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Taste. Hello. This is Helena vogues booking structure. And today. I'm so excited to have our September. Covergirl V KENDALL Jenner calling into our studio today candle. Thank you so much for taking the time to appear on our podcast, and congratulations on your stunning September cover what a huge moment for you. They you. I'm so excited. So VO cover is covered and special in and of itself a September, cover even more. So is there any past September issue that as a specially memorable for you? Honestly, I'm right, obviously, the biggest fan, and this is the biggest dream for me. And like, it's just so insane. And I'm like, I'm in love with Adele last cover. I'm in love with beyond say's last. Right. I tell him Beyonce. They were the last two right, y'all. My fiance was last September. I think it does the March for the other big issue. Yeah. But the say I'm like an love at that was incredible. She's amazing woman will nice footsteps for you to follow in. Actually, I feel. I'm so honored. It's like, I literally I still can't even believe it. I'm just incomplete shock, and I'm completely honored. Amazing. So since you were so delighted to be on the cover who was the first person that you told when you found out. About the project. Okay. So I talked to my mom. Of course, my mom was knowing that I kinda got to freak out with. But I was like very big on keeping secret. Like, I want it to be a surprise. I wanted to surprise for everyone. So for I don't know. I was like I was just celebrating with my mall. I look barely even sisters because I just want everyone to be like when it comes down. I want it to even more of a shock vector. Nice. Is there anyone in particular who's reaction to the cover? You're really excited to see once. They are surprised honestly my family. That's kinda why don't like pulling my whole family. I have such a big family, and we're all such best friends. So Lynch that we all support each other. And we all love it when one of succeeds. So like, I just love my guy loved the reaction of my family and my sisters, and you can just really feel the love, and I it's just I mean, it's the best nicely. I'm sure that will be an amazing moment. And when they all see at at something else, they'll be seeing on the cover throughout your career. You've had a trademark long style. And for the September issue legendary hair. Stylist Garin give you a bold new cut on sat on the first day of shooting. How did that decision come about? And how did you feel about the cut or you nervous to make the change and do feel that it made the cover more special? I think more special Matt actually texted me the day before and was like, I wanna cut your hair, all my how I've been waiting for someone to wanna cut my hair, actually, cutting kind of bored with my long, like just straight hair waiting for someone to want to do it. And for math to come and say you wanted to do it. I trust him. And I know he thinks I know he knows cool. And I know you know, what would look good on me. And he made me most comfortable than the next day. We kind of all brainstorm together me Garin, and Matt and Omni, and we were just brainstorming. And I was showing some pictures hair hairstyles that I love and actually put up a picture of Christie, and I was like I love this air style. And everyone was like love it do it. And I was like. Perfect. Everyone agrees. Nice while it may actually grow in length again. So you'll get a chance to do another cut. Eventually I love that. You got to try something that you've been dying to do for a long time on the shoot. Is there a fashion story or something that you would really like to do that? You haven't had a chance to yet. Maybe like a story concept you'd love or someplace you'd like to travel too. I wrote. I love her go. I'm going to mostly viz. I love going places that like you've never been before. And that are just so incredibly beautiful that you don't get to see every day like not like somewhere outside insane and beautiful with something like a wig on you that makes you so different. And really care love something like that. And I love something. Everyone knows I'm like excessive these in the eighties and the seventies and everything like that. So I love being able to go back in time. Nice. I really liked that you have so many ideas of your own one of the things that social media has changed or models of your generation is that it's giving you the platform to put yourself in the position as a collaborator an image crater for the brands that you work with in a way, this makes you more similar to models in the past those glamorous models like Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista who are part of the creative process. More than just anonymous mannequins in what way has social media. Given you and your peers tool to do this. I think her for the major. Very next with the fan base. And I think that that's something that not a lot of models in the past hat and John with Cindy. And we'll talk about it. Sometimes it's just so impressive me that models. Like, Cindy, and Linda, and Christy Naomi, they didn't have what I have today who connects with fans, but they still have that connection just photo and that so impressive. And that's something that I guess I'll never know. But it's like so mind blowing to me, and it's mind blowing