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Hey what's going on guys just want to give you a quick update. I can't help but be super excited right now because I am about to board my connecting flight I am en route to San Diego Right now I'm in the Dallas Fort Worth area. The flight was great. Fantastic LITTLE AIRPORT. Great Food and Yeah it's GonNa be it's GONNA be pretty awesome super stoked to be there tonight. Mm-hmm in my having never told me anything new does bullshit alcohol that this is bullshit with the commission. Do now we just sit here in Dallas Our stood sounds stupid. I'm not going to go to a fucking Rodeo Mike. I haven't the planet home all right. Well guess what next week guess what the format is going to be burying Devon. That's right I am going to fucking bury that dude. Oh I'm so dude. I'm so pissed off right now. You know what fine fine. Just send me the itinerary O. Be there next week. All Right Levy took State your Bersell. We're looking that's right. You're listening to two of the three men big Duke unfortunately couldn't make it to this show He said he'll be here next time though. And what you are listening to is a special bonus episode. We had to do Little extra extra work. Devon can't make it to the next show so we Recording a little something extra for for next week but next week we also have a very special guest. We're going to have Lucia Lebron Legends Son Dominic Aka Don Jr. Aka A. You know the guy that tried sandbagging brock. Leser didn't work then work form. But he's going to be on our podcast and we're looking forward to that and once again. Thank you to ten barrel brewing pub. Beer cheap fund. Beer what's up for providing beer? We appreciate that always Dev. How're you doing good man? I'm good actually. I want to clarify. I'm here for you. I'm here for this episode this recording and I'm here for next week I'm not here for the real time. Linda people can't see which was supposed to be next Monday. And now I've gone cross eyed. That's all you've confused us all but anyways balanced episode it makes sense. He said I wasn't here next week. I am here next week. Who's your favorite wrestler? Ever be own. You gotta sit over here by the way I forgot to introduce. We are once again. Joined by Hunter Freeman the little piglet now another hug anything not in anything you. WanNa name Hunter. Your names are GonNa be fucking poser once again. Ted and boy what people big part sounds like you had someone asks. Who's his favorite. And then he said I have something to say yes. Go ahead are so I have a question for Y'all he he already knows us. An hunter already knows us. If I was GONNA say who my favorite restaurant is just looking at me. Who would you say? It was Godfather Rome bow. All that's a good call Medusa Medusa. That's actually a really good call to hundred for this. A Beautiful Bobby Eaton. That's all time you posted something about him. Being your favorite restaurant. I'd love and I want to check out a Bob Eaton match. You and I watched him in a stunning Steve Austin God. Writings a fantastic. Now right I was telling the students to check it out if they could but also it's. There's no real flash opening Chris. Basics is constant work. Yeah just what is Yup? It's all built up for that. You know big league drug. That's all it is. It's either. Dad Splash order knee. One or the other. Yeah when you when Bobbie used to go up top everybody. Everybody's gone off. Yeah Yup Yeah Bobby was my dude. Is She met him in the south a couple times and I was like dude. You're my favorite wrestler. Yeah legit walk through. He was old brother brother brother. It's always cool man when you get to like meet certain wrestlers that you have up to And their coolest fog and it's always a disappointment when you're registered. He's a fucking big. Well Yeah I. I've seen a couple of times where it's like. Wow I thought this guy was awesome When I was watching him as a kid and now that I've met the person and you kind of see how they act behind the scenes. You're like oh well that's just fucking killed my childhood. I mean I'll be kind of like segue into it. What was your story coming on here? Like like. Who's your recipe. So my favorite wrestler is jake the Snake Roberts but I will also agree what makes it. I've had option to meet a lot of not famous resident hockey fans. Awesome AWESOME JEFF dirt. That was awesome. He was really super. Nice a psychosis the man rim. Sarah Awesome CONAN AWESOME. But my all time favorite is jade snake robbers. Yeah and Jake did a comedy show well he did a signing earlier that day so I got to meet him at the signing that he was so I hung out with them like a good solid two hours. No way before you start. Did you. Hang out with them. I was working like pushing the pitchers through and taking pictures. I Okay I was. I got but it was still like. It's a sign your snake. He decided to pitcher four picture. Yeah and and he might have said something else that I'll say in the story later but I did have a Chris Carey. Who was on the PODCASTS? Not as long as he actually drew a picture for me and I got jake the Senate at the signing and just to be able to hang out with them for those two hours like damn like. You're awesome unless you know that sort of full on mark full mark came out percents so we went to his comedy show later that night and I thought Mike Income and when we say comedy show us that that word comedy very loosely. Yes we use the word wrestler with hunter. He this. This show was down the street from my house and Hunter was going to be there. And he's like Mike come to the show and I'm like I don't really want to but Fine I'll go. It's only like ten minutes from my house. So I go down there and then hunters like hunters like maybe he'll like get you a ticket or a Jacob conflict ticket and I'm like fucker he ain't GonNa take it like it's