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Bonnie & Clyde Pt. 1: The Couple in the Corner


Due to the graphic nature of this couple's crimes. Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of sexual assault and murder that some people may find offensive we advise extreme caution for listeners under thirteen. It was a cold January night. But the atmosphere inside one of five Herbert street felt alive. The young woman the dreamer, the poet our heroine. She tried to be swept up in the Gedi of the evening, but she couldn't get past thing that lingered between all of them. There was something hidden beneath every smile a stifling sadness. Barely masked by force laughter. A great exile eighty lurking in each bit of petty small talk the twenties had been hard on Texas and the thirties. Look as if it would be more of the same the agricultural lives of their forefathers had crumbled after the war hordes families were crammed into the slums of Dallas forced into the tedious and filthy factory work of the city, the people at this party would be hard pressed to break free of the situation, the poverty, and squalor the rundown houses, and pathetic wages, the hunger and sickness. She was feeling this presence suffocate her and thought about getting up and leaving. And then he came in. He was a small man as far as men go. But his posture was rigid and commanding he wasn't particularly handsome his pointed ears. Stuck out a little too far from his head his flat jaw line and puffed out. Cheeks how to certain boyish quality to them, but his Brown eyes glittered with knowing interest. His hair was parted perfectly at the center. Slicked back in matted down with great care. He were a clean suit that hung freely but fit him. Well, he looked over at her. Then looked away as night went on. They seem to be aware of each other as so there was a gravity between them. And then he was in front of her looking down with those Brown, eyes and confident smirk subtly etched from the corner of his mouth evening. He said name's CLYDE barrow Shiite him up and down. Completely unaware of the power that was between them evening. Mr barrow. I'm Bonnie Parker. Hi, I'm Leany Hobbs. And this is crimes of passion. A park asked original in the legal definition. A crime of passion is a violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion, leaving no time to reflect on the consequences. But in this show, we explore passionate crimes, how does a marriage progress from husband and wife to killer and victim or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships and a deadly results today is our first episode on the notorious criminal duo, Bonnie and CLYDE a couple whose robberies throughout the south west were so popular nationwide that the circulating stories blurred the line between fact and fiction at par cast. We are grateful for you, our listeners, you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram. Graham at park cast and Twitter at parkas network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help us. We also now have merchandise head to cast dot com slash merch. For more information. A creature backed into a corner is the deadliest of creatures in its desperation. It is unpredictable and ferocious when there are forces that stand between that thing and survival. The only option is to fight its way free. Such was the way of CLYDE barrow and Bonnie Parker's lives when they met for the first time in January of nineteen thirty both had long suffered under the debilitating arm of poverty, both were desperate to assert their identity and break free of the confines of their economic class. Clyde often stood in the shop windows of downtown. Dallas admiring the latest fashions dreaming about wearing a suit even on weekends. Bonnie watched movies with the fixed intensity. She wanted to replicate the gray. She saw on screen. She wanted to be a star little did. She. We know in less than five years. She would be as famous as the glamorous actors on the silver screen. But at the time, they met the payers prospects were incredibly limited by the Dongting hand of industrial change to discuss Bonnie and CLYDE without talking about the world. They lived in would be a disservice. It was in itself, a complex character changing alternating and shaping in unpredictable ways. The nine hundred twenty s are ingrained in American memory as a decade of social progress and economic prosperity dreamers were flocking to cities skyscrapers were expanding humanities reach into the clouds jazz, fill the clubs and new mass produced automobiles fill the roads. World War One opened the door for women's work opportunities. And in nineteen nineteen women were officially granted the right to vote yet underneath these layers of prosperity the reality of poverty persisted during World War One the United States called upon farmers to produce in excess both to help the war effort and to sell crops at a high cost to a depleted Europe. The result after