NBA's New G League Youth Initiative; The Last Dance; NFL Draft


and. Tell them what. podcast saying the Seaney I'm here with the legend. Curtain! I'd say. How you doing man good good as well as anyone could be doing during these trying times, but I'm staying saying by doing the these trying times drinking game, which is anytime. You're watching live television anytime. A commercial comes on and mentions these trying times. You've got to drink, and you get sloshed real quick. while. You've got A to quote David Kahn Manna from heaven. That was the NFL draft the again. God I did too I'm not GonNa lie to you I was. More tuned into the NFL draft. I had like money on props like. All in on the NFL draft this weekend. I watched like bleacher reports coverage. It really good like Matt. Miller in Colorado. Really good layup I kind of want to talk to them like try and pick their brain and be like you know. Is there anything I can add to their? To my knowledge by talking to them about the way, they go about things. It was really really good. Life Co. is Great. He was there the first two nights to But like I'm so locked into them like even fourth and fifth rounds I was like. Yes, I love it. Why is Bradley and I fall like? Losing my mind. Super engaged in this thing and we needed. We needed some sort of sporting event and I'm glad we got one. It was beautiful to enter. That event not knowing the outcome of something knowing that no one knew the full outcome of something and the amount of text message chains I had going. It just felt like old times again. Like obviously you know we're all staying connected in our own ways, and you know the general attacks back and forth, but without sort of these external actions. Precipitating contact like was just not stuff happening. So what is there to reach out about this or that It was really great to kind of get the chains. Go and again to feel. Like something dynamic and interesting was happening. That wasn't pandemic and I don't know is is much of pessimists as I am everything in my life and certainly have found plenty of pessimism. Pessimism to be a viable emotion in a state of mind during this pandemic. The way the ease in which the the draft seemed to be held. The, intimacy of the entire situation the ability. On a personal level, it just be able to dive into something really deep like the fact that there was nothing else going on allowed me to completely nerd out about the draft, which is something I really enjoy doing in hopes to do again and but yeah, it was just. There's reason to believe that we're going to get something back soon. That the NFL draft will won't stand alone for months on end and. Yeah, Right, I, I can't imagine I can't imagine why we wouldn't have golf back relatively soon in tennis, and we're going to fight island. But like? Real fight island is real, and they are going to be pumping out the content because Dana white does not care. About anything in you know what more power to sign the waiver. Let's do this thing. It's unbelievable. It's unreal is the smart thing to do well. Let's start with the fact that it's UFC. None of this was ever a smart thing to do so why stop there? But I think we're going to get baseball back here probably by the fourth of July and that's not to say that you know it. It should be back or that. It's healthier whatever but. Business is business we. We know this country runs. On businesses and corporations and Hockey they're looking to get back in on this thing asap. There's there's some market share to be had, and they're trying to capitalize so I. I think that you know at least in the sporting landscape We're going to get back to. Something, something I duNno, it'll be anything remotely close to normal, but we'll get back to something soon. I think the NFL draft showed that that it's possible to to pivot and. Try New stuff and get weird that it's going to be a okay and people respond to it more than anything else. Yeah totally agree, and maybe we'll get some takes on the NFL draft at the end of the podcast here, what? The couple of things I want to talk about on this podcast in general. Are I talk about this new G. League initiative into? The decision of high school kids going to the G. League now and getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so because Adam silver thinks it's a good idea for this to happen. We're going to talk about. The last dance, which is fascinating, weird stylized. Almost monstrosity and Credibly entertaining, beautiful documentary about Michael Jordan in the one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty eight bulls, and then finally. We're going to talk a little bit about this poll. That Tim Bond Temps. About prospects across the NBA that you would want to start your franchise with so. Let's start with the G. League initiative thing, so it comes out the reason that we haven't had a podcast in a while is that a I turned thirty I join the ranks of being thirty. Giddy up. On the day that Jalen Green announced the. Down with Professional G. League. Never felt older. In the day that. The whole idea of this G. League pathway was announced where they're not gonNA play in the G. League. It's not going to be like they're allocating jalen green to a team. They're going to be just having these kids hang out in southern. California, getting better basketball teaching them life skills everything that goes into that. Instead of playing really high level college basketball. and. I can give some background a little bit on that so like I kinda got an inkling that this was going to happen like a couple of days before so on, let's say like April fourteenth, and even on the sixteenth the day that green announced. I was still like texting and calling like G. League. GENERAL MANAGERS IN G, League assistant, general managers in like guys on the team level asking them like what are you know about this program? and. The level of. Uncertainty about it. Even among those people was pretty bizarre to me. they thought there was still a chance that like they were going to be allocated. These kids on their rosters in work concerned about like having to care for an eighteen year old for a year and having to deal with an eighteen year old's development that. You know frankly you don't have. player rights to. In. Regard to having them on the NBA teen. So how do you go about developing him, do you prioritize his development over course of your older players? Do you just make talker crecy like there were a lot of concerns going on within G. League offices among people I talk to. And? That is. I think. One of the interesting ways to frame this entire thing I kind of feel like it's flying a little bit. By the seat of its pants like they wanted. The headline of Jalen Green potential number. One overall pick is passing up college to go play professional basketball. With the G. League, not necessarily in the G. League because essentially this thing is going to act as an academy in the NBA. Academy system has all of these you know locations in India and China I think there's one necessarily. There's definitely one in Africa where. They, try and identify the best players and put them in a situation to succeed. The thing is that in those countries. There isn't a basketball infrastructure that already exist developing players well bright. In many of them at least like astrologists, bit of a different beast, and I think China's a little bit ahead of the other two, but. In the NBA and in America College basketball does exist and I have heard. Some questions as to why. The NBA feels like it wants to get involved. In, the development of younger players when this ecosystem already exists like I can tell you that there are scouts general managers you know higher level executives. ETC that I've talked to. That are like I. Don't really know why we're subsidizing this because. Like housing Jalen Green Isaiah Todd they shed Knicks the former commitment to ucla decided to commit to this program today, so we're up to three rap over a million dollars committed already to house these kids to pay for trainers to pay for food To pay the rental for whatever place they decide to go with house, these kids from a training perspective even like the mom academies a really great option out here in southern California like this is going to be an eight figure expenditure. That you're going to have to sell owners on being like. Yeah I'm willing to write the check you know. For three hundred thousand dollars along with my thirty other owners to subsidize this thing and. Maybe they find a way to get for instance. GATORADE involved like I. Don't know if Gatorade 's involved in maybe paying these kids just because they want the publicity for the G. League, because the G. The G. League stands for Gatorade like under speculating here, but maybe they decided that they'd be willing to kick some money in maybe someone like. A Shoe Company decided to kick some money. And because they think it's good to get these kids away from colleges why they would wanna do that when they already sponsored the apparel for many of these colleges. I'm not entirely sure, but I'm just kinda throwing at all. Yeah in terms of like who's going to pay for this and. I'm just very. I don't WanNa say I'm skeptical because I. Think it's good that there is now like A. Somewhat well-formulated pathway for these kids to get paid legally by. The basketball community writ large. Play basketball. I. Am just like a little bit hesitant on the way that it has been formulated so far I. Guess is the way to put it. In that just a straight up pop mess, and no one seems to have answers, and