Survivor Know-It-Alls | Edge of Extinction Episode 12 Recap


smart guys. Break it down. Well, actually, they didn't really win the game at all Zavod. Game. Yes. That's a right. Stephen fish back here. We are this -vivor knowing all's are back again to get Cam. Oh my God. They're back again, another persona of survivor, the edge of extinction and tonight, Ron Clark is the latest person to go to the edge of extinction. We are here to talk about it all here with you live. How are you holding up? Rob. I know you're a big Ron Clark fan looked Ron Clark was a great character on the show. We'll talk about where he might have gone wrong. Everything was coming up Ron Clark earlier in the night. But unfortunately, there was a countermeasure. And ultimately that he was the one who ends up going home after Rick Devon's plays his idol. And I'm looking forward to breaking it all down here with Steven fish back. Who's back on the mend after shoulder surgery last week look at him. And his perseverance doing it all for you. Just podcasting. You don't really use your arms that much to podcast to be fair. It's not a very Armand. Listen for anybody who is questioning, Stevens perseverance. I saw him put his ear buds in and untangled them with one hand tonight. Really? It was one of the most moving and motivational things I've ever seen in my life. Yeah. I mean, everyone knows how how dexterous I am as a rule. So it was as always a living up to that to that level of X, Terry. I was shocked by Ron earlier in the episode. He said he was the one in control. And you know, when someone says there were controls I've ever you've got to believe them if they know. I'm kidding. Because just the death. But it took a while to alternately bite Ron Clark as he goes out here, and we were down to six before we get down to five and then probably back six again here as we can't down the edge of extinction. Lots to do here tonight already busy night for me, Steven that I took over these survivor Instagram, and I was Instagram ING awake watching on the survivor Instagram account, had my wife and kids helping me with with that. And that was you know, anytime you get to work with your family. It's a joy who's the most helpful family member. Dominic was he was the most cooperative of the family members. He was he was legitimately pumped up to do it. And he was the only one except for me. And it was a lot of fun. Check that out. Of course, we are also going to be on a right after the episode. We're going to switch over to fan credit the credit app fan cred dot com to download call in and talk. The Stephen fishbach and myself for thirty minutes after the episode starting at ten fifteen pm tonight. You can go ahead and get on fan credit and get ready for us and then on the fan line, call in and talk live with Stephen fish back and myself at ten fifteen hashtag RHA to get your tweets into the show here tonight. Got some great podcast coming up as well. Dominic in Kellen from ghost island or going to join on the real tomorrow together yet to fun. Yes on that'll be a lot on to get into everything with them. And then the purple pants bad ass. Price is AM will join us. For this week's feedback show and Liana Boris will join us on this week survivor this week so jam packed week a podcast yet. Wow. That's that's that's pretty big. That's a big week too. Big week. Okay. Yeah. Stephen, let's talk about a what happened here because I feel like that there were sort of like a two reads on this episode tonight. Right. Well, I I also the one read is that Ron shouldn't is I'm trying to guess what you're saying is the one read that right? Ron screwed it all up by taking. But by by winning the the loved ones reward, he alienated Lauren and Victoria. And that was his downfall. What's the other read? No. That wasn't really major part of it. May mean Donaldson is show. Dammit, read, of course, the challenge from heroes versus villains. But it's almost like that you watch this episode, and it's like damn Rick Devon's. Well, he did it again. But meanwhile, yes, he did save himself from elimination, but all of the heavy lifting for the elimination of Ron Clark was to the players that probably end up getting a lot more credit tonight. Yeah. I mean fishy for Victoria, you all Victoria's a long-term favorite of mine. And I think that. Ron enjoy just assumed that the default plan would be Aurora because they were saying roar because Aurora was the default plan always. And I think as soon as you get locked in on a planet opens the door for other people to make a move and Victoria had that great great remark. Like, I wanna be the one who's choosing who goes home, not not rake like we should just like wait to see who Rick votes for let that be the determining factor here at the final eight. So from her perspective, I thought it was really great to plan on insurrection a little bit of confusion with the votes for those who are curious and missed it. So Gavin Gavin voted twice Gavin did use Aurora's extra vote. So two of the Ron votes from Gavin Lauren also voted for Ron Rick voted for Aurora and then Julie, Ron, Victoria. And who I missing Julie around Pretoria and someone voted for. Voted for Rick. So Rick did have four votes, and he would have gone home. Aurora Aurora is the last person. So Rick Aurora. Nope. Sorry, Ron Julie Aurora, Victoria voted for Rick. And when I thought was