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Hour 1: NFL Week 3, Antonio Brown, Black QBs


The Stephen Smith Show podcast is brought to you capital one safercar four percent cashback on dining entertainment two percent of grocery stores in one percent of all other purchases now. When you go out you you cash in. What's in your wallet terms apply? This is the Stephen Smith. Show podcast stay anyway come too late. Stephen Smith show coming at you. I love to do every weekday over the airwaves of ESPN radio on ESPN ESPN RADIO AND ESPN news number to call up always triple eight say espn eight say ESPN eight to nine three seven seven six. You're listening lose to the Stephen a Smith show ESPN RADIO ESPN News Sirius Xm channel eighty plus two hundred fifty plus markets across the United States of America and Am FM Dow check your local listings all of the more plus a live national television of ESPN news number to call up as always triple eight say espn eight eight eight seven two three seven seven six from our producers looking at me. I pulled the the plug out of my ear because there was a big echo in my ear you hear me repeating myself over and over again. That's why I can't hear you right now. I had to take that out of my the Stephen Smith show on ESPN RADIO AND ESPN. News is being brought to you by my computer career dot edu training for a better life time for straight talk brought brought to you by straight talk wireless lots of stuff going on today. I order business biggest story in the NFL right now. How could be one or two things right at this moment can be one or two things one is. Dan You jolt ult quarterback rookie quarterback for the New York giants who showed up in Tampa and showed out last night or yesterday afternoon rather in a come from behind victory by the New York giants Baker Mayfield and the Browns falling to the reigning defending ending. NFC champion Los Angeles Rams. I The store we pick your poison pick. What's the big one for you. I'll just take it in order. I choose to on this. This particular day Jones for the New York giants showed up last night or yesterday afternoon and I gotTa tell you something. Kid was was impressive. Care was absolutely positively impressive. There is no way to nine to be down twenty eight to ten to bring the giants back outscore Tampa Bay eight twenty two to three up before Tampa. Bay kicked a field goal to do what he did yesterday. You just can't say enough. You can sliced any way you want to. You can't say enough then you Jones Rookie quarterback out of Duke Twenty three thirty six three hundred and thirty six yards two touchdowns touchdowns not a single interception sex five times show toughness showed accuracy showed athleticism. We got a new quarterback in New York Doc. We got a new quarterback. We denied all we want to but I'm GonNa tell you right now. If you are quarterback who can throw a football whether it stationary Jason every leaning forward fallen off backfoot throwing on the run and oh by the way you showed me ability to run. I think it's fair to say that he Li- manning's era in New York walk the starting quarterback that's come to an and barring an injury to Danny Jones barring injury manning's career as a starting quarterback in the New York in New York New Jersey with the New York giants has offer no disrespect to allow manning. We're not engaging in are perfectly here but when you are a young quarterback when you are young quarterback with fresh flakes when you're young quarterback with the ability to run I mean this is a guy. Danny Jones scared for not one but two touchdowns. He threw two touchdown rent for two others. That was there you. Jones had four carries twenty eight yards two touchdowns. That's what he did and Dan you Jones. I'm sorry if you're the New York giants and you look looking. What Dan You Jones did yesterday. What does talk about first of all. Let's give props to Pat Shurmur. This is the guy that went to. Gm Dave gettleman that got gave them in a joint him go into ownership and saying Elam. Eli Manning's as a starting quarterback needs to be over. We need to go into Danny Jones Direction there. Oh into season season their defense stinks. Everybody knows that the New York giants supposedly want a path to nowhere and what happened. Pat I chairman said excuse me it's GonNa rob me anyway. I'm the head coach of this franchise. Excuse me let me go with this guy this guy. He wanted to go through and credit to him. He wants to go early life with Daniel Jones to begin the season. He didn't even want to start the season but then it'd be down into with everybody talking talking about how the New York giants WanNa path to nowhere. He set up there and said this season is not lost. We owe it to the rest of the team to put the best guys out there to give give us the best opportunity to win then you. Jones goes out there and both then you. Jones was sensational yesterday you watch this throws where he was putting the foot bowl. I can't say enough about what I saw from him. So shepherd only had two receptions. I'm sorry are we seven receptions for one hundred yards ingram with that pass over the Middle East camper down the left sideline showing speed that wide with that are usually reserved for why receivers this this tighter for the New York giants showed up showed out six receptions one hundred thirteen yards sterling