#A139 (ALS to alteration)


Hello word nerds. Welcome to another episode of the dictionary. I have to head out soon. So this might be a little on the quick side. First word is a L S all caps. This is an abbreviation for one amu- trophy lateral sclerosis to autographed letter. Signed next is Al sation capital. A. L. S. A. T. I A N. This is a noun from nineteen seventeen. We have these synonym German shepherd, so I guess an Alsatian dog is a German shepherd next. We have also like clover. A L S. I K E it looks like L psych can also be pronounced L sack. This is a noun from eighteen thirty five a European perennial. Clover, much used as a forage plant. These scientific name is trifle Liam. Hi, bright him or hybrid them next. We have the word also a L S. Oh, this is an adverb from before the twelfth century one. We have these synonym likewise, one two in addition synonyms are besides and two t o now, we have also ran, there's a hyphen in the middle, this is a noun from eighteen ninety six one, a horse, or dog that finishes out of the money a race to a contestant that does not win. Three one that is of little importance, especially competitively. As in was just an also ran in the scramble for privileges. That is from C a bus next. We have Al. Stra. Marya. A. L. S. T. R. O. E. M. E. R. I A. This is a noun. From eighteen thirty three any of a genus of tropical South American herbs. In the lily family that are often cultivated for their clusters of showy variegated flowers, the genus name is also Marya, and this is from Klaus von Australia who died in seventeen ninety four and he was a Swedish botanist next. We have all a LT all lower case. This is an abbreviation for one alternate to altitude three Alto. There are people walking above me. So you might hear some of those sounds next. We have Alta capital. A L, T A. This is an abbreviation for L Berta, which I'm assuming is the area in Canada. Is that the province? Yeah. I think it's a province next. We have. Altaic. A. L. T. A. I see the is capitalized. This is an adjective from seventeen fifty seven one of or relating to the all-time mountains to of relating to or constituting, the Turkic tongue goose creek, and Mongolian language families. Collectively next. We have I'll tear or I'll tear capital. A L, T A. I R this is a noun from seventeen fifty nine the brightest star in the constellation akilah or Akwa. Vietnamese says this is from the Arabic all tie year, and it literally means the flyer f l I e r next we have alter. A. L. T A R. This is a noun from before the twelfth century one eight usually raised structure, or place on which sacrifices are offered or incense is burned in worship often used. Figuratively to describe a thing, given great or undue precedence or value, especially at the cost of something else as in sacrificed, his family life on the altar of career advancement to a table on which the eucharistic elements are consecrated or which serves as a center of worship or ritual. The etymology says this is from the Latin aloe dairy which means to burn up next. We have altar boy to separate words. This is a noun from seventeen seventy two a boy who assists, the celebrant in service next is altar. Call two words visiting noun from eighteen ninety nine and appeal by an evangelist to worshippers to come forward to signify their decision to commit their lives to Christ next is altar of repose. It's often capitalized. Often shown as a and are both capitalized. It is from eighteen fifty three. We just have these synonym repository to next is altarpiece. All one word. A. L. T. A. R. P. I. E. C E. This is a noun from sixteen forty four a work of art that decorates the space above and behind an altar next. We have altar rail, two words, are I l this is a noun from seventeen o five a railing in front of an altar, separating the chancellor, from the body of the church next is altar server to separate words. This is a noun from eighteen twenty six a boy, or girl who assists, the celebrant in service, that was kind of hard to read for me. I had to do a few takes next. We have altar stone, two words noun from the fourteenth century. Aced? Tone, slab with a compartment containing the relics of murders that forms an essential part of a Roman Catholic, altar next is all Taza myth. That's an interesting word eight LT. As E. M. U T H. This is a noun from eighteen fifty one eight telescope mounted so that it can swing horizontally and vertically, also any of several other similarly mounted instruments next, we have alter, it sounds, the same, but it's spelled different. A. L T R. This is a verb from the fourteenth century transitive definitions are one to make different without changing into something else, too. We have these synonyms castrate and spay. Now, we have the in transitive definition just means to become different synonym says, see the word change alter. Ability is a noun alterable is an adjective, Alterra, ably is an adverb and alter is a noun next and last word for this episode is. Alteration. A. L. T. E. R. A. T. I O N. This is a noun from the fourteenth century one, the act or process of altering the state of being altered to the result of altering synonym is modification, and with that we will end this wonderful episode. Next time we will be skipping page thirty six because it is the alphabet table that has come up a few times. It's not really something that I can describe to you. But maybe I'll take a picture of it and post it somewhere or something. Maybe on the Facebook page, maybe on the Twitter anyway, we will start at the top of Bauge thirty seven next time. Thank you, and goodbye.

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