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Thanks to everyone who supports daily tech news show directly to find out more head to daily technicial dot com slash support. This is the daily tech news for Thursday, November first all sinks day twenty eighteen in Los Angeles on Matt. Feline I'm Sarah lane from Oakland, California. I'm Justin Robert young. And I am Roger Chang producer and Halloween. Dead. Halloween, dad. Jeff fun carrying daughter all was exhausted. But the the houses were very well decorated nice. I sounds sounds like a overall a healthy as far as workout goes and enjoyable Halloween. All right. Let's get right into the tech news with few things, you should know. Security researcher Jose Rodriguez discovered a bug in Iowa's twelve point one. Which of course, was just released on Tuesday that exploits groups Pete time calls allowing anyone to access an iphone contact information without needing a passcode. So Rodriguez found this by selecting the face time icon at inner person selecting the plus icon and then scrolling through contacts using three touch to provide contact information like Email, addresses and phone numbers. Now, a hacker would need physical access to a phone to exploit this which limits the exploits power, obviously, but contact information from victims network could plan to phishing schemes and the like. Twitter is testing a home screen button on IOS that lets users. Switch from an algorithm time line to the former reverse chronological feed that only shows people they follow this option existed within Twitter's Iowa's settings. But the test makes tog link between top tweets, view and latest tweets view much easier. Finally, doing something we want Microsoft's twits competitor mixer has some updates calling it season. Two of the software releasing over the coming weeks skills, Friday and s- members interact with game. Streams sparks patronage that works as currency within mixer mixer embers new virtual currency that audience members can purchase with actual currency and progressions starting next year mixer will game affi- the audience portion of streaming trying to get fans to use skills earn props from other audience members and just generally participate more. Let's talk a little bit more about a rumored acquisition sources. Is still financial times that apple is held talks with iheart media to take a stake in the US radio company. But that the potential deal is still in the preliminary stages, and maybe a multimillion dollar marketing partnership rather than a direct investment iheartmedia filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy in March. Tom, let me ask you this. Let's play a little game of wear this story. Come from. Yeah. It's certainly not apple apple doesn't benefit apple doesn't leak. Usually unlike a lot of companies and. Or on purpose leak. I should say. I mean, they leak like a sieve and other ways. But, but they don't do the we want you to know necessarily a lot iheartradio on the other hand going through chapter eleven bankruptcy gets a lot of benefit out of the idea that apple might sink some money in any way in it. I hurt media is a very interesting a play for them in that what apple wants with apple music is connections. It's why Jimmy. I've seen was such a perfect person to launch that service. Iheartmedia has a tremendous. If you don't know what I hurt media is they have partnerships with all the major radio broadcasters. Yes, all five of them. And they wheeled tremendous influence further concerts and stuff like that. They are the digital face for radio. Which of course, means it's kind of crippled and not really as good as it could be. But if apple takes it over or apple makes a deal with them. They get what they want which is access to major artists and more of an ability to get exclusive content. I kind of. Intrigued by the idea of apple acquiring iheartmedia. And then suddenly all these iheart radio stations become apple radio stations. Right. I mean that sounds very apple like, I could imagine apple music, powering radio stations. It's why they started beats one because they love that idea of personality driven radio beats one suddenly could be carried in small parts on a bunch of different radio stations around the country at that. That's a question because do they want beat does beats one want to grow out of the exclusivity of apple music or do they want to keep that there? What about their exclusive shows? I mean, I would have been making Ed suggesting beats one takes over radio station. So the let me be clear I was saying I was thinking of these sort of situations where you have a beats one radio hour. On the current iheartradio partners. And that just pushes people to the full beats one product. Okay. So so you have Zane Lowe who is they're they're the number one guy who does interviews with every major artist. And so when he sits down with Drake now, all of a sudden, you get it on ninety two point three as well as the app. So yeah, the reaches is quite greater. I think that's actually really good idea. I think it's intriguing. I also think it's probably going to be as fruitful of rumor as the one where apple was thinking of buying. Time Warner media, which they explored and didn't do I have