Tiffany Haddish


Hey guys willie geist here with another episode of the sunday. Sit down podcast my thanks as always clicking and listening along. I really think you're gonna. I love this week's guest. It is great energetic the light as she says tiffany haddish she's been on incredible two year run since the movie girls strip came out got her a lot of notice that was just two summers ago two thousand seventeen that fall she hosted s._n._l. Another huge breakout moment where the country got to see how funny and talented she is and we're lucky enough to sit down with her. I'm joined as always by our great producer of the sunday. Sit down podcast maggie law maggie. Hey how's it going really good so she's. She feels like she's been in our lives for a long time but it's only been really super super diehard fan brave but she's been at this for twenty years. I was gonna say that's what i found out. I had no idea she said she started stand up in nineteen ninety seven so it's almost twenty years that she's been at this but really only came out on the scene about two years ago and she it has she'll talk about all this but her childhood is not to be believed. She grew up in south central los angeles. Her father left the family. When tiffany was three years old a few years after that her mother got into a bad car accident had permanent brain damage became abusive yeah tiffany <hes> when she was twelve of years old tiffany and her siblings were split up and put into foster homes so she grew up in the foster care system <hes> and then she tells the story of being a sixteen year old and her social worker saying you've got a choice we can send you to a mental hospital or you can go to comedy camel laugh to channel all this crazy energy energy. Yeah i love that i mean i think it's it's an incredible story and one that i had no idea about but and she talks about on the podcasts about how you know turn that darkness into light and the comedy the way she got through it with comedy so it's just it's so interesting because you talks about being the light because there was so much darkness and she thought okay my job in this family in this neighborhood is to be the light she's <hes>. She took jobs being what she calls an energy. I was gonna say that was one of my favorite things. I learned about an oh and energy producer producer. I love that energy producer. What does that mean exactly music. You go in and you produce enters the energy to go to a corporate event. I love it. Mitzvah hype hype man yeah exactly heard her family's type person she was her neighborhoods high person that she was the high school mascot to yes yes fun faster choose the only mascot and that big like wildcat suit or who talk mascot yeah exactly i'm gonna talk and she turned that into a little cash rush to so very resourceful very scrappy. I mean if you've seen her in. Any of the movies senior do stand up or netflix special if you've seen her <hes> in and on s._n._l. Funny she is in her new movie which is called the kitchen which he co stars with melissa mccarthy and elizabeth. Moss has nothing to do with any of that right total turn in drama. It's basically a gangster movie like martin. Score says he goodfellas casino kind of movie where you're sort of based on the cast waiting right as you say you're gonna. I think it's going to be funny and it just isn't and then no serious hard core kind of violent. Well acted right gangster movie. I love it yeah so she's really good. It's a great cast. You're just you're just going to be entertained. She starts speaking areas at one point. There's a lot going on in this interview with the great tiffany haddish on the sunday. Sit down podcast tiffany. Thanks for doing this. Thank you feel like we already kind of had our little interview but we can start from the top see if the story stay the same <hes>. I was just saying to you watching the kitchen. I walked in with obviously an impression of who you are which is hysterically funny and impressionable russian of melissa. Mccarthy is hysterically funny. I thought i was going to laugh in about ten minutes in i was like oh no this is something different. So how do you describe the movie because because it is different than what your audience is have seen from you. I would describe it as a a real mobster movie against the movie. I mean what's the difference between mobster in gangster like the mob in a gang. What's the difference. I don't know i think gangsters more old school like twenty. S like al capone mob might be he like seventies and eighties. I'm going to just throw it i i don't i'm trying to figure it out. Maybe fuits versus okay yes. I don't know this is more jeans suits. I mean it's the seventy so so it's it's three wives right all married to italian mobsters <hes> not italian irish mobsters married to irish mobsters and there has was let's go to jail and they decided that they're going to take over the business because they're struggling financially and they come with the italian mom developed this really awesome system and do better at gangsta steph or mobster business being their own husbands did and when it has come amount of jail is the issue because you know it's the seventies then right i don't i don't know if they're nothing like the men today because because before they went to jail you all were not treated well at all right not treated well and we earned our respect and being treated well and then a man came home thinking oh they could do the same thing. She's not allowed not allowed them. Where we different running things now involved. It's about the evolution say and so yes some really crazy. Gangsta stuff happens and i enjoyed watching say the first time i saw the movie i i had to get up in the middle and walk out for a second like pull myself together really and they come back in and finished watching it. 