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Chiefs- Packers Breakdown, How About Matt Moore?


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How are we doing chiefs Kingdom Happy Hump Day? I I am your host Richard Smith and this kingdom radio and with me tonight our co host and senior. NFL analyst Chris Chavez how we do on this evening Chris. I'm doing fantastic on excited. We got Halloween tomorrow. We got H. She's game this weekend. Doing good and chiefs kingdom look. Halloween is just around. The corner is tomorrow and like Chris said we have a big game coming up against the Minnesota Vikings. But we're going to touch base on. The Green Bay packers the game because the Kansas City chiefs did essentially lose that game. Thirty one to twenty four but there are a lot of great things to take away from that loss against Green Bay and first off. I'm going to start out by saying this was a six and one green bay packers team coming into Kansas City full throttle and we did a great rate job. A great job against Aaron Rodgers and slowing down a man who is capable of putting up forty five points a game and our defense look great so with that being said I also WanNa say Great Job Matt Moore. Matt Moore looked like the Alex Smith of old old. And it's really nice to see a game manager in there and spread the ball around the field like we are capable of and just like I said with Matt Moore going into this game. There's so many weapons around him. We have to get the ball out of Matt. Moore's hands so Chris we're going to jump right in here to the game mm-hmm and look we're going to move forward a little bit to where the chiefs were down fourteen to nothing because it looked like the packers were going to pull away with it. You know that. Second second past the touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers. I can't remember who it was but he took it all the way down field for a touchdown. In fact I'm going to look looked up. This name as Aaron Jones and Jones took it all the way down field for a touchdown and put the packers up fourteen to nothing on what looked like was going to the be a blow out in Kansas City. So Chris kind of tell us what your thoughts are of Matt Moore and also well No. Let's let's not talk about Matt Moore. I want to. I want you to talk about what your feelings were when we were down fourteen to nothing and did you think that we come back from from that deficit. Well I'll take the first quarter after the first quarter river certain down fourteen nothing and ostensibly offensively definitely had seen some promise. We just had if I put it altogether yet Defensively I think that I I mean although we gave up a four play sixty yard drive. That only took two minutes. They're still definitely some things that I was seeing being there. That had me excited of know what these guys are still looking like the team that showed up against Denver right and if if we can put three altogether like this can still happen and you know even if he ended up at that point I was thinking thing like even if we end up losing this game. Twenty eight nothing whatever. I'm seeing pieces in in this game on defense and on offense that asked me excited moving forward. Yes and look the like you said the first quarter. We weren't shown very much you know. We showed a few sparks here and there on offense but the defense the defense. It really looked great. I know it doesn't sound great or look great on paper but Chris you're right. Our defense was showing signs signs of brilliance as well and and I think spags use the system that you and I had talked about going into this game. We had to get pressure on Aaron Rodgers and we did all game long. I mean we got five sacks on Aaron Rodgers and congratulations to your guy k past getting two sacks in this game. I thought I'd throw that out there for you Yeah thank you. I was excited about that. That's just one of those things that we've got some guys producing here in Kansas City off Baas another one. I'm really proud out of him. And we'll get onto those guys a little bit later but let's move into second quarter here real quick because I remember the play Latte what two seasons ago against Denver where tyreek hill got to show speed his overall speed for the first time and shocked the world. Do you remember that that play Chris. Absolutely okay so that play reminds me Soli of this next McColl Hartman touchdown that do do he was so fast to hit those holes and breakaway and score for a touchdown tyreek would probably be the only other got to squeeze through the Secondary McColl Hartman. Did you know on that. And running for a touchdown and that was really the turning point that set the tempo for the arrested the game. I mean will you agree with that absolutely And also it goes back to the the first touchdown down drive in that second quarter where we started to see Andy Reid get comfortable in his play calling. And as as the announcers were saying we lined up Four or five wide receivers all on one side of the field which you can't have five receivers but We had All the receivers on one side and we utilized that with with Hartman and it works time after time after time and and it really helped out opened things up for Matt Moore and every time we were in that that formation he was able to move the ball afford a good ten fifteen yards every single time and this book in the second quarter. We saw that more really Settled down and and find his groove. And that's what led to them winning the quarter and the half with like you're saying getting those the ball harmon armant thirty yard touchdown pass. I think I got ahead of myself a little bit because before that Dr Five. Excuse me Kansas City before that drive this. Would I want to talk about this. Play because okay the score seven. Nothing are fourteen to seven. By the time McCall Paul Hartman. He was the one who tied the game up. So let's backtrack a little bit. Excuse me what about the Travis. Kelsey go ahead touchdown where Matt Moore is really really scrambling for his life and throws up almost a go go get it type of throw and Kelsey comes in and takes that in for the touchdown was a nice it. It was nice to see Kelsey. Get back in the mix you know the way travis. Kelsey does and that was definitely one of the keys to the game that at least worked in the first half half getting Kelsey involved hurry and often In the second quarter really helped and He was different. The Valles for Matt Moore and in the second quarter clicking. I'm GONNA get kind of ahead of where we're at right now. In the second half jugs Kelsey kind of fell apart. He Gate wasn't really that that anger for Matt Moore that he was looking for chocolates. He started getting the case of the drop sees again. Yup and our office just kind of starting to sputter. Yes and we'll touch base on that a little bit here in the second half of the show but you are right you are right but okay so Kelsey. For the go ahead touchdown the McColl Hartman torches the defense and realistically. How impressive is this? Kid I mean mean McColl Hartman has shown you know brilliant time and time and time again even on these kick returns and punt returns. I mean this kid. Well he just does he. He does pumped retirement even return. He's killing the game. Oh yeah absolutely I think he had at least one punt return that was I think it was like thirty. Thirty five