Shepard Odell Beckham. Oh seven receptions for one hundred dollars show Daria slate and showed up he played well and this was Saquon Barkley going down with a high ankle sprain so now we have to recognize this fact and it's fairly several it's not complicated the fact that then you Jones's threat to move the change with his feet let alone automatically qualifies the New York giants to never turn back with shorts Eli Manning adding again my Ryan clock. NFL analyst extraordinaire for the family pointed out something very very accurately early. Nobody's saying he's better than Eli Manning yet but I got news for you what you saw from Danny Jones yesterday. You've never seen from Eli Manning in his career career. He's never been able to move like that. Danny Jones made those throws but the real key was his ability like the game winning touchdown drives back the past. Tampa defenders turn their back. He runs right up the middle which by the way is inexcusable on the part of Tampa's defense by the way because they're you Jones ran for touchdown earlier in the game. You already saw what he could do. Why the Hell you turn your back. Why would you do that. At what would you do that for. The man ran for a seven yard touchdown that pulled the game within twelve ten. Why would you turn your back on him. When he's already shown you he can run with the football. Why would you do that but that's what Tampa's defense did. Ah That's what Todd Bowles defended and as a result he ends up scampering it for the winning touchdown but even then Jameis Winston drops back to pass catches my pat and he catches the ball he had about one hundred and ninety receiving schooling Janoris Jenkins all day long was not a good day for ginormous Jenkins make the second that was not a good day for him. No Way to slice it is a research for one hundred ninety yards and three touchdowns. I don't want to put it all on this but my God everytime I gave us was catching a pass you win a facility. James was listen have a bad game two thousand three hundred thirty seven hundred and eighty yards three touchdowns bought away. Jesse James Winston look a hell of a lot better with Bruce Arians and environs coach and if his office coordinator then he ever did in the past but then you Jones ended up stealing the day and got it Don because obviously the botched field goal at the end of the game for the giants to seal a come-from-behind win in the end what we're talking about here. Is this Dan you. Jones looks looks pretty damn good because we've seen Eli make those throws before and his career what we have never seen ally do is wrong with the football away. Danny Jones Day yesterday and the fact that you have a quarterback who's got size arm strength okay and when I say size I'm talking height to see over opposing defensive linemen and what have you for him to have the ability to fling the throws to make the NFL throws that he's required to make plus have the wheels on him to move the chains with his feet. There's nothing to talk about anymore. It's over. We respect them to tear into time superbowl. MVP likely likely will be going to the hall of fame one day not because he deserves to be in the same room as Tom. Brady's were be peyton manning his brother and others but because when you got two super bowl championships and is a Joe Oh David than a hall of fame. I'll be damned if Eli Manning doesn't deserve to be in the hall of fame but that's neither here nor there. That's a subject for another day. Dan You Jones stole the show yesterday and now the giants are one and two two two games behind the Dallas cowboys in the NFC east. They'll likely be a game ahead of the Washington redskins in the NFC east after they expected to lose tonight Chicago assuming that happens because case keenum them has been playing. He's completed sixty percent of his passes. He's twelve five touchdowns. Has it throwing a single interception on the year. Let's give him credit where credit's due. He's not the problem with Washington's. It's offense their running game is he's not the problem with coach and that's Jay Gruden but I will say this this. There are a lot of people that are sitting there up here today. Apartment Chroma I take Max Kellerman apologizing. Dave get them in the general manager Asia for the New York giants. I give them no damn apology propaganda mint and Shurmur for picking their guy. Hi Dan you Jones. All of that is true. I would remind everybody what the critique was when the NFL draft took place in Nashville a few months ago. If you'll recall it was not that Dan Jones could not play it was not that he was some scrub or something like that. That was not the issue the issue with the New York giants picking Daniel Jones was that they passed on Dwayne Haskins out of Ohio state who to fifty thousand one season for the Ohio state last year that was the issue and because case keenum's plan so well. We haven't got an opportunity to see the haskins yet in the nation's capital to me. GETTLEMAN and Shurmur only out of the woods with Jones Haskins proves to be worse than you Jones if Haskins. It's better you still GonNa have people saying what the Hell you passed on ACA Haskins four but we haven't been able to see him yet because case keenum's been throwing the football in the nation's capital and the rest of us as a result have been forced to have to deal with that