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Local Hour: 2003 Marlins Revisited


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He always wears a suit jacket he looks like he's about to go on television but today something different happened. He is wearing a hat. That's older than most people in our audience. Two Thousand Three Marlins World Series Cup which is a classic by the way I still have mine. A T. shirt which. I don't think I've ever seen David Samson and a t-shirt much less a baggy one. Dave what's going on? Are you feeling this I am? I hate admitting weakness but I think it may be important to talk about. But it's I don't want to bore any of our listeners in your listeners. But I'll tell you today was tough. This week's been a little tougher. I think this is week five and I think that understanding that this is not ending any time soon and I was trying to get into routine and I was in a great routine for the first several weeks and just I'm dragging a little bit and feeling more tired than normal on less active than I used to be even on going out and going running but the lack of social contact and lack of hugs and the lack of just touch right. It's I it got to me and I have nothing personal later today and I think I'm GonNa put the jacket back on. I just couldn't do it this morning so I never wear hats. And this is the two thousand three world series at that. I got in the Locker Room that I wore in the locker room and on the stage when we got the trophy that's pristine still have it so what I did was because I wanted it to be pristine? I was totally cognizant of what was going on at that moment. So I got two hats from the clubhouse guy who was giving the world series hats after he won in the clubhouse and I had one that was sort of used for the mayhem and I got one that I kept and it's so pristine that I think is this audio or video audio on the podcast but I can put this out there on video. Coding both in the hat. It's still has still have the cardboard Brigham the cow the cardboard whatever that's called to make it that pristine. I've never worn it till today after. Put It on my head and I just just having that kind of day scenario. It looks like it straight off. The rack like it was manufactured this year. As some sort of throwback I have the original deal and I've taken that thing out on the boat it's like calcified that salt stains on it. Yeah yeah that's one has like sweat stains and beer stains champagne science. I have too many close to way too many hats. I'll send you a picture of my hat rack. It's Insane. It looks like a department store and every time. I am doing inventory and seeing what I'm going to give away to goodwill I come across at hat and I chose camp part with it. Do you keep a list so inventory. So do you have any inventory of your hat collection? I have them all organized. I bought in an industrial hat rack. That the actually in retail stores and I have all my Brown's had on one rack my canes hats on another all my baseball hats all my baseball hats future. The letter M. Collect Baseball headset. Have the letter M. on it. Even though I'm not really a big fan of fitted a more of a snapback guy now but things come back into your fitted size. It depends it all depends. I mean I've never heard that answer before it depends sometimes rides like John Wall. Sometimes I grow hair out so I have a couple of hats at are perfect for when I have long hair longer hair and sometimes I my hair really short but usually I'm a seven and a half. I find it strange when we would say like. It's one question when players come into your clubhouse were beginning of spring training when you trade for a player. The first question they are asked by the clubhouse manager is what's your hat size because we have to get him hats in ghettos locker so you get it and every single player. Everyone knows that size so I thought that was very normal thing. I knew my hat size band. It's seven and a quarter. That's just what I've always been and when I say to people because people would always ask for free stuff right during the course of eighteen years. Hey I'll get you a hat. What's your head size? I'm shocked? No one knows his or her hats. Yeah it's something you're supposed to know that's one of those it comes with the territory in baseball but yeah most people don't know their hat size and are confused and they. I guess generally assume as an era one size fits all type of thing. So you mentioned you have two hats. One that's covered in Champaign is prominent display at the Samson household. There's a special place tucked away. It's it's in a closet. So it's it used to be displayed back back in the day. When I moved to Florida there was this. These built INS. Were very popular where your TV would fit into a certain area of the builder Taming Centers Entertainment Center. And there'd be shelving so I'd put hats on that the promise the TV's got bigger. You were always stuck to the size of the cutout in the Entertainment Center Building. So that was the end of that because as the TV's got bigger and more high DEF. I was constrained in my purchases. By the size of the built. In so at some point you just get rid of the built-in what's coolest piece of memorabilia that you own? Josh Beckett World Series Glove and ball you have that. So he's got what he so pitchers have more than one glove and he had several gloves that he used. He kept actually the glove that he was pitching with in the ninth inning. When he tagged out Jorge Posada but he gave me the