they're kind of doing it by the seat of their pants. It's like I. don't even know. If. Even know if it's like by the seat of their pants, but like it feels. It feels like everything is in quite set up in the way it needed to be, and they're just kind of offering these kids like I've talked to plenty of you. Know handlers for kids and. You know agents that have. That are connected with kids like have been floated the idea of the G. League, and it's a lot of them are saying no, because they still see value in building their brand in college basketball, essentially being able to sign a bigger shoe deal somewhere else. But. I'm just a I'm not sure yet. This is the best most valuable route for these kids. I'm glad it exists, and I'm glad that Kids that don't want to have to deal with the collegiate atmosphere or going to get an opportunity to go down this road. I'm just going to be very interested to see how it all plays out because. They're just a lot of. Factors at play here. Let me ask you this. Who Do you think? The NBA feels threatened by here. It. Is Much. Likes to do it as a goodness of their heart thing in trying to create another path like that's not really how businesses are run especially when you're giving out hundreds of thousands of dollars. So who do they feel threatened by? I don't know that it's threatened. I think that they just. Wouldn't mind taking a chunk out of college basketball potentially. If. That's the case in I think that on some level it may be just from kind of talking with people around the league. If that's the case it like. They're literally recruiting kids that are signed by college basketball. Teams Dacia Knicks had signed his letter of intent to go to UCLA I think it's shortsighted to do that because you can certainly reduce college basketball in, you can minimize its specter. And you can minimize the newsworthiness of it so for instance like I'll be on the lead tomorrow. The athletics podcast talking about this entire initiative right with Davidson, and like something Kavita told me it was just like we haven't had a college basketball topic yet. This year since we started the lead. Just because there hasn't been anything newsworthy and I, think that that goes into the talent drain that I've talked about on this podcast before college basketball was week. This year wasn't a great freshman class. Lot of the good freshman decided to go pro in Australia or sit out James Wiseman. All of these upperclassmen had decided to leave early in this was the year. We're college. Basketball really felt it in my opinion. So. You can hinder the newsworthiness, but at the end of the day. Unless you're like killing the NCAA tournament, which will never happen right? They're still going to be interesting college basketball because the NCAA tournament is still by far the most valuable property. Basically in sports outside of the Super Bowl right at least in America. Maybe make case Champions League final. Maybe you can make a case for like the cricket final for something like it's. It's a top top ten worldwide, if not top five worldwide sports property. Right so you're never gonNA kill that I. Don't think because Fans WanNa. Be Able to take off work on. A Thursday and Friday drink beer with their friends. It noon and watch basketball in gamble on basketball like that's not changing anytime soon so I don't think you're going to take a big enough chunk out of college basketball if that's the goal to make. Expending eight figures worth of value a worthwhile proposition. Now you know maybe Adam Silver thinks that they can develop kids better than colleges can. Okay I'll be interested to see that like I I just don't know. Able to feels like a strange. Tangent just feels like. There's so many other things that the NBA could spend time and effort and money on in this one just feels. Petty? Almost. Like not really sure in it. And it feels judicious to in a way like feels like we finally created a way for the elite basketball players in high school in this country to get paid and again I'm glad it exists. But. As paid. Mechanics behind it don't totally add up to me. I, guess is the way to put it might. My thought is that I think they were fearing. That the N. B. L. or perhaps European Leagues, WE'RE GONNA start getting talent. Over there. And it was going to mess up their pipeline. In ways, because if those other skirt giving out. Serious money well then I might stick around for two or three years, you know. They can give out enough like the NBL I don't think can give out right. No, that's fair, but I think that like even guess Spain could but I. Don't think they would i. don't think they would but still. It does undercut perhaps just the optics. Of the NBA Being The Preeminent Basketball League. That's without dispute, but. When. High School teams in the in the US top ranked high, school teens are like Angola Australia or I'm going to China. Or. I'm going to Italy. Brandon Jennings Moody Rj Barrett Lamelo Ball like when when you have to go overseas, I don't know maybe just a patriotic play. Just we're going to keep these guys in the US. We're going to keep them in North America so that. For whatever reason but the I here's I think that plays a role and I think that. The fact that the one in done negotiations have not gone like super well, right? At makes sense also plays a role because here's an olive branch. Will, yeah I think it's like an olive branch to these kids that want to be able to turn pro, but more than that. I think it's us. Look at the mechanics of WHO's involved in negotiating the end of the one and done. The NBA doesn't want the end of the one in done, because it's easier for them to evaluate younger players in highly competitive atmospheres in college, and it makes more sense for that world to continue right. You're not making you're less likely to make poor investments such as like in duty, maybe going in the first round to Minnesota then you are. If they go to college, maybe get exposed. They would love it if they could get two or three, but that's just not reasonable, but on the coming from. On the players side so like the NBA is argue for it. The players aren't going to argue for it, either. I don't think because at the end of the day. The people who run the players association typically are veteran players. Who are either stars such as Chris Paul Kyrie Irvings a vice-president now. You know we can name a bunch of or their veterans like Roger Mason used to be right. and. These guys don't want to have six or seven of their veteran contracts. Handed out instead to. Eighteen and nineteen year olds. Because that's just not a valuable allocation for them of guys who have deserved the right to get paid to play basketball have earned the right to get paid to play basketball, so nobody on that sides arguing for it. Nobody on the NBA side is arguing for it so. I think we're kind of at an impasse, unless the MVP is just like look, it's the right thing to do. We're willing to do it right. which it very well might, it might They might woke themselves out of some shops. Sure but like I'm skeptical of that so like. Maybe this is just like the olive branch. Like here's the thing to like I kind mentioned the. NBA teams like this college route because it gives them an opportunity to evaluate players, and thus makes it less likely for them to make mistakes on players. I mean. It doesn't it doesn't cost the NBA anything which is the operative? Thank the NFL's never. A college football will continue to exist in this country. Because the NFL loves college football so much. It has to maybe subsidize it down the Line Belleville considerate, but a bunch of boosters in Birmingham Alabama paying for a minor league football. It is the best thing that ever happened and I think the same can be applied to to the NBA on a smaller scale. And like I've talked to a lot of NBA personnel at this stage. And Very few of them don't think that this is going to make their life. New G. Leak Process the new initiative in the reason that they say that is A. They have a way that they go about getting. Intel on these prospects already in this totally upends that, so they're gonNA. have to create new networks terms of how they gather information on this. By the way, the NBA has to create new networks of the people who are going to actually take care of these kids and facilitate their growth and all that stuff, so maybe it's an easy network to develop, but like again. There's no. It's something that's different. There's no yeah. There's no like statistical database on how to evaluate how kid performers and engy league practices against you know other players in practice settings versus in the SEC hyper competitive basketball settings right. Second feeds into that point. A lot of these kids are just the elite of the elite when they play high school basketball, they been like proverbially punched in the mouth yet. And, faced adversity on the basketball court yet until they get to college, some of them like green that kids not going to face adversity even in college because he's just fucking monster. When when do you get to play full grown men in its own right? Get to play full grown men here. This G. League thing. Isaiah Todd Dacian Knicks these guys. The could've legitimately gotten value. Out of Facing very competitive at fears of older players by four years that have been in strength training programs that are stronger than them. The can legitimately like. Push them around in. Make them face adversity. Now these evaluators going to make decisions based off. Kids based on what we know so far with this program where they're gonNA