President Trump Skips Multiple WWI Remembrance Events, Citing Poor Weather; Macron Decries Trump's 'Nationalism' in Speech


Carney. Does your name please of evil of the with? The faucet. With hopefully. Okay. See Lay's Lay's. Infant desire. Hamburger and free. Kevin. Typically blow Coca Cola for the shopping. And for mayor. To do this the sociology. People quote, congressman Eric's wall were here. He put it best. The president's European vacation was as bad as the movie he wimped out of honoring our fallen troops. Because of a missing he moved around his hotel room and insulted fire victims, and he was scorched by the French president. This is not winning. This is a national embarrassment could morning and welcome to morning Joe on this Monday, November twelve with us. We have MSNBC contributor, Mike barnicle. Donny Deutsch is with us author. Zeynab Salvi is with us editor of commentary magazine and columnist at the New York Post. John fidora is also contributing editor at the weekly standard and columnists in associate editor for the Washington Post. David Ignatius, Joe where do we begin so many things happening over the weekend? And you talked about what happened Paris. I found it interesting that world leaders couple of years ago. We're trying to take the measure of the man of Donald. Trump. They knew he was going to be disruptive. But it seems after last week's elections where they saw the American people roundly roundly destroy a lot of Donald Trump's allies in congress, despite the fact that the Republicans had the best structural advantage in the house and the Senate that they were ever going to have. And it only gets worse for them two years from now, it's almost like the embarrassment was Donald Trump's and not the countries. I already think Macron I already think the leaders are looking past on Trump because they see him becoming less relevant by the day. But you could take France in the basement and France, you can talk about Florida where Donald Trump is actually questioning like some wet American dictator questioning the integrity of the process in Florida and demanding a recount a revolt in Arizona, despite the fact that Rick Scott's own monitors and law. Enforcement officers. Agreed that nothing went wrong there that that that that nothing illegals happened. You can take that. And I'm sure me these mounting losses that he's saying what started John Edwards talked about. What started is it trickle has really turned into a massive wave. And things are looking bad for the Republicans are looking for Donald Trump. And I think that's what we saw with all of the acting out with Donald Trump in Paris. Well, let's start their world leaders were in Paris over the weekend to commemorate the one hundred anniversary of the end of World War One. President Trump however, chose not to attend several events on Saturday the president and first lady were scheduled to visit the on Marne American cemetery. For is solemn remembrance of the battle of bellawood where the US lost about one thousand troops in one of the most legendary battles in US marine history, but the commander in chief canceled that visit citing the weather as a reason he did speak at a different American cemetery on Sunday and had this message for World War Two veteran in attendance. Frank davita. Thank you. Thank you very much. You look show comfortable up there under shelter as we're getting drenched. You're very smart people. The weather did not stop other world leaders from paying their respects at other historic sites across France, including Canada's Justin Trudeau who paid tribute to the Canadian troops who lost their lives. At a battlefield in northeastern. France, Trump, also skipped the Peres peace forum opting to fly home early instead. And yesterday while the other world leaders walked shoulder to shoulder together to the Arctic three aumf, President Trump decided to go alone. Russia's Putin also went separately, and you can see in this snapshot the difference in reaction between manual macro and miracle and Trump upon Putin's arrival in his remarks president Matt crawl warned against nationalism I label President Trump has recently embraced as the very opposite of the selfishness of a nation which only looks after its own interests because patriotism is the exact opposite. Zett of nationalism nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying our interests. I who cares about the others. We arrays what a nation holds dearest. What gives it life? What makes it grace? And what is essential? It's moral values and to ruin this hope by giving into the fessing nation for withdrawal, 'isolation ISM violence and domination would be in grave error that future generations would very rightly make us responsible for. David ignatius. Donald Trump is looking more and more alone on the world stage. And I'm wondering what your reaction was to all of the misadventures this past weekend in France. And whether the world leaders did look at Tuesday's results and realize that this is a man they only have to endure most likely for the next few years. Joe I thought as you did that the weekend marked a real break between Trump who soaked through his news conference with mccrone Saturday absentee himself from a very important commemoration the cemetery where the fallen from bellawood great battles and marine history. Took place who wouldn't March with the others on Sunday up the Shawn's as it was. It was a statement from Trump I've here, but I'm not really with you. And it was reciprocated. By the the Europeans. I thought that the speech that Emmanuel Macron gave yesterday found real voice. Finally, Macron's somebody's tried to buddy up with Trump Pat him on the back his pal not this weekend across spoke clearly and firmly about the values that has as he says sustain Europe sustain our traditional alliances. So so we did have a sense of of new kind of break point as to whether European leaders. Now think that Trump is irrelevant is fading because of his to me as to use striking loss last Tuesday. I'm not quite sure of that. I think one thing I hear from Europeans. When I talked to them is that they're reckoning with the possibility that in America that elected Donald Trump could elect another Donald Trump down down the road. Maybe this isn't the country that we thought it was they'll be reassured by Tuesday's vote. But as you heard from our call they have to begin to think about their security and other ways may be less dependent on the United States to me that may be the most lasting dangerous break that Europe begins. The say we really got to go it alone here and John Dory commented this weekend, you'd said I don't know what it's about. But it's not about the weather. Well, I mean, this is a gimme right presidents go on commemorative trips to battlefields. And this is a a layup. Like, this is a great optic great event. Hartman binds the nation together, nobody fails that an event like this. You can't. So it's really strange that he didn't move heaven and earth to do it because you know, there was only going to be good for him. So you have to wonder what what was in his heart. What was in his mood. What was in his spirit? Having said that I wanted to send a little from the notion that Macron's speech really told Trump off brilliantly because I think the central point that everybody's quoting which is that a nationalism is the opposite of patriotism is nonsense. Nationalism is patriotism taken to an extreme in a way that creates blowback against can create blowback against the country one is being nationalist or patriotic toward. And I think some of the themes that were were vote that is this notion that maybe France and Europe can go it alone that that doesn't harm. Trump Trump has been explicitly saying that he does not want the American security umbrella to have to extend over the rest of the world, and if Europeans are going to start talking openly about taking care of themselves that will be a success for him, not a failure. And he could use a success right now. But you know, I think the general general feeling of the of the commentariat class is that because he so foolishly skipped the event he was uniquely. He was in a unique position to get himself. A braided by by Macron, and I'm not sure mccrone hit him hard in the in the way that you think he did. So though, I will say that when Donald Trump has acted this way in the past speaking, the commentary class you've heard oh this plays into Donald Trump's hands. And we don't understand it. But there's some magic political do that Donald Trump understands that why just look at two thousand sixteen and it was always he would do things that would destroy our harm any other political candidates. And because he wanted twenty sixteen it was sort of always the OBI one kanobi political science belief strike me down or I strike myself down and only become stronger doors. Well, no, actually the Everett behavior this weekend. The embarrassment of himself, I refuse embarrassed America. No, he didn't he embarrassed on old Trump now Americans came out on Tuesday, and they explained in the biggest wave since Watergate for Democrats, they explained exactly what they thought about this type of behavior and anybody thinking that that his actions this weekend. Will help him or more. I think importantly for for what's relevant in twenty twenty as well. Republican candidates. No, this hurts Cory Gardner this hurt. Susan Collins, this hurts every single Republican that is up in twenty twenty in in swing states. We saw it on Tuesday and the results just keep as John Dort said at a snail's pace. This wave keeps coming in. What happened this weekend? Is terrible for Donald Trump is terrible for Republicans politically, and we have all the evidence that we need that. This does not work people who know his personality. Well, would believe that one of the reasons he did show up or wasn't actually present. Even when he was there is that he's pacing around freaking out about the reality of the Republican loss, and what it means to him personally, and what can transpire in the weeks and months to come because of that Republican loss, and he can't focus and he needs to be on the phone. Having said that you mentioned countries waiting out Trump our allies, maybe waiting him out. But I think there are dangers to American weakness. Zeynab talk a little bit. If you could about the international symbolism of an American president who is there, but not really there at events like the center so symbolic and so important to world history. I think it's very scary. Actually, we really do need to watch. What's Matt Krohn? And a lot of European leaders are saying I was one hundred years university of World War One and what led to World War One and World War Two is nationalism. Basically, it is divisions and fighting