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30 Day Gratitude Challenge - 27/30 Your Favorite Beverage



Hey gratitude seek a welcome today. Twenty seven. Today is Monday and for many of us. We cannot take on this day and this week without our favorite beverage for some. It's a fresh juice for others. It's a good smoothie for some. It's Great Cup of tea and foremost it's a good warm warm cup of coffee. So what's your favorite beverage. What you appreciate about it? How does drinking it make you feel? What do you like about your favorite coffee? Or what did lack about your favorite coffee place or a queuing joy fresh juices. What combinations do enjoy do the enjoy? Most was the fact that your favorite beverage has on you. Does he gives you more energy. Makes you more alive today. Let's this give. Thanks for the fact that we have so many options of beverages from all around the world all kinds of days all kinds of experiences and usually they are not very expensive or at least we can afford them so today less be thankful for the multitude of beverages that we have access you and that we can enjoy Roy as often and as much as we want thank you for listening and keep seeking rectitude for me for instance is going to be the past few days. I'm I'm really excited. Because it's going to be me my girlfriend some friends of ours and just thinking about it makes me smile. and Makes me eager to go and that doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying the days until then but it just gives us such a great feeling kneeling such a great appreciation for the fact that we are going to enjoy that kind of experience and that something positive and beautiful is in our near future. Thank you so much for listening. have an amazing day.

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