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Hello and welcome to healthy eating kids podcasts arm host. But he van doable. A registered paediatric dietitian and nutrition expert, ruby teasing out the facts from fiction and learning how to empower your child when it comes to food and nutrition. Hello, everybody. It is national weaning week. So perfect time to be talking about how to start solid or stunt winning your baby who is following a dairy free diet. If you're joining us today because you suspect that you baby might have dairy intolerance or a dairy allergy. And you're interested about knowing how to start weaning baby. Then I would suggest that you. I check out the second podcast episode, code letters, intolerance, and dairy allergy what you need to know. And that's actually the second podcast episode that I released this year if your child has been diagnosed with a immediate or Aegean mediated cosmic protein allergy or non idea mediated cosmic protein algae's of basically. Very delayed. Cosmo protein allergy than welcome. And how exciting that you are going to start weaning or start solids for your baby. Now as per the World Health organizations recommendation, I would definitely recommend that you carry on with breastfeeding exclusively until around six months of age. I appreciate that some babies will be ready earlier. And I certainly started weaning both my girls around five months of age. So you could start tastes of puree for example, anytime from around four months of age, but it's just important to be aware that the official guidelines are to wait unto six months of age. If you can I know that the time for when babies can start solid is a hot topic, and everybody has an opinion on it. But you know, what? To try to follow the guidelines. If you can and follow your babies lead as long as baby can sit on bride has good hand eye coordination at has good head control. Then. Yes, you definitely can start solids something else to bear in mind. Is that your baby probably has been prescribed a special formula by your GP pediatrician or an allergy team in which case please do carry on with that. So it may be an extensively hydrolyzed formula or a amino acid formula and the decision for that would be down to the leading consultant or Dr Titian that you are working with and their choice will be based on your babies original symptoms. How unwell they were during diagnosis, and you know, the. The rest of the symptoms that they initially presented with when you first met the allergy or your pediatric team to pending on when you decide to start weaning. You probably will be interested in either adopting baby late winning or spoon feeding so just bear in mind that if you decide to start meaning before six months of age, then the official guidelines state that you should offer only taste of puree, and that's really to minimize the risk of choking. If your heart is really set on baby led weaning, then please to wait 'til your baby is six months of age and interesting piece of research that came out not too long ago actually showed that when they compare babies who followed baby let meaning or spoon. Feeding. Both groups were actually equally at risk of choice. Joking. So I think it doesn't really matter which route you go down just be aware that baby is at risk of choking or maybe at risk of choking. Should I say so just always remain with your baby at all times? When you start this exciting face of weaning, I do have a blog post on this topic. And I'll put a copy of that in the show notes, and he basically talks about why share my thoughts on baby led weaning and spoon feeding which one should you? Choose. I, of course, would recommend that you adopt boats because as an adult, it makes sense that we need a spoon to eat things like yogurts and soups and so on so why would you discourage spoon? Feeding your baby. Having said that a large UK study that was published earlier this year on the differences between. In babies who were started on baby led weaning all say spoon. Feeding there were some very positive results which showed that children who mostly followed the baby led weaning style were more likely to be sharing meals with their families are eating at the same time as parents and also were more likely to have been offered vegetables as unmixed feedings of a big variety of food over some of the other styles of feeding. So I think the take her message around the choice of whether you go down baby. Let winning or, you know, spoon feeding or mixed feeding as I would recommend that you offer a wide range of solid wide range of tastes and textures, and you know, between the five and seven months of age. That's when babies. These are, you know, really open that window where it really opened a try all sorts of flavor. They're just as likely to enjoy sweet flavors salty flavors or bitter sour flavors. So get in there with a good range of solid. Don't worry so much about the amount of solids that they eating at this particular age, just focus on variety all of the different vegetables on rich foods and so on, but we're good to talk about the different stages of how to introduce dairy free solid soon. So now that you've chosen which style of feeding that you're going to go with so whether that be baby led weaning or spoon feeding or a bit of both. I just wanted to really touch on the signs and symptoms of the dairy allergy. So this is really important in case of accidental exposure. So example, perhaps you've chosen to buy some prepackaged foods, and maybe you forgot to check the ingredients list, or there was some hidden sources of dairy, and you baby showed a allergy reaction in which case, you need to know what they're, but the signs are because perhaps they've been doing really well over the last six months being really well controlled on their, you know, maybe you're breastfeeding following a dairy free died or baby is thriving on a special. Formula? I won't go into the different types of dairy allergy here, but I just wanted to touch upon some of the symptoms that your baby may show sufficient sample if baby