like an old school money you want. Jake Jake GonNa Guess Money Carney you yeah so so we go to the show and you know Jay comes up on stage and you know there's probably about one hundred twenty five people there hundred and twenty five something like that And it's real cringing. The whole show. Like grimy just cringing comedy. Yeah it's not quote comedy like this. No disrespect to Jake Roberts Jake. The Snake Roberts is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. One of the greatest. Promo guys of all time. Probably wouldn't psychology everything. Jake Roberts the STANDUP COMEDIAN. Not so great. But what he's up there doing is basically just like telling old stories right and a lot of these stories about like dead wrestlers. That are like too much you know like hey you probably saying that. Because homeboy doesn't have any any you know he's not alive to defend right now. You know they don't speak. Ill dead kind of now. Are you going to repeat one of these things? Well I. It was like like story about like Fuji Roots or Rick Rude. I can't remember who else but it was. Just real kind of like a maybe should be saying that. And by the way if anybody thinks I'm burying Jake Roberts right now no. He was on stage with a live. Mike saying this in front of a crowd so I am just kind of like saying like what I thought of it so fucking Marky mark over here hunter mortgage working. Two hundred dollars is like Hey He says he's GonNa bring me on stage because anytime you need a little more of a draw a little more of a go on stage she goes. I'm fixing about an hour into the show. Jake goes where. Where's that kid from earlier come up on stage somewhat any two people? That's a great day and Hunter. Of course just goes fucking. Darden for the fucking row. Quick and I get it was was hunter drunk. No no no no. I don't think we've had any drinks. I might have had one okay because they were kind of dismissive there compared with so hunter goes up on stage with this other dude. That's Pretty Hammer. He was and Man If there's any time where I was like I am so glad. I am not hunter. It is this moment because this is probably like a dream right hunter. This is like you're on stage juice. A Snake Roberts fuck yet viral. Jay just called me out of the crowd basically to come up and me on stage with them so jake breaks into a story from Japan. How he's hooking up with a girl and this girl is giving him a low blow and Jake apparently hadn't had sex in a while and he's like Hell fucked is bitch saying yeah yeah he's not Volcker so I turned around and I'm trying to pull her pants down and she's like no and she goes back to suck my dick feel like I should be paying you for the story and This is going right and I go. Okay I'm on the crowd like okay and he goes so she keeps sucking my Dick and I said fuck that fuck that Pussy and I try to take your pants down again. She's like no and I'm like Mama. Fuck that bitch. I'm like hold on. Please hold on. I just want to say anyone who listeners like that's gratuitous. This is how it was explained to me at the time. This is the language that Jake is using in front of the now now. Jake is talking about attempted sexual assault. Basically right that's the way. I'm perceiving that like Holy Shit hunters on stage right now. Jake is talking about like sexually assaulting a Japanese woman. Holy Fuck I am so glad I am not hunter and hundreds and hundreds onstage. Listen very offer. So then Jake gets to the point where the female that he was with that was blow. Jim was not a female. She had a dick okay so jig discovers that there's nothing wrong with that guys and hey that's why if that's fine. If that's the lifestyle you live now. He turns to hunter and the other gentleman on stage and goes now. I'm asking you boys you in that situation. What the fuck you going to do. And I'm like Holy Shit. Hunter get off. The fucking stage is already in my head. Hunter get off that stage right now so the guy that was up there with honner who was like drunk as fuck is like fuck that bitch in the ass or some shit like that right and I'm like okay. Here we go. Now it's hunters turn. Let's see what hundred has to so I don't know no. I notice it hundreds that I run jake. Herbs rolled on. Hold the fuck run. Yeah hold on I I one hundred goes a fucking hunter tries to cut a promo or some shit right. That real promo trying to get over a hundred goes well. I've been Japan and and start saying some stuff and Jake just goes fuck. Fuck that bitch and I'm just like Oh my God. Hunter get off the stage right now. Because what is the appropriate answer right? There be like you know what I would respect. That person's wishes I would wish them a good life and I would exit out. The door and hunter had no time to me. They ran away like yes like that was like and then Oh man it was just so cringe-worthy the whole thing man. I felt bad for hundred at the time because it actually I would've loved seeing. I mean it was awesome like Intel right now but at the time I was like man. Oh definitely would have recorded over. Might feel so awkward. You know right when Jape like when the show was over. I just like all right. We'll see you later man. Lay You lost the way we're driving back to the hotel or something or not drive it too so you were just used for the story. And then he's like all right we'll see later. There was a bunch of like Maryland's air. It was awkward man. It was awkward book. Wasn't somebody also cost me. Twenty five dollars to us three and who else Another friend of ours. Todd TIMESHARE THOUGHT. Never a yeah. It's one of those ones where it's like. Oh man hunter met his hero. Unfortunately it didn't go as planned. I think was was jake onto pizzo at the star clean. Yeah all right. We'll go jake and I just think he has a different sense of humor. And that's probably why he was so good with his dark