incredibly genius about this is that Victoria, who came up with the plan to blindside Ron is voting for Rick. So she's actually voting with Ron and Julie. So in the case that Rick doesn't have an idol. And Rick does go home. She hasn't pissed off. Ron and Julie it's Gavin and Lauren who pissed off. Now does this now end her streak though, Stephen voting for the person who went home every single time? Do you still she came up with a plan? It was her. It was her plan. Yeah. Interesting. And I thought that this might have been victorious best episode of the series for me, maybe revolt as still might be tops. But this was probably, you know, one in one b yeah. I again, I think she's she's such as player it's weird. Because like she. She feels under edited. We don't like talking about the. But like she just like, she should be a bigger character almost and she is, you know, there's like eight people left she's played such a smart strategic game. And maybe I can't like tell I just like a big fan. And I want to see more of the character. I'm rooting for or or do you think that that we should have more Victorian than we do? I don't know. I mean, I feel like that. She's probably played a social game and has not been overly strategic with the other players where she seen somebody who just sort of like piles in on the last second that we've seen her that's been very strategic has been sort of one on one in confessional. So I don't necessarily what what more there would be to show. I don't know. Just just you know, some mustache twirling scheming being being diabolical. We had some great confessionals harder in the vote about you know, nobody should trust her. She seemed like a big fund character. I'm interested to know, Stephen. So that after this vote how? Do you think that this next round of voting goes that it probably is going to be the vote? They can Rick Devon's again, who's on like, a maybe a dream Bergen Esca trajectory at this point. I mean, it really does seem like the only way Rick is going to win as if he wins out. And although although actually he really just has to win until the edge of extinction person comes back because then that person will be a bigger target than he is. I think that he could get voted out next week and then be the edge of extinction person. Again, that would that would be amazing the double resurrection that would be the true well before so there is some precedent for that. And also amazing race Victor did the same feat in big brother eighteen but for Rick Devon's to get voted out and come back in. I guess it'd be the equivalent of having immunity for the final six. Yeah. That's right. That's right. The final six again. But but so, yeah, he he's he's he's he's got a really long. Road ahead of him. He really has to basically went out whether that's through losing and then winning his way back or just winning consistently or through some some great idol play. And you know, we talked about it a little bit with Nick last season. It's a little bit easier now to do that with fire making challenge being being there. Right. He would still need to get through three rounds. One way one way or another where he has to get through six and five and then he's in it potentially at four. I don't know if Rick Devon's is going to be a natural at the fire making. I guess he could also lose it six come back. But then he has to survive six at some point. Well, but also even just the politics of the fire making I do feel no one's going to take Rick to go with them. So maybe that's not the case. But the edge of extinction factor does seem to help him. If there is it's sure seems like the jury is rooting for Rick Devon pretty openly. Don't like I mean was wild that scene in the jury. It seems like that Ron was very unpopular with the jury. I saw even Kelly wear worth cheering at what Rick Devon's was able to do. Yeah. I mean, it seems like everyone was was team. Rick, and I do think thinking about the jury for this season. I do think I was talking about earlier with calling stone like how is the edge of extinction effect, the jury's perspective? And we were kind of saying that, you know, because you know, at Ponderosa when you're at ponder OSA. You have the ability to kind of go off yourself, you're eating food. You're engaging with your own activities. You're listening to music you're reading a book. So you're like, you're like more establishing your own identity away from the group, but they're living. You know, when you're living altogether at the edge of extinction. I really think as much as group think is a huge part of every survivor season with the jury. I think it's going to be an even bigger part this time. So I'm not surprised that they're all kind of like they've all kind of glommed onto one person whom they're all rooting for. Yeah. It's interesting that that's the case. I think that something that we talked about a lot coming out of survivor thirty five with sort of the idea of a lot of theatrics at tribal council, and how much that impacts the jury because that's what the jury gets to see as opposed to somebody walks in like Chrissy walks into the like, oh, Chrissy one immunity again. Okay. All right. Well, we didn't see that. But here's you know, Rick Devon's plays the fake advantage that Ron gave him, you know, really rips into Ron and Julie in front of the jury, then wallah, here's a real