originally presented, but lots of diarrhea or really struggled to open their bowels and had long term constipation stomach aches, or they had lots of reflux that were vomiting, perhaps they initially had blood in the stools or you notice quite a bit a mucus. They will really windy perhaps there had quite severe or mild mild to severe ex Ma. Or they probably had immediate symptoms. So they might have hand swelling of the face is in lips and very rarely babies may have had difficulties with breathing now but immediate Cosmo protein allergy your child will probably be under an allergy team. And they'll be giving you some really specific advice around to introduce solids or they may organize them skin prick testing, but for all other babies with say a delayed Cosmo protein allergy is just a good idea when you start introducing solid at home to just ref- ameliorate yourself with some of the signs and symptoms off a dairy allergy. So you know, if your baby has been accidentally exposed to dairy when you start weaning and starts introducing solids. So once again, if your baby originally had. Had a very severe and immediate allergy reaction to Cosmo pro scene than I recommend that you follow the advice given to you by your pediatrician allergy consultant or dietitian this pot caused should just be for information. Only soup. Please always speak to your paediatric dietitian allergy team or doctor for personalized one to one advice. So step one, depending on whether your baby is four or six months of age. You would start with vegetables or fruit. Make sure it's washed thoroughly peel the skin chop and steam or lightly boy, and then use the water that's left in the pant of mash or puree it down. So if you baby is young than six months of age, you do want to mash and paraders. But if you baby is old than six months, and you decide that you quite night to go. On the baby let meaning route and you all sitting down and having a snack at the table with a bit of fruit. There's no reason why couldn't offer cut up pieces in a very soft pieces of fruit or vegetables that have been steamed or lightly boiled, don't forget to try a good range of vegetables and do all tonight Nate between veg and fruit. So that your baby is exposed to both types of flavor. And like I said between the age of five and seven months babies are open to trying any of those flavors. They really don't mind they enjoy both sweet or sell or Beto salty. They really happy to accept all of those different flavors, and you can offer the same flavor up to ten times before moving on and trying something else when you are ready to start. Introducing a. First time meal or a second meal in the day. That's going to be based on something like Partridge os. Or you may choose to go down some baby rise because its iron iron-fortified. Then this is where the dairy free diet sort of kicks in. If you like and rather than using cows milk. You'd obviously be using maybe some expressed breast milk if you are following a day free. Dinesh yourself or use babies special infant formula? And at this stage at probably just stick with those two because they agreed to provide some valuable nutrition that you really don't want to displace by using something else. Like a plant drinks at this stage at probably just stick to expressed breast milk or your babies special infant formula from around six months of age. There are some reports that mother. Others breast milk supply is going to be a little bit low in iron. So there's no rush, but between now and say eight months of age, you really want to get your baby enjoying on rich foods, and that would be things like meat chicken fish, which can be pureed down mash down or getting quite lumpy. If they've been having solids for quite a bit of time to say in the last few weeks, or so if you're phone I plant based diet or vegan diet, or even just in general, I would really recommend that you start. Introducing lentils at this stage because it's a brilliant plant based source of iron for children. So bitter rise. A bit of lentils it could have other vitamin c rich foods added further down the line help absorb the iron found implant foods things like peppers. Martos you can all to start. Introducing mile Spicer's like human coriander. There's no reason why you cannot flavor babies food. They do life flavors. You just need to avoid adding salt or stock at this stage if you are buying pure or shop board items to help with the weaning stage. Then just remember to always check labels and never ever see in that. Even if a label says that the product is free from that it's safe to use. It may have some hidden sources of dairy. So always check the ingredients list. And if you're not sure, you know, what words can mean dairy do book to see your pediatric dodgers, they can give you some very detailed information about that. Remember that you are also avoiding milk and food products that are made from sheep goat or buffalo because approach. Eighteen that's found in these mammalian products are very similar to Cosmo protein. So we recommend that you avoid all Cosmo. But also all of their sheep goats buffalo type of foods as well. Sometimes milk can be labeled in a very unobtrusive way. I don't know if that's a real word. But anyway, it's not very it might not be very obvious. So just make sure again, read labels, very carefully. And if you're not sure about labels say if you're in a deli or cafe, and you're just you know, you just look at that label anything not quite sure what that means avoid it's best to avoid and try and take things from home. If you can wear your show that that particular brand is definitely free from dairy. I'd like to share a tip with you here. And that is if you can please, please, please. Avoid the pouches. If there's a strong dislike should I say again. I don't know if that's a good choice of words here. But. To avoid long term problems which Lauren relying on the pureed type pouches. I would recommend perhaps going for something that would be packaged in those glass type of jaws because then they are recyclable. So that's better for the