Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets - November 15th 2019


Originating from our Jimmy Johns of Lexington studio welcome to the weekend stakes tree view presented by naira Beth's this big changes roles by the quarter pole tuned to half links clear. Mr Misunderstood POPs outside for the stretch drive and it's coming with a bid now free sixteenths to go talks one to its big changes down inside Mr Misunderstood outside Mr Misunderstood. It's up to the lead at the poll. Big changes battles on but what is second with one hundred yards to go. Mr Misunderstood big changes. It'll be that way under the wire. Mr Misunderstood the winner. Big changes second team call. There's very Sir Dudley digs for now. Here's Bobby Newman. And Steve Kraus key and welcome to the weekend stakes preview you presented by naira vets or the stretch run of the two thousand eighteen river city from Churchill downs. ONE BY MR missed understood and and he will have a chance to defend his title. This year in tomorrow's running of the river city at Churchill. Downs Bobby Newman in Florida Steve. GRABOWSKI UP IN IN NEW YORK Steve. Welcome to another big weekend here on the weekends stakes preview. Hey bobby good to be here. I'm looking forward to going over a bunch of these good sprint in turf route races. A Nice weekend for six nice mix of graded stakes ungraded stakes racing here in the states racing up in Canada. Good stake Saturday a few good steaks on Sunday. And we'll get to them right after this folks. The best place to play is over at naira. Bets Dot COM use Promo Code H. R. N.. Two hundred to open a new account. Then that two hundred dollars in the first two weeks of opening your account and have that two hundred dollars deposit right back into it again H. R. are and two hundred is the Promo Code over it. NAIRA BETS DOT COM and Steve. I could use that free two hundred eight about now once as we are you. Only you only get to claim it once. But he claiming that's that's a great deal that our friends at naira bets have going all right so let's get right into it. We've got eleven racist to look at in this hour. We're GONNA start it right in your backyard over with the hundred thousand dollar other key sense stakes. This is for two year old fillies. Their New York breads going six furlongs on the main track at acqueduct. A field of seven set to go to post the morning line. Favorite favourite is number three time limit. What are your thoughts going into this race? Steve You know Bob Looking at this one first few horses I looked at plenty plenty of speed in the race and most drawn towards the inside. It looked like several who were very impressive. Last time You know the number three time limit. limiter you mentioned is a speedster who is grade three stakes placed which is rare in the New York State Bread Company which will be dropping back in what state breads here. Sousse grade greatest takes place on the grass over a dumb aunt when they try to last time. Now she comes back You know she's going to be mixing it up early as well here. I thought that that that set the the race dynamic pretty well for my top pick. I'M GONNA go with the number four my Sassy Sarah and she'll be trying Dirt for the first time but you I should have some nice bottom from a route. Try on the grass and the gray tomb Israel over at Belmont last time out where she was right there in the middle of midstretch entire little bit from a wide spotlight but she should have plenty of bottom. She's shown that she can sprint. She has a suitable dirt pedigree. I'm GONNA give her shadow upset this field and looks she. She was not very far behind crystal. Who finished second in the Miss Grillo last time out and you liked crystal enough to probably key her in the Breeders Cup? Filly Philly the Breeders Cup Juvenile Filly Turf so obviously a little bit different there. That's long on the turf. This is new. York Brett's short on the dirt wasn't her breeding with my Sassy. Sarah tells you that you'd think she'll handle the main track because she's never raised on it. She's always worked on the main track but shall never were never really never works sir. Horses real fast. So it's hard to gauge from those morning drills. What you're going to get from my Sassy? Sarah I like the street. Cry Line on the on the damn side I I think that will help her. Take to the dirt quite well. Street cry was Turned out to be a really nice one one stake here at aquit In the fall solitude turn steak on the dirt and like I said this Philly has already shown that she can sprint two of our best races. Were sprinting albeit on the grass. I think she takes to the to the new surface. Just fine and all the speed up front I think sets things up to come and make a run. I'm wondering what kind of trip number to who play tone is going to get in this spot. She got her maiden win. Last time out in wire-to-wire fashion but she showed in her previous two tries that she doesn't need the lead need to still run pretty well and I don't know if she's going to be able to make the lead with time limit just or outside and even number one all over. The map showed a lot of speed last time out. So she's Kinda surrounded by it I think if she doesn't get into some sort of a pay stool she may have some finish as well and she seems like she's getting better each and every every start so we're both taking a little bit of a shot here. Steve going with number four. My Sassy Sarah. I like number to play tone and we probably both put number three time limit into onto a five length. Victory in the key sense on Saturday but death. Those are the three favorites on the line. Anyone the other. Where's that we didn't mention? Stand out as a possibility to you. The number six silver verse had a shot. She's got Nice Tactical Foot. And you know we talk about there being speed to the inside side and you know sometimes it comes down to being a writers raise to like you mentioned that you like the number to play tone. I mean he's got many Franken. On 'em Rod Ortiz is on the one all over the map who has speed of one three time limit. You know if one of those guys decides. Hey you know what I'm going to try and take leave the other ones take back. You never know what happens but I think the single verse could be sitting pretty good spot to try and get in the mix for share at a decent price okay. So we've mentioned more than half the field right now in the keys sense and both of us taking a little bit of a stab against the morning line favorite number three time limit that race set to go at approximately three twenty eastern time little later on the on the day and Saturday at about five. Thirty six eastern time. They've got a big race down at Churchill downs. It's the grade three river city handicap APP for three year olds and up going island eighth on the turf you heard in the intro. The defending champ. Mr Missed understood is back to crap. Try to capture. After the river city's once again field of tend to go to post Mr Misunderstood five to two on the morning line. How do you see the race? I like these Midwest Midwest turf races