Sep 30, 2020 - Hour 3 - Former Players Hate LeBron James


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Radio Find Your local station for the odd couple at Fox sports radio DOT COM or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching F S are. You're listening to Fox Sports Radio It is the couple I. Am Chris He is robbed. We're coming you live from the go Fox Sports Radio Studios Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on your car insurance visit Geico. Dot Com for a free rate quote at the bottom of the hour as we do every worship Wednesday, it's the hot seat. And we got one of our favorite punching bags. Jason McIntyre. Rob, you know a lot of times. The listeners will notice a Lotta Times where we do the hot seat. You know for one of the topics usually or it may be half the time. You're I end up being on the hot seat, right? Right but with McIntyre. Every time he's on the hot seat fall three. Every single time everybody else right. because his takes crazy and you know we've beaten up on him before on undisputed and we love having him here because he. You know he's easy. Easy Prey. Let's put it that way. All right. Here we go. Rob. Scottie Pippen. Scotty. Likes to run his mouth and we liked that that's what we always. Right up, right we talked to bribe. We saw Tom you gotta say something otherwise they'll replace you okay as right. If you just get up there and you're you're praising your friends and you're not calling it like it is right everybody's doesn't play well all the time. Coach well, all the time, call him out, call them out. It doesn't have to be personal guy makes a bad play. You say made a bad play. Chris. Coached in put the right players in the right circumstance say it that's all strategy we're talking. It's it's still play on the court nothing personal no family no kids no wife. No. What they look like is none of that. This it's okay. So Go hit robber and a Lotta guys can't figure that out and it costs them Chris like they. They can't stay in the business. So Scotty I did he make Pick Rob Gee? I don't know that he made a pig. No he just said that he'd have you say Miami has the edge where he gets that from. But he said Miami has edged. He thinks they've got more offensive weapons that they'll be able to throw at the Lakers. But here's what we want to get to the meat or big thing and he said. He's said I don't take away. I. Don't take nothing away from the Lakers and Lebron. Going to his ten finals. He meaning Lebron still has to prove he can lead a team himself I. Think F Davis has show he's more valuable to them on the offensive of end. But I think Miami has more offensive weapons as I said, they'll be able to throw at La now rob I. I'm sorry. Scotty Pippin is just flat out wrong. Scottie Pippen I don't know if he's making up for the time when he said that Lebron was better than Jordan remember. Last Long. Quickly? Yes. But. My called take. Do, what tax at least do come into another golf out those joins that come to your house for you and your. Know not a free pair, right? Right. But come on rob. Even skip. Even and your urine that you know you're viewed as Lebron. I know you don't like the were hater your viewed as a Lebron antagonised. Let's put it that way. I'll take that. Long. Yeah. But even you it Mick Scotty. DID YOU NOT SEE CLEVELAND? Did. He not lead a team to the champion the-the up prove it. By lead. In Cleveland to the championship. So I. think that's ridiculous to say Anthony Davis more in the offensive in then Lebron I mean, yes he's the leading score. WHO's getting audie assist who set their who's running the offense, and still give your rally to fewer points than a D- A. So. This is what I want to get to rob before you chime in. Scotty is not this is a pattern for some reason. Like Scotty Pippin. Obviously, I'd say belittling Lebron. Paul Pierce. Tells US Lebron is not in his top five or top top seven at least topped top not in his top seven. Kenny Smith says what Brian was not in his top ten. And Charles Barkley doesn't have Lebron is what top five Top. Five, until we got. The, bronze nine, the top five pipping Lebron's never led a team to a championship Paul Pierce not in the top seven all time Kennedy Smith not in the top ten i. here's what I'm doing our rob. Y. The disrespect. Come in and I think it's disrespect this as not in the top ten. Come on. Where's this coming from from these ex players? And here's the part Chris and that's really weird. There is something there because we're not talking about. Aaron is rob is as Thomas has him second I think to Corinne Or maybe I maybe. and. And even Isaiah but here's the problem Chris. This is what we talk about all time. I think this is why players can't always objective in the media because. They have a stake in it. Do you know what I mean. Right the Isaiah thing. He'll never pick Michael Jordan. Hates my I'm serious I mean look. At him off the dream for all the accolades Isaiah have even me. I'm upset that Isaiah wasn't known the Dream Team I would me All the time it's just not because it diminishes. Absolutely great career fifty all time greatest. We talked about over and over, but but this is this is the pattern Chris. And it's shocking for guy who put in so much work everybody says his