DJ & Peter Schrager's Mock Draft


Hey everybody I'm Daniel Jeremiah. And today is a fun. I've got my buddy Peter Schrager. You know him from Good Morning Football. You know him from Fox. Sports Peter is plugged in as anybody in the national football league and had a little time on his hands. I had a little time on my hands so we got together. We joined forces and we're able to put together a mock draft where we just go every other pick and go from one all the way to thirty two and provide our analysis. What we're hearing. What we know about these players thought it'd be a really fun exercise so I think you're gonNA enjoy today's episode also WanNa courage if you haven't checked it out yet. We have our three sixty series. Which is out right now. We're we're focusing on the top quarterbacks from this year's draft class we do a deep dive. We study them. We talk about them as players. But then we get a chance to interview their college. Coaches high school coaches teammates. Those that have trained these guys in the lead up to the draft. It's really a deep dive on the top signal callers in this year's draft class. I think you'll enjoy those. If you just check us out on apple podcast your favorite podcast APP. You can find the videos for these features on. Nfl DOT com slash. Mt Video. You can also check those out on Youtube. Youtube dot com slash. Nfl podcasts. Well let's go ahead and get this one started. This is me and my buddy Peter. Schrager is going to be a fun. Cincinnati bengals on the clock next to Thursdays from. Now all right. Well let me just start by saying they have the first pick. The best player in the draft is chase young. Who's HIEAUX STATE RIGHT DOWN? The road second most important position in football. So what the I. I'm not going to do. I'm GonNa Take Joe Borough. I'm GonNa take the best quarterback in the draft. I think they'll have options and you'll know more about this than I will but from folks. I talked to if they wanted to haul they could get out and I'm sure Miami would come up and give them a hall of picks but my rules personal rules. You don't trade off of a franchise quarterback and that can be your guy for the next fifteen years turning the card at Joe Borough. Yeah and you know. The thing that that was big at the combine was at borough might not be dying to go to Cincinnati. I think a lot of that has tempered a lot by the time we got into March and now with. What's going on like everything I hear? Is that borough would be more than happy to be the face of the Cincinnati bengals in his home state especially they did in the free agency season where they actually went against the grain and spend a couple couple of dollars and brought new guys. I'm I feel like I'm doing. I'm checking I've got my list. I'm just checking it off. Sri Going through checking them off one by one so he's GonNa snap board number two no funny business here either. This comes from everything. I'm hearing chase. Young is going number two to the Washington redskins. Let's not get silly. Let's just do what you've gotta do to have an identity? The real issue here with to go into the REDSKINS. They haven't had a chance to have them in the facility. They don't know what their doctors haven't seen them. So you look at the redskins. They have a strength on their team and people would argue. You don't just draft something that you already have. And they have a great defensive line and Doron pain and Jonathan Allen and Matt Ryan Isis and even Ryan Kerrigan is still playing good football at thirty one years old. So why would you take chase young well? Because you're Ron Rivera and your defensive coach and you have an identity. We're going to punch you in the mouth and we'll go from there. Do I think going Haskins better than I don't know? Do I know that doing asking will be under center next season? I know at least he's healthy enough to be. My doctors can tell me so my last point on on Haskins good opportunity for him in a weird way with what's going on to exhibit his leadership throughout this entire strange situation in the country and say okay guys. Let's get together. Let's get on zoom. Let's get some workouts going. Virtually whatever it is. I think that actually hurts to a quite a bit that he can't meet with the Redskins one on one multiple times and certainly didn't have approached one thing I think that's harder for the redskins here is if they did want to make the decision to go. Quarterback is that they just haven't had as much time around Dwayne Haskins because the building's being shut down so think that would have made that decision a lot easier for them if they just had a better feel for what they had there. But shrugs you know we talk all the defensive linemen? They have with the Redskins last year. Third Down Defense dead last. Yeah so it's not good enough. Let's get some more firepower chase young. I love that pick number two. I'll go to Detroit here at number three again. I feel like we're going chock here to start this thing. It'll it'll get off the rails. I promise at some point time. But when you trade Darius slay you'll need on your roster and to me there's a tremendous drop off from sleigh to true font They still need a premier corner. And if you look at the bill belichick tree look what bill. Belichick has really adapted as his defensive philosophy. He's one of the few guys that believes you. Kinda work at back to front investing your money in the secondary and you can kind of fill in along the defensive line. I think they ended up going with Jeffrey from Ohio. State the top corner plug and play Guy To me that's a no brainer. The only question would be. Did they take him at three or more likely? If they have an opportunity slide back to five or six. Get the same player. Yeah you know I was on the around. The League podcast with Chris. Wesseling they they were. They were very very for that. They are very aggressive over text message. Now they're actually great and wesseling made a good point he was like if you're lions fan like you just got rid of. Sleigh WHO's probably going to be a better player than Okuda next year. Like how can you justify trading sleigh and then say okay? We'RE GONNA draft another corner? What would be your response to that while the money? Difference first of all you had to pay sleigh big money going forward. They didn't want to do that. So you get a first round pick. You're going to more affordable option. You'd get a younger player. I'm going to have a long sustained career there and they can use that money. They saved on Sleigh to invest it in other areas their roster so to. That's why it makes sense there but I don't know when I look at what their other options are here. What are the players could be in the mix? My Love Isaiah Simmons. But you look at that team right now and I just think. Okuda makes a big impact for them with where they are the roster. Yeah number four. The New York giants I think offensive line. I don't think they take Simmons here and I think it's GonNa be Judge Wills that's my pick here at an Alabama versatile tackle or guard and say okay. Well let's breakdown worse. Becton verse for this is such a such a silly thing to say but like Nick. Sabin coached wills Joe Judge worked for Nick. Sabin there's a comfort there. I feel like Joe. Judge is a good judge of character. Guys he's had in at least knows the pipeline if there was any affection there in everyone's says this kid is the real deal as far as character and performance and potential. I think that seems like the of the three of Beckton of wirth's WHO's coming out of Iowa