stakes races you get horses from all over the place well-traveled ones who take two different courses. They take that course with them. They run well often often trying to look for some type of a different type of advantage in here. Maybe knowing that all these horses on their best could be tight race. The number eight get Western seems to be the the main speed of the of the matchup. He's two four keeneland He'll probably be able to get in front of these but he got in front of him last time cheaper set keeneland and pretty much on. Why and wasn't able to keep going at eight and a half furlongs? He's going to try and nine on Saturday. I'm going to try and beat them with the nine. Admission Office. Who last time faced a lot better in the shadow turf mile really had no shot? He was fourteen horsfield he was last. Most of the way still only ended up getting beaten three lengths by a couple of good ones boys hero. DIAMONDS UP I think he'll like this bunch bunch a little bit better in his late running style should appreciate the nine furlong. So I'M GONNA go with the nine admission office. Yes certainly seems like a little bit of a soft spot in the great eight one. He saw last time out. It's also his second. Start off a layoff or trying to Brian Lynch who excels with these types. I agree with you. He didn't have much of a chance going from the fourteen hole at flat mile last time out and even though he finished eleventh in that field of fourteen he was only beaten three lengths. He made up almost ten links from start to finish that. Just kind of flattened out down the stretch but think he just had to work so hard to get into it that he didn't have his best chance. I'm not not really concerned about the extra distance. He's one at these longer distances. mylan eighth even further in the past and I think if he moves forward second start off have to lay off. Admission Office is going to be tough. I agree with you. There's not a lot of patient here. That's the one drawback to somebody like admission office. Who looks like he's he's just going to somehow have to work out the same type of trip that about six others in here WanNa work out although it seems like his Jackie Jose Ortiz more often than not finds the right trip for these runners? Couple of horses down to the inside that I thought were at least interesting number two. It's a mouse for Connor. Murphy and and Channing Hill to starts back was only four and a half back in the grade. One woodbine Mile Behind L.. TORMENTA got stormy and La. Cullen I would think that that kind kind of race would make him one of the ones in here. He came back with a win against a higher class allowance types at Keeneland in his most recent start one of the horses he beat was number. One Column Road Actually Favored in that allowance race and that didn't have the cleanest of trips so along with admission office. I think numbers one and two have a chance there and it sounds like we both think that the morning line favorite and defending champ. Mr Misunderstood is vulnerable. I'm going to take a shot. I Miss Mr Misunderstood stood in here. he always takes a lot of money you know he he does love Churchill so maybe the return to this turf course helps move them up a bit but you know he's a fan favourite and Five to two in the morning like go off somewhere around there I think The number to a mouse is another one as well who you can toss in there I I liked his effort last time at Keeneland got no pace in front of him wasn't too far off the early for actions but still was able to make a nice move to mow them down and I think he may have a better one in him on Saturday. Okay we've got one St north of the border on Saturday to look at a little earlier in the afternoon. Approximately two five eastern time is the WE SOUTH OCEAN STAKES UP AT woodbine. One hundred thousand dollar purse. These two year old fillies Ontario going a mile in sixteenth on their main track field of six going to post and probably one of the shorter prices on the weekend is number two hour let. This is one of the favorites. I'm probably not going to try and take too big a hand at at at trying to beat you know. He's he's pretty fast. He's a excuse me she she's a stakes winning sprinter twice in in restricted company up north of the border. She doesn't break the quickest. She's got a nice turn of foot early and she's got the two turns to deal with for the first time and and that could be an issue but you know taking a look at the rest of the field that she's able to clear which from the post I think she will think they're going to have a tough time trying to run on her down. I'm GONNA take a little bit of a stab in here with number three. She's a dream. WHO finished behind outlet back on September twenty first going six six furlongs outlet? That day was sent off at even money. But she's a dream was only two to one so obviously. There were several people that thought she had a chance in there. She was beaten six six lengths that day but since then she's actually tried a mile and a sixteenth and showed more speed than normally she does. I don't think that's really a game. I think she wants more of a stalking trip. Rip and switching back to Emma Jayne Wilson. Maybe she will get that on Saturday outlet taking nothing against her. She looks like the speed of the race. She looks like the fastest philly going in. But she's Bhai Frac Daddy Adam an American chance mayor it seems like maybe more spread breeding been route breeding to me and I find it a little bit interesting that Patrick husbands bins. WHO's ridden her to victory? Each of her last three starts is off and on number four. November fog. Who on paper doesn't look nearly as talented as outlet? So don't know what's happened behind the scenes there if this was a premeditated deal or if something has happened between Wesley Ward and Patrick husbands for them to separate separate here but a couple reasons I. I'm not gonNA take the short price on outlet. I think number three. She's a dream has a little bit of shot in here and probably will be a square price because because outlet four to five on the morning line. She looks like she's going to be closer to about two to five or one to two when all is said and done we're GonNa take our first break. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview view presented by naira bets on the Horse Racing Radio Network. Not Our best. Is Your online home force racing and betting with narrow. You can play hundreds of tracks from anywhere at anytime using your computer or mobile device players. Earn points on bets and building. A bankroll exclusive promotions. Like this one sign up today using Promo Code H. R. N.. Two Hundred Feachem hundred dollars within your first two weeks of membership and our dollars right into your account. That's Promo Code H. R. N.. Two hundred best is available across the United States. 