teammates like them or love them whatever term you want to use. And could wind up being the all time leading scorer. It's got all these other accolades how assist right and all the other things. But there's some there's some rub their that players don't respect and we've seen it with the greats who refused to even acknowledge him in. They were picked Kobe nine out of ten times. These guys will pick Kobe over Lebron. We have talked about how we're a little bit surprised. How most that? We've talked to yeah not all nine out of ten but but most. Players ex players we've talked to have say Kobe. And here's the other part. Win. The players finally got a chance to vote for the All Star game and we know Chris just an exhibition. It at the end of the world a done you know. It doesn't wait or tell you how great you are not. But I can't remember the exact number over a hundred and fifty players. Left Lebron James name off the altar nuts alad doubts Chris asked seriously. Right now come on what is. He should have not been left off one ballot, right? How is that possible? So when people always push back and say always do media day broad. WHIZ. SKIP, bayless, Rapport All that Ask, yourself why Scottie Pippen, Kenny Smith Charles Barkley, we could go on a Paul Pierce it aim one. It's a Lotta guys want why? Now. Why Pierce as you alluded to we know Paul Pierce. Yes. Was E gotTa Act, it was a contemporary. Does? Those. Latest Lebron right right. He beat Lebron. The browns younger, right And Paul I don't know if I told you the story. But when you know after the Lakers, won the championship in two thousand, the Lakers Celtics with the big three. Won The championship and no eight and Pierce who was the finals vp he said that he thinks he's the best player in the world we lead their team to a championship finals be. I'm the best player in the world and I said I don't know if I don't think it was I was even tweeting at that point but I said. I don't even think he's in the top ten. Yeah. You mentioned net and then he got in contact he texted me you ain't in my top ten local reporters it it was funny to be laying I local. owned. But so Paul I think has an axe to grind with Lebron. And you know like you said, they were rivals they were contemporaries they have some wars, and so I get get it I do. But. I've robbed the only thing I can imagine this might stem from. Is that players don't like at least somebody's players, these legends and older players. They don't like the way Lebron. Did it. You know Michael Jordan obviously took a more redone franchise and build them into a dynasty. The players of that era stayed put bird magic. Karim forced his way people forget he forced his way from Milwaukee and is with the Lakers but for the most part guys stay put. and. That's only thing I can point to because obviously Lebron did go to Miami he got criticized heavily. So. Other than that I can't imagine these are looking at Lebron play and say he's not one of the top ten of all time. So I just think even if his subconscious. They. Don't respect that. That's that's all I can think of is to why some of these guys are. shortchanging I have to I have to agree with you because it's not like he doesn't play hard. He doesn't put in the work You know what? I mean things come easy to some people Chris and people can other players could not respect that you know what I mean like he does do all the things you're supposed to do. So that's not it. Teammates like them you don't hear people saying you know he's selfish or he did. So he's that. For the most part. So it has to be that that they didn't like that he felt. Not An. Understand, it's not being against free agency free agency is always been around. Tim Duncan and and. Grant Hill almost went to Orlando, right? Yeah they were age. Eighty yeah. Exactly. Grants not that. It's the way that it Kinda was manipulated. and He. Reports him. Yeah. Exactly and it's different from. Boston is not the same Boston. Had to give up players to to get. To get players in exchange. So it looked looked at differently kristen tim people joining via free agent whereas nothing giving up that's the only difference player generated and I get I get it in that. You Know Boston was stacked the Lakers. Kobe and he had assault by that point in buying. Remember Andrew Bynum was a good player at that point. And Lebron couldn't get a second guy to Cleveland. And so he he just built what he needed to win and obviously now at all the rage and durant did it. In. Collided it and so. Yeah but I that's all I. can think of rob I can't imagine what else it could be a seven, seven, ninety, nine Fox the finals are underway, and for those like Rob Parker who picked the upset good start. Two and a half minutes in the Miami Heat up eight to three on the LA. Lakers are a seven, ninety, nine on Fox. What do you think is the reason why so many former players like to take digs at Lebron be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard and rob. Parker Weekdays at seven. PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio APP. General Dynamics has supported our nation's exploration of space for the last sixty years. Now, GDP, it's combining the latest technology innovations to deliver enterprise scale IT systems for a new era of