Cincy Jungle's Week 3 Bengals postgame show


Today answers matter more than ever before. That's why IBM is helping businesses manage customer questions with Watson Assistant. It's conversational AI designed to work for any industry. Let's put smart to work visit IBM Dot Com Slash Watson Assistant. Well have you recovered yet? Steady Bangles in Philadelphia Eagles faced off in week three and like one of their most recent. Clashes in ended in tie once again, this time with Joe Borough and Carson wentz going at it head to head. We are coming at you with the post game show here where we started a little later than usual just because of overtime and kind of had to get set and everything. But appreciate you joining us I'm Anthony Costanza was CINCY jungled dot com and the orange and black insider. Bengals podcast. Happy to have you with us. You can get all of our shows on any number of audio platforms after the fact or US live on the orange black insider youtube channel and Cincy jungled dot Com facebook page where we stream live. So happy to have you join US despite the result here I don't think a lot of fans thought that the Joe Borough era would start off winless. Oh two in one that. Oh, so rare third column that occurs in the NFL yet seems to be something that. In terms of frequency across the League seems to be pretty frequent with the Cincinnati bengals happened to couple of times under Marvin Lewis and now Zach Taylor gets tie and yet again, the Cincinnati bengals have not been able to close a close game. be really under Zach Taylor's watch or. Marvin Lewis is watch interesting stat I'M GONNA, share my screen, and share some things with you here. interesting stat I'm going to kind of go back and forth between twitter and between The some stats and everything for a look at this is from Ben Baby who joins us on the program to actually start the season a couple of weeks ago he's great gas with ESPN but check out this when the bengals have tied the longest winless streak in one score games in. NFL. History with fifteen matched the thirty eight to forty one Chicago cardinals. So obviously now we're looking at three in a row this year alone looking at You know I believe it was nine eight or nine the previous year. Then there's probably a couple of others there from. from Marvin Lewis that are included there. So this team cannot close they don't know how to close. Don't they drafted a quarterback who is Known as a closer a guy who is known as a step on your throat kind of guy and and Joe Borough obviously, and he's shown quite a bit of that through these first three games. But the bengals aren't getting in the wind call There's a lot to talk about with this game. There are a lot of opinion some of them strong's may be bound to be some agreements with what I'm saying with what other fans are saying and with what the. Talking heads around other platforms are saying but let's let's do this. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa say this. Let's try and keep it civil I received a couple of tweets today that we're not very civil and we're a little bit unprovoked released. So trying to train hey, bengals fans are all irritated right now we're not happy with the way the season started. So we try and keep a civil as we as we talk about some things if you can look. Danny Varez don't you dare throw Joe under the bus I'm not throwing any. I'm not throwing Joe under the bus at all. That's not where I was going with that there are. There is a lot to like from Joe Borough and to me I almost feel like this was an improvement off game last week He looked sharper this week in in saying something based on what we saw against the browns where he set rookie records for completions etc I want to this is the NFL dot com score page So I'm going to walk you through some interesting stats of the day some things to note on drives and I think this the that kind of tells the tale of a of a tie by the way for those of you I'd be interested to hear does it time feel like a loss to you almost kind of? Like a loss, you watch five quarters of. NFL football and. I don't know you just you don't you you. Of feel cheated I guess. So I mean I it feels closer to lost to me than it does a win. That is for sure even though as a road game in even though a lot of people didn't think Cincinnati bengals would be very good. This year you know it still feels like a loss and not a not an easy pill to swallow, but if you look at. Borough here thirty, one of forty, four again, high volume of passes and You know that's that's to be expected. Bengals aren't running the ball. Well, we'll get there in just a second three, hundred, twelve yards, two touchdowns zero interceptions even higher completion percentage one, hundred, five quarterback raining today for Joe Burrow. He was not the reason that the bengals did not. Did Not, come out with a win today there You know it was an a an absolutely perfect day by Joe. Borough. But he made a lot of plays. There were a couple of plays that he ended up making. It would have been absolute highlight reel plays that unfortunately were either called back or what have you so you know big day from Joe. Borough has five