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#539 Todd Gilliland / Martinsville PreRace


This is the final lap weekly. Featuring the latest bass car racing news driver interviews race preview of discussion. Rumors and more. Here's Carrie Murphy, Toby Christie just a couple of talking race. ATF L ws on you found the place where we talk about all things NASCAR. My name's Kerry. Murphy a longtime NASCAR media member and syndicated radio host of all things. The final lab our co host for the show is Toby Christie NASCAR editor from the final dot com and social media director from everything under the sun when it comes to at the final app. Are you ready to talk NASCAR? It seems like the weeks are winding down. We're almost done. They are we can see the light at the end of the tunnel near the long NASCAR season is drawing to close. But we still have a lot of rates him to go and champions to be crowned. But I am ready to talk NASCAR carrier. You ready? I am totally pumped for this week because we're talking martinsville. Yeah. We've got a pretty good guest on the show this great. Yeah. We got Todd Gilliland in the truck series. They are racing this weekend as well. And I noticed when I was talking to him that he's really tall. Yeah. He's taller than his dad. And I think is dad was right at six foot wasn't he he is way taller than like everyone. We're in the we're in his hall, are you know, it's a cow Busch motor sports hall are. So it's pretty pretty nice and spiffing. But his head. I think is hair was touching the the ceiling. Puts it in perspective there. That's pretty good. That's pretty impressive actually made myself. A stick come in handy. I don't know if you know this, but I attach are the zoom quarter that we use to record interviews to a selfie stick. And I used to call it the Joey llegado stick because I needed to to reach him. And now, I I guess I could rename it to the Todd Gill and stick. Yeah. He's he's pretty tall. That's pretty impressive. So, you know, we touched on the way. People can subscribe to this thing here carry we haven't yet because I was telling my Todd Gill and stories we'll nobody cares about your story anymore. We're done. Okay. Well, then if if people want to subscribe to this for free and have the show automatically show up on their device matter what that device is no matter what podcasting directory they are listening to how would they do that plenty of ways to do it. And I'm one of the lazy people myself ask my wife, she'll tell you firsthand. I am very lazy. So I like things and delivered to me the way you do that as going to a podcast. Apple podcasts. Stitcher radio. Tune in radio cast box Spotify heart radio any of those apps like that search for the final weekly when you find us, click subscribe and immediately on your mobile device. You will get our show every week right after it's posted to the public. That's all about right there. Well, mostly immediately. I notice Google play was a little late this week or last month messed up, but hey, while you're also there you can give us a five star rating, which you carry Murphy really enjoy you love those five star ratings. Don't you? Well, it said to grow my hair. I have yet to see the results of that. But we'll go with that. I think there's a little bit of result there. I can see some difference. It's almost time for shave this week. I think yeah. Hey Kansas speedway was on a scheduled last. I checked last weekend. And man he has figured out how to win for his third win of the season and his career. Chase Elliott takes home the victory here. He is Friday and Saturday, we're we're kind of decent and wasn't real sure about today and start the race in the car. Joe really, nice and. We're way closer to the competition. I often were yesterday which was encouraging and felt like if we could get some track physician get frost one of those guys. I thought we'd have shot, and obviously got lucky with Kevin's misfortune. I wish we could race him straight up to see you know, who was better. I felt like we were fairly close to the second to last round. You know, I'm not sure hardy was trying or not. You know, obviously being behind him. I was working pretty hard to try to keep up and just be close if an opportunity arose, and you know, luckily it worked out and chase Elliott kind of wanted to race. Kevin Harvick head to head. Although that didn't happen. Here's chase. Yeah. I mean, like I said I wish I could have raced Kevin for shade up there at the end and had not have his misfortune that was to me. That was nice goal to have. Obviously, I think he's been the class of the mile and a half throughout the year. But just to run with them be able to pay him lat, time wise and be within ten Carling southern China. Get buying thought was very encouraging some I'm encouraged by that Kansas is very different from homestead. So very different rates. Check, Texas is also very different. You know? I look forward to the next round. Definitely a big win. They're all big, you know, the road to walk his limb so hard, and then the past couple of months being like they've been it's kind of surreal, but you just have to appreciate him. I mean, you don't know win or if you ever gonna win the race. So I I'm going to be excited today is I've been the only differences we go to martinsville and four days and it's game on again and here breakdown for us his crew chief for. The third time this season third time the last couple of months Alan Nelson. Don't know how to spell or say his name we tested here. I guess about a month ago, and we had a really good test. And and were able to get some speed out of our car over the long run, which was really our strength. So we knew going in that short runs probably weren't going to be or fourteen certainly throughout the weekend. Qualifying and practice. That showed up as a weakness. But we felt like over the law hall. We'd have a really good car and along relapse that we'd run the better. We'd be so. Kind of the star of the raise. You know? We had a few short runs and and. We actually made a little ground there. And then had a issue on a restart win the one in the seventeenth state outs. We got backed up lost track mission. But as we've got flag runs we had speed to to kind of drive through there and executed really well road pitstops certainly that hurts them guys today. Got the ten forty one. I guess. We're able to get up to the front. In how before wherever the pressure the four no certainly have been hard to pass him. You know within having having a