yarder. That really set the tone and really brought the the The word I'm looking for gotten moving in our direction To turn the momentum For us and I think that I think those either at the end of the first quarter or the the beginning of the second quarter that that happened but Definitely set the tone for US and led to the first touchdown and then second. Dr Hands Subpoena huge contributor there again with that thirty three yard touchdown reception for other from Admiral. And you know the chiefs defense really stepped up there in the second second quarter and added I would say two or three sacks so we put the ball back in in the packers hands stopped him got the ball back and then we drive downfield and we kick a field goal to lead halftime seventeen to fourteen and with that being gene said it was really nice for us to build this momentum and have a lead at halftime in a game that I mean certainly most in the NFL expected expected us to to lose to the lead at halftime. So I think that was a huge confidence. Booster booster for not only the chiefs and she's kingdom but especially Matt Moore well and another thing throughout their full. Two things are out there Got Second touchdown drive. It was five plays sixty two yards and we. We did it in two under two minutes in a minute and fifty seconds on a Matt Moore led offense and the drive before that was told both please eighty nine yards and that was definitely the confidence booster from Georgia to sustain a twelve play drive And it just it reverberated throughout the entire quarter but then also something that I wanted to throw out there that I think kind of gets overlooked a little bit. It is the final drive for the packers. They had Fifty six seconds Aaron Rodgers was getting enraged. Throw a hell Mary on the very last plate going into halftime and Spagnolo did something that very very view defense according to yours ever do to L. there. He sent the dogs after Aaron Rodgers and we were fantastic tastic and again. It's set the tone and it really was a confidence builder and although it didn't necessarily Reverberate reverberate in the second half and it was definitely a confidence boost for defense and I know it doesn't look like it because of the scoring but that defense. Vince played so good in the second half. Despite the touchdowns they were they. Were still getting after it knew they could get to Rogers and they did all night and if they weren't getting them they were putting pressure on him. So Hey with that being said Matt Moore threw for about one hundred ninety yards awards in the first half and two touchdowns no interceptions. So that was a great first-half for Matt Moore Travis Kelsey Touchdown McColl Hartman. Have a touchdown. I Will Not Darren. Williams was doing a few things everybody was really getting into the mix so it was it was great to see a first-half started out looking looking pretty rough but ended up seventeen unanswered points by the Kansas City chiefs in the first half. That's a huge testament to our defense stepping up and the second can quarter and an even bigger testament to our offense who put up seventeen points and the second quarter as well so with that being said Kansas City. We're GONNA move into halftime if time here. Kansas City has halftime. Thank you for tuning the radio. We will return voluntarily it all right. Kansas City we are back from halftime. Look Pizza Shop. Platte city is our main sponsor. Go check out pizza shop and get yourself a butcher block. The best meat lovers in Kansas City. Also check out the kingdom radio. Neil webpage Casey King Dot com where you can get more amazing content And analysis from Kingdom radio and with that being said Chris wrote a blog today and I believe that blog posted on the webpage this evening so go check that out. Go check that out Kansas City. So we're going to talk a little bit about the league here coming out of our halftime the hot back into the second half of the Kansas City Chiefs Green Bay packers game mm-hmm but one thing I wanted to note on is the teams. The chiefs play their combined record last year. You was one thirty two one twenty two and to the Patriots combined record from teams last year. One twenty one thirty four and two and I personally think that our schedule holds more is holding more ground thus far than the Patriots the Patriots schedules looking pretty dismal. But for the chiefs to be five and three at this point we should feel good and where we're Raton chiefs kingdom. Chris would you agree with the teams that we have on our schedule and which I'll touch. We're going to get in depth with that here later in the show keep in mind but the the teams that were playing sitting at five and three. How do you feel I feel fantastic and I know that like looking back at our? Our preseason Expectations both you and I had had the chiefs going fifteen in one But we were looking at it based on roster based on Based on paper we hadn't seen the chiefs play a meaningful game yet or any of the things that they were going to play a they hadn't played a meaningful game yet and on paper. We are are better than any team that we play absolutely and when you take into consideration the fact that we're changing defenses. We have basically a completely new defensive roster for the most part are you have new coach coach on the staff. All of that has to come together in order for us to be able to play how we look on paper right right coming together now. I mean we can't as a chief's Fan I really can't sit here and say that what I'm watching you know. Our product isn't responsive to what we have on paper. It just took you know like we said before you know the preseason in the off season it's going to take a while for this this group to Gel and it's coming together absolutely and it started with the Broncos but then we're going up against the Green Bay packers who have to deepest tackles in the League and we were blowing Biden like nothing we were. We were beating them and tape. Pass off We're we're looking fantastic. Take like like to go back a couple years ago. Like J.. J. Watt Geneva. Connie getting after quarterbacks look great and Clinton and look even saunders say saunders getting in the action oh absolutely and he. He's the last two weeks he's seen a lot of playing time. He'll he's very underrated and when he stepped in against Denver I mean he we will. We had so much stuff going on defense and we were ecstatic about all of the Saxon. We were getting. We forgot to give him a shadow in the run game. He wasn't getting moved only unlike and I'm not I'm not knocking. Dirk Naughty when I say this. I'm not knocking. To Christiane tossing this hale was a rock and that defensive line Helping polls for the linebackers to get thorough. We need to keep utilizing him the right way we know. That's and that's the whole thing is the scheme behind it and I love how we were sending guys in left and right all different directions. We had Rogers on his toes all night. And he he rarely knew. Where the the the the blitz was coming from but there was at one particular a play where he he read the blitz? He he audible doubt of Hitchens audible doubt and then Roger still ended up making he. I'm sorry I'm jumping ahead. A little bit made a tremendous throw that only he were mahomes could ever make yes and unfortunately it happened to to to be Aaron Rodgers making that play so I want to put