the war ended. There was an unnecessary abundance of crops priced too high farms took a major hit. It and many farmers particularly in Texas had to foreclose their property and moved to the city to find work in the industrial factories that were emerging nationwide. The reality of the cramps slums and factory work in cities was oblique one for working class women in the south textile. Mill jobs were about the only jobs that could be found. These had like other factory jobs, long hours and low wages and a fifty five hour workweek. The average textile worker would make fifteen dollars in eighty one cents about two hundred dollars today. All this is to say that while glamour worked its way into the upper echelons of society, the people who fill the slums and work. The factory lines face the same problems. They always faced Bonnie Parker had a difficult time accepting this reality Bonnie's mother. Emma felt as though her family was better than everyone. The sense of entitlement influence Bonnie's youth, and perhaps gave her a false sense of hope MO would parade her daughter. Around as a price possession, taking her to church for show rather than for any religious purposes. Please note, I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but I have done a lot of research for the show. David L, kind a child psychologist at Tufts University would call MS form of parenting instrumental narcissism that is a type of parenting where the mother or father tries to force the child into becoming a genius or exceptional in some particular field. This is not because the child displays incredible qualities, but because the parent has misplaced sense of self worth this undoubtably gave Bonny unrealistic aspirations aspirations that evolved from watching movies, Bonnie, absolutely adored film. She loved the actors there grace, and how they sported the most modern fashions and carry themselves with dignity, Bonnie herself was quite the performer. She would seeing an act at her church and in school reveling in the attention. It would bring unfortunately, whatever hope Bonnie had to find a career on stage. Or in Hollywood was minimal at best in nineteen fourteen. When she was just four years old her father died this forced newly single Emma to move her family to the impoverished suburb of Dallas known as cements city. They live there with Bonnie's grandparents who made a meager living working in Dallas as factories though. She excelled at school, particularly in creative writing and literature. This did little to improve prospects as a teenager, Bonnie Parker's options were twofold. Find a husband or find a job to support herself. Bonnie chose the former and married. The shockingly handsome ROY Thornton on September twenty fifth nineteen twenty six shortly before her sixteenth birthday. Bonnie's love was passionate evidenced by the tattoo on her inner thigh that read ROY and Bonnie needless to say women getting tattoos in the nineteen. Was quite rare. Not like all things in Bonnie's life. The relationship was volatile intense and short lived within a year the couple had split up allegedly due to Roy's and fidelity. And by nineteen twenty-seven Bonnie was on her own. She got a job waitressing and supported herself with the help of her mother for several years then in nineteen twenty nine a series of misfortunes brought Bonnie Parker to the lowest point in her life that January her husband ROY was incarcerated for robbery though. The two were not together they remained married. The news that her legal partner was in jail would have certainly had an impact on Bonnie as it caused her to feel even more isolated then in October of nineteen twenty nine the great depression obliterated. The American stock markets causing devastating tidal wave of economic hardship to immediately sweep over. Businesses across the country. This included the cafe Bonnie worked at and Inova member it closed, she was unemployed separated from her incarcerated husband and ham little prospects of any kind look forward to. But then one day she walked into a house party in west Dallas and met a boy that would change her life forever. His name was CLYDE barrow. A smooth talking well dressed twenty year old with a passionate and energetic demeanor. Clyde was like Bonnie and many ways he was a dreamer. He believed he could unshackle himself from the impoverished life of factory work, and he was two nations and almost everything he did legal or illegal. The barrow family was a victim of the nineteen twenties farm crisis so early in the decade, the clan was forced to abandon their farmland and moved to west Alice, Texas, they could not afford a house, so the seven children and two parents lived in a wagon and a campground clydes. Father Henry was a junk man who hardly had free time. This means that the barrows were at the bottom rung of one. Of the poorest neighborhoods in Dallas. But as a teenager, CLYDE, took to Dallas readily, he saw the swamp put together nature of