to Cindy as well away that we have today. So it's it's actually a really cool thing to kind of talk about with her into kinda get her point of view on it. And it was I don't know. It's very interesting. Definite connection that we have. And that were that were able to know it's a new version is pretty awesome. So you have millions upon millions of followers on your Instagram. But one of the most impressive things about your feed, even more. So than its follow numbers. How great the photos you take for our your photography skills are definitely getting quite a bit of not. Do you have any training as a photographer are yourself talk? Not very I I did take for in school for like three years. So I did that. So I had like it was more of a how to work the camera thing. It wasn't. I think everyone has their own pace and everyone has their own like liking on things. So I think that it's just my way of viewing the world. And that's where I think it says special about I love between your own personal bumping. Yes. Your art. So it's it's very personal. But yeah, I mean, I had to I was taking classes to learn how to work a camera and stuff, and is there a particular type of camera that you use for your photos yet? I use an open to show camera, and it just takes them amazing authentic photos. And that's my nice will you recently? Join snapchat. And I for one have been following your every story what side to take the plunge and join a little bit later than some of you are your cohorts, and how do you feel the difference social media platforms differ in terms of what kind of content you like to share on them? Yeah. I think that to get a snapshot at I just because. I was always very cry. Or if you wanna say the most out of my family, and I felt like it was very personal thing. It's not try to stupor the moment. So when you take a Snapchat. It's obviously, a course what's happening at that moment. So that's where that's where it kind of creeks. Creeks sitting in the car with me, I thought about maybe getting one, and I'm sitting in the cars little sister, who's like, the cleaner Snapchat, and she was making Sachin shows make and like do it. And I was like what you feel and to help me out my followers, but I question and the. Okay. Cool. So I need what. And now, I love it. I mean, I'm not like the I don't match ton. Again. I still have that like fear of just like letting everyone on exactly putting them moment. Like on Instagram different. Take a photo and the post two hours later, but yeah, I'm here like being able to have the one kind of in a little bit Kylie gave you a shout out. It's nice to know that you need to lean on someone to get more followers your fears about your privacy, kind of make me questions something working with young models and women in the public eye. One thing that I often Maury about for them. And for all of you is about your your actual safety, and the increasing levels of exposure that y'all have on social media. Are there any particular precautions that you take with respect to sharing private information like your whereabouts are mean, like I said, I the fact that that touch very into every like sharing my location or my geo tag, unless it's already known where I'm at is that make sense. So like if I'm spent more. Going knows. I'm not tacking it our whenever earth. I'm a restaurant, and there's the proper trying to fan than mine geo tagging and people can know where I am. But otherwise, if if I'm already being very private I'd rather keep it that way, speaking of ubiquitous paparazzi without giving too much away. For those not read are September cover piece, you spent a few quality days with our writer Jonathan Van Meter and at some juncture paparazzi spotted YouTube together, and he was subsequently referred to in the press as quote, an older gentleman and personally big out for him. That wasn't very nice. How do your friends outside of fashion and entertainment handled the scrutiny that accompanies every move? And what is the strangest place the paparazzi ever tried to follow you? That that's the law in the different shoes. And the people you let around your life. I I don't think a lot of people not normal. So I don't think a lot of people know how to deal with it or know how to accept it. And I've definitely had moments with friends where they freak out because they've never had this before and they don't get it. And it's it's a different thing. But it's something that they kind of have to learn, and if they're if they're genuine friends, and I think that if if they're to be in your life forever, then they are gonna learn to deal with it or they're going to learn how to maneuver it on their own because it's it's something that it's baggage. It's definitely baggage on on my end, and I have to kind of like warn people up at and that may sound kind of weird. But it's just something that I kinda have to do it. But if you have a genuine enough friend, and they're nice, nothing really entirely bother them. And make you make them not wanna be your friends. Strangest place. I wouldn't say I think it's it's more of a more disrespectful place. Like, they try and follow you into private places that actually are like illegal for them to go, and they'll still go, and that's like it's like cross the line. That's fortunate. Yeah. That's a fortunate. I'm sure it's a lot for you to cope with. So