and of course we'll hear a lot about will's as much as other than he didn't have the combine performance that everyone else did. I think that that makes more sense for the giants. Based on the fact they haven't had a chance to meet with these other guys and they might not be as familiar with the other two prospects that offensive line. I would say I heard early on that. That he get tristen worth so I have had tristen wharfs going there. However and talking to a whole host teams I would say the majority of them. Have Jed Rick Wills as the top offensive linemen and this to me number two. I have becton first and then I have wills their wills is a better player right now back then. You're kind of betting on the come. A little bit of what he can become because he's such a physical freak So that's why I have it but I think those two guys are the top two two and I think the safer play which would lean more towards Dave gettleman sensibilities would be generic will so. I think that makes a lot of sense all right five the Miami Dolphins. They're sitting there. There's a couple of quarterbacks on the board what's the PIC de well fortunately here at Jeremiah draft headquarters. We don't have a medical department so I don't have to be beholden to a medical grade here and I can just take who I think is the best football player and so for me. The Miami Dolphins at number five. I'm going to go to a tongue. Ovalles Loa I'm not gonNA rush him onto the field but I just think when you look at him on the field and compare them side by side with Justin. Herbert I think too is a much better football player And the fact that I don't have a medical grade right in front of me I can't disqualify him so I'm GonNa go to push back on you in your latest mock draft. You actually assigned. I believe Herbert to the dolphins and not to the reasoning. Being what the reason being that I've heard from talking to a bunch of folks that the Miami Dolphins Love Joe Borough. That's pretty universal. After Joe Borough there's a split in the room and you hear Justin Herbert has some supporters into a has some supporters. So if it's close tie goes to the healthy your player so to me. If I'm guessing right now of what they will do. I could make a case okay just in Herbert. Might have a little bit of a leg up here just because of the health factor but with this one because we're pals I wanNA take who I wanNA take you so I'm going to put two there because that's what I'd like to see happen for them. Which leaves the Los Angeles chargers at six a team that you do radio color for during the season a team that I have been tracking very closely this offseason at the quarterback position. They Lose Philip Rivers. They have tyrod Taylor. I think they draft either two or Herbert. Whoever's there at six I'm going to go with Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick to the Los Angeles chargers. Your heir-apparent to Philip rivers down the road. I don't know if he starts in your one. I think he could start your one when you're a senior who was rosebowl. Mvp in an academic. All American think you could pick up offense. I also think physically at the combine. He showed some things that I was. Not necessarily aware of. The arm was incredible and he looks the part. This is a big strong ox guy with a brain. I I know a lot of. Nfl evaluators are down on the leadership. Which to me seems like a vague intangible and not because he's been arrested four times but because he's a little bit quieter than your typical quarterbacks. I would point to ally Manning Joe flacco not exactly rollock at me guys. I've made my case Justin. Herbert go six in Los Angeles chargers. So this is something I've hinted at and haven't talked a lot about it. But this is where the fascinating decision would be if if the board right and we assume and we long have assumed it would be a quarterback. They have a need. It's either going to a Herbert herber too. Depending on WHO's there. The decision is going to be made forum. But let's just assume maybe they have much higher grades onto a then. They can't get up to get him okay. So now. You're sitting there at number six and you've got Justin Herbert who you like. But you don't love and you've got Isaiah Simmons who when you are in that division with Patrick Mahomes and low down that chiefs offense and you have Derwin James and you have Joey Bosa. You have Melvin Ingram You've got who I think is one of the young. It's going to be young start. Linebacker and drew tranquil. Nobody talks about. They've got you. Go Out and get Chris Harris. You've got Casey Hayward I mean this could be one of the best defenses in the NFL and one. That's geared to try and beat the Kansas City chiefs people. Think think about last year how bad the season went for the chargers. And Look at those two games against the chiefs. I don't think mahomes threw for two hundred yards in either contest. In and now you drop a guy like Isaiah Simmons with his versatility athleticism and length. That would be a fascinating one. Then of course. They enroll tyrod Taylor this year. Maybe they get their quarterback. Maybe it's Jalen hurts in the second round or maybe that's something they do next year but I think that's at least a discussion that take place there. I love it all right. That said Simmons is still on the Board Seven Carolina Panthers Matt Rule in in my man. Mardi her near on the clock but DJ. You're the one making the pick panthers at seven. Go ahead to me. I pick of Matt rules regime there. Let's let's go with Isaiah Simmons and you look at the turnaround that he had at temple the turnaround he had at Baylor. It required patients when I talked to him and went and visited with him in Waco and then we had him on our podcast. And we talked about when you take over team. What are you trying to do? And he emphasized speed. I WANNA have fast football teams long fast players so when I look at that with the character of Isaiah Simmons to me. It's your first pick as an NFL head coach. You Line that you line that drive up and put it right in the middle of the fairway. So I'M GONNA GO Isaiah Simmons. It's no brainer geographically to it makes a lot of sense star at Clemson stays in the Carolinas. They have a local guy that they can build around and especially in an off season where you lose camp keithly and Olsen. Who are maybe the three most recognizable panthers outside of McCaffrey? I love it. I think that's a great pick and I think they'd be doing flips if he was sitting there at seven. I'm trying to waiting for you by the way because we've got eight coming up here and with your relationship with Kingsbury I'm waiting for this to expand and we're going to have a three-shot here and Kingsbury she's GonNa come on and tell us exactly who they're picking all right now. The truth is I have no idea who they're taking but look at their team. I would have thought maybe wide receiver at the combine. But then you make a trade for De'andre Hopkins Hopkins Fitzgerald and Kirk. You don't need that offensive. Line is a need and they've got offensive line the board but I'm going with Derrick Brown Auburn. The big defensive tackle. I feel like that's still a giant gaping hole for their team. They addressed it with a few players in free agency. They've got some guys on the Roster Derrick Brown one of those guys that had a huge twenty nine teen could have gone pro after twenty eighteen. I think he actually helped his draft stock. I'd be sad be shocked. We filled the top ten. This seems like it makes a lot of sense not a flashy pick but a darn good player. Derrick Brown