touchdowns and zero interceptions in his last two games has only one interception three game so far this year he's being efficient with the football. He is being pinpoint accurate on these on these crossing routes in these drag routes across the middle has an enormous rapport built with tyler. Boyd. We'll get. We'll get more on bouygues comments after the game in just a second pretend catches one, hundred, twenty, five yards on thirteen targets Tyler Boyd Third Down Conversion Machine the big play. Giovanni. Bernard you know he had a he had a big run at the end there that seemed to have ice the game but unfortunately. You know the bengals had to settle for a field goal and you know what happened from there t higgins two touchdown catches You know there was the long play at the end of the game there where you would've thought Higgins would have come down with the ball i. wish he would have fought for that a little bit harder So I put the fall on t a little bit on that on that ball it was at tiny bit underthrown by Joe Borough with the defensive back also made a great place. There was kind of a would have been a very difficult play for t higgins to make I think but it's one you kinda hope he makes. It especially going forward to hopefully he learned from that AJ green five catches thirty six yards You know just not the explosive plays in Darius, slay one of the better corners in the game had him blanketed most of the game Really you know some of the plays that Aj Madison were of minimal impact and organ sleigh was out with what looked to initially be a gruesome elbow injury. But thankfully, for Sleigh you know it, it might have I. don't know if it was a dislocation that they just pop back in or a hyperextension or what have you, but that didn't look good for a while so. Aj Green really kind of relegated to like many the receivers, these shorter crossing routes because the bengals have to get the ball out quickly and. That's what Joe Borough likes. He likes to spread. He likes the the spread offense have five wides dissect where the pressures coming from get rid of the ball find the target in deliver a strike a couple of deep balls were missed but. Again, the quarterback play was not the issue today there were A. Look at look at the run game and mix in his is really trying to find running room in there really is not any. There is a pitch late in the second-half today that he got. And by the time, the ball hit his hands. There were three defenders at had already penetrated the offensive line in in at least two of which were in the backfield waiting for him not much. You can do there when the blocking is that porous in. Both in the run game ended pass game, there's just no help up in. There are no answers upfront and we'll talk more about that. But you could see all the myriad of receivers year that. that Joe Borough had nine different targets a hit on the day, and like I said, pretty pretty high percentage another three hundred yard passing game for Joe Borough. His second in a row unfortunately just does not lead to a win for the Cincinnati Bengals Kara Lawson on defense there's there's a lot to like on defense and there was a heck of a lot to dislike on defense as well. Karl Austin played like a man possessed. Today we can go down here and look you know you see the the eight total tackles two sacks for Kara Lawson A, and there were other pressures and he was in there I think two other times where he had Carson Wentz in his grasp and let him go and that was one of the facets today that I found very frustrating on the defensive side of the ball, the lack of wrapping up on first contact and. Getting either whether it's a quarterback and granted wentz is a big athletic guy there's no doubt about it but whether it's getting the quarterback to the ground on first or or initial contact or still some missed first tackles, it was definitely better than it was against the browns but still lacking that initial kind of wrap up and get the ball carrier to the ground or if it's Sam Hubbard who had a sack in the game. He also had another opportunity go through his hands in terms of getting wants down another time. So a lot of a lot of frustrations there Logan Wilson You know he had the interception, he had five tackles. He made a couple of Nice plays. There were a couple of plays also, he looked candidate will be a little bit out of position that ended up being chunk yardage plays for the Eagles but you know I good. Early, game in his pro career for Logan. Wilson very instinctive play to get that interception off the tip that DJ reader flicked in the air Josh binds. He's just he had a great first game not a great game last week. He did okay today another one of those guys I saw a couple of times I. Believe Mile Sanders got out of his grasp on initial contact where you know play should have been stopped for minimal to no gain in ends up being more of a five six yard gain instead those are the type of types of things that extend drives in and get points the things you like on defense though. The the to the the sacks I mentioned, you know you had the three sacks of Wentz and then the two interceptions and obviously the pressure and the