a feeling they'll explore this and go. Yep. That's a dying company. No. We would rather not. But sure we'll market. I would fully expect a marketing partnership to come out of this. I think a marketing partnership the other thing that I hurt media does. And this might be more of an Acura higher of you guys have the connections that can have a spread into traditional radio. If that's the way that we wanna go because they're kind of like, Hulu where before Hulu started making a name for themselves with their original content. Their biggest point of value as it continues to be is that they had financial and creative relationships with the networks that supply the hit shows, and unlike Werner, this is much cheaper acquisition. So apple has still has a pile of cash sitting around for as I could tell. Well, here's some news that came directly from the company itself. So notice announced its d'alene support for Google assistant until Twenty-nine teen on the Sonos one after saying last October that was twenty seventeen that Google would be supported by twenty eighteen and a blog post center says it needs more time to get the experience rate it's making progress, and we'll try to lock down dates in early two thousand nineteen this this strikes close to home. I know because you you have the Sonos and you use Amazon voice services on it. But I know you've been intrigued by the idea of using Google that was the whole idea of this is that it was not platform agnostic. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. I mean, I don't know. It's it's I kind of I don't know a few months ago. I was like, I guess that whole Google assistant thing is just not happening. It's nice to hear so no sane. Listen. We're not meeting the expectation. We need more time. We're going to don't worry about it. We're trying to be as transparent as possible. Appreciate that. Still sort of a bummer for somebody who spent more money on a speaker. That was that was pheno. It was it wasn't Amazon or Google product. It was something else that was, but that's their brand. Right. And so they would rather their gamble is. Let's not release something that's bad. You're paying more at an increasingly commodities market when Amazon is literally putting out a microwave with some of this functionality, you something more better sound, better recognition, right but form, so they want to get it. Right. I think this is good for their brand. But also Sonos is the kind of company that waited probably about a year Dulong to get into some of this voice assistant kind of stuff. So we will we will see exactly how long it takes for them to get it right is suspect to and this may be entirely off base. But I suspect Google is a harder partner to work with an Amazon, and with one voice services seems to make it into pretty much anything at wants to be Google. This is not the only company that saying, yeah, we want to bring Google assistant, and it'll happen. But it's not yet. I think Google has a lot more restrictions on what you can do with the data because that's where Google makes all of its money Amazon just wants to direct someone into the retail channel. Otherwise, they can be flexible Google wants to own all the data of the of the person who does this. So they can sell them advertising and Sonus maybe a little uncomfortable with aspects of that part of the situation. I don't know. I tell you what that would be a really really really good story. Free lead to all the freelance journalist listening right now, I like that element of the voice wars is fascinating. Because to me it could dictate whether or not Google assistant, no matter how good of a product. It is if it's ever going to be able to catch up to the scale of Amazon Alexis, and I've seen some articles around that topic. So I wouldn't be surprised if someone's digging into that update at right now flicker man feels like dude buzz L out again, I'm talking about flicker flicker announced it will no longer require users to sign in with the yahu account credentials starting in January those with free accounts. However will also no longer get a terabyte of free storage. Instead being limited to one thousand photos pro users on the other hand who only could get a terabyte of storage. But they got other perks now for their fifty dollars a year. Get unlimited storage flicker became part of Verizon back in two thousand seventeen when Verizon bite yahu member. Yahoo owned flicker? But smug mug bought flicker from Verizon or rather from oath. The combination of Yahoo AO L back in April. So this is kind of the first big revision of flicker since smug monk took it over. I have been a flicker user since well before. Yahoo bought flicker, and I've paid for flicker pro even though I don't really use it anymore, and I don't really know anybody else's who's using it. But it has worked really well as a photo repository with with full the full file sizes. Right. The one terabyte of storage for for free. Even though I was paying was really advantageous and actually recommended it to be all the time. Like, I don't know just get a Yahoo account. And I mean, it's a really good photo storage. So the fact that they're dallying back on that. Does not surprise me. The fact that you don't need a Yahoo