European allies have seen the war has seen actually the consequences of what nationalism destroy their own countries. And so when Macron says about collaboration and finding together for the common good when he talks about creating a European army as a result of some of the President Trump's statements about not wanting to support NATO it sets we have to watch for these things. And I feel like this is the beginning of the European separation from an early. This is really scary. These are our allies these are friends, they fought with us. They are our supporters. And when we lose them, we lose a lot of America with it actually a lot of our on national interests. And so we have to watch for these mall signs and not not ridicule them or or look. Over them. Mike barnicle? Speaking of looking over something. So I know for you you've written about our veterans for such a long time. I know for so many Americans. On this Veterans Day that say weekend, I know how distressing it had to be for you. And so many other Americans to see Donald Trump. Bit ceremonies for four marines on one of the most hallowed grounds for US marines, anywhere and at the same time while he's acting this way at Vincent should be celebrating our veterans we saw on the New York Times yesterday. The details of our men and women in uniform now that have sacrificed so much over the past twenty years now being sent down at the holidays. In almost warlike conditions being sent down to the border where they're just. Standing there. As political props for an invasion that is not coming. It is it is. It is just absolutely staggering. Like, yeah. Joe that is a scam using the United States military along the border. They will be there most likely on Thanksgiving Day apart from the families back at their individual basis. No matter whether they came from on the east coast, but I appreciate the high level of intellect in this discussion, thus far but not to be a surprise what happened this weekend. Donald Trump is a man of no history. He has no comprehension of what World War One meant to Europe in the world. He has no comprehension of the loss entail. Then the dangers that world will one put back on the on the center stage. He has no comprehension of what happened in World War Two. He stood in a city on a boulevard, the Shawn's LIZA. Where Nazi troops marched down seventy five eighty years ago. He has no sense of that his thing over the weekend his behavior over the weekend. I would submit is is because of one thing he was not the only person on the stage. That's how he thinks of himself. I alone belong in the stage. And he only one other person who appeared in Paris over the weekend. We're intent on having disinterest to put it into mile level. But perhaps an intent to disrupt an alliance that has kept the peace in Europe NATO and the European coalition for over seventy years and that other person also arrived late to many events, Vladimir Putin. So you had what Putin Donald Trump twins on the stage in Paris both left early both destructive both the behavior. Not surprising. And question is this is the brand that he really? He wants to build it might be. We'll get to Donny on that. But I Don I look at these results nearly a week later, and we're still getting a look at results in the house at least thirty five incoming house. Members are winning breaking the record of twenty four set in nineteen ninety two and the total of at least one hundred one female members will be the largest number in history. And as Dave Wasserman notes Republicans were on track to lose nearly half of their twenty three women in the house. There could be just thirteen in the next CONGRESS Republicans currently are ahead and only ten of California's fifty three congressional districts and falling further behind in the still undecided races. Like, fifteen term Republican Dana Rohrabacher now four points behind his challenger and a shrinking lead for congresswoman Mimi Walters in California's forty fifth district down to just one point. But the difference of about two thousand votes, the cook political reports. Amy. Walter tweeted are s had a huge structure Republicans at a huge structural advantage. Going into twenty eighteen the fact that Dem's may net DS may net forty seats as a route period this argument that it's not as bad as Obama's sixty three seat loss and twenty ten is laughable, and and Joe let you take it to Donny it is laughable at this point. They're they're saying something that's completely untrue and laughable, what is your price? Saying something that's completely untrue. You have you actually it has these results. Demanding a revote not a recount, but a revote in Arizona because he knows that Democrats are going to win Aaron Jona just like they lost Nevada. Just like a lot of the said before the election again, all of this caravan talk all of this these racist ramblings by the president. Right before the election, especially tacking Hispanics. We said it was going to have an impact in Nevada and Colorado, and it did Danni again. I just I wanna keep hitting this thing because it's something that I think most people the media have forgotten Donald Trump surprised everybody in two thousand sixteen. So they assume that Donald Trump is going to be surprising them for the rest of their lives that there are no consequences to his actions. But there are he was an extraordinary misogynist. He is still a massage and his look at his press conferences over the past week. And guess what happened you have over one hundred women going to congress for the first time any you as that is all accounta- reaction to the misogyny of Donald Trump, and the rise of women that you can look also at the racism that we. We have been critical from the very beginning. There is a reason why Muslim Americans women are winning. There is a reason why Hispanics came out and voted the way they did. There's a reason why again is Amy Walter said at the cook political report Republicans had the greatest structural advantage. They will have for years for years. And they get blown away Donny they politically they get wiped off the map. And there is no way for any Republican in congress and not look at what happened and say, wait a second. This is the price of leading Donald Trump act is appoint Louis C once without providing any checks or balances. Donald Trump's brand to him as always been more than anything winning ROY Cohn toward him. Even when you lose you one Donald Trump now new brand is Louie he'd lost the one person that was L on his forehead, Donald Trump. Now is loser in office based on the most recent heads. How has he acted since Donald Trump loser? Brand interesting. Well, just in the last five days, basically took shots as he continued to do the basic pillars of like democracy. Let's call the vote into question in Arizona and Florida let's throw a reporter out of the White House office. And let's also at the same time putting lackey for attorney, general, let's tack the media. Let's talk judicial let's let's tack electoral system and on top of that to acts of cowardice and complete complete lack of empathy one we've been talking about obviously, the atrocious absentee show as far as the cemetery. And also the despicable despicable insensitive display to thousands of firefighters fighting for their. Lives out their lives being lost Donald Trump's reaction as our leader is to call it the question funding at that moment or people putting their lives on line. So this is the way we're seeing man he would say after he lost. Maybe he would shift behavior because he's now dot Trump winter Donald Trump loser. He doubles down on destroying pillars of basically, what makes us a free country and continues to show the port human behavior. So Joe lessons learned from Mr. Trump coming out of that thumping zero. Well, zero so far. And again, the question is what we don't expect John doors for Donald Trump to to learn from this because he doesn't apparently political learn from anything, but you would think Republicans in congress nice suspect they will over the next two years. Learn they convince themselves for the first three or four days after this election that actually thinks gone much better than they expected. But I loved your column. You said, hey, resist that happy talk, folks. This election is very bad for the GOP and harbingers ill for twenty twenty explained that if you will. Okay. So in the election, what what we've seen with this snail like wave in which the results coming in after election night. Like there is literally not a good result for Republicans after after Tuesday night Wednesday Thursday, Friday, just each piece of news about the Arizona going democratic and various house races going critic that when you look at this fresh, you have to say that we have a Republican party that is shrinking, you know, and and the key to understanding Trump in twenty twenty is he got sixty three million votes and. Lost the lost the popular vote by three million. Right. He can't afford to lose any votes. You know, he got eighty thousand votes in the right places in three states or the win the presidency, and at least two of those stay in Pennsylvania at Michigan. And Wisconsin results did not go well for the GOP Scott Walker lost in Wisconsin. Republicans romped Democrats romped in Michigan and Democrats want all these contested seats in Pennsylvania and no Republican challenge. Almost anywhere in the country. You know, they're like one or two seats that went from democrat to Republican, and there appear to be forty odd seats that went the other way and Trump needs more votes. Not fewer Republicans need more votes, not fewer votes. And we just saw the the electoral map for twenty twenty exposed for Democrats. They they can win Iowa. They can win Wisconsin. They can win Michigan. They can win pennsylva- yet. They can win Georgia potentially and they can win Florida. And of course, then you have like four hundred electoral votes, going all that happened. Then you would have 'em Arizona. You have like democratic wipeout. Yeah. It is. And that's what's. So just mind boggling that that again. We've always said here politics is a game of addition. Subtraction. We've never understood why Donald Trump is played to his hard core. Thirty three percent as you continue to do right up until the election that ended up giving the Republicans are worse law since Watergate despite again, the structural advantages all being their direction and so after the election, you would think that this president would understand in less. My intent is to destroy my political future and the Republican parties put it on future. I need to get out of the game of subtraction. But what's he been doing? Well, we've talked about a lot of things attacks on the press. We've talked about what happened over in France. He's