goes to the Arizona Cardinals at eight overall. Okay I liked that one. Derek is great great player. This is one. We're not doing trades in this mock draft but I think in this scenario you could see a trade with Jacksonville so I think they've been very adamant about going out and trying to collect picks this year as well as picks in next year's draft. Think interrupt you. Do you think is urgency. Because of the fact that they got rid of Coughlin they got rid of all these star players. Like is Dave Caldwell GonNA WANNA and Doug marrone to. Are they going to hit a home? Run here in the for you think. They're still looking long term. I think this has been a reset on this franchise when you look at okay so I don't think I don't think of it like man we've got to get these guys. Come ON WE'RE GONNA win twelve games with this group of players in Philip Door set in the first round and I was like we're right there and my job is kind of like you. Don't feel that no I. I don't sense that so I actually think you could see them. Trade down accumulate more picks. There's the Trevor Lawrence Lottery. That's going to take place for next year's draft and I think you're gonNA see some of these teams. I like men's shoe and I think they're going to see what they have with him this year. But this very much a trial period for him. If it doesn't go well they could be in the quarterback market next year and having a bunch of assets in a draft that not just features Trevor Lawrence a couple of really intriguing players as well. I wouldn't sleep on that but since we're going to stick in pick here. Jacksonville has holes all over their defense. Shrinks I mean they they need help everywhere and I think we see kind of a little a little. Mini Ron tackles here. I'M GONNA go. Giovanni Ken Law Go onto the Jacksonville. Jaguars big defensive tackle out of South Carolina who has long very explosive at the senior bowl before he shut it down dominated for a couple of days of practice there and Tremendous upside in actually remind me a little bit of Marcus. Stroud think about when they had stroud and Henderson there on the jags going back in the day. This is that type of player. Ken Law might be a little raw. But if you're thinking long term this he might be the best prospect a on the defensive line and this entire. I love that too. I had them taken in my last mock draft as well sort of team needs but also about. Here's a guy who stock has really improved the last twelve months all right number two. Which tackle you giving a Cleveland here? They're gonNA take one right. I mean I saw that. You had Isaiah Simmons falling and I understand how that can happen. He's not he's not in the board right now he's been taking my line. I'm going to say with the tenth overall. Pick Kristin wharfs at an Iowa goes to the Cleveland Browns? I see the the the can't miss type factor of at least we know an offensive. Lineman at appearances program is GonNa come and play not going to be a total washout and not that becton would be a washout but there seems to be a lot more comfort amongst these gems with the Tristan worth selection over Becton despite what beckons done at the combine. And how big and how strong and how Nimble he is. I've got tristen wharfs going ten to the Cleveland Browns. Your thoughts tristen. Wharfs to me is interesting because when I first watched him I thought he'd be a guard. Reminded me a little bit of brains sheriff when he was coming out a very strong very physical but I thought I in the term like us. He'd be better off if you had two neighbors instead of one. He needs to live in the middle of the street. Not on the end of the street But you'd look what he did at the combine like okay acknowledged. This guy's a phenomenal athlete. But he has areas needs to clean up he over sets a ton which means if you know what that means. He's He's Joan Out. Too far he gets beat by a bunch. And that's that worries me. A little bit So I had him as my third tackle but ecstatic that you just took him here because that leaves for the jets big MCI Becton which is going to continue this off season theme of trying to protect Sam Darnold and that's what they would do in this situation. If you have a guy like Beckton plug and play. He doesn't have negative tape He just doesn't get beat. He's a massive humanity. He dominates in the run game. This is one of those picks that when you're watching at home as we all will be watching at home you will see. Sam darnold pumping his fist and you might see Levian Bell. Jump off the couch. Because they're gonNA be so excited to to run and throw behind this big fella so there you go your top three offensive tackle off the board. You've got the top defensive lineman but only three quarterbacks meaning love is still on the board and now we're at the spot with the raiders. And yet I think the raiders would take CD lamb wide receiver. I'd Oklahoma if the draft fell this way it could be lamb. It could be judy. It could be rugs. I have no insight on right now. I don't even know if they've set their board at the wide receiver position but I would think they would go wide receiver at twelve. And I'm going to go a CD. Lamb pair him. With some of the other young wide receivers they got Williams renfro and work from there. So CD LAMB WHO DJ. I had a GM. Compare him to the Andre Hopkins recently. I don't know if that's a little bit too. Richard Generous in comparison. I mean that is as bad. It's as probably as dominant a wide receiver at that. That building body and I think lamb is even taller than himself to me when you look at what he does after the catch is what I love. That's why has the top receiver in the draft. And he can go up the ladder and go after the football. The Way Hopkins does I would give Hopkins a little bit of an edge as kind of a fifty fifty catcher. But after the catch I would give lamb a decided advantage over hopkins with what he does. He's phenomenal after the catch. So I like that. Pick their for the raiders. And now I think we see you could potentially see a little bit of a run on wideouts We have one there with twelve. I'M GONNA come back with one in San Francisco. Can you think about that Super Bowl Kyle? Shanahan literally saw the ring pulled off of his finger by tyree kill. The throw was incredible. The throw is incredibly run once. We run WASP. Yeah maybe puts in wasp but maybe he puts in wash down there with the niners but he had a front row seat to see how that speed played. I'm as great as the throw was and taken 'em nine step drop from the gun which had never seen before which is fourteen yards back this ridiculous but the there was ten yards of separation. There was so much separation tyreek hill punt. But that's the speed and the biggest play the game and the biggest game of the year. The speed was the difference and cow. Shanahan now gets to get his own guy that he can play with. Can you imagine all that stretch boot that they run in in the Shanahan system or you can buy Jimmy Garoppolo time? And you've got from one side of the field Henry Rugs Henry Henry Rugs. That's why I'm taking Henry Rugs. I think this gives them an unbelievable toy to play with in this offense they get Jalen Hurd back healthy. You get Deebo Samuel taking that next step and you just dropped in Carl Lewis in the middle of this offense. I'm here for it man. That's what I want to see. It's a great pick and I gotTa tell you the Niners to me and I get criticized on good morning football for being so pro niners because you in Lynch and Shanahan are all buddies for them to be able to not lose buckner or Armstead