Fantasy Football Mock Draft


his fantasy football mock draft edition of the sports gaming podcast is presented by my bookie dot agee my bookie dot ag juicy of fischel online sportsbook at the sports gaming podcast use that promo code sdp fifteen get a fifty percent by the bonus play win get paid also brought to you by amazon logo sports gaming packets are common could be amazon banner bookmarked at lincoln using everytime you shop the score sweet savings would support the podcast no no whoa everyone to the sports gambling podcasts i'm sean stacking the vix ryan real money kramer kramer a you're a lefty so i got to imagine that first base their home plate empire calling the puck right there really value you threw me off the you're a pause and our thrown yet trump pretty sure you're moving towards the plate though so i'm gonna take first base right this is but this is what the pre season is all about right were getting reps in were figure it out okay the ins and outs the mechanics because we're all be powering through god knows how much football content coming up in what better time to get starting to get ready this is this is are preseason this is pre season for the refs to we gotta figure this thing out weiner so i'm in i'm in minutes i'm doing that this is my first mock draft doing it really doing it on the podcast doing much now ryan you've already done any number of mock drafts you've already done a number of real f f pc drafts you're had verse i i'm i'm raw dog i did research i did some research for the top ten lists didn't take much for me the no the carson wentz is the number one overall quarterback for my fantasy football and you only researcher own list no i looked at other guys lists a bunch of square jobber listen like okay these lists are garbage let me come in with a good list you're gonna get all those a top ten lists those are all available on i tunes google play spotify sports gaming podcast dot com end you to wear on you to right now if you're watching you don't you don't 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joining us on the line from the fantasy radio network dean martine is dan what's happening man a goal of how you guys doing great man just a oh yeah i yeah i was just thinking about how pissed off i get all the soccer nonsense yeah it has been a lot of soccer last little move better go all in on women's soccer first days dark times but i just remember like three years ago how pissed off i was when the hall of fame game got cancelled 'cause they painted the field i all of a sudden they're like oh yeah of all the things to worry about with players safety oh they feel they're gonna be and i'm just so pissed because july is football football in july that's a big thing going on here on the podcast which just happened in early no need to wait till august they just get into it man no absolutely it'll be there for you know you gotta talk about it when the players away because when they come back and they'll all have suspensions and all that i will that's one thing now we've already we've started with some of our fantasy stuff doing are top ten lists an and stuff like that what's your take on this tyree kill situation we haven't seen anything as far as how many games he's gonna be out what you're what you're gas 'em well i think the last thing i saw them say that it would be a maximum mom of four games but as we know nfl is ridiculously inconsistent right so who knows what it will be i just want from a fantasy perspective from a cold heart fancy protect i just would want it to happen earlier on i suppose having a hangover over like you did would seek that one season and it wound up being in the fantasy playoffs that he actually miss games i i still to this to this day about a year ago almost i was in an auction draft in las vegas and a pc and i watched the guy spend forty eight dollars on levy on bell right that's the kind of bullshit that happened when you let us linger like have some decency let us know before training like just let us know exactly slum go is he's gonna miss four games which you know i know if you saw sean but the full audio of the conversation from the dubai airport was released today the voicemail yeah i i have not listened to this but it's essentially it adds context of that earlier clip it they played anyway it sounds like he's definitely gonna miss time it would be nice to win because i gotta be honest sean in the best ball draft participating in he's still going in the fourth round so people are insane yeah well to me i just wanna know damian williams the more i think about the more i just i i'm getting that andy reid often said no tyree kill he's gonna be steal all the screen from it i i'm just salivating at the chance the draft damian williams well so thing we should just get to it i know enough messing around go all right so were were were gonna we're gonna do a mock draft it's just gonna be three of us and computers yes i have it rent it's gonna randomize yeah that'll be the computers to we are leveraging dancer based platform is a they will randomize are picks and with a quick start draft it should a put us all into eight draft will see what we get growing their yup on the draft is going to start in thirty seconds i have the six pick oh this is great we have as a to pick six picking a nine pick so a little bit old outplay spread out there we go all right then you have the the nine i have the six showed us the second a guy i guess showing you asked me before the show said hey are you gonna just just go in this in this blind or whatever you know rod dogging it i've done like twenty five real giraffes already right has just been crank it out ftc dress okay also out