its upper class citizens and long to achieve their success. He could be more than his campground. He thought he could be a man of substance. He thought he could penetrate the upper ash lawn through music, but learn the hard way that even pursuing your artistic passion came at a high price in nineteen twenty six a saxophone cost eighteen dollars far too much for a sixteen year old clydes one dollar a day salary. Clyde worked in various factories around. Dallas and switched jobs. Frequently yet, CLYDE soon became blatantly aware of the reality that no matter how hard he worked no matter which position he held. There was little he could do to escape poverty. The system was not built for people like CLYDE barrow to succeed. This is perhaps why CLYDE turned to crime, Jennifer. She he scuffing ten and Jessica Rae an assistant social psychology professor and PHD candidate respectively found that the stress caused by extreme poverty can alter our decision making processes more. Specifically the anxiety formed when an impoverished person compares himself to others may cost them to make decisions for immediate rewards rather than thinking through a decision that leads to long term success. Clyde initially tried to overcome this by putting in long factory hours and signing up for the United States navy to his dismay he discovered that an illness. He suffered at an early age prevented him from ever serving in the military because he's pursuits did not lead to instant gratification. Client became more downtrodden. And desperate. All this is to say that at first client bureau, tried to make something of himself in a legal fashion. But the repeated failures started to make one thing more and more apparent if CLYDE wanted to break free of this vicious social constraint. He had one option breaking the law. Unfortunately, despite clydes unabashed confidence, he was never thought great at delinquency in one thousand nine hundred ninety six a sixteen year old CLYDE was arrested for stealing chickens. Poultry theft was a common practice among the poor youths of Dallas as it was fast and inconspicuous crime. It also had a minimal punishment attached. And CLYDE was hardly reprimanded before being released. This ignited a series of arrests for petty crimes that put CLYDE barrow and his brother buck on the radar of Dallas police. They would regularly pit CLYDE up on suspicion or trumped up charges harassing him from yearly being in the wrong neighborhood. It's this harassment that started to push CLYDE toward the fringes of society. No matter what he did whether legal or illegal the powers that be would treat him the same. So CLYDE continued his life of. Prime robbing houses and stealing cars until things had an impasse on November twenty ninth nineteen twenty nine CLYDE, his brother buck and a man named Sydney. Moore broke into a house in Denton, Texas, the police spotted the trio lifting a safe into the car and pursued them with a stolen car and a trunk full of stolen goods Klein took off instigating a high speed chase. As fast as it started. It was over CLYDE crashed the car and went barreling out the window. He got up and took off on foot leaving the other two to gain their bearings. Book was shot twice in each leg and arrested along with Sydney Moore CLYDE heard the gunshots behind him. But knew that turning around was not an option the arrest landed, especially hard on CLYDE because for a time. He wasn't sure of his brother was alive or not when he found out. Buck was sentenced to four years serving on a prison. Farm clydes spirits weren't much lifted at twenty years old his prospects. Look, slim, his co conspirator was in prison, and he had police looking for him across miles and miles of territory. His family was losing faith in him and knew of his deviant nature. So this is how Bonnie and CLYDE walked into the party at one oh five Herbert street on January fifth nineteen thirty he with a recently incarcerated brother and several outstanding warrants she with an incarcerated husband and a recent stint of unemployment, but this cloud of sorrow and 'isolation was not so thick that it could prevent what was coming because they're meeting that night sparked enough electricity to clear away any darkness. It opened them both up to things they never thought possible and forever altered the cultural history of the United States. We'll hear about the impact of their meeting after this. When you're in between episodes of crimes of passion. 