space missions. We secure today embedding resilient cyber solutions into every aspect of the mission, and we prepare for tomorrow to preempt future risk digital modernization networks, cyber shared services, and artificial intelligence. GDI propelling the art of the possible visit DDAT DOT com slash space. In the District of Columbia, there are two ways to vote in the November third general election by mail or in person all registered voters will be mailed a ballot us mail ballot dropbox is located throughout DC deposit completed ballots at a vote center or mailed ballots through USPS. You may vote at an early vote center election week or any votes center on Election Day learn more at D. C. B. O. E. DOT ORG, or call two, zero, two, seven, two, seven, twenty, five, twenty, five for more information. I'm letting Breeze Mama Is the Kabuki rob a worship Wednesday. From the. Fox Sports Radio Studios Kirk Franklin. No. I was GONNA. Say What you forget is don't you? Say. Coming off their segment I'm not. This case were wondering that was rob Parker's idea for that shop talk to. That was it. Look. I agree robbed at they're gonNA vote we want them to vote what everybody to vote matter where that's all that's. All right. Let's get these calls eight, seven, seven, ninety, nine or Fox Why do you guys think that some of the Ol- heads? We think I mean I don't know what else to call them but shots Lebron he's not your top ten Kennedy. Smith. He's not your top five Charles Barkley. He's not in your top seven Paul Peers. He hasn't led a team to a championship. Scottie Pippen what. So what do you think why? Why is this happening? Very, good question it is it is. It was it's awfully amazing. It really is for guy who's accomplished so much Chris you know I I mean it's weird one thing to say okay you pick Michael Jordan but you're leaving the my top Ted I mean that's a deliberate like like I'm disrespecting you. Yes expecting you Russ what I'm Doin'. Ryan in Cincinnati you're on the odd couple, Fox sports radio, and if they could have gotten one hit today, they probably would have won ten to one they. Couldn't get a hit Ryan today. You're too bad too bad for them on the Yankees Fan I grew up in New York so. For me. As, far as the Lebron man, it's simple to me I, see it on every chat on facebook whatever it's the old guard back in my day crowd the eighties and nineties players walked up Hill school both ways and snow five miles. They don't want to admit that today's NBA is bigger faster stronger more athletic. you see some of these videos of Dude Garden. Jordan. They were hot garbage and wouldn't see the court nowadays they don't want to admit. But someone from there you know that's not from their era is as talented and in. Dominant. Lebron. Diani issue I have with that is Paul Pierce played with Lebron. It's not being hold on hold on Brian. I'm just going to make it's not just the old school guys and Kris knows this. He's talked to a lot of NBA players who privately say. Broadcasted but they still pick would rather have colby. And I agree it's not every single guy. But I think you guys made the point earlier. Paul Pierce went head to head with him in the playoffs and has reason you know just like Isaiah and Michael hated each other back when they were going at it in the playoffs. So it's not everybody's not an end all be all entered, but I see it all the time online people arguing you know they'll never admit that the players now are you Kevin durant seven one could play point guard Patrick Ewing is the same size as the rent and you couldn't handle the ball like I mean that's just one example. All right. That's a good car he high when the hard on the old school cats as far as their skills. Or lack owning the only difference is to modern day play defense back. Then you could touch people. Yeah. There's a little difference with the game. Your players are by this is what the players today more athletic. shoot better. And handle the ball better. The players then play more team ball better. And it's a different game and they've grown up with the differently. It doesn't mean that if Michael Jordan came up in this era where you couldn't touch him defensively and they shot more threes, he wouldn't have shot more threes career he would have shot the three well. Not Saying you've been Klay Thompson either been above average and that's why he could average forty like you say couldn't touch you really. Easy as it is to get to the basket eight can't touch anybody used to be able to have a hand on his back and open when you got. It was six seventy in the paint, right? So we'll want to. Get all along. Hey, hey, you kids get off. My Lawn but. I know we're sounded like. trysted in Des Moines, Iowa you're on the couple Fox sports radio what's up, Tristan. What's going on? Man. Much I just WANNA say I somewhat agree with the last caller. And I feel like some of the people choose Kobe because he's a twitter I. So he played a little bit with Jordan. He's a little older so they have that preference. But when you hear Kennedy Smith Charles Barkley, some of these older players who disrespect the bribe but not put him in the top ten I'm starting to feel like they're era. Is filling a little threatened. You got new players coming in Katie