here see sean you're faced with of right away jelly it's there and i would never do it exactly that's disgusting their day off the board with the computers ciclon barkley i'm sitting at number two here a man and i hate christian mccaffrey this is not a good spot for me to be in the draft this is this is horrible well sean if you're the pull up my power rankings are my my my list you would know that that's why i put kamar second so i wouldn't have to face this exact decision a all right i was so worried this would take awhile and he's already gonna use the full senate back while i'm i i you know what i'm putting my feelings aside i'm drafting christian mccaffrey learn overall all right let's see who else is off the board zeke goes number three kamar number four hopkins number five kramer you're on the clock number six one i'm i'm faced with that interesting decision that we discussed and i mentioned that this wasn't a pc league i'm pulling the trigger on travis kelsey here that loan with the one and a half points now and that's a huge point like the settings incredibly matter that's like yeah number one so i said okay i wouldn't say where it went chelsea kiddle hurts like three in a row in the first round damn him so crazy said he should own is a step should point out we're doing a standard a p pr one quarterback to running backs to wide receivers one tight end one flex we did not include kickers in defense i apologized staying if you're a big kicker dan it's okay if they think but i absolutely am i am in a tough spot and i'm going to stick to my guns and i'm gonna take the vantera adams here wow i love his upside this year and at that point i'm balancing do i want one of these running backs do i want my number one wide receiver i went with a number one wide receiver dan you're on the clock yeah computer computer went a little crazy they're living wills seven overall that computer odell beckham junior number hurry in now dane seon here at number nine so in this situation because the two wideouts are gone which would be de hop end avante adams right i would consider kelsey but i think it's a little too early for me to do that so i'm gonna go with the top running back left here and for me that is probably gonna be melvin gordon here which is i guess the chaki pick i could understand going kelsey but i feel like if don't go running back here i won't get one of the top guys coming back and this year i wanna make sure i get one of those top guys so it's gonna be melvin gordon i agree with that i definitely like that angle because i think as we broke down the running backs i pointed out i feel like they're six of them like there's there's a there's a top five x and then you kind of do want one of those but you know i guess we'll see where it lands there's some guys i'm targeting but you're back on the clock saying yeah agra melvin gordon todd gurley a david johnson michael thomas ju ju who leo and damian williams my boy off the board listen so kelsey is still here from cedar that's a nice holiday kelsey here right and i'm excited to do so if yeah that that's the end devi analysis here anytime you get a guy you were considering the round before that is still there that represents some value let's do it a specially if you're in some of these tight end bonus leagues which are all over the place and honestly he has a chance the finishes the number one overall receiver this year wow yeah okay and how much time tyreek hill mrs what what happened next james connor goes to the computer joe mixon off the board now kramer saying well no clock back in a very very difficult position once those were the two guys i always figured i'd get one of those guys i get neither of those guys damian williams also off the board yup do i just absolutely punt i don't think i do because because i'm high enough on dalvin cook in this spot who i want that stood receipt a running back he has upside to me for the pass catching ability we saw we've seen what he can do in accident is a guy that i would've taken here if i had the spot but i love you he just one he's just went i he was targeted him encounter no bullshit fight a i would i think dalvand cook is right behind him so i'm gonna pull the trigger i do wanna have a guy a two way running back who's gonna give me some upside sean yup i'm up next ed in tonio brown just went don't want anything to do with him nick chubb my kevin like the word interesting here i could a running back nothing really jumping out at me you know you're gonna pull the trigger on factor saint louis thirty all right a maybe look for hill you know oh hey zach ertz is back hurts is here definitely much better the shitty george kiddle gimme zacher has been a world cup winning superior orange earlier zach ertz i'm with you on the kid aligned go by the way right you know he had dj be hard as his roommate quarterback last year so much many options he will regret from his nfl record's like yards whatever it was you know what i mean like he's in that tier below them with hunter henry in oj howard in my opinion is the top suicide on to ryan this have on the show guy knows where amazon gave it up people do agree with you i like it so george kiddle well right after spin marlin mac and now i i kinda got a question do i need a receiver i feel like at this point what do i do keenan allen available t y hilton aj green like kind of like but i i feel like it's too early the take him aj green is you know over thirty you haven't finished the last couple of seasons it's not gonna be good in cincinnati this you gotta take keenan allen yeah i'll go keenan allen from a boy san diego chargers justin decker i would have absolutely gone that angle is well so