lead in in clean air. But we were able to put a lot of pressure on him. And ultimately he sped and from there like it was a race. To win. We weren't looking forward to a caution there at the end we knew that our car was in great on a short run. So fortunate come from us, and it was just kind of you know, there's a little risk reward. You can run up against the fence and gain a little bit of time. But if you miss it like the twelve did or couple guys today, you can certainly damage your car. So at the end, we were just running. A conservative line that we can make the speed to stay in front of the eighteen but not fulfilling the wall. So it's really good day executed. Well, did a great job and ended up in an up getting the win. All right. There's the crew from the nine machine from Hendrick motorsports picking up their third w of the season is looking more and more. Like, they might actually have what it takes to hoist the Cup. Yeah. They're definitely looking like one of those teams that sneak up there and take this from the big three people at Kevin Harvick and Kabua's and Martin shirks junior. Keep shooting themselves in the foot as playoffs go on and guys like chase Elliott or getting hot all of a sudden, there might be a change in guard a sweet slight tweak of how things are going here. And Elliott all of a sudden looks like a possible championship favourite. It's amazing. How many I think wasn't that eight second place finishes? He had before his first win. Yeah. And now bus throw it a road course. Or they're walking Glenn. And he's been unstoppable seems ever since he's won three of his last six races are so something like that. Well, certainly two of the last three races in the round. I mean, he basically dominated the round. Yeah. I mean, he's he's he's getting it done. Now. Some of those things were you know, I want to say given to him. But he did kinda get into situations drivers made mistakes like this week with Kevin Harvick and his penalty. And there he was there to just take it as it was. And so that's kind of the the true markings of a champion also being in the right place. The right time to capitalize. If somebody else makes mistake and chase. Elliott's been very very good at that here lately. Well, you don't accidents win one of those races. You have to be in position to do that. And like, you said capitalize on it. And one of the things that I take away from this is how often do you? And I and everybody in the NASCAR media often say or have said about chase Elliott or other drivers once they get that first win the rest. Seemed to come easier. I don't know what that is. But he's really proving right? Yeah. And so once Harvick fell by the wayside with his penalty. All chase Elliott had to do is just hold off Kyle Busch. And Kyle Larson down the stretch, you know. Oh, for sure for sure I mean, just a credible. Yeah. Those guys were coming in very fast towards chase. And man, he was able to find another gear find another set of speed there and just was able to pull away over the stretch. Incredible incredible job man Kyle Larson though again close but couldn't quite get a get a win yet. Again. So four races left in the season. Are we finally over the Chevrolet Camaro hump that we've had I would say based on what we're seeing from chase Elliott. He's over it. Good. Yeah. I don't know if the rest the teams there, but chase Elliott seems to figure it out something. Yeah. No kidding. All right. Second place. His name is Kyle Busch. Good day for us. You know, just had to make sure we had a solid day here to make sure that we got into the next round and being able to do a good job of that. So this is a mile and a half racetrack, which is Texas and homestead. So it's important to be good at these places, especially here, I feel like because it's getting more similar to homestead closer to closer to their. And of course, you know, also just Texas being a fast mile and a half. There's some tendencies that are similar, but. Good day. We had a great racer at the end. We were trying to chase down chase in. We're close got kind of there. And then this car died out. Just didn't have any more to go so house afraid that was going to happen. But today force so even he said in that piece there that his car just fell off. And that was it. He he had nothing else for the leader. Yeah. And you don't usually see that for Kyle Busch if he usually cow butchered that guy that if something falls in his lap. He is a guy who just closes. He finds a way to finish the deal, and he just didn't have what it took to get past. Chase elliott. He was close on clothes on them. And every time we get to about, you know, four three tenths of a second somewhere in that range chase fat away to link them lead back out. And so man, but I think second-place finish is good for Cowboys. This point gets a little bit of momentum going again for sure for sure but this guy. Wow, finishes third in the race. But it wasn't enough. Let's hear from Kyle Larson. Yeah. It was a good race for us. We're. Really lose the second or the race. And we just kept hanging up to until we got to get spot. And where I could run the wall comfortably. So. Know once once I was able to move up, and you have some sort of security up top. I was I was better. But still just two short runs. But about halfway through the on finally tighten up, and I could go better. But track was so fast. Even the even around where I felt like I was good. You know, you just can't make up any time. Because there's everybody's your quick. And then you when you're faster somebody get stuck. I held Kyle up for like a one hundred laps to run it hard. And I think the cool conditions made it kinda tough to pass today. We'll get to the whole list of those that didn't move onto the next round. But Kyle is definitely one of them and basically had to win. Yeah. And you know, obviously, he didn't. But he was very close. But he's been one of those guys all season that although he hasn't won. He has shown speed in. You know, definite chunks of the season where he might be able to contend for championship. If he was able to make it to the final four that obviously is not happening now, but even here Kansas he shows top three speed was closing in and the clothes. Laps of Kyle Busch wasn't between him and chase Elliott. Who knows what happened there because Larsen was closing fast there for a while. But it wasn't to be like you said collars eliminated from the playoffs. The fullest of guys here in a moment that we're we're knocked out in this