logging anymore is great because I you know, I had a Yahoo account. But that was litter. The only reason that I used it was the scientist flicker and. I don't know. I mean, if you pay fifty dollars a year for unlimited storage, that's that. I mean, we're we're used to these subscription models. Now that is if it's truly unlimited and you take a lot of photos, and they take a lot of space that might be a good deal to you. I just don't know how many people who didn't Ernie exists in the flicker ecosystem in in the last. Gosh, I don't know ten years. Twelve years would be swayed to do this with all the other options that they have cloud storage, one of the book said in the press release around this is they're trying to divert people from using them as storage for photos and start the community aspect of. Okay. But I mean, you're offering people like crazy storage, we're fixing. Whereas before it was just if you're using to know the man before it was a free terabyte, right? And so people would just dump their photos because like I don't even have a terabyte of photos. Now, they're saying look if you pay you'll get unlimited because we want people. Who actually want to put their money down? Not just use this as free storage. But I I mean, okay community greets who's talking to you on flicker anymore. Well, that's what they want to start back up. Again, they wanna make it a community photography enthusiasts back in Pogue form. I think it's a very tall order when you're asking somebody to plunk down fifty dollars a year. I don't know if in our as we mythology is our history is every generation does if there will be a story of a more beloved yet abused brand that flicker to this day. Like a why we're even still covering? It is kind of amazing considering. Or it's bounced around from its, but it's got it's got a huge amount of active users to it's not a mind like Instagram, but a hundred million people use it. So I I it is it is it is a cultural touchstone. Yeah. It is. It is amazing. How much it has retained while it is very obviously, just balanced ping pong around the internet owner to owner. What's apps? Vice-president Chris Daniels that Wednesday that the company will start putting advertising in its status feature sometime next year what's apps status feature. Let's use your share ephemeral text photos, videos and gifts the advertisement would be reportedly powered by Facebook's native advertising system. What's that has more than one point five billion users and has never been ad-supported before? I am shocked shocked that this is why the free with all of those billions of users would start to introduce advertising. Yeah. And this is why the founders left they remember what's up used to have to pay for it. You have to pay ninety nine cents or something. Right. It was not much. But it was it was it was the thought was we aren't ad-supported that he finally has changed with the departure of the founders and the pressure of Facebook in a way that is it sticking. Advertising in your messages. It's they're sort of Snapchat like feature, but. Yeah. Sarah with you. I'm not shocked. They were purchased by an advertising company. It was a big time money because they sell advertising, and look you can sell the, oh, but we're a company that's really wants to just understand communication, and we want to safeguard these companies to grow as they will. And that lasted about as long as I I'm I don't say I like it. But I'm not surprised at all. No. I'm surprised that they held out this look now what's has been gigantic for a very very long time on the other hand ads in the status. Not the worst thing. They could do right. Yeah. I mean, that's a feature of what's up? I don't currently use. My us. What's up with certain friends, usually the don't live in the United States because the usage in certain markets is is big. And I wanna talk to those folks. But now, the the whole sort of activity status part of it is I mean, it's very Facebook. Okay. You got that Instagram? Now, you have that in Facebook already and have for awhile. What's up not a big surprise? They're all Facebook properties. All right moving onto Google now. Google require users to enable Java script when logging in Google uses. Java script to run a risk assessment. And says point one percent of its users run with Java script turned off this will disproportionately impact box which run through headline. Browsers with Java. Scrip- turned off for proponents reasons. Google will also use data from play protect to list harmful apps in the security checkup section and prompt them to uninstall them. The company will also notify you whenever you share any data from your Google account. Not just Email or contacts the account in general end Google will begin walking people to securing their account, it potentially unauthorized activity is detected so going going in reverse order from the most recent one that you mentioned I love this idea that if you've been hacked they're going to walk you through security like do you have financial data? Do you? What about this third party app? Let's walk you through all this stuff. They're adding more things to the security checkup section to help you say like, hey this app is listed as harmful. Are