this out there as well up until the bye week and you know we still have two weeks until the bye week but as it stands right now including the Vikings and Tennessee the chiefs of the chiefs. Opponent's record as it stands right now is forty three and thirty one right the second and if that it doesn't tell you the type of schedule that we've played thus far and and look these are some big time defensive teams that we've gone against and that obviously they've put the pressure on the homes enough to sit him for a week. We'll see what happens next week against Minnesota but forty three and thirty one. That's not say that's not the joke. Is it Chris. Absolutely so you know. That's something that I want candidacy to keep in mind. We're not playing any slouch teams at all at all. We're not Matt Moore deserves a bunch of credit for stepping up against a you know a packers team really has a legit defense. They are not lacking defense. They've stepped up since the last few seasons. It's not always on Aaron Rodgers but we still found a way to get the ball downfield. So let's get into the second half here. The packers drive. I drive stalled because cousin of manual Agua SAC which forced to feel which then tied the game and then this is the turning point in the game and Chris Chris. I'm GonNa let you touch on this here because I know that you feel strongly about this as do i. But the chiefs get the ball back. We're deep in Kansas City territory. We hand the ball off to Michelle Leshan McCoy and the very first touch. He fumbled the ball and gives it right back to Aaron Rogers and chief territory and what worse way to kill any type of momentum in the second half then given the ball right back to a guy named Aaron Rodgers and our territory. Tell me what you thought about that. And what the impact that was going into the second half okay so it was our second drive of the half which due to the green in Bay packers I drive taking eating up essentially almost nine minutes of the third quarter. We get our second touch of the second half a second second position. I'm sorry no it's okay It was our second touch There we get the ball with like a minute thirty left in the first career in the third quarter. And as you said the shady's I touch I play of the drive. He fumbles the ball. Unbelievable the ball again first time in the game but I'm just overall shady come on. How many times have we said this in the last three or four weeks about him holding the ball like a loaf of bread true The packers get the ball on the chiefs. Twenty any seven yard line and the very next drive. The Green Bay packers utilize Really lets the the air out of our sales because the chiefs defense had just finished in nine minute drive Dr Phil for nine minutes. They were going up against or coming off those plays did they held strong to absolutely. I mean you battle for fifteen plays and and you stop them. After having given even of seventy two yards and euphoria phil that's tremendous yes and it is and then after fifteen place to still have the wherewithal the energy to stop them and force a field goal. I mean Houston to the defense there in so look again go ahead and the chiefs get a kick return one offensive play and a defense has to get right back on the field. Yeah that's costing the APPs being Leon but you know what they still stepped up you know. Oh and the short drive against Aaron Rodgers. You know they had another sack in this driving. I'm not exactly sure who it was. Might have been Agua this time. There was the odd stack which gave the chiefs five sacks on on the day to that point but then it forced Aaron Rodgers into. I believe it was a third and goal. Wasn't it okay. So thirty three excuse me as a third and three and that is when Aaron Rodgers pull pull the rabbit out of his hat and once again show the world who Aaron Rodgers is an he scrambling around for his life. We got pressure autumn again. This looked all the way around like it was going to be another sack for Kansas City. And we wrap his legs up and he's going to the ground and he puts up a dime to the corner the end zone. That really could have gone to one of two players and drops it and the tiniest hold that you could ever find and ultimately ultimately You know puts Green Bay up twenty four to seventeen I there. There's nothing that you can really say about that play. I mean as much heyday because it put the Green Bay packers up ahead as a football fan. It was a thing of beauty legitimately had to sit back and say wow and I believe you know in the first half he had play like that in his own territory. You Know Not that immaculate and beautiful but he you know he was shown signs of brilliance. Just like that in the first half and it's Aaron Rodgers on. I don't think anybody puts it past Aaron Rodgers you know to to put on a show and NFL stadium and Arrowhead Stadium was not any different world. Let me rephrase that Arrowhead Stadium is very different and the best in the world old but Aaron Rodgers can still play football and that's what it is so Green Bay's up twenty four to seventeen then Matt Moore show awesome resilience are running game. Show some resilience and we find our way into the end zone on Damien Williams run. I believe it was a you know. Five seven yard run tied the game at twenty four three run after when we got that ball On that possession Damien Williams took over the running back duties and we didn't see shady again They didn't show him. I in the on the sideline state. The cameras kept him off the screen but deigning Williams got that ball and he started running angry and I loved loved watching how he ran. The ball and I was kind of wondering whereas this teeming blooms all year long. Yes exactly I remember run okay so I believe what you're talking about is the drive. Where Matt Moore threw the ball tyreek hill? Put It on the fifty yard line. And then wasn't that when Damien Williams took over and had like thirteen or fourteen yard run bulldozing through people and just showing resilience absolutely okay and so. That's the drive that we're speaking of. And you know it was. It was kind of the tyreek Hill Damian Williams I want to say hardman maybe got it on that drive for catcher something as well but that was that was a another turning point in the game where I was like okay. Kansas City's got this. Were not backing down. We were down fourteen to nothing. We took delete seventeen to fourteen. You know then we lose. WHO's the lead again and come back and tight? Twenty four twenty four. It seemed like the momentum I wouldn't say was in our favor but it was swinging back that way and then you know as quick as that. Momentum was shifting the Kansas city you know Aaron Rodgers Rogers takes the wind out of CANC- sales again with a sixty seven yard touchdown and I believe that was to running back Jones Sharon Jones and that right there that was that was the dagger unfortunately Salihi we. I will say this. We definitely had our shot to win this game or tied at least but at that point I believe were seven minutes left in the game or so when they scored that sixty seven yard touchdown walk walk so Kansas City gets the ball back. And we're driving. I believe we were on the forty three yard line. And we've already shown a few plays a promise you know. Matt Moore has not thrown an interception. All Day he's spread the ball around and as a matter of fact three different