round all four of them. Yeah. Eric Jones there at number four, and he seems to be making appearances on a weekly basis. They're in the top ten even the top five. Yeah. He's been very very good. The second half this season ever since that went Daytona. Eric Jones has been just lights out. There's no stopping them. We'll rough patch of bad luck around Roble time and whatnot. But the bad locks all the way he's still getting great finishes. And the I like what I'm seeing from Jones. I think he might be a championship contender next season. So Martin tricks junior here at number five, he just I don't know in my opinion. He just doesn't have that extra special something that we saw last year. I I don't know if it's because they've heard that shops are closing up and people are polishing resumes rather than. Seventy eight cars done, right. Or are what it is. But it's just he doesn't have that little extra something whatever that may be. Yeah. It's really weird that we're sitting here after a top five, and we don't feel very high on Martin church going forward. But that's where we're at. I'm right there with it doesn't feel like they've got that same speed that we saw even earlier this year. You know, there is a lot of news go into the garage and all the guys there are probably preoccupied with trying to find a job for next season, which probably factors into a little bit. But man, there's a championship to be one right now right here the way to go out with a second championship if you're this team. So maybe we'll get it back together in this round and show some some better speed and get some wins. But I'm kind of concerned for him to carry they they kinda snuck back into this round by the by these teeth. They're definitely definitely and Brad Kazlauskas. Probably the shocker of the race you finish his six in this thing also not enough to move on. And he at one point in the season was dominating. Everything we added him to the big three and made them the big three plus one and now not so much. No, not so much. I mean, if you had told me about a month ago the brackets ask you be eliminated from the playoffs before the final four. I would've said you're crazy because this guy was on a three race win streak. Hit a lot going on in favor of him. And wants this round started. He'd just had some bad luck guts. Wept up and stuff at Talladega swept up and stuff at Dover and a six place finish ultimately was not enough here at it, Kansas. That's a real bummer for him and his teammate Ryan blaze their seventh headed shot to win this thing. Also, or at least have really really good finish and kind of ruin that late as well. Three of the four guys that were eliminated had top ten run. That tells you how competitive this is that you can get a top ten and still be eliminated. Yeah. I mean, they were third sixth and seventh. I mean, you can't do much better than that. You know? I mean, they're looking at things, and you're like, wow. That's just wild. Like, we finish that great. We had bag. Good of a day. It still wasn't enough. So actually four were in the top ten now that I see it who was the fourth. We'll Alex Bowman. Oh, that's right. I forgot he was still in. That's funny. So yeah, they all finished top ten now that I'm looking at the list a little better. And I'm shocked. I'm really truly shocked. Yeah. That's that's some wild stuff there. I forgot Bowman was fill in. I remember you need to point his way in but totally forgot about him. So man, that's that's impressive. So yeah, you had Joel Gano eighth. Alex Bowman knife. Who also has limited than Eric Amrullah finishes tenth moves on to the next round. That could be a guy who could be asleep or for the championship as well. He's been very very good this season. And all of a sudden he's starting to get some really good runs as we close in towards homestead. So real quick. We got the other stories on the day. Alex Bowman early on hit the wall hard while running top ten still recovered apparently entire for the forty three car left rear. He had to come into the pits for that engine failure on. On the twenty four car. William Byron had a bunch of other Chevy's biting their nails after that one. Yeah. Ryan Blaney hit the wall late in the race. Probably why he couldn't get better than the seventh. Kevin Harvick though that was the biggest story of the day. I mean, he just the car was on rails yet again looking to totally destroy everybody in the field. But he was busted for speeding pit road. Well leading late and my little note here is haha. Yeah. I know you're not on the Harvard bandwagon this year, but hey, he's had seven wins. So far this season. He could easily have ten plus if it wasn't for weird little things like this made some issue there on their own. He's had some speeding penalties and weird things. Like that. Even swerved at Cal arson race and wiped himself out of that while running top five. So there's a lot of races this season that could have also been one by Kevin Harvick that weren't. So sure seven wins. Great. But man, it could be a lot more than that. Right now. The ha ha was actually more for the fact that it was literally his fault and not something like the pit crew did that he blooms so often it was literally in his hands. He sped. And there's no two ways about it all adds a team sport. So that just goes to show everyone in the entire team is human. So next time bashing his crew he needs to at least think back to that speeding there. But I think last time you had one of these the actually owned up to it and said, it was totally this fall. And he lost the race for the team. So to harvest credit. I I've got to give him that he does own up to things when it's his own fault. So real bummer form, though, finally reserved to the fact that Jimmy Johnson is out of the playoffs. Ready? I've come down off the ledge. But now I realize he's still has no wind. This year, and it would be the first year and his Cup series entirety career if he doesn't get it done in the next four races. Yeah. He's running out of time was running great begin this week in Kansas, and until the late stages slams the wall and that really ruins day. All right. Let's get this done real quick. Just a refresher course, we kind of alluded to all of these things, but we swept him into a pile for you. A refresher course into the round of eight nascar's playoffs this weekend. The drivers eliminated are Kyle Larson. Alex Bowman Ryan Blaney and Brad Kazlauskas. So the drivers in the round of eight Stewart Haas, by the way, had all four of