you? Sure. You want this? Maybe you should uninstall it. These third party services have access did you realize that we're not just talking about g mail anymore? We're talking about any access. This is all good till you get to the Java script part. And I know I'm probably being unreasonable because zero point one percent of users have Java script turned off. But I'm still in the mindset that turning Java script off is a good security practice to protect yourself from getting hacked, and the idea that you have to have Java script on to run a security check just rubs me the wrong way. Even though rationally I know that that is not necessarily a bad thing. And the Java script is is no longer as much of a security hole as it used to be. There's just something. I can't get over there. Well, I mean, there's very much seems like the ingineers solution to this problem. Right. Like, these Botts are headless than they and they turn off Java script. So they you can run more of them. Right. Yeah. And so this is going to keep Botts out until the bots start running. It'll bras with John. It turned out. It is. It is just a very interesting kind of solution to that to say like all right. Well, what's the one thing that these all all these things have in common? Jarvis the Java scrip- starting up. All right. You gotta have JavaScript turned up. Although that's not the only reason the Java script running on is because they're do other checks. They do other behavioral checks as well. And I get that understand that. And if you're running something like no script, you can authorize Google say, okay? Google can run Java scrip-, but nobody else can still be pretty secure. And if you don't trust Google to run Java script will then you shouldn't be using Google anyway, right? Right. Yeah. It just I don't know. There's just this. I guess I'm just getting old and inflexible, but part of me just bristles at using Java script as a security function the kids these days. Freedom House issued its annual internet freedom report, we've talked about this in the past seventeen of the sixty five countries listed in the report have adopted laws restricting online media, by the way, Estonia topped the list for internet freedom. If you want the most internet freedom, go to teachers country Estonia, the US saw a one point decline in its freedom ranking attributed mostly to the repeal of the open internet guidelines the net neutrality rules as well as the renewal of surveillance authorization, which is the first time that the surveillance authorization could have been changed since the Snowden revelations, and it was essentially just passed as is with no changes, roughly, eighteen countries increased state surveillance out there, thirty two countries, employed, commentators, bots, and trolls to manipulate opinion. And there's good news Armenia, use social media and communication apps to help. It's peaceful revolution earlier this year. And if the opiates new prime minister released bloggers from prison and pledged to ease restrictions on online. So, you know, some good news a lot of bad news. And generally you see in this report. Freedom House pushing the idea that fear of fake news and bots and trolls is being used in a lot of countries to justify repressive restrictions on communication. Including this one. We talk a lot about internet access. And depending on where you are like what are the speeds that you can get you know, is your is your government compliance. And and I wonder we don't want to read something like this. It's not unlike someone saying will these are some really good schools in the area. Remind wanna buy a home. Freedom. You might wanna move. Exactly. Yeah. The internet access is quite good here. It has a walk score of ninety percent are and I wonder how adding obviously we all care about this. But how much will this turn into something? That is actually a very important factor for the average. I don't know. Well, how does it put on governments for change? I think that the reason puts this out is to to apply pressure to governments to to push for a more open internet versus I think that the nature of this. And what we're seeing here is that the more people are aware of the internet. The more people have the internet as part of their daily lives, the more. We will see restriction. Yeah. And whether or not that restriction is good. We'll be up to the government and the solutions for which they offer. But to me, this is the moment that we are having right now culturally be it about politics or sports. Or culture or anything else? This is because we have more and more people that now understand the internet to be part of their daily lives more so than we could have ever imagined. When we were when when Tom when you were started this franchise, oh so many years ago. Right. Like, this is a totally new world because we've crossed the threshold befitted tipping point. And when that happens that means that government there's government viability in making it better. And now whether or not the cure is worse than the disease is up to your political philosophy. And specifically each thing that is put out there. But to me, I read this, and I see the more we know about it, the more we want to mitigate it, and the more we