other glove from that day and I have a world series game use ball from that day and so that ball is in that glove he signed it and I put it in a case in a in a case on display Joschka with his arms raised super bowl. I would assume that would've found its way in the baseball hall of fame. But it's invading and he kept. He never took the ball out of the glove off to the celebration. You know it's funny. You Watch People Win World Series. It happens in the NBA when a final basket and some players throw the ball up in the air and then they got smart and they WanNa keep the basketball in baseball. You see a the first baseman. Put the baseball. If it's a the last out is put out at first base. The first baseman will actually take the bomb put in his back pocket before running to the pitcher's mound than jumping celebrating some players. Give that ball to the team to the owner. Some players just keep it. Josh Beckett kept the ball we were always fine. He actually asked us whether it would be okay because we would have kept it. As part of the marlins sort of history but he kept it. It's his it's still in the glove and he never took it out and he gave it to somebody during the celebration and they kept it completely. Secure remember the time when Tom. Brady's Super Bolger's got stolen or something. Yeah it was a whole caper. It was a caper. So that's real because there's so many people in the clubhouse celebrating and memorabilia is such a big business that we eat back in three. We had people who so charge was not to get drunk after the world series and everything else we had but to actually make sure that known was still in any. I WanNa ask you a question about Josh Beckett because flippantly. Dan has mentioned several times in the close to twenty years. I've been doing the show with them. That pudge Josh Beckett hated each other. I've never asked you about this now. They seem to love each other when they were hugging each other. After the final out. But that's the height of the profession. What can you tell us about? Their dynamic pudge Rodriguez was not a popular player in the clubhouse by any stretch and and people don't talk about it now but he actually left the team in. Oh three when he was not hitting well and he went to spend a few days with his own private hitting coach and that's unheard of and we let him do it because we really didn't have a I was not in favor of it and here's why you can't treat superstars differently because it impacts. The dynamic of the whole team and pudge was treated differently so he left the team and it caused a major problem in the clubhouse and throughout the course of the playoffs he was a he was really good for us. Three against the San Francisco giants in the first round. He had the to walk off two run single. He had crucial sacrifice. Flies BASE HITS catched. He was perfect. He just wasn't light at the plate with JT. Snow very very selfish. Of course you're going to hug him right all the players to other. Why does Corbin Bernsen? And Charlie Sheen. Why did they hug each other when they beat the Yankees right? They don't like each other reference to young players will hug when they win. I'll hug players. I would have hugged. Aj Burnett. I probably did hug. Aj Brunette Right. Couldn't stand the guy why you just do it when you win. But Yeah No. It was one of those things about chemistry. Your people speculate who are not in the game about chemistry and winning and how they relate you have to have good chemistry. You have to like each other. It's absolute horse hockey. You do not have to have a clubhouse of people who like each other. Was that where everything came to a head when he left to have his sort of private hitting instructor or were there. Several moments lead a leading up to that. I Yeah I think it. It starts early in the season when he came in. He signed that one year deal for ten million dollars. Sort of brought any was he was going to be a hall of Famer like he was. He was pudge Rodriguez and he couldn't get a contract. The only reason we got him is that he couldn't get a long term deal from any other team he he would have gone anywhere for two years literally anywhere. The marlins weren't expected to win the world series. Dan himself and it was putting maybe lipstick on bigger breast implants on a corpse. Rest implants on a corpse is what he thought. The pudge Rodriguez signing was and he wasn't wrong before the fact only after the fact but during the course of the season it disintegrated significantly. Obviously winning changed. It also Dontrelle Willis. When he was called up he added a dimension to the clubhouse of fun and looseness which was crazy. 'cause he was a rookie but he was just so happy all the time. But I but Josh Josh was also a surly guy yeah yeah surly. I've heard Josh wasn't the easiest to get along with in his own right. And you would think that pudge got along great with the pictures because collectively one of the better staffs in franchise history. You obviously win the world series. Everyone would assume especially you mentioned Dontrelle. Such a huge part of that run that year. Not so much in the postseason people. Forget that you guys are really couldn't trust them in the postseason that year and thankfully he would have these peaks and valleys in his career. Dontrelle but I would assume that everyone would have just thought pudge was doing a masterful job of handling staff. Well he could call a game. I mean let. Let's make sure we're being careful unclear about what we're saying when I