receivers with above ten yards per Reception average tyreek Hill. Twelve point seven yards towns Kelsey fifty point eight and McColl Hartman. Twenty seven point five so there were plenty of options to choose from four and looking out. Sammy Watkins who had five receptions. They had nine nine yards poor reception average but we had plenty of auctions. But we're on the forty three yard line somewhere in their fourth and three at this point in the game game I believe there is five and some change. But we're on the lower end of the change and Andy. Reid had a decision to make. Does he trust his offense more or does he trust his defense more. And this game and my mind. I don't feel like this is put on Andy Reid but obviously see. This is going to be a question Chris. Do you think Andy Reid made the wrong. Call to give the ball back to Aaron Rodgers or should we have gone for it on fourth and three re because we had touched base on the. We really think that this loss lies solely on Shady McCoy and I hate to put it on them but that was a huge fumble that we couldn't didn't overcome ultimately lost the game. But what do you think on big rigs call. I think it was absolutely the correct call. I know that the emotional response is. What are you thinking but the smart I mean it's fourth and three and yes yes we we have the weapons who can get downfield and make those catches earlier in the game? We can pick a pick up a third one. You're so read. made the right call. He's looking at at what we've done. Artifice has really stepped up and has played Green Bay. Well and he's hoping that by putting it on their plate. You guys are going to get that stop. I trust my defense. But the dilemma. That he has his he can't say trust both my office and my defense right. There has to be a decision patriots. His defense is going to be able to get the stop against Aaron Rodgers. Get a sack neck. Maybe even force them into a gap penalty a holding penalty. Something thin that pushes them even further back stops stops o'clock and they get enough. They'll get the ball back with enough time to complete fleet. The drive. Just for field goal or touchdown but I absolutely feel it was the right call if it had been fourth in one. Okay Andy Reid. You made the wrong call. Four three is a different story and I agree agree and this is the NFL and and realistically you know we shouldn't have been in that position. First Place I don't put it on anybody. This was Matt. Moore's Moore's first game back in I mean how many years and he did a phenomenal job. All around I look at this as a win for the Kansas City chiefs. But let you know as it stands Andy Reid decides the punt the ball away. We put the game in the defense. His hands who've had already you know shown on huge signs of promise with five sacks I mean there were a few plays that should have been picked off the say two or three plays where we had an interception but it comes down to a point where it's a gut check call you put in. The defense is hands. We needed to make one stop and one stop only. It's an rogers you know. I don't even want to say it's a fifty fifty shot. You playing Aaron Rodgers lead teams. You're looking at twenty five percent shot of of stopping Aaron Rodgers on a last drive and for me. It's not the wrong play call. It's not either way you look at it. It's a loss and that's what it is worth five and three right now and and look. We've got a lot of great things to take away from this game. Of course we don't want to lose another game on Prime Time Television at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City that's a tough pill to swallow right now but this is the better one of the best looking games we've had in a few weeks Chris can you really argue with that. Not at all. I mean just Matt Moore Completed Twenty Twenty four of six passes Eastern for two hundred sixty seven yards. Yes and no interceptions Nora. Sections two touchdowns only took two sacks act. I mean that's a very Alex Smith Esq sort of stat line. Absolutely and that was you know. And that's the thing thing that I really enjoy out of Matt Moore Him being that game manager. I mean he really did look like Alex Smith out there and those are Alex Smith stats to the tea and and you couldn't ask for a better output. I mean this is a situation where I feel like. We could beat a team like Minnesota Vikings with Matt Moore leading leading the way. Yeah and the other thing with route there is we. We ran a very balanced attack zero ball twenty times and it worked out with double what we ran Last week against Denver or the week before imagine having that balance with Mahomes on the field uh-huh exactly and the other thing I was out there is not more was throwing short passes he was throwing intermediate passes. It was throwing some deep shots. Yes he was and even the ones that looked like they were off. The we're still on. He really had some great touch passes out there. Yeah I I don't I don't recall ever seeing him not to go back. Okay that's all I remember. One play where he and the receiver had amused communication. He threw it where we're Kelsey should have been in the. Yeah that's the only thing I can give to Matt mort part new that playbook yes he knew he knew the place he even had the timing down on with these guys. I mean it was like a hair off coming through tyreek beyond behind Rica a little bit balcony not I mean that's Cheetah a cheetah in full speed mode. You you don't know she'd awful speed move. Good luck good luck. It's GonNa be hard to be on speed with him but the Atari adjusted fantastic passant fantastic and made the catch and I mean huge Trudeau's huge Kudos to Matt Moore in this game. I game in two years orders for him to come in there and look the way that he did. I JUST WANNA ask this out there. If mahomes is out against Minnesota Soda. I still feel extremely confident for whatever amount of time that we keep him out for let him get healthy. Whatever I feel extremely confident that we get often have wins moving forward and I agree and so this is one of those things? Look Chad Henne. He came out off the injured reserve. I say we leave Matt Morin I I mean we don't don't fix it's not broken and also I wanNA give huge Kudos to the offensive line and holy cow offensive line. Not Look night and day compared to the last four weeks absolutely and that's law we off also lost L.. DT Who went down with new ski stepped in and he did a great job as well. He's he's absolutely absolutely putting his money where his mouth is. That man is producing and that was a great move for the Kansas City chiefs and this was an offensive lineman that came off the Philadelphia. Eagles Eagle Super Bowl team. Yeah and he's been with a cult several teams now and everywhere he's been he's been a starter. Rat Burnett has really held his own and we knew it was coming out of college. I said this before. I really wanted him to become a chief and granted several years later. I'm just glad to see him in a uniform and plan for the chiefs and contributing and I would love to Z.. M. Continuing to get that opportunity moving forward potentially I could see him. Stealing started position pie like last two three the season I get to but hey I'd like to see Tardy moved around somewhere. You Know Eric Fisher and then you know was new ski. Whatever you say his name? Excuse me like I said that right did I okay so look. We're going