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This is the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets. Thousand Words joins the party three wide with two lengths just to make up their followed by Russia in Fourth Friars Road on the outside of Arab turning for Home Thunder Code holds the lead raw enjoyed by thousand words. Thousand Words about takes aim at thunder coat with a furlong left to go these two square off thunder road. Top thousand words right up alongside alongside their nose at knows that sixteenth ago Thunder Co trying to fight off thousand words thousand words down and thousand words just shown the web by lobby. The Pratt beats the undercoat. Then it was divine armor in third Rod and Friars Road Frank near Maadi on the call live from Santa Anita or tapes from San Heat. I should say the meeting. Victory of thousand words will be favored in the Bob Upgrade Three. Bob Hope at del Mar on Saturday. Bobby Newman along with Steve Rabovsky. Welcome back to the weakened stakes preview presented by NAIRA BETS folks. It's now time for the blood horse. News update and a look at the top headlines from Blood Horse Dot Com in this regard horse dot Com cassie to receive two thousand nine hundred ninety big sport of Turkoman Award Turf Publicists of America Japan nounce November fourteenth at the two thousand nine hundred ninety big sport of Turf Award which recognizes person or group of people to enhance coverage of thoroughbred racing operation with media racing publicist presented to trainer mark. cassie quote Marquess. He exemplifies the essence of the big sport of terp award said TPA president. Amy Gregory Gregory arcus generous with time accessibility making himself available during both the highs and lows of racing always offering humor and candor not as a favourite among turf writers popular Basseterre among Racing Fans. We congratulate mark on his outstanding season highlighted by his triple crown race wins with war. The preakness Sir Winston in the Belmont and winning this year's award that wraps up tonight's addition of the Blood Horse News. Update there's one website. That's the industry's go. Oh to fight for racing breeding sales news. That's blood horse. Dot Com from breaking news to sire list results in videos leading earner. Listen so much more you'll find it all all at blood horse dot com welcome back mountain state sponsored by naira bets that several racists still to look at Bobby Newman along Steve Hausky. Let's jump right back win with three more stakes on the Saturday dock. And we'RE GONNA head to Maryland now and the Laurel Park. They've got a hair on Saturday starting with their sixth race on the card. This is the James F Lewis the third stakes one hundred thousand dollar purse for two year. Olds sprinting. Six prolongs approximate approximate post. Time is to fifty one Easter time field of eight set to go to post. And this is one of those racist Steve where there are just so many different ways you can go and I'm not even sure who's going to end up being favored. Yeah this is an open race. I mean there are a handful in here who have run. Well they were in relatively close Beyer speed figures and Trips make a difference and and you know I saw several who have speed. who figured it'd be near the lead one who's interested me? All all year was a number five tuggle watching him break his maiden in New York I out taking a ton of money ended up going off at six to five one five for a long race. wire-to-wire take look at his pedigree and Eddie will both at Belmont that day saying we'd rather bet this horse. In a mile and three eighths race on the grass rather than five eighths on the on the main track they were trying to get him on the grass. You know the rain did move it to the main track But he showed a significant amount of speed and then right after trying trying to Saratoga special. They moved them to different. Stretch to mount and things didn't work out so well even though he was bred to To take to the footing Yeah he's been working slowly in the interim here but the Jeremiah engelhardt Bart does a great job moving running back from turf the dirt and they do well route to sprint as well. I think the slow drills. Maybe they help dull this horses early foot a little bit able to sit off the pace and and make a run. I'M GONNA go with the five tuggle here to take this one. There are a couple in this race. Who are coming off a maiden wins in their debut effort and they look very similar on paper number six burnings on fire number eight Sir back in black they both both our maiden at Laurel Park going five and a half furlongs on the main track both in for a forty thousand dollar claiming tag Bernie's on fire was actually entered to run on the turf but who was moved to the main tracker? The track was fast that final time for both of them right around the same one three in three one zero three and four. I like the outside post though. For number eight sir. Back can black trainer Richard Vega. Well he doesn't have a lot of starters at the meat but what he started with. They have been phenomenal. Twenty seven starters. Nine wins three seconds. Two thirds overall fourteen percent clip here in two thousand nineteen so I think number eight Sir back in black. It's going to have a little chance at uh a better than average price. Five to one on the morning line morning I'm flying. Favorite is tug at three two one. I'm not sure he's actually going to go off favourite in this spot but whoever were you like in there. I don't think you're GONNA have to take too short of a price in the James F. Lewis Yeah there are several in here. Who are going to take some tote supporting and you're right you know? Your guess is good as anybody's as as to who is going to be. The you know the one representing favouritism when they actually spring latch. I thought the number one new stone was another one. WHO's a little bit interesting one? I out another one of those maiden races where You know he fought off early pace challenges. This was able to kick away earned a number similar to what the better ones in here had run. I last time He. He took a stake in Press Kyle downes on synthetic footing and where he was able to settle. Now he moves back to the inside he may need to be used harder a little early. Maybe that has something to do with getting amused up in the pace but I thought he was interesting interesting in this spot to and by the way this is the fourth different track that he'll run at in four starts parks colonial press kyle and now Laurel and the only loss on on his docket was to four wheel drive. He wasn't very close to four wheel drive that day but he was able to make the lead over four wheel drive. which after watching the Breeders Cup juvenile turf sprint? That's something in itself outgunning four-wheel-drive in the early going okay. So Steve going with number five tuggle. I'm going to take a look at number eight Sir back and black that is the James S. Lewis the third race six on the Saturday card at Laurel their seventh race on Saturday at Laurel is the one hundred thousand dollar warriors reward smart Halo steaks and this is for two year old fillies going six furlongs approximate post time three twenty eastern time and the morning line favorite has number six summer fortune. Listen I'M GONNA go