'cause i was having a hard time like we were shooting it. I was having a hard time. I'm looking at myself in the mirror because i looked so much like my mom when i was a little girl and and i realized oh i got mommy issues. I need to work out right and and i thought oh they'll just it'll pass finish this movie. I'm just sway. I look then when i saw the movie and i saw my mom on screen like i just was looking. I'm like i'm looking yeah. My mother and i walked out of the theater crying at the end and my mom she's behind me. She's crying to like why you cry. What's wrong with two. She was like thank you stop. She was thinking the same thing. I and i was like we probably need to go to council these things that need to be said and we a male spider house well. That's a good way to pay for that so this was at the premiere because you brought your mom my mom i scream for screens and that's that's when it hits you so much. It's so funny how movies involved because this definitely changed santa that i screen okay yeah so so so. Is this something you were looking for tiffany because you've done so many comedies. You've been on this run of hit comedies. Did you say to yourself in terms of your career. I want to do something a little different this time now well what happened was what had happened with write the script that came across my manager's desk and my manager was looking for predominantly copies openings right and his assistant read the script. It was like this'll be great for typical man. We don't think so did tiffany. I got the state but i'll tell nobody okay. I was like okay. I'm telling you so. I really you know she's like. I think this'll be really good for you. I read it. I was like what is this based off of a and a comic book. I was like what got the comic book read. The book read the script again. I was like this is my thing like link me up with this director. How do i meet the director director. <hes> the person that wrote this is so smart. I want to meet the director. She's like the rector is the writer. I was like big linked meet up with the man who got this par- who won't elitist caste anybody yet so i'm always like we'll give me andrea andrea pirlo brimmerton me and she's trying to set up the meeting. It was hard for the meeting and then at that time you know growth trip that came out. Oughta different agencies was on me and i was like if y'all want me you bring me andrea birla really so use that as leverage gangsta mode had to produce his first dan. I got to me andrea and convinced her. Why be right. She's like you always right now. She wasn't sure at first 'cause she picks me straight comedian right but once she had compensation when she realized i saw shia bostitch. There's no question about that. No one would ever doubt that so. Was it fun for you. Then i mean didn't have edison mind but once you saw it you knew you wanna play this kind of character and i knew this was like right in my wheelhouse because i've grown up around that type of environment i know with that environment is i know how you have to move around those type of men you need to communicate with them in order to demonstrate some sort of power or let them think they have have all the power while you just you know moving things around so i knew that i'm going to have a good time doing this and and when i found that melissa was online and then elisabeth the biff mosses on i'm like oh this is about to be this is about to be super now mind you. I know neither one of them and there was a small part of me. That was like what if they're like. Divas super hollywood shakes within. I know how to deal with those. I'll be like i can get out of here. You don't talk to those people to like. Get the hell out and you didn't have to do that with them didn't have to do that all turns out. They weirdos just like me so we laughed a lot we did. There's a lot of online shopping. I got them to try things they never had before like pickles dipped in kula powder pickles and cooling powell. Have you not had okay. They said it was nasty but that's because they don't have the palley. Para sweetened acquired tastes delicious. Sometimes you put now layers in the middle of the pickle and let that dissolve the pickle. Dennis like autumn is good as good for your skin or you put a peppermint in the middle of the you've got to get that whole pickle took money you pick with like this put right in the middle poop in his good. You say it's good for your skin. It is eating pickles cucumber cucumber. Did you invent the pickles in the kool-aid powder. That's happening from ah kuwait. We remember remember funded of course so you the candy stick a pickle any ban right right right s some guys you know you probably have ice cream tricks and we have been talking about this as i'm talking about no oh ringing the bell last speaker rockets de hey anthony i am in the big c. I think as you come up with your own line of food food like the tiffany haddish shawn which is pickled. She'd been ready already. Trademarked things will slowly be releasing first pickles goals in kool-aid powder and the first thing that probably the fifth <unk> six but it will come it will be here. I was thinking about you. You mentioned girls trip. It's only been two years since that movie came out. It was about this time two years ago late july of two thousand seventeen two years ago so this run you've been on since then seven movies over one hundred million dollars. Yeah go ahead get hosting s._n._l. And now this move which a lot of people view is like a move to you in a different level for you because it's dramatic acting you were talking early. You have time to stop and think