play exhibitions against G. League teams. Maybe they're gonNA. Play other NBA academies. They might play some other professional teams, but none of it is going to be a highly competitive atmosphere because you're not playing for anything you're just playing for. You know yourself getting drafted higher right. So, it's GonNa be harder for evaluators to make decisions. Now like me, personally based off of my moral stance. Again I'm glad it exists and. I don't really care that NBA evaluators lives such as my own and such people at work for NBA teams I don't care that that existence is now more difficult or made more frustrating by this. I just find the incentive structure very strange with it like I I I'm just very thrown by lie. Adam silver wants to go down this road. I guess it. Yeah, that's. Maybe, maybe there's a grand rationale that becomes clear at the end, but right now it seems like they're really scrambling to put together something that doesn't make much sense as to why they're putting it together so that that's why I kind of go back to. Were they afraid of Because again, the college system works out really well doesn't cost them. Anything creates high level competitions, a beautiful minor league It's GonNa. Stay relevant you know you don't have to. Subsidize it through back channels or directly. It's it's A. It's a pretty great situation and. Yet going through some problems in all in best just PR problems more than anything else, but Yeah, it's all. It's all very peculiar Mr DC how this how this goes because truth be told I, mean I, think once you open up. This route. It's Kinda hard to stop doing it. Right take a Lotta agree like Kinda opened up Pandora's box here and maybe it all works out. Maybe they figure it out, but again just a kind of a peculiarity to all of it. Usually doesn't. Come along with something this big usually. There's so much clear plan when you're doing something this theoretically paradigm changing so i. I don't know now. It's all just very weird to me. Glad exists glad that these kids are going to get paid. Glad. They don't have to go to school if they don't want to go to school. The other thing is through the G.. League is going to give scholarships to all of these kids, so they're going to be able to go to college later in life for free, so I think that that's a really great important aspect of this. But. Snowing I'm just going to be very interested to see how it all plays out, because I'm not entirely sold yet that this thing is a better option for all of the stakeholders. College especially when you're talking in like we haven't even talked about the players side of it just because. Like Jalen Green I wonder if he could have. Exceeded the value of his shoe deal by going to Memphis for a year like if he could have exceeded the value of his pre-draft studio by more than five hundred thousand dollars per season right by going to memphis being on TV every year building notoriety about his game, and you're using all over the place because he's an exceptional. Unbelievable player just play in the long gone. Yeah playing the long game like I just wonder if it's even best long-term for these kids but I'll be interested to see what kind of deals. In terms of endorsements that these kids get some not entirely sure there yet either It'll be interesting. Let's move on. Let's talk about the last dance. Yeah I just to get you the floor because you grew up in Chicago. Right were like what probably ten years old when they. Give you the floor. Are you enjoying reminiscing about your? Chicago Bulls while watching the last dance? Yeah, yeah, as we've talked about over the last couple of days couple of weeks. I am. The wheelhouse here I mean this is. This is extremely my shit. As somebody WHO's consumed a tremendous amount of Jordan documentaries and bowls documentaries and books and. Videos and all that content just on a regular basis getting something as theoretically Polish does, this is As. Theoretical like it is very. It's really really well made. I don't know it's. All that it's awesome. Don't get me wrong. I'm not sure it's the be all end all as of right now, it's more awesome than it is good. Right like what I make all of the names all of the interviews. They have so much footage that even someone like me hasn't seen. Some of it. But it feels. It feels a little dragged out at times. Truth be told it feels like they really tried to get ten episodes out of it, whereas like if you did this as three or four holy Shit, Bangers, just you just play only play the hits, and so that we don't have to kind of drag through on some B., roll and talk it out, but it's. It's fantastic it. It really is My. Thought is I need to start seeing in these next couple of episodes the. Inherent, conflict, the behind the scenes stuff with Jordan in practice the stuff that we really that you couldn't easily amalgamate based off of just everything. That's already public domain. that you wouldn't get out of reading the Jordan rules and all that see that's that's where I'm at to like. I want to see more that I. Don't know. I don't think we've seen much that. We don't know like I think. The third episode was like a really great encapsulation of that. They really Kinda went surface. Let on Dennis Rodman Right. It would be great if we were to not just. Teach everybody what Dennis Rodman is, but I understand the need for it because it is a netflix audience. That's eventually going to be watching this. It's not going to be just the ESPN. Sports Fan, audience and Michael Jordan has such a cachet that I do think that it will become an inherently mainstream thing. This is an issue that I think all of us is sports. Fans have issue with. The really struggle with which is what is sports, mainstream is not regular person mainstream, and there's plenty of pop culture crossover, but it is a very clear differential. A lot of people in this country don't care about sports. Differences there's a lot of people who care about it more than they. And so there will always be a strong market, and you can have as many sports networks as we have, and as many sports outlets as we have, and there's a sports section in the newspapers and all this stuff. And they will continue to make money even during these quote, unquote trying times, but especially for international audiences I'm thinking like you k. a because right now. That's where it's airing. it's ESPN and the states day after so Mondays in the UK, and in Ireland in Europe and pretty much everywhere around the world Netflix. It goes live that day, so that I get I get why maybe the scope of the documentary is a little bit wider. That, they're. They're taking a broader view of at all that said. There's enough nostalgia there for somebody like me to where I can get through it. If but if it doesn't start picking up I can very well see people just being like. Yeah, we get it and. Given the fact that we have nothing else going on the fact that that's thought is interesting. Because had this ben going on I believe is supposed to be during the finals. It was supposed to be in. June right, yeah! So this was sort of the gap programming between NBA Finals Games. I'm not sure people would have. Stuck around at after the Dennis Rodman one. Now there's also the fact that. Again the only thing we have going on right now, other than the draft and espn with nothing else to talk about other than the draft again. Is. Hyping this bad boy up like it's nobody's business. It was hyped certainly when they dropped the Docu when the drop the trailer and stuff I believe during last year's finals, they may drop this thing a year early. Year early Oh, is supposed to be doing the twenty twenty one NBA finals will know. They started advertising it though like trailer for it twenty nineteen. Right and in everyone was excited for that, but that doesn't. That's that's fun. That's organic hype, right? It wasn't this whole. They didn't have this. They didn't have this PR machine working for it at all times. I don't think that they would be doing the same things that they're currently doing. Where Scott Van Pelt basically does a talking dead last dance post game show with sportscenter everyday like there would be actual sports. They would be had right, so they would. It would be part of it, and it would be interesting, but you wouldn't. Wouldn't have Stephen. A Smith and Max Kellerman arguing over you know. Did Isaiah Thomas you know like? was He bad snubbed for the Dream Team in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety two. We're not rehashing twenty eight year. Old Sports Talk Radio Topics, so all of that sort of creates a bit of alignment the fact that it hasn't completely blown me away even though I am the target audience. Has Been a bit frustrating, but what are we? This is nitpicking I mean. I'll be honest like. I totally understand what you're saying and I think from. The perspective of like a journalistic documentarian and to t right. Maybe it's not. Like. Exceptional right I mean the the issue. Awesome. It's fucking. Talking honestly I would prefer and I'm glad that they're stacking the episodes because that's just helpful. With become very clear is now that we are in with nothing live going on everything is binge and I'm having a hard time, not watching six eight episodes of something. So I'm glad that they hit least stack them twofer, and maybe that just wet the appetite just enough. The another issue here is that ESPN. has put out what I hold to be. Perhaps the greatest documentary ever made in. That's OJ made in America like that is. The epitome of the genre, the one of the epitome of medium