with Jeremiah. engelhardt sweet both of these two year olds stakes down at a laurel on Saturday. I think the number six summer fortune not not not easy to win six and a half first time out and the way she did it at Belmont she was able to kick away to a clear lead early showing a high. Hi early kick after working well up at Saratoga for that debut. We haven't seen her since but I would assume she's doing quite well if he's GonNa bring her back Contri- steak spot here. I think that you may be quicker than all these get to lead and not be able to get rundown so I'll go with the six. I'm a fortune question any concern at all with how slow they came home in that maiden when she went wire-to-wire that day and she may have done geared down. It says in hand to bath but went from eleven and four for six furlongs to nineteen flat for six and a half and seven and change for that. Final Final Sixteenth is pretty pedestrian. You know she wasn't really asked late. I mean I I I guess you could say a little bit gear down. I mean she was hand used. Even though it said enhanced she was shaking up a little bit. But I think that extra half furlong like I was saying you know that. That's really tough for these young horses to to get over six is it's an achievement. You know to win that especially on the front end. So she's coming back here to three quarters. I think she's going to be just just fine against this bunch okay. There are definitely other ways. You can go though if you if you're taking shot against the favorite summer fortune or maybe if you think thinks she gets caught up in a little bit of pace battle upfront and I going to take a look at that and maybe number two cofactor will get the right trip once again again. This is a daughter of the factor trained by Kelly Bring Joe Bravo is in for the ride. These men aboard each of her last two starts. Both of them were wins. She broke broker maiden by a neck. Battling the pace the entire way at Monmouth Park starts back. Came back against winners in allowance race at Keeneland innermost previous. The most recent start rather and wasn't right up on the pace was taken three or four lengths back and had a little bit of a stretch kicking got up in the final jumper. Talk to win by a head and that's the line. I think that I'm most excited about in the fact that she's shown that at least you can be versatile not saying that the other ones can't be we just haven't scene does far but cofactor as shown she can show speed. She can win from at least a little bit off the pace and I think that's that off the pace theory that she's going to have to use in this race at Laurel because aside from number six summer fortune there were several others in here that look like they wanna be at least close to the pace if if not online online so steve going with some fortune. I'm going to take a shot with number two cofactor. That is Smart Halo Stakes Ray. Seven on the Saturday card at Laurel road going go all the way across the country now to our other graded stakes on the Saturday docket. It's the grade three. Bob Hope stakes at del Mar on Saturday. One hundred thousand dollar purse for two year olds boy a lot of two year old stakes that. We're looking at on Saturday. Stephen and this one going seven furlongs. It's the eighth race on the Dell Marquardt at seven PM Eastern time and in a field of six then no shock. Here that trainer Bob Baffert is going to have a major saying the outcome. He sends out to of the six runners. Number three thousand words and the five high-velocity speed seems to be a key factor on a lot of the races that we've discussed so far today and and Bob Baffert's to maiden winners here You know while they may not appear to be so fast on paper from their first that wins they are in good pace numbers and I I think they play out as as to the quicker ones early in this field. Thousand words was very impressive. I have to take all that money flooding and Pratt comes back. His first I in stakes company. They paid a million dollars for. This horsey. Certainly didn't disappoint I out. We'll have a little bit of a tough time late kicking off the second place finisher but you know again. That was a six and a half furlong race. First time out. You know. It's not easy to be so so fit to go that far. I know he's trying to seven eighth year but I think he may be able to get in front of these early. The number six strong constitution is the one who I'm afraid of going from rail to outside draw after just missing by neck and his. I thought underwritten that restricted sunny slope stakes at Santa Anita. He looks like the seven furlong might be right up his alley but I think those are the two in here I think number three thousand words stands out over this field. I know his maiden win was only by a half length. It's just the way he did it. He grinded away. The top two were about six or seven clear of the third place. Finisher that day thousand words very professional in his debut us back down to six to five he. It was rumored to be a good thing and he looked like a good thing to me is looked as good. As any of Bob's two year old debut hours this year Flavian Pratt. Who seems seems to be aboard every good horse in southern California? These days is writing this one interesting. Ownership on thousand words owned in partnership by both spendthrift and Alaw family stables labels. which if I'm not mistaken the owners of Dennis's moment so going against Bob Baffert a couple of weeks ago in the Breeders Cup juvenile with with Dennis's moment and eight rings? But now all on the Bob Baffert train with thousand words and and I think a repeat of his maiden effort is good enough to beat at this field. I don't see any reason. He can't be better second time out and I just think the other ones are really going to have to improve if they're going to beat the effort. That thousand words showed in his maiden score last time at and was we heard coming off the break. You got to hear at the stretch call from track announcer. Frank Ramadi Kate. We're GONNA take our second break. This is the weekend. Ken Stakes Preview presented by Naira bets on the Horse Racing Radio Network Test. Your handicapping skills. At Nyerere's Akwa Challenge November sixteenth at aqueduct racetrack. An online through naira bats. This contest consists of a five hundred dollar buying with two hundred fifty dollars going to the contestants bankroll and the remaining two fifty included in the tournament prize pool in addition to that prize pool seats in the Twenty Twenty Belmont stakes challenge and the NHCD are up for grabs. Pre registration is required by Thursday November fourteenth registered today at NY IRA dot com slash challenge. 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Twenty Twenty Gulfstream Park Walk Calendar while supplies last visit Gulfstream Park Dot com for details and a full schedule. HR N. is live online. Go to our website and of course racing radio DOT talknet stream all of our broadcast. Live or listen to the show archives anytime we'd are blogs. Get the latest news and see our entire broadcast schedule. It's all all their at horse. Racing Radio Dot Net and follow us on twitter at HR and like our page on facebook. Search Apple PODCASTS FOR HR in and download our latest. This shows is home to racing's biggest events in our home on the web horse racing. Radio DOT net. This is Elliott Walden. You're listening the horse racing radio network. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets there at the top of the stretch it is for bowl. pokes his head in front deputies echoed apartheid moving with him Pinson fighting on from the inside of pears. Right there in third finally of a mile born evermore just in front Pinton coming back on deputies that goes right there at the freeway thriller between rivals forever outside Deputies Inside Bissett it is Paul. Ever Mole Pinson right there. Second Deputies Echo is third far back do rightly Lucas in shotgun cowboy. The photo stretch called the two thousand eighteen. Th Zia Park Championship won by forever. Mo- will be one of the contestants one thousand nine hundred Delta Mile at Delta downs. We're going to get to that race momentarily. Bobby Newman and Steve Dubrovsky back on the weekends. Stakes preview presented by Nyerere Bets Bets. Best base to play is over at night. REBECCA DOT COM use Promo Code H. R. N.. Two hundred to open a new account and about two hundred dollars in the first two weeks of opening your accountant to have that two hundred dollars deposit right back into it again. H. R. N.. Two hundred is the Promo code over at naira. That's DOT com. Take a look at the last three of the Saturday stakes for the weekend. And we're going to jump up the left coast little bit to Golden Gate Fields. I'm going to take a look at the Oakland stakes year whereafter year. This is an underrated stake in my is always very fast runners. Going the six furlongs purse is fifty thousand dollars. Field of seven here Stephen Even and looking at it at first glance to me it is a pure place play in this spot. Five of the seven runners to me look like they wanna be on or near the lead and if number one we soda. Geir doesn't get the trip. He wants then. I don't know what I'm looking at. He's won three in a row. He's not going to be a big price she's two to one on the morning line but he's one of only a couple in here who shows any ability to close and even though he's breaking from the rail which normally I wouldn't like for a sprinter they're just all going to go and he's GonNa come running. I'd be shocked if he's not putting in a big stretch bid in the Oakland. Absolutely bobby I looked at the exact same way. It doesn't take a minute to see that everybody here wants the front end at least all of the other contenders do and You know the number one together like you say breaks from the rail not not. So Oh Kean about it but he did it last time he was able to come from just about less to run them down. These may be a little bit better but the amount of speed in this race. I just can't see any of them being able to put the others away and holding off together. I think he is going to be pretty tough. Not much of a price. But he's going to be tough to hold off and by the way if you're not used to betting the racist Golden Gate you look at the PCP's and it shows with Soda Gear. Winning allowance races. Each of his last three is last two were basically basically stakes level allowance races. They were allowance thirty three thousand dollar purse no condition so basically a wide open allowance. It's a way you know. It's the same thing as running in a fifty thousand dollar stake except the person fifty thousand. It's thirty three thousand so I I'm not really sure that He's facing better today than he saw in his last two and he's actually a few the horses who finished behind him in those last two starts. We'll be in against him on Saturday. That race set to go around six forty eight eastern time race seven on the Golden Gate card. Both Steve and I agree that we soda. Oh to gear should trip out in that spot in and be a tough customer. We're going to head back to the east coast and a little bit of night racing out at Charlestown. It's the fifty thousand. My sister Pearl stakes. These are West Virginia Bred fillies and Mares they're going a mile and an eighth at Charlestown which I believe is three turns is there. We've got a field of eight set to go to post in the morning. Line favorite is number three BS. Wild Cork you know. Bobby I look this race upside down Back and forth every way that I could and to me it just came out as a true spread. I hope you can offer a little bit more insight than I can here but I thought the four logical ones and where were the ones who You know any one of them in any order come in the number. Three be was wild core. Who won the Mama? They'd stake last time a number four CR cases legacy three year old. Filly who's going back in with all the heroes eleven to thirteen in the exact church. Excuse me Charlestown though she. She hasn't gone this far yet. The number six in Montana another one. WHO's been sprinting? The to turn sprint over at at Charlestown was a contender. And the Spanish Moss. She she went to nine furlongs last time behind while Cork should finish third less than two legs behind. A you know to me you could throw a blanket over. My many of those four. I think are are eligible win this race that I wouldn't be surprised if somebody else did to. Just didn't have a good gauge on the race. And I'm going to have to spread in this won a resounding I have no idea by Steve Kerr Belsky in the my sister Pearl stakes. And I'm not really far off from that specifically on price play. I would take number eight Spanish. Moss may be reversed. It's the decision with number. Three's wild court. They ran against each other at this distance last time out on October twelve charlestown Spanish Moss was sent off three read. One that debut B.'s. Wildcard was eight to one but it was these wild cork who was able to get the win and she actually beat Spanish Moss by a lengthened. THREE-QUARTERS AH after noon. You're going to get a better price on Spanish moss tomorrow. You're going to get a worse price. MB's wild court and to be truthful. That's by far the best raise as BS. Wild corker has run in a while. So I don't know if for those of you who are buy into the bounce fact or regress fact or what however you WanNa put it. She certainly has every right to go backward a little bit off what seems like the best ratios run in a long long time and only because of that I ended up with number eight Spanish. Moscow I think is a little bit more consistent. She hasn't won this year. That worries me a little bit. But she's been first or second. Fourteen had twenty six career starts. You just hasn't gotten to the winner's circle lately and maybe get the job done at a little bit of a better price. So total spreads for Steve. I'M GONNA take number eight. The Spanish Moss that is the my sister Pearl stakes at Charlestown proximate pose time. Ten Zero Two PM on Saturday night going to head down south now we mentioned the Delta Mile earlier is forever Mo who won last year Zia Championship