Lebron, tyree, all those players coming in that are gotta be removing some of these players from the top. Also, you know kind of discrediting like Kenny Smith at his era so he's just trying to stay relevant. Not Look if they do. I. Think Rob. Top seventy five that'll be the next team. Which would be your at twenty twenty, two I think we'll see what things are like at that point but if that day. All the top fifty guys might not make the top seventy five. You know yeah, I don't know it's GonNa be if they do it i. Don't think they'll do a top fifty I think seventy five because it'll be seventy, five years like they did fifty at fifty years. If they did a top fifty again, rob definitely a lot of those top fifty won't be in it. No would change because you'd have to add some of these new stores and he's somebody somebody asked to come out I mean. There's no doubt about it Let's go to Gregory in Birmingham you on the couple Fox sports radio. What's up? Gregory. How you gentlemen doing what's up man? Great. Man We appreciate the work out doing and thank drink that you put out for the sports and people and everything I just coming on Lebron James I think he's You appreciate it and I think he's He's the goat now. You're looking at ten finals appearances. He's got makes teammates better he's. Like. You said earlier I mean this guy's carotene that you don't even know the name you don't even remember the names of the guys you know but I think a lot of these players now they're either jealous. Or and they just under appreciated. Disrespectful. Jordan, even though he's lost six finals I i. I, just find that I think winning is a major factor when you're talking about because it's not just compiling stats and people act like Jordan doesn't have stats, right? He's the. Leading by just one six. That's that's why he wants six but he he's ten years in a row to scoring leader quizzes the all time. The highest scoring average. Yeah and the. All Time of all tabular season two. Why even will? So I think people sometimes they don't understand that Jordan has all those a lot of stats as well. It's not just a six rings. All right is the couple Chris around. We got j Mac also known as the couples punching bag coming up next. But First Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation catch all of our shows at Fox sports, radio DOT COM, and within the iheartradio APP search F.. 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It is easy to say fifteen percent or more in your car guy go go to GEICO DOT COM or call hundred, nine, four, seven, eight, l. the only hard part is figuring out which way is easier. He's a friend of the show he's an F. S. one and Fox sports radio personality he's the host of the straight fi ya with Jason, McIntyre pock. On iheart radio as also known as the couples Punchy back our man Jason McIntyre steps into the hot seat. The current temperature is the odd couple of making it hot in here. Damn hot to sit your butt down in. The cooking a hot seat. That's right is the are couple where we get one of our Fox sports, team mates, ended squirts, circle the defense three of their hot takes against both Christian Rob. You already know Jay. Mac is in the building he's used the straight fire podcast. So let's get started guys take. No one Jason McIntyre. Says that Tyler hero on your TV screens right now is so good and so perfect for today's NBA that the heat should not include him in any deal for Jaanus. J. Maquette thirty seconds state your case for the grew. Thank you for the Great Introduction Raji I mean listen it's ones Avi Tyler hero is a budding star in this league. He's Jj rettig with a handle. He's Jj Redick Swag you do not trade away tyler hero. We know Yana wants out of Milwaukee. Okay. That franchise's dumpster fire right now five players over the age of thirty Chris Middleton number two. So the heat are GonNa? Make a play for honest they cannot include time. He's off he's untouchable enroll. Tyler. What are you talking about for? Is Who's won back to back. MVP's WHO's improved every year are you kidding me who led the Milwaukee? Bucks to the best record in the NBA come on Jason Stop in a prisoner of the moment. Tyler hero see this is why I dominate. This is why dominate on the show Rob Parker the king of flip flopping. Okay. Who cares about the regular season youngest would trade anything every accolade he's ever gotten to get to the finals where Tyler here always now they're they're Miami because of Tyler Hero thirty seven points in one game. Has, no. Landmark playoff game tyler hero has one game that better than any playoff game Janas has ever had. Jason you're forbidden talk NBA from now on. This is ridiculous. That's how bad that take is. No I like tyler hero he's a nice young player. He'll I think he'll probably make an all star game or two. But yeah. Yeah this could be one of the best players of all time. To finals. Dollars one of the first round. We've ever had on the hot Z.. Is just. So blasphemous, I think round number one goes to the I. Cup. It was crazy regarding. That kind of go for a gentleman. Couple, but you guys like trump and Biden. League Kids Rick Are we move on now taking number two Jason McIntyre and the archetypal Jason says that a wide Leonard is nothing more than a