I mean it is a a plus criterion collection all around. Outstanding documentary so you're holding it up against that. I mean it's a hard act to follow and this is doing a very good job in at least punching. Giving itself a chance. Who the hell knows these next couple episodes could. Could be so relevant and interesting that that yeah, it feels it feels like it's on on that par but Does US create a word. They're relatively. No relevant Tori in which to reveal. I? It sounds like a combination of relevant in revelatory. You're right. It is revelatory. Shit! I don't really know what you're saying and I agree but like again. REVELATORY revelatory rebel. You know you're you're revelatory. That like. I'm watching this. and. I am just getting like an adrenaline. Rush every single time that this thing is on like the music. B.'s expect lights that are randomly in their. Michael Jordan. We have to talk about Michael Jordan's like current day interviews whole Jenner. They incredible because the level of don't give a fuck is. There is never been like. We thought that we peaked with Kobe Bryant when it came to like superstar level of. Don't give a fuck. Yeah, Michael Jordan. Is Far exceeding the level of superstar. Don't give a fuck because he knows nobody can touch him like he's out here. Calling Scotty Burrell an alcoholic like in the middle thing like. It's unbelievable Scotty Burrell's out here, trying to coach the southern Connecticut State, University Basketball, team and Michael Jordan's making his life like a million times harder. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's I'm not sure. Super in on that kind of stuff. And again it's so difficult for me to judge because I'm not even remotely close to. Mainstream and I get. The sort of access not like on the plane and stuff, but like you spend enough time around NBA players on a regular basis. You pick up stuff like that. Just stuff that that should be behind. The curtain just comes through the cracks every now and again in so you know you'll hear guys just talking like ruthless shit to each other in a locker room. Most people don't get most people. Don't get that so again I'm. It's like Oh man like I. I'm sure that that was a much bigger deal for somebody else than for me when I'm just thinking like. Oh, I remember that time when they did that to Jordan Bell essentially the lawyers locker room. Anything and you just kinda start thinking like what's Jordan build own right now. Poor guy. Who brought it upon himself but nevertheless. Made money this George Bellas in the NBA down I. Don't know how much longer that's GonNa be the case but Spent it all on candles, but It's A. Time out. We're going to have to pause on the last dance thing. He spent all candles. Do you not know the Jordan Bell Mike Brown candle scenario. So everybody, at least the warriors stay at the peabody hotel in Memphis when they play the grizzlies, and it's the one that has the duck walk thing. and. It's a very famous hotel, so they have like a gift shop of like peabody hotel items, and Jordan Bell for whatever reason decided to charge. An some items. which was the peabody? Hotel Candle. Couple of them to assistant coach Mike Brown's room and. It didn't go over well. When Mike Brown is I'm not paying for these candles like who did this like? If if it was a prank that went way wrong. It wasn't that funny to begin with. And then it was not accepted as a joke and I believe bell got suspended for conduct detrimental from the warriors net pretty much ended his spell with golden. State and then he was with. For candles. Yeah, it was all about the peabody. By the way, I i. have smelled a delightful sent as a big fan of candles. Personally you could, you could do worse. Oh my God. That's amazing, but you think about that kind of stuff. Right those kind of. Those are the kind of things you think about where you're just like Jesus. These really given it to them. And then you realize that is you know. I don't know I spend my. Gordon walking onto the plane, talking about how the Denver Broncos beat the packers in the suitable. We all know Michael. Jordan made a killing on that super bowl. I think about Draymond Green. A lot during documentaries is what I'm trying to say. With the Rodman a little bit, too. Because Drey has been drained lake four more days of quarantine away from. Outwardly wild. He, right, he's so close to now. He's already crossed that line man. I will appreciate it because. dray with no caps lock. That's essentially entire life he just he cannot help but tell the unfiltered truth about everything including when he's dunking on himself, but. Yeah, no, it's. Much it's good shit I need I want to get away from some of the backstory stuff. I want to get away from the character development stuff that the documentaries wanting to do and I wanNA get into nitty gritty final season. INS and outs machinations of of. Everything that was going on because I feel like that's the most engaging stuff behind the scenes stuff with that teen. The clips of. All the plane and in there in the hallway and Krause, Film Scotty the holding out in Dennis and all that stuff, and then it feels like every time it starts to really get going in your kind of fully engrossed. They're just like. Let's get back to reveal Jackson living in Montana. That's like now. Here's the thing on that though. Apple we're at the point now where they've gone through Jordan, Pippen Rodman and Phil Jackson already on these. Ron Harper bio out of like I guess my point is like I don't think we're going to get that. Like I think we're fine. Riley now like episodes like five through eight, probably going to get really into like the details of the season because they've set the table now in like maybe like Jerry Krause episode, which by the way the Jerry Krause stuff in the Leyland fucking disrespected that motherfucker breasts and beast I guess like. That's unbelievable. That's not. That Michael started his his hall of fame. Speech with Jerry Krause here. I don't know who invited about their fucker. Didn't Oh, yeah, like it's very clear that Michael Jordan does not have. Any respect whatsoever for the man that built this team, so that stuff is really interesting to me that stuff I wanna see more of I want to see more of the internal dynamics of Michael Jordan just yelling at everyone in practice. Not because we know that that's GONNA come. Listen this will this will all be worth it if there is video Steve Kerr getting punched in the face by Michael Jordan. Steve Kerr. Car's been like just so reasonable, eminently enjoyable, and then like the guy that you feel bad for watching this whole thing, John Paxson, because still impacts never would've taken over the bulls. He would have been a legend in Chicago for the rest of his life, and made not as much money to their two game winning shots for in the NBA finals. Series winning shots in the NBA finals in his Goddamn career and everyone in Chicago can't stand the fucker. I will say this as much as the krause stuff. Hit different just as a child, the Chicago because there's one thing that. All Chicago Area DADS and that is a deep hatred of Jerry Krause and particularly de Patriot of his handpicked coaching choice. Tim Floyd My Dad is a a huge sports fan by any stretch of the imagination I don't think he could name more than a guy or two on the current bowls he's. He'll watch some golf I? Mean that's that's kind of where he's at. That dude hates Tim Floyd with a fiery passion I. Mean It is, it is deep and unrelenting. You can't say the name. Tim Floyd around Doug Curtain without getting like. Visceral anger from him, because he blames krause and Floyd for okay fine, even if the team broke up, it's like why do you get rid of Phil? Phil Jackson out of full of it. You figure it out, but Yeah it's. All of these things I. It's mostly rehashing of memories and things I heard about and things that I technically live through, but didn't understand That's really cool the bio stuff like. Again I knew all that stuff like. That's the stuff that that you remember when you're ten years old and you're. Getting Your Book Fair. Michael Jordan biography. Stuff like I'm looking for something. That's not going to be in the scholastic edition of Michael Jordan. You know a wife above the road the Dan? What's a little child story? Exactly just please give me something other than that. That'd be great. Again. I can't emphasize this enough. This documentaries awesome. Yes, yes, so much fun! We are allowed to nitpick because we are also apparently allowed to debate twenty eight year old topics as if they are brand, new and fresh. So this is all part of our very strange sports ecosystem at the time picking something that is unquestionably an a. Wondering wondering maybe why isn't an a plus yet? But again if we get that, safeguard getting punched in the face thing I'll shut the fuck up and just fascinated. I WanNa talk about a few things that really stand out positively. I think that the style with which it's directed, I think that the editing is really good. In terms of propelling you through the story. The music is exceptionals. Deserves a second match mentioned? It's amazing. And era appropriate, which I find this often yes, difficult for documentaries. They'll yes it up a little bit near an they nailed it. The you know what you're talking about. Especially for a documentary that swoops in and out of era, so frequently up being very era appropriate with the soundtrack. Music is a clutch. In. It's just super like it's super. Fun I mean just watching Michael Jordan about this. The Jordan interviews in this thing have