to move on to our next segment. Kansas City the the final score thirty one twenty four. I don't want to say. It was a heartbreaking loss. Because it wasn't we got a lot of great things to take away from that and I think everybody here and she's kingdom really has some optimism moving forward so onto the next segment. This is the Nova Pass brought to you by shot and killed everything from civil bag audio complex creative audio project Sada Kio music solutions. That's all right. This is no look pass brought to you by Shawn a keough music solutions. This is where Kristen Sny pick each other's brains of our football knowledge off the top or ahead none of the scripted. None of this is scripted. Some my no look pass tonight Chris. I'm going to kick it off and this is the the first time that I've re we've done this for someone asked you this before and this might be something. We might pick up here throughout the season. Chris who do you give the game ball to outside for the chiefs for the chiefs. I know that we lost the game. But WHO's your game ball go to. That's a really good question So I'm just going to talk this through my head so I don't have a bunch of dead air I mean Matt Moore stepped in and we're really moved our offense Very well in the second quarter tyreek hill has some big catches Hartman. Had Two big catches were had two catches catch is a big return. Had A a big return You look at our defense and Oh man you got five. Twelve quarterback hits. It's numerous pressures East that's a really good question I you know what I have to settle on Matt Moore because without him. You don't have tyreek Hill so you don't have hartman making those catches The defense probably on the field a little bit more than they need to be digging downtrodden downtrodden. They don't get those sacks That they ended up getting I give the game ball combat more in this game and you know This is one of those times Chris that how could you not give it to Matt Moore. A man who hasn't been on the field in two years like you hit expressed earlier in the show who led our team to an impressive game. I will say this is gonNA sound redundant it probably the most impressive loss. Kansas City has had in years and it was really nice to see him. Get out there and show focus and be a leader and look. We did not know. We're going to get out of Matt Moore and that was probably the brightest spot. So far have an arcade Patty mahomes. uh-huh go out our MVP. And having this man Matt Moore show up and step in almost take us to victory against the seven and one Aaron Rodgers lead packers team team. So yeah I absolutely have to give the game ball Matt Moore as well and there are plenty of recipients in this game. There's plenty of of nominees. That could fill these shoes. You know how the game ball but Matt Moore hats off to you. Buddy really did an amazing job come out here next next week. You know if if duty calls and do the same thing you know you've gotta we kind of your belt. You've practiced with the team now for nine weeks. Make It yours yours like you did and continue to drive and be excellent like you were against the packers so Chris. What's your past to me this evening? So this time inspire based upon our our schedule this year. The chiefs are facing two. Oh quarterbacks who get this term thrown around with him all the time and it's kind of ridiculous that you can have two two goats at the same time when anyways just going to jump ahead in your world who is the greatest of all time. PM Prima homes anti you. Fill as Aaron Rodgers or the quarterback that. We're GONNA see here in a few several weeks and Tom Brady. Well I will say. Here's the difference between the two and I want to make this very clear before I make my pick because Tom Brady got putting the most fortunate situation. The any young quarterback could nobody truly truly knew the brilliant mind of Bill Belichick and how he build system and his franchise and keeps moving in the direction that he has and those two pieces put together. I mean might be the most dynamic coach quarterback duo of all time and I really want to move forward say they are the most dynamic coach player duo of all time now. Aaron Rodgers hasn't exactly exactly had that you know leadership around him. Aaron Rodgers has ran that franchise. There's a difference. I don't I think the Aaron Rodgers is necessarily coach people. I still think that this is bill belichick system and Brady fits perfectly and that's somethin'. From this understood within the organization brings a whole different dynamic to to both franchises. So you look at Green Bay. you see Aaron Rodgers When you look at the dynasty is New England? It's always going to be bill bill check and Tom Brady not one or the other but both and so. Is that a testament to Aaron Rodgers. Style of play I don't know is is that. Is that a testament to a player and coach the have linked up so well then nobody can stop. OPTUM gotTA lean that way. I gotTA lean that way. There's been coaches cycling in with Aaron Rodgers. He hasn't exactly. We had a huge cast around him. He's had some players but me personally. I've got to go with Tom. Brady and and the bill belichick era. Because I mean let's be real. They can't be stopped. We watched Aaron Rodgers be stopped time and in time and time again. It's not bill bill check and Tom Brady so I will have to say Tom Brady right now. Goat Aaron Rodgers Third Fourth Patrick Mahomes climate way up that list real fast. So I'll have to go you know. That's an extensive. Answer I know but I really have to go with Tom. Brady and Bill Belichick. So I'm I'M GONNA go the other way I will say Aaron Rodgers. Absolutely hear what you're saying and you look at the number of rings and Tom Brady has absolutely. I mean. There is no other quarterback that has that many rings and but winning the servile is a team aspect. which is everything if you if you look at our team? The team aspect is everything absolutely but in the greatest of all time. And talking about quarterbacks you looking at their performances and and as we just witnessed in this game this weekend Aaron Rodgers made a throw that I can't recall ever seeing Tom Brady make and I was even like I take Eric. Aaron Rodgers is top five throws versus. Tom Brady's top-five have through his in their careers and again without actually like a critiquing each and every throw I'm willing to bet catherine Rogers has three of the banner throws over Brady. I bet he has all do be honest with you minus one I bet four of them are the top five and now agree with you on that and and performances I mean you look at the game stats status. I would say that Iran is probably has top three top four of better performances than Brady on the flip side. Brady wins in pressure games. Yes okay so Brady Winston pressure games. and and Rogers Winds Miraculous Games can definitely nil the the hell Mary. But what's I guess this is. My thing is to win a super bowl. You have to be a team and you have to play a team. I mean I look air at Aaron Rogers is he feels like that offense lies solely on his shoulders. I don't feel like he respects. Play calling I could be wrong there. And don't even look. Aaron Rodgers knows the game. That's there's no question there. There's no question that Aaron Rodgers knows the game of football but at some point in your career. You still have to be coach. -able and I don't feel like an