but instead flip Buckner for thirteenth overall pick in a great draft and then keep armstead and then keep Jimmy Ward. That's a great job in free agency and if they get henry rugs. It's almost like a wash with buckner is all right. Well we kept armstead. We got guide. It's fantastic job is playing chess. Board would be fun and I would. Also we'll get to pick thirty one here in a little bit but I would anticipate you'll see them trade out one of these picks they're going to trade back they don't have a two three or four so they're gonNA end up trading back with one of these wants to collect some picks. Gotcha all right fourteen. Ten Bay buccaneers. Tom Brady is the quarterback. You need another offensive lineman. I'll go with Andrew Thomas Out of Georgia. Let's just keep Brady Upright. I don't care if the bucks go offensive line offensive line offensive line offensive line if they're going to be relevant this year. It's going to because Brady's the quarterback Blaine Gabbert they have a good offensive line. I don't think it's a terrible one. But they can upgrade a little bit. Thomas play tackle could play guard Very highly regarded probably not in that top three conversation but definitely in that top five. I'll go with Andrew. Thomas at Georgia with the fourteenth overall pick. He's somewhere on my seventeenth player I have Those other three guys. It's a little bit of a gap. If you don't get one of the big three I think you could see a little bit of a gap before Andrew Thomas. But he's still a player who's going to be day one starter for Tampa so protecting Tom. Brady I thought for a moment here. We could be looking at Jordan. Love with this pick. There's been a lot of heat out there. That they really like Jacobsen but this just feels to me like this is all chip in on. Tom Brady for one or two years. And you're not gonNA draft his replacement in the first round. You'RE GONNA have somebody to come in and help him so I see that very similar. They're all right now. We GET TO FIFTEEN WITH DENVER. And in this scenario it everything seems to be pointing trying to another weapon for drew lock when you made the trade of Emmanuel Sanders last year. I think partly because you know what you have in Portland Sutton who's a premier premiere number one white out in this league and with the depth in this draft class. You could get him out of the ROB and his Batman. Yeah Jerry. Judy is a heck of a robin. Fill out perfectly for their. That's what they're looking for. I think there's a chance you could see them. Try and trade up in this draft because when you look at the teams ahead of them they might be worried about man we could see three going row jets could go. Receiver raiders could go receiver. Niners could go receiver so if you see a trade with Denver moving up you have to believe it's to get in front of that. Receiver row there. But in this scenario they stick in pick. And God Jerry. Judy who some folks believes the best receiver in the draft? So not too bad. I know one team for sure. Told me that Judy's they're number one on the board. If he slips to fifteen denver I think would be very happy to take him which leads to sixteen the Atlanta Falcons. We know they did a bunch of moves on offense this past month when they really have a first round pick it every position. Seems like in all eleven spots. All first round picks. Whether it'd be Todd Gurley Hayden hers to ever. But the Falcons sixteen I know. They love their linebacker core. I know they've been good but if I'm looking at sixteen I feel like I need to get at least an edge. Rusher someone I I'm GonNa take. Aj EPIDEMIC PANACEA OUT OF IOWA. Solid Defensive Lineman Dan Quinn Ryan Morris would love to have another Gamer on that D. Line isn't necessarily tell but isn't necessarily von Miller. Pass rusher but just a sturdy down linemen. Let's stop the Ron. And let's get to the quarterback. It can be kind of that five technique if you think about that defense. That Pete Carroll's Ron Dan Quinn runs. You see what Gus Bradley. They can play with the heavier end and then they blew with an undersized and so he would be that heavier end somebody that can also kick inside and Russian side That would be his role there. If you bring in Fowler could envision third-down package where you're going to have fowler coming off the edge and you'd have lined up inside of him Kind of go back to what the niners used to do remember when they had Justin Smith and Smith and cowboy. Yeah how about that That's another story for another podcast. We'll see how that all goes But I liked that. I liked that. Move there okay. Let's get to you just went. Atlanta's got cowboys. I got your fighting Dallas cowboys here. I might switch it up on your here shrinks because I think everything's kind of pointing towards defense. You know you can look at corner another edge rusher to to come opposite of of Lawrence demarcus Lawrence. But I'm GONNA say man. They're getting ready to scratch a big check for Dak Prescott big check. Wow go in there. I'm not gonNA take a quarterback. Okay I'm going to get somebody to help my quarterback I'm GonNa Take Justin Jefferson from Lsu of it and give this give Dak Prescott another weapon in this offense. You Bring Back Amari Cooper now you have. Justin Jefferson Let's you know you're gonna find your wages shootouts. Once you get into the postseason especially Let's get some more firepower here. I'm going to go switch it up. Go just in Jefferson to the cowboys. Hey his numbers at their last year are silly. I think eighteen touchdowns one hundred eleven receptions and I talked to a offensive coach going into the wide receiver drills saying. He's really good but that offense was loaded and like you'll see when he does his measurements. He's not as fast as you'd hope for three and then he blew up the combine. And it's like I'm a first round pick shut up about. How about his numbers so I was expecting him to run. Kind of in the mid four fives. I mean as he's running his forty. I'm worried like setting the table. Like I love this guy so much. Mike. Don't be alarmed. If he doesn't run. Vahidi ran fast. Okay never mind. Just scratch that from the record now. He's he's as fast. I think if you put up numbers and Sammy. Watkins numbers They're almost identical. So he's got that type of speed and he's a phenomenal route runner and characters off the charts. Yeah and that's our fourth wide receiver taken on top. Eighteen picks. It leads to eighteen. Where I looking at the dolphins right now? Okay so we've got to already taken right with your fifth pick you and now. I'm thinking what else do I feel like? They still need some offensive firepower. But everyone and I did a mock offensive lineman in that first round. Everyone freaked out. It was like you have to protect whoever they are. Take awful awful on the offensive line is often. One of the worst offensive line's off. Is that right okay? So you've got this terrible offensive line. Everyone saying how bad they are. Okay find I'm going to go with a bit of a a reach. Tell me if you think this is too early for this player. But he's I think he's twenty years old super athletic at a USC Austin Jackson too early or no at eighteen. Well I think it's I think it's a little early based off how he played last year. But when you factor in how young is when you factor in. He missed the off season because he donated his bone marrow to his sister who was going through a trying so he didn't get a chance to train or anything in the season kind of started and just he went and he has the athleticism you love. He's a twenty year