now feelings off the board oj howard off the board mahomes quarterback drafted did kramer you're on the clock gotta wait on quarterback this year every year at this point it's even more then this is the byproduct of a passing league in the nfl you know like it's not a big deal to throw over forty two hundred yards anymore so so you can get any body later on like be the last person in your league to get a quarterback specially in a standard twelve team league i think we're playing basketball and you gotta stack quarterbacks it's a little more voted early but rather two quarterback league okay get one still so here's the thing i think i'd jinxed my fantasy existence this year when i said that leonard for net has been in my perpetual do not enter apple it continues to be available to me in the third round where i can now go stud receiver dalvand cook leonard for net yes please 'em i to me taking leonard fournette and the third round is okay because he has upside to score as he number one running back every week as long as he's on the field litter furniture after by kramer then aj green tyreek hill oh not redoes now a gain back on the clock here yeah listen so i went a tight end end running back so i'm gonna get my number one wide out it's gonna b t y hilton man listen this is tied to the indianapolis colts i think andrew luck is a nice bed at eight to one i think he's a second choice to win the mvp of the league this year last year he was healthy with andrew luck t y hilton led the nfl nfl in receiving yards you know what i mean there's no like funches is just the red zone guy you know they're building that team the right way i think t y hilton is a legit wide receiver one fear fantasy team but he got him in the third round and not to mention again calling it out 'cause i liked the call but for best ball specifically he's the guy you love when he goes oh yeah go off yeah he'll have the game you'll have a game this year of like six foot one sixty one and two touchdowns guaranteed oh at least one mari cooper off the board vonda freeman off the board born a boy any luck aaron jones stefan digs brandin cooks and now next up is a danger back on the clock here what do you look in the go for yeah listen this is a guy i know you also liked and i'm not only on you're a guy sean because i'm down on the damian williams things you guys both like but i'm taking kerryon johnson love commentary oh this guy okay i think theo riddick is not gonna be on the roster and kerryon johnson will catch fifty five sixty balls this year and that's the difference i love kerryon johnson it'll be my rv to i'm so glad were doing video now and i'm gonna look at the camera that sean is i'm bill is up primary sean ladder with his hot kerryon johnson week one against arizona against that cliff kingsbury defense oh is he found in my dfs lineup okay edelman josh jacobs sorry a what what'd you say oh just saying his yards per carry ridiculous like i don't believe in c j anderson even worse on the garrett blunt last year taking carries and i've the key here is i don't think theo riddick is gonna even make the roster in detroit the shoe i i could see that happening about retirement and so edelman and josh jacobs off the board that those are sirens 'cause i am recording in washington i hear the sirens in the background dame's gonna get carted away and still be making his picks kramer you're on the clock year round four picks seven what do you do in forty third pick overall well i probably should go receiver a pass catcher of some sort but a guy you like a guy i agree with you is going to overperform i'm gonna give myself a little bit bye week problem but philip lindsay i also have the concerns of injury from my other two running backs i wanna make sure i'm sean strong their shirt to buy week ten guys i'll deal with that week ten i'm gonna add philip lindsay to my stable of work horses shown so he's off the board derrick henry next dairies guys robert woods i don't really want much do with those guys i have a receiver i have a tight end i have a running back again kind of you kind of go bp hey here you and gentleman with the best player available oh you know who i like and i made a case where this guy in that is of the tampa bay buccaneers and chris godwin yeah i i read and read aeriens bruna oprah article with that offense he's gonna he's gonna talk that james winston talk little tap into him yeah i love all those guys mike evans oj howard level all there's no running game to speak of they're gonna throw throw throw there is a there is a cool static came i came across it said in the past fourteen season where bruce arians was either office of coordinator head coach they had two or more of receivers with hunter plus targets so mike evans is gonna get his noticed sean jackson god would just seems like the natural progression there yeah seems like a great opportunity that pick is gone up yeah so wait i'm back on the clock kenny golladay is off dj more do i go sony michelle i don't i can't fuck around with new england running backs who just can't do it yeah he's also a guy who a is better in saying standard non pbr formats yeah okay you know it's another kind of know you're settings guy he's much better and you're non pbr a format as well is like say carson or some of your other plotters that'll be good on early downs so sean you you definitely need to go running back here that's probably i would you mind if i'm if i'm getting in your ear and giving you advice i pause the draft disclosure sean clearly he's a little bit right now he's got very excited about being agreed with but he's also not sure where i live here okay he's gotta go running back yeah go running back