say the players don't get along that's they're not socialized off the field. Josh respected puch absolutely respected his ability to call a game. There was no running game if you remember back then when running matter now no one cares whether or not a catcher stop running game but those years it mattered and pudge just shut it down people when remember when he threw out Nick Johnston at third base in the world series. He was a runner leading off third. Who Runs Nick Johnson ceiling as into me? And what what what happens when you have a good defensive catcher playing against you you meet with your team before the series starts you say listen. There's one thing you cannot do. Do not get picked off. Stay two steps off the base. Don't get a secondary lead because you will get thrown out and back in those days you didn't want to give outs away at all so But again you look clubhouses. Were about to watch the last dance with the Bulls. That's coming out on Sunday. I episodes and so the SPF does a week on ESPN and giving you that and one network has the dirty version and one network has added version. I read that Jimmy. Traina said that there's going to be an uncensored version I believe on espn one and a censored version on ESPN two. You mean censored for language censored content or nudity censored for language so ESPN REGULAR ESPN is going to show the uncensored with cuss words. I'd say causes us. This is the Espn apparently announced. I haven't seen the email but all my emails on my phone because I am not allowed to go in the studio. Espn just announced that they will air the Michael Jordan. Dr Lhasa on ESPN two. I'm sorry I got mixed up on. Es No I didn't he on ESPN two without naughty words. The version with F. Bonds will air on regular ESPN SO ESPN. One is where you go if you want to hear F bombs. I'm just surprised that they so so in in the broadcast world. Dirty fevers clean. Feed is the clean feed is when you have commercials and it's like the dirty is just what it is when you're broadcasting something. Why would they edit a a series without swear words because they were gonNA offend who you do it if people WanNa Watch with their family? I'm sure there's a lot of midwestern families that are sitting down with their kids. Who always hear about Michael Jordan as sort of barometer. It Michael Jordan is you say on the Michael Jordan of washing my hands. Now it's just become like a verb like and a lot of kids have no idea who Michael Jordan is. Because they've never seen him play so I imagine a lot of parents. A lot of fathers are sitting their kids down and showing them. This is Michael Jordan. So it's good. It's good to have like a clean family friendly version if they cared when they put it on that on. Espn one which has way more subscribers than ESPN two while? They're putting it on both but they're putting the one that's clean on. Espn two which is interesting to me. Because the one that will be watched more. Espn one of course. And they know that they're putting the one anyway. I can't wait. But going back to the Bulls you think the Bulls were one big happy family during the Michael Jordan rain during. I mean if you remember back. In those days I lived through that there was infighting every day between front office team teammates and team internal fighting and squabbling but guess what Talent Winds Rings Chemistry. There was a Mike Michael Jordan. Punched out Steve Kerr famously. In a practice and a lot of people don't know a lot of people assume like how? How can they get away with bond? Cfcc's gotta come down with them now. A lot of people know this but you can get away with anything on cable television the FCC only has rain over the networks which can't put curses if ESPN doesn't say the F bomb left and right because they're adhering to a corporate mandate to appeal to sponsors but really cartoon network had air hardcore pornography and not be subject to see fine. Bugs bunny swore like during during in I don't know if you've watched loony tunes recently but highly offensive looney tunes. They need a warning beforehand. You mentioned just sorta casualty that you hated. Aj Net and the audience might not know. Why can you tell us why hates a strong word? So I don't like using that word and I shouldn't have what I found him to be a young immature selfish player. Who cared not about winning He cared only about himself. He did things he prepared in a way and he would admit this the funny part is as he got older and more mature and I spoke to him later in his career and we had a great conversation because he acknowledged what an absolute dopey was when he was with the Marlins. And it's one of the tough things in baseball. You need young players as a team with a low payroll you need young players to overperform so you need young players who are really mature at least on the field or if they're immature off the field they can turn it on when they're on the field like Megi Cabrera. He was not a mature kid but he was able to on the field immature baseball player and AJ wasn't able to do it when he got older. He recognized it that he was out. Just not doing. What's best for the team not doing? What's Best for himself? His body is arm. Never forget the dumbest thing in the history of my career was a j Burnett getting attacked two on his neck the day he pitched and then he couldn't pitch that day because of pain and so he had a horrible outing and he said man. I couldn't do IT I. I'm hurting so much because of my tattoo I lost my mind on him and I rarely would would