old kid one of the youngest players in the So there's more to come with him but it's GonNa take a little bit of time to develop. I think he'll find his way into the first round. Shrugs you know I mentioned how bad this offensive line was. I'm not a mathematician. But they were last in the league in sacks they were last in the league in rushing so throwing and running. Are those kind of important deal right in the in this little game football. That would help. Yeah they're not great at one so getting somebody that can help their on the law of long term. I mean that's they're not winning the superbowl next year right like we know that. And if you have to have this kid you've got two young guys. Maybe you left. Remember when it was like Matt Ryan and Sam Baker? We're taking the same year and it was like. That's what we're going to build around like. It's one of those deals. You get your quarterback and get your offensive tackle. Let's go from there all right. Sam Baker by the way son of the king himself David Baker nicely done anyway challenging softball. All right where we at her. What are we at nine? Nineteen they got CD lamb with the twelfth pick okay. The raiders got CD land with the Twelfth Pick. They were aggressive in free agency. That went out and got a couple linebackers that they really like. I still look at the corner position and think they could address that they've got the wide receiver taken care of. I'M GONNA go corner and as as Schrager likes to shop at At nordstrom Mike mayock likes to shop at Clemson. So I'M GONNA go. Aj Terrell F- early to play opposite of Trayvon. Molin his former teammate at Clemson. Give them too long athletic corners that can build around early. Dude is that is. That is as early as I've seen him. I like him. I think he had a very rough national championship game. When most people got to watch him. Is that early? Nineteen for Asia tour of. I don't think it's crazy. I I think when you look at him and watch him over the whole season. I think he's got a lot of good tape. He's tough he's he's tall along fast so you'll love that. He got beat up by Jemaah Chase in the national championship game. Jamaa probably GONNA be a top five picnics. A lot of people hate beats up a lot of folks in that game. It wasn't like it was somebody that was grossly out of position and just getting torched he's in great position he just what do you do? You know D- Got Dez Bryant and on a couple balls in that game so I think he's a good player And I think when you look at the needs here I think corner is one and just knowing a little bit. Cj Henderson from Florida. I have a higher grade on and I think I expect him when it's all said and done if it falls right that he will go as the second corner but he is not a good tackler which dings him a little bit on his toughness and if we know anything about mayock if he is all about toughness so. I'M GONNA GO. I'M GONNA go shopping at Clemson again here. I like it and you mentioned the great. Cj Henderson at a Florida who is a lightning fast player and believes he's one of the top corners in this draft. I think that's the next pick. We've got the Jacksonville. Jaguars at twenty. I will go C. J. Anderson. You still haven't filled that void when you lose. Aj Boy and you lose Jalen Ramsey. I think this makes a lot of sense. Cj Henderson a Florida product. Back in the day it'd be like the Jaguars would only exclusively shop at Florida. Everglades have all those guys. I'm going with. Cj Henderson to the Jaguars twentieth overall. I liked that one. Now this puts me in a tough spot here with the Philadelphia Eagles at twenty one you think receiver and if you pick anything other than receiver Philadelphia. They're going to be happy. No question so when we look at the top four guys being gone. Now you're looking at for me Brandon. Iu who I love from Arizona. State think it'd be a great fit there. What he can do. Run after catch can be that. Vertical speed guy plays much faster than Iran. I think Iran four five flab. He he blows by everybody on tape. So that's an option you've got higgins not the fastest Ganim world but you know a play above the rim fifty-fifty ball player and then you know you've got jalen Reagan. I think it's a little early for him. The speed received from Tcu so eagle fans. Then you're going to be upset with this but just get on board. This is the first time in a million years. You Go linebacker in the first round you go Kenneth Murray home and you get somebody you can park right in the middle of that defense. That can be a stud for them and be the leader of that defense for the next decade. Tell them a little bit about this kid's character and what he's made of off the charts special needs siblings and he is ultra involved in in their lives and just the People Oklahoma. This kid walked on or this kid got two campuses. A seventeen year old started. They wanted Oklahoma. That doesn't happen all that often. Immediate impact leader on that team. He's just got special wiring so And he's lucky six to two hundred forty pounds. It can fly to so you're not sacrificing the player but you also get the person leader. I talked to somebody Oklahoma shrinks. It said this is one of my three favorite players. I've ever been around like that's how special this kid is. I've told this story to combine. We were on the broadcast but offensive coach. Not even a defensive coach told me the morning after meeting with Kenneth Murray. That was my favorite combine interview. I've ever been a part of this kid. Is that good and that much of a leader so I actually between us I think he I think eagles fans I'd be like linebacker but I would be surprised if he was even available at twenty one with with the with the variables of this draft and people not knowing about character and not knowing about what these guys can do on the board. Lend US early like I think. That's almost a sure thing in this kid's GonNa make a player to me. I've used this phrase in talking to some gym buddies. Which is this is. This is a doubles draft. Man You don't swing for the fences get guys that you feel comfortable about you know him you know what they bring and just try to stack those types of players up just taking taking wild swings and risks. When you don't have the information that can get you in some trouble. Just just hit right in the fairway this kid to me. You're not going to miss. On Kenneth Murray I love it next. Team is the Minnesota Vikings at twenty two in these Stefan digs trade. Very interesting spot right now because you lose digs and you think okay is Olabisi Johnson going to be the number two receiver to Adam Phelan but they also had a lot of needs and offensive line. They lost some defensive backs. I'm going to go with the twenty second. Pick for the Minnesota Vikings. I'm looking at my board and I think the selection is going to be a defensive back a corner out of UTAH. Nope I'm going. I'm going different. I'm going with defensive back out of Lsu. I'm going Christian Fulton quarterback at Lsu. I know you like the Utah Johnson kid more seen him in your mock draft higher. He might be a better athlete. I feel like big games. Rick Spielman likes to look at. I feel like big opportunities. Krista Fulton is going to be a starter in the NFL. It's not a safe pick necessarily. But he's a guy who I think it's a first round grade and with the Vikings are trying to fill out on defense. Losing Xavier Rhodes losing some other players. I like Christian Fulton twenty two to the Minnesota Vikings Christian Fulton lucky got beat up on some place this year. But you gotta remember