interceptions kind go hand in hand there were defensive backs that had their hands on football's later in the game that they weren't able to cow Jessie Bates almost made an incredible interception diving going backwards for the ball would have been another pick They Strips Act Wentz a couple of times, and somehow the eagles came up with the ball So I mean they were they were getting after the ball and So you gotta like the turnover aspects and the bengals took care of the football on offense today. So you gotta like that what you don't like though. Like I mentioned on defense The, the lack of stepping up when it mattered the most the bengals at the end of the game, they had a seven point lead they need the eagles needed to march all the way down the field score a touchdown, convert the extra point, and what do they do with an in a two minute drill situation they allow the eagles they commit to pass interference penalties both by their starting cornerbacks William Jackson Derry's Phillips. That netted I probably about thirty yards or so between those two. And then they just they just broke at the end and You got feel for Joe. Borough who you know, get some that that engineers this touchdown lead at the end of the game here defense defense breaks at the end yet. In this jekyll and Hyde nature they they held strong in overtime and thanks to a couple of penalties by the Eagles So you know. Very very up and down day for the defense. One of the things they did do as I mentioned though is get those takeaways and what the bengals failed to do on offense for all the great things that Joe burrowed was able to do. They were unable to capitalize on. Turnovers they only had three points off of the two turnovers and when you get those turnovers not only can not afford to have. Field goals instead of touchdowns but to get no points out of some of these turnovers, that's a big deal and the the major reason for that unfortunately is because the offensive line cannot protect borough. They cannot open up rushing lanes for Joe. Mix. Giovanni. Bernard and they are committing penalties that ended up killing drives if you look here. You can't start the game. Six place only twenty, one yard punt three plays netted yards punt second quarter three plays three yards, punt five plays, four yards punt you get a field goal finally. Towards the the middle end of the second quarter, and then the bengals hit a groove here they had the the field goal touchdown touchdown and a field goal there. So they hit a groove late, but you can't start the game with. Four punts, especially with one of those being three plays, eight yards often interception where you start at your own forty four yard line You just you can't. That's that's not going to win you football games and you can call into the. You can you can call Taylor company on the carpet for? Some of the early play calls, you can call you know all kinds of different things but you know at some point, these players do have to execute and they have to they have to be able to play better. Now, the one thing where you got to point the Finger Zach Taylor Jim Turner Brian Callaghan is being basically stubborn and obstinate about the status of their offensive line for to really two off seasons they really liked what they had last. Year in Cordy Glenn in Jona Williams Will Gina Williams got hurt cordy Glenn was I guess hurt the entire basically the entire season it really liked this Fred Johnson. Kid they picked up while you know to starts into this season he got benched at halftime today and billy price comes in billy price had a couple of Nice drives but then and true billy price fashion major holding penalty Stahl drive late in the game another false start penalty and. Old. Demons come to roost it at right guard there. So Unfortunately, the bengals have not made heavy draft investments in recent years at beat. You know first round second round picks really in offensive lineman. I know Jona Williams I know billy price being the outliers there but really stockpiling the other positions is is kind of what I'm referring to and for the last two offseason Zach Taylor Jim Turner Company have really been promoting the status of this offensive line and it's been atrocious. You look here I'm GonNa Switch. Again, we're we're looking at NFL DOT com their stat page Let's let's go. Down here on their defense count up two sacks for Brandon Graham, two sacks for Derek Barney one and a half for Jalen Mills. There's five and a half alone right there six and a half another one from Fletcher Cox Seven and a half one from Josh Sweat and another another half from league, Jackson there to give them eight sacks in the game. Now, not every single sack was just pure report blocking by the Offensive Line Joe Borough did run into maybe one or two of those so I mean and and That tends to happen from a player that likes to Ad Lib and tries to maneuver around the pocket. You're gonNA live with that. But eight sacks is eight sacks. You can't win football games with eight sacks and you can't win football games if you're giving up eight sacks and you can't run the football if you're running the football well and you just can't pass