get into shouting matches with players. Because I don't raise my voice much like you said. Are you like what could possibly be wrong with you? You pitch once every five days. You're telling me your tattoo. Artists was not available any other day but the day you pitch and his answer was I just thought of getting a today and that sums up. Aj didn't have nipple rings to AJ. Burnett had ranks. Did he did but by the way? That's fine right against that. What we did talk some about with Nipple rings is you. Better cover them. Because if you get shaping with your sweaty uniform and Florida without a roof and after come out of the game I'm going to rip the Nipple rings out of your nipples and it's going to hurt covering to make sure there is no chafing. Jose Fernandez is probably the answer. Now but before Jose Fernandez I think all time pitcher with best stuff in franchise history. I would put. Aj Brunette right up there in terms of having the best stuff with him. It was just putting it all together. Who would you nominate now? Stuff is different than pitch ability so having stuff does not make you successful. The young player who had the best stuff of any pitcher who we had was believe it or not. Andrew Miller he was a six foot ten nine lefty who could throw ninety eight. It was so easy coming out his breaking stuff and I am not trying to say the Cabrera Trade Trade. I'm not trying to say that worked out for anybody at all at all. I'm saying. Is he having the best stuff in not having to translate makes him the biggest disappointment second place on the Mount Rushmore of stuff was a a young pitcher named Sean West? I remember Sean West. You guys call them up Real Young. We call because that's what we did. We call the pitchers way too young. Because we needed pitch. And we didn't have money for payroll and he just. He had no no brain at all and he never had a career because he couldn't he couldn't focus he couldn't pitch and he was tall and lanky and again another lefty people say we had our sports psychologist. Tell us that lefties are different and we have to treat them differently. Because I never heard that before I never bought it but now that I'm thinking going through all these lefties keep coming to my mind. Aj was not an a head issue in that way. He was just a challenge. Sean West I got left to. Who IS SCOTT LEFTY TO SCOTT? Also he's like an athletic coach like a high school or some sort of something he was he was he was a challenge. Us to young have money too young and I don't think he could handle it. You bit of a party animal. I went out one night with Scott Olsen got taste. No that wasn't the night that he got a taste but I remember hanging out with him that night and thinking this guy's probably GonNa get taste. He got taste. That was a call I got. I can actually say that I got a phone call. Hey Olson's been arrested any got taste and I remember saying waiting. I'm sorry say that one more time because I didn't know anyone who would ever gotten tased before. I didn't realize that was a national thing in this picture. Who is in her rotation and I said Okay this. I better get dressed. This is GonNa be a crappy day. He was good for you guys for a little bit too. I thought he was going to be a pitcher in the League for quite some time and just could never put it all together. Couldn't clean up his act off the field. I guess just enjoyed himself a little bit too much. How many players that happens to do you know how many players ended up with no careers in every in every sport because they cannot get it together off. Allison Jeff Allison right drug addicts see. That's one of the more famous marlins examples of all the promise. In the world. Really a franchise was such short history for pitchers. There's a lot of what could have been. Yes so I did. I did a study actually because the are scouting department is being impugned by people and so I wanted to see. How bad actually are drafts? Were and I went back over the drafts and it turns out that if you think about name a team who you think is the most successful drafting team. Just pick a team like the Cleveland Indians or the Detroit Tigers or the dodgers with other rookies of the year in the nineties dodgers. Own that we had just as many successful first round picks as the other teams. Now we lost some. There's no doubt about it. But on a percentage basis. We're right in the middle. We were not even standard deviation away from the mean in terms of first round picks who make it to the big leagues and we were very successful in the lower rounds very successful so the draft is just hugely difficult to figure out who's GonNa make it who's not because until you live with a player you don't realize in baseball and I don't know about the other sports though. I can give an opinion about basketball for sure. You need to have a head and in baseball. You can have the greatest arm in the world. And if you don't have it between the years you're just not gonNA make very interesting. I know that we mentioned this last week. And we touched on probably next week. I want to delve in into a little bit. More of what you said about. Miguel Cabrera the off-field challenges with him. Because some of it was well documented. Some people just saw out in about and could sorta tell you. It wasn't really a closely guarded secret but difficulties to manage especially when he was such a a superstar at such a young age but in two thousand and three and not a lot of people. Remember Mike Law was entering season. Probably considered your