but then you Jones deserves a whole lot of credit on this day congratulations to him he was special. Yesterday I think he showed tremendous promise. I love the fact that he's he's a nasty ally had no problem with going with the change this early because guess what ally it wasn't his fault that they were losing games. He just wasn't somebody that was. GonNa Neighbor you to win games. If Eli Manning was a quarterback yesterday the giants are not coming back from a twenty eight to ten deficit. That's just the truth. That's just the truth Dan you Jones breathe new life into the giants offense as a result their defense showed up and I thought played quite well in the second half and they had a lot of energy they were going after it and give them a lot of credit where credit is due in the end. No Daniel Jones stole the show congratulations relationship to him and at eight say. ESPN eight seven nine three seven seven six. You are listening. La To the Stephen a Smith show ESPN RADIO ESPN news now. Let's get to the Los Angeles Rams James Versus the Cleveland browns yesterday. Cleveland's up sixty at half they ended up losing the game twenty to thirteen got outscored ten nothing in the Second Half Jared Goff twenty four thirty eight hundred sixty nine yards two touchdowns two interceptions. I'm wondering about a couple of throws. He made Jared Eric Golf. One hundred and ten million dollar man guaranteed dollars shouldn't be making a common throws. He was making a couple of times last night todd Gurley. I'm wondering about him. Forty three yards on just fourteen not carries. He's clearly not himself. He's clearly not himself so we got that as an issue. 'cause I got news for you. Rams ain't going back to the super without a healthy todd Gurley. Let me just say that for the city of Angels Right now. Which is where I'm presently at. Let me say that right now. Where are they going back to know. Damn Super Bowl without todd gurley being healthy. Let me erase that dream before you even Qadri it up during your room sleep. Don't even think about it. It ain't happening so that's an issue. We look at Cooper cop nice to see him back over one hundred yards we look at brandin cooks hundred twelve yards and eight receptions that was nice on a road in Cleveland Sunday night football. No doubt about it but that ain't the story. The story is is how Baker Mayfield is looking eighteen thirty six one hundred and ninety five yards one touchdown one interception only complete fifty percent of his passes. That's relatively pedestrian. y'All that's not impressive niche up average better than four yards. A carry had twenty three carries. Maybe they should have given it to him. A little bit more Odell Beckham Junior six receptions sophisticated fifty six ERS Jarvis Landry three receptions for sixty two yards Joel. You're tied in is out so obviously that hampered them to some bump degree but I'm GonNa tell you what the real problem with the Cleveland Browns is right now just for everybody did not tell you. Did I not tell. Y'All what the problem is going to be. There are not say it when you look at the Cleveland Browns. I'm GonNa tell you what the number one the problem is it eight Baker Mayfield. It's coach kitchens now. Kudos to him for sitting there talking about blame me. Don't blame anybody else. Blame me because that's has which is going to do anyway reoccupy with people's opinion Baker Mayfield. I know where your goal with two but once again he's reoccupy with stuff like that but here's the deal. This is your franchise quarterback in the second year. You have to protect him. You have to protect him then Aaron Donald who finally got a sack this season when five games without a sack the playoffs that super bowl included plus the first two games of the season then have a sack Aaron Eric Donald Mason big plays out of out of you know coming. Come going after the quarterback got. A sack got some precious stuff to run on a couple of cages pages. He's a monster Donald. Is We know what he brings to the table but let me be very very clear if you are Freddie Kitchens. It's you cannot have a situation where you got six. Three six pre snap. Penalties in game can happen. Illegal Motion Odell Beckham one is. Let's I've forgot who was the other for starts on a part of your -fensive. Lyman really did not tell you first year head coach second year quarterback. Did I not tell you everybody wanted to annoy the Cleveland browns like they Iran. I just going to be a work in progress. You're playing against grown men now. myles Garrett has grown man he something special you look at this precious and when you look at the fifteen plus snapchat last year or fourteen plus Nafta that he had last year I mean let's say he ain't donald but he's next in line. His brother is special and I love the potential shoot. I'm seeing on the Cleveland browns. No doubt about that but I got news for you. They haven't arrived yet because coaching matters Baker Mayfield scramble about ten fifteen twenty dollars behind the line of scrimmage running for his life that matters penalties Galore tab matters undisciplined Glenn behavior that matters all of this stuff contributes to winning or lack thereof and that is what has happened to the Cleveland browns. I know how talented they are. I know what a threat. They are but to act like they've arrived. You all were premature