about it do you. Do you ever stop and go wow the last two years. I've been saying for me well every morning. When i wake up on my praying and i'm thankful grateful and i do review like what happened yesterday. They are what happened last month and i'm like great things that i'm grateful for and move forward with the rest of the day and trying to figure out what cannot be grateful for what's going to happen super awesome today and i can be grateful for so i was trying to find the good in everything because sundays suck like i mean i'm tired of sale right now but i look it's natural that just comes out but it is a grind people. Don't realize it's a lot of work. You know i've i've heard kevin say that for a lot of celebrities say everybody wants to be famous. Nobody wants to do the work. Everybody wants to success in the power of the money but nobody wants to put into work and then that it just reminds me of <hes> that was like who's going to help me make the cut the week who's gonna help me help me started. Oh who don't have we put the who like school. It'll help me make this right and everybody's like not me not me not me but once as long as a family off. That wasn't even a part of the question but i just want to let awesome that's it. This is announcement right now. It's over. I'll make the braid a while. Some of the reprobation family. I wanna bite is it. You've worked works so hard. People don't realize how many years of work you put in as a comedian before two years ago out there doing it right right so you did twenty years before you had the sound bites a couple of years. I've probably two or three years. I was homeless but that's all waste but does that. Make this all the sweeter when you have all these successes knowing how hard you've worked it to get here. Yeah i mean it's like you know you do the work you plant the seeds micro tomorrow or today but it will keep watering and nurturing tree like everything like gardening and i love your gardener right. He was gone ye guard now to do it. It's getting bigger though doing well. I'm i'm sure it's your own place. So what do you put together together. I mentioned s._n._l. And we were talking about how i think. That was a big moment for you. Maybe you feel the same way which is a lot of people who maybe didn't see all your movies in the years ahead ahead on my gosh you stand on that stage. She killed her monologue that she was booed. Jeffrey off that you want an emmy for it and people were like okay. She is a superstar. Did that feel like a big night to you the s._n._l. Light was a huge night was huge. I leading up to it. The fact that did they even asked me to host was like well. That's a dream come true really. I wanted to work on the show for several times to get hired and then once i came to host us and saw like what they go through every week. I'm like oh thank you. Thank you for not high. I understand now. I lost ten pounds in a week. Come on yes. I lost ten pounds. That's how stressed out i was. That's how much like. I realize that it's what i learned. I learned so much from that that it was is a machine has been operating for a long time and here i am. I'm just a little oil to keep to keep it going. You know so i don't need to i wanted to contribute so much. I came came with like this notebook like okay. These jokes game. This is what i wanna do and i know it. Don't work like that. Baby girl don't work. Thank you for being prepared but you just focus sonja monologue. We got these things. We didn't get to know you and i was like no. I would say this. I want to do this like realize okay. I don't have to fight every fight the fight for everything sometimes just ro- go with the flow and so the last two days i realized okay just focus on the monologue in and whatever lines they got from me. That's what they got for me and i'm gonna just deliver it to the best of my capability and relax and then i was able to eat again but that night was absolutely magical and wow whence it was all done. I was just like okay. I made history that because that was history i african american female stand up comedians forever host which i thought was crazy because i just knew goldberg but she just appeared in some sketches yes. She's never hosted never never host and i thought one of the sites. Didn't i call it all all. Let's everybody that was like the graves. The best that i ethics defend this note and then i was i went through the archives every episode of mike. I'm literally about to make three. I want the first black woman to do something bul yak. Did you know that going in today's pressure on the on the first day i asked them they were doing research to like an yeah. Could you not say anything about it. I was like what i'm saying is. I'm gonna say something about this because this huge and especially for female in comedy a black woman in comedy. It's so it's like it's ten times harder than it is for a black man or woman or any other kind of nationality polity coming up a copy as for black woman is hard. Does everybody think you too angry at one point. I don't know about you. Some people say unfunny woman so which they don't know partially but what happens. Is that true okay. I'm getting i know you well enough so that the kind of night then tiffany where you feel like monday morning the earth shift underneath you is your life different right away the phone ring in more. The life was not different at all because i was already busy leading up to that so <hes> but i really like enough just appreciated the mommy in everything. I didn't realize that it had that kind of impact until uh was like flying in the airport in old white men who i was like like all you you are pretty purdie great. You're funny. I liked the white dress the white dress by