he's attacking black reporters. Specifically black women reporters. It is so obvious. We talked about it and calling you me. A racist, insulting April. Ryan again. He's he's he's acting as if he's he's running campaign laser targeting on white nationalist. It's just not the way to expand your base and his John fidora. It said. He can't afford to lose a single vote from two thousand sixteen. He already lost by almost three million votes. This is going in a very very bad direct for the Republicans as it has been for a very long time. The only difference is now Republicans actually have the evidence in front of them. That voters reject this. We'll see how they respond that behavior really shows to me from knowing than completely cornered doddering. Dictator wanna be that's the behavior that we're seeing he's angry and he's out of it. Donny mentioned the president's tweets on the California wildfires first, let's explain how bad the fires our crews. There are working around the clock to contain those deadly wildfires continue to burn out of control the largest among them in northern California known as the campfire has wiped out the entire city of paradise in southern California. It's the Whistler fire while crews have made some progress overnight. Evacuation orders remain in effect for some one hundred seventy thousand residents the numbers across the state so far thirty one deaths. Two hundred twenty eight people on accounted for one hundred and fifty thousand people displaced four hundred square miles have been scorched, including one hundred seventy seven homes in southern California. Some eight thousand crews are battling the fires with more resources still arriving from out of state. This is a disaster. President Trump reacted to all of that on Twitter among them. He tweeted this. There's no reason for these massive deadly and costly forest. Fires in California, except that forest management is so poor billions of dollars are given each year with so many lives lost all because of gross mismanagement of the forests remedy now or no more fed payments. The president of the California professional fire. Fighters responded in a statement writing the president's message, attacking California and threatening to withhold aid to the victims of the cataclysmic. Fires is ill-informed ill-timed and demeaning to those who are suffering as well as the men and women on the front mind really is it's on speaker, the president this in the middle of the great tragedy. That's going on. We hear the president. And so many people after these shootings in schools. He's a mass shootings. In school say now is not the time, you know, a week to a month two months after shootings now is not the time to talk about this tragedy. And yet Donald Trump is doing this while the tragedy on folds, David Ignatius. They're just again, the president just appears to be even more untethered than usually with tweets like this Joa just to play politics at a time when we're looking at images of people fleeing. In their homes, everything they care about up in flames. It's just hard to imagine. Imagine him sitting in his hotel room or it's at the ambassador's residence. Ferrous staying away from the events that are meaningful to the world and composing these tweets attacking his political enemies in California. It's just hard to hard to believe. One country looked at this man last Tuesday. I think people pulled back. I think you said it just right? I this was this was a moment in which it was kind of character test for America. The I think the issue is Trump. They have war solid control of what's what remains the Republican party than ever. It's the question where the Republicans are going to say, wait a minute. You're not attacking firemen that not not in my party. If they don't do that. Then I think we're going to see even more deference to Trump even fewer profiles and courage from Republican members of congress, sadly. Still ahead on morning, Joe two huge racist to make or break recounts. The latest from Florida with the state's governor and US Senator is still undecided. Also, the White House admits to posting sped up video to try to justify the ban of a reporter. We will sort through that spectacle. And later a sports hero. A supreme court Justice and a GOP mega donor to whom the president chose to bestow one of the nation's highest honors morning. Joe is coming right back. Sitter Elson is clearly trying to fi- to try to commit fraud to try to win this election. That's all this is. I pick up on that you're accusing Bill Nelson trying to commit fraud. His lawyer said that a non citizenship vote. That's one number two. He's gone to trial and said that fraudulent ballots should be counted ballots have been thrown out because they were not done properly. He said those should be counted. And you think that is the Senator himself is committing fraud. It's his team. That is Florida governor Rick Scott who's ahead by fewer than thirteen thousand votes in the Senate race accusing his opponent. Senator Bill Nelson of trying to MIT fraud. Recount is now underway for Florida's Senate and gubernatorial races. Governor Scott's baseless allegation came one day. After Scott's own Florida Department of state spokeswoman said, quote, our staff is seen no evidence of criminal activity at this time. And that was after the Florida Department of law enforcement said it is also seen no obligations of fraud as a Friday in the contest for governor Republican Ron to Santa's leads by about thirty three thousand votes margin that is less than half a percentage point the Associated Press retracting its call in the race as it does with all recounts. Joe, I let's bring in John John. I guess we shouldn't be surprised in the age of Trump that people are behaving this way. But you have Rick Scott talking about fraud and criminal activity when his own monitors his own administration law enforcement officers saying there's not of that and then couple days ago unite commented about Marco Rubio conspiracy theory that I'll grew out of a box that was found in a school that ended up being filled with consoles a racers and stickers. And he said I've never seen anything like this before. But it really is is so many people have just gone that gone full Trump with conspiracy theories. I mean there there there is some very questionable behavior going on in Broward County with the Brown county elections supervisor I mean that that and that apparently is a is a tradition now in Broward County with this won the election supervisor. But that's one county, you know, out of the out of. A state whose county number. I'm sure, you know, Joe, but I don't six sixty seven right. Okay. So here's what what strikes me. A lot of this is a much do about nothing as it turns out because it is in in unbelievably unlikely that now that all the count is in that a recount is going to reverse votes by fifteen and thirty thousand margins you know, we have you know, we have histories of recounts getting seven eight nine hundred votes move from one column to the other races are literally tied. But I think in both of these cases, Scott and Disentis are probably totally safe. And I think the atmosphere just got incredibly heated and Scott lost it for twelve hours. I bet he's not happy that he did. So because I house Nelson gonna get fifteen thousand votes back in a recount as anyone ever heard of such a thing. Well, I don't I can't think of a single. Time that it's happened certainly not in modern American history. And if all the votes are in then the no he's talking to pick up twelve thirteen fourteen thousand and certainly Gill as well. But again, you have more co Rubio is sitting United States Senator. Questioning the legitimacy legitimacy of an election because he sees a box that ends up being filled with pencils and a racers and stickers. You have Rick Scott accusing his opponent of fraud of trying to steal elections. When Rick Scott's own monitors and his own government and law enforcement officers say no fraud here, and they're running. No, yeah. No fraud here. And yeah. Administration is actually running the election. And you have the same thing out near Zona. It's just again questioning the legitimacy of elections that you may lose or. Trying to stop the votes of people who may vote against you. That's not what we do here in America. What happens in banana Republic joining us now Washington bureau chief for the Boston Herald an MSNBC contributor, Kimberly Atkins, Kimberly develop on this. If you can see how much more can the Republicans take don't they know what this obviously looks like because it is what it appears to be. Yeah. I mean, I think one of the bigger concerns of this is if you recall two thousand and that recount their people to this day who still don't who still don't accept the legitimacy of that election because it was ultimately decided by the supreme court in their view when you have these kinds of challenges when you when it appears that vote counts are tempted to be stopped and not every vote is counted. Because that's basically the message you have on one side, you have Democrats saying count every vote in the other side, you have Republicans who are crying fraud and all. Foul foul play here. And at the end of the day. If all the votes aren't counted people are going to lose trust in the electoral system. And now you have as you pointed out several high-ranking officials, including the president of the United States saying that there is fraud afoot, whereas you pointed out all law enforcement and law enforcement is not back that up I've been talking to people Republicans and Democrats in Florida they have seen no evidence of fraud. It's a mess. They say they see lots of evidence of incompetence and dysfunction in the electoral system. But that is something that perhaps governor Scott should have addressed before. People went to the polls. It's a big mess. The I think what everybody should be doing is trying to find a solution to that mess. So that the voters in Florida have confidence in their vote rather than saying that people down something. Yes, exactly. What does and Mike barnicle? It's not like Rick Scott hasn't run the state for eight years. This is Rick Scott. Stay. He has run it for eight. And it's it's a joke. But can we can we just tip? Our hats though, Mike to somebody who's doing it. Right. Who's actually showing class, even though they are losing the election and are probably going to lose the election. This is this is actually when you see people's character. No matter how they run the election where they put their own ambition above what's best for their state and their country, and that is. Mic. Sally. You look at MC Sally. And you look at the Republican governor of Zona, you look at the election official, and you look at all the Republicans in Arizona, and