like I told you you were even though there's no he's a for me to Brag. I thought the steelers would make northern division and now they're only three so don't get me started with that it an eight say. ESPN that's three seven seven six. You are listening to live to the Stephen Smith show ESPN ESPN RADIO ESPN news one other thing over the weekend Friday rather to be exact Antonio Brown wide wide receiver extraordinaire for the Pittsburgh steelers. Dan The Oakland Raiders and now the New England patriots all in the span of the last five months was unceremoniously released from the New England Patriots Laser Gentlemen. Let me state for the record. I have absolutely no problem with this whatsoever. Antonio Antonio Brown brought it on himself and I think anybody who defends him as a damn fool. Let's count the ways you you throw the coach. Mike Tomlin under the bus you reveal private direct messages from Juju Smith Schuster just because he praised Ben Rothlisberger Authors Burger never said a word against you you turn around after that you call my colleague. Ryan Clark a sell out because you know he he came at you with truth. You get traded to the Oakland raiders you try some cryotherapy treatment in France. Your feet get messed up you turn around after that ordeal is dealt with day you complaining not once but twice with grievances. Vince is against the National Football League because you want a particular helmet when they've given you forty different options. Dan You get five because you took your helmet and went home. It wouldn't show up to work a few times and Mike may out the general manager of Oakland raiders perfectly within his right find you so you approach approach him during practice and get his face in threatened them and call them out of his name in front of teammates and Oakland raiders personnel you go home again then you're supposed to meet with Jon Gruden. You stand him up for dinner then he gets on the phone with you because it's aged connects. y'All on a three way call you Rosenhaus that is and you reveal the compensation you take the compensation and put it over Youtube and although you and your videography whatever the hell he was said that you ultimately got permission from Jon Gruden that was after the fact while you were tape again. You didn't have that permission mission which means you violated laws in the state of California. He could've pursue charges against you but he did it. You want out of your contract. You get let go by the raiders data's as you requested once they let you know ankle guarantee that your salary because your behaviors to flagrant for them to ignore you make sure that's videot- acting like you surprise when in fact you choreographed it to look like you just saw it before running your backyard looking like a damn clown talking about you you free wave your arms like a bird freed out of its cage. Go you get picked up by the New England patriots you'd sit up at the end don something on social media which Patriots uniform animated that is talking about how business is buzzing with dollars all over the place and how you what the New England patriots with everybody clearly talking about how y'all prohibitive because how can anybody compete with the Patriots when you got bill belichick and Tom Brady and you arguably the greatest swab receiving the game today and in a span of ten days sports illustrated comes out with an article about a second charge against you you get informed of that the Patriots get informed about that. You are instructed to stay away from the from the accuser and not not only do you threaten with tax but you put pitches of her children on social media forcing the Patriots to let you go and then after you get let go you turn around and call out one of the owners which is Robert Kraft call out Big Ben Rothlisberger from his days at Philadelphia when he got charged with a crime even though it really know that he got accused of it but he was never arrested never charged never reindicted but still served a four game suspension and you call out Shannon show now. Let me say for the record laser. mackerras sandwich shop is for the other network. He works for Fox but this notion that because you work for another network that you don't GonNa my my respect. I don't know what world y'all living in. I got love Shannon Shop. We ain't friends. We don't hang out nothing like that with very cordial cool one another where we see each other. I think he's great. He used to fill in for me when I couldn't make I take years ago. Which is why he he ended up with. My man skip all Fox. Kip Is my brother. Channel shopping are very cool. He didn't deserve that he didn't deserve that period now. Give a damn. He's on another level. You dare write him a communist defense. He did not deserve that all the things that Antonio Brown has done just in case there. Are those of you out there wondering why he don't have job and why chances are he ain't GonNa get a damn job anytime soon unless he commits change changing his ways edit eight say. ESPN it's edited seven to nine three seven seven six. You're listening to Stephen a Smith show. ESPN RADIO ESPN news back with your calls and more I got a lot more to say I'm hype today in a whole and major props to my man Jeff Brown buddy that lives out here in California. He got trying. This new breakfast. Got Me feeling energized and everything thanks a lot bro. One Love Baby One love it say. 