sean in you know i'm gonna give you i'll give you a nugget here 'cause yeah so i don't know if there's a guy with the who's left with a better opportunity say what you will about kenyan drake who else is touching the ball in miami yeah you're he every now number one running back yeah yeah i'm over thinking this 'cause i was kind of like mark ingram here i really do they are gonna be a running offense he's got no one really do it you don't believe in kenneth dixon you know they gonna get a lot of carries he's he's a lot better than people think 'cause he's always split i'm in new orleans they went out and spent money on him and they're gonna be a definite running off and i like barking and the get over a thousand yards this year he's another option in this spot groom and i'll throw this the sean i i'll go oh go mark ingram i like that but i'll say justice hill who just well it's one round drive it over here i was thinking of maybe reaching chris carson rishaad penny but i think you get the guy who's the clear number one mark ingram and now things have fallen just beautifully because while i will neglecting the receiver position for another round because i think there will be opportunity here especially in standard twelve team you twelve team league like this my one of my top tight ends who is still available hunter henry oh yeah i just like the potential there absolutely has the ability to creep near that it's i mean taking you're tiers further with the emergence of god or it's probably kelsey and then the rest of the humans who has the ability to pop up ended that class i think hunter henry absolutely does so at this late fifth round i'm gonna add him my stable weapons okay so after i took marking the shawn watson tyler lockett sony michelle kramer took hunter henry baker mayfield under the computer by look this is why you wait on quarterback look at the people who are going right now you get leader running backs you get good tight end you could approximated baker mayfield's production three four rounds from now aaron aaron rodgers is on the board and the computer was you see it's all about value over like late stupid fucking the david montgomery also off the board andy dane you're pick here fifty seventh overall what do you doing yeah listen i'm gonna take i'm gonna go wide out here i have two running backs ready i only have t y hilton i'm gonna go cooper cup here my listen the ramp this i think is the best value okay he's going the third of the three rams he clearly is he apple of a gop side right meant a i i think he on any given week can be the highest scoring rams wide receiver especially npr settings he's gonna leave the team in catches in my opinion in in when he was heard they're they're often really wasn't the game is critical cock of their often all of the rams i feel like both him in would have a nice for not the highest ceiling but a very nice or so at this point in the draft it's absolutely nice having a guy like that so short after cooper cup aaron aaron rodgers al sean jeffrey kenyan drake allen robinson evan ingram calvin ridley all off the board dane you're back on the clock sean i'm gonna leave to recall in out there for you at lakeview at here's what i'm guys running backs in this kind of spot give me a pass catching running back okay james white is on the board we were talking before about the patriots running backs and i understand but the most consistent thing for the patriots running back is that james white will catch balls okay and that's easy points right there i'll take him as my third running back all day long cherokee brown off the board sammy watkins damn i i would have liked to maybe get a little a chance of him and they're both off kramer you're on the board or you're on the clock i was i was really hoping really hoping to snag sammy watkins yeah but he is also eight punk ass bitch yes this thing is suggesting i should take jarvis landry plus some sean lesson i ain't taking over swam best friends that turncoat odell beckham and go back to my loss angeles chargers because your it is you know what philip rivers wackadoo he likes to throw the ball to big receivers mike williams i really came on a night high real williams i know i'm going double dip in a veteran hunter henry though that's fine that often it's gotta be able to support eight pass attack not to mention oh my gosh sean in by weeks of ten eleven twelve so i'm really deferring the hey there i'm a quick starter hey you got the playoffs and you're putting the rest there you go shot you are now on the clock jarvis landry off tyler boyd off the board chris carson carson hector not bad so i'm i'm looking around here i go again go what do i do here i could go running back tiki receiver measure fantasy coach and we pop over here you're pretty open you can do anything you wanna hear sean yep yeah then you i i fell in love with this man couple of years ago give me i own my old time i left for you then i think you i appreciate that so that's the 'perfect row flex yeah well he's on the board then robbie anderson matt ryan both off the board directing the quarterback drafted a quarterback here no i think like dana said you'd probably just wait right yeah there's so many still left yeah there really is like well you know it's a long time from now don't wanna mess around left ago yeah i always get a kick her or defense shown so scratch that that partier cheat sheet off yep all right let's see do i go i like some of the receivers available right now you know what yeah will fuller a i mean i like he's that andre hopkins in in criminal probably probably reminder said he's better in a best ball a scenario but this late in the draft round seven