they're saying, you know, what? Elections are hard these recounts. They happen. There is nothing illegitimate going on here. And actually, I know that there some partisan hacks that might say that they're suckers for doing that. No. That's what you call the long play and wild people don't understand this and the age of Trump, the long play is always rewarded in American politics and make sallies integrity right now. We'll be remembered if she continues understanding what's happening that will be remembered the next time or names on the ballot. You're right. You're a huge contrast in both character in behavior between Martha mcsally out in Arizona and governor Scott in Florida absolutely right about that. But the there's a larger issue here that we haven't focused on. I don't think that we focus on it enough. And that is this. Age where we are surrounded by such technological creations that stunned us each and every day with their improvements. The fact that we as a nation don't have a single voting system that is easy to use. It's reliable that doesn't have to rely on paper ballots recounts that we act in talking today is in Broward Palm Beach county, Florida same as we were talking about it in the year two thousand is if they have yet to discover electricity. I mean, it's incredible that we're still going through this after everything else in our lives is so easy. And so Martin is in so technologically skillful so there so there's another side of that argument. Which is it's one of the reasons David Ignatius, why that argument out of how you know, a foreign country could steal our elections. It's one of the reasons so hard for them to do that. There are sixty seven counties in the state of Florida. There are sixty seven separate. Elected supervisors of elections and the state of Florida there are sixty seven different voting systems based on the the way each county traditionally or the supervisor of election in each one of those sixty seven counties have decided they are going to run their county. And yes, it may it may get ugly at the end with a lot of close races. Like there are in Florida. But this is why you can't hack American elections on a nationwide scale because there still is this concept of states rights and local rights in the way, they run their elections. I'm with you. I've grown to love paper ballots just because. It's a lot harder to shoot. The, you know, the the idea of a modern system, I understand the appeal of what Mike's saying that would be consolidated electron ick, use the technology. We've got in one sense is obvious. But that is precisely the system that could be subverted and sabotage with catastrophic effects in our goofy system with paper bells and all these different administrators, and it's on wieldy it may be hard to count. But it's also hard to cheat it's hack, and I think we're all kind of learning that there's a benefit of that. So, you know, more paper ballot backups. Maybe is is the is the Chad. We should we should have our quirky crazy system as the vantage that it's protected in a weird way. Donnie, go back and look two years ago for all the Republican whining about rigged elections all the Republic. Donald Trump's whining about voter ID, and and. And and how you have to put twelve things in place, which I've got no problem specifically with voter ID. But if you're gonna make the argument that you have to do that to protect elections from being swung by voter fraud. I think there were like four. Examples of voter fraud in twenty sixteen it just doesn't happen in this Donald Trump tweeting and AirAsia than singers don't match electoral corruption. This is again, this is the the action of a tyrant saying, he's a tyrant. But this is how tyrants business hell autocrats. This is how dictators behave not saying Donald Trump is that, but he's borrowing their language Johnny Joe, unfortunately, I think there's a little bit of a harbinger of things to come imagine two years from now, and that we will have a close election, and let's say democrat wins. We've watched this man, Donald Trump. Donald Trump will come out and say he was already teeing it up in two thousand sixteen. No, this is wrong to my fifty million people take to the streets. These ballots wrong. The sky is not blue the sky is green that will be our biggest constitutional crisis. If he could to cut you off really ask you this question. You know, Donald Trump really, well, do you really think as things? Continue to get worse and worse for him that he is going to put himself on the ballot in twenty twenty knowing he's going to lose because you know, what for all for all of his failures. He's gotta know that he's going to lose always sends going bad. I think he will be disqualified before but in the sad event, he does run, and he does lose which would be happy that it would be studying what we would see he would be a president. I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving call the military. I mean, it is that we have to look at this man really would do that. He would say no, this is I'm still here. And even if they carry them out he would turn to fifty million Americans say, I'm still your president. And this is my new government. This is what would you with your kids? I think we're dealing with a lot more in many ways. President Trump lashes out at reporters a lot. But last week some of his more heated anger was four three female block reporters. The latest came Friday. When President Trump was asked by CNN reporter, Abby fill up about his appointment of Whittaker as acting attorney general. Up to him. What is the question? What a stupid question. But I watch you a lot a lot of stupid. Wow. That is just that incident. Followed more to more contentious exchanges during the president's freewheeling news conference on Wednesday with American urban radio networks, April Ryan and PBS news hour Michel cinder. On the campaign trail, you call yourself, a nationalist some people saw that as in bowling, white, nationalist. Now, people are also saying such a racist. There's some people that say that now the Republican party is seen as supporting white nationalist rhetoric. What do you make of that? I don't believe. I just I don't know. Why do I have my highest poll numbers ever with African Americans? What do I have among the highest poll numbers with African Americans? I mean, why do I have my highest bone? That's such a racist question. Honestly. I mean, I know you have written down, and you tell me let me take it's a racist question. I'm not I'm not responding. I'm responding excuse me. I'm not responding to you. I'm talking to this gentleman where you place it. Excuse me. Excuse me, you place it. Thank you, Mr President. Now that the now that the house of Representative hostile such a hostile media. You asked me. But no, you rudely interrupted him. You rudely interrupted him. And of course, he called also called April. Ryan loser on Friday. So John Edwards? I know a Republican flack went to Twitter saying, well, you know, he attacks white reporters to why would anybody just isolate on this instance, suggests that and your response was well it because it's fairly obvious in this week. Especially does seem doesn't it especially when he was going after you meet surely on that it was almost like he was playing to that quote, nationalist crowd of his he might have been I think since the beginning of his candidacy, you can see that he has very specific problems. First of all with women reporters, I mean, beginning with a really horrendous things he said about Megan Kelly. You know during the first big Republican debate. And then if you go on he's had confrontations with April Ryan, there is something about his body language his face and this use of the phrase excuse me, when he gets annoyed when somebody says something he goes excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. He seems in my estimation to do that way. More with women and way way more with African Americans and way more with African American women than he does with anybody else. And I just think you can see the visible irritation on his face when he is being asked challenging questions by by women, African Americans and African American women. Just to add onto that cheer point. John fidora. It's I just looked back at all the interactions. I've had with him. And Kimberly at one a see what your reaction is to the way, he's treated three female African American journalists in the past week. But just it always for me seemed like there was some sort of sexual connotation to it all always either hatred of the woman's looks or some sort of misogynistic attitude, and I've had experiences with him that I'd rather not mention where it just all went wrong in terms of his language and his physical behavior having said that your reaction to the treatment of April and the two other black female journalists. Yeah, I certainly no one has to tell you how vicious the president can be against the people that he has a problem with. But yes, particularly with adv. African American women. I agree with John. I don't think that it was a coincidence this week that we saw him react the way he did two to April and to abbey and to me who are all really good talented. Journalists April is one of the deans of the White House. Press corps. She's been there for a long time doing that job. But when he speaks specifically about black women in these contexts when he is irritated when it is pretty clear from his body language that he doesn't like being challenged by them. He usually goes for specific things. Right. He usually goes after their competency or intelligence, we see we saw him do that. With these reporters. We've seen him do it with members of congress congresswoman, we'll send congresswoman waters, it's a it's a repeat performance. So to say that this is just him giving a general disdain to the media. He does have disdain for the media. But he takes this to a different level. Kimberly atkins. Thank you very much. John fidora's. Thank you as well. Up next. The president's legal problems are back in focused new reporting on the hush money payments to a porn star. And a playboy model and the rain kept President Trump from honoring America's war dead this weekend. That's at least what they said. But it didn't hold back JFK in nineteen sixty one or Barack Obama in twenty ten we'll talk to presidential historian, Michael Beschloss and NBC's injury Mitchell morning Joe is coming right back. There's a special place in hell for any foreign leader engages in bad faith, plumas with president Donald J Trump example, they've beaches. She that whenever there exploding cannons into the ocean. Great. Hotels in the world. I tell you. Extremely strong and powerful. Wow. From sort dancing shopping to real estate speculation to embracing Vladimir Putin quick look