environment. And you can also top these John's up so wash it out thoroughly it in the dishwasher, and then you can reuse those jars to store your own home, prepared foods, and he can pop it in the freezer because obviously at this stage babies aren't eating large quantities. So if you've made a beautiful meal of didn't know, some minced food with lots of different vegetables root, vegetables, things like that. And you want to say that because you don't fancy peeling and chopping it. And then cooking it from scratch again, pop it in the freezer, and then you can. Defrost it and reheated thoroughly when you're ready to serve it next. The problem with squeezy pouch e type things or baby foods is that sometimes baby start relying on that very smooth puree it homemade periods on that smooth. There will be lumps in them. So that really helps baby move onto the next stage. Obviously, if you're busy, and you, you know, gone are the days when you housebound there's lots of NC t- grooves and baby mummy groups to attend. So if you out in about goes, absolutely fine. You know, you can use these shop board items. However, tried to spoon it out onto a spoon rather than just, you know, giving it a baby to suck for directly from the patch because that doesn't teach children to progress onto the more lumpy. Textures they they become really reliant on the smooth flays because why not it's easy. There's not a lot of work or effort to do. It's just squeeze it into the mouth and swallow so very easy. So my recommendation in this Inara is trying to use the pouches. Or if you are using Pagis because they easy for transport purposes than just squeeze it out into a spoon before offering it to your baby. So the next stage once baby is around say seventy nine months of age you really wanted to get baby onto around three minute meals a day. So these are in a really small meals where perhaps baby is seated at the table in highchair whilst the rest of the family are enjoying their meals, and at this stage, it's really important to carry on with your babies specialist infant formula. It really isn't appropriate. To try any of the plant drinks apart from cooking. And if you'd like to know a little bit more about how to choose the best plant drink for your baby on a dairy free died, then do tune into the first episode on the podcast. I can pop a link to that episode in the show notes for you. So to clarify during this face, you can either continue to breastfeed your baby. If you're falling a dairy free diet yourself or you can't use a suitable plant drink and do speak to your dietician about which plant during to choose for your baby. But you'd be using the plant drinks to make things like maybe parish or to make a dairy free custard rice puddings or a white source, but it isn't a suitable replacement for breast milk or your baby special infant formula when you are building up the. Many items for in the Neal's and usually by round nine months, baby. Should definitely be on around three million meals a day. You do want to think about what are the calcium rich foods Sach you can include? So usually you either have calcium from the calcium fortified infant formula or breath. Smell is definitely a source, and you certainly want to be thinking about in making sure that you're taking a calcium supplement for yourself. If you're breastfeeding because there aren't really high requirements for this stage. Should I say, and certainly if you are all say following a plant based diet than you do want to think about some of the cul Siham, rich foods that you can find in vegetables. So some vegetables are calcium rush than other things like broccoli, and kale certainly beans. And if you are in. Including fish in your diet and your baby's diet, then some types of oily fish and fish, particularly if it's can't with the bodes present. They are brilliant sources of calcium as well. There's more on this in a more reason blog post and podcast episode called what you need to do before reaching for calcium supplements. That's a really good read because I do break down the calcium present in a variety of different foods and on the podcast. I talk about the bio availability of calcium from plant sources, and does it matter. So what are the good sources and what on so good, even though people or you might read that some foods have a good amount of calcium. But is it actually going to be absorbed by your child's body? So thinking about the main meals like lunch and evening meals for this. Age group, you could think about using a root vegetables or grains, lucky Noah and Amer and if you are falling vegan plant based diet because those particular grains, do contain the food sequence of essential amino acids, so they really had to have. So that's the Keno and Arun. But if you following a normal died, but just the day refrain is the only exclusion that you're worried about then any root vegetable or odes rise passed. So you want to include gluten. They are brilliant for making sure that their child gets enough energy from Kaba hydrates as part of their main meal, and then of course, the other important nutrient is iron so think about iron, rich, vegetables and green leafy choices. Again, if you are following a plant based diet, otherwise, obviously, protein foods like meat chicken fish or lentils are excellent for iron. And again, you do want to make sure that there is at least one or two different vegetables as part of that meal. Like, I said don't worry so much about the amounts baby will adjust an eight bigger amounts of food as they get bigger and become more confident with food. But at this stage, you do want to encourage as much variety and texture progression. As possible that's a priority. And then for calcium you can't use infant formula. If your baby is still having that and that could go in between meals, so that they're getting their calcium that way or you can stop thinking about desserts or snacks that are counting Forty-five. There could be there's a great range of their free yogurts now that are calcium forty five. You can also do things like finger foods, so cutting up