been off the charts. They are by far the most interesting thing in this documentary, and it's because Michael. Jordan speaks so rarely route topics like this The ownership is a candidate. It's always great every single time it flashes to that baby blue shirt that he's wearing an you. See the Scotch. Tequila whatever it is. His Brand Tequila probably a five hundred dollar cigar. It's five hundred five hundred dollar cigar. I need all of that in my life I I think ESPN. Should release a pay per view of the Uncut Michael Jordan interviews. Yes, people will legitimately pay hundreds of dollars to see that if you show every single moment of his interview for the last dance documentary. ESPN give me two percent COTTAM athlete. Difficulty that is the best idea anyone has come up with for you to continue to make money. You just call it. The Jordan cut and it's just Michael Jordan. Talking Yes for fourteen hours straights, so many people will watch it. I'd watch. I watch Michael Jordan. The what I'll say this as much as we say, Jordan doesn't talk candidly or openly about the bulls and his path and all that stuff. That's accurate. Right like he did a good morning. America thing as to like pat himself on the back, and you know to be fair credit credit there. He built a hospital in Charlotte Right. The Michael Jordan Hospital and he was drinking his own Tequila at the hospital with Good Morning America it was a fascinating thing like that was that was a big deal. That was a big deal there. I'm somebody who enjoys a cigar in so I will get cigar aficionado youtube like the algorithm will pop up and he's done I. Think too long form. Sit Down interviews with cigar aficionado, fascinating stuff, favorite thing in the world. Dude cannot recommend the cigar aficionado mamoon. Sit Down with. Able else no one Gar. Fishing, David Aldridge I mean he'd sit down for mob. Amount Shabas on the payroll like it's a, but he'll sit down with. He'll sit down with this old crusty white dude from Cigar Aficionado because he knows that that guy's GonNa bring his best shit in Michael's going to be allowed to smoke it. It is they're fantastic cannot recommend them enough by the way cigar aficionado. I don't subscribe, but they have incredible interviews. It's it's just totally different. I feel like it's. Everyone feels like they could talk extremely candidly, because only rich other rich dudes are going to read it. Populous populous will never find out, but. Under their Amman to them. Okay the last thing about here is this poll. The Tim Bontemps duty. SPN, he went around to twenty scouts, executives, coaches, and asked Luanch John Mirant Zaim Williamson or Trey Young. Which Young Star would you build around and I think the results came back. Basically what you anticipate Ludovic ones I'm Williams into John Rant three trae young four right? That feels right to you. Right feels right. I will say. Luca got all but three first place. Votes jump Manton facts got two first place votes I only got one. Out of the twenty. That makes sense I don't disagree. I am surprised that only there was only one vote for his. I stay. Understand inherently why they're certainly a higher injury risky is a post player I guess in an era of perimeter scores and the three point shot. But Saigon's marketability is so high compared even to a guy like Luca who I think has a tremendous amount of marketability that hasn't yet been captured at least in the United States i. don't know what's going on overseas, and maybe John has to, but who's to say. Zairean is a household name. He was very lucky. I guess I'll all three of four. These guys are very lucky that they have distinctive. First names are a distinctive name to which they can be. Singular household names, but Zion's phenomenon and On the basketball side. Yes, you go with Luca but on the business side. I'm surprised that maybe that has didn't seep through as much because I'm sure if you've pulled owners. I Bet Zion would win. Yes. I think I. Agree with you on that. I think he's. I think long term. He probably is more. Marketable than job. Certainly for the next two years, he more marketable. I. I don't think it's even remotely. Just something and we have to take away the context of jaws in Memphis like if John was on the New, York Knicks. That would be a completely different beast, so you kind of split the difference there. Same to a degree with with. With Zion. He was on the next her on the clippers or somebody like that. It would be fourteen twenty x. what we're getting now, but my my stances I just think that. Zairian is already. Already something. Pretty phenomenal when it comes to selling ticket selling jerseys. I don't know selling shoes yet. He's he something like a shack and let's not forget. That shack was a huge huge deal. marketing wise, and then obviously on the court as well So. Listen! There's no question that Lucas the right answer on this. As a player even though I'm very high on its Luca Lucas an MVP candidate already he plays. He doesn't need to adapt his game to play the modern era basketball. He is the modern game of basketball. In so many ways He's bigger and stronger than Josh and trae young East playing essentially the same position, but he's he's already a full grown man. He's already dominated other full grown men. He's starting to dominate the NBA full grown men. It is It's he. He's unbelievably exceptional. End but again the the business side of things I think that a Zion might have. been underrated here a little bit by by some of by some of the GM's and executives around only. I'm surprised that only one person to Zion but I definitely think that the answer is. Luca Danni Church. There's just no downside. Who would you say Luca? Who would you vote second because I can also see the argument for job in that he is hyper explosive. SUPERFUND. He's already shown that he can be a plus leader The ceiling is the roof for this guy to steal a line from Michael Jordan like he is, he is unbelievable builder, but. Unbelievable in in what it is, he's been able to do so far in his professional career. Is it, is it? You take. It to. What separates if we're talking about just on court, will I mean Zion I. I've made the argument for months now that I think science a top ten player in the NBA right now that's aggressive. I. Get it, but he's in a conversation of the elite of the elite. As we as we currently talk I. Had Joz all MBA. Caliber player obviously Luca first team in that regard What where where are the separation points? Obviously Lucas one. You'RE GONNA Have Zion to how closers I on John Situation in your eyes. I would say I. Think it's pretty. Clear cut that I would take Zion. Drummer. Ant is going to make an NBA team. He's going to make multiple NBA teams to be spectacular. I think is going to be the best player in the NBA at some point. Obviously then you'll be able. You also believe that. That Luka is going to be the best player in the NBA at some point to slow. I think Zion's upside is absolutely higher than Lucas. But I think it's impossible to not account for the downside risk of Zion's injuries in like the potential for Zion to get hurt. In not just take, what is the surefire? Thing in. Luke Donncha ch like you know that look. is a top five top three offensive player in the NBA. Right now, right? You know that you've no reason to believe. He's going to continue to have injuries was I on I. Think there's reasonably pinch might get hurt I think it's pretty clear reason to believe that considering it's already. Right so like. In terms of talent anxiety is going to be the best player in the world at some point I do if he stays healthy, but I can't. It's same thing when people would ask me. Five years ago or whatever it was four years ago. Would I rather have? Karl Anthony towns or Joel embiid after Joel, Embiid thirty-three game rookies. Again. I still would have been very comfortable taking Karl Anthony towns in building around the certainty that that guy. Right. At the right play. Is that the right play? No, it wasn't because Joel Embiid is clearly exceeded. Towns is a basketball player. I guess the other part of this is what what is the scope by which it's being viewed right? Are we talking about when it's all said and done. Are we talking about the next five years ten years? These things matter because if it's Joel embiid in, you're saying next five years. It's like well. Okay, it's still Joel. But fuck I mean towns up until this year had been healthy. one squat. He hasn't seemed to show a commitment to actually play any defense whereas Joel embiid when he's healthy and add is best is arguably the NBA's best defender arguing. He's in that conversation for sure in the conversation for sure and. Is An exceptional offensive player as well? Underrated almost as an offensive weapon. There's no question that you take. Joel over towns across the board, but when you added injuries in the fact that. I. Don't know if this dude is going to be able to give me sixty every year much less eighty two That's a factor that has to be considered. That has to be taken into consideration if the gap wasn't as large as it was, we have a more interesting conversation there. I don't want to extrapolate. That happened with Zion this year. That's not fair I don't think it's proven. It makes me Kinda Sad. There's the. You're hoping you're hoping one done, but he's A. He's a hefty ladd. Who can jump very high just doesn't seem like a a recipe for long term success there. I'm no bio. I don't understand bio mechanics all that well, but I do understand. Wait in gravity and knees and I. Don't I don't think that it goes well