protect that's one thing but you're not doing either and and really these it's no coincidence at all that if you go back to these drives, the field goal drive the. Eight play fifty six yard drive for a touchdown again, the ten play seventy seventy, one yard drive for a touchdown, and then the other field goal drive. There was actually some capable blocking on those drives. It is no coincidence that that is where Joe Borough tore apart the Philadelphia Eagles. So you can't you can't win in some. I mean even if Zach Taylor called a perfect game or you know on offense or Lou Romo dialed up with certain things that he did just you can't win when you updates acts you can't and it's The bengals can try and mask things as they want up front in terms of scheme in in. Trying to mask the weaknesses if you will. But. Unfortunately. Some of these high investments that have not paid off billy. Price. And and these other investments that are you waited until day three to invest Michael Jordan Down Day again you had Xavier. Sufi, fellow. Free acquisition he's not even on the field today. I mean you're getting what you're putting into the offensive line. You're seeing that as the by product in terms of investment, and that's just kind of the bottom line jona Williams did I have to go back and look at the tape? I do think the John Williams did play pretty well, today didn't really hear his number called for negative reasons but do you know? I may end put my foot in my mouth there I gotta go back and look at look at kind of some tape on that but you know he and Hopkins remain kind of the linchpins on the line and it's to average to above average players at those spots and then you've got a lot of wildcards at those other spots. So you know eight sacks You're not. You're not, GONNA win. Games at WAY NOT GONNA WIN Games at way. So that kind of told the tale quite a bit of what happened with the Cincinnati Bengals. As they tie the Philadelphia. Eagles in week three I'm Anthony. Kazan's I'm going to be here for a couple more minutes with cincy jungle, dot com, and the orange and black insider. Get this show and and our other podcasts on the since jungle channel on any audio streaming platform, and then of course, if you're watching us on Youtube right below I believe it's my my left shoulder. You'll be able to click that little logo that icon and subscribe to our Youtube Channel or go ahead and like the CINCY jungle facebook pages we put up a lot of stuff there also were on instagram to I don't know if any of your ideas out there but we had we had an instagram page for a handful of years it was dormant. For a little while and we're kind of waking back up. So we're doing some more stuff on instagram. 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Ticket season included at no extra cost call one, eight, hundred DirectTV of market games only requires choice package or buff minimum seventy, four, ninety, nine, a month before. Discount Tire and second year regional Schwartz Vietnam Ninety nine a month applies twenty four month agreement activation other feasts terms and restrictions. Apply support for this podcast comes from Microsoft teams. Now, there are more ways to be a team with Microsoft teams bring everyone together in one space with a new virtual room collaborate live drawing sharing and building ideas with everyone on the same page and make sure more of your team has seen and heard with up to forty nine people on screen at once learn more about all the newest teams features at Microsoft Dot com slash teams. I mean a lot of a lot of negative things here. Let's let's talk about how. This game ended in some decisions but the coaching staff and what's ahead for this team look you still WanNa say Zach Taylor are really young coach both in in years but also you know We're we're now nineteen games in two Zach Taylor's Zach, Taylor's head coaching regime, and he also never really held a true. Position on he kinda got elevated pretty quickly there in the NFL so i. Kind of learning you've got another Guy Brian Callaghan who you know fresh guy that he's also kind of in those same shoes Luana Room Oh guy who's been around the NFL and coach Nfl for quite a while. But never as a true defense fulltime defensive coordinator, he's kind of interim guy. So you have a lot of guys unfortunately still learning. And it shows it not only where these massive dry spell's on both sides of the ball occur and I, mentioned to start to start this game for four months in a row right. So on offense for the bengals and of course, the bengals are just Jecklin high they came into this game. I believe rated seventh against the past thirty first against the run so. Just. Total Jacqueline Hyde and the lack of whether it's on offense or whether it's on defense the lack of being able to take the game by the throat, make the plays that need to be made in crunch time and the game and get a win. That still plagues this team even with Joe Borough one of the most clutch players we've ever seen at the college football level and it's not. On Joe I'm not. I'm not saying that I'm just saying that this team still has yet to figure out ways to grab wins when they are there when