character and psychology and all that kind of stuff and real talk right when I was a kid. I wasn't scared of like a face but hulk Hogan didn't like intimidate me brutus. The Barber beefcake did intimidate me. All these like gassed up. Dudes didn't tell me why because they were just like big hulking guys. Jake Roberts intended the fuck Adamy. Why why are you ask because that mother fucker looks like he could be my dad right? He's just dad. Bought out with a Guy Damn Mustache. And He's not going to whip your ass because my dad's rice the go go go. So that's why he was so scary to me as a Kid. When he was going for the he'll roll and you're like dude. That guy is going to be healed. Everyone's exactly like everyone's exactly. I probably knew that guy five or six times growing up. So so hundred I mean Five Stars. Would you give them? They melt through this guy for me. Just shake Robert J. J. J. J. Safai wrestler Com shows. It was all right. You can give it all right. This is a four star. It was a force. Mike is it like half a star. Bro. You're giving it four stars mind. You might be to mark coming out. It is. Yeah Jake. You're my hero. I don't care about the store. You're still my hero. Tagging online head came out some days. You didn't you still my hero. What about you have you met somebody that like you were like? Oh Man. This didn't really go as yeah I did. Actually it was. The first was the first time we're doing Will that I was doing extra work for. Wwe really yeah. You know the story so first of all I got lost in the stable centre. I got lost. We talked about this a little bit before supposed to fill them for fighting with my family the night before the cancelled anyway. I'm getting there. I'm all in the science. I follow the Arrow. Because it's like you kinda go this way. I'll go. That way went. The wrong way ran into brock listener. Who has had his own dressing room. And He's marching down the hall with Paul Heyman. I'm like I'm getting no fun guys. That's the biggest guy I've ever seen in my life. I've I've been next to Kane and all that just brock's presences insane but get back. Check in and everything and It's time to. It's time to get ready right. Everyone's like make their final guys. Get your stuff. We're GONNA move you over here so go. I'M GONNA go take a piss before the starts a little bit of nerves. I go in there a Pierce I finished. I started washing my hands. Who Do I see? Come in but stone. Cold Steve Austin. Oh yeah cold walks behind sitting here getting ready to go wash my hands about to do my hair and Stone-cold starts taking a PISS. Some goals taking a piss behind me and I'm thinking fucking do. This is my chance I I can talk stone. Colty mind you. It's a tiny bathroom. It's got one urinal and one stall in one place to wash your hands in the thing. I'm thinking about one here just for you know measly extra work and he had his own dressing room for. He's doing the podcast. I remember who's interviewed special guests? That did I'm like Oh boy. Gee whiz how am I going to stone cold in the restroom? So I'm sitting here like slick in my hair back with my Komen and whatnot and I've got a handful of palm it and I'm like Oh that's what I'll do. I'll be funny. Ask If he needs some Paul made so as I'm coming up with shitty jokes in my head how am I going to get over with this guy? All of a sudden on the door. I hear banging on the bathroom door right and I'm like I have no idea why this is happening. Because it's a public restroom. I mean it's in the back of staple center but still public restroom buying and I'm freaking out because it's the loudest knocking ever heard and I opened the door in. Its big show in the middle of knocking. So fist comes flying through and he looks at me goes. Oh who are you? Look at him like nobody here for extra work. It looks back. And Steve Sees Steve. Taken a Piss. Because hey steve some little guys in. You're trying to lock himself in here with you. It happens that was it. That was my whole experience in that. I know and I know where they said. That the Extras Yup. And that bathroom is so small it is. It's one year old. One stall very small yeah. I don't know what I was thinking. Just a stupid markers is like I'm GonNa get over with stone cold talking about imagine if I actually had said. Hey Hey stone. Cul De need some Paul made for your hair. Your Dagga No. I'm not. That guy was not that guy I was just. He would've stopped a muddle in your out of the how dare I. Can you know somebody? I met backstage at Dodi. Doing extra work cool. Shit Baron Corbin Nice Guy Man. I I wasn't too big of a fan of that guy prior to this cooler. Schick I tell the story right so where was it was Anaheim? I've been doing a loop with With W I did Elimination Chamber and then I did raw and smackdown usually when you do three days though kind of reward you on the third day before smackdown And they'll give you a trial matches so I had never done a trial match for Debbie while doing extra work and this day I show up the Anaheim and everybody just goes. Get your gear on. They say we're doing trial matches and I'm like Oh shit here's much anthem getting signed boys right and so we all go to the ring ring side in in gear and nobody. Nobody who's doing extra work has ever done trial matches before so none of us have a clue of what's going on so all we're all just standing around hanging out waiting for you know whatever we're supposed to be doing here. John cone walks up and goes okay. Who's ready to go and it's like for like a split second. You're like what we mean you know and your boy right here okay. Put myself over for a second your boy here. I is arm up and go. I'm ready I'm going to back that up. He always always always. It's crazy. I shoot my hand up and I I'm ready and he goes okay. Get in the ring and I start walking around the barrier and I hear Cohn in the