best offense a player if not the best arguably the best and he had a broken hand. I believe it was a broken hand and all a sudden. Miguel Cabrera who is being played in the outfield goes to third basis. How it How it all breaks down and Miguel Cabrera and holds down that position and proves that he is so good of a player. You you just can't take him out of the lineup. And all of a sudden and Michael who was face of the franchise offensively finds himself struggling to make the lineup. What sort of discussions did you guys have? Internally how hard a decision was it to work Michael. Back into the lineup. That's amazing Mike. No one's ever asked that question before in all the years. No one's ever asked that so. Here's exactly what happened on August thirty first. The last day before you set the playoff roster he got hit the hand with a pitch that day we traded for. Jeffco nine and we were GONNA put Miguel at third and move and have cone. I'm playing the outfield. And then the question was what would we do when Lowell was ready to come back and we knew that it was going to be lucky? If we're lucky it's going to be four to six weeks. Maybe can come back. Within four way to see his first appearance was he pinch hit for the in the cubs in the lcs and hit a home run in the first game like to bring the game into extra innings or in extra in. Seattle homerun right in the basket. And when he was ready he was coming back. There was no question. He was a leader of ours and we needed him. But we also needed Cabrera in the lineup. We'd Conan in the lineup. The issue we had is when there was a d. H No problem right in the World Series Cabrera was batting cleanup. But we would move one encarnacion in not at a lineup in order to keep Conan and Cabrera and Lowell in the lineup. We were so deep that year that it just all came together we were not even the underdogs. We played the best of any team in baseball. Since the middle of May of any team yet were looked at as this underdog winner we were better than the cubs the Yankees giants. Just a better team and we played well not just for two week stretch but for four months stretch but low of. Farrah's was minute he was going to be okay. We were going to have him back in. It's ironic. That only a few years later. We thought he was so bad that we had a to get him out of there. He was David Price. Just in if you WANNA put it in. Today's terms the MOOKIE. Betts David price deal was the Josh Beckett. Mike Lowell deal. If the RED SOX only one at Beckett they did not want Mike Lowell. We made them take Mike Lowell. Because he was so overpaid and so bad we thought he was done and now is the time when we were worried about steroids. That people were coming off steroids. We saw what happened to pudge when he signed with Detroit. After winning the world series with us in came into camp with Detroit. Thirty pounds lighter and he told me. I had a great diet this off season. I saw him during Spring Training. And so we didn't know what was going on with Mikey. And then he goes to Boston and this is what David price could do. For the dodgers. This year right. He could end up being a very important part of their team. If we ever play if they ever play but Lowell ended up winning an MVP had been a hero in Boston and he was. We begged Boston to take him. He's a hero in Boston. I remember being there one day and it was when they had not exactly an old timers game but Legends game and there is one one of the faces of Marlins history a more beloved in Boston than he is here. More people if you ask anybody in the street In the rest of the Country Name Association Michael. They'd say Red Sox now marlins which is crazy to me at is crazy. You sure that's see. I think Michael was he was there. Smiling and fenway wearing his old Red Sox Jersey beloved over there and at the Red Sox are such a glamour franchise and he won the world series. Mvp and obviously considering the red sox history in the world series. Obviously a big deal if they win. It I think most people know him as a red sock. Mike Lowell has to rings Jeffco nine has to rings right. There's so many players Miguel Cabrera when he wanted to three was nineteen and we spoke throughout the years when he was a Marlin and I still speak to him and You don't realize how hard it is to win. Miguel Cabrera thought himself. He would have. He would need a second hand for all the rings he would win and he's never won another ring and he's Never GonNa win another because the Tigers are not gonNA win. They have no chance to win ironically because of his contract. But it's hard to win. Yeah he got closed. They made it to a world series and he just assumed okay. I'll I'll just get him next year and it hasn't been case from Cabrera. We can do an entire episode on. Miguel Cabrera there is baseball news. Ten Thousand Major League Baseball players staff even family. A major league baseball players step have volunteered for an antibody tests. What can you tell us about this David so this is something that? Let's talk about what antibodies are right. There's two ways right now during the corona virus pandemic and. I'm practicing science without a license. You test for the when you get the swab test up the nose that is actually to see if you have cove in Nineteen. An antibody test is a blood test to see whether or not in your body you have. What's called an antibody which means you can fight against? It's like when you have chicken pox. I don't know if people still get chicken pox anymore or shingles you actually build