the way but that was not matter ah they all look like they were over yon- jeffrey through but a lot of kids who are doing that. Yes that's it like yeah. Which i think is hilarious. You were telling me something interesting interesting. Before which is that kids have always liked you. My kids love. You faced off s._n._l. Than watching all your movies afterward. What do you think that is why maybe because i've talked to kids kids like they're adults. Also i probably give off like a child like energy. Maybe i don't know but keeps left me they'd be how much is something like hey hey. How do you know this job. This is an adult joe and i mean that's going back to when i was in my teens like seventeen not eighteen years old kids. No i wasn't even on t._v. We didn't even have the proper like that but i did do like bar mitzvahs and i would do stand up at those mid spurs in in like a energy energy producer producer. I love that produce energy so whenever i come into the space and i started to talk i usually shift images usually a pretty positive thing and that's going back to high school right before. Probably junior high really ought to be. I started working as an energy producer in high ice cream and so what does that mean when you were energy producers somebody pay fifty one hundred bucks go to the party and just starting out we didn't end up eta like council of a bar mitzvah a wedding and executive party and like mc are just danjus be there to give people dancing dancing encouraging to party to bring that positivity throughout the wrong because you know especially like you know twelve year olds thirteen roads. It's like out of place up here with the. I don't wanna dance. I enough is cool and then you get somebody like let's have some fun and you get like two or three of the cool kids out there and all the kids the adults comment yeah so you like fifteen sixteen sixteen years old during this so how do you get a reputation as having that much energy being that funny in that charming that people will pay you as a teenager come to their party started it doing. I've really starting energy producing doing the football games because i was trying incident boy ati i was mascot into football games right and i was like the only mascot and all of the valley probably all the l._a. Unified school district and then then i started doing the bar mitzvah with and it's word of mouth word of mouth and then it just evolved. It's still a big. What does it talking mascot. Do you have the megaphone megaphone to el camino real high school so i'd be like what like me no now what now we now. We know we wanted three. I exception because we were killing me. I was like you know. I had the energy poppy. I quit for a little bit because i had finally got a boyfriend and he said he broke broke up with me because everybody was calling him assistant mask oh and then i was like oh i need a boyfriend. I can't beat a mask on the more if i can handle boyfriends. I quit wait. Can i could get him back but he was gone and so the dean who's gonna take to get you back on the field. I was like a boyfriend was like i can't they get my nails and hair done the and maybe get away friend. So you got paid me. He was like pay. You can pay a hundred hundred dollars that she gave it and he's like no can't do that candidate but what i can do fifty dollars for the candy candy and i was like okay fifty dollars for the candy coup but the candies the i was getting for free from hong girl who worked at the store to babysit for so then i got the candy for free initi- had to receipts that her story got these tiny and got to see have you were hustling as a teenager in the mascot costume yet and it continues today a still continues today. It's much has been made and got a lot of attention how difficult your life has been growing up. So where does this shine come from. How were you able to be so full of energy and laughter and light when you had so much trouble because trump zone away from the trouble in and you know to give it a documents you gotta turn on the light. You know i feel like i am the might like i'm. I'm a little i'm. I'm like well number. Grandma saying you know we all just big boss energy. That's what we are going to be positive negative energy. What kind of energy are you <unk>. Are people don't want you around with people. Don't want you to go away. What do you what do you want to be in so that was always confusing hale and they're a momma's was saying it's like christie. They had great now. I didn't understand until i got older. My mom like you only serve to make it better how you making it better and i'll be like i dunno go. Do the dishes jeff like everybody's here for a reason. Everybody has a purpose and so. I i figured out what my purpose is in that is to brace joy happiness. It's what makes me happy. It makes me feel good when i see people smiling and laughing and enjoying excels are entertained by something so why not be the person that administers that i've heard a lot of comedians who had difficult childhood say they were doing it to make other people happy they. They know other people weren't paying. The life was difficult. Did you feel like you were the person in the family who had to provide that for everybody. Not everybody but definitely i would try to make my mom laugh. They're trying to make herkel 'cause if she was laughing. She wasn't hitting you if i can make her laugh won't get punched. She might forget that. She says she's going to want me or she might forget this. She said we not allowed to do not go outside and play so i was always trying to figure out how to change her mood and she had that car accident and that that brain injury really affected her communication skills her <hes> ability to express her