take all those deals and run with them right now based on what we know. Maplewood stunned about the trade talks that do take place in all sports before general managers. How a guy like Mike Rizzo? We'll get calls on trays for Stephen. Strasburg sure And and and they listen they take them all. You know I mean it. You'd be amazed. People fans would be stunned at the the the amount of the trade conversations that casually take place between general managers and all sports because it never hurts to ask exactly all right so the last thing. I wanted to get to unless you have Other things Is something that I played on the show yesterday from Jason Lockenfora And then I had Clinton portis on the show on the radio show today and he actually repeated what he told me on the podcast. A few weeks back about Isaiah Simmons. I I'm GonNa play for you Tommy and for everybody else again. That didn't hear yesterday. This was Jason Lockenfora from CBS sports. Dot Com. We both like Jason. We both think he's a good reporter. He covered the skins for years at the post And this is what he said about the Redskins and number two overall. I'd say that's a distinct possibility will mostly be tied to the value in trade for that pick and if they're able to auction it off for anything close to say what the Redskins gave up to move up and take. Rg Three Second overall what about seven or eight years ago? That's what it's GonNa come down to is. Do they feel like there is enough opportunities to throw three four five dark at premium positions on that draft board the next couple of years that would allow them to hasten their their rebuild? I know they don't really want to call it that. But but that's what's going on there. And that's what Ron Rivera is looking at the big picture. And saying you know what this kid might be. A generational pass rusher. But we got Montesquieu Ricky Carrigan for another year and they've drafted so many high picks on on front seven players before I got here that would if we could trade down three four five spots. They'll get a blue chip player with generational type upside and have the ability to now. Walk Away with three three additional ones or two additional ones in two additional twos and maybe three that's what it comes down to if they stay too. I think they take the player but I could send you to hear that. They are increasingly open to trading out whether that means somebody trading up for two and all likelihood it would And how far back would they go if they do drop back a few spots? I believe strongly they would target Isaiah Simmons and that's another player who I'm told is super high on their board and they feel like he's such a rotational chess piece. You could put all over the place. They're very intrigued by that possibility if they weren't move down all right so the big part of that is the last part. Which is Jason Lockenfora saying? I continue to hear that. The redskins are increasingly open to trading out meeting trading down if they do trade back a few spots you know. I believe strongly they would target. Isaiah Simmons So that was Jason Lockenfora. Yesterday this was Clinton Portis this morning on my radio show and Clinton said the same thing on the podcast. A few weeks ago But I asked him about what the Redskin should do at number two this in this is what he said. I would take him. But you know I just feel like chase. Yang is is a you know a get to the quarterback guy or maybe of games you something run game. That's amazing You can get to the quarterback which is excellent. So you know he can get to the quarterback. I will send us to get to the quarterback he covering the tightening is disrupted doesn't mind then lumbers so I know what he like. I know he's physically like he's a he's a special He's a beast when it comes to contact to plan in space and he can still get to the quarterback and be disruptive so I think the of playmaker Which is one of the few playmakers in drag. That was Clinton With me on the team nine earlier this morning Clinton said and he said the same thing in the podcast a few weeks back. He thinks Isaiah Simmons is the next Lawrence Taylor and I said okay so if the redskins are there number two you know you wouldn't take young. He said No. I take Zeh Simmons. He's the only person by the way I've heard. Say That Simmons better than young and he would take Simmons at number two. The Jason Lockenfora stuff is Is really the the question right if you assume? The redskins aren't interested in into a tongue of aloha. All right that. They're not interested in a quarterback there then and they are open to trading back then the other the other player that they'd WanNa get if they trade back would be Isaiah. Simmons if you believe Jason Lockenfora. The problem is trading back may basically eliminate the possibility of getting either simmons or chase young because Aaron the first spot really they trade back to more likely than not would be Miami at five Miami coming up to get to it number two and then you had the lions and the giants who would more likely the not young and Simmons could be the corner. Jeff Okuda from Ohio state which would lead the Redskins with either Simmons or young at number five more likely Simmons. But you're taking risk if those are the two players that you've sort of got neck and neck to trade back to get one of them that would be my take. There's a lot of possibilities. I mean Hell Detroit could say we have to get to and we're going to trade with the redskins and move up one spot so no one else can trade into that spot. I also had somebody. basically Private message me yesterday. Matt who essentially said. Why do we just assume that people would be trading up for two like if Chase Young? Is this great? You know All Time Pass rushing talent. Why wouldn't we assume that the giants are the lions or the dolphins or the chargers might not might WANNA trade up for number two? Take Chase young which you know. Actually I don't think we