seventy fourth overall hopkins's had some injury issues i maybe i get lucky but yeah gimme will fuller okay will fuller off the board now dante dante pettis is well rusty will he's out corey davis and we talk about computer number five you make that a former first round pick corey davis so i'm at the position should i have filled out i have dalvin cook leonard for net philip lindsay a democracy adams mike williams hunter henry i guess i could go in get some more depth here at the wide receiver position i am very intrigued by marvin jones this year i feeling these going way too late in some of these leagues sham new no ryan sham new also out there i'm waiting on quarterback i am gonna take are are man danes advice on that front you know what i think the league in i'm enticed by marvin jones enough with how he's going this year to grab him because i think he gives me some fairly safe depth an while golladay is the the sexier pick i feel like they're gonna have similar production even get jones a couple of rounds later okay marvin jones selected by kramer then sterling shepherd cam newton man back the game in what he's doing here listen you know i also wanna build at the wide receiver position i don't like some of the guys that are being suggested to me like golden the date or cortlandt sutton i told you guys that i think a day sean hamilton is the diamond in there yeah i'm intrigued by christian kirk this year someone you know fitzy is gonna declined a little bit more kirk kirk end cuyler murray were both at texas saying i'm together which is interesting they used to play together they know each other and kirk was good as a rookie 'em he's the guy that these guys were giving me as i look if we could pause it that will be good oh of course a year draft commissioner has a thank you thank you thank you i i would look at the running back real quick as the correct thing and this is something that you'll hear people were peter endlessly but the just the fact that they will probably probably be running ten to fifteen more plays per game yet this year mass all over there a guy more intriguing so absolute you know i like it i may go there i just wanna see what the running backs are meeting getting the third running back or third wideout were going back and forth at this point in the draft this is the benefit of waiting on quarterback right lamar miller sucks i'm not going his way 'em you know f it gives me a gimme christian kirk i'm gonna i'm gonna go and gergen earlier then i think i would wanna do it but you know i gotta i gotta believe what i say right and i believe in this connection i think he takes a step forward i think what the new offense like you said more place ron and a real need wide receiver in arizona the next beat hard and kendall garbage exactly the garbage in you as well dan is going to have that will be someplace unfortunately they will also be a lot of three and outs yeah i'm in that same mindset there's gonna be opportunity that's for sure okay yeah so i am sorry i don't doubt i doubt did not resilient go commissioner it's happening now that i will say i am as we were talking this is the time of the draft where you do kind of have to start stabbing at opinions yeah i wouldn't want the best kind of opinion is the guy that you're you're gonna know week one you're gonna know right away it's not gonna be the oh i needed injury or not letting draft christian kirk but will see what happens it it it's gonna let you drive right now 'em up all right there you go we got we got the mock draft a technical issues that's cool it's usually good right is take a lot of anzalone out good okay one senate a fantasy basketball drafted joel prison below when number one overall but i was in because it was like alphabetically next like shaquille o'neal oh no oh my god saturday greg nightmares oh yeah okay so now officially christian kirk off the board then we see golden tate no kirkland what god damn here realistic vegas which quarterback see you can't wait on a quarterback quarterback carson one guy where your eyes larry fitzgerald cortlandt sutton tevin coleman di di west broken dane back to you what do you would act back into yet only eighteen i don't have a quarterback you told us hysterical all this time i'm gonna go running back listen i expect i expect a little jump from rishaad penny this you grow up they talk about his in better shape the fumbling not there he's a guy who's like his yards per touch were ridiculous they got a lot of opportunities they run the ball that's what they wanna do i you know carson has been all right but he's kind of just the guy on some level level so a i'll take a stab at penny on a second year a second you jump lamar miller off mikhail horry is also off kramer you're entering its i like he's going he's he's really skyrocketed up the mock draft boards i'll tell what you mentioned bruce arians earlier and you mentioned the fact that there wouldn't be a bunch of a running game i think i disagree a little bit and i'm gonna reach here for it i'm taking ronald jones i wanna get a fourth running back and i know i'm i'm stretching here but if ronald jones is a guy we we remember what david johnson once did with this man that he's getting a clean bill of health that was kind of in the doghouse with dirk cutter and a yeah i i really really like ronald jones i'm gonna have a ton of him i just feel it he's climbing up the the drop or does well in joke you off the board next kiki qt or like that emmanuel sanders there on the border ron emmanuel sanders a grammar i don't i think he's gonna be on the pup list i really do like ethnic killings he's over thirty years old yeah i'm i'm scared of sanders i i would it's