idol. I'm playing this tonight. You know, the jury is going nuts in terms of the idea of your resume. What what what is the jury seen stuff? Like that. Rick Devon's has been. Probably the best person on the the entire cast at that. And I don't think it's close in terms of theatrics at the tribal council that have been affected and also seemed to have resonated with the jury. Yeah. Obviously that speaks to his incredible poise on camera. Right. Just from his his training. And this this being his profession, whether he's learned those skills because professional his profession because he's in great at that. And just kind of really able to think on his feet quickly. But, but he really does is able to milk every moment like that great lines. And what was it? We're like he was like let me I could end all of the speculation. But I'm not going on. Yeah. Because I'm having a lot of fun. It was just such a great. You know, he really like is timing is just so so on point people who really I tweeted today about how much I love RIC Evans, I certainly heard from a lot of people who feel otherwise the things that I love about. Yeah. Yeah. Expressing any sort of preference in any capacity. But I think the people who don't like him. And it's the great thing about a being human. We can all we all have different things. But. The great part way. Unlike senses, smells, tastes beauty. Those are the that's all good talking to you. Couldn't do it. If I were a cow guy. All right. So moving forward from this moving forward from this. So Rick Devin seems like he is Dead Man Walking. But also feels like that there is more to him. He's yeah. He is like his he still seems like he has a destiny in this game. Yeah. It doesn't. I mean, it's hard to say with someone like Rick because he's so he's so funny, and he just gives grace such great sound bites. It's like how much of his story is just you know, is is like this like destiny that he has versus like how much is that? He's just a phenomenal character. And you would always give that guy airtime. Yeah. It's just compared to the other five people who Ron Clark was the other person who was on the show where we've seen a lot of him the other five people that are in contention Julie Aurora. Victoria, Lauren and Gavin are people that we really have not gotten to know well over the course of the season. So it really is. Maybe who Aurora Aurora. Yeah. I mean, we've hardly seen that. I mean where Rick Devon's is one of the most visible people from this season. And the other five are all people who have been, you know, certainly in the bottom half of visible characters in the show. Yeah. No, it's true. It's I I do think Aurora has gotten a little bit more over you know, over the past couple of of weeks. But it is really true that all of the basically all of the high profile characters have now except for Rick have now have now left the game. Yeah. So it's like, it's you gotta wonder I mean, I guess next week has got to be all about Rick. And then you get the finale, and whatever happens happens. They're seeing about Ron Clark a couple of things I guess we we need to touch on the family visit. But before we get there. Let lemme ask you about Wayne in the opening of the episode run gave his expired idle Menuires advantage menu to to Rick d think that that was a good move. What did that by Ron? I mean, Ron's logic in that moment, right? Is I'm going to Rick will be RIC will rest easier. If he feels like he has an idol that to me. I don't think that's fair. That's false. Right. If Rick thinks he has an idol, maybe he will be less likely to go looking for an idol, therefore. Will be less likely to find an idol, and therefore he will be easier to eliminate now that obviously ended up not being the case. But if you're on survivor, and you have a any slight edge. Why would you not use it? So so the one big reason not to use it as the reason that Rick basically said like why humiliate me when I'm on my way out the door. Not just because it's like a mean thing to do because like you're sitting someone to the jury after humiliating them and making them super salty about it. I don't know. I'm on the fence. I mean does the pro and the con. Yeah. Probably I'm sorry. This the kind of appropriate of the con is the pro. Yeah. I don't think there's that much to to gain from it. I can stand corrected. We have seen people use fake idols in in various ways. But it was in the came up last season as well with Angelina. And where she she ended up planting the fake idol with Allison. It was one of the reasons the Allison was especially annoyed. She felt like that. Tanja Lena was trying to embarrass her in the in in the same way. Angelina did not feel like that. That was the case. So I I don't know necessarily, you know, we saw it with Nick and Christian as well where it ended up then working to some degree. We're Christian did not end up going to look for because he thought that Nick had found the other idol, but ended up creating distrust between Davey and Nick last season's. I I it's you really playing with fire with that stuff. Yeah. And it does seem when you're out there and you're playing the game. Like, you're kind of having fun with it. You know, the instinct to do it is very very cute. I get it. Like, it's kind of like a fun little devious thing to do. This our days. But I think that Rick Devon's also probably, and maybe