for some joint along along that chain. it whereas Luca has that deft. You know kind of Chunky Man Ymca game going on. Image James Harden or kind of rock in the same. Same thing and it bodes well for for longevity so There's something to be said there. It's A. It's nice though that we're at a point with in the NBA where trae young. Is Not even in this conversation and yet has a chance to still be really really good and really really interesting. I also hear your trade. Exceptional I don't want to minimize trae Young's place in this conversation I think jaw is closer to trae then he is i. think about where we were your ago and that conversation mean you'd have Luca in there. There was still some argument. I don't think it was right. And certainly hindsight proves incorrect, but there was still some argument on. If the Hawks did the right thing. I don't think anyone argued that. The Mavericks came out like Gangbusters, but did the thing. and. You know who else was really in that conversation of the next. Great The next great superstar. Remember! It's a good point. Now an idea for. Don't even more than four to be honest. No, for sure for sure for sure, but like there are four that have separated themselves to the point where Bob. Temps didn't make it five. That says perogatives and I don't think I disagree with them now. I don't know if anybody for this year's class is going to be changing. Don't Mat and becoming the fifth. I don't know if anyone to twenty twenty one as the potential do. Twenty one is a yes twenty there. There will be kids from twenty twenty one that will enter this conversation, but no one from twenty twenty, but yeah. It's Yeah, it's just it's a good place to be. You want the established stars you want the up and coming stars and you want. You want the fresh new young stars that have a chance to throw. You have to have multiple generations at greatness for league to be fully healthy. And for Let's be honest for a little bit there. I didn't feel like that was the case in the NBA. The parody is always lacked because it's a superstar of League but The parody in having superstars felt like it was lacking. Teams didn't even feel like they can have a guy who developed into one who turned into that Basically, you were drafting a already made thing and hoping it all worked out, or you're getting super lucky. Right and you get a Colli. Leonard late late know middle the first round so It's nice that the talent is such to where. There's equal opportunity in so many places other than apparently Chicago in New York. Or the last thing here do you WanNa WanNa? Give some strong NFL draft picks. I think the virtual draft is better than the radio city music. Cleveland yell the. Bullshit that they do I think that the pomp and circumstance that they put around. The draft was always weird. inherently as I've said I think a couple of times already like one of the silver linings of this whole pandemic. Is that so much pretense and nonsense is getting stripped away from things. This is an accelerator in so many areas of just day to day. Life things that were eventually going to happen are are being forced to happen now. and I think that the intimacy of being in homes being with family Roger Goodell in the chair, almost fallen asleep between picks on day to like there was a very real human element to it that honestly they had escaped. By putting on these big ass shows over the years and turning more and more into an event I think that I think that that's a lesson that maybe more so than me saying. Oh, I thought the packers, did this thing stupid? Which I think they did, or all the forty niners in the raiders, and the broncos and the Ravens killed at all. that. The lesson from all of this is. People just want to see people and they like things changing and they don't need. Yell Fireworks and I think they were gonNA use a pontoon boat to take players across the Bellagio fountains. Stand on the stage I don't want that. I don't want that this is this is a conference call, but they've now just added layers, layers and layers to. It was nice to get back to the conference call, and by the way like I think the biggest takeaway is Incredible work by SPN NFL network, and all these people espn might of overdone it with the the heartbreaking and the the quote, unquote human side of things it got to the point where I like I said I turned it off, and just purely started watching bleacher reports coverage right, which is very similar to like how the MLB draft goes where it's like sitting in a studio and reading names and give a scouting report, and then they move onto the next one. That's what I'm looking for That's what I want A. Enjoy at first the orchestration of all that having to get you know these iphones, sevens, or whatever on tripods into everyone, as somebody, who very much values, the fiber speed Internet that I have here at my home and it's it's one of the reasons that I moved particularly to this island to this part of town like I I was over slow Internet and paying xfinity for anything in so. I know the difficulty in bandwidth. In trying to do yellow, basically work from home telecommuting kind of stuff and put on a draft in that way is Crazy crazy to me and and for all of these teams to be able to basically put their war rooms in the GM's living room. Not that crazy 'cause they have enterprise level it, but credit ESPN credit to Trey Wingo, who had to orchestrate all of it? I think. It went so well. They're not gonNA obviously in hopefully just because things get better. They're obviously not going to keep the. Basics of that, but some of the elements that came through because. There was no option we have to do it this way. I, think that it was extremely informative and will make better product. Going forward and I think that you know maybe us as content, creators and sports, fans, and sportswriters, talkers and shit like that intimacy. that. They were able to tap into whether accidentally or deliberately is so valuable, and that's something to really think about. Going forward which which I enjoy it I enjoyed learning something about the the industry. Yeah I think that's all true I think. Like what was your favorite part of it I won't Jerry Jones drafting from a yacht every year and I want cliff Kingsbury. Flex Cliff Kings Berries Scottsdale Manchin is exactly what I needed. I so envious it was. That looks like the greatest place on earth. My my favorite comment on twitter with that was. It was. What do you think cliff Kingsbury does for a living? When when you see this house in, someone just responded cocaine. Say. That looks like a drug man salves. It looks like he doesn't have any photos who doesn't have anything. It's just like God. Damn the amount of parties you could have in that place. Oh my God. Yeah I. Mean Talk About picks at all like I. think that everyone way over thought it with Isaiah Simmons like he's just a monster. Yeah, I thought well somebody WHO's big on sparks course in like general athletic testing by I have to imagine his spark is the highest number. It's not that I I don't actually see the full on spark scores. What I do is I. Spend a lot of time on this site called mock draft. which basically spider charts for all? Scores and produced, but the way that it I eventually started using it in Texan phone calls is his circle and boy. Does he have a very full circle up and? I would I spent a lot of time in just referencing. Other players that are currently in the NFL, right so like Julio Jones is almost entirely ninety percent tiles, and we're just like well of course Calvin Johnson. Same thing US look at some of the greats, just like these percentiles you look at some of the guys who were fifth round picks that burst, and it's like yeah. He was ninetieth percentile and all these athletic testings, and so he's playing some scheme in college. That doesn't capitalize on any of that comes to the NFL gets into the right. System right coach and explodes like that's the George biddle thing George Kendall Athletic Monster, but he played it Iowa where they made a blocking tight end, because they don't like throwing the ball by the way the making him a blocking tight end also made him like an incredible. Blocking ends in the NFL. He might be the best, but we can get into that conversation later. He's unbelievable and it also shows that blocking isn't so much physical stature as much as it is just wanting to block somebody you have to have some physical stature, but what you really have to have as a desired actually do it but so my my stance is very clear. In the first round, you need to be drafting an athletic freak who also has a high motor who also produced at the college level? You have to get all three. You can't sacrifice actor, athlet, athletic, upside or production. Mike. Should be the first defender taken unquestionably, he hit. He checks all the boxes He's a high character kid. He was dominant in college and he's got a big old full circle like there was just no doubt about it. Same with Nick Bosa the year prior like quarterbacks, it gets really tricky, though I do think that the athletic testing is going to become more and more valuable for quarterbacks, especially with the spreading out of the game and the deterioration of offensive lines, and basically every defensive line, having a bunch of dudes like. You're going to have to see more mobility at that position. I think that the floor for that went up massively in the last year next year. It's going to be the more I think. Tyler is going to win the MVP I think that the entire sport the entire physician is going to change. Almost irrevocably