slices of bread, or toast or bread sticks and dip that into HAMAs and because of the sesame seeds or the tar he pays in that they are sources of calcium. I mean, it's not going to be a huge source of calcium, but it will contribute to the overall intake for the day. You can also use interlocked we've talked about can use mile herbs and spices for flavour and dairy free custard is going to be a really good. One as well as you just buy a dairy free custard. Packard, and then you can use a calcium fortified plundering to make the make the custard, you kind, of course, carry on using babies specialist infant formula. And that way, they will also get their vitamins and minerals, depending on how much of the formula. They're having in total for the day. You may not Quant need to start the vitamin drops. Just yet if you're carrying on with breast milk, and by the stage, your baby should be on a victim in a c and d drops and they'll carry on with them till five years of age. The other good things to include in between meals are things like mini sandwiches or pieces of bread road up with avocado. And then it could have a not base bread HAMAs or just another dip prepare Batat Heaney. I was thinking about beat. Because that's such a beautiful bright color that could be mixed with tahema make a really yummy. Calcium enriched at dip really because you could also top with a little bit of plant drink or the infant formula as another additional source of calcium sort of get that the right consistency for the and of course, what about are the high allergenic foods, you can read a little bit more about this. I have a blog post cold weaning, high allergenic foods went to start. So the official advise at the moment is that you don't need to avoid anything else. Other than the milk dairy delaying. Introducing things like eggs nuts. Gluten sesame so fish may actually unnecessarily increase the chance that your child will be allergic to these food. So it's actually protective to introduce these foods early, and when I say early just anytime between six and twelve months. Of age as you move through. Introducing solid from vegetables fruit. Then he may introduce lentils and other iron rich foods, you might introduce then calcium rich foods, and as you sort of gradually expand the range of solids offered it in a you want to make sure that you are including things like fish nuts. Gluten bread eggs, scrambled eggs for breakfast. For example, is really handy, and that could be topped up with a calcium fortified infant formula or plant drink to get it to the texture that you want, and of course, things like dairy free pancakes, you need eggs in this as long as these foods are well cooked. And you're introducing them one at a time to make sure that you're wear that your child is perfectly fine with those foods. There's no reason why. Why you should delay? Or void these foods that you really want to introduce these foods from anytime between six and onto twelve months of age, you want to have introduced these foods more of that in the blog posts are make sure that that's also lent. A copy of that in the show notes or you'll be able to click on the link in the blog posts that corresponds to this podcast episode. If you're looking for more ideas on putting together a dairy free meal plan, then he can't read splo- post code how to design the best dairy free meal plan, and that has lots of links to recipes as well. So that's over on my website UK kids nutrition dot com, but I put up copy of the link to that blog post in the show notes below. I've also got a free. Download on my website that are dairy free recipes that can also be gluten free. Free and the link for that is you k kids nutrition dot com forward slash dairy dash free dash recipes. Dash for dash kids dash guide that's a bit of a mouthful. So they'll definitely be linked to that in the show notes. But it's a repeat bat you kick his nutrition dot com forward slash dairy dash free dash recipes dash for dash kids dash guide. So finally, what about babies calcium requirements, and I would definitely recommend listening to that podcast episode. What you need to do before reaching for calcium supplements. It's also written up as a blog post. So you can visit the plug on UK kids nutrition dot com to read through that. And I know that many of you listen to the pot cars on your way to work or if you're at the gym. So do make sure that you come back to this episode and visit the length. Because they all going to be really useful in helping you put together a many plan that's going to be dairy free. So we've spoken about the calcium requirements throughout this episode. But they do change with a so it's a really good idea again to speak to your pediatric dietitian children's nutritionist about whether your child is getting enough and what you need to do to optimize your child's intake. And this is really important if you are also following a plant based diet 'cause there's some research that's been published recently suggesting that families falling a plant based on are more likely not to be meeting the daily requirements for calcium. So what that means is that potentially the, you know, the bones are not getting enough of the calcium. It requires for your child to have. Lower risk of fracture. If they were to have a fall. So you just want to really try maximize the calcium Nettie Chinese because remember that bone mass is like a Bank account, you can deposit as much calcium as you can before the age of twenty so that they have maximum peak bone mass by them by the early twenties and thereafter, they operate unity to build strong bone reduces particularly from the age of thirty five as our people in mass dance to decline and love to know. If this episode was helpful please do send me a message over on Instagram, which is at UK it's nutrition. You can also book a call with me using my online calendar there'll be a link again in the show. No that we can talk about how we can work together. And how I. Support you with your baby's day, free digesting.

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