want to control it and the more affected has on people. The more people want to control what effect it has on people. Yes, right. I mean, even for good another thing. I thought was interesting in this report was India and Sri Lanka came under criticism for turning off internet connectivity. And. And blocking apps during riots enduring conflicts because they said they wanted to control the conflicts and stop the mal militias actors from communicating and Freedom House says maybe that isn't the best way. Maybe you also you do more harm than good when you do that. And that's up for debate. That's an interesting conversation. Folks, if you want to get all the tech headlines each day in about five minutes, be sure to subscribe to daily tech headlines dot com gives you everything you need to know in time for a brand new segment. I invented an hour ago called quick question. I invented this segment when Giga Matt asked on Twitter can tina's detail this during today's show, even just a few minutes, I'm Tikki and confused as to what this means. He's referring to Recode and vox announcing that they're partnering up. Now, I was trying to just answer his Twitter question and ended up taking a lot of notes. So I'm just going to answer his question here in front of everyone Recode was bought by vox in two thousand fifteen. So it is confusing that they're partnering when vox already owns Recode, but Recode is essentially been partnered with the verge, which is also owned by vox fact, sharing staff and sharing writers and sharing posts in some cases with Rico taking a more business slash opinion. Slant CARA Swisher, the founder founder with Walt Mossberg of Recode announced the partnership saying Recode will shift its aditorial approach to focus writers on pointed narratives, rather than simply topics or specific companies. There's another to'real shift as part of this essentially Recode will still be called Recode, but it's going to become a section of vox dot com. So it's kinda shifting away from the verge and joining vox, you can see an example of this sort of thing with I o nine they made a big deal about the fact that I was merging into Gawker. If you go to an island nine story, it still looks like you're on I o nine, but at the sensually a subsection of Gawker now Recode will still be a separate business. But it will have a unified newsroom it'll be part of the vox newsroom the partnership with FOX's meant to broaden the appeal. They intend to invest in more writers more resources more editorial reach with a more ambitious at toward editorial vision, and they expect a relaunch of Rico dot net on vox dot com. Early next year. Dan frommer is leaving as the editor. Also care Swisher is writing a column for the New York Times. She started writing that earlier this year and the Wall Street Journal reported that the media holding group was on pace to miss its revenue target this year by roughly fifteen percent. So those are the facts, Justin. Yeah. What's your take on this advertising? Thing you'll have an advertising division that has to sell advertising. And it's way easier when vox dot com can go to advertisers and say, how would you like all these page views as opposed to saying, hi, where the vox media group, we have this site and this site and this site and this site, and then GE can say, okay. But we want this and this but not this in this. This is the exact same thing that Gawker went through. It's a lot easier for them to say, oh, no. I o nine is not our weird little science fiction site. These are just the science fiction stories that are on Gawker dot com. Same thing with valley wag if you are not a big enough brand that advertisers want to advertise with you, no matter what. Then it's easier. If the ad sales. People can sell it as part of this whole that bolsters their page views and their cliques of versus a sub brand of that is harder for the people that are selling jelly donuts or chairs or whatever. To to buy adds up. I mean when I worked at tech crunch, even though I was in the video division, I worked closely with a lot of the writers and page views for king as they still are. And if somebody if if if if Spotify announces their earnings reports, and you get more clicks on your article than Rico dozen there's then you want in. So I think that the folks at Recode have never really focused too much on that more of a here's our take that is informed and thoughtful. And because we're a bunch of professionals, and that's why Recode is one of the outlets that I enjoy most. However when you get into a situation where it's like, okay. We'll do the fact stuff we're never winning. And we can't be independence doing what we're doing now. And again with advertiser money to be to to to be put into play. That's not that. We will. We will be seen as a loser in less. We become part of again, I know vox meat is it's a little bit complicated. But Tom spelled it out a little bit earlier that to be part of the verge as a kind of like hit the grownups. Here's where you get a little bit of a deeper dive on a lot of the stuff next. Perfect sense. You know, who knows what the financial situation is for for Recode. But it seems to me that it it keeps everybody who works at Recode. Who does what they