and dramatically Really next year. We've already seen a lot of change in relating Taylor Murray. Is GonNA WIN MVP next year? Yes, a while. It is targeted on that with you. Sure I can get good odds on it. I haven't been able to find odds yet, and I literally check every morning so that I can get them and plunk down a whole bunch of money I love what Arizona's doing I think they I think they got it figured the fuck out and. That division is really tough. It's the toughest division football bar none. They got the nineties in the division, the SEAHAWKS. I don't understand what they were doing in the draft. Just like it always happens, which always happens in. Don't over. Think it because they'll find. Some guy in the fifth round makes up for the guy in the first round. They had no business in the first round and we move on and on and on. The rams still have a great coach. Their rosters the mess. I learned a lot about west need in that They cut to clearly like the poolhouse at his house in Malibu and Their their training facilities in thousand oaks, so I learned a lot about less need in his ability to make good decisions, because he is somebody who has decided to take the drive Malibu if you can live, live in Malibu, but not if you have to go over the mountains every day to get two thousand oaks I've done that drive a couple of times in my life, because my my grandfather lives in thousand oaks, and if you're gonNA, drive up from L. A., you might as well take the one. AMC. I'm seeing ten to one collar Mary ten to one. That's not that great about. It's not that great. I was excited for it to be like twenty to twenty five to one. Where did you see that? It's on Bova like a cast. Providers got bad lines. I do, but nonetheless might be able to find it. I'll still take ten to one. I feel strongly about it, but. Your Zone. It's got to figure it out. Simmons is going to be a monster. They're my frustration with that was that the draft pretty much went the way I thought it would go more or less like to. The dolphins is going to be a fun. Interesting thing Herbert stands a chance now because he's not going to be thrown into a situation where he has to go now, he can get a little bit of seasoning. Seasoning tyrod Taylor's really underrated and more than capable of managing that team, Philip rivers suck last year like the notion that tyrod. Taylor isn't better than whatever Philip rivers was last year is laughable to me. so feel good about the chargers situation, but like I love Matt. Rule have no matt rule for a long time Matt. Rule is a tremendous leader of men I think he's a really smart football guy He we, we go back to South Florida him at Temple, getting prospects I. Don't understand what he was doing with their Brown. Derek Brown is a high motor guy. He had a lot of production at Auburn. He also has almost no athletic upside whatsoever I. Mean it is laughable. Some of the combine numbers and stuff you put up he's. He's a run stopper. That drafted seven. I mean it was like a full on name Eshelman move. Good number for you any leave Isaiah Simmons on the board. Get the fuck out here. You just lost leuke clearly like go out and hit yourself arranging middle linebacker. I totally agree with you. They should have just taken Simmons, but more importantly that MGM on their New Jersey. New Jersey APP, you can get Collar Murray at twenty five to one damn I am ready so fucking. We're Goebel we're. This is okay great. Yeah I love Isaiah Simmons and totally agree with you. The panthers way over thought this. was very clear that the panthers wanted to remake their defense. I liked a lot of the other guys that they got on defense like I like their late around picks when you then sacrifice on production like that's the thing with day three. You're picking up a guy with athletic upside, or you're picking up a guy who produced a bunch in college, but isn't that super. went out and got like youth mottos and Jeremy Chin in. Going to be fun. Yeah, and they got the kid from the. xfl Kenny Robinson. Robinson's game. Like Stevens is going to be really good. I'm not worried like I think just way over thought the Simmons versus Brown thing. I think people. I don't know what the raiders were doing. Either Alkali site overthink Jerry Judy to Jerry Judy's monster I didn't like that I disagree with Jerry Judy Think Judy Judy's a slot receiver. This was my hot take. I'm fine with that the. Well, yeah, but like you have to understand where I'm coming from like my hot taken, it got me in some hot water around these parts, because the niners were clearly targeting receiver, but like I got to look at it from directly the forty niners focus and understanding their offense and I'm like there's no way Jerry Judy can play the position that they need him to play. which is outside x Split End Receiver? He like he can't Deebo Samuel can't do that. Depot's izzy receiver. So that's that's a different. That's a different beast. The X Z are very. There's a big differentiation between the two of them, so it's Brandon you the twenty fifth pick that they traded up to get. He's the guy who that will probably be the axe in the X.. They saw last year with Emmanuel Sanders when he came in How that changed and IU has a big Ole circle by the way Emmanuel Sanders? Yes, he's about ten year separated from Andy's coming off of an Achilles. Achilles injury that he had a denver but Emmanuel. Sanders was like a combine for week insane with Pr Garson. Those are two guys. Everyone thinks Oh. Well Koch Shanahan. He loves the extra. SEAVER will yeah. You bought the X. Receiver position to if you had Julio fucking Jones, but there's no Julio Jones in this draft that you look at the other guys that Shanahan has had playing x receiver, and it was Garcia. At, it was Emmanuel Sanders last year. You look at. He is absolutely perfectly in that exact same bolt so I'd expect him to be the starter there that move made a lot of sense going out and getting John Ken Lot to South Carolina who's basically an unrefined super athlete. Who's just massive and has this huge? He composed wildly productive by the way while productive because he was just. Just out doing every. You couldn't put boys in front of them like you need to full grown. And in that system, which is a they have this bullshit like all gas, no breaks nonsense there, but like you watch it and you're like. Yeah, these almost like reckless in how aggressive they are in just trying to shoot gaps and stunting and stuff like there's no refinement there. It's just athletic freaks getting getting off the line as fast as they can do it a move, maybe and trying to get to the quarterback. There's no bill belichick containment or anything. It's kill kill. Kill, kill. Kill you'll fit perfect, but. The raiders I don't mind the. Rugs move like I liked I think rubs. Nine again like this is the team that prioritize getting Antonio Brown last year. He has. The closest thing I've seen Dantonio. Brown on College I. Agree with the I did agree with you until I had a buddy of mine. Who is spent a lot of time at Alabama, and now is in an NFL front office when I was talking about judy and I go feel like. He asked me what I thought. The niners will do, and I say well I think they probably go with Judy given this and that and he goes. They're not gonNA. Go Judy in like okay well why he goes watched the tape again and notice where he's at in situations where it's clear is clearly going to be man to man coverage. An Alabama hit him in the slot. Every single time we'll end. Alabama ran like that crazy. RPO offense for like a lot of a lot of stuff was I. Think I think Judy will be wildly. One re pass, and then like maybe a second read I think I think judy will be wildly productive with the broncos because he'll be in the slot now i. don't like the fact that they went out and got Hamblur, too. Because he's a slug is well, we'll see. We'll see, but he doesn't I think you move guys in and out I. think that they're going to be a really good position. He's going to be a good player. He just doesn't have the athletic. Right so now you're relying entirely route. You're relying on route running, which is extremely valuable kind of crap, shoot and again if you're picking in the first round I. Don't like guys who don't have the athletic upside. I want the production and the upside because you're drafting a day one starter if he's in the top fifty picks so. I was just Kinda down in that regard with rugs. It's like you can't teach that speed. I think that. Maybe, the different offense than than the raiders but like. You See tyreek Hill twice in your division every year like if we're being for being real about it like I'm only really comparing judy to rugs because they played on the same team like I would have taken CD lamb. Just been happy. I'm surprised. Lamb fell. That said it's so hard to get a read on big twelve receivers. It's hard to get a read on pretty much any receivers, but then you watch him. At least he was outside the numbers most of the time they did hide him in the slot every now and again so that he can get free released, but he was getting free release on the outside, too, so you have no idea what he does against a press. I would that on it, but again now you're betting on? To are so it was really tough. It was a really deep receiving classed. The high end. Just wasn't there and I I hate I hate that when people are like. Oh, it's really, didn't I'm sure you you. You run into the same thing. All the time like this was his deep receiving classes. I can't remember they were. The Guy. Running into. Run into it in the NBA draft with all the point guards, 'cause