emotions and feelings and a lot of times. You get frustrated and they'll come out in violence. So how do i train. As how do i fix it. How how do i make her forget that she's angry right now because she can't say communicate new she can't say sir. It was like where she couldn't say. She was like an link. A linguist a very accomplished businesswoman who now her vocabulary is damaged. That's a lot to put on a young kid and i'll take care of these other keys some at home mom but at school on my first time ever get exhausting though the one who's on yet but i wasn't always on mike i would sleep on a school bus at sleeping home room. <hes> you know i was on in the hallways todd and trish in u. P. e. i'll try to be cooling. Some classes sunglasses. I'll turn it was in the class. Who's around so with everything that was going on in your childhood. How did you see over the horizon. What was the hope what was the light. What did do you want to do. What was your way out and you started to think about that as a kid always find like my grandma saying if you do what you have is like you've never worked a day in your life. If you always always doing what you love which is true but not true. It's like what i do is i am sleepy. Aw i'm enjoying it still so <hes> but i always was looking for the things that i love the phrase so at first i wanted to be like i wanted to. I call it a horse farming. I just want to raise worse because love voices so i mean people which won't be on allenby awards armor. Where'd you even get that idea in south central l._a. They used to have these grocery stores on a._b._c. Grocery stores doors in the front of the grocery store in a parking lot. They have these ponies and big horses and it will walk around in a circle and you could ride the horse. Isn't it like be like a black cowboy which i thought was so cool and they would like you. Get on there for a dollar you ride the pony around in a circle the bigger way she paid some dollars and ride around right and i thought i could do this for living. This is fun seattle kids smiling and happy and stuff and begging they moms please please let me give please please write big. I think that's that was like i do today. If i could do a papa pommie ride in the parking lot i would do that. We've got the line of food in the pop-up up pony rides yeah. I need to do a while western movie or something a spaghetti western right then right. They didn't make sense. Yes otherwise it's just like why is she doing matt. This is how we build. An empire. Make makes one brick. I need to ride a horse and i can't wait to see your the next movie does out of nowhere. You're on a horse. I'll be the only one who understands why right you stick it. In a movie about amelia bassano the first first woman to ever published a book in europe and she's a black woman at that get me started does that shakespeare's goes rider. I mean well this. This is so that leads me to like. You're really broadening out right this. The kitchen is one. That's one. I know well no but your people you. You're a comedian your stand up comedian. You're funny but there's all these other layers that you're now able to show when you put yourself in that position to be able to do watch. I've been in lifetime movies where i was a drug addict very harrison. I that's steph man done. A lot of stuff did for me. So what was the first time you were rewarded for being being funny not necessarily professionally but i know when you were in foster care. It was recommended that you go to the laugh factory right. Yes they were. My social. Worker was like you go choices. He can either go to laugh factory comedy camper you go to psychiatric because something is wrong which easy choice and i was like which one guy drug. She said you'd definitely olympi- all drugs. If you go to the ball i go to the comedy camp here. I am today you know twenty some years later on drugs telling jokes steinem movies and you hung in there because you as you said a minute ago you at times or you're sleeping in your car. You were homeless what gave me hope rewarded for being finally because being comedy with a necessarily a reward right before i went to the comedy camp i used to be in drama right and is i mean these drama festivals and that was to get to that same boy that play football again because back around the boys so where is he now by the the way we should cancel my show at the microsoft eater. I hadn't seen him since we graduated from high school to talk about my book and he showed up with his wife <hes> show at the microsoft in los angeles which was like sold out shows huge. He's like obviously you were fighting but i didn't realize you were really going to do this. Say this when we we were kids but i didn't realize you're going to do it and he still looks exactly the same. Is that not because i bought them candy everywhere he we never should have broken up with the mascot. I never dated him. Oh you never did it all. We're just trying to get. It never never accomplish that goal so his wife is we. She's really nice and he's doing really good for the state or something like that. So it worked out for both yeah yeah yeah. He got a family. I got my family this yeah. I ain't got no kids but that's okay. I don't even refers reward for congress because asking comedy is when i was in his drama festival and it was a shakespearian drama festival and i did midsummer night's drain as a monologue and i did all the characters in five minutes and i want to first place three hundred seventy some kids and dan. I got a trophy and i got to perform paramount studios for audience executives video footage of me doing that and i like when i saw the video for the first time house like i'm. I'm a i'm a making i'm making. I didn't know