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If you missed any of my opening statement go check it out on demand into the Stephen Smith podcast brought to you by the capital quicksilver card earning unlimited one and a half percent cashback on every purchase everywhere hey hey what's in your wallet also Stephen Smith Show on ESPN radio presented by Progressive Insurance Co.. And Save on home insurance with progressives new homequote explorer only eh progressive. Dot Com it at eight say. ESPN is today's seven to nine three seven seven six before getting calls. Let me say something very very important and I want everybody to understand because I've gotten a couple of arguments over the weekend. I want to state for the last time where I stand. I brought Snoop Dogg on here a few months ago when he talked about. Ua selling so now you looking out and I've used that line ever since and all of that stuff because I tried to explain the folks ladies. We live in a different kind of world like for example. I'm hosting winging. Nationally syndicated radio show ain't too many black folks doing this. Call what it is and so oh to be in the position that I'm in. You think there's a day that goes by that. I don't want to curse somebody out you. There isn't a day that goes batard. I WANNA call all stopped the carpet about the inequities the the the the the inequities that exist in our industry and beyond you don't Wanna point those things out but there's a level of decorum professionalism that comes along with everything and the fact that Amanda is just using myself as an example if I acted belligerent or like a hooligan on professional or whatever the case may be you know who is it going you know who is going to affect those who follow because under contract but the next person that comes in line. It's not so you can't express yourself. You have to compromise the realness of you in the truth that enshrouded you and all of that other stuff. Nobody's saying that but there's a manner away to do things professionally when you work in a professional corporate environment and you have your hand out for somebody. This is money which is why I'm appalled by Antonio Brown Jalen. Allan Ramsay is sick with the flu. I'm not questioning that but he clearly wants out he wants to be trading. He does not want to play with Tom. Tom Coughlin any any longer. You know they have a problem with Doug marrone. He's got a problem with Tom. Coughlin owner for the Jacksonville Jaguars Shad Khan has entered the proceedings. He's not trying to trade him but if Jalen Brown tailing Ramsey I'm sorry was to want to be traded and and it had something to do with the three point six million dollars he's scheduled to earn this year and he watched Ezekiel Elliot and Gerry Goffin Carson Wentz all the players get paid loads of money and he's like what about him even though they're on a facade of the ball from a business correct if I understand it but guess what Jalen Ramsey with the exception of an argument on the sideline with a coach which happens happens all the time in the National Football League. What does he done so I've got no issue with him but I've highlight if you Tonio Brown has done and I challenge you to tell me anybody anywhere in corporate America and even in a world of sports in most most instances in most instances that could do all the things that he has done to players teammates contemporaries temporaries coaches owners and they wouldn't pay for it at some point in time where you sit in this position you gotta be real and true about sending the right message and understanding. It's important to highlight. There are consequences for your actions. That's what's going on with Antonio Brown and I gotTa Hey Ladies and gentlemen. Sadly I believe is justified. Calling you live Stephen. They go ahead buddy. Oh aw first off. I wasn't GonNa talk about this but I'm GonNa make a comment and Jalen Ramsey. Is it risk of of of going down the road that Antonio Brown has has gone down and it's an independent of the whole sexual assault aspect of it but you you don't remember all the things that you Ramsey has done including. Would it throwing every gun quarterback in the league. You know when you cook when he's a rookie planning defensive coaches a call to stop ninety nine. No no no not there call because guess what that's how I may not have liked it but that's him talking about the opposition and daring them to call him a liar. That's talking about competition. If Antonio Brown didn't do anything and he simply said I'm better receiver Julio Jones. I'm better than it's got. I'm better than that guy they. They stink even though we would not have liked it. That's not of the same. Ilk call take on it to his own coaches Steven. You're you're right about. You Know Bravado. Oh Bertha competition but this guy's lost it with his own team multiple times. You know this guy. He's under contract for this idea that he gets to force his way out because he's once again unhappy. You know it's just beyond crappy but here's what I really WanNa talk about. It's amazing what two weeks can do. Let's let's examine some of the insights of your partner there the brilliance of Antonio Brown now call we got out of Pittsburgh to Oakland it with a grand plan to put the New England patriots what genius he was. I