he did think this, and we and we didn't see it in the episode. But I think that if you're Rick Devon's and run has given me an idol advantage for no apparent reason. He voted more dog out. And there's no good reason. Why he did this? I think that Rick. If you really thought about it could deduce this is a trick. Right. And he did seem to be pretty suspicious about it. I mean, even in that moment, he said there's zero reason for onto give this to me very acutely aware of that. And then later on he says, if this is a real thing from Ron he he asks Ron and Julia again by the well like is this really real? So it seems like he doesn't totally by it. And obviously, you know, smart move for him to play that first and see what happened before playing his other thing. But you know, Rick voted roar. Rick went with Ron's plan. So he was giving the benefit of the doubt as well. So it was his, you know. Trust. But verify. Okay. So in the family visit is it as simple as to say, Ron Clarke should not have won that family visited is it back on board with this is not been something that has come back to bite anybody in a while. Survivors have no business winning the family reward. This is such a hard thing. Right. Where it's like, you're you have so much emotional stakes tied up in seeing your family member not to mention just winning winning any reward is so useful. I have I am typically in favor. I know that everyone says like this sort of generic strategic advice is you shouldn't win. You shouldn't try to win ROY. I don't really buy that. But I do think with family visit because it is so personal and people just take it. So personally, you know, it's it's did Ron go home because he won the family. Visit I don't know. But it makes it that much easier for both Lauren and Victoria to say to say his name when when after he doesn't doesn't take them. What do you what's your take care of? I don't think we've seen it burned. Somebody in quite some time. I'm trying to think of the past winners of the, you know, the family reward, and you know, who they've selected. Well, I mean ended up. Yes. That was the one where I mean. But that was survivor twenty six I mean, this is twelve seasons ago. And maybe there's another person along the way, I know they haven't had it necessarily every single season. But it does seem as though and maybe the check in points. It's been a minute since it really burns somebody. Yeah. But I think it could in subtle ways to remember in Cambodia the three people who didn't go on the families or the final three. And I don't think that's relevant. You know? I think it just really reinforces that bond with the people who are left behind. Yeah. 'cause they're so salty, and we talk constantly about how winning a reward doesn't really win. You anything from the people you take. It's not like it's only bad for the people you leave behind. It's rare that people actually feel gratitude from your taking. That's a great point about Gavin where I do think that one of the. Miscalculations that Ron made was you know, that if I if I do certain things for people there will be a quid pro quo and by taking Gavin. He says it was not about the honeymoon for Gavin. It was about I need to keep Gavin on board with the plan. And so by taking him on the reward, that's what I'm doing. And then by the end of the episode that the Gavin is using how how many different votes two votes against two voting votes against Ron Clark, by the way, just as an aside. I like Aurora giving Gavin the extra vote because he's the only one like it's a little bit gilding the lily. I thought like why not just give it to Victoria, like, no one's voting for Victoria. You know, she's not the target. It just seemed like a lot. I mean, I guess with survivor you always wanna be like quadruple serve your plan. But it just seems like a little bit like an unnecessary. Flora in crimes of the math of it. How many votes did they need? It was also that this was the last time that Aurora could use that extra votes. So maybe this was a little bit of like the person with the hammer. Everything looks like a nail exactly why not why not use it basically is right because I know this is very confusing this vote. So there was only gonna be what one Rick Devon's vote. So wouldn't two votes against Ron had done the trick. Yeah. But you know, you never know for sure like maybe want maybe like because Ron things everyone's voting. Roar for Rick Keith those another vote on a Rura, you know, you never know for why not take that extra level of precaution. But doesn't then on the tiebreak everybody. Then. I guess they would vote out Aurora over on the tiebreak. Well, the tie-break. No, I think I think the numbers would because obviously if the tie who's who's the tie between in this case, Rick and only if written idle, so then it would be if there was two votes on a rower and two votes on than the other five people would get to vote, and they would all vote for Ron, right? Everyone would Veron except for Julie. Okay. Because obviously recruit over so that I mean, that's the point that they didn't need as many votes. Yeah. But they got the vote. Why not why not I guess? Home advantage in their pocket. That's it especially when they could've play. Rank these players, I know that might be arbitrary and reductive. But if you if you could of of the foursome of Victoria Aurora Gavin in