background go. Who's going with them? And as I'm walking I I wonder who's GonNa follow me. Who's getting in the ring with me? Fidel I look back. And it's Fidel. Bernabei Damn Right. The other guy said so. Fidel runs up. His Little. Last runs up to me and goes. What are we doing what he and I go? I don't know let's get in there and figure it out and it's almost like you went on. I want on autopilot right like I get to. I'd never step foot in a w ring I get to the steps. I take my shirt off by the way dry hair. I long here. Oh No news you and I remember I get through the ropes and I go fuck that I get here. Walk like getting you know because in. This isn't like everybody's looking at you. Yeah Malingco Regal Milenko Hayes. No wasn't there Malingco to know Hayes was in there but the whole smackdown. Rosser is also out there over. Sir Got it. And they're not. Just you know hanging out there watching these matches on this particular day so very lot of so much pressure Oh. Jbl JBL is also out there too and Pakistan. Go home so we look at a across the rink from from Fidel and the the REF comes up I play names Rudy. And he goes okay. Who's going across? Yeah he goes okay. Who's going over and we go. We don't know we're we're working and he goes okay. Hey John do you want these guys to take five minutes to put mashed together? John Goes No. Hey the rest of you guys put matches together while they're wrestling so I look at Fidel. And it's like all right. Let's go Ding Ding Ding. So we started working man and I I had never been in the ring with fifty or no. I tagged with him once. But I've never locked up with with Fidel right away. Shutouts A FIDEL FIDEL. And I go in there and we call it and kill it. Kill it and it was all just because basic stuff man. We did a whole bunch of armed drags and for some reason. We're on the same page. That night is try to get a job. Yeah Yeah and so we You know we did however long they obviously they only want five five minute matches and I did the favors for Fidel because fidel been wrestling longer than me and it was cool. Man I was stoked as fuck. I was like man. That was the most pressure I've ever been in a match right. It didn't involve a thousand people or whatever it was Fidel and I in front of some of the best wrestlers you in the world and some of legends and we call the match for five minutes in the ring. You notice one of these. Yeah Yeah exactly. I was stoked in the so we get out in Fidel and I were both really excited and then You know the rest of the matches happened and you know. Of course they had time to to make stuff up and and plans and stuff like that but anyway so afterwards actually. I remember that actually rich. Swann came up to US afterwards. Nicest Guy Dude Nice and Fidel and I He's talking to us and it's so funny because You know he's he's just you know saying different really cool man. I couldn't believe how nice he was. And it's so funny because at this point they're they're testing Johnson is music and we're still out there in the arena area so all of a sudden like over the loudspeaker would just be like God and Swan. Wouldn't change the tone of his voice and I don't think Fidel or I wanted to excuse me I can't hear you and we kept nodding to hear what he was saying over the music and we couldn't but I was cool. He was in real nice to us. So then they're like okay. Go in the back in and put your gear or put your your your nice clothes. Your you know your business suit and that kind of stuff back on and Blah Blah Blah. None of us got picked any extra work that night which is normal normal and so. I'm in the backstage area. Got Contract though. No but so. We're in the backseat area. And I'm in Anaheim so the walkways were very very tight. Very tight then you're rubbing shoulders with everybody and I'm just standing there and all of a sudden baron. Corbin comes walking up and he looks at me and he he kinda points at me and he goes. You're the Tattoo and I it in my head. I'm thinking. Oh great this motherfucker. He's probably GonNa tell me. There's only room for one chest Tattoo on the roster and all this Kinda share right. No couldn't have been nicer. He goes man. You did really good job man. You guys did a really cool thing. With the arm drags and all that kind of stuff. Hey here's what Malingco said about it. All yet because he was sitting next to Malingco during the match and he told me what Malingco said and I was like dude. Thanks man like I really appreciate that dude. What a Malingco say finish? He told like we shouldn't have gone home with the finish that we had because so at one point I think German suplex of course German SUPLEX Fidel into a pen. No no no. It was Three three handled moss covered crews. Then got hit. What fishermen diaper okay? I hit that and then a couple moves later. Fidel went home with the perfect plex. Nice I see. This is fine has only two years. They'd at that time at that time. Oh Kudos you only two years. Though so but anyways I was like cool learn something learn something right and he was nicest can be man and a and walked away and actually later down the road. I went and did extra work again and I saw and as a hey man. I don't know if you remember me but You know you gave me some advice last time and I really appreciate it man. Thank you goes all. Yeah I remember you I actually because we had another trial match and he goes. I saw you out there again with your match goes. I liked what you guys did and I was like man. This guy's over my you know he's over with me. Nicest can be couldn't couldn't and this is what he was getting. A Lotta Shit you know. People like people on the Internet and all that bullshit. We're like oh he can't work now. Man motherfuckers cool shifting. Mimi and I appreciate everything. So that was one of those unexpected. Very unexpected. This is is good like when you meet