an opportunity thing and i think that's actually gonna play where you can be like well cool he's on the pup list and dropping you if you're drafting early you can kind of lottery him now i i totally get the stance of staying away but i do think it this round he's being drafted amongst other lottery tickets so it's okay i'm gonna say fuck it i'm worried about quarterback right now 'cause i missed out on half give me give me the moment himself drew brees wow yeah fuck it he's in a dome then jordan howard eagles of valdez scantly a then that's interesting seattle so i raise up to in green bay listen in green bay is gonna be an f you mode any if he's number two overdraw tumble allison that's a that's a legit week to week started that she would have there and i think he will be and i think right now allison's being drafted ahead of him typically in this mock draft computer number one one very intelligent taking all the scammer charlotte is the this is an interesting player for me because i kinda don't have any i don't have any glaring needs for my team i'm gonna take a shot here i think it's just it's just they a a target thing with jesse james out with antonio brown out i think i asked mcdonald is gonna get involved in the passing game a lot i'm a man loves twelve personnel even a fantasy gimme vance mcdonald you watch steph on the fuck out of people to do they love him there they love him in that they can they do and there's a lot of targets to go around there yeah in touch them through red zone opportunities jared cook off the board next adam humphreys miles sanders again the eagles back who could be be like legit workhorse back it's his progress is kind of held up because of a soft his hamstring which is which is never great sign but maybe take shot on him kramer what do you do in here list shawn mccoy still availed i don't eat any you you could talk all the way down to five seconds is this is obvious we and we just touched on it but bruce arians is a man who loves the chuck the rock how am i not fake taken jameis winston around here yeah gimme that action a yeah my my team might have some character concerns off the field but this is fantasy football so i love waiting and grabbing jamus what were the last team to grab a quarterback they do it right now so here's here's here's something you could just go ahead and go i was just gonna say the fact that i pretty eleventh quarterbacking snag jamus right then yes please yeah yeah and then actually trey burton lord hines off the board dane on the clock sounds like he's going to be here yeah i got the thing here's what you could do also when you wait on qb one of the things to do is get two of them right lying in this kind of thing i might get you from and i might go what the serious get one kind of safe guy and then one upside guy and this might be and you're to quarterback leads right you still get a safe guy like right now big ben is still out there you could still get upside guy right now cuyler murray is still out there but you know jared goff's still out there so it's real dominant still safe right here i'll take big ben yeah big ben led the nfl in passing last year over five thousand yard formats he was acting like you'll be two or three yeah i think he's got one one great year left in the tank at least fantasy wise production he's gotta prove that it was actually amy and left that with hassles and not him or at least one year in any any got ju ju i think this is to do breakout year if he hadn't broken out already but huge year for juju so austin hooper daryl henderson chris herndon the fourth latavius murray kareem hunt who the shawn mccoy who their own off with hunter and twelve overall pick dane where you going here yeah you know in san francisco these running backs are interesting you know they signed tevin coleman they got jerick mckinnon coming back i like jerick mckinnon this year i think he's the guy who's gonna leading targets for that team and you've never seen tevin coleman and really handle the load i think this often will support you running backs i liked the pass catcher give me jerick mckinnon and i will say this mckinnon was going in the tail end of the first second round last year in fm back and forth it's out beforehand injury and it's the tenth round it's the tenth round ended the shanahan oftens i love taking a stab at one of these guys you know they brought tevin coleman over to play the tevin coleman role in the shanahan and a hand off and that means mckinnon could be the dante frame enroll greta brita would be x factor right back to me yeah royce freeman off the board deanza forming off the board kramer here's what i wanna do and i i this is probably where i'm kind of falling off the wagon a little bit well because i wanna stand even pointed out and then take to sure you may have concerns about james winston i really like them but you know what i wanna see i wanna see what happens week one with cuyler murray herited so i've now drafted ninth and tenth ranked court i just wanna see what because at the end of the day this spent spot is it it's gonna go way you're not gonna doesn't it sure you probably shouldn't grab a backup running back but there's gonna be so much movement i want if tyler murray goes out there and drops forty because he's running front yard you wanna be a part of it around canal in trade that astore it's all about it's all about the process sean anyway the process i also just wanna make sure we talked about cuyler because sean loves the name so horrific now europe sean two rounds to go one and a half around for you or three rounds two rounds russ you know what the my man bruce arians says no risk it no biscuit i'm gonna risk get