Lauren. Yeah. Do you feel particularly strong about any of the four? You know, the, you know, the answer Victoria's number one. Oh, yeah. I think like cans down victorious, she might be playing the best, but I don't know necessarily if she is necessarily I don't see her necessarily in the final three, do you? I should have asked you what the question, I guess who's like who has the inside track to this thing. Like, I still feel like Devon's is gonna get there somehow. But I I don't know who else is there. So you're you're like saying, okay. So this is not who's playing the best game. I mean, I've thought that Aurora really could be finalised here. I've long thought that Julie might be a finalist. She get absolutely Julie could absolutely be a losing finalist. I think that would make a lot of sense. I don't think I doubt Victoria's making the finals in factor sort of under edited persona kind of matches up with people who go out and five in the five or six of Dr Alison that kind of like like goodbye goodbye finale. Yes, she might lose the fire making or she might be the first person out in the finale just that person. Who's like, we can't really give this person a big story. Like, a big big, farewell. I come. I if if I was getting like a million dollars to like pick the call the final three right now. I would really struggle with it. Yeah. I mean, I would think Devon's just, but he really who knows? I really could see Julia Julia and Aurora in who who's voting Julie like who's gonna vote. She could be if Devon's wins immunity that she would be the easy. Target to go home next time. I guess so. But then why I if she was with Ron she was wrong. She was Ron's person who's who she connected to. But these players have never made that they've. They've never they've they don't ever vote together. Twice in a row if anything Devon's in Julie should work together now moving forward. And they've said they were connected at the merge. Maybe they maybe they could sort of pair up and figure something out. And maybe, you know, get that four of the four under edited people Lauren Kevin, Victoria and Aurora vacant split split that four into. Yeah. I mean, I think after night that's probably a long shot after Nevins deeply betrayed Gavin's one. I think what to immunities and he's been right there for a bunch of them. Yeah. But, but I mean, you know, basically saw Devon Devon's like calling out what a what a to face liar Julia's in front of the whole jury. I'm not sure if there's much much opportunity for trust between those two right now this season has been so weird where it's we we saw the last straw council where war dog. About how him in him in Ron Clark where you know. They were the people that they deserve all the credit for getting Kelly out of the game. And I felt like I don't know if it was Ron's decision. I really feel like that the votes weren't there to keep war dogging the game at that last travel. So Ron went along with. But I felt at the time. I don't love where Ron is in the game. Because I think that he's sort of been sort of a presented as the biggest threat out there in the game in the way that this post merger is gone. Every time somebody sort of revealed as the biggest threat, that's the next person to go home and other than Rick Devon's. I don't know who the next person who is who is the biggest threat. Yeah. I mean, I think it's Rick is gonna be the biggest threat probably will go out next week unless you know, unless he gets some magic power from edge of extinction. I mean, he could he's he's been good in the immunity challenges and communities fishing finding the idol now. So he has he has a lot of outs. Yeah. He's got some out for sure for sure. And. Then whoever comes back from edge of extinction is the biggest threat, right? So so that's you know, it's it's whether or not they get Rick out. Rick is the biggest threat next week in such a week. It will be Rick and the person from more just the person for Mench. Who also might be Rick. But yeah, I mean, it's true that you know, there really hasn't been a alliances. It really is the inverse season to go silent wearing ghost island. You've just had so many people protecting the two most dominant players who just were never in danger at all and this season. Anyone who shows even a small soup song of dominance is immediately voted out? Yeah. Okay. You're trying to get me to start googling things as doing the podcasts. So so I don't know. I mean, you know, in terms of who's I don't see I don't see. I mean, Lauren has a lot of quotes about fire. And so it's very I don't know if that's. One about her dad. They're gonna couple tonight. She said something like it's so much better by the fire, and they like subtitled it, and it was very strange. Words, nobody was such a nothing quote in look like nine times out of ten this sort of stuff doesn't lead anywhere. But it was just such a weird, quote for them to subtitle that I thought like there has to be some kind of significance of this could see her either winning or losing farming. Yeah. Let me ask you. We didn't go to the extinction again tonight. What did you think about that? Did you miss the edge? Did you miss seeing? Oh my God. Oh, we will promise. You're you're going to get it tomorrow. At the end of last episode. We're not gonna see anything from Sedgwick stink tion next week. Yeah. I was you're going to get