there at some of the president's overseas trips so far before this past weekend's opt out from the military memorial. Welcome back to morning, Joe. It's Monday November twelfth Mike barnicle, Donny Deutsch and Zane up. Salvi are with us along with columnists and says it editor for the Washington Post, David Ignatius and joining the conversation, we have author and NBC news. Presidential historian Michael Beschloss president and CEO of the Atlantic Council. Fred campus with us, and then be see news chief, foreign affairs. Correspondent and host of. Andrea Mitchell reports Andrea Mitchell good people this hour. I don't know where to begin this topic. Joe why don't we start just with a historical look at what happened this past weekend? Go to Michael Beschloss, Michael. I really I'm. Re after this Tuesday's elections I'm looking at things so much differently and this weekend. I did not see America alone. I saw Donald Trump Aloun in ranged that Republicans were historically rejected despite having every structural advantage on their side by the voters. They rejected Trumpism in America. That was a message that was heard across all four corners of the globe. You've got Muller who's been silent? Obviously, Donald Trump has to know that indictments are coming. Maybe for some people. I don't know. I to me it looked not like America alone this weekend. It looked like Trump alone. What was your take? Joe you could almost imagine him figuratively. We don't know, but maybe in his bathroom in his bedroom in Paris thumping away. No, sending out those tweets about forest. Fires at a time at any other president American history would have been so proud to be in Paris, celebrating the more than one hundred sixteen thousand Americans who gave their lives in World War One huge heroism. It doesn't take much and the other thing that that imaginary president, and I remember a few of those presidents before two thousand seventeen would have done would have been proud to be their reaffirming. Our great alliance rather than conspicuously keeping himself apart refusing to go in the parade whatever the story was about the helicopters refraining from going to honor those vets part of the president is head of state. Donald Trump has not been carrying that out, by the way, Donald Trump for those who said, well, it was Feigen Donald Trump could have. Actually gotten in the limo and been driven out there. Wanted to if you wanted to be there. He could have run could have easily gotten there. So David Ignatius, despite the fact that this is Trump alone. And that that people across the globe have to know that Americans rejected Trumpism on last Tuesday, there still are consequences. So you have mccrone talking about how Europe has stay look towards having its own defense mechanisms Merckel, six months or so ago said we in Germany, just we can no longer depend on the United States of America. We have to worry about ourselves. So I guess that this weekend only reinforced those pre existing beliefs and actually. Made so many of those leaders believe that at least we'll Donald Trump's commander in chief. They they have no ally in the United States. Do I hope that European leaders were reassured by our midterm elections on Tuesday. And they saw American Lecter coming back to balance in a way that means that America will return more to what they think of us as representing they have to be careful and hedge their bets a little bit. Because I don't know. But what I was struck. By was the way in which menu crawl spoke for Europeans one just brief thing. I want to read that he said yesterday, which I thought was so powerful it's gonna write it down in my book of these things by putting our own interests first with no regard for others. We race the very thing that a nation holes, dearest and the thing that keeps it alive. It's moral values. You couldn't say it. But. That that's that's the idea the has been at the center of our alliances that we stand for something larger than ourselves the values that we represent and I thought it was really significant that crawl on behalf of Europe. Was speaking America, an American presidents, saying not your selfishness, not your your country. I the heck with everybody else. Now, we'd send together because we have values they're larger than that. Andrea it could not have been lost on European leaders. What Europe looked like before World War Two with vicious outbreak of Xena phobia nationalism. Separation between democratic powers, and and and the access powers. Couldn't be lost on a lot of those leaders that they're seeing the beginnings traces of some of those traits in Donald Trump. Well, exactly, but they're also seeing some of those traits in Europe. And that may be the bet that Donald Trump is making that miracle is setting the stage to give up power in the coming years that mccrone is got historically low popularity at home, and particularly was not well served by his elaborate state visit to the US last spring with a very unpopular Donald Trump in France at least, but there are nationalist tendencies in Germany in posting in Poland, and Hungary, and Italy, we see it in our own hemisphere in Brazil, so Donald Trump has actually caught a wave or is leading away perhaps. But he certainly does not care about the fundamental principles. That mccrone was elaborating just wanted to say, there's a new Donald Trump tweet. And it's to the point. So we don't have. To focus on all of his tweets irrelevant ones. So the offensive ones about the California wildfires the whining while he was in from the rain and the fog and the the inclement weather. We could say in his in the palatial residence of the American ambassador in France. But he just tweeted just returned from France where much was accomplished in my meetings with world leaders never easy, bringing up the fact that the US must be treated fairly, which it hasn't on both military and trade we pay for large-capitalized portions of other countries military protection. So there you go. There's more winding there, and I have to say for all the talk about security, and the helicopters why he couldn't take to our motorcade to about a woods where so many marines lost their lives in historic battle. And we're we're one this is a president who has never yet been overseas to a military base to a conflict zone. He has never been to Afghanistan never been to Iraq this on Veterans Day weekend. And you have to bring it back to the weekend of the Pittsburgh massacre. When he said, very candidly. Well, you know, I thought about cancelling it not because of the Harz that cancelling the rallies that he was going to not about because the harassed because it was raining. It was a bad younger day, drew to your point. This is a president who's never visited a military base. And Joe we have troops at the border right now that are going to be there through thanksgiving sitting there waiting for a caravan. Thanks to this president we're doing doing little to nothing because they have been put their political props and. Mari's these consequences. There are political consequences to these Everett behaviors this labral behavior. Mike barnicle, and I cannot believe well, I can I guess that's two years can't believe. It's just the reality of it. Donald Trump has absolutely nobody can sit him down and say, Mr President, you have taken a terrible political situation and made it considerably worse and less than a week. Well, that's true again Joe, and but this weekend's events this certain sadness to them and Michael Beschloss alluded to it. He stood in in the nation in on a continent where in nineteen forty one forty two we begin as Americans going to that continent to free that continent. And guess what we did when it was free. We left we sought no territory other than the hundreds of American cemeteries that are existing today and look beautiful today in France Belgium. All over Europe. But Fred Kemp this weekend. We also saw the president of the United States in the moment that he seemed only only moment was when he aligned himself a handshake and smile with Vladimir Putin. So what is your assessment of the threat that these to join together pose to an alliance NATO? That has kept the peace sense. We left Europe in World War Two since the Berlin airlift, what's your sense of the disruption, the potential disruption that these two men cause for this alliance. Mike, let me pick up on something. Andrew Mitchell was saying so populism nationalism isn't a pretty thing in the United States. It's an existential threat to Europe, you have Brexit pulling out you have Britain, Great Britain pulling out that's the second largest economy in the European Union. You have Italy is ground zero in battle with the European Union over its budget. You have Germany losing its political center American stepping down this party leader. We'll see what happens there. And so the commemoration of World War One has to remind us that it defining moments of history. And this is another one leadership makes a difference. And so there is a threat from Russia to Europe. And it doesn't look good that Trump is paying more attention to being close to Putin than he is in sort of defending Europe against it. And so I think what we really got to watch. And this gets to Michael Beschloss having a great historian on here. We had. Angel head of World War One write a book called the great illusion. And there was no dream that there could be World War. One technology was advancing economic growth was strong. There was great progress. Among great nations. No one could imagine this happened. But it did happen and it happened because of a rise of isolationism of nationalism and leaders lost their bearings. And I think we're in a similar historic moment now and not enough of us are recognizing it. And that's what we have to come at this hundredth anniversary. Just how high the stakes are at the moment. Meek. I'm gonna jump in your opinion. This is so frightening. So simple and people are going to try and understand. Why did Donald Trump not go pay homage to those to those military men that gave their lives their country? And I know this man, I know this is going to sound insane. Probably reason his hair injury made a glib joke. This is what motivates I'm not trying to be silly here. Andrew said it now. But it's the truth. That is where I know this man to him Donny, Don, I completely agree. And I know how he is about it. I know him too. I think it's two fold. I think it's that believe it or not. But I also think that he. He is he can't get away from the phone right now, given the potential threat he and some family members may be in that is one potential reason. One potential explanation for such a unbelievable. Decision to to not be present on the world stage next to world leaders next our allies standing in the rain