listen to this crap. How the last two months he's been the biggest cheerleader for Antonio Brown's all Linda's behavior every step of the way right up until the sexual actual charges anything he flipped okay then he flipped no apology no even may a company no no boy. Was I wrong about that. Nothing just pretend that doesn't exist two weeks ago. She Dave gettleman should have been fired for selecting Daniel. Does that's what I heard out of your partner. Couldn't it common Danny dime and he knows Daniel. Jones wrote a book called to apologize. He did a phenomenal quarterback to you on the other side the that this guy has done a great quarterback since since I don't know join you notice or something I mean. The Guy just has no concept of what he what. What do you say a week or two before. Let me give you some more. He said Libyan bell what's going to be the best player in the AFC over. Tom Tom Brady Lebanon. Bell has two point nine yards per concept called him because this is the Steven A. Smith Show. I'm away from Max Right now. why You keep bringing uh-huh up with me linear show radio show at break of a pet I want him to watch US Stephen until when I see the absurdities come out of this guy about? I just react to it I can't I can't help it. You know go to bad you know. There's there's a line of thought that you know people aggravated his positive for for for for ratings and so forth too but not not not win. The Guy Literally can't ever admit is wrong about anything. Of course we got the Cleveland Browns Juggernaut in two weeks ago. The Cleveland browns are contending for the Super Bowl and and my God you know ha ha goes folks. gotten a bit of a is there anything else on your mind. Call him because I don't WanNa talk about Max anymore but go ahead well. I'll get the guy to recognize when he says something idiotic. Do you think that people that con- that cheered on Antonio O.`Neil Brown all the way along all the way like Max did contributed in any way shape or form to maybe Antonio Brown believing he could get away with everything that he got away and now he's probably weakest Lloyd his entire career. He probably destroyed his career. You're right about that call to. I gotta run man. I got some bills to pay. I appreciate the call ended eight say. ESPN it's edited seven to nine three. We seven seven six back with more of your calls before book fallen the Voice of Monday night football comes on the show with us to jumpstart our number to stick around on the Dow. You're listening to the Stephen a Smith show. ESPN radio ESPN news guess what you're in the middle of a Stephen a swift show podcast devon the prep. You're injured for winter with Pennzoil Synthetics Motorola the first Motorola made from natural gas not crude oil. The proof is in the pennzoil it at eight say. ESPN eight seven nine three seven seven six Laser Gentlemen Carolina Panthers have ruled out Cam Newton for the week four game against the Houston Texans. A new for those of you didn't know has a foot injury once again be replaced in the lineup for Sunday's game at Houston against the Texans quarterback Kyle Allen who completed nineteen of twenty six six passive two hundred and sixty one yards yesterday finishing with a one forty four point four passer rating albeit against Arizona. Here's what I would say y'all takeaway Cam Newton from the equation who I think if colleague Alan continues to perform the way to heap performs Carolina can make a legitimate argument about benching Cam Newton but let me say this the state of the black quarterback laser gentleman right now Patrick Mahomes does Shawn Watson Lamar More Jackson Dak Prescott Russell Wilson Column Murray Jacoby present. You can make a legitimate argument right now at the four that right now that four of the top five or six quarterbacks in the entire. NFL Are Black Mahomes the Shawn Watson that Prescott Lamar Jackson to a lesser degree after completing only fifty percents of his passes yesterday and throwing forty two passes but look at these boys Patrick mahomes right now is on pace to exceed Peyton manning's all time record of fifty four four hundred plus passing yards by a thousand yards by thousand yards. He's on pace for that. Look Sean Watson. What does he have to prove to do to do to prove what stood he is. Dak Prescott Laser Gentlemen. He's number super. Dry Behind Patrick mahomes right now for league. MVP ON US in a race league MVP honest Patrick Mahomes is clearly number one number two and we know how I feel what about you. Sorry no good cowboy fans out there. I don't WanNa give any kind of praise to cowboy because I don't want to provoke y'all. How about them cowboy? A certain statements all over the place can't stand jaw nauseating sales but that Prescott is balling. Dak Prescott is number two in the MVP race list right now. He's that legit legit nowhere tonight. This is what we're looking at right here. Jacoby percent after Andrew Luck is retired guys just to one play well. Well calories a rookie. I'm looking at cliff. Kingsbury border and I'm looking at Calorie. We know what Russell Whiskey do superbowl champion so much for the black quarterback plate at this rate we will have a bunch of folks look a black quarterbacks unapologetically. I might add who would get our number two. We'll boogeyman fallen of next.

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