it in the morning. I was looking forward to that. But I do like that reim- gets now. It's the final word on every episode. I liked that that the the new thing. Yes. That's good. I was glad that don't call me a sadist. But I was glad that they did not get a loved ones at the edge of extinction. Oh, yeah. No. That would have been. I I there was there would have only been one person. Oh, you think they should would've flown all the loved ones? Because they in the original redemption island season, they did have like at least like the possibility of the people on Brampton island getting their loved ones. Visit. I'm glad that that was not on the table. Yeah. I agree. It's supposed to be like the extreme of human suffering. And it's already seems like summer can't. It'd be worse if their family members were showing. Okay. All right. We're going to get to your questions. I let me take a moment. And thank our sponsor here. Tonight mother's day is around the corner. Stephen and Sunday may twelfth. And if you haven't gotten your mom something special, yet, do we see any mom's on the loved ones? Visit. I think it was a no mom. No mom, look visit. Yeah. It was dad dad. Lots of Gad's don't be like survivor and forget all about the mom's day is coming up with flowers and friends of the show from you. Flowers dot com has a fantastic deal right now for the rob as a podcast listeners. 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CVS failing him takeover your Instagram. Oh boy. Oh my God. This this. Ream you're getting played Iran. Clark. All right. We don't we is this. How many of these is this what like most evenings are like in? The sister, Nina household, like mister Rogers casts. What do you what do you want? What do you? What are you doing in my in my spare time? Okay. I didn't think that. I really didn't. Yeah. Who do you need David Wright like here here? Give me a good one. I want good. You wanted to see David Wright tonight. This is what he looks still looks like. Okay. All right. Okay. I Jame says so what do you think of Ron's master plan to get Devon's out that you re with him about where he said he'd lost sight of the million in order to get Devon's out. Or no was Devon's the right target for Ron Clark. Well, Devon's is. I guess the only argument against Evans is keeping Devon's in. The game is protection for Ron. Which is true. But also, you know. Everyone wanted Devon's out. Right. I mean, it would have been a pretty tough sell for for Ron to be like is what we really I guess, I guess he was pushing the Aurora vote pretty hard to. I don't know. What do you think? Rob. Well, it does seem like, and I don't know if they'll be anything to take away from this for future survivor seasons. But anytime, it's an easy vote. It does seem like that idle hands hands come into play where well this is too easy of vote. We need to, you know, get bored. I need to make a Mark here. And so every time it's like Devon's was the easy target and Devon's was not a great target. Because it seemed like there was a lot in the either about that Devon's could have an advantage. Like people seem like pretty adamant that like almost every person in the game felt like well, we need a plan b because Devon's might have something up his sleeve. Yeah. I mean. It's hard because someone like Ron has has. Backed himself into a corner. Or actually he hasn't even backed himself into corner. He's been backed into a corner because all of the bigger the other players have been eliminated by his own alliance. And so like when Ron and Julie were betrayed by. Julia Gavin, and Victoria, it really looked like they were sort of out of luck on the show and actually sense that vote had a pretty stellar comeback. Right. Where it's been three. It was immediately. After that, it sure looked like the less who's had a pretty big numbers. They had sort of tied up the numbers and then one two three three less who's gone so kudos to the commas for getting their act together. Once you know after after that total screw up at the start of the of the merge at this point in the game. I don't know what Ron. Back to serve Rick Evans, because I thought that that was miraculously that Rick Devon's was able to scale the roof at shelter while everybody was sleeping, and then pull this off and get this under. Everybody's knows. I mean that, you know, sometimes, you know, that the tin foil hat Twitter will say like, oh that he just found that that idol. Oh, isn't that? Isn't that a coincidence that he founded on idle? I mean, this was not a cheapie for Rick Devon's here tonight having to scale, and it's also like it's dark. You know? It's not like you can see kind of where you're going. It is pitch black on those long nights. And there's no there's no lighting right to camera light is for red, right? Which is why it so it's not like you're seeing through the from the camera light. So he is scaling this tree in the night. Who knows what like? Critter is dangling in that tree. I mean that was that was a pretty pretty bad ass. Idle. Idle snack. I only wish that maybe. I hope nobody gets hurt, but Rick Devon's could've fallen through the roof of the shelter. And then only. Yeah. Well, now, I can call you say that. Who laid man would do. That's that's a spirit animal. Okay. Maybe hold the item on the way down bust through the roof. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Some more questions. A why is do you feel like there's anyone on the edge of extinction who actually has a legit chance of coming back and making a run at winning. They're starting to feel more and more like a regular jury now rather than a place threat could come back from in gave Stephen are are your fishy. Senses. Tingling that somebody on the edge of extinction has a chance to come back. I mean, you look at who's there, you have some, you know, you've got Chris you've got Joe you've got Kelly Wentworth, you know, David Wright. A does extremely well. And all these challenges you have people there who do very well in the challenges. And I would not be at also whoever wins that challenge. You know, depending on what it presumably it's not gonna be like a slide puzzle. It's going to be a pretty tough congress where Aubrey was trying to get on tangles. That's right. She's been she's still practicing how how long does she get the practice? I know still on this show. Right. She's there. But I mean. So so. Well, yeah, why haven't they haven't seen these people? Yeah. Yeah. She gave she gave Kelly big hug last week. Okay. Very emotional. It's all happening. Okay. What about Kieran, Stephen? Karen wants to know will the extinction island dual occur on finale night. Probably. Yeah. I mean, I think that we basically we have one more week. Then it's the finale we'll we'll vote we'll go from six to five next week. And then we will have the edge of extinction. I think kick off the three hour finale. Yeah, I agree. I think that'll be the star than you know, immediately vote. So it's six that's so the extinction person whoever comes back from extinction has to get votes and then fire making. Yeah. If they come back with an idol boy would that be irritating. It would be it would be something. It would be something. Now. Could it be another piece of an idol? Could it be something? But yeah, I think that you look you come back at six you gotta figure it out. Yeah. Okay. I really hoping. That's I don't know how it would be able to conceive of the season of the extinction person one. Because it's like what was the point of the whole. I guess it depends on that. I went out if so someone like someone who goes out fifth, and then they come back. They were still a big part of the anyway. Yeah. Look they have to they have to also then do something when they come back in. Yeah. They're still get through a couple of these votes. Yeah. So I mean, the worst case scenario is a person comes back, and then they win immunity. They went immunity, they make the fire. And then they and they win. That's not great. Right. No. I mean, that's that's the nightmare for this this because it's like, then it's just then it's just you know, there was an entire season of survivor, and it meant nothing, you know, all of all it just all came down to a couple of obstacle. Right. I'm trying to remember Ozzy come back at six, and then he won immunity. It's or do you back and it five I feel like he came back, and he definitely lost the final four. He won the final five challenge. So that would mean he came in at six because I do think he won one. He was way back in. He think he wanna challenge. Jumped to four than Ozzy came back in at five and then one of them wanna challenge he came back into five. He won the challenge to four. That's exactly right and loss of. All right. Let's get some more questions in. Okay. Why are there any possible goats left in the remaining contests? This is one of the few times. I think everyone left is made us move where they could make a significant run at the final tribal council seeing. This is interesting because we talked about this on the show last week of goat's. Oh, it's the goats versus pilots, and oh so many goats. I don't know if there's one person that is a guaranteed loser. In the final three. Yeah. I don't think so either. I mean, I think if you're looking at their resume it's from what I mean Lorna seem to make the fewest moves of that of that group, although that's not actually true and Lauren's done. She was a huge part of the less alliance which really did did some damage at the at the at the merge. Yeah. I think every single person has really got problem. We'll last two weeks where that group has really been I think sort of the deciding factors these last two weeks that I to me it's been so split among them. Like, I know you assign the most agency to Victoria here. But Lauren did a lot and Aurora did a lot and Gavin did something so totally this is really it's hard to sort of like pick one of that four and say this was one hundred percent there move sort of in the way that the war dog got all the credit on the Kelly Wentworth vote, even though the war dog vote where? You had where Lauren was saying that it was it was her move. You had Julie talking about the eight needs to be war dog Aurora and Victoria were in there too. So a gathering wanted blood from more dog for that whole episode. So it has been very hard out of that group to pick one personnel where we sort of say like this was their move these last couple of weeks, and I do think that most survivor votes are really consensus votes. It's mostly things that happen through conversation. You know, I never realized subscribe to the idea that just because someone says a name I that they are the one who actually makes vote happen. It really is all about sort