their drivers moving forward. I'll take the first four and Toby we'll take the last four Kyle Busch. Kevin Harvick one of the HR guys Martin tricks junior and Clint Boyer another S H R car. Kurt Busch ace HR our joy llegado chase Elliott. And of course, Eric I'm role that final sewer house racing driver. Works his way into the round of eight as well tracks and around eight carry martinsville this weekend. Then we've got Texas. I'll be there on hand for that. And Phoenix, I think you'll be there. Right. I will be there as well. I can't wait to see the the spiffing new digs. They got going on there, and the infield looks pretty awesome. I can't wait in the the flag. Stan looks cool too. So that's pretty awesome. And then of course, all this leads up to the penultimate race homestead Miami speedway which will wrap up the twenty eighteen racing season. It seems like we're we're already seeing that. We were just talking about Daytona. Weren't we flew by? It's just nuts. It really is man. You know, I understand what all you'll people were telling me all his years as you get older get shorter and shorter. It seems I mean these things are just clicking off now up next. The tallest driver in all the land. Todd Gila Lind is on T F L W is he really the tallest driver and all the land. All right. Mike us at Facebook dot com slash the final lap. My name's Gary Murphy, and I'm Toby Christie and folks often come up to me while I'm walking on the street and say Kerry, we love the show how in the world do we participate? How do we help show? How do we move the show forward and beat become part of a, you know, a growing movement that is final weekly. This really happens to you every week all the time stopped on on the streets. All the time at p people recognizing me, and and talking about the show and wanting to give me money, and I said, no, no, no, no. This is not the proper way to do it. Okay. Patriot dot com slash the final lap is is the proper way to do it. True. There's lots of cool things to do their. Plus, you get rewarded for what you what you hadn't throw in for the show to make the show better. We actually give back a little bit, whether it stickers t shirts all sorts of stuff. So that's pretty cool. So people don't recognize you on the streets of Dallas. I'm I'm more on the foot worth area. But yeah, they don't usually prickly. Nice me of that. Bummer for you. All right patriot dot com slash the final app. This is. On the final with us today is tot Galindo. Welcome to the program. Yeah. Thank you for having me. You are tall. Yeah. Chuck callers have to be a little bit taller on on the top side for the truck roof height. So definitely the tall guys on in truck. Haulers little tight you extend my selfie secure for the recorder to. That's why did that for Joey Lagaan on you guys. Like you. Yeah. That's kind of weird you aren't really tall compared to some people in the world. But in racing industry. I definitely feel tall. Definitely definitely. All right. So let's let's get into the racing resumes and says a first time on on our program. So I started racing when I was five years old and in quarter midgets, and then from there, I moved up to late models and super late models. And I was about thirteen and jumped up to the Canaan series the last two years when I was fifteen sixteen and also run a part time truck series schedule last year. So it's been kind of get to get wide variety of stuff under my belt. And now hopefully to put all together forget truck series finish the year, obviously, your dad's been heavily involved. I would guess. Yep. He's he's a great driver. Coach for sure it's always great to have someone who is who's been there in as what takes as he still involved. Yes. Very involved, Tom. It's been a little bit more difficult this year, just competing aunts his truck team. But now, I think he's definitely still rooting for me every week. I'm sure I'm sure now it's been a few weeks since the the road course, run in what I took away from that is the way you handled yourself on camera. You had to get yourself away from the situation. I think. It was very mature. Yeah. Thank you. That was a tough finish. But we're going for the win. And no it's every year there. But. You know, I was very proud of my team the whole race. We ran I felt like those one my best race and my team's best race overall. So definitely tend to build on. Maybe you should be second next time heading into that final turn. Or just have a bigger lead. Rather have I really feel like he should never got to us. I should have done a better job final lap. Anyway. So so it's all about learning on hopefully next year we can God when that one how about the goals for the the rest of the season here. Like, I said I feel like we've been building every week and getting a lot better. So it's I feel like we can win a few racist or goal going in the season. Obviously we're hoping to get one before now and being the playoffs. But. It's just taking us a little bit longer than expected to kind of get gelled together. But I'm not now that we're all working on one page pulling the rope line drugs, and I feel like we're getting close to the win every week. It's got to be nice to have some of the best to quit out there with the Cowboys motorsports. Yeah. Absolutely grown up in the Canaan series. And just racing generally always watched the truck series and think about no dreaming about race if accomplishment or sports one day. So. Now that we're here we've got to make the most opportunity house. He has a boss. He's intense at sometimes, but no he's he wants to win just like us. And that's what makes it work. And how does he help you given race weekend? Anyway, he can you know, he's always available for us to to talk to. And he's in every Monday morning meeting after all are racist. So I think a lot of people don't realize how involved he actually is J B L on your your logo stuff here. That's pretty cool sponsor, I mean, everybody like speakers. Yeah. Exactly. It's really cool to sell the stuff they're doing all the Toyota vehicles, and as well as just the JBL. Audio everything that they make so. What we got in our house, but it's been really cool to build a Bill relationship with sponsor like them. What are some of the tracks on the remaining schedule that kind of circle? And thank you know, what I think I might do other. I think all of them will tell day might be a little tough just never been there before by silting. It'll be a lot of fun. Can't be that hard. But and then going back to some of these