what i was going to make it as i thought it would be the funniest horse bummer uh-huh. How old are you. I was fourteen. I was like fourteen fifteen. I was fifteen fifteen nineteen ninety ninety six ninety seven ninety five ninety states so here you are back to drama actually started withdrawing. I end up doing it. I'm the i'm gonna do a period very appease with fifteen hundred and play million basan bowl full circle. I'll be speaking italian afraid. Yes mind. I believe you. I believe you can do anything you wanna do this. I've know what you said. I just asked asked if you speak japanese. Don't sorry i mean nothing to come back to you. I'm sorry t._c. Any language i speak a little french not enough enough room to build a little french enough to get by have a little conversation at the bar you you read read too much into that obvious you go. Take all your friends li marmalade. Don't you know that's kind of a bit. That's been yeah that's right now. Of course i interviewed kevin hart <hes> late last year. She loves you. The story true that when you were living in your car you knew kevin a little bit. He started talking to see what's going on in your life and helped you get back on your feet. That's true story. It is so what how did that happen. What was the scenario we were. We both performed every wednesday night at the factory. Joining show called comedy playground where we sketches and like improv stuff comics do stand up and he would host. Sometimes i would do all these sketches. This one sketch called <hes>. Ask ask a black woman and my name is tiffany. Asked me anything all you people as don't be afraid. This is the time where you can ask any question. I see you ever wanted to ask somebody black. Nobody will get mad. Nobody would think ready system to me and people were asked these questions and it would be like wow like it but we never got mad. Never got like people actually took that opportunity. Yeah it'd be like ten minutes. Five and people were asked some of the craziest stuff like why does your hair curl and then opera had to break advanced are hair follicles has really tight. When you hear follicles pinch like this here it comes out in a curl follicles a perfect circle. It comes out strength that you didn't even know that i mean i knew about the tight curl but i didn't know you didn't know why outta here real time. It's because of the way the is the way that the the poorer shaped learning and so he was working those same the same we work in here and i would always pull up like maybe five or ten minutes late so nobody could see my car because i have all my clothes everything suitcases all in the car so i pull up a little late and he was there like the siamese nighttime. He's like what's going on here. We thought it was living your car was like no no no business like i said we will have to have a conversation at the attitude like we need to talk to you and he's like no. We gotta talk missile after the show you like me to the side had a conversation with me and i told him and he has like a pretty well. You should not be sleeping in your car. You pretty fin- i'm sure there's some guy out here that we let you sleep in the house and i'm like look. I don't sleep with people for roofs over my head. I sleep with people to heal them. Okay so i'm not about to yeah out here. Just doing whatever just have a roof over my head and i got a car pay for i'll sleeping. They're on and he's like well. You can't be sleeping in the car industry theresa online where i live in beverly hills. I sleep wake me up every morning tiffany now now well. He gave me three hundred bucks. They find yourself a place for the week and then write out a list of goes of what you wanna do and start accomplishing. Those goals start tackling on things so i'm like. I don't know how we're going to get a place to stay for a week in l._a. For three hundred bucks right that's like imposture sagami one of their like. I went to a little memo. You can get about <music> our with about three hours. Wash my eyes to glow nap in rhode my list or whatever i want you know and then i started started attacking the nose and here i am today and a list keeps expanding because i keep accomplishing things so yeah right so now what's on the list now and now i wanna play amelia beside him because i want women to know that we've been writing for a long time. Even when women were allowed to read a right there were the things that were in a court of elizabeth that were writing all kinds of cool stuff and even though women weren't allowed to be place we were right in them anonymously or giving giving into certain major playwrights and make him a huge mark on our art on our history history of the world and i think people should know how about that and i want to open my own studio and like much like tyler perry. Who's a friend of mine teaching me how to do head because lucille ball was able to do that. So why can't i you know i should be able to do that too. Well own it all but definitely want to openning partners. Maybe not maybe i'm the bums. Maybe i'm wrong. Maybe i'm open to whatever the universe. I'm not gonna say. I only everything because that's stressful. Leeann i wanna also i'm on my way to my fifty movies. I wanna make fifty the movies by the time i'm fifty and i'm on my way ear almost at the halfway point you got that right. You still got a decade to do that. You're good yeah. I'm gonna do back and then <hes> what else in i want to produce my own t._v. Show be lead executive producer on that <hes> which is he's coming up. I could feel it in my bones and you know by ireland changed world. Maybe openness with studios in africa movie theaters up in africa says people be saying go back. Go back home which is south central l._a. But my