there are sixteen point guards that have a chance to go in the first round this year, but but as but in the same situation. That doesn't mean that there's another steph curry another Kyrie irving right like there's not hundred percent restaurant. Just because it's deep doesn't mean that it. It's top heavier as the wrong. That has the high end it could start at eighty as opposed to one hundred and still have a bunch of dudes between eighty. Seventy five. Whereas sometimes sometimes, you just have a guy who's at a ninety five, and then you drop down and everybody else's sixty. I don't I don't know. I loved a lot of the receivers in this class, but I I wasn't shocked that it was. A little less chalk than a lot of people made it out to be. In this town. Yeah, yeah! I could go on for literally hours. Do we do the Damon Arnett thing real quick. Yeah let's do the Damon. Are Nothing because I like? But. That's the worst pick in the draft I. It's hard to argue I'm not a big fan of the playing value game thing because if he's the right pick, no one remembers if he was overdrafted or under drafted. It doesn't help that I'm not optimistic like it. It doesn't help that he's always going to be. The Guy who was overdrafted. Tonight S to live up to a standard that frankly he should never had thrust upon him, but My stances. This cornerback in general is a complete crap shoot. There's only like two schools in the entire country that play. A system that is transferable at all to the NFL and that's Ohio state and sometimes Lsu. Certain Systems Alabama. It's. I only trust Ohio state cornerback I wouldn't have drafted, Khuda is high as he was drafted, but like he was far and away. The best wasn't that I like I just don't know who's good and who's not in the athletic testing, the spark scores in the circles and all that stuff it. There's no clear indication of like. I can't figure out supposed to be. Our next sparks score. Look like because I would imagine it's not rape became like a four or five the combine. It wasn't like. Doesn't have super long arms, and if you just watch the tape like even our net like I watch Dan, wonder every Ohio state game like this is one of the things that I feel pretty good talking about. Let me end Bert a little bit too often, especially the last three years and then like. WanNa. Say that he turns like twenty four this year. Oh! I don't know if. He might he might. Yeah, he turns twenty four September. YIKES! I thought he was a fringe. First Round prospect and I was very high on him. Compared to everybody else, and that's just because. I thought that he was overaggressive at Ohio state and so he burned a bunch. I. Don't know if you coach that out of them or not, but I I just. I think that it's easier for Ohio. State cornerbacks to transfer to the NFL than it is for anybody else. Where basically you're just role at Tyson. Hoping it comes up here at so if you're in the first round and you go to Ohio state okay, I wouldn't have been shocked at thirty. Two nineteen was ridiculous. And let's be real. He was probably a third round prospect. Yes. It's kind of what I thought. Is there. What did you think about K. J. Hill going as late as he did? Because I thought that was those amnesty. I really liked K. jail. He's an incredible slot receiver. His hands are unbelievable. He has very good at getting separation. He'll play for the like I think. You'll make the chargers I thought. He was a day to day three option just for a team that decided like listen high floor. Los I figured he'd go like in the fourth round I figured. That's all the tool. Stuff just wouldn't be there like teams would be like. He's five eleven and. Bursting very small and like he's. He didn't run like a wild time I. Don't don't concerns the forty either so like I figured he'd go around four or five round seven's nuts that dupleix. Hands are unbelievable to. Could be fair I mean. He had an eleventh percent broad jump sixteen percent, sixteenth, percent, vertical, seventeen, four, six, forty, which ride receivers slowest hell. Especially small one yeah I mean. It's got big. Get why you fell I. Do like I'm not going to sit here and deny that like an again. We're talking about him. Oh, he should have gone. You know maybe early. Fifth Round does oppose still a day. Seven Guy I thought he could have snuck on day to just because he produced so well, and he was clearly Ohio states go-to Guy. Like when they needed to play like, get the ball the hill. They needed a first down. Alavi was the guy that like. Near the end of the season like really emerged as just being a monster, but you know when you need a first down. You need seven yards Caja Hills. The guy what was wild to me is how the first three picks of the draft all spent time at Ohio state. Yes, like damn right. They did know it's just like Holy Shit like. That are Meyer guy might be a sleazebag, but that Croup. Yes he can. The last thing. I WanNa talk about the packers. How how wild was the packers draft? Anytime that you draft a full back in the third round, and it's not even remotely close to the top story. You fucked up. Yeah I think that this was one of the worst draft I've seen the longtime. The forty niners traded up to twenty-five. Were going to move up to take a wide receiver. And then they took Jordan Love I. DO wonder if like. Maybe there's a chance they were going to take you. In then. But that's that's that's. That's something that the raiders have done a couple two years in a row were they drafted just after the niners, and they've both had the same boards essentially, so like the the night took Mike Lynch. Believe number nine. They took Colton biller like a later because they were like. Oh, we really WANNA mcglinchey. And then the raiders had Bosa, as everyone should have never went on their board, and then they didn't get him, so they're like who's the next best defensive end? Even the gap was tremendous. We're take Farrell. No are very. Very good at this like. At least the management of the asset. I think the same shit kind of happened with the packers there where it's like. Oh, we didn't get the guy that we wanted. All Right? Who's next on our boards. It's a quarterbacks like don't think too hard about it except that you have to pay Aaron Rodgers like. Forty million dollars a year for the next three like that's the part that fucks me up with it because I'm like why I think it's bad move. is because Elliott has nothing to do with the fact that you think if you think Jordan. Love is good if you think towards bad and that's. The most valuable asset in football right now is a quarterback on a rookie scale deal and you're wasting. You're wasting because you literally can't get off of Aaron Rodgers without blowing thirty five million on your salary cap sheet for the next two years, and then even the year after the atom. Pretty sure, it's like twenty million, so don't you're losing the most valuable part of this? I? I'm down on Aaron Rodgers in general like I spent a lot of time studying Aaron Rodgers this past year because they played the forty niners in the AFC, championship game, and I think Roger's Kinda sucks now like. You're not in Aaron Rodgers. Guy I still find I think I think Aaron Rodgers at a time could have made the argument. His peak was he was as good as any quarterback in the history of the NFL at at the peak of powers. Those powers are long past him. He plays chicken shit football these days. He looks more interested in protecting his passer rating than he is about making plays I mean he is. It's like passive. Aggressive football I'm so out on them I think the floor is out on them. The problem is okay fine. You're done with them like. Is he going to retire they? You can't get off that deal. No one's GonNa, no one I. Don't think there's a team in the NFL. WHO's dumb enough to take on the full brunt of Aaron Rodgers is contract very strong. Disagree you very strong. Just because there are stupid teams. Either stupid teams and be, he's still like a top sixteen quarterback in the NFL. Even if you WANNA be uncharitable. Okay. I I don't WanNa I. DON'T WANNA. Get into it. I'll say this. I I would bet you that if that. When because what Mike Sando does, the quarterback tears every year right? Yeah, I will guarantee you. He's in the top sixteen. I, I don't think. I. Don't think that you I. Think Santa's wrong I don't think that that's incorrect, but it's not going to be Sando. It's going to be them reaching out and doing votes from NBA know you're at your NFL front office this. You're right and I guarantee you this. I think Aaron Rodgers is gonNA. Make Great Las Vegas Raider. And he'll really enjoy throwing. It Dan rea rugs once every three months because he doesn't WANNA. Throw it deep ever because that's where interceptions happen. Interceptions are bad for his NFL best passer rating all time and I think he cares more about the actually winning games. ooh, that's a take. We're going to end it on that day. We're going to end it on that. Tell the people that you find your words. At on twitter Saturday. Jose Mercury News for the time being we'll see. I've got an NBA mock draft coming tomorrow on Wednesday. I'll have a podcast about maybe on Friday or so. We're back podcasting said. There's nothing going on in sports right now. It was my birthday like a week and a half ago. Needed some time here, figure it out gas. Figure it out on the back of like when Shit Happens San. We'll talk about it. Yeah, right like the. World all good. We're all good here, so keep it locked to your, but until next time. We will talk soon bye.

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