your career has really taken off in the past two years and the life of a model can be really crazy whirlwind of working with new people every day and being an unfamiliar situations. But in the short time that you've been working you've already developed some amazing term relationships from your cosmetics contract with Estee Lauder to your work with Calvin Klein, your frequent collaborations with Carlisle fouled, and your many turns on the Monchy runway. What does it feel like to work with friends and this newfound professional family in mazing like you said this industry, you you have to be put in front of so many new faces and you can meet different people. And really like put yourself into new situations all the time, which is something that I actually wasn't good two years ago. And now become so much better at it. And that's something that I can really take away from career and be happy about. But yeah, I could get what. So when you do get those relationships and connections and collaborations with people that end up being family. It's just so much warmer. And it's so awesome to come around and be able to have a friend around. It makes this job a lot easier and a lot more fun. And yeah, I mean, it's great. It's I've never had so many friends in my entire life. I've I was like a loner in high school pretty much. I had some in middle of the loan in middle school and like just like fat alone room on the weekends. So for me to now have this many friends that have this many people that I love and that love me, it's just such a different world. And it's snow amazing. I couldn't be anymore blessed. I'm really happy to hear the modeling. Brought you so many amazing things that's very refreshing one of the most amazing things about your modeling career of itself. And something that I really respect is that you actually chose to and wanted to model and for a moment wanting to be a model was almost this on cool thing or something a young girl might be less forthcoming about Mike. Like, I want to be an actress would H, and how did you decide that you wanted to be a model and who did you feel comfortable sharing this desire with thirteen fourteen? I mean, I remember before that I was definitely like looking at magazines in life in awe at all the supermodels that I was looking at. But I remember being like thirteen fourteen and making like like, the funniest little book for my mom, a photos of me that I took they were really all selfie or like photo booth photos, which is the funniest thing ever. I took them, and I gave a little book to my mom of all my photos, and I was like I wanna be a model you need the help me. And she was like, okay. Got you. And I remember maybe a week later. I had a meeting with the model agency in LA, and they signed me. And I was first of all I don't know why they signed. I was not cute at fourteen, but he has so yeah, I got signed. And then from there, I was doing like, Hugh commercially things I think my first job was for forever twenty one and he has and then the rest of history, I think you're being modest. I'm sure absolutely adorable at age fourteen and you seem to to see a trend coming because a lot of models today are actually discovered via cell fees on soc. Media. So you may on top of it, fourteen exactly and one last very timely question for you in the lead up to November's presidential election. A urine are for rock. The vote a nonprofit nonpartisan organization encouraging young people to vote how did you become interested in voting and evolved with rock the vote aren't my whole life. If we're going back. I started my dad would drive me to school every single day and take pick me up every single day in school is forty five minutes away from home, and I would have to sit in the car and listen to talk radio all day and listen to my dad, just go on about whatever presidential election was happening at that moment. I think it's kind of always just been in the back of my head, and it's always been a part of my life. But yeah, I honestly wanted to be involved in something. But encourage kids to go out and do that. Because I think nowadays people, I don't know, I guess people get lazy. I don't know. It's like, but it was just such a such a thing that I believed in that. I really wanted everyone to get on top. Too. Because it's so importantly are future. And we have to bring that out in generation, and we have to speak. You are voice fair generation. So I think it's really wonderful that you're encouraging everyone to use. There's and to get out and vote KENDALL. Thank you so much for joining us today. Congratulations once again on your cover. Relations. We'll speak to thank you. Thank you. The vote podcast is for Duchesne of votes magazine recorded here at one World Trade Center and produced by Nagai Mohammadi, and he'll be Couric sound engineering by David Lauren's and hosted by me. Meet the next generation Samsung galaxy to demonstrate how the new wireless power share works pay close attention on this side, the new galaxy on this side your friends phone by just putting both phones together. Your new galaxy starts moving energy from your phone to your friends phone extending the battery just like that the Samsung galaxy s ten s ten plus preorder by March seventh and get free. Galaxy buds limited time only terms apply.

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