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Bonnie Parker and CLYDE barrow wasted. No time falling into their brief and infamous relationship after their meeting in January of nineteen thirty. They took to each other with the immediacy of new love spending their first month in each other's company. More often than not they were two peas in the pod CLYDE came from poverty and dreamed of making music Bonnie came from poverty and dreamed of making movies. They shared a natural, energy, and charisma and value their individuality they were both short. He five foot six she four foot eleven and above all they both were desperate for any positive change in their lives. Bonnie took line to meet her mother, but CLYDE, perhaps a shamed of his campground home, perhaps a friend of his mother's strict and terse judgment did not reciprocate, Emma. Parker for her part did not like. Lied after all he was a son of a junk man, the lowest rung on the totem pole of one of west Dallas, poorest neighborhoods Bonnie's father, when he was alive was a bricklayer a man of substance. She deserved a similar type of gentlemen as a suitor. But something about CLYDE, whether it was his nice clothes or his charisma did soften Emma in her own words. He certainly was a likeable boy, very handsome with his dark wavy here. Dancing Brown eyes and a dimple that popped out now, and then when he smiled she even leant CLYDE, stay at our house, the February after they met she made up the couch for him to sleep on. He was in perfect view of the front door. When a knock came early the next morning. But Klein didn't notice when it was opened and to Dallas police officers entered the first thing they did was wake him up and taunt him about his brother saying if you got any rabbit in you, you'll run like book client smiled and took his time getting up he looked at the police officers with the ease of seeing an old friend in conked, his mouth into a dimpled smirk. He rubbed his eyes and said buddy mine. Sure run if I could as calm as CLYDE was Bonnie was the complete opposite. She screamed and threw herself on CLYDE begging the officers to leave him seeing the love struck young woman, the pair of officers felt sympathy. But said there was nothing. They could do CLYDE was wanted in several counties for his part CLYDE remained collect. Did he smiled and held Bonnie's arms and told her it was all all right? He'd be out soon. They'd be together. It was the second time. Nineteen year old Bonnie Parker, suffered a lover's incarceration. However, this time she was determined to see things through she talked about him daily and even win over clydes head to introduce herself to his mother. She regularly visited him at Dallas county jail. Soaring to the officials there that he would go clean if they just gave him another chance. Such was the way of Bonnie Parker when she committed herself to CLYDE barrow. He was getting every bit of her. The passion the energy the poetic drama. On February fourteenth, nineteen thirty Bonnie wrote declined in prison in the middle of begging him to never commit a crime. Again. She said, I never did want to love you. And I didn't even try you just made me now. I don't know what to do. The implication was clear the love between Bonnie, and CLYDE wasn't a choice. It wasn't even fate. Not really. It wasn't intuitive. And sublime love a thing that existed independently and settled on them, both simultaneously, whatever they did from here on out, whoever they became they were in it together. Client would get another chance. But it wouldn't come from the officials at would come from Bani in the midst of their visits and letter writing client had been transferred twice to face his various charges wants to Denton than to Waco where he was wanted for seven different crimes. Clyde was given a relatively lenient two year sentence on March. Third nineteen thirty endless to be sent to Huntsville prison ninety miles south ironically, clydes brother, buck had recently escaped from Huntsville, just a few weeks before an event, which CLYDE due to his preoccupation with his own legal troubles was completely unaware of CLYDE barrow was deathly afraid of prison and for good reason prison farms in Texas used inmates as a method of cultivating crops to contribute to the state's economy. Unfortunately, the regulations overseeing. These farms were minimal and the labor they demanded from inmates was brutal punishments from guards were encouraged and came often the prospects of escaping when barrow got to Huntsville would be dramatically lowered he had to act fast, but he couldn't pull it off alone who else to ask but his New Flame. On March eleventh CLYDE proposed his plan to Bonnie, according to her cousin Mary Bonney agreed without hesitation, she took the map CLYDE gave her and used it to find the key to William Turner's house Turner was another inmate at McLennan county jail and privy to the scheme. The house was a mess, but Bonnie recovered the gun without too much. Trouble still there was the problem of sneaking the gun into the prison. So she strapped it underneath her slip with two belts. No respectable. Man. Would search their Bonnie walked up to the McLennan county jail filled with four feet eleven inches of confidence the guard gruff and simple as he was trying to turn her away. She had already visited that day. She couldn't see him again. But Bonnie smiled and placed a hand on his sleeve. She. Had to just had to see CLYDE again that day