the kid they had on the other side. Stanley is the best cornerback in all of college. Football Young Kid and people tried him early in the year and quickly realized we'll go after Fulton. We'll take our chances with Fulton. So he did give up some plays but he's another one who you know when you talk to people there. They compare them personality and character. Wise to Davis White and we know what he's emerged to be in the NFL so I see there with Minnesota they. They need a receiver but they go. corner there. They stop another pick here coming up in a minute. So we'll see what they do. They're the most important maybe in the entire first round the Minnesota. Vikings are not the fake. It's the New England Patriots at twenty three so we have the New England patriots here. I don't think they go quarterback I'm going to go with kind of a an Ode to Logan Mankins and say that they are going to take somebody maybe a little bit earlier than you think. They know he just going to be a really good player. That can can plug in forum. I'm going to say go Caesar Ruis Center who can play any of the three interior spots. It's the most patriots thing we all think sexy and they think let's go get. Let's go get the four by four Let's go get the center from Michigan. So that's my surprise there for the pats they got chased would've last year out of Michigan. Now they doubled our. What's the reaction from Patriots? And I'm not saying they're crazy like I go bonkers eagles fans and they do they trust the process and say okay bell check knows. That's my guess is that they just say. Oh we know something. The rest of the League doesn't know yeah. All right twenty four the saints are up. I loved going out and getting Emmanuel Sanders. I think getting Malcolm Jenkins is good there. Maybe I was looking at rosters yesterday. Dj I think the saints might have the best roster and football like I struggled to come up with needs men like when I was going through and putting my needs together with them and trying to figure out what direction that they could go on like what I don't know man. They're pretty good across the board here. They're absolutely loaded. And you know they don't have a third wide receiver necessarily that you'd say okay. That's the guy and a good wide receiver draft. But I'm going to go and stay in that state. I'M GONNA go with Patrick Queen the linebacker at Lsu and you could talk more about the player. I'm thinking more about the team. This is the kind of guy that they know is going to make an impact billion one year at Lsu where he was a star but he was a star and he might be the fastest linebacker in the entire draft right. Yeah he's my. He's I actually have him over. Kenneth Murray so that tells you what I think of him. You know you have is as Simmons is the top linebacker something. Listen as a safety But I have an idea Simmons Queen and then Murray so and I'm with you in terms of were this roster is I could see them saying. Hey we're just gonNA take the best available player because You don't really have a glaring need when when you look at him on paper so I love that pick. I think that makes a lot of sense. Now we get to Got Minnesota their second one here will you didn't go receiver so you left the the Christian picket twenty two. I'M GONNA GO BRANDON FROM ARIZONA STATE. Who is unbelievable after the catch? Kirk cousins. Get the border hands. Quick let this kid go. Let Him Make something happen although I would not rule out with them trading back and picking up an interior offensive Lineman as well. Bradbury's stood at center. They gotTA GET BETTER AT GARDEN NEXT DOME SO L. Find did not play well last year so I would imagine you'll see them attack that position early on I. You is One of these guys whose at a what would you say a Glamour Position? But maybe wasn't a household name like Judy Lamb. And Rugs. What would be the dossier on if they taken. Is he better than what digs might have been when he came in like? What are we looking at? While he was different I mean diggs. Just hadn't been healthy Maryland. He was a five star recruit. Everybody knew about him And then just kind of slip. Because he wasn't healthy and he was a more polished route runner. Coming out than is You though I would say even after the catch I would probably give you a little bit of an edge there. He's phenomenal he's returner. He's outstanding in that area. This kid that toughness standpoint was offered coming at a junior college by all the SEC programs is a corner of wanted to play wide receiver. So he went to Arizona State so this is a really really tough physical and had to take a back seat his first year at Arizona State after junior college. With the kill Harry there. In hindsight that was a mistake. I think he's a much better player than kill. Harry and that'll be reflected at the next level and of course Nick Harry a first round pick a year ago. All right interesting. The third dolphins pick right now and remember. We got to and then. I went really early with Austin Jackson. The offensive lineman out of USC. This is probably going to be looked at as a reach by you and maybe by others but I love that. They have devante Parker who started playing. Well I like the Kid Believe Williams who had some moments last year but I think they're going to go wide receiver and I'm going with a speed guy and a guy who did it up at the combine. I'm going Denzel. Mims Aereo at of Baylor to the dolphins with their third first round. Pick completing offensive sweep of quarterback offensive tackle and wide receiver. Denzel mims tell the folks about Denzel mims the well. He's he ran in five four threes. This is somebody that has unbelievable acrobatic catches when you watch him on tape very athletic There's some inconsistency as a route runner. He wasn't asked to run the entire route trees. We like to say scouting so it's GonNa take a little bit of time to develop as a complete receiver had a great week at the senior bowl and then an unbelievable combine so if you look at the trend line with him it just continued to climb as we went through the process. Coming out of the fall. I don't think many folks were thought of him as a first round player but I think as we get towards the draft. It's as distinct possibility because I had him. I took them over La- viscous Chenault who absolutely love. But I just feel like I don't know about healthy especially with what's going on in the country right now in the draft process being so weird have a hard time using a first round. Pick on channel. Yeah I don't think you'll go in the first round. I think you'll go off the board and the top of the second would be my guess But that gets me to Seattle Twenty Seattle. I think would like the situation. Because they've got their pick a couple pass rushers Kayla von Chason still available right now from from. Lsu's a real fast ball coming off the edge you tour. Gross Mottos from Penn State is another very productive. Rusher their in the big ten. I'M GONNA say they they opt for the athleticism and they with Caleb on Jason. We'll see you know what happens with them. The rest of this draft but I think getting some more reinforcements along that defensive line will be a priority but when you watch this year you get better each and every game and then played well once they got into the postseason there. with Lsu. But somebody that's long. He's very very explosive with first step. He's still developing as a pass rusher. going to be able to combine moves them together widen his arsenal a little bit but no better team to go to the Seattle seahawks to help. This