checks for the second time, I feel like we could be really good there. Places like martinsville and Texas are two that really stand out to me with Casey Cain setting out if you raise his dehydration and other health issues as a top of the mind at a racetrack like this where it's super hot. How soon do you start hydrating? I feel like we always are never really stopped. Just part of being it being sweating a lot trying to be outside working out a lot. Anyway, when we're home. So I feel like it never stops. And that whole deal kinda confuses me, you know, just looking at him. He's in really good shape. And. I think there's still some more research to be done on the full driver developments. I'd I think it just goes to prove that you guys are truly athletes inside these cars, and there's a lot going on that fans may not realize. Yes, it doesn't look like on TV. You're always driving these things on the wheel pitstops everything is is so difficult to do it one of these racetracks. And no on TV. It looks like nothing and even me watching it, and I know what they're going through. But it doesn't look that bad. So just all about, you know, maybe getting that in the fans head a little bit more. Just seen what kind of changes NASCAR could make to to really make it look a lot cooler. You know, where are you in the rookie of the year standings? We're second right now one point back. So that's doable. Right. Yep. -solutely starting four races back. I I didn't really know forgiving. I have a shot at it. And I'm pretty proud of the progress remains far what are the plans for next year to even know we don't have anything right now. Obviously going to try and be back here with Kyle Busch motor sports. But. We got Winston races. I know it's it's motorsports about anything in general. So we gotta start looking them off. So I mean, these last tenor, you know, important last few for you guys. I don't know if it's ten, but you definitely gotta get it done. Yep. Absolutely. You know, but I know we all can have confidence in everyone on my team. And they've all won races before I've won racist. So no reason we can't get it on racing outside of NASCAR. At all. We'll have been running a few in the Arcus series and a couple in Canaan series to start the year. But. No, it's all working towards this came pro truck series for sure right? All right. His name is talk. You'll and thanks so much time and good luck this weekend. Yeah. Thank you like us at Facebook dot com slash the final lap. Weekly back. Here's your host carry Murphy into Christie just a couple of guys talking race in. Welcome back one and all we are all inclusive here on T F L W. My name is Kerry Murphy, I'm a longtime NASCAR media member and syndicated radio host of all things the final AP, basically if you got ears. Join in on the fun tomorrow. Now saying there's nothing exclusive about the show. Well, if you don't have years, that's a problem. So. The show is so Christie NASCAR editor from the final comments. Social media director from all things at the final lap. That's me. That's awesome. So we talked about how to subscribe to your favorite podcast directory. There's a bunch of them apple podcast would play. If you haven't figured out how to find podcast, just Google podcast. You'll find what you like, and we are pretty much everywhere. So once you find that go to the final half weekly type that in and give us a five star review as you're downloading. You're not doing anything anyway. So while it's downloading the five star thing. Type in some nice words, and boom, you're done. I like the put this pretty nice, okay? That was pretty concise. And to the point I like it. All right. So we don't do this very often. But you know, it's playoff season. Let's let's do a little xfinity series quick cap. That's a fast recap. I gathered that okay? Thank our listeners are astute enough to put that together to this. This stood out for me. Anyway, watching the race on lap LAN turn to right after the green flag, flew. I feel like a rhyming book. What is Dr Seuss just an all? Guira friend of the show and longtime guest and apparently ran out of talent got loose took himself along with three others in the top four in the championship. Cole Custer Austin syndrich. Christopher bell also involved bell remained above the cutoff line by one point while all Geyer syndrich and Custer fall below John hunter Nemechek though heads to victory lane for the first time in his career. It was fun racing him really hard all day racing each other clean and. That's kind of what I have grown up. I've grown up racing against annual late models and coming up through. So I think he's one most late model races. When we've had a battle. So come out. I this time, but you chat out just to everyone that helps support me. And it's got me to this point in my career. That's an offense paint driver Kerry. Well, yeah. And it was I I'm in this series. I mean, he's one other elsewhere. I would assume is one what six races in the truck series. I believe so this is national series win. I knew you'd actually no. So that's that's impressive running a part time schedule for Chip Ganassi racing. They've now got a really interesting decision to make next year in the extended series car Chastain John hundred check someone else maybe run to maybe that would be the way. I would do that. That'd be great. Yeah, finishing second was Daniel Henrich his twenty one car failed post race inspection for being too low. Daniel loses ten points with the L one penalty any drops the lead. I think he's second now in the points. Here's Daniel during happier times though, right after his second place finish we had a really fast race car all weekend and that made a phone. That's the most fun. I've had racing on a really long time. And it's a good conference Mussa for all this year the race track and have opportunity to lead laps in win stages in do things we did this weekend. So put the last on just was crashing sideways. Could not do anything to keep her anything. But. That point. I was proud of what we did today. And we'll hang their hats on Ford. It's good to get him while he was happy. So it's great. Yeah. Yeah. It wasn't very happy about second. Because he he should have won the race. He was running very well day long and was kind of bummed not to win the race. And now, I'm sure he's really bummed attend pointing there and he has yet to win in that series. He has in but he's been knocking on the door all season long. He's kind of the chase Elliott in the Cup series air for a couple