somebody and you know what I love what he's doing right now especially this time if you really think about it. He's doing hope Booker. T. If you really think about but also our macho man. He's doing much but the fans actually hate them and it's fine the dog roll with it. You know these. These probably wasn't the best heels on the roster. Probably if yeah but yeah very surprising you know he he was very nice and I really appreciate it that man. So that's it but yeah and that's the thing I always tell the students you gotta be able to call the ring half John to be able to. You never know when they're going to say. Hey we need somebody now. Are you going to be the person that steps back or even the person that steps forward and says I'll do it? Yeah you you need me to call the ring I got it so I always bring up these examples of where. Hey man get in there. Figure it out that your professional fucking wrestler figure at the Fuck Out. Get your time. We always say like if you're GONNA call it. It's all about timing and footwork. It's all orders. All the fucking is just taking time. It's fucking so never any Trump during extra work. Nope never got any trial. Matches took one look at me and sent me out the door. I wondered now too because like I said I did a three day loop with them and use an always on at the time. I got trial matches with what does that. When I was on the three-day loop pay per view raw smackdown was always a logo. Dinners all of Vegas Arizona's like that. But they would always on smackdown give you a tryout matches ever award for. Hey Man. Thanks for traveling around. I think but now with them doing smackdown Fridays. I don't know if they even do trout matches before because I mean it's it's it's it's huge production. I I think it would. It comes down to four. I've heard it's like there's always guys radars so when they hit Dat tell they go right in their books. Yeah Yeah Yeah I'm in Manhattan. Awhile now wasn't able so I brought this up before with With Brian Kendrick. Very what's up? Spike very generous. Yes boards the indy wrestler. Yes so I was in. I was in Vegas doing extra work. They're in with redcowmn and draft because really close with Which one should and so we hang out with. We're hanging Kendrick he goes. Hey you WANNA go handle Kendrick. Yes go ahead. What Kendrick and we're sitting there. It's derived co myself and Jose and Kendra just looks at US and goes. What are you GonNa do and at that time like Dr Co was like man I want to get into like writing you know and Jose had something. He wanted to do with like Spanish announcing and he looks at me and he goes. What are you and I go? I just want to be a wrestler. Won't be wrestler right. That was my answer at that time. So fast forward to like you know a year later and I don't know if you've met this guy but there's a dude he does like the security check in for me like when you do extra work or anybody coming in to the venue. The White Guy used to be Robert Shaw. That remind but he used to be. I can't remember that. But he's a referee guess around Southern California anyways. Who Cares so I'm in Vegas and I'm doing extra work I show up to the Thomas Macarena and this Guy You know I check in with with security to get past and this guy I believe is Robert a kid. But don't hold me to that. But he goes. Were you out of San Diego? And he goes. Oh be boys got a new promotion down there right and yeah straight up and he goes I go. Yeah and he goes. It's called Ground Zero. He Goes Oh cool man. Yeah I used to used to do Refereeing in southern California and I'm like Oh that's cool man. Yeah sure you'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA meet or you're gonNA recognize them. Cats coming through because Jay was with us. Heather Munroe and Jerry Quinn twenty a came in you might if I'm waiting on them is hanging out here with you and for them to combine and he goes. Yeah so I'm just chat with this guy and I'm like He. All he does is just kind of wave in the wrestlers to kind of verify with security like yeah. That person belongs here. He has a list of anybody. That's Record Vegas. I'm so glad you bring this up because when I did mine out here in San Diego. There's a guy in an annex t shirt when I came through it was like Oh American guide you. What's up and I was like. Oh but I like you already nervous and I got called last second I think in some like getting my should in real fast and they were even verifying before. Hey you still under two five like all this shit. Maybe they need some for up to a five-match like let's check this out so when I came in. I'm already feeling a little extra little extra a little. Butterflies in my. Yeah Oh cool. Oh fuck who that. And I'm like I'll go back and talk to them like me. Get checked in real quick on. I'll go say what's up and I came back. Couldn't find the guy in that has bothered me for the longest time. No idea who it was. Or what but they were next t shirts. Of course. I'm like Oh shit I should probably get to talk to this person. And maybe that makes sense if there's maybe but this guy so his job is basically to check in. I know I guarantee you. I saw him and then and then he will go during the show and do some do the security work right bring side or some shit like that so talking Scana. I'm like so you do Monday and Tuesday and Tuesday nights and he goes. Yeah and I go okay. And he goes. Yeah I fly out and you know this is my job and I go. I don't want to you know I don't know if this is too much. But is this your only job? And he goes. Yeah and I go holy. Shit and he goes. Yeah one month one Sunday a month and then Monday Tuesday nights and then that's that's only job I would take that job in my head named fucking mind in my head. I'm thinking like remember when Kendrick was asking all of us. I want that job. Yeah so then. The next night the next day I see him