kid can reach his full potential Twenty eight is the Baltimore Ravens. I am currently recording this with you from Baltimore and I will break the fourth wall my in laws and my wife and my brother-in-law. They're all diehard ravens fans and. I wake up every morning as I'm here in Baltimore and they're asking me who the Ravens taking taking back you think. I know the I think the Ravens are going to take defense and the guy that I have them taking. Gross Mottos at Penn State. Everything I've heard about the guy is that he's a fantastic player but also a great kid. He's overcome incredible tragedy in his life. And I think he's a first round pick and I think he fits that wink. Martindale John Harbaugh mentality of I'll punch in the mouth but I'm also a smart player up here. He's somebody that the more I watched him the more I liked him. You know when I first watched Mike Okay Guy. Plays a little bit upright and I don't know but then I started really digging in on him. I thought okay. This is a really Polish. Pass rusher He's got great hands. He's a finisher at the top of his rush doesn't have that elite get off or twitch but he can spin inside he's got a nice he's really outstanding when they loop stunt him In the run game there's going to be times where he gets stuck on. Blocks needs to get better in that department. But that's that's why you take a guy like that at this portion of the of the first round. If he was clean in every other area he'd be long gone by now so I think this makes a lot of sense at this point time. Twenty nine. Is the Tennessee Titans. We know what they did this off season. They found a way to keep Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill at least for the short term. What's the draft pick for? John Robinson? The Titans at twenty nine well right now. They would line up with Dennis Kelly at tackle. When you lose Jack Conklin that would be the replacement I would think. They would like to upgrade their And that would be an option. I think that they wait on that though and And maybe attack. That need a little bit later on. And I look at the board and see what's available right now and I look on the defensive side of the ball can never have too many quality corners. I think they will go to corner here. And I'll go jalen Johnson from Utah and plug that one in right now Somebody that can gin fits the culture real. Tough Kid That's the Tennessee. Titans brand of football. I think they would like the way this kid plays. Yeah no and you know they. What was his name Kerry combs? Who was the defensive backs coach forever there from Ohio State last couple of years? He's no longer there but their strength I think at times is at defensive backfield. I'm not mistaken again. I'm living in a basement in Baltimore. I believe Logan Ryan is no longer. He's a free agent has resigned yet. That makes a lot of sense to me that they would go corner. There aren't keep us rolling here shrinks. All right we've got three more picks in the first round and then we're done green bay packers who was quarterback still out there. Shrinks back is still out there. Do you take them just for the sake of taking in because why not I mean who's their backup now is it to Sean. Kaiser's their backup. Now he's gone. I believe he is a raider. Let's do it. Let's just go with it. I'm GONNA take the big boy. Love Out of Utah State here at thirtieth overall. It seems like I'm doing fit here. Aaron Rodgers is now older than what Brett farve was when they drafted Aaron Rodgers. Back in two thousand five. I'M GONNA go with with love at eight and feel like the very least. It's not going to get them to any further than the NFC championship game. They don't have that instant immediate guy but it does set them up with a player they can groom and low floor obviously an offensive coach. And they've got some good offensive coaches in Nathaniel Hackett out there and Aaron Rodgers can groom someone Look Brett. Hundley wasn't the answer clearly to Sean. Kaiser wasn't the answer. Let's go with love at thirty and DJ. Let me ask you. Would you be shocked if he slipped to thirty? I've had this potential scenario existing to me. The team to watch is Oakland. I say Oklahoma method up a million okay. So if the Raiders. Pass on love twice then I think. Then you're looking at New Orleans as a potential spot but man with drew brees come back for one more year. This feels like a similar to Tampa. Let's go man. Let's go for this thing. Let's get somebody that can help? This year is trying. Get One one more trophy here. So and then. It's not the raiders. And if it's not the saints this is where it is this is the spot by packers and I personally I would run that card up for Jordan. Love at this point from the packers you go from that long run with Brett. Farve who hands it off Aaron Rodgers and now potentially you can handed off this kid. What does that going to be like? Forty five years of quarterbacking three guys. I mean that's a dream to have that type of a scenario right now so to me. I would turn the card. Anything can happen and first of all. I don't know what the verb is. It is it. How's Zoom in the card? What do we say? Because Zoom is butch is it I will. Email text is a slam. My one question. I love because I think the quarterbacks or the Glamour Position We had the first three guys going to the top six. Is there any chance? Of course there's a chance. Could you see teams taking love before two or Herbert? Oh I could. I've talked teams that have Jordan. Love ahead of Herbert. So that wouldn't completely shocked me and the other thing when you compare what to the Health. We keep factoring that in. And if you talk to any of the quarterback coaches. I'm sure you've talked some. I've talked to Everybody agrees everybody says the same thing Jordan loves ceiling is higher than anybody else including Joe Borough in this draft. He throws it better than anybody. it's just a matter of getting comfortable with his decision making with the turnovers. The way they were this year. You know we lost nine starters. You know the coaching staff changed over. He's playing with inferior town against superior opponents but still at the end of the day. You can't throw late to the flat. That's football one on one too. Many pick sixes and the decision making is a little bit flawed. So if you're confident that you can get it out of him in my opinion if he can go somewhere where he can sit which is New Orleans or Green Bay it would be the ideal situation for him which leads to the thirty first overall. Pick the forty niners. I don't love their their second corner position here. You mentioned already the good chance they trade back on this thing. If someone's looking at trade up they don't have a second third or fourth I. You know I don't even know if I like Richard Sherman for the for the future so I think they have a weakness a defensive back and yet there is a safety that is still on the board that I have as a top twenty player and if they were to keep this I know John Lynch I feel like the first pick. Let's get what we need to get better. But I'm shocked at Xavier mckinney has slipped all the way here. I know they have Jimmy Ward. They got your tar. They've got some guys but I would think they'd go best player. On the board into exhibitor mckinney out of Alabama Safety Best Player on the board. They would find him and they'd find another guy who can play defense on that Robert Sala de well. That's a good option shrinks and if it wasn't even pick I'd let you make it but I'm not going to do that. I'm not GonNa let you make this really that