resurfaces in the Delta Mile this race one hundred thousand dollar purse I the Delta Mile Stakes flat mile on their main track. They don't have of course there. At least not as far as I know and three year olds and up here this is another one where it's a flat at mile. They're they're actually starting way down at the end of the shoots. They have a long run to the turn as opposed to conventional mile. Track where They're starting right there near the finish line and a big field of ten here going to post. And this is another pretty wide open race. Steve Number Ten forevermore is the tepid morning line favorite at three two one going for new connections though this time around. Yeah you know L. A.. I thought there were several ways to go in here. Also these bullring type courses in stakes races that they run their that bring horses assist from different places. And it's not something I'm handicapped too often. So it's a little bit of a shock to me when I'm watching. These in watching replays is an all in the horse. Who really impressed me was the number six Trevelyan whose improving at the right time? won by four lengths. Last last time I thought over the track. If you look at the paper it shows you that you know it was a little bit of a closer track. That day was just a couple of weeks off the pace tracking and was able able to kick away from all the horses after trying the Super Derby a at Louisiana downs and losing to rotation by double digit lengthen. His race prior to that. I think he fits well in this spot again. If he keeps moving forward I think ninety two on the more you can get that will be a heck of a bargain. I'M GONNA go with the six trillion. I agree he has a big shot and I took the same kind of stance I went with number seven late night mischief for Arthur. Pike and Tim Thornton. This is one who I just think is is a delta downs specialist. He's runs six times. They're three wins and a second place finish to his credit he beat upper level allowance types at Delta going seven furlongs last time out seem normally. You'd say well difference between seven furlongs and mile is one is one turn one is to turn but they're both to turns at Delta down so I don't think there's a huge difference there between a seven furlong horse and a mile horse when it comes to Delta downs. He may be facing a little bit tougher on Saturday than what he seen previously. As you mentioned I think it's a good spot for a for both the six seven late night mischief and getting back to the morning line favorite forevermore Mo.. We really haven't spoken about him. He'll be his first. Start for new BARN JOSE CA Mayo. WHO's having a great two thousand nineteen in his own right? Winning at twenty two percent clip taking over this son of Uncle Mo for the first time for most of the last year or so In fact for about the last year and a half forever was in the Steve Asmussen Barn so going going from what nationally a huge name trainer wise to what is not a big name trainer wise nationally but trainer is having a good year. What do you do with a horse like forever to me? It's tough to move a horse up off of the Steve Asmussen Barnum and this. I know he's been a little spotty and his running this year but he really has tailed off compared to where his to his two thousand eighteen season in two thousand nine hundred season began. I respect the born in the work that they've done this year that they're going to take the blinkers off which the experiment didn't didn't prove to to do too. Too much for him in the Albuquerque downs handicap I'M GONNA have to take a stand against him especially if he goes anywhere. We're nearly three to one on the line price. They're going to have to prove it to me okay. So Steve going with number six trillion nine to two on the line. I like number seven late night. Mischief seven two on the line. It's race eight on Saturday night at Delta downs. The Delta Mile and approximate post time is nine ten eastern time that PM. We're going to take our final break. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets on the Horse Racing Radio Network. Not Our best is. Is Your online home for horse racing and betting with our bets you can play hundreds of tracks from anywhere anytime using your computer or mobile device players. Earn points on bets and building. A bankroll exclusive goose. Broken like this one today using Promo Code H. R. N.. Two hundred bet you within your first two weeks membership and are shorter dollars right into to your camp. That's Promo Code H. R.. Two hundred nine. Our Best Isabelle will across the United States visit therabreath dot com for details events. Racing's best play test your handicapping skills. At Nyerere's Ecuador Challenge November sixteenth at Acworth Gray Shrek and online through naira bats. This contest consists of a five hundred dollar buy Ryan with two hundred and fifty dollars going to the contestants bankroll and the remaining two fifty included in the tournament prize pool in addition to that prize pool seats in the Twenty Twenty Belmont stakes challenge and the HCE are up for grabs. 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Racing Radio Dot Net and follow us on twitter at hr are in and like our page on facebook search apple podcasts for HR in download our latest shows hr in home to racing's biggest events in our home on the the web is at horse racing radio dot net below. This is Steve cauthen thoroughbred jockey winter the triple Crown Nineteen seventy-eight aboard affirmed armed and you're listening to the horse racing radio network. This is the weekend stakes freeview presented by naira beds of forty five point two two half for maximum security. WHO's tested all the way? So far the leader at the top of the stretch just diamond king run to them and second prince. Lucky lucky goes up with the outside through. Timber can't stick with them. They're coming to the final long maximum security under. Try from Sayas holding onto this Lebron even by two and a half lengths close to home and diamond king. Prince lucky up the rail tale of silence true timber. But it's maximum security to to score ruler by to Caleb silence was second true tipper was third Prince Lucky was fourth at a very sharp final time of one twenty point seven six Larry Combs on the call of the bold ruler. One maximum security very impressive. I've been victory that afternoon. Get to see him coming up in a few weeks he is supposed to make his next start at acqueduct December seventh in the Cigar Mile and Steve. I don't know about you but maximum security. His has taken way too much of my money already and that I'm only saying that because I have tried to beat this horse several times it has not worked out very well for me. I was a non believer in the Florida Derby. I actually thought there was a chance he he could beat last time out in the bold ruler I thought Prince lucky had a chance to beat them. I've obviously was horrendously wrong. In both in both both both circumstances maximum security. What what what a story? He's been from horse. Who was available for sixteen thousand dollars as a maiden