really have considered that. A Lot. Chase young is more likely than not going to be the highest rated player on most people's boards. You know I mean that would be my guess right now but I think it's the trade back thing is too risky too risky. I think it is unless you can unless you can guarantee you're going to get that guy that you want I I. I don't treat back and again I mean just think I I and point in that they've invested so much in their front at least their front four I is that And their front seven if you yeah. I mean totally That you know You don't necessarily have to see the same thing with your number two pick if you can get more picks out of it but I'm with you I. If if you can't feel really strong about getting the other guy that you want you got to stick with it and take young. I think right now. We're less than a month away from the draft. I would actually be very surprised if the redskins don't take chase young number two overall. You know I'm watching all the mocks. I mean what else you know we. We got a lot of time to to read a lot in and look a lot like CBS. Sports put out their updated. Mock this morning. Erin with this Guy Tom for Nellie it out or his mock anyway. He's got the redskins taking two at number two in his hypothetical reads as follows. The redskins quietly tried to trade haskins before making this pick but found no takers. They take to a anyway so haskins on the block and his likely to go at some point during the draft. Just like Rosen. Did last year. I do not seem to see them taking to a Here's what Todd mcshay had in his version. Whatever is version three point zero? I don't even know at this point. He has the Redskins taking young and he writes. I expect Washington Washington to at least listen to some trade offers but at the end of the day it'd be really tough for the Redskins to pass on the most talented player in the draft class and one of the best pass rushing prospects. I've ever seen young posted a nation leading sixteen and a half sacks and miss two games The two games were the Maryland game. And the rutgers game those two games if he had played against Maryland and rutgers probably would have had another eight sacks in total. But that's what I would do. Of course they should be listening. And we're GONNA plenty of time to talk about this as we get closer. They should listen to every offer. They got an rg three kind of offer from Miami. Meaning Miami gave him number five number. Eighteen number twenty six. You know so. They ended up with three first rounders and they got a second rounder and a future. First Rounder if it ended up being something like that. Well Yeah you would. You would consider that you would but not if chase young so far and away the number one player on your board and you think he's GonNa be you know the next combination Nick. Bosa von Miller Khalil. Mack for the next ten years you know I mean an earlier. Mock draft mcshea said that chase. Young's better than Nick Boza. If that's the case I don't even know why you would even think about this. I agree I agree. I mean if he can change the outcome of the game for you. I mean that you don't have you don't have guy I mean. That's the guy. That's that's the. That's the defensive player that that you know can change your franchise. The Guy who can change the outcome of the game from all accounts. This is a guy who can do that and like I said whatever on wrong it for now for now all right what else. What else do we have today? I don't even know what else we're talking about today. You got anything. I got nothing else. This is part of your plan for the day. Right this part of your routine for Tuesdays and Thursdays okay. I'm GONNA say is a little bit different because now I'm GonNa go sit and right com for to watch any time you go do that. I'm going to. I don't know what I'm GONNA do the rest of the day. I kinda Aaron. What are you doing the rest of the day? Actually I do know what I'm going to do. I gotTA pay bills. I've let mail stack up over the last two two and a half weeks by the way you think if I pay bills late that anybody's GonNa care during this. I think a lot of people are being forgiving. Don't you I I think I I think they are? I think they should. What's your policy on touching now? You know what that's exactly. Why just sort of let it pile up because I've been piling it up and every time? Well that's a good idea. Every time pile up and I go I go wash my hands and then if the virus can only sort of live on surfaces for up to three days then I'm the old male should be good to go now. That's that's just let it sit for an incubation period as like disappears and then and then I open. It just went all of this to disappear. I I'm I'm ready. I'm ready to get back to our real lives here Thanks by the way to everybody to Tommy. Aaron feel the same way Because I've had a lot of people reach out. I know they've reached out to youtube because they reach out to a simultaneously to say. This is so great that you guys are still doing the podcast. It's actually really great for us. And it's and it's really great that you're listening to it And we appreciate it. The the numbers of definitely gone up. You know since this whole thing started And we're going to keep doing it for as long as we can do it You know right now were essential considered essential time. He doesn't have to leave his house. And basically I only have to go a couple of miles to get to where I'm going But thank you and thanks to all of you. That are going through. All of this and specially those of you if you're listening and you're in the healthcare industry and you're a doctor you're in a hospital. Those are the people that are on the front lines of this thing. And it's really incredible the sacrifice in the risk that these people are taking All right let's Let's get our masks and will reconvene on Thursday Everybody Great Healthy Safety back tomorrow.

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