of like who can muster the the social forces. But, but you know, I I agree especially, you know, we haven't seen. It does seem like every one of them is really an active player and a really engaged players. So yeah, I agree that it doesn't seem like there's any real goats left in the game. And yeah. Interesting. Okay. All right. Let's do one or two more questions. Thomas has a question was Devon's performance to dramatic. Or was it just what the jury wanted to see. I mean, did you see the reaction from that jury? I mean. Julia was Lansing. Yeah. I mean, I really do think that the the jury likes their board right there the tribal councils like their big adventure. Like, it's where they and so like keep them entertained, even it's not just the players getting the jury's getting out of their seats and dancing. Yeah. Well, it was. I think of at the celebration. Like, I thought it was a little unseemly a little too much. Well, you have a huge group. Now. It's getting rockets. I guess so I guess they're probably. Yeah. Yeah. A nine person jury, which is like a bigger jury voted in either of our first seasons. Right. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's as big a jury Intel, I think that the until Cambodia was the biggest jury the jury now, I think is equal to that of Cambodia, and we still gonna put three more people on. Chris Stephen survivor is like a pinball machine now survivors like a pinball machine. It's like a roulette wheel being do. Segment. Engines e what pinball is I don't know. That's a good question. Probably is survivor like pinball. No. I mean, you can make an you. I guess so Nikki wants to know who's most likely to join a Rick. Julia Lien's and make the next tribal. Interesting. Can you see any of the the I'm trying to think of a word to describe them, the the the under edited four is there one of them that could flip to go to join Rick, and Julie I mean, maybe Aurora Aurora has seemed to be the most independ-, you know, the most sort of Iran her in her Julie have no love loss. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. But I don't I don't think Rick Julie thing would happen again. Like like, Julie deceived ring, and Rick is not like, I mean, I it's it's not chess pieces, and Rick especially as someone who takes things personally. He's like an emotional guy. I thought Tory are connected now. Yeah. It seems I I'm with you. I'm with you on. Okay. All right, Scott to another. All right. This'll be the last question, and we'll wrap things up either Lorna, Victoria need to eliminate each other due to having similar under the radar strategic games or can either one point two spirit moves in order to win think that's getting too cute. Lauren and Victoria. Yeah. I don't know. I think that you know, from the perspective, maybe they seem to us. But from the perspective of the other players like I think they probably have like dramatically different relationship. You know, like one was on less and has a great story there about being in the underdog alliance and the other was you know, kind of dodged down you've offered at Lord's. Forget lords Jordy. Yeah. So I think that actually they they are, you know, have pretty different stories to tell even though they sort of ended up in a kind of similar condition right now. Right. Let's start to wrap this up. And then Stephen, and I are going to take your calls over on fan credit. You wanna get on fan credit dot com and get the app, you can do so news a f- Woodstock fifty cancelled Stephen fishbach, I know was already planning on being out there. This August in upstate New York. Stephen I'm sorry to say Woodstock fifty is cancelled. What happened you'll have to tune into news af with Tyson apostle and Danny price in for the stories, Robin, Keith Anita podcast. We took calls from thirty two fans of Robin podcast this weekend to get a new ideas on total idea. Request live check that out on Robin. Keep a podcast wind shut up. Tim's money coming up this weekend. Double interview with Dominic and Kellyanne coming up this week. Did you where did that picture of Dominic cut from? That's pretty hilarious. I think that's the it must be like a press photo. Because I think that's what he's wearing his press pictures. He's such a ham. Yeah. So check your questions in survivor at Rob's, website dot com, or of by way of voice mail. Akiva is going to be on the RHA p BNB this weekend. So check that outwith Mike Ileana and then find out why Ron Clark lost with David. And Jessica as well in our hap- up speed in the survivor, and then the purple pants bad ass, Bryce Isaiah. What you looking for Stephen fishbach? He is going to be on the feedback show. Get your voicemail questions in for Bryce, and then Liana Boris will join us on this week in survivor as we approached the second to last week of the season, of course, wiggle room coming up with the great, Josh Wigley. I had shown I was playing with my survivor puppets. And I had my my Rick Devon's out, and I asked my son Dominic who's this? He said is that Josh? Josh Wigley now, Rick Devon's this. Rick Evans puppet. Okay. All right. There you go. All right. Of course, all this podcast is made possible because of the support of the patrons of rob is a podcast. Find out more about everything we're doing over there. Go to rob as a website dot com slash patron. 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