down and at staples or Anaheim wherever bond and I pull up he goes. Hey what's up man and I'm like. Hey what's up? Dude he goes. Hey Glenda's valley your car. But Vince is they're pulling out Vinci's limo right now so just chill here for a second. And I'm like you want me to valet. And he goes yet valet man. And I'm like okay so I go down their valet like a jack off and and then you know you're waiting in line with all the the the the superstar the whole Ross. Wait in line with them and then the next night I show up again. And he's like Yeah Man Valley's right over here dude and I'm just like this guy's awesome and I can't remember his name but he was the nicest guy but I was also talking to Roger. Yes Roger yes I just click and so and he travels with the production yeah. He sleeps on the bus. And I'm on tour. I want your job dog. Like how do I get your job? Yeah it's awesome man great job and it was so funny. I'm waiting and valeted At Staples Center or no no Yeah might have been where we had our trial my second trial match while doing work and I'm standing in line. Kurt Angle's right next to me. He's he's sitting down on makeshift chair. I have a next to me. Dale Khatami at the time. And then WHO's our house office? There were there were all kinds of standing next to each other people and some dude. Okay this is in the back. Like this is Jake Roberts people so come on. Give me a biologist. I'm standing there and some person walks by in the back and goes. Hey Bro good match tonight. And I'm like who the fuck is he talking to? He's looking right at me and I'm like what the fuck like he must've somebody else. Man There's no forget like why the fuck would you say you had a good match. It's like five minute tryout match it wasn't I don't know some guy. Just walk by and goes good. Mashed Bro and I'm standing next to like Kenta does our hang on just like what the Hell I think he thinks. I'm somebody whose name is Vince. Do you deborah. I think Mr Belding thought I was Dan. O'brien yeah until that on the PODCAST. Oh Save that. Say That your home. I know you've been gone. Forty minutes those stories we do. Okay I don't know I don't know if we're doing a full episode or gives us shit. I'm roll right now. So Dennis Haskins Mr Belding my boy. Your boy. Big W. Fan. So if they're ever in L. A. Anaheim and I met him one time doing well so if you go to staples you're GONNA see celebrities celebrities. Vegas. I was ready for that. I didn't know I was like Holy. Shit this fucking building. Holy Shit there's fucking Rick Rubin like there's like some big names back there and in your mind. I mean Ruben Ruben. Dog at the big name. He's got a sandwich named Ephraim Reuben Sandwich. I really like it so the second time I was working actually working raw. Dennis walks to me and goes. Hey what's up man? How's your Mama and I'm like what like she's fine like how the fuck you know. My mom is you know. That's a real question. And then like he looks at me like fuck like this. Is Daniel Bryan? That's what I'm thinking in my head. I'm pretty I'm pretty sure he thought that was the end. O'brien she's good man. Thank you know. I'm totally playing. Yeah exactly and he's fucking Mr Buildings. The Legend and so I'm sitting there talking for like a minute right a minute or two and and he goes Anaheim tomorrow night and I'm like yeah I'll be there and he goes all right man. I'll see you there. Dude know but he Walks way next day I see him in? Anaheim says what's up to me and my boy again noser. Dc now my mom facetime facetime. I started my mom again and I was like dude fucking Mr Buildings. My dog dog dude. Bro Of your bayside. You'd be under his real straight off. You know what I think. I think Slater was there one day to the morial a little. Because he's a fan. He's easier for San Diego. Yeah yeah but I remember thinking like what if like Mr Belding like if I see Mr Belding and fuck in slater like hanging out you will damn Houston offense but are those kind of cool like walk away going like this. I guarantee you. He probably die. You were Daniel brought to you. How's your mom Maybe How would they know as Brian? Yeah sure anyways. But that's my man shiny New Year's wanting some people say something if he doesn't have anything depends on a tight island offer to fill a whole nother. Podcast I'll hold off a mind. No that's fair Talk about my first time. It might you before I was married. Let me say that now you what before I was married? No but what was the story first time of getting their gas. My first time Dow was over in the Mid West. Have you guys ever gone to be wild? Bees Strip club heard. I have heard you never heard of that. I saw over and I W A mid south that was ran from Iran. And this was Like the indy boom was going on and everything like that so like we were like a lot of people. Were going the same way and shit like that. So was me myself. Homicide and Bj whitmer this'll be go after the show Everybody's saying only go this after party and everything like that so we go to his after party out to be a strip club. Okay So go to ship club and everything like that first and foremost I. I'm not a fan of strip clubs. I don't like like when I was younger. Absolutely now I'm sanitizer whole time right fair enough so we go to place does in Rock Island Iowa Iowa when you think I well you don't fucking there's nothing. They're absolutely resorted. Phoenix for Phoenix engrossing. Magnum okay yes. Yes yeah so we go out there and everything then my ju. It's me and homicide. Who was the fucking Hood motherfuckers there and we got VJ whitmer. Who's the white one fucking with us right from the south so we go there we walk in and go and we were like fucking Berry and everything like that and go you always. Byu beats me homicide BJ and a young boy takes over the fuck of Walmart. And say we're fucking getting our guy. Damn