up. Antibodies once you have it which means you don't get it again. It's rare if people get chicken pox. There are some isolated cases of people getting a multiple times. But to your point you got chickenpox. Once you never get it again is the adage because of antibodies. So they're trying to figure out they meaning the scientific community trying to figure out whether or not if you had Kobe. Nineteen and you're done with it. Do you build up the antibodies and in order to do that you need to test people to see if they have them and then to see whether or not they had Kobe. Nineteen in right now in our country is just not enough testing going on so a bunch of doctors got together and said hey we need to test a big group of people and Baseball stood up and said? Hey I'm in we've got ten thousand people. And it's not ten thousand players it's people from concessionaire workers to administrative assistance to players to staff to jams all the way up the chain and what they're gonNA do is test all ten thousand which they've already done then they're going to figure out who's got the antibodies which means they've had coverted so they're going to tell the players or the people in the organization who had it which is important to know then they've got to figure out if that actually means that they can't get it again. All of this is necessary to speed up the process to getting fans back in ballpark some concerts because until there's a vaccine or until there's these widespread antibody tests and proof that having the antibody works there will not be fans in ballparks concert venues with the end goal. I guess being some sort of herd immunity where in order to gain access presumably to a place where the Games are being played. Not Necessarily a stadium as you're used to it. You may need to have have have the antibodies within you. I know tests are still ongoing and so early in the process but there have been some cases of people in South Korea that had presumably these antibodies. Because they've had it once already and have gotten it again so there are some isolated cases of that happening. It's still so early on in the process. And to your point underlines the importance of having a testing readily available. I think that's what people need to realize. Everyone is talking about a time line. You know Gary Bettman came out said we trying to play in the summer. Everyone's trying to put dates on it and you can't put dates on on any sort of games because we can't even have the athletes in one place right now because we just don't know enough so for me. I want to see way more testing way more and then we have to just hope that the new reality that we develop is something we'll get used to Emirates airlines came out today. They are doing a blood test for every passenger before. The passenger can board a plane. Wow let's say every passenger taking your temperature when used to go to China when I went to China before you got into China. This was ten years ago. They took my temperature they had A. It's not that they put it under my tongue or up. My but like my mom used to do when I was six months old. They haven't thing they pointed at your forehead if you. It's like total recall. Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger would go through security. They can look and see his bones and everything else. That's what it's going to be like and you know what that'll be the new normal and that'll be okay. We'll get used to having our temperature taken before we walk into a stadium. David Samson host of nothing personal. Make sure to check out his podcast every week. He doesn't movie review. What is your review this week? It doesn't have to be a movie review. I know a lot of people are binging television series. So what the people. So when I announced nothing personal I wanna get it out there because in case you missed the episode. I started something called the quarantine lifetime best picture challenge which is watching every best picture from my entire life so I was born in nineteen sixty eight. There's fifty one best pictures I've seen fifty out of fifty one of them. The only one I haven't seen as patent which was the nineteen seventy best picture. Some going back and rea watching everyone yesterday. Two days ago I watched in the Department again. Which was the best picture from six which has aged so perfectly so good story? Watchable so remarkable. And you can't watch it to your point it's gotta be an ESPN one show because you've got. He can't be dubbed edited. You can't have any of that the the movie. I watched last night again which I hadn't seen start to finish. So there's a lot of movies that you can watch when you're flipping the channel and you'll entered a certain pointing you'll stay on for fifteen minutes menu leave but start to finish is sort of a different experience. I watched rainman again. It's a good film is. It is a deeper film about family relationships. At a time when everyone's trying to do brother movies and family movies that was a true movie about two brothers and the love. Even there's there's such ego and money involved but Tom Cruise and I hope people don't make fun of Tom Cruise because I named him as Baber Action Star of All Time. My number one action star. I'm with you. This is he was acting in Rainman here. Who's a sensitive brother who is driven by money and Dustin Hoffman's performance as an autistic man is one of the great acting performances of all time? It's it was really well worth the time. It's called the quarantine lifetime