system layer. We'll let him explain you got thirty seconds state your case. It's not a knock Chris I and Robert it's not a knock colitis system player. Right? He leaves the Spurs. What happens they're still a playoff team he leaves the raptors. What happens Oh they're the second best team in the east. He's nothing like Lebron Kawai will never be on Lebron's level. When Lebron leaves the French, I go in the tank they go right to the seller instantly Kawai leaves it'll be fine, and by the way he's a load management fraud who's never been a superstar in this league. He's a nice guy who won out final deputy with the entire warriors got her never while. You Watch. And what system Jason Really what system because we Undergrad Popovich, he played when Tony Parker, the high pick and roll was the system he fit in at one find those MVP and all those guys leave Dunkin Parkinson. Nobly, then they go to ice eyeso- to feature Kawhi Leonard put the ball in his hands and he was fine. Then he goes Toronto plays in a different system with Nick nurse wins the championship he comes to the clippers. Differ system with. Doc. Plays Well, what's this? As well, the system is little. What the coach says and take heed Lebron is the system, my friend Michael Jordan another guy. Great has a player and then he gets built Jackson. Can I keep going to get Phil Jackson? Pippen. In that system Jordan Excelled Lebron is the system that's like Hawaii will never Lebron's jock. Jason we'll. What are you talking about? The whole notion that wouldn't Lebron lease you know why 'cause we'll bronze the worst general manager in the NBA and they go and they put up the players around him, Tristan Thompson, and all these guys that Lebron wanted, and then you know what? When Lebron walks out, you left with that those lebrons players to prop him up and those are the guys he wanted around him. So you can't blame the organizations. lebrons has had his hand and all those teams are talking about. Very tough rounded. But let me just say guys we all live in our league giving Chris sometimes he's called collide Leonard on the streets because he's a fraud round number two goes to j Mac. Lady and the Lakers are up in the end of the first quarter hero just by the way that. Rossi. Lakers run we do. It is the hot seat the Fox radio. Fire. Stop. It here we go. The hottest ticket Americans. Save the best for last winner. Take all Jason. McIntyre says that fish are the best pets to have if you're living at home or you got thirty seconds state your case. So I got two young kids in elementary school they want a dog I, who's GonNa go walk the dog who's GonNa. Go pick up the dog poop not us. We're not getting a dog cats. They shed all over the celtics shed in your bed. No. Thank you. Fish are the best pet low maintenance, right? You just put some food in there. You GotTa go away for the weekend you dump some extra food and they're they're fine. Fish Fish Fish Baby. If I could convince my wife to get a fish tank, it's the biggest win in the McIntyre House. Twenty twenty the only fish I wanted my house is in a Pan with water. As a pet, a pet that's just polluted dirty water flow around you can't do anything with a pet fish and they die after nine days. Hey, dad what's floating in the tank? What is that? Come on that Ada pet get a dog get a cat that you could make a bond with fish you can I don't think. Let's fish die after nine days. Are you thinking about like a Goldfish you put in a bowl of water come rob step up your game. You don't know pets. Okay. Are Great. You can name them. If you get the fighting fish, you feed them and they battle and eat stuff. It's awesome which I know there's a fish fans out there and not just the band fish best pet you can have Jason Stop Fisher for people that really don't want pets you can't cut a with a fish you can't bond with fishes rob you can't play fetch with a fish. Become fish can't respond to you like a dog or a cat are you serious I? Mean why get a fish I? Do any old thing we? Can do a fish I can do that with anybody or anything I might as well be watching TV I'll be the sit there and watch somebody does women I mean that's all do a fish stopping. Very tough round to score Jay. Mak. Made some very, very good points but you know what? hotdog in my kid my daughter loves her so. Biden. Readable knows. That's what a bond a little girl her dog growing up the family unit. That's a beautiful thing. I Cook a loss but guy says, hold up let me say that. Hey, I make gambling wagers for Fox sports On the NBA Finals, I had Casey P for the game over nine and a half points. He got ten in the first quarter and I had Lakers favored by one and a half in the first quarter they went on a nineteen three. Run to end the quarter your boy just got paid almost get a nice car like. That car rob Parker I need to get on your level. We send you a more more than the car. You think you're GONNA. Get. We're GONNA, send you some blue EMU maximum pain relief right sues your wounds from this but. Our Buddy Jay Mack F s one and Fox sports radio personality host of the straight fire. With Jason, McIntyre podcast Rob and I have been on on iheartradio is a great listen. You gotTA check it out J. Mac thanks for being a good sport how he slapped later. Pretty. Then, remember