deep ball threat still some speed left going into way into a a great offensive situation he's coming out gimme the sean jackson i mean it's pretty pretty the shot equal kota got gotta get some so in dallas goddard potential to yeah those yeah you're keeping that's right this is actually how sean will draft is fantasy teams i i reached times i missed the years of mcnabb being a first term great okay arguing on your back now in the alarm gonna take a third tired of you can't say not reach a deal loose matt brita are off the board i'm gonna go to buffalo i don't think frank or la shawn mccoy do enough of this bills team week five weeks six devon single terry could be the guy buffalo needs the run the ball they need a give josh allen some options i the draft in third overall he could real boom potentially give me devon single they have tj yeldan also which is also interesting yeah okay because he's a guy like you know he's a service will pass catching back i agree with you on shady and gore but don't sleep sleep on yeldan like very serviceable as an nfl back there's also the element of if you're doing a pre training camp draft this is the kind of late round pick you want it's a bullet so yeah it could be a starting running back ready yeah his upside is that he's hitting the majority of the carries on a team that's gonna run the ball yeah could be on the houston texans and among i read something from the buffalo newspaper said he's splitting first team reps with gore and the shawn mccoy which is a good sign but again it's insanely early like ito smith duke johnson an eight p m p they're all off the board kramer what do you do in dj more went along time ago curtis samuel still there you know i'm a little higher on cam newton most again this is more of a why why is he he's going with guys who don't have the opportunity that he will while the more fun take maybe here's go john brown and say he's gonna get his deep ball mojo back with josh allen concealing josh allen can do i'm gonna stick to the safer pick curtis samuel then you are now on the clock i like it and then just for reference guys 'cause i'm gonna go the second quarterback also remember i said safe and upside right i already had big ben jesper no were going into like the last round of the draft philip rivers still available has another option okay jared goff whether you if you like these rams wide receivers and you think girly has arthritis they're gonna throw the ball you know like available in the last round the fucking draft okay and say oh yeah so but because i when a safe with ben give me fucking lamar jackson as you know like quarterback okay why not yeah those six week diners monetary yes sorry this step on you there but i i i read sat there he was a top seven or top five fantasy quarterback those six weeks you start it now will see continues but it's worth a shot and really what safest sixty rushing yards in the game you know what that is on like it's ridiculous and people don't realize just how much of an impact forget him josh allen was like qb seven for the second half of the year on the strength of a similar running game with trubisky the same stuff you're back on the cartoon yep so i need another wideout so that's where i'm going i go to the wideouts spots of these guys here i said it before give me day sean hamilton he guy okay i think sanders on the puppy got a ton of targets in december cortlandt sutton it'll be on the outside joe flacco is not throwing the ball downfield like here's the thing also crepe even if sanders isn't on the pop he's gonna not be able to build chemistry with flacco in training camp in the pre season you know he won't be on the field then he'll be on the day sean hamilton is the one who will be building chemistry you know i never like the rookie tight end takes too long for them to grow i think no offense will be okay in dynasty settings but i think day sean hamilton will leave this team in catches he's still there for me i was between for me it was between him and i cannot believe that kenny stills is still there i gotta tell you guys he's gonna be the number one in miami he's the deep proud guy he's over performed his the atp like every single year and here's the thing he's the deep guy we know fitzpatrick will suck it down field who do you think he's chuck it to it's not the same parker it's not anybody else any still go out perform atp also but a i you know i want one day sean 'cause he's like my a he's mike diamond in the rough man i'm gonna throw a even though i would probably say kenny stills here i'm gonna say give me justice to i know we like mark ingram but i think at a minimum justice he'll probably be on the field for the passing work an you never know i mean who mark ingram i like you i happen to like him this year probably a situation where in deeper leagues i'm gonna take both those guys but again you're taking a bulletin dnd we have two picks left in the draft sean literally whole draft as two picks left you are the last pick second elastic who do who goes i think he has they and again this is just like rating local stuff and and and people saying all their chemistry lookout forum and that is from the seattle seahawks david more yeah they're super deep fifty three targets last season i think he has eight he's someone you you drafts probably i'd probably drafted him too high for this sort of draft i'm not gonna drop the backup quarterback to satisfy the algorithm rating system five so to recap my team drew drew brees christian mccaffrey trico and keenan allen chris godwin zach ertz mark ingram on my bench right now will fuller vance mcdonald the sean jackson david more in devon single terry degrade c plus results