Roger that type of player he's not necessarily looking for stats he's not a stats type of guy. But he's definitely the guy the leader and that's all he wants. I think that he has never had a coach in the NFL that he respects. And I could see why with Mike McCarthy honestly and I don't and that's not a knock to the accomplishments that McCarthy is made but look McCarthy's not that in-your-face ace coach. He's more of a passive guy and I personally think that you know a player like Aaron Rodgers needs a like minded minded. You know he needs a mind that his like his on the sidelines so they can co exist and you know they can be those mad scientists and. I think you're right if you put. If you put a Aaron Rodgers with Andy Reid think about that type of career. I was actually just gonNA bring that up. Imagine if Andy Reid had drafted in Aaron Rodgers to the Philadelphia phillies and imagine that time in the eagles the Eagles Eagles. I'm sorry Eh. We're playing football here buddy into roles day it's been a long day. Sorry chief King of I don't know where my mind is going. Ah No biggie continue brother wow so aaron rodgers goes to Philadelphia and imagine what those two could have done the machination of the offense of imagination. That Andy Reid has and the ability of Aaron Rodgers to put that into motion and make it happen on the field and swimming now that would be the another dynamic duo that would mirror bill belichick and Brady. Unfortunately Rogers never had that pairing. Never had that coach that he was able to get put with to have that sort of success right and so ultimately that makes you know New England. Anglin have the goat that Tom Brady right there. I mean let's keep it real when it comes down to it. It comes down to super bowl victories. Look Dan Marino Dan Marino Marino is steadily falling down the list of greatest quarterbacks of all time because of that and because of all this new talent coming in and I think it's a no mistake. You know Andy Andy. Reid finally got his quarterback. Finally it is hard to tame the animal and Patrick Mahomes. We know this is hard. It's hard and just like you know. I Made A tweet on Patrick actionable homes posts on twitter. And I basically said you know way to bring out showtime until the right time and that's really what needs to happen But Chris I mean we're all we all have our differences and you know status wise personal player. You know possibly you know. Rogers is better than than Brady. I mean I really snow mistake that he is. It's just a different system a different system a different conference and an okay. So let's let's take that into consideration as well. Oh aside from the Patriots over this is eighteen year one thousand nine year run. Now you're talking about there to visit are win win has the AFC east had a actual competitive team in. You're right I mean. I cannot argue with that that team has had the easiest road to the Super Bowl. Paid for them the any team possibly could and I will say also on the flipside the the Green Bay packers as the AFC west. I mean they really have a hard road to the playoffs wherever they make it. I'll give it to them. And yes I mean demographically. The Green Bay has has a harder task but look at the result of that the results show and I mean there's a lot of things that you could throw in there as well as you know you're going to win. Every single season win the schedule comes comes out. The Patriots can basically pencil in six. Wins guaranteed. Oh Yeah Yes yes. And that's tough. That's tough for team Kansas City. Let's let's be real they're AFC north team right and you move them into the AFC north and it's a totally different story. They've got then playing against Pittsburgh Against Baltimore and against the colts. There can be getting beat up not Cincinnati. Oh Well Cincinnati. It'd be right there to your right. You'll know has Cincinnati. The South has called. You re realign all this altogether anyways but you're right you're But they they're going to be plenty of up against much better defenses. Brady's GonNa be actually getting hit but this is hypothetical it is. It is but I mean you look at the the Miami the Miami defenses. You look against the ball. The buffalo defenses. The jets defenses their jokes they are but hey. We're getting way out there Chris. We're getting way out so yeah I'm GONNA bring us back in and look we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA take a walk around the NFL here this is a rally. NFL brought to you by pizza shop. Let's go grab yourself and best lovers intend to keep your shop. Aplastic proud sponsor of ood class. Oh all right all right this is the round the NFL brought to you by Plassey seeped. Shot Okay so here. We go Chris. We're GONNA take a walk around the NFL because free agency has come and gone. The trade deadline was Tuesday at four four. PM Eastern time and the Kansas City chiefs sat on their hands which I personally expect him to do. Even though there was displayed obvious interest for multiple players around the league to come to Kansas City. And I'm going to play sound clip right now from Levy on bell because Levy on bell surely was interested in coming to Kansas City. So let me go ahead and play this Twitter clip from barbecue chiefs just hopping about this free agency. A how crazy they would what else what are you off. They are so look. That was later on bill talking about what. What if he came to Kansas City was going crazy here and he said all rings on all fingers and look good Kansas City for Levy Bell? Now no but it's really nice nice to see all these players showing interest and come into Kansas City. Everybody wants to be a part of this. This is a dynasty. This is a dying so that we have going on here in Kansas City. But how did that feel Chris here. In Lebanon Bill really had interest in one day. Cody come to Kansas City. Outside of our salary cap outside of breath. What's best for chiefs King Future? You know how does that make you feel that. She's Fantino a player like that's dying to get an a Red Jersey. Honestly he kind of goes back what we're talking about a hypothetically speaking each great to hear that these good players players want to come to Kansas City because like you were just saying it shows that everybody around the League sees sees what we are building. What we're about they want to come and play for Andy Reid? They want to come play with Cheetah they went to complete with the future. Greatest of all time. Patrick mahomes are in the RTP our future VP's he's future super bowl. MVP's Oh yes. And they wanted to be a part of this dynasty that we are building they want to help took built not so much the foundation but help build what we have moving forward right and look this. This is something in Kansas City that they were not really used to you know and my lifetime. Maybe in the nineties but in really see much. Because I didn't have the back end on the chief's like I do now. I I was a kid. Obviously all I saw was what was on TV. But you look at what's going on. Everybody wants to be a part of this franchise and that's something on Special Kansas City and I don't want us to lose grip on that. So Chris Please tell myself and chiefs kingdom your theories on us US sitting on our hands here in free agency and not going out and make another splash. What do you think going? What do you think we're doing going forward especially