if he just gave her just a few minutes, the jailer wouldn't see her for a long long time. If all went according to plan, hopefully, never again Mani went up the stairs visited for a minute. Then return to the entrance where Mary waited for her. The two of them walked out the door went home and waited Bonnie was alive. Like, she had never been before the secrecy the excitement, the anti pation, if filled her with nervous beautiful energy, this energy may have been tied in with Bonnie's case of high Bristol Phileas, which is defined as an attraction usually sexual to a criminal Bonnie, displayed this attraction with her early marriage to ROY Thornton and later her relationship with. Clyde barrow. But when Bonnie chose to actively participate in CLYDE schemes her desires became what is known as aggressive high Bristol Phileas, a subset of the condition were the individual actively aids in the criminal activity appropriately. High Bristol filial is known more informally as Bonnie and CLYDE syndrome. Bonnie's excitement made the wait almost unbearable but the next morning Thursday March thirteenth nineteen thirty. They got the news from that morning's paper, CLYDE, barrow and two other inmates had escaped this marked a turning point in their relationship for the first time, Bonnie Parker, officially broke the law to help our lover not only was this more than she would ever do for ROY. And now linked her to CLYDE in the eyes of the law in the same way. They were linked emotionally the success of the escape. Exhilerated Bonnie it ignited. Her adventurous side, a type of adrenaline that begged Bonnie to listen to it to follow it to feel that way. Again, she talked ceaselessly about CLYDE how they would run away. Together. He wasn't really all bad. The system had doctored him. Forced him to lash out and he got unlucky here. And there was all he could go straight. They would live in the woods with just their love and birdsongs as company whether Bonnie truly believed CLYDE was capable of reform is up for debate. But from this point forward something about the adventure of running from the law called to Bonnie, and she would do little to resist in the years to come. After several days on the run CLYDE, wired, Bonnie from Illinois. He was all right. He had to keep moving for some time. Whenever the coast was clear he'd come for her. She done. Well, he loved her Bonnie smiled at the praise, but her smile wouldn't last long. Only a week after escaping on March. Eighteenth nineteen thirty CLYDE was caught again and Middleton, Ohio. He was transferred back to McLennan county jail in Texas since to fourteen years in prison despite the severity of his new sentence. Clyde maintained his charismatic ways. He told officers at Huntsville prison that he was only eighteen was married to Bonnie Parker. And that is full name was CLYDE champion barrow his real middle name was chestnut. Although it might seem insubstantial all these lies had a goal. If officials thought he was younger, his work duty might be more lenient and by listing Bonnie as his wife he made it possible for them to correspond by mail Bonnie for her part was less enthused about this latest development. She found herself a bit disillusioned by this most Reese. Isn't capture especially since the papers more calling her boyfriend and idiot due to the botched escape attempt. But there was a type of inevitability about the relationship and before long in early April. She was back to visiting him. Then orders came down the ladder that changed everything on September. Seventeenth nineteen thirty CLYDE barrow was transferred to the eastern prison farm at over thirteen thousand acres eastern was something of a legend amongst Texas convicts. It was the state's first maximum security prison and was known for its ruthless work duty and grievous punishments guards would regularly beat and berate prisoners. Clyde later claim that he saw meant stuffed into ten boxes and left out in the summer heat. Sometimes they would flat out murder them claiming the convict was trying to escape the guard would collect the twenty five dollar reward for sabotaging and escape attempt without any sense of guilt, all the injustice, CLYDE felt he had suffered in his life. The rigorous monotony a factory work. The extreme poverty of the campground the unfounded harassment and arrest it paled in comparison to what he witnessed at the eastern prison farm as he watched the abuse of authority with an angry and keen, I he cultivated a real hatred of the establishment. Clydes charismatic exterior was beginning. To harden. His boyish face began to hide a certain hatred that was rooted and a dark unnavigable place. Clyde did find himself bonding with one of the inmates? A nineteen year old eastern veteran named Rao full tes the two shared a ten hour would chopping shift. Foltz told CLYDE about the ins and outs of Eastham what to watch out for where to step lightly. How even if you were careful a beating could