do? Very well happier in the long run. It moves Recode away from being a tech site and into buying the tech lifestyle aspect of vox, right? Vox dot com. Which is a more general news site. I saw. Sorry. Go ahead. I just was going to say I see Karen wisher gone from Recode within two years. I wouldn't be shocked, although she will be more of an important part of that site. Even then she is now as if it moves toward opinion people, but they need to grow up. In fact, she might even still do a column for them. But just no longer be St. we running it. No, no. I I would buy that. Look, she's not running at. Anyway, they're looking for new editor. She hasn't run it as an editor in a while. Sure. If if you're looking at it as a reader as a fan of Recode, yes, this will change the content to more of a not an every day read necessarily in terms of finding out your one stop shop to find out. What's going on in tech? You're going to get more opinion cut his stuff. But in general, I read this and all I see is this was the advertising department complaining to the higher ups and them getting their way because guess who pays everybody's salaries? The person who's trying to sell triscuits or sell Nabisco that truth did further are going to be sold in is on Recode. Hey, everybody if you want to participate in our sub read it. Well, I have good news for you. We have one please go to daily take show dot ready dot com. You can submit stories and vote on others were also on Facebook. If Facebook is more of your bag or maybe both read it in Facebook, not gonna hate you. Facebook dot com slash groups slash daily tech new show real quickly. Let's check the mail bag. Let's do it. The first Email came from Kaby who says he is from surprisingly, warm Virginia. I enjoyed your discussion about where modern phone design is going but increase green area in notches and work arounds around that whole thing just to provide another perspective. I think wasn't mentioned in the discussion when did Bethel's become so heated cave. He says to me if one doesn't notice the notch. Why is it neat or uniform basil considered a nice were see Samsung S nine or the pixel XL the notch feels like an ugly compromise for very? Minimal gain us more as a marketing bragging rights about screened body ratio wet which is which is. Oh, dear. What's the matter? Sorry. This Email just went away, which is then amplified in the tech press. Sorry, got it back. I'm reminded of when manufacturers were obsessed with making their phones thinner every year often at the expense of battery life. However now phone seemed to have gotten a little thicker and a little heavier with very little attention. Obviously, just my opinion thoroughly enjoyed the show watch it daily. Yeah. I'm going to say this is not the first person to say that they they have run into a mystification of why people are promoting buzzer lists as a function. So people Bethel haters of the world righted feedback. Daily tech news, show dot com. Tell us tell us why we shouldn't have battles because the buzzer lovers are making some good points. Thanks everybody who gives us feedback. And also, thanks to Justin Robert young for being with us this fine. Thursday, Justin, where can people keep up with whatever you're doing these days? So it's a big week. Ladies and gentlemen, you will be able to follow not only all of the last bridge toward the midterms politically on my newsletter free political newsletter dot com. I really would very much encourage folks to go ahead and check that out as well. As my live show, only a few tickets remaining, this is a spend election night with me that is Tuesday November six election night, as if you guys haven't been reminded about that enough on the internet, seven PM the piano fight theater in San Francisco. You can get your tickets right now. Bit dot L Y slash wave watch. We're going to be watching live results come in analysis and to look normally you're just watching everybody futz around on television waiting for things to happen. Instead of doing that watch me make fun of the most insane campaign ads of all time this midterm season. A right there at the theater so have a great time buying tickets with folks it's patriots day. Thank you so much for backing us. This is the day when we start collecting the pledges from patriot dot com slash us. And there's a cornucopia of new stuff up there for you. An interview with rob read about why he thinks we really need to worry about an apocalypse, even though he's an eternal optimist. There's also my latest editor's desk about the story. We talked about earlier about the freedom of internet access. I've got a lot more thoughts on that. It's all available at patriotair dot com slash DT. And s if you want to give feedback or Email addresses feedback daily tech news, show dot com. If you wanna watch us live, we're live Monday to Friday at four thirty pm eastern twenty thirty UT, and you can find out more at daily tech new show dot com slash live back tomorrow with Justin Robert young hosting along with their catch in certain. I'll be out they'll see you. Then. This show was part of the fraud pants network. Get more at frog pants dot com. Club enjoyed this bro.

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