best picture challenge. Yeah I remember sort of Tom. Cruise proving that he could be at the center of critically acclaimed movie because I was a time where he's starting to make big box office films and I know he did born on the fourth of July which was very obviously him with his agent. Let's let's prove the people I can meet this actor this oscar-nominated actor and Raymond ends up being a for many many. Consider that as best film. What do you think is Tom? Cruise's best just overall acting performance Vanilla Sky Vanilla sky over Jerry. Maguire I wanted. I put Jerry Maguire. I'm not sure he was acting so eighteen for me is when someone plays something that I would think is so far outside their personality. Yeah that that's what makes it acting. I'm looking up rainman right now because one thing I watched citizen Kane for the first time last. We spoke about that last episode about that. Orson Welles was twenty six when he did all that. How old do you think Tom Cruise was rain? Man If you had to guess how you say he was twenty. Six Super Young isn't it? It is but I mean he was out here in nineteen sixty two. Okay okay. One thousand nine hundred sixty two. What Year was rain? Man was at eighty four. Eighty five. It's got to be in the eighties right. Yes certainly. I'm thinking it might be eighty five no eighty. I'm GonNa Guess Eighty six. Let's go that's my final answer. I'm checking right now. Because wouldn't you know what I have every wall were here live? I've got every best picture written down. Rainman won best picture. In nineteen eighty eight was twenty six years old. I mail that part you nailed it. You remember when you were twenty six Parallelly sprite. It's so yes when I was going on with Scott Olsen. I wonder if that's a coincidence that he knows nice. Did you our Scott? I saw Scott also out a couple of times. It wasn't it was never like. Hey Scott let's go out. I was just always with other producers on the station. That knew him because he would make regular appearances. He would show up at station events and with the night before he pitched. I don't recall. I don't recall. That wouldn't have been no where the a fan if you saw a pitcher out and about the night before he was pitching if you didn't know he was pitching it's not worth it but you're the type of Fan. I assume you would have known that he was throwing the next day. Yeah probab- probably not because it probably would have been one of my takeaways one of my takeaways. I also partied at automatic. Slim's one time Jeremy Hermida and Dan Uggla who was always las olas anything anybody walk past Las Olas saw Dan Uggla smoking a cigarette. Outside of Harpin. Ben would jeans and flip flops on. I've got some stories touch. Just facetime with ugly and her meter. They were just with cody. Ross the three them run vacation in Mexico when the quarantine was just beginning to start. I was face timing with them. They're they're doing great Alberto Great. By the way this to his face so disappointing he had such a sweet stroke from the left side. Yes those sweet and he just could never make it. I bought tickets. His first game called up. And it's I bet you remember what happened. You'd think that he may have did. He hit a pinch hit Grand Slam in his interest. Ever career at bat pinch hit Grand Slams one of the best purchases in the moment we specifically me and my friend Carlos. We bought tickets that game because her mita was so hyped up as a prospect we have to go to the first her Mita game. It was reported he was called up. We quickly make our way over to the ballpark. Bring him in for a pinch. Hit appearance. Dude. Hits a Grand Slam in his first at bat and we thought we just got Ken. Griffey junior and we're GONNA win another world series. And he could he has the sweetest swing one of the sweetest wings of anyone. Swing sweeter than writing select. Here's a big dude. Filled out had a major league body immediately. And it was just like this dude. Looks like a superstar and it just didn't work out. It happens it so hard Mike. It's so hard. Johnny people try to be who you are in. Your Business Right. The number of people out there doing shows doing pods trying to become producers on air talents. It's super hard. You need a combination. It's not just skill. You need skill locking. You need to know what to do when you're in the door it's harder we would always tell players you think it was hard to be called up. It's way harder to stay here than it is to get here. We can go through it. Another episode it's a series of decisions too. Because as you come up you have opportunities to leave. And you listen to your gut and most instances so a lot of luck and skill. Let's let's be honest. One of the best averages David Samson also one of the best ever do this on our local hour. We thank you so much for joining us. We will talk to you next week. All right thanks you too. And let's see a suit jacket next week. Okay go presents left brain versus right brain. I've decided it's a sensible decision to switch to GEICO. Okay actually we could save ourselves hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance. Then airbrush your Pegasus on the side of our hatchback. No we will not airbrush on the side of her hatchback. We will reinvest that savings in a high yield investment like mutual fund. A Pegasus Writing Jetski playing a Bass Guitar. I cannot believe we share the same GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you. Fifteen percents or more.

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