you lose fifteen games I, fifteen games of a very well, I should say, should say lose because one of them is a tie but when you either lose or tie fifteen straight close games or one score games like the staff mentioned earlier. That ben baby throughout their via ESPN stats info. That's not That's not ideal. That's not deal. You gotta figure out ways to close in. That's on the coaches that's on the players that's on everybody You know when you're when you're up a touchdown. and. There's a couple of minutes left and you go out on defense and you give up to major pass interference plays within. Within three total plays. On a game on a game type possible game time drive. That's just I. Mean it's mind boggling. It's mind boggling the other thing with the coaching decisions in there are differing opinions on this and I understand but. A lot of people like myself question the final play of overtime. When the Bengals have the ball, they did have one a one time out I believe left but it was in one thousand, nine seconds I, get it in your own ten I get it. You're not really going to do something that's likely going to win you the game but. My my stance is is and I understand your quarterbacks been hit all day too by the way I. Understand you don't WanNa do that maybe there's even a small chance of a pick-6 and you'd get the loss out of it. I understand that So there are a lot of stances against my opinion that I do I understand. I understand why? In some ways that call was made however, you drafted a franchise quarterback that you want obviously throwing the ball often. Before that tie, you are to sixteen as a head coach and you're not winning games. In earlier in that game, you decided to punt a ball ball away on your first possession I believe that. Was a fourth in short? In the opponent's territory, you don't go for it there, and then at the end of. You also Neil so you have a lot of just. Kinda give ups at critical critical points in the game, and that's where kind of where I have and then you're not winning games anyway prior to that some that's kind of where I get a little heated I guess in that decision. But look, I, mean, there were so many other opportunities as we say every week, there's so many other opportunities for the. bengals to to grab this. When you look at that amazing play, the Joe Borough made where he avoided tackles alluded as would be sacher and makes this awesome completion to t higgins. T Higgins got pushed out of bounds that play gets called back You see what the Bengal, what happens with the bengals gio gets him in in really good scoring range to. Really is the game the bengals get a touchdown. They end up winning the game and and you know they would put the eagles down by think eleven at that point. So you know it's Instead what happens you know you get the forty two yard pass to Geo Bernard on a little on a little bump off if a minus one yard Ryan another pass to t higgins at you get a first and goal. Then you have a five yard penalty on billy price, you have a one yard pass you have a sack in eight yard pass, and then you have to settle for the field goal which gives you a seven point lead instead of the eleven point lead. So it's it's the little things you gotta do these little things correctly, and unfortunately a lot of them start on starting end on the offensive line. That's that's the That's the bottom line I see someone kind of got passed me a little bit connor somebody said eighteen plus. Hurries think a look for that comment to share with you guys to. Its and at some point, if you're Joe Borough I mean, he's not gonNA publicly throw his teammates under the bus, which is admirable and that's what a quarterback is supposed to do you kind of fall on the sword a little bit but I would assume internally he's probably stewing about the amount of hits he's taken the amount of sacks he's taken and I I am sure Jim Turner Zach Taylor company or not comfortable with it as well. Could you be there was one hit today was a late egregious by me? Jackson. On Joe Borough that caused him to leave for snap but you know it's those types of hits that make just cringe and you gotta you gotTa protect your biggest asset, which is Joe Borough, and when he gets the time he has shown you what he can do even even when protection isn't perfect, he has shown you what he can do and it's it's very good So the bengals need to figure out something I think unfortunately for this year, it's going to kind be how do we mask it with what? We have and next year you Kinda you know you had your fun picks this year with quarterback and wide receiver and and those sort of things in maybe next year's draft is basically just a meat and potatoes where you do walled all offensive linemen in and load up on defense again. So that that may be what they're what they're thinking of, and unfortunately you know a lot of us thought that maybe the bengals would be one in two two and one at this point in their schedule based on the talent here. Here, they are up to one. I don't think every I don't think any of us would have predicted a tie unless you were kind of joking around a little bit but you know winless to start the Joe Borough era in