years, but the extremely series version. He's right there every week right there. Just can't quite get it in. And you know, it's going to be a matter of time, but wins it come in. Well, he's got a spiffing new Cup series ride for next year nine oh, he's running out of time. Well, I mean, it it doesn't matter if he gets win then in the extended series Malian in now doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. He's going Cup. He's made the show. He doesn't care about six Finnity series season. If you wanna use a baseball term up next for that series as Texas Toby will be there. He's got like fifteen interviews lined up and ready to go. Right. I do we'll see. Okay. I usually beat you in volume of interview for some reason, I mean, usually you get the lead. So like, you're a few weeks before me, usually. And by the time it gets to me you've already blown through thirty of the people in the field. I haven't requested any at. So I got Landon castle. I know that I'm gonna have to do that. All right. Well, good deal. Let's let's take a look at martinsville speedway. It is the half mile of mayhem. Wow. We said again the half mile of mayhem. Wow. And you just said the same thing afterwards. That's weird. Isn't that cool? Now, that's recent isn't it. Is that what they're going with for real? That was for the spring race. That was their slogan. Yeah. I hope they don't even slogan the track. Good enough, just leave it alone. Well, they are known for their hotdogs again, they went through a period of adjustment. I guess I don't know how your hot dogs, but. Yeah. It wasn't very popular the change. Yeah. Enough or sold in one week in to go around the track nine times, or I looked this up to go from earth to Mars wet. Yeah. It's just probably it's not right. Doesn't seem right at a half mile miles. Yeah. Mars is not that close. That would be a really bad day for us. I think if Mars was that close it did sound more impressive, though, it did until I started thinking about it. Yeah. That's the problem with you. How about this grandfather clock? Carey is the trophy your favorite trophy of the season. I think we did a episode of one of our other shows of this guy's gonna is. Yes. Grandfather clock here. Oh, hey, what's up, man? Are you full of wood? I am all varnished and ready to go for this weekend. That's awesome, man. Are you watching after termites this season though? It's a really bad time of year for those termites don't worry about it. Just. Say clean. Stay clean. I might have to go Google that. Clock googling tick tock tick tock. I'll just use my phone to thanks, but we have to wind you. I don't know. I think I last about a week is that accurate or? I don't know. I'm just you know, I think I laughed about a week. I am the grandfather clock. What are you questioning me? No, no, no, no, man. But you do so awful lot. Like Talladega superspeedway, blah, you guys like related, and they way possibly possibly. I cannot wait for a driver to hoist me. You can't wait for a driver to hoist you. Yes. I mean, good luck with that. Yeah. I mean, you're kinda big, you know, and heavy. Oh, man. Well, is there anything else you'd like to tell us going into this weekend? Mr. grandfather clock, just found out with termites are that's gonna be bad news for you. Okay. Let's get out of the center of your. Let's move forward with more stuff. Here. Martinsville speedway has got concrete in the turns asphalt on the streets. Don't you think who came up with that? I don't know. That's kind of weird, isn't it? I mean, that's just that's silly, right? There. Hey, the best Carl Edwards, quote may he rest in peace about martinsville. Dead. Oh, it's like running the parking lot at Bristol. That is actually a pretty quote there. And it's pretty accurate martinsville's a very tough racetrack for nuclear. For new NASCAR fans. You might actually have to go who Carl Edwards is do. You think there's some people that don't know who Carl Edwards is. Well, given the fact that NASCAR is not doing. So. Well, maybe there are no new fans. What do you mean? We're not doing so. Well, come on what we're looking like IndyCar out. There goes this is NASCAR. Exactly. Anyway, let's martinsville speedway data, shall we? This is a race. Thirty three of thirty six tracks is point five to six of a mile or the shortest track in the entire circuits. That's pretty cool banking interns, one to twelve degrees. I would assume three and four the same. French Trish length is eight hundred feet, and again, I'm gonna soom the backstretch is the same. So that would mean equidistant alert carry all it's my favorite things equa- distant. And I don't know why that still has not been copied and pasted. I don't know. But that's weird anyway race link five hundred two hundred sixty three dizzying miles around this very very slow paced but action packed race track. Last year's winner of this race Kabua's earlier this year Clint Boyer in dramatic fashion. After the snowstorm on Sunday. Did it on Monday stage one and to lengthen this race carry is what one thirty. Okay, cool each one is one thirty and final stage like this. To forty nicely done, man. Don't forget mayhem. Of course. Checking all the action Sunday two thirty PM eastern time on NBC S N anybody going to be doing some payback. I hope so I really thrive on payback. So really mad at each other right now is there. Yeah. Well, they're probably is somebody's mad about something with someone. So we can get payback. I guarantee you will be awesome on next week show. And then somehow NBC has the immediate video of why they're mad at each other. But I can't recall anything right now right now, do they dig stuff up and have it ready cute up? And you know, it's boom there it is. There has to be somebody who that's their job is to just have rivalries on Q rate a role. There's a rivalry guy. Yeah. There has to be. Oh, that guy's know. All queue up robbery guy. See we can find. They could always just have Tony Stewart queued up throwing the helmet. I know that's Bristol. But they love that one every time. Everytime time every robbery guy comes in guys. Can't look I've got it right here. That's right. Oregon, right, Oregon. Or you could queue up Kensington Lugano. Yeah. Every time every time or most recently Hamlin and Elliot. Yep. I think that's what they do every time. Yeah. See, I guess we do know our stuff we could be rivalry guy. Yeah. You're in like Kazlauskas intros at Bristol Kabua's a drops the mic. Yeah. There you go. See we watch this sport for quite a while. We