Dang we're going to cars with us one of them's Spyder Nate Webb Chris Hero. And a couple of other guys. So we're like we're working this. This is what we're doing right now after after party so we go to Walmart and we go to Walmart in fucking spider naval spyder. Nate Webb is Is is very animated. Is One of them guys. You know what I mean. That's a do that comes out the teenager. Damn right mates my dude. I saw that dude at Awa show. Guess I'd never heard before and his entrance pop for Larry so like Fuck spiders. One of my. What am I good friends from back in the back in the mid West and everything like that? We used to travel all the time and everything like that. So we go to the fucking. Walmart and Increase Hero and Spiders he will doesn't drink strateg- so here's the one that grabs a beer for everybody and everything like that because my job. It was B. Y. O. B. So of course we go to Walmart. We're trying to get coolers styrofoam coolers and everything so are like fuck. Yeah so hero. Goes BUYS He is older drinks. Nee webs boundaries and everything and legit we probably had like five thirty wrecks just common with us because someone says to arrests are a strip club be wildly. Well we're brigger known shit right so so we're all in a white van like bankbooks so we're all the White Bay or a White Van. Hero Gibson and everything like that and Hero picks up a random check it just starts December van. She was a fan of picks up. Runs out like this? It throws her into White Van Did what can nate doing this number for those. That can't visualize a third base coach to go home so all this is going on and everything like that we get our drinks and we don't to ship them. Don't we go to the Strip club module worrying Fuck of Rock Island Iowa and we get into ship glove in. It's huge. It's like it's like flux is pretty. It's pretty big upper level down level in actually mavericks is like marriage. It's like Mavericks and everything like that. So we walk in. They see us as local celebrities and everything was VIP SEATING. And everything like that. We would like. Yeah man me and homicide at this time or smoking. the substance so. We're having a good time and everything like that. Bj's walking in with fucking five different fucking Cooler Styrofoam Coolers. So it's about the goal. It's about to go down. We're here my Jews about one o'clock in fucking Iowa or midwest strict laws. Don't go down to four five o'clock I I have a flight about seven thirty and I was like it's wanted him. Base is one of them nights so next thing I realized because if if you guys ever met homicide have you guys might harm so many negative negative homicide is like me but more hood and not giving a fuck times like a hundred so. I'm outside smoking a cigarette fucking D- homicide is on a blunt because we had like weird. I elite Iowa we I we. Yeah and everything like that. So we're outside and everything like that and he's fucking going by. My wife went to University of Iowa and said that the weed out there is yes. It's terrible absolutely absolutely dirt absolutely absolutely is Brown. It's wheat. There's no wheat so we're outside. I'm going to say great diese hidden and everything like that and next thing I know because like Who we were with that like when you walk in a place wrestlers people like. Hey these guys especially if you're going to restrict love these guys you know what I mean. Nobody's Martin him up yet. So we're outside and me and home cider outside and everything like that. We're just like smoking in everything. Like that and then fucking. There's six Hispanics that come up. Where you from Levine? Everything like that so me and homicide. We're like oh we just wrestling Meet Homicide Guide legit. We got up like this was faked about like like me and Hobson. Like we're hearing so whereabout the fight like eight fucking Hispanics and everything like that. Bj comes walking out. Everybody starts walking in and like we don't what's happening bother be unbought. Hukou rundown of saw all this shit. Fuck and happens. Nothing happens and everything like that. Go to fucking Not The hotel. The airport and two of these fuckers Olma flight ads awkward straight up straight up because my mom drunk in substance and everything like that and we were up there and everything and these mother fuckers are to always on the exit row. These guys are two in front of me and I'm doing this because drunk shit. I'm trying to fight everybody so I'm doing this number and I got the pretzels and thrown talking. I'm throwing it at the one in the middle was like an old lady to a so I'm throwing these pretzels. Add these fucking guys and you're like what the fuck fuck you so. Welcome to Spirit Airlines so. I had a layover Benny. You're trying to calm down the situation. Obviously so like Bob takes what D- uptakes Bj. And all this number and in these mode vulgar's are just like do go. Beat him up. I say yes sir so There was a labor ahead in was like intimate not mid West. But it's probably like fucking Utah. It WAS UTAH. So WE VAGO UTAH. Everything I'm and I'm doing this. Oh Shit nygren strong side. I'm doing this remember me. Remember me what the Fuck Ben. He's ocean right now. You ready for bed. No sold at you. Refugees detained for four hours understandable understandable. I got detained and related. They weren't even like Upset that I was trying to start a fight the date. I look like a terrorist shut. What year what year is it Two thousand I would say four. Yeah okay that makes me because this was your turban face show ever hear very well. You gotta Rub that Shit in supervision kidding. That was that was that was the circle the quack. So here's here's the highpoint so Outside of that we're having a good time in the bar and everything like that and If you ever go to Iowa mid West There's some. Hefty will say big boned thick sturdy. Starry Women