and obviously crossing the wire I in the Kentucky Derby and maybe well on his way to being champion three year old daughter? What an eye source? And I'm glad we get to see him again this year. Yeah you know what bobby still don't believe in him. I I think the bold ruler. Despite what his trainer Jason Service had to say I think he wrote a a an inside co gold rail was speed favouring track. You know he ran. Well no doubt about it. But he's still gonNA need to prove to me that he is the quality of being a champion three-year-old which vary if he wouldn't say the cigar very well might be voted champion three year old so You know I could be wrong again but you can be sure that I'm going to try and beat them. Yeah he's he's. He's cost me a lot of money. Only by him winning not not by me betting on him and him losing I my my. I don't know if this is not a word. My non believer nece is waning on maximum. uh-huh security trying all year to get this Horse Peten. It's just not working out well for me. So what a nice source nonetheless and. I'm glad I'm glad we get to see him. At the big a in the cigar mile speaking of the big he will be back tomorrow on the equine form eight to ten. Am Eastern time serious is to nineteen Xm to a one percent by red brand fence and exciting guests for the big eight tomorrow morning trainer. Brad Cox talks about Defending River City Champ. Mr Misunderstood food as well as Breeders Cup juvenile fillies winner British idiom vice president of racing at Gulfstream Park. Mike Lake how beyond to talk about settling into his new job Tom Bell House. It's the chief operating officer of West Point. Thoroughbreds will be on the show and the industry star the week presented by Stuart. Morris is aquidneck race track announcer. Jon embree now and I can tell you. There is nobody more deserving than him easily. One of the most underrated race callers of my lifetime and an absolute pleasure ledger to get him. Listen to him. Call the racist taking nothing away from Larry. Komo's taking nothing away from Tom. Durkin Larry's a very good friend of mine. I love listening to John and Brielle and he's he makes races easy on the ears. Absolutely he's a great classic Guy Who's announcer's booth office. He's just a few doors down from our student here at aquit John and he's a little bit older than I am but He and I grew up in the same town and went to the same high school so John and reality reality is a classy guy. And he's a legend in Long Island. I'll tell you that much. And he's he's he's really enjoyable to listen doing. Nobody more deserving as far as the industry star the week. That's all tomorrow morning. Eight to ten. Am On equine forum presented by Red Brand fenced and our good friend. Anthony Stabile we back off his vacation. Haitian in Tahiti on the nude beaches back in studio to pick were again bobby. The picture got actually flagged by eight people who monitor the Internet and they decided that that wouldn't be good for anybody to be able to see that. So it's been blocked off and I you know. Now we're on some sort of a report. I think national security by whoever whoever whoever watches over those dangerous things that people putting pictures up Things like that okay. Well let's get back to the matters at hand we've got a couple of Sunday stakes to talk about starting in New York at acqueduct one hundred thousand dollar notebook stakes. These are two year old. New York breads going six furlongs on the main track and field of seven set to go to post in the morning line. Favorite on the outside is number seven dream bigger. Yeah he looks to be the fastest one and here. We drew outside I don't know if anybody is going to be able to to give them much of a tussle to get the lead but taming in itself. It's he's got a little bit of a task ahead of him. He debuted as a good thing Up at Saratoga. When he was beaten by the law who was super impressive that day went onto win the champagne over at Belmont of the flat? Mile a terrific fashion. Unfortunately they skip the Breeders Cup of with them so we didn't get to see him but looks like he may be coming back to the Revson here on the the cigar undercard on December seventh but anyway Harris Bay ends up breaking his maiden in the stakes race up finger lakes last time super impressive to when they put the blinkers on him. Wins by ten plus legs. Big Beyer speed figure you know. He's clearly the one they're gonNA have to beat here but one of the the horsedrawn to his immediate inside Harris Bay beat him. Second time out. tried the sleepy. It'd be Hallo at a mile over a Belmont subsequently ran pretty well sat apopka tripped. It wasn't able to get to the top two but still still ran okay. I think he's he's GonNa appreciate the cutback in distance and maybe a little bit more bottom to run after dream bigger this time so I'm going to give him a shot at what figures to be a decent price to upset the apple cart and try and run down dream bigger. And if for some reason dream bigger gets caught up in some sort of unexpected pay stool upfront. All the better for somebody like Harris Bay that brings into play somebody like number four Moon Naci who for Jeremiah. engelhardt and Manny Franko. This horse I got a lot of action at the windows. First Time out in a full field was bet down to four to one. I think he was maybe the second choice in the way drink and he drew off by ten. Very impressively Sibley came back in New York bread steak last time out wasn't able to get lead press the pace and got a little bit tired late. I think the the thing that would worry me boast about Moon Moon Naci is that Jose Ortiz. Who wrote him in both of his career starts ops off and sticks with the morning line favorite number seven dream bigger? Certainly Liane paper doesn't look like the wrong decision and obviously not taking anything away from Manny Franco. WHO's I've said a few times? I think is a very underrated writer. But whenever you you have a big name rider have his choice. Choose one or the other. I tend to go the way they're going so I think dream bigger is going to be tough to beat in this spot but I don't really want four five eight to five on the morning line and if he was around that I think it's a fair price and I believe both number six Harris Bay and the four moon. Naci would have the best chance at a little bit of that upset. Going to go back to the west coast final stake race of the weekend by the way the racist act set to go three fifty eastern time later in the day on Sunday at six thirty eastern time from del Mar is the hundred thousand dollar Betty grable stakes these are cowbridge phillies and mirrors going seven seven furlongs on the main track and this is another race where it's hard to pinpoint who is actually going to be the favorite the morning line favorite is number five Moe C. cal but that doesn't necessarily mean she's going to go off the favorite. I'm not sure that she's the one to beat in this spot. She certainly one of the ones. But how do you see the race playing. Hang out at Delmar you know. I think Bobby I think she's going to take a lot of the toad