with twenty million dollars dollars in caps? They still on table. I know that you. I believe that you were saying that you think we might dish off Chris Jones Franchise tag him. Indicia off in the off. Season I believe I saw that on one of our facebook posts. I'm not sure if that was you who posted it. But I'm just going to assume that so Chris please give me your take on a cer a hands and free agency Z.. And Chris Jones a little bit. Okay I chief kingdom let me sit clarify. I did not put that out. There is a host of another our facebook page that we used to have have on the show. I I think that sitting sitting pat in free agency her increasing excuse me at the trade deadline was the greatest thing that we could have done because going back to what we're seeing earlier in the show we said in the preseason we already have one of the best rosters in the. NFL fell on paper. We're strongly what we're struggling with right now. This thing healthy here in the next couple of weeks. We're GONNA have guys coming back. Are Starters are coming back. They're gonNA be healthy right and and on top of that. Why would we bring in for instance as you brought this up? Why would we bring in love? Love you on bell who has a fifteen sixteen million dollar price tag on them when we're trying to save money so that we can pay Christians and this might it'd be a fifteen sixteen million dollar price tag per season. Yeah and it's just GonNa grow over the course of that of that contract. Ah which is going to leave us. Five to six million dollars to play with to sign Christians. So let's say that we go down rabbit hole of making that trade for Levy on bill and won't say that we use every penny of cap space to resign Christians and let's say he won't. Let's say that he signs for six million dollars. You look at all the other holes that we're going to have in on our roster after the season we have about twelve to thirteen starters that we're going to be losing or having to resign this off season and so we absolutely need to put our money in in that direction absolutely and and I like that but but I like how we're holding off on making those transitions until we're at a point in the season. Listen we're feel comfortable in the playoffs and the only players that we can really realistically look to bring in and hand trade draft draft draft capital for our players on their first contracts right. And you're not gonNA have a lot of those players of favorable. They might have a linebacker at best. And you're going to have to overpay you for two reasons. One most teams aren't ready to give up on on the player that they just drafted right to uh. The chiefs are expected to have a less value less valuable draft pick because teams are expecting us to be making it to with the Super Bowl but at the same time thirty second pick in any round at the same time with Patty mahomes being now and a lot of our injuries you know there. There could be some flip side to that but at the same time I mean the Times you know time is over with is gone past and we're moving on to the next But I think it was really great for Kansas City not to bust anymore moves. I think we're good. I think we're we're we're sawed where we need to be. As as we've seen the last two weeks I against a horrible offense and then against a good Austin's our defense is coming together together and to go back to this point can i. I hate to keep bringing this up. But the Green Bay packers No one on at their after Roger Wide Receiver core there. Yeah outside of a Davante Adams the south side of Davante Adams. Yeah they are. It was the Green Bay packers leading receiver in that game. Who are Oh? It was the running back. It was a running back. He had seven catches for one hundred sixty seven hundred thirty one yards or something yeah. They're leading receiver receiver. As far as wide receiver had five catches for like forty some odd yards. We shut down right. And what all season long media chiefs media chiefs fans have been clamoring for a cornerback. Yes Donny we don't need them. Do we really really don't know we have linebackers. Two out of three. Who are able to get after the quarterback who with some changes and scheme are now able to help to shut down the run run game and this is without Chris Jones? You if you take out the yard Aaron Rodgers got in on his scrambles. We gave up eighty nine yards in the run game against the Green Bay packers. WE SHUT DOWN TO DENVER broncos run game which the only aspect that their offense has. We shut down their run game. Yes we did yes we did. We're getting out there again Christmas. Let's bring aw using this has got. Why did make a move on defense? Okay Okay and we really don't we I really don't and I think that was the biggest question mark for the Kansas City chiefs. What was that linebacker? There was out there. There was a big hype on that we potentially could have made a move for. Oh Jeez I don't know there was a line in. I didn't hear too much about the linebacker. There was one linebacker a younger linebacker. Gosh I wish I could remember his name off the top of my head. We're really talking to me and you personally. We're talking about going out and getting him. He kind of made a splash here. As far as the trade talks here we go. But that's neither here nor there because look we sat our hands during free agency. Which is the best thing we could do more coming going to move forward here a little bit? Look look forward to this Minnesota game here. You know it's coming up here. The Sunday Chris. Jones and Eric Eric Fisher. What is the take on on both of those players? I believe that Chris Jones could potentially be back. Doc I'm open. That is because we could definitely use him to get to get back into the swing of things. Eric Fisher has been practicing. I don't know what that means. He's necessarily ready for for game action right because he's definitely been limited in practice and until he's a full participant support. I don't feel comfortable putting him in a position to play in a game and give reinjured I would hate to see the chiefs. have to play Koto an entire season with Cam Irving left tackle. I'd much rather Eric Fisher. Get healthy and come back raid end out. Because she's a fair enough and I'm with you on that one and I guess the biggest question of all is will mahomes come back and play here against Minnesota or we're we're going to keep him out. I personally say that we keep him out. I know that you know the doctors know more than I do. A big red has expressed that through through his press conferences. That he's GonNa leave it in the hands of the doctors then ultimately you know once he gets impassioned mahomes gets clear in his hands was obviously you know if if the doctors say hey. You're clear to go. Obviously we're GONNA see Patting Mahomes on the field but I think that it might still be a stretch and I feel the same way about passion for homes As you just stated about Eric Fisher. I would hate to see Matt Moore on the season for on the field for the rest of the season. Just like Eric Fisher. Sure every player has a place and a role on their team. And you can't replace an Eric Fisher. You can't replace Patrick Mahomes so I mean what's your take Chris Chris. Who should we play them? Is this something that is really up in the air right now. I think that it is up in the air. I feel that the Andy Reid really wants to get him