three weeks. Not I don't think how we how we envision this I'm gonNA. GonNa go through some of these comments. Some of you are Comedians in here pretty funny Dennis mathers Hashtag Bungle forever reminds me, of Marvin Josh Hall says You know this might be the reality from Fred Dixon here both teams are bad i. don't. Yeah. I I you know I don't if the bengals are bad team, I wasn't overly impressed with the eagles either. Carson wentz looked like a guy that. Was Very pedestrian, he he he's scrap through and made a lot of plays with his legs today but overall two interceptions could have been way worse was hit a lot and if you if you want to really get. Technical about it that with the when the bengals took the lead the prior drive. Philadelphia had a big play touchdown opportunity Sanders beat Akeem Davis. Gathered on the left sideline badly once had a pretty Couple of steps on Davis Gay Sanders did once floated one look like it was going to be an easy touchdown and he just sailed it. So there's a lot of misplaced carson. Wentz is can have in some some you know. Mental hurdles that he's going through on the field there but I was not overly impressed with I was impressed with their pass rush but pass rush was going up against the offensive line of the bengals that is not impressive. So I don't know I don't know how much it tells you the prior week. The Eagles couldn't even touch jared Goff by the way Andrew Whitworth on that line was the highest rated pro football focus offensive lineman through two weeks. So the very next week they get eight eight sacks against the bengals go figure. I don't know I. It's it's gets out. We're, GONNA WE'RE GONNA get out of here in just a couple minutes it's getting kind of. Lather Rinse repeat unfortunately with some of the excuses in some of the same reasonings in these close games, it just gets frustrating because I assume for the locker room it has to be very, very frustrating because and I'll share this with you on just a second but I mean they're so close in, they just can't close and. It's it's a little. It's a little frustrating I'm share some again this is from Ben Baby. I'M GONNA share some quotes that he has some game quotes. From. Tyler Boyd. That are really. Pretty Pretty Interesting in pretty candid. So I'm going to share these with you here. Again, this is from baby of ESPN, dot? COM bengals Jon Boyd seeing Joe Burrow on the ground so much it sucks. It hurts me because I know how much Joe wants to win Let's go back to Ben's thread here. You can see this one right here bengals wide receiver boy later said he wants to fight anyone who hurts rookie quarterback Joe. Borough you gotTa love that you're at this point who to Boyd, who is your best receiver you gotta like his fire, his grit and his willingness to protect his quarterback and wanting him to obviously be upright. In. This one he also says, by the way, Joe is one of the toughest guys that I've ever been around haven't been around long this one guys. This one is a little worrisome bengals, wide receiver, Tyler Boyd on all the losing the last couple of years at starting to affect me it's starting to hurt a little bit i. don't want that to be a thing for us because we're a talented team. Homeboy Don't like hearing that and especially not from a guy who's one of the most productive players right now. Can't have your star players disgruntled and unfortunately this franchise when it when they have been losing unfortunately, it's been kind of a theme that there's their best players just kinda show quite a bit of public dissatisfaction. For the other thing hurting we have yet as we as we take this as we tape this program post game show that the ravens have yet to take the field against the chiefs. So there is still a divisional game to be determined on Sunday night football here however. The browns who were down in the third quarter twenty, two, seventeen to the Washington football team ended up beating them. So they are now to join the steelers who were losing to Houston. Ended up beating them. So they are now three now So the Bengals if they want to make any kind of postseason push, not only do they need to make massive improvements and learn how to win these close games, but they're going to need to probably speak those teams. They're going to need to beat the division teams. No doubt right They're they're going need to show those those teams that they can play with him in broken play with them I am. Petrified as to what? Will Happen to Joe Borough against the Pittsburgh Pass Rush and the Baltimore Pass rush as it currently stands in what we're currently seeing. The. Pittsburgh. Pass rush was already. Has already been an issue even when the bengals had some of their best offensive lines in the Marvin Lewis era and into now, Zach Taylor era it offensive line continues to be issue and I'm really worried about what that will look like. Later, this year the Bengals have the Jaguars next week, and then I believe they have the Ravens and week five. So another divisional game coming right around the corner for them. So. The. Playoffs don't talk about playoffs I. See a Josh, do Mora I like it. Look guys unfortunately this is not