recognizing sacrifice. It's something he can't even fathom right now because he's so concerned about himself, but say now this behavior. Yes, maybe he's behaving like a dictator. Yes. Maybe he's behaving like a tyrant. Maybe there's other reasons for it. I still think it poses a serious danger to our democracy. Definitely it does. He's creating doubt suspicion and more importantly fear today on Veterans Day when we have through and that in the borders defending against immigrants or a caravan of civilians and children. This is like demoralizing our own troops on veterans days. I mean, we have to go he's eating when when people do that they create f. Hysteria. They create fear they create conspiracy theory, and that's his methodology. That's what he's doing. And he has a voice here. Either adjust to the fact that we have one hundred and two women in the house right now. Forty three of them are women of color. We have at different America rising. We have through that need to be respected and not be demoralised defending America against civilians and children and women. We has to adjust. We have European allies who are saying we're scared as Risa frightening nationalism all over the world. And this is a this is a recipe for maybe another war. This is so he has a choice of either being pod of coming down things bringing together all he has a toy. So being an isolation person at creating fear, and that's what the he's going through. And we all need to wake up to that. We need to see it Michael Beschloss. He could see it in real time. If he understood history, right explained. The decisions that American leaders made after World War One versus the decisions they made after World War Two and the consequences of following Trump's path after World War One right perfect. You know, and you know, this is a student of history just as well as I do Joe after World War One we tried to get into the league of nations we fail and that led to the rise of Hitler and the imperial Japanese. It led to the coming of World War Two and Franklin Roosevelt learning from that lesson early in World War Two made an effort to begin building the United Nations and planning for postwar alliances. That have kept the peace for what is it seventy three years now, and what Donald Trump not knowing that history or not caring has been taking a baseball bat to our alliances. We saw this weekend. Why was he almost deliberately or coincidentally using almost everything every opportunity he was given to show disrespect to our alliance. You know, staying at home from the observance over the weekend. You know, the the scene when he was sitting with the other leaders and the thumbs up from Vladimir Putin. This is flat Amir Putin's wishlist. And so is domestically. Donald Trump's effort to break down fundamental elements of our democracy. The free press the use of the armed forces by sending them to the border. And this little reality shore show the effort to pit group against group. That's exactly what Putin has wanted for the last ten years to see the contradictions in American democracy begin to break it down. I hope that Trump is just doing this coincidentally. I hope this isn't something larger. And so pretty camp out. You know, this is well as anybody in Washington or cross the world after two years of Donald Trump after two years of Trumpism on the world stage. What is the health of the North Atlantic Treaty? What is the health of western liberal democracies in the age of Trump? It's a mixed bag on the one hand. We're we've got more troops in central niece, turn Europe and a rotating basis we've provided more weapons defensive weapons to crane. So if you look at the facts on the ground, they're not bad. But if you talk to our allies there really wondering whether the United States, and this president would come through would come through if it was really necessary in the Baltics or whether on the Balkans or elsewhere. I think the real question we want pick up on what you said. And what might Beschloss said this is a defining moment in history like with the end of World War One like the end of World War Two. We got it more wrong than right after world. We're one more right than wrong after World War Two. If we don't get our act together with our friends and allies in these years, then than less benevolent forces or even chaos is going to go into shape this future. So what are allies are asking us after the midterms is number blonde? How durable is this populace national? Lurch in the United States? And what do we do about it? Number two. How much is it going to inspire populism nationalism? Elsewhere, like Italy, like with Brexit, and with bolsa narrow in Brazil. You're seeing the populism nationalism predated Trump, but he has inspired others as well. So I think that's what they're watching. Wow. Fred camp counselor. Thank you so much Michael Beschloss. Thank you so much for being with us. And congratulations success of your book. Well deserve. We appreciate it. Meek. We don't know exactly what's going on in the president's mind. But I can tell you if you just look back over the past few years, you can see when the president seems especially on moored there's usually announcements that he knows about our that his lawyers were coming from Robert Muller's office, and I can't help but wonder if after a couple of months of silence if Donald Trump and the White House or more on edge today and this past weekend than ever before. Because they know that action is coming. That's my got. But there's new reporting as a presidential candidate. Donald Trump was involved in or briefed on nearly every step of the hush money payments made to adult film star stormy Daniels and former playboy model, but you're in. He said, it's just reminder. He told everybody he knew absolutely nothing about either of those things according to the Wall Street Journal. Trump directed deals in phone calls and meetings with his self described fix or Michael Cohen and others. The US attorney's office in Manhattan has reportedly gathered evidence at Trent's participation in the transactions that journal reports that as a presidential candidate in August twenty fifteen Donald Trump huddled with a longtime friend and media executive David pecker in his Trump Tower office and made a request. According to people familiar with the meeting he asked what can you do to help my campaign? Mr. Packer offered to use his National Enquirer tabloid to buy the silence of women if they tried to publicize alleged sexual encounters with Trump using the National Enquirer, by the way is something we know something about in October two thousand sixteen Mr. Packer reportedly called off the Trump reimbursement. Deal on the advice of his lawyer. He worried that accepting reimbursement from Trump could undermine any argument that the McDougal payment was made for at a. Oriel and business reasons rather than as an in-kind campaign contribution. Mr. Packer told Michael Cohen to tear up the reimbursement agreement but calling kept a copy federal agents founded in search of Cohen's office earlier this year joining us now Pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter for the Washington Post. Intern MSNBC contributor, David Farren told who's following all these different angles on this aside from the fact that the president? Apparently, according to reports paid off women to be quiet after having sexual encounters with them at times in his life that some would consider questionable. Let's talk about the campaign finance angle of this which could be real serious legal trouble for the president. Am I correct? That's right. And it's important note as you did that this is not the molar investigation. This is totally separate investigation out of the southern district of New York, the US attorney's office there, this is really serious both for the underline facts. But also because it involves so many people who know so much other stuff about Donald Trump. Alan Weisselberg Trump's longtime CFO was really heavily involved in these decisions. According to the journal, Michael Cohen, his longtime fixer David pecker who knew a lot of his secrets all these people were involved in. And if they see owner ability for themselves, what might be willing to give up on Trump to save their own skins, David Donny Deutsch, Michael Conan's told me specifically directly that Donald Trump was directing all of this. Also, what are your tapes that speech? To that. And David pecker has been cooperating full blow question is this the kind of thing that in some way, the American public, even if it does come to fruition says, you know, technically. Yeah. But. We need more. Okay. Great. This is one of those ones that I worry about just as somebody, you know, kind of behind the Democrats that they can overplay their hand that in the court of public opinion at the end of the day. Okay. Paying off a porn star politics as usual thoughts. Well, I don't worry too much about that. We don't really know what the story is gonna play out to be hard for me to game out. How people are going to react to it. I think it's already becomes a much bigger than I thought it was back in the beginning. And what we might see from the full sort of flower. This investigation is both a investigative leads and other parts of Trump businesses stuff that these other folks might know about but also we might see transcripts. We might see a real sort of detailed account of how Trump was involved in this. So I think it's too early to prejudge how people are gonna react. We don't really know what the full story is yet. And what what we're gonna learn about Trump's involvement. Andrew David Andrea Mitchell here, what about the implications for campaign finance violations here as well. Is that a big enough deal to become a legal issue for the mother team? Do you think I think it is a big legal deal? I don't think it's the Muller team considers it part of their purview. I think the team is sort of happy to have other US attorney's office working on other issues that are not directly related to Russia. So I don't think Muller will get involved. But certainly I've heard people in the west wing or more worried about this just because of how deeply reaches into Trump's business and those who know the secrets of Trump's business. All right. David. Thank you so much for being with us. We as always we really do appreciate it. And and I wanted to just end on a side note here obvious, nobody could missed they read the New York Times on Sunday, the story of what Donald Trump and his administration are doing to young men and women this this thanksgiving and possibly going into Christmas pudding US troops on the border in combat position for threat that could easily be taken care of by the border patrol. You've asked this question. I will ask it this last of you as