come out of nowhere Foltz? A previous runaway was often. And subjected to these beatings. But when the guards wailed on him one night with furious kicks and struck him with the butts of their rifles. It was CLYDE who offered volts a hand. Stand up volts knew that this behavior was incredibly dangerous. Now, CLYDE was on the guards radar since he was willing to help runaway. However, it showed Foltz CLYDE valued loyalty over saving his own hide this would in turn inspire Fulton's loyalty to CLYDE something that he would get many chances to prove over the years. The guards took notice of this budding relationship and feared that volts. Happy feet would affect the new prisoner. So in late nineteen thirty they transferred CLYDE to a different camp. It was there as Foltz would say that CLYDE was changed from a boy into a. Rattlesnake? In the new camp. Clyde medicines foot to twenty nine year old behemoth named Ed Crowder, a prisoner so large and so violent, but even the brutal eastern guards stayed out of his way. Crowder was serving a ninety nine year sentence for attempted escapes and had little to fear in terms of further punishment when he encountered CLYDE barrow he took to him in a horrendous way Crowder began assaulting and raping CLYDE on a regular basis at five foot six and a hundred and forty pounds. Clyde do little to fight back. He was routinely beaten and victimized by Crowder, only to be forced to hear him boast about it later on eastern had little by way of privacy. So other prisoners likely either saw the rapes happen or at the very least heard CLYDE screams. But the. Inmates offered no sympathy. Instead, they be rated CLYDE in laughed at him called him condescending names and offered not. Even the slightest hint of support that is until a prisoner named Aubrey scally approached CLYDE skelly. Also hated at Crowder and told CLYDE that if in the unlikely event that CLYDE could pull it off scally would take the fall if Crowder having accident skelly was serving a life sentence for murder, so this proposition carried little risk for CLYDE. It was a chance and a chance was usually all he needed the cornered snake and CLYDE was being born. He had suffered in this hellish is- prison for over a year were tireless hours received regular, beatings and lost his dignity worse. Us. His sentence lasted another thirteen years. There was a rage forming in him that perhaps would be the fuel for his actions in the years to come the catalyst that left a trail of dead bodies. But on October twenty ninth nineteen thirty one as CLYDE made his way to the toilet in the middle of the night. He was surprisingly calm. His breath was deep and even his hand grip. The lead pipe firmly like the buffoon. He was at Crowder, followed CLYDE into the shower area believing that this was all too easy. Clyde didn't hesitate. He struck with pent-up ferocity. Crowder crumpled to the ground with a fractured skull. Clyde barrow had murdered his first man. We'll be back with more about clydes transformation after this. Now back to the story. The incredible pain, CLYDE, barrow must've felt enduring assault and rape throughout nineteen thirty one was most likely exacerbated by his incredible loneliness, not only west east imprison farm, extremely isolated but CLYDE lost his closest friend. Ralph Foltz when he was forced to change camps on top of that Bonnie, Parker's letters to CLYDE had gotten less and less frequent throughout nineteen thirty until December when they stopped altogether. Now that the honeymoon phase of getting to know CLYDE was wearing off. She started to see that the tragic situation was repeating itself. A two thousand seventeen study funded by the United States Department of Justice found that families and mystic partners of incarcerated individuals suffered both physical and mental health issues. That is. The stress of having a loved one in prison increases their amount of mental health diagnoses and physical ailments. This stress was perhaps the reason Bonnie began to distance herself. She found that sending him frequent letters and constantly worrying significantly decreased her quality of life. Emma, Parker was enthused by this change. Her daughter found a new waitressing job and started dating a straight in narrow young man named Tom. Tom wasn't exactly anything to write home about. And fact, nobody seemed to say anything about him. But perhaps his simplicity was has best quality Bonnie was now relying on herself for her own decision. Making her troublesome choice in men would soon become a laughable lesson of the past. But there was nothing laughable about what CLYDE was experiencing toward the end of nineteen thirty one client had gotten rid of his rapist without consequence after CLYDE killed Crowder. Scally repeatedly stabbed him and said the murder was his work. However scally was hardly reprimanded. As a brief investigation reported. It was self defense. Unfortunately, flied still had to contend with the horrors of