unresolved i just finished mind and it it just popped up just oh i got it hey no reid off real fear team there dane are all right let's see where do i find that a i got i got it right in front of me okay yeah i got highly rated off yeah guys all right we got a melvin gordon travis kelsey t y hilton kerryon johnson amber cup james white christian kirk rishaad penny big ben jerick mckinnon lamar jackson and hamilton out of denver that's a good team yeah they gave me a day which makes me actually worried about this team if we act the fucking hilarious do it right i was given may be eighty eighty six out of one hundred myron final round learn who i beat you shouldn't be in better shape lost james winston i really liked the running back or dalvin cook for some reason i'm getting higher and higher and leonard for net everyday devonte mike williams hunter henry philip lindsay marvin jones curtis samuel ronald jones justice so in my lottery ticket cuyler murray murray saying don't know what for net with all those guys those running backs that like ten eighteen there's injury questions there's some kind of questions with all of them you know what i mean so why not whichever one you like of that group i actually liked avante freeman you know i know he's banged up all the time but if we liked this atlanta offense then he's gonna get a ton also i mean they're gonna be sketch will not good for you the falcons have thirteen games indoors the year yeah it's a it's absolutely ridiculous them end the packers are two teams in the nfc that i think are gonna be in the playoffs that were last year i'm and i love that schedule for all the falcons for all the falcons jake from a day a dean before we let you go any other any other nuggets just stuff that you were h in the talk about the show and we didn't get to a during the mock draft no not really i think you know we talked about as a kind of played out with things like the the settings a when the tight ends get the bonuses you know that is really the most important thing understand that understand the p pr kind of backs that you might need an definitely the idea of waiting on quarterback we made the point here like you know you could have gotten philip rivers on waivers in this league in a twelve team league you know in the last round and so make sure you stocked up with those running backs those wide receivers if you don't get one of those three tight ends and get the tight end those second tier tight ends the henry's the you know they they ingram's howard's those guys will be just fine but load up on those wide receivers and running backs i will say like the value isn't there in quarterback early but because there's probably only eight ish tight ends it falls off like maybe you do at one invest like that's my take away and doing a lot of these you know the funding about doing all these drafted you kind of see how the formula change based on where you're picking based on who you go with early and what i've found is it's tough to not come away with a star running back early you confined receivers i mean my my team team would would highlight that as i spent three out of my first four picks on running backs i did go demonic them first but man you really wanna get those running backs 'cause it does kind of fall off their gotta get one of those maybe whatever it is whatever the line is for you for me it's joe mixon like whatever eight or nine you're definitely wanna get one of those guys and and i and in the first round even if you're staring at a divine tae adams or who leo jones like the running back you would get on the comeback is probably not the rb one that you want and there's value at the white out later on so i agree i even go eight in a row running back at the top of the draft and with the tight ends though in the ones that i'm doing to your point kramer like i'm winding up with a lot of oj howard hunter henry i even i'm okay with the jared cook that kind of like second tier that probably has four five evan ingram even like that kind of tier because i'm not i got kelsey in this draft because he was staring at me in the second around still but if i'm not getting the kelsey hurts i'm completely comfortable with that hunter henry oj howard tier and i'm getting that you know in the whatever and like fifth or sixth round and that's that's completely comfortable for me what the kid getting the quarterbacks real late and going and going crazy with these running backs but you gotta get you started early on because so many every other team you know has has has and are bbc right so there's very few workhorses these days so you gotta get one up top showing just lit up he's learned a new actress running back by committee that yeah i mean i i think specifically in these types of like home leagues or whatever where you're it's twelve teams shorter bench just yeah there's no value in taking that court like one of your buddies is going to take patrick mahomes in the sec yeah let let it happen let it had on just be ready happy that you're already to ready to go and be stoked you have a quarterback the loves the grab posting a legit all right john yeah you for participating in podcast make sure you follow dana on twitter at speeding speeds end a check him out his show on fantasy radio anything else you wanna throw out there doing now that i have me on again make sure to avoid those four games these men forgot about diamonds only and i think you guys those were tuned in the podcast rate review and share on i tunes for the sports give my pockets i'm sean stacking the multi grain and here's ryan man who gave me such a great word kramer lead yeah right

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