well, if you if you got the answers, how could James Mattis allow this to happen? He clearly he cannot be happy about this. David Ignatius, in fact, has written about where our generals Mattis and Dunford on all of this. Because this is not a decision that they could have supported. It's one thing for Jim Mattis to try to soft pedal. The the space force for instance, that he opposed and he clearly didn't we didn't have a parade on Pennsylvania Avenue on Veterans Day as the prison had initially ordered which was a colossal waste of money time for the district of Columbia for the armed forces. That's why the president was in Paris and not in Washington yesterday. But the fact is that the the well has been poisoned against James Mattis by John Bolton by his deputy meeker riccar Dow who are opponents of Mattis and one wonders I guess he stays on because of his loyalty because he's a soldier, but his position is increasingly untenable as we await further shakeups in the cabinet just to follow up. On what Andrew was saying. I think this has been a terribly difficult time for for secretary Mattis. He is tried to keep his head down. He's tried to preserve as viability with the president who keeps bad mouth him before the election said he's sort of a democrat will be going soon. But. In Riano about your your sources. But mind, tell me that this acquiescence to the decision to send the regular military to the border in what seemed to many people in uniform transparently political effort, I think really disturbed people that the military was being run into the president's political purposes. And I think secretary Mattis is going to really want to pull pull that back to the extent that he can. And I hope you'll have some support from from Republican senators and members of congress who were disturbed by this too. India, right. Our thanks to Andrea Mitchell. He'll be watching. Andrea Mitchell reports at noon here on MSNBC. I hope Mattis polls back, but we haven't seen anything still ahead on morning gel, senators at Brown cruise to be election in Ohio the US Senate race is it a model for Democrats in twenty twenty. He joins us next on morning. Joe? Ohio is seemingly as red as ever following last week's election results with Republicans maintaining their lead in Ohio's US house delegation and sweeping down tickets statewide, but the only democrat currently holding statewide office they are claimed third term on Tuesday and says his victory is proof. Progressives can win in America's heartland, newly elected democratic governor Sherrod Brown joins us. Now. Congratulations. Very good to have you Republicans did have such a good night in Ohio. What do you think made your win so convincing as a progressive democrat, progressive democrat, and you can you can fight for workers respect the dignity of work 'cause I do fight for workers. Whether you punch a clock or swipe a badge your work of salary or work for tips, or whether you're carrying for ageing parent, or or raising children, I respect the dignity of work. I think that's what Washington forgets about voters voters will vote for a strong progressive who I don't compromise on civil rights. I don't compromise LBJ q rights or worker worker rights on you can do that. And stand up for what you believe. And I think showed that on Tuesday and Mike barnicle. I it reminds me of Joe Biden at that bar in Pennsylvania, just saying we need candidates who represent all of us hard to do though. In a state that Republicans won. So overwhelmingly Joe Biden doesn't even drink. We should point that out. But. Senator brown. Let me ask you. You're in a tough position. You're in the minority going back into the United States Senate, you know, all the issues better than most, you know, it's important to this country into people, regardless of their party this country infrastructure healthcare costs things like that education for the children. But you more than most senators also know what it's like because you live an ordinary life back in YO when you stand in line at the drugstore and look at the shock on people's faces when they confronted with the co pay for the prescriptions that are so phenomenally expensive, what can be done on that you think might have a bipartisan shot of passing a number of things that we should do. First of all, we shouldn't go shade drug prices directly with the drug companies. I one of the things we do at the Veterans Administration today, obviously we celebrate Veterans Day. I appreciate earlier what injury and what David said about General Mattis and troops at the border and honoring the men and women in uniform. Today. Those whoever served our country, but we negotiate drug prices on behalf of seven million veterans directly the directly with the drug companies. We ought to do that for Medicare. Because a big part of what's driving healthcare cost is the cost of prescription drugs. We should allow we should allow the we should be able to purchase drugs on the open market is long as those countries around the world have an FDA equivalent. It's Canada does is a number of countries to. So there are a number of things we can do we should not allow the deductability of drug company advertising why why should taxpayers subsidize? Because of the time of day it is but all the all the drug company in the morning Joe show. Yeah. Donny deutsch. Congratulations on brilliant campaign wasn't about being a democrat or Republican. You kept your eye on the ball. What's right for the voters? And they responded having said that what I'm concerned about the Democrats going forward is them taking the right off that ball about education about health care and structure and focusing too much on Trump and impeachment and indictments and subpoenas. What advice would you have your fellow Democrats on the one hand, obviously, hold the president accountable in ways he needs to be not taking their eye off the ball. What voters really care about? Well, I go back to the winning campaigns around the country that that helped us take the house. I'd go look at my campaign in many ways as a blueprint not just to govern. And I don't mean false modesty here, but not not just to govern. But to prepare for twenty twenty blueprint where the focus is on workers. And you know, regardless of what kind of work, you do whether you swipe a badge or whether you work for salary, Sal. That putting workers first looking for you know, what what we do as a nation to support those who work and get the cost of prescription drugs downing infrastructure, keep my campaign. I don't agree on much of anything the only a couple of issues with president with the president United States. But my campaign was about workers about this where we with the direction we go. I think that's what we need to do. There will be investigations in the house as there should be. But Democrats do need to focus on those on those winning campaigns around the country where we talked infrastructure. We talked healthcare ffices, especially keeping drug prices down, and we focused on a middle class tax cut, not a tax cut the blew a hole in the budget. And then Mitch McConnell turns around and wants to cut Medicare and social security to pay for it. All right, Senator Sherrod Brown. Thank you so much. Congratulations. Thank you. Thanks to update. Now on the Mississippi Senate race yesterday video surfaced of a Republican Senator from Mississippi cheerfully saying that she would attend a public hanging. If a supporter invited her Senator Cindy, Hyde Smith who is competing in a run for full term this month made the comment while praising supporter on November. Second take a listen. The footage went viral and hide Smith responded quote in a comment, I referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement in referencing the one who invited me I used an exaggerated expression of regard and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous. I actually just don't know who who makes jokes like that. Just that's boggles the mind the campaign of her democratic opponent. Mike Espy who served as Mississippi's first black member of congress since reconstruction called Hyde Smith's comments reprehensible and said, they have no place in our political discourse in Mississippi or our country. They have no place in joking either. It's just not a joke. Joke about hangings public hangings still ahead. We'll get the very latest out of Florida where the race is on to recount ballots. Republican governor Rick Scott is his democrat Senator Bill Nelson of fraud. But state officials don't seem to agree with that. That is coming up on morning. Joe? Bill Nelson is clearly sore loser. He can't stand the fact that he's not going to be elected for what the first time in decades. And he won't he's he's just here to steal this election. That's what he's done. That was Florida. Governor Rick Scott claiming once again without evidence of fraud in the states US Senate race, the Florida recount situation is clearly a huge mess ensuring that the final results are trusted by the voters at the sunshine state. It's going to require extraordinary leadership. Unfortunately, the person in charge of the state governor Scott has already failed at that and failed miserably Scott may be a head in the vote count for his Senate race. But he's clearly more concerned with getting a new job then behaving in a dignified respectable and decent manner. His vision for his own political interests is kind of reminding me of when he was on our show. I think it was two years ago. Take a look. Would you tell your friend Donald Trump that he should walk back statements that Muslims that Islam hates America that Islam hates us do think Muslims in the state of Florida hate America? Well, as you know in Florida where the best melting pot in the world. We love everybody come into our state. I'm just asking generally, do you think that Muslims hate Americans that that is Lomb hates America's Donald Trump said last night. I tell you what's going on in Florida. We have where. In our state. Now, I want to know what's going on in your head governor, we're friends I want you to answer the question. Do you personally think that Islam is a religion that hates America? So Joe what I can tell you in our state, his we have a lot of Muslims living, our state raff it, right? Donald trump. You know, he can talk about what the things he wants to talk about. Marco Rubio can Ted Cruz. John, casey. Can you answer the question or should we scoot? Tell you that got everybody in Florida governor, Rick Scott, thanks for being on. We will. Move on now. Thanks. So we scooted Scott is making unsubstantiated charges of fraud in this election. He's filing lawsuits, and despite a small lead of roughly twelve thousand votes out of over eight million cast, he is childish -ly urging the democratic incumbent Bill