up. I'm not GonNa you try you try to you. Try to get a little bite at the apple there. I get it. How do you say right when I start bleeding into this? And Say Hey. We've been friends for a long time. I wouldn't do that too. I'M GONNA go with the forty niners. Pick and see Xavier mckinney. Xavier mckinney is Is My third best available player at this time? He's a great value for this point in the draft rated higher than where we're picking however my best available player de Andrea Swift. They're not gonNA take a running back not the Shanahan way of doing business even though it can you imagine him in that But my second best available please defensive tackle and with deforest buckner moving on even though they have that depth you go get Ross. Blacklock who is very twitched. Up Very explosive twitched out. And you don't have to you don't have to you. Don't have to play a million snaps for this defense. Because they have so much depth so is explosive as he is now. We limited his reps. Now you're gonna see even more explosive player so I like that fit for them at thirty one. Although I think at the end of the day we both agree. They're not picking here no real quick on him the Achilles something you're familiar with you in an Achilles injury in the last couple of years the Achilles is it a big red flag considering teams might look at it from two thousand eighteen or is TCU DEFENSIVE. Tackle going to be alright because it's a couple years removed. The I think the time helps you there. I always say that with injuries. The more distance you can create between the injuries and when you enter the NFL the better off you are because we've seen what you look like in this new state and I think it'll be okay. Thirty second overall pick is now the Kansas City chiefs. And there's a guy on my board that is still not taking. And he's a player that I think can do a lot of things. And Examiner McKee mckinney safety. No honestly though I do I do go back and forth on this between whether whether team will take Jeremy Chin who might be a linebacker. And not a safety over mckinney or a queen or something. I don't have we don't Jeremy Chin and our first round and that I regret that I don't like that I know he's going to be a first round. Pick I just I I think McCain's the pick here if the chiefs hotspot thirty to the challenge. The interesting thing with the chiefs is that you look at the injuries that they had last year. So when you have tyrant matthew when he's fully healthy he can play the nickel he can play. High can do a lot of different things Then they have the the safety that they got from from Virginia. Why am I blanking on his name? Here shrinks who got hurt at the end of the year Juan Thornhill one thornhill good poll so getting thornhill back healthy and say okay. Well they have to safeties well a lot of teams like the play with three they use Sorenson and a lot of those roles as well. Now you get mckinney. Who thinks that his best when he's dropped down so when you get in passing situations he's almost like your dime. Linebacker would be mckinney. You'd have thornhill. Is Your High Free Safety and then you have tyronn Matthew covered in the slot as your nickel that would be kind of a dynamic trio. You'd have their that all all three of them outstanding instincts. Okay so we've done the mock draft the first round. We have our board. Is there anyone that was not selected? You're shocked didn't go in the first round to me. I've just look at the running back. Position de Andrea Swift is a top talent. And it's just gonNA come down to whether teams believe in taken aback. The challenge is when you look at needs. There aren't as many teams that need running backs. And then you factor in the depth of this class which I think will penalize the position because you can get one of the third or fourth round that that I really like So to me. He's a first round player. That might not go in the first round when it all shakes out one more question and I'll give you. Is there a player that you love? That wasn't selected in the first round player that I love that wasn't selected in the first round. I would say well I love Clyde Edwards Layer. I think he's going to be a great throw. I love that kid. He's I don't think you go in the first round but I think he'll go in the early portion of frown and I don't have the testing numbers in front of shrinks ran like four six flat. He jumped like forty inches. So in short area Burson explosiveness. Like this kid's got it and you. How many how many times have you seen a running back go into Tuscaloosa and completely dominate? The football game like Zakia did unbelievable. My Guy and I liked Chin from southern Illinois Wisconsin linebacker. And I'm GONNA play on. I really like him. I think. Probably not inside maybe outside in the NFL but just player that. Every time I watch big ten football he was showing up on the field and making plays into me sometimes as as elementary is. That sounds like if I turned the game on. And you're all over the field. I usually like that player in the pros. That's what honey badger was in college. That's what Lamar Jackson wasn't college like. Don't over think it to me. I'm not comparing Zach bond to those two opera talents but I do think he was. One of those players against good teams was always all over the place and I guess he's Act Bond. Going top twenty five Yamazaki Bond Fan. So he's I had hit. The guys that I had is my highest rated players. It did not go. Di Andrea Swift. t Higgins Clyde Edwards Allaire Zach bond so those would be my four highest rated guys that did not get picked in this mock draft but again it's one pick changes and it changes the complexion of the whole draft. Do you think in my last question because I said my last question three times. We'll wrap this and it's more becoming an interview than anything else. A lot of trades are little trades considering the new format with the virtual thing. I think we'll see. We'll see the normal amount of trades in the first round because you have a chance to place those phone calls before the draft. We know where everybody's picking nothing's changed. Okay if I'm if I'm you know the Dallas cowboys picking it seventeen. I've already had phone calls with everybody that picks in front of me. We've all agreed that if they want to get out and we WANNA get up we have kind of the parameters of what trade would look like so then when we're on the clock. Hey is your guy there and now he's not there we WANNA get out. Okay our guys air we WANNA come up. We've already hashed this all out. Let's do the trade done but when we get into day to day three when the board is changing the picks have all been changing hands and all that chaos you know trying to get one of those trades on the clock. I think it'd be a little more difficult. Well I hope you enjoyed that as much as Peter Myself did. It was a fun time to get together first of all just to see a good friend but then to go team by team and look at the way this draft could change happens that you're not expecting and it changes the course of the rest of the draft. Hopefully this exercise was a great example of that Do Want Again. Encouraging check out our episodes. The three sixty series here at move the sticks you can go to. Nfl DOT com slash. Mt S video or Youtube. Dot Com slash. Nfl podcast. See the video portions of those episodes. I think you will enjoy it. But that's going to do it for us today. Thank you so much for checking us out. We'll catch you next time right here on. Move the sticks.

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