roots is over here too big dreams big dreams big dreams a lot of that's not even you wanna hit holland yeah. I want all of it. You want it. I think we've got right. We have enough time because this list is not in school. It's the scroll was to all right off. <music> awesome want to grow my own automates on my booty but i i wanna cut all my hair off okay now. I want to see what my scout look like. I've never seen my scout bowl all the way down other like a straight bracket see if my head is lopsided or if there's moles on my in because i want to know i know every other part part of my body that's true but i don't know moscow then i would like to what else and then i'm going to grab my out of my booty. How long is that gonna take from bald to the booty foodie. I feel like if i take prenatal. Vitamins issues should take two years. Maybe three. I just started taking my mustache is talking so we speak. I'm not even pregnant but i read. Actually i thought to youtube videos that say prenatal vitamins. Make your hair and nails gro- okay. I don't know try cure cancer because i'm a scientist and i'm gonna do it. You know the holistic mystical tampa bay. I got a microscope and so i got him. I got three hundred dollar microscope. That's the first thing i bought when i got a bit check. I bought a microscope through. I and i stayed up for like three days. Staring at johns real all kinds of things. Why is that not a doctor scientist. Okay scientists have acted kind of maybe yeah. We don't have to go to med school so these people do dr haddish who does <hes> like my francis. There's a staff because they might have a rash excellence. I'm like oh. I know how to get rid of that. What you need to do is boban blah then i give them. The doctor had his fan. I'm allergic to my dog. I'm i'm taking his dog of allergic to the dog. I'm like just get some water. Insulin apple cider vinegar. Even vinegar makes it together. Spray the dog down. Your allergies will go away that you now. That's just that's not okay because normally if you allergic to animal is probably because amb a._m. Whereas parasites what kills parasites in a natural holistically it won't kill. That's god's bleach awful lemon juice. Wow what don't you know. I mean a lot of random stick around to hear hear more from tiffany haddish on the sunday sit down podcast including why she taught herself to speak japanese and how she did it they. It's josh josh megawatts from dateline. Do you need your true crime fix on the go they line episodes are now available in podcasts. You can listen in the car or on the beach. Wherever the summer takes you mysteries with a twist from dateline subscribe now so don't miss an episode welcome back. Come willie geist now for more of my conversation with tiffany haddish on the sunday. Sit down podcast. Where did you just were dropping japanese on. Where did you pick that up <hes> well. I went to japan and do comedy for the troops right for the u._s. Troops not the japanese troops and when i was there i started watching japanese television. I was like man. This is pretty entertaining detainees. Especially the soap operas in this is before. I was the first african american female stand up comedian to house s._n._l. And i thought to myself dang i wanna be the the first to do something and i didn't see any black people on the soap operas and i thought oh would if i'm the first african american to be on a japanese soap opera that would be dope as aol and i probably would be even more famous and more powerful because there's a lot of people in japan and a lot of people as japanese so when i came back to the states and went straight to the library and i got pins lers japanese one wine time and i started playing those disks car when i'm sitting in traffic l._a. Traffic in the car for two three hours at a time and i would just plato cds over and over and over and our in practice while sitting in traffic and that kept me slaver road rage and now could communicate with basically anybody japanese to what happens in japanese soap opera <music>. I'm just waiting for a call. It's still out there. It's still out there. That would be how to audition for why or how to get that going so yeah but it's it's going to happen. We go get that director the director of the kitchen out who's directing the problem now. I can't read japanese. Ah speak japanese. We can get around yeah. We can get somebody to tell me. What do we need to make this happen yeah because there's a lot of people that are actors now. It came read true after winning buying them. This is so much fun. Thank you congratulations congratulations. My thanks again to tiffany for just a great conversation. She is too much fun her new movie. The kitchen is in theaters now maggie. I don't know about that. You might take away is i'm running out to stop and shop to buy pickles and cooling. The one thing i learned i have to go try is pickles dipped in kool-aid powder sundeep tennis yeah wasn't expecting that one also she said you can stick a jolly rancher and if you really want love can't wait for that tiffany haddish food lion coming out just the best laugh at my thanks to you as well all of you for tuning in this week. If you want to hear more of the full length conversations with my guest week he should have picked subscribe so you never miss an episode so and don't forget to tune in on television the sunday today every weekend on n._b._c. from willie geist. We'll see you right back here next week on the sunday. Sit down podcast. How did a man with thirteen alibi witnesses get convicted of murder. I still don't understand what i'm imprisoning. A dateline original podcast series thirteen alibis listen now on apple podcasts.

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