Nelson to simply step aside before the votes are counted insured, Scott is trying to undermine the legitimacy of the election for himself rather than recusing himself from the process. Rick Scott is acting as political as peevish and as reckless as his friend, Donald Trump. This recount is a political nightmare. Rick, Scott, apparently cares. More about himself than the state. He is supposed to lead. Joe? I this guy. I don't understand why he is copying this president's behavior. I don't either I really don't. I mean, because if if you only talk to the people that know, the state of Florida. The best. He would know he's. Odds are he's going to win this thing and probably going to end it ended up winning it. Even after the machine counts. The hand recounts. I don't think Bill knows it's going to twelve thirteen thousand votes. Nobody believes that. And yet he's willing to accuse guy that's represented the state of Florida of of of committing a criminal act of trying to quote, steal the election. When Rick Scott's own monitors and the law enforcement officers in Rick Scott's own state say that's not true. And yet he keeps went back on FOX and Princess morning continuing to lie. He's lying everyday. These are these are lies. There's no basis. In fact, there's no basis in truth. These are just plain simple is and those lies will follow. Rick Scott to the United States Senate for the next six years, and they're just so so absolutely distressing. Just like it was distressing. The Marco Rubio because people found. A box of pencils and stickers and racers started talking about a grand conspiracy theory. They're just absolutely stupid. It was deplorable. But you know, what make them? It's just where we are. Of course. Here's Donald Trump tweeting, quote, the Florida election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and run to Santa at large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere in many ballots missing. Or for ages. I I'm not no we're not going to read it down. Just take it down at a gym. What a liar what a liar. He's ally. He's lied about Arizona. He's lying about Florida. And again, the crazy thing is Republicans are going to end up winning Florida, and he still lying about it. And Rick Scott, just like you saw on that clip from two years ago will not stand up to Donald Trump will not show the character that we used to expect from United States. Senators, and we expect from governors in the state of Florida, I will say one more time. If you were Republican if you weren't an office holder, let those with ears here. Trumpism was voted down in the most extrordinary and dramatic way anytime since Watergate it failed, and you Republicans had the biggest structural advantage that you've had in a very long time, and it will be a bigger structural advantage. Then you will have probably for decades to come and you still lost. And you may pick up a couple of seats in the United States Senate when you really should picked up five or six. Trump isn't fails. Lying catches up to politicians racism catches up. Do you think it's a coincidence that you lost Nevada and eras AirAsia two states with some of the largest Hispanic populations growing by the day after Donald Trump calls all Hispanics breeders and makes up the lies about Hispanics coming from Central America and bringing leprosy and smallpox. Actions have consequences. Rick Scott's words this week this morning. We'll follow him around for the rest of his political career. Mike up, and you know, what? Start using. The values and the political wisdom that you used and you showed before Donald Trump came on stage in American politics 'cause rest assured he will not stay on that stage longer past twenty twenty. All right. Joining us now democrat Rashida to Leib of Michigan with her victory on Tuesday. She and Minnesota congresswoman elect Ilhan, Omar the first Muslim women ever elected to congress. Thank you so much for being on our show. Congratulations. I guess first of all as as as we're in the age of Trump. What is your opinion of the way this president has handled race? I would like to hear directly from you as a woman and one of the first Muslims to serve in congress. You know, many people that are very close to me. No, the struggle that as a mother raising two Muslim boys and America that even my eldest son questions, whether or not he can tell someone that he's a Muslim faith that he's even era, and I never thought in the time in our country that my child would have fear and being who he is in our own country. And it is something that really comes with me as I enter the United States, Congress that I push back against that. I that I show my son that bullies and hate doesn't win that we can if we stand up speak up run for office that we get into the room and make sure that we have a voice in a seat at the table. And that we show love and that we lead with compassion. And that we lead with this. Sense of understanding all of us that that were part of this humanity together, and that this kind of divisiveness actions and so forth doesn't win. And so that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna come in is a mom and try the best I can to uplift, my little voice of voice in that room as as so many of us are right now just feeling the sense. Like he's pushing back against ourselves feeling belonging here in the United States of America, Rasheeda USA, divisiveness does not work. What are you gonna do about United nests if you may nineteen the country and addressing the real issues healthcare immigration infrastructure? Our veterans what what is your strategy on that versus attacking president? That is sexes. He's some horrible racist attacking him. I was talking about mother. I was talking about the fact that my thirteen year old boy has to hide who he is. But I can tell you this. I didn't run to become the first. Muslim woman elected Iran because I have the third poorest congressional district in the country where most of my schools, don't even have clean water where the corporate assault on working families in Detroit and Wayne County where I represent actually don't feel like they have any connection with our own government that they feel like it's not about people. So I'm going to uplift their voices. I'm gonna fight against corporate greed that has infant-related are United States Congress into our government, and I'm gonna push back. And you know, the way I'm gonna do is I'm going to fight for Medicare for all and fight against discrimination. I'm gonna fight against the ongoing assault from the car insurance industry in the Michigan. We have the highest rates of car insurance because of the practice of redlining. I'm gonna lift their voices up. That's what I'm going to do. And I will out work the hate I will out work every single thing on the agenda of the right wing. I don't care if it's Trump or whoever it is that's leading this kind of pushed against the working families that I represent, but it's going to be loud. And. It can be very direct. It's going to be very clear in it's going to be about those issues, those values my district did not vote for me because I'm Muslim they voted for me because I have the heart in love and passion to give them a voice in the United States. Congress. Congressman elected this David Ignatius. Congratulations just wanted to ask you, the Muslim community in America's been extraordinarily supportive of law enforcement of our military. It's one of the things that is most striking if you travel our military. Do you worry that that's gotten frayed with all of the tax from the president of this supporters on the wilty of Muslims is that beginning to take told you think in many ways it does because you know, people feel isolated. They don't feel like they can go to their own government for help. They can feel like they're also protecting. You know, all of us that they're only protecting certain people. I think that's when it happens. That's when that distrust happens, it creates unsubtly feelings within our neighborhoods within our communities. And so yes, I do think it does. But you know, again, we cannot work it we can elect people like me. I mean, I'm not going to be this person that just comes. I'm Muslim American era. Iowan. I'm a mother all of those things are very important, but all of us. I I mean, I left women like Anna Presley and Alexsandr Cossio Cortez and Alon, Omar Johanna Hayes and in-depth Holland injuries. David all of us as I you. You look at everything that we ran on it wasn't because we wanted to be I it's because you know, we're mothers that we are outside of the ring for so long and listening to everybody try to speak for us that we were tired of it that we as working families as people that understand college debt understand what it means to send your child to underfunded schools. I mean half of the members of United States Congress are millionaires. They are not an income bracket that eve is even close to the majority of Americans across this country. They don't have a voice within the congress right now. And it's gonna change it's going to change with a rainbow of color women. It's going to change with just an incredible focus that women. Ring when we do anything in this country. Rashida this fire that is burning within you so evident this morning one. Did it start and how did it start? Joe I'm the eldest of fourteen children. It's probably the most defining thing about me. I've been taking care of people all my life. I don't like when people are told they don't deserve something because of the color of their skin or because of their income class because where they live. And so for me, I've always been that protector that big sister. I come people call me, mama bear. I do feel like I push against anything that makes people feel less than or dehumanize them people. I don't care if your server at a restaurant or an attorney at a nonprofit organization, I don't care what you do for a living as long as you know, from right and wrong as long as you know, you're part of a larger human class in our country. And then we all deserve respect in love. Then we'd be able to succeed and move forward. Fire comes as a child of immigrants as somebody that grew up in probably the most beautiful black city in the country, the city of Detroit, the birthplace of the civil rights movement. The birthplace of the labor rights movement. All of that is in me as I come to the United States, Congress congresswoman elect cheetah to leap. Thank you very much. And congratulations, again, the fact of the matter was he was a crew. This is a story that is not well known let stuck in my mind about this was in the white, but it really should be especially maybe oh, my to Manto NS NBC present bag, man. Search bag man to subscribe now.

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