the the results out some of you may have expected this. There are a lot of people that actually expected the bengals just this was a rebuilding year I, think deep down we all felt that that was going to be part of it but maybe just the talent they brought in the transcended quarterback they brought in we thought maybe this would going this was going to be something where they make a playoff push they still can. Own. Two teams have. Not a great track record of making believe in since two thousand three, it's about ten eleven percent end up marrying the postseason that start to have yet to see an oprah to in one probably research that but I I assume it's still kind of akin to an Owen to start. So I mean look they're young team. They're young a Lotta spots including the coaching staff and there's a lot of room for improvement. There are talented pieces here I wanna say this before we get on Outta. We talked about Tyler. Boyd. I mentioned t higgins had those two. On Tate was activated today after being a healthy scratch last week, and then you had John Ross healthy scratch this week. So I in Mike Thomas by the way. Active again had a couple of catches today and he obviously is a guy that Zach Taylor's trusting in this offense so. I don't know what this means for John Ross going forward. It probably doesn't look good especially with t higgins grabbing two touchdowns today and showing you know size route running ability etc there. There's still a couple of rookie issues that popped up today for t higgins but I am impressed with him. And impressed with borough obviously but you know I think. Greens make catch his, but they're not the explosive plays Your best targets right now are higgins in in boy. Those are your most reliable targets in the offense in terms of making big-play scoring touchdowns. So you know I don't know what this means for John Ross I. Don't know if they're going to try and move before the deadline I don't know. What it means for Tate I mean, he had a couple of looks today no impact for him but he did have did force a pass interference penalty in the end zone but other than that stat sheet wise. Not a gigantic day for him after being inactive last week so. The wide receiver group is also still a work in progress even though there are a lot of talented dies. In that group and we'll have to see what happens who knows maybe Ross comes back and he's the guy who returns punts and Ericsson gets an act. I don't know I totally just. Thrown that one out there I don't know but That's something they're they're figuring out. The issue is you know these are the types of things that you can tell they're trying to work with different combinations on the offensive line and wide receivers they being the coaching staff they're trying to do all of these different things and they're not. They're not finding the right fits at least not quickly. and. You know here we are seven. Seventeen I'm sorry nineteen games into Zach. Taylor. Regime and and they're still kind of trying to find their way and That's not an ideal situation not an ideal situation. So I see here Dennis mather says Trade Green Trade Dunlap Trade Gino Trade Gio cut heart. I don't think you can trade all of those guys but I think potentially if this season continues to go down the tubes, green is a guy that may be coveted asset out there. Ross may be also coveted asset that maybe you get a pick, maybe you get an extra offensive Lineman I don't know the one guy I am kind of curious about they made a waiver claim on Shack Calhoun, a guard that was with the dolphins a young kid You know had some starts down they're not great pro football focus scores but they obviously liked him they didn't like what they saw from Fred Johnson for six quarters at right guard. Billy price continues to be roller coaster ride. I don't know maybe. Calhoun a guy that can provide some steadiness I duNno. But Lot to figure out more questions than answers as it usually is with the Cincinnati Bengals, the bengals tie the Philadelphia Eagles in week three, twenty, three, twenty, three, they have the Jaguars at home next week. And that seems to be a winnable game based on what we saw of Jacksonville on Thursday night but. We'll. See. We'll. See THANKS EVERYBODY FOR TUNING IN WE'RE GONNA get on out of your have been added for about thirty five minutes. Thanks for all your feedback. Thanks for all your comments and for tuning in live. Thanks for keeping it to since he jungle dot com for all your news opinions analysis and shows like this. We appreciate all the support trying to hang in there and not the not the greatest star to a bengals season. Let's hope they turned around and. Started in some ways. The next. In preparation for the US elections, facebook has taken critical steps to secure their platforms and provide transparency. They've more than tripled their safety and security teams to thirty five thousand people implemented five-step out verification and launched new voting information center learn more about how facebook is preparing at F.. B.. Dot. com. Slash about slash elections. That's F. B. dot com slash about slash elections.

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