that a fish with water in the pad or that was a good one and I agree I might I might stri one up tonight. All right. It's the couple Chris Rob keep it locked Fox Sports Radio Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation catch all of our shows at Fox sports radio DOT COM, and within the iheartradio APP search F. S. are to listen live. All is the couple Chris the ROB wrapping up a worship wins day coming to you live as always from the Geiko Fox Sports Radio Studios. And Rob. I picked Cleveland. Over the Yankees in his first round series is wildcard series. Yes. Cleveland's up for one still. They jumped all over Massa Hero Tanaka who's been a very good postseason pitcher. Hit. Him In. The first any. Yeah it's early it's only two fourth inning but yeah, the Yankees have the basis loaded with nobody out. So this'll be they just knock harass go out. Chris. So this'll be a beginning for Cleveland obviously, you don't want to give up you know what you built up not all of it at Le- I hope that you can get out of this. So this'll be in it's a long way to go obviously in this game so it'll be interesting to see Tanaka. Came in Chris would a one point seven, six era in a postseason so he's been lights out great and I, know it was raining hard but gave a couple of hits and I think there was one error in it but anyway. Yeah. It'll be interesting to see how this thing plays out. In the heat are up forty, three, forty, one about seven minutes left. In, order. In this game Chris in the heat game. I think just for them to come out and not get buried early. You know what I may where it looks like. I'm not saying that they're up by little to plenty of time before the half, but it gives you confidence as you go along if you're the underdog that you can hang with them and I think that's what that that's a good start for them. You know like. Get married now. Any point I mean, even if it's they're getting down three Oh and getting blown out in the fourth I I don't see that team quitting. They've shown they've shown got heart there well coached. So I agree with you that was good for but. This, going to be even if it's a four or five game series in the Lakers win. I think the games the Individual Games will be tough. And, so and so far. This one certainly is all right. Carson Wentz. You know he's off to a horrible start route. You know that s should boy I know but he's off even you would admit he's off to a a tragic start. Their people in Philly clambering for him to get benched, which I think is look I play around with him struggling. That's ridiculous. Come on. You paid this do with one, hundred, twenty, one, hundred, thirty, million dollars. And you're going to any was good last year especially at the end. And then you're gonNA bench him after three games. I mean come on. That's crazy. and. He said today we're not that far away. And it sounds crazy because he's playing so poorly. Buddies Right that Division Rob. and. You know I'm a data guy, but it is what it is. That's a horrible division. And glad it is. Or just gotta a left Chris Grassland Oh. It's five shower Yup. Unbelievable yeah. There it is. The Bronx bombers already home runs. Again, it was four nothing. All right and I'm sorry to interrupt you. But you know what? I'm saying That division. They're not they're far from out of it I mean, this is the Washington football team. Dow's lead it at one and two right there were only one and so. They're all. What did they? Oh. Oh two, and one zero. One right right. So here's the thing rob. I get it. We always grew up what ties like kissing your sister right as actually better than a loss. No, it any better. Could you? Joe. Which is slave, right? It's better than a loss I'm sorry I be Macho and all that if you want. A tie is better than a loss in professional sports it just is and so. But what do you think? Are you? How confident are you there wit so bounced back 'cause you got admit he's off to a horrible start has got six interceptions in three games. They don't have a win so. I can't. Say that they're often anything other than a bad star but it's still a long way to go and I'm not gonNA give up they bounce back last year they got off to an awful start and somehow won the division Chris so it's not as bad Surin considering how guys other Division is horrible I robbed the couple. As we said I got the Lakers in five rob got the heat in six. We'll see you guys tomorrow. In the District of Columbia, there are two ways to vote in the November third general election by mail or in person all registered voters will be mailed. A ballot US mail ballot dropbox is located throughout seat deposit completed ballots at vote center or mail ballots. Through USPS you may vote at an early vote center during election week or at any vote center on election. Day, learn more at D., C. B. O., E. DOT ORG, or call two, zero, two, seven, two, seven, two, thousand, five, twenty, five for more Information General Dynamics. Information Technology delivers enterprise scale IT systems for the new era of space missions, digital modernization networks, cyber shared services, and artificial intelligence. Judy it propelling the art of the possible visit. GD It. Dot Com slash space.

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