eastern prison farm. The late summer. Labor was getting so tedious that CLYDE barely meet it to the end of each day still on his feet, he filled aches and every place on his body his bones grund with every movement. He was haunted by nightmares. And the ominous sounds of the prison quarters. And this would be his life. The only thing he had to look forward to. Day after day. Month after month. For the next thirteen years. And like that he snapped in January of nineteen thirty two client decided he was done. He somehow gained access to a short axe. And brought it back to his cell, CLYDE, considered what he was going to do for a moment. But he didn't think too hard part of what made him CLYDE barrow was trusting that his instincts will lead him to the right place. So CLYDE took up the axe. And brought it down on his left foot. Completely severing has big toe and partially cutting off the tone next to it CLYDE smiled as a took him to the hospital with an injury like this. They could never make him work on the east in prison farm again on January twenty seventh nineteen thirty two CLYDE was admitted to the hospital. He was right. He would never work on the prison farm again. But not for the reasons he could have predicted just six days later on February second nineteen thirty two. Clyde barrow got word that he had received parole from the Texas governor he was free to go. Clyde was so thrilled. He hardly noticed. The lymph that followed him out the prisons front gates. He was greeted by the news that his mother Kumi barrow never stopped fighting for his parole. She pastored the governor's office for over a year until he agreed. This was not necessarily uncommon for the time. Krizan overcrowding force the government into granting an unusual amount of paroles for inmates that committed more minor crimes, though, clydes escape attempt. Meet his case a bit more serious Kunis resilience assured that he was never forgotten twenty two year old CLYDE left Eastham with a terrible grudge. He absolutely detested the prison system and vowed that in whatever way possible he would enact vengeance. The client that emerged from the prison. Farm was changed version. Of CLYDE barrow. He still had the charm and charisma that so characterized him throughout his youth. But now they're lurk something a bit more deadly something that knew that he never wanted to be boxed in in such a way ever again. And if he ever was threatened with that possibility he would lash out with all his fury. Client went home to his family, and they welcomed him with open arms. He and his brother buck where pair of prodigal sons to the Baros. Yes. They broke the law and send in the eyes of the Lord. Yes, they were impulsive and passionate. But they never forgot their family. Clyde limped into his home said his lows, then put on his nicest clothes and headed back out the door. Every one of the Baros knew where he was headed. Bonnie was sitting on the couch with her bow Tom Emma, Parker lingered in the kitchen putting the last touches on dinner. She listened acutely to the silence. Bonnie and Tom never seem to talk much, but they were more or less content that way then a non came on the door and before Emma could make your way over its one. Go been there stood CLYDE barrow or at least a part of him. He had a crutch under each arm. His cheeks were sunken and his lips were red and chapped like they split open each time. He stretched his mouth into a smile. Bonnie seemed not to notice she left up from the couch and random stopping for the briefest of moments to turn an eye, Tom, then she threw herself into Clyde's arms and shouted. Oh, CLYDE, darling and the two kissed even Emma could not help feel touched Thome took the scene in for a moment or two then stood up and left the. House. And just like that Bonnie and CLYDE or back together. She with a renewed commitment he with ideas for pointed vengeance against the establishment together, they were about to embark on one of the most famous crime sprees in American history. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion. We will be back Wednesday with part two of Bonnie and CLYDE. For more information on Bonnie amongst the many sources, we used we found go down together, the true, untold story of Bonnie and CLYDE by David L, kind extremely helpful to our research. You can find more episodes of crimes of passion as well. As all of park has other shows on Spotify or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. We'll see you next time when true love meets true. Crime crimes of passion was created. By max Cutler as production of Cutler media and his part of the park cast network. It is produced by Maxon. Ron Cutler with sound design by Kerry Murphy production assistance, by Paul Moller, additional production assistance by Maggie admire and Freddie, Beckley crimes of passion is written by drew cool. I'm Laney Hobbs. Don't forget to listen to not guilty. 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