in but at the same on the same Over on the flip side of that he asked the rain himself in and Mahomes and saying there's a bigger picture here. It's not about being the Minnesota Vikings. It's about getting to the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl right when that. That's two components are can't can. I give it to the playoffs with Matt Moore as to my quarterback after what we saw against Green Bay. Yes I think we can can win a super bowl with Matt Moore. Nope no. I need for my quarterback my mvp to be as healthy as possible. Yes wherein if I rest cost him two weeks if I sit him against Minnesota let let him be a backup. Should something happen to Matt Moore. Okay Okay Patrick. You're going in but let not more get the start him do the best that he can't get us this win win and let him take the big hits against this really for for that. The Minnesota Vikings have and keep in mind chiefs kingdom. This is a huge fact when it comes to this game the Minnesota Vikings are complete league. Lee Healthy all the way across the board on defense they do not have one injury on defense at it is scary and and that's one of those things that this is. We're going to have to bring our a game against Minnesota and I believe we can do it. I think if we can get to occur. Look Kirk cousins. Kirk cousins is one of those quarterbacks you get in his head he's just like Philip rivers. jut Do kirk cousins and Phil Philbrick. Brothers you get to. That quarterback is going to be game over. You know like you get to that quarterback it's going to be game over. I specially with Adam Phelan questionable. If feeling doesn't start this game and then Josh dachshund already on the I. R. That just leave Steph on digs and Davin Cook Cook to really carry the load and I'm not saying they can't because we absolutely need to focus in on Dowden cook even more than cousins but if we keep chopping wood and bringing lumber like we have the last two weeks that's the way to stop both of them and if you can't get the ball to digs or I mean how were they weapons. Okay so just to kind of end. The Patrick mahomes conversation really quickly. Think about this. If he is starting quarterback back. You got a camera irving left. Tackle trying to block Daniel Hunter who has eight sacks on the season. Wow Yeah I do not object mahomes back there taking hints from Batman. Who's being bought by hammer right? No arguments here whatsoever. That's a scary scenario for Patrick Mahomes. I mean you're right. Let's let Matt Moore take those hits. It's but look offensive line. Look great but you're going to go up against the premier left defensive end and Daniel Hunter and we'll see how that works out you you know for the chiefs so with that being said Kansas City. Look we've lost. Three of the last four were still seeing at five and the three. I personally think even if we lose this game and we're sitting at five and four. We go into Tennessee. A Matt Moore lead. Chiefs can beat the Tennessee titans and take us to six and for into our by week and bring Pasha Mahomes in for the latter part of the season with Eric Fisher and Chris Jones a completely healthy for the most part Kansas City chiefs team. And I think we can rock it out going into the playoffs is this. It's a big game guess. Can we sneak out of there with a win. Well look look how we played against Aaron Rodgers. I I absolutely believe we can sneak out of Minnesota Ota with a win. It's just going to have to be complete victory. The offensive line's going to have to do their job. We're GONNA have to control the clock. The line of scrimmage stopped Galvin Cook and put the pressure on Kirk cousins all game long captured it right there Just kind of going back to the standings we have a two game. Lead against local raiders. Right now for the division right and this is not a game that we have to risk Patrick Mahomes in rolette him sit let him rest and I mean the we've got some big games come out in the second half of the season we and this is one of them and after honestly after the bye week we start off with the chargers that would be a nice way for us to get back into the swing of things to get a divisional win. You GotTa flip that man in the chargers and then the by week. Oh I'm I'm sorry. I'm sorry yes. The titans chargers than the Bible. Okay so but hey look you really. I don't think we'll sit past mahomes for the chargers. There's no way no there's no way we we. We bring mahomes back for the chargers. The Week I think that Fisher and Jones will both be back for that game the probably I look for Jones to be back next week and Fisher to be back against the titans and ultimately I think that we're going to have all of these guys back before for the bye week It'll probably be a sparse here. Sparse there but everybody will will be back I I'm really looking forward to the chargers. Game 'cause ages fired their offense coordinator can win and it's GonNa be a very different team that we see than what we've already seen moving forward the the first half of the season if not be the same chargers on the second half just like usual. They're going to can senior the second half and that really is the epitome of the chargers for probably the last seven years especially led by Philip Rivers. But here's the thing is we have is number and I feel like with Patrick Mahomes. I feel like either quarterback on the team on the field. We can beat this. This chargers team so yeah I mean we still have three three to get onto our two games the lie week. Correct three three Minnesota and then where we pick up Tennessee Minnesota Tennessee in the truck We can win two out of those three only and we all say we could probably all three for sure and I would love to see that. I really really think that that's a possibility for the Kansas City chiefs and we can go into the biweekly on an upbeat tempo. So Chris Chris Lemme ask you. Do you have anything else to add to the show before we wrap up tonight because we're going on the hour and fifteen minutes happy Halloween. Everybody be sank. Amy and we'll catch on the flip side and look we will definitely have another episode coming up here pre-game. I believe probably Friday evening evening or Saturday morning. Please don't forget to check out casey keen radio DOT COM and see all this amazing chiefs content. We've got a lot of cool stuff on their people. Go check it out go check it out also get your favorite. She's memorabilia at Casey Kingdom Radio Two thousand nineteen dot I to order dot com slash. Big Frog. Anyway she's keenum. Look we have had a rough couple of weeks. We're going to build some momentum Matt Moore show to some things get excited Kansas City because we do have a big game coming up the sun against Minnesota and I really think that we can take it to them as as long as we keep this ballot system. Andy Reid has set forth you know that he displayed here against against the packers. So Kan city get back into your work week here. You got two more days before you can enjoy the weekend grind away. We have a lot to look forward to Matt Moore. Show something you know the the ball's rolling again. Let's let's get excited Kansas City. Thank you for tuning in to kingdom radio. I've your host Richard Smith along with my co-host Chris Shabas have a great evening Kansas City. Uh thank you for two hundred eighty degree. 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