know stuff apparently. So and we could recall stuff, do you? Remember when Rudd took out Earnhardt at wilkspur broom, and that was a rivalry. Wow. That takes you back. By the way back to Carl Edwards. Have you seen a driver? Just fall off the map like he has. Well, I mean, besides Dale Earnhardt. Yeah. Because usually that's messed up by the way what too soon. Way too soon. Man NASCAR circles, it will never be long enough for that. But. But yeah, no. It's kind of weird because usually when drivers retire. Obviously retired younger than most do. But even when drivers us retire. They find a way to stick around the sport and some way. Yeah, they linger. Yeah. We haven't seen much from Carl. He kind of did a little bit of tutoring for Daniels warez for like a half season, which that did a lot of good. But yeah, I don't I don't understand. It's kind of weird usually find a way to be an owner or they find a way to start throwing expanded to something. They do something you see him walking around all the time. They take on a role of the race team. As like a visor something. We haven't seen much from Carla words at all. So that's very good point. I'm surprised pockets hasn't done some sort of digging. Yeah. Bob, Bob, come on do some research lab, you get there at the tracker early enough. You can look around. Does. He really does first time I ever went to racetrack was Las Vegas and twenty ten. I live coverage. I'm going to get there early. I'm gonna have really impress everyone. I'm gonna make sure I know the lay of the land and everything I show up for the track like five thirty or six something like that. The the media center like almost all locked up and stuff. I have to ask her where to go. They tell me where to go and stuff up there already in there for the Cup of coffee. The gave him the key. Right. I think he owned he has to have the key to ever media center. I mean, it would just make sense. I guess that you know, you said five in the morning that's eight o'clock is body clock. So in Vegas anyway. Let's true. That's a good point about that way. But man, I was just like, okay. So all the things I've heard about this guy or one hundred percent true drivers doing mayhem. Well at martinsville. Excuse me. I made that up. Yeah. That was a bad one. Those probably the worst one you've done yet for once this this list here that we're about to go over it actually makes a little sense, which is just so unlike us. These are the drivers that are in the round of eight that kind of make sense to me usually we would like here are seven drivers. Exactly. All right. Let's start with Kyle Busch's. Got a couple of wins at martinsville. Fourteen top fives fifteen top tens and a pole on average finish of twelve dot six. That's awesome. How about Kevin Harvick? He is a win here. Five top five sixteen top tens and average finish a fourteen point four four four four four four four four four four four four four. That is quite the decimal point Martin tricks junior is got four top fives. That's right. He is not wanted to short-track. Right. That's right. He is just trying to so badly. And so close here at martinsville to nine top tens one pole average finish of even nineteen. I guess about chase Elliott. He has a top five here to top tens and average fish eighteen point one ref round here for the guys around eight. Yeah. Clint Boyer does have a win. It was earlier this year. Six top fives. Fifteen top tens average finish of thirteen point four or eight. Cheer up Kerry forty eight's Spiga this race track. This might be where he finally breaks through. But how about Lugano Joel Gano? No wins here. Either five time five eight top tens four polls an average of thirteen point seven eight nine. That's right. He was leading when taken out of that one year. That's true. But boy this list is pretty pathetic right now. Kurt Busch has two wins. Three tap fives. Five top tens a pole at an average finish of Twenty-one dot one. Okay. I'll surely Eric. I'm role has got some good stats here for one top five. Okay. So no three top ten's trash twenty two which is twenty second best. Yeah. Don't call me, surely either. You should note that Jimmy Johnson is just nasty. Good at martinsville tells more, Shirley. Leads the series among all active drivers with nine wins. And in case you're wondering that is followed up by Mr. Virginia himself. Denny Hamlin with five that's awesome. Those are some good statue had their carry. So technically, I guess we didn't do eight. We did ten. Well, yeah, we didn't give the full stat pack for those two though. So now, but we gave the important stuff. So that just through our whole list and and stuff outta wack. So it's we're basically right where we should be. Okay. Cool whatever doing weird numbered lists. Yep. That's us. That's our thing. Now, we entered numbered lists. Hey up next. We're gonna wrap up the show with a little bit of Kyle Larson action. He is our driver spotlight on T, F L, W know, snide comment, nothing, man, I've matured. Dot com. Final weekly getting you ready for this weekend's race. My name is Kerry Murphy his name is Toby Christie, and we call this entire program. The final lap weekly. Are you ready for the final round before the last round of the four race stretch? That is the twenty eighteen NASCAR season. That was a lot of words use to get to where you're going. But yeah. Yeah. So we got this round of as there's three races. And then there's one race with four drivers. And basically just the at homestead one of the four has to finish in front of the other three. That's that's all there is no points. No anything else. But typically we've seen they had to win. Right. Well, you know before get hey, congratulations your dodgers for making the World Series. Thank you. Yes. Making it is one thing. But actually doing wells and other right? I mean, you know, they don't have you Darvish on staff this year. Right. Yes. You and your you Darvish you jinxed us last year. Yeah. My bad, dude. Dump sorry. I didn't mean that. I'm still angry at you. I know I was I was expecting to return around at any point. And he just never did. That was a bad bad thing. Just horrifically bad. Yeah. It was pretty bad. The proud of the worst pitching I've ever seen in a World Series. Let's do a little driver spotlighting action. Here. Kyle Larson is is is he happy. I mean, he's had some words in recent weeks is he happy. With the Chip Ganassi racing. They're moving forward. Yeah. For sure I mean, I wouldn't be there. If I didn't think that it could alike being in that