support coming into that Breeders Cup distaff where she wasn't competitive late. But you see the big the big names blueprint midnight pursue and I think that the public will will jump on that and the big number that she ran prior to that in in the gate to wire score at Santa Anita. Earning in ninety-one Beyer speed figure. Looks pretty good in this spot. You know this is another one of these races where I think three or four or five you know have a shot. I think most see cal. Maybe the most likely winner but You know I'd also give a shout to love a honey badger who may be the speed of the field. Get to the front and they may have to come and run her down and and Shannon and mowing on. The fence was another one who I I thought looked like she had a little bit of a shot to get in the mix here. She doesn't win very often Adele more but she said the board a handful of times and I think she can get in the mix. My official pick is going to be mostly cow but I think it goes several ways in here. Yeah I ended up with number one show in Mo.. She's been in the money. Six six of nine tries at Delmar but only one win. I like the fact that she's been running against open competition the last six or seven races this year. Now she's going back against cal breads last two times that she ran against cal. Breads happened to be the last two times that she's one racist so I think it's going to be a better spot for her. I think she'll get a little bit of speed run out. I have an interesting theory. I'm interested in what you think of this. I will never bet a horse coming out of the Breeders Cup in their necks. Start if they start again that year meaning so it's only a two month period and you don't see a whole lot of doing this. You know they usually take the rest of the year off for you. Know they're coming back and Florida and New York or or southern California but the reasoning is one. I never believed that. They're going to be any fitter. They are going into the Breeders Cup since that seems to be what everyone points for. That's the race. We want to get them at their very best so the race after the Breeders Cup. I can't imagine them being in better condition than they were in the Breeders Cup and secondly they're almost always bet down because they've coming they're coming out of the Breeders Cup and everyone sees that great one and they see the the big names like midnight Blue Prize or whoever it is so not only you're gonNa have to bet somebody. They may not be anymore cranked up than they were last time. But they're going to most likely be shorter price than they were last time. It doesn't mean that I'm necessarily going to bet against somebody like mostly cal. But that's I wouldn't be betting on most cal only for that reason. Now she wins. That's fine it's not gonNA kill me if she wins and she pays six dollars and I you know oh I bet a little against her or I pass the race but what do you think about that that you know. It's worked for me in the past. What do you think about that kind of reasoning looking at At those post Breeders Cup. Same Year races. Well I think both of the reasons you mentioned very valid and and make a lot of sense common sense that there's he's GonNa be very little value when when you know. The two dollar better sees the British Cup this in the past performances or any other Breeders Cup race and so while they were facing the best. Then this has got to be a class dropped just off the bat thinking but in past years that was absolutely the case in recent ears racist here like the Cigar Mile. They've now given them more space. So there's been four weeks or five weeks between the Breeders Cup and in a race like that whereas whereas in the past if you tried for the Clark or if you tried to run in the in the cigar it was three weeks later after being cranked for for your your top effort and the Breeders Cup some of the horses weren't able to come back and bounce back as quickly and were defeated by you. Know maybe lesser caliber horses who were offering more value and may have changed a little bit over the last few years but in general I think you theory makes a Lotta sounds. I hope it makes sense. I'm sticking to it no matter what. So that's my. That's my main reason for trying to go against most see cal I think. She's obviously on paper either. The one to beat or one of the ones to be but I just I don't WanNa take a short price on a filly who I know was they were more. They had to be more concerned with the race two weeks ago than they were with this. I I mean I be very interesting to find somebody who says we're using. The Breeders Cup distaff offers a prep for the Betty grable. Del Mar two weeks later so I don't think they would come out in public and say that even if they were okay. It's time time now for the naira bets. Best Bat visit is IRA beds best. BET THE BEST BET steve. Let's send it over to you. Who Do you like best over the weekend I am going to go down to the buy the Delta downs and I'm GonNa go with the adult mile the number six trillion naira bets best bet this week for Villian a number six nine to two on the morning line Delta downs going in the evenings are GonNa have to stay up a little later but well worth it? If trevelyan gets the job done in the Delta Mile I am going to go a little chalker and a little further west and that is the great three. Bob Hope on Saturday at Del Mar their eighth race on the card. I think that the BOB baffert trainee thousand words is just head and shoulders better than the field. Seven to five on the morning line. I think if you could get close to seven to five you should run run to the window. I think this is a star in the making and just the infancy of his career. So Trevelyan for Steve in the Delta Mile thousand words for me in the grade raid three Bob. Hope those of the Naira Bets Best Bets for the weekend okay wrapping up the show another great look and the weekend stakes is preview presented by naira better reminder here that big a anthony's to be a we'll be back on H. R. R. N.. Tomorrow morning hosting the equine form presented presented by red brand fence eight to ten. Am Eastern time it's on serious to nineteen Xm to o-on Anthony's got great guests on tap tomorrow morning Brad. ADCOCKS talks about defending river city champ. Mr Misunderstood as well as Breeder's cup juvenile fillies winner British idiom the vice president of racing at Gulfstream Park. Mike Lay Akao who just got that job within the last month or so talks about settling into his new job. Tom Bell House is the Chief Operating Officer at West Point thoroughbreds. He'll be with Anthony Anthony tomorrow morning. As we mentioned the industry star the week presented. By Stuart Morris is aquit a racetrack announcer John. In brielle one of the most overrated in the business on behalf dela Pena and the Jimmy Johnson stood Lexington Studios. Steve Grabotski New York. Bobby Newman here in Florida. Thank you for joining us for the weekend. Stakes preview presented by Nyerere bets. You're listening to the horse. Racing Radio Network

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