that try to strip and everything like that. So body girls so this girl sodas girls donor homicide D doesn't give a fuck so he's going like this and floppy pancake bubis. So he's doing this variety he's like I said going started. This girl started to do a dance. And everything she sweated. Because she's a big bone and everything like that and we're all here and she's dance around here. She started doing this number two feet away doing this them. Look at sexy right and this girl get stuck like this as she's trying to get up like this. You got to low for people that she was not half squat off doing this and be started going. She's looking at is looking at doing this. Oh my God like like anyway I shake out try. It was one of those visuals that if you saw it you guys were like legit anyways. That was that was my rock island Iowa Story Yo. You need assured that on it. Yes I mean just like really think about it. Let's say we're we all have gophers advisors supplemented heavily stroup poll inner room. And you know what the wife or girlfriend goes. I want you to dance for killing. Oh you do that a that hammer stone. Think that what he put out. It was the head Stan. What do you call it the sandbags Sandbag Chelsea? I'm back challenged. Same thing I would fail Fatima flat on my ass on that sauce. Guy Over here has got. Its hypothetically speaking Ms Mama. One in a little dance from you okay. I know you right. I know you know marrone Giddy but you're killing everything. I had all of a sudden. You're being sexy right. Sexiest Fi- We're going pelvis. We're all here and you start doing this number. And then you realized I'm getting a cramp. I drew stuck see myself like catching cramps done. That's that's my rock island. I really WANNA see a shirt or that someone can do that. What Rock Island Iowa Bibo shirt with a girl? Poll has him just laugh at it was stuck in a wall. It was great. Mistaking me de we're trying to find people think. Bj was lost for me was Byu ob. There's a lot of things happen. I heard a I. Wasn't there this is before I went to. Wwe See but they told me a story. One time out. There's a bar across the street that they go to and some of the wrestlers like Ikat win that. The wrestlers were wearing their money. No no no no. No it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't a titty bar. It was just a normal bar and They've caught win that. These guys were were wrestlers story that you know the rest of the people in the in the bar and I guess some of the guys that were just happened to be there talking shit or making fun of some of the rest of the gang grow. Oh old school. Oh yeah like basically stood up and got motherfucker spaces and we ever met for Gingrich. He's a big huge huge and I guess he he went old school on Faulk. You mother fuckers like yeah like they said it was scary as fuck you know. Do I WANNA fuck a party with? Tom Focused Hockey. I WANNA party with with. Tk Oh yes guy. What a nice guy. We're talking about the Tongue kid great guy man so cool him and hold up some manner so nice. It's family man that's all it. Is Tom Kid Tongan? Not some doctors just throwing that gay a separate no is it was actually Samoan name ally that that's basically a Yokozuna with Yoko. I heard talking is actually. The tongue. Hid Has Actually. I mean you can look no kind of controversy. I don't know I swear. But that's what. Hey maybe I might be wrong. But I'm pretty sure he's He's Simone I dunno whatever anyways one really excited differently was quiet. No Man are you okay. This is not Devon burial sessions. So I'm just enjoying it. This is my bury myself. I put myself over the whole time. Right RIGHT FORTY MINUTES. You got any Stories about how you shined during a tryout or anything. I don't I never got a trial by the way motherfucker. What the fuck. I watched one year master's from Japan. And you're doing goddamn suicide dive and Shit like that. I know in Rome when in Rome. We just put it. That's only in Japan. Japan is getting paid the big money. Dt money out this motherfucker. I'm not doing suicide is. Here's no no reason? No reason coming hard with them for those who good forums is that you know it ted you anything you WANNA add. You want to throw some questions or anything like that now. Let's take home next week's big episode. Don't forget to subscribe. Tell your friends. I look at Ted telling us what to do saying. It's time to take it home. Oh thanks buddy. All right man. Well we'll take it home then That's GonNa do it for this episode of the Hogson presents. Talk to the hard shadows ten barrel and thank you again for two level. A pro wrestling for them to do this here. Follow the show at hugs men pod on twitter and instagram. And how we have home right. What the fuck was that on there? Yes so I don't know. Find several ways to start. It's a scribe to Haag men. Podcast DOT COM now available on spotify apple. Podcast Google podcasts and Or wherever else you listen Ted wrote down that he wants us to ask for five star ratings. I don't fucking bag modified okay. Don't say that it's true. Listen if you guys WANNA leave. Some fives are raised. That's cool but I perform looking for another hog. Podcast you know what I mean like. If you're like oh whatever's the highest rate it goes to the top right who's typing in like hogs. Minton. I can't find it. Oh I gotta say how much I hate whenever you see like a youtube. And they're like like inscribed on. Yeah if you want to do it cool if you got you. Write something whatever we appreciate. What room or on the air gives booked in your hometown headed out of this show. Close all right. That's it that's it. Oh next week Dominic Gutierrez son of Raymond Stereo Junior special guests all right. That's going to do it if you think you're gonNA get the tip. You gotta take the whole Hog Audios.

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