kind of spot where you're with the team that has a smaller budget, probably than your Stewart Haas's or Pinski and Hendrik and Gibbs in we can compete with them. So I get I get a great satisfaction out of running in competing with those teams and beating them often. So yeah, I mean, like I said, I wouldn't be with chip if I didn't think that we could win championships are or have the potential to win races and championships. So I love it there. And yeah, like, I said, I would I wouldn't I wouldn't waste my time. If I didn't think that we had the potential do something good Kyle that something like canes health issue and dehydration could happen to him. I guess the selfish about life. Is you never really think? Anything can happen to you until it does. So. Yeah. I haven't thought about that or anything like that. I'm just glad case he can still race Yunos not NASCAR. You still you to have fun. And you run the shorter stuff with sprint car racing. Acing things. So Stephanie crazy that Casey being probably one of the top three fittest guys in in our sport. You has dehydration problem. But he feels fine. You know, he's like nothing's wrong you until he gets inside the car, and he's just can't control a sweat and Kyle tells us about the transitions they made to the Chevrolet Camaros heading into the season for his race team. Yeah. Our team had a really good job with the transition in bodies through the off season to start this year. I felt like we were definitely the best Chevy team for while. And then seem like the Hendrick teams and even are CR got a lot faster in and we still have good speed. We just been a little inconsistent the last couple of weeks. So you know, we France second like six times this year and led the most laps and a handful of those races. And just haven't gotten the win. So just got to be able to to close races out better than I than I have here. The. This season. So is that a case of drivers saying one thing in the media center, and then backtracking, and maybe that's not the case what Kyle. But he'll just backtrack again. Will he maybe? So yeah, I don't know. That's interesting. Good question. I think you know, with if you can get some good team help from his team mate. You know, not same Murray is not a good teammate. But he just hasn't had a very good season. So it's really made things very tough for the two car team. If they can get good performance the second car as well. And kind of get the team moving in a positive moment direction where he's not totally carrying the whole thing. I think he'd be a little happier. So, you know, I I think there's still a few years out on those other young guys, they're grooming. Rush Chastain and John hundred check. So those guys aren't there yet? But there have been rumors of like Kurt Busch or somebody taking over that one car. So we'll see I don't know. But yeah, Kyle Larson. I think he's happy being there. I think he's very little chip. And I really believe him on that he says publicly that he kind of likes beating up on the big teams as one of the small teams. But right, just imagine. If you will if he was with say Hendrick motorsports. Well, you know, we think that but a lot of people thought that about Dylan her junior when it was a I moved to hinder more sports things weren't very good there for a few years. But, you know, saying what they're Waltrip a few others, the your so I mean, just moving to enter more sports is not enough on its own a lot of it's a lot of chemistry stuff. We saw Casey Kane didn't exactly like the world on fire has last year's Hendrick either. So. You know, being Hendrick is not the end all be all solution. If you're wanting to till chamber pretender it certainly helps, but it's not the the one hundred percent automatic. I don't think that's a good point. I just use Hendrick as an example, it could have been Gibs or or whatever I mean, you at the same exact example for all those teams to look at JJ alien those guys with Joe Gibbs racing. They had some tough times Jason Leffler as well not with us anymore. But you know, he was a very good driver. Didn't quite get things going in his time at Joe Gibbs racing. So a lot of these teams they've all had issues like that with some driver here. They're just weird chemistry stuff. We're didn't work out. But I think Larson I think he would be able to plug and play anywhere on maybe with his bat background his his dirt track background. He needs a car. That's not quite perfect. Yeah. I think you're right. I think you're right. So I think he rises to the occasion. He's one of those guys that can dig deep and get something extra out of the car. The car was one hundred percent maybe he'd turn it two hundred twenty percent. And that's where you might get some trouble. I don't know. But it would be fun to watch it. To see how you would do one of those other cars, but this is kind of the same thing. We've always talked about for lots of years with lots of driver. So let's stick with what we got right now. We're just Chip Ganassi racing. He's gonna pretty job and last question of the program. What do you like who do you like for this week at martinsville? Well, that's a good question. I think Jimmy Johnson gets I one of the season. I really do. Hey that was my pick. That's no fair. Oh predicted what you're gonna do. So that's good. We are on the same page for the first time in five hundred thirty nine episodes. I think you're right. We don't use it agree very much. So. In. That's not by design either. That's just actual natural not agreeing with each other. Which is funny. Yeah. Checkered flag is flying on this show that we can agree on. This has been the final weekly catch us next week right here when we will recap the racing from martinsville. Otherwise known as Bristol's parking lot and preview, Texas, it's big and bad and fast and all the stories in between Toby you and I will chat next week. We will hey since NASCAR is not doing. So. Well, let's turn this into a football podcast or something. How about that Amari Cooper going to the Dallas Cowboys, man? Wrap. Another final lap weekly is in the books, the final AP weekly is hosted by Kerry Murphy, along with Toby Christie, proudly syndicated by United stations radio networks in New York City city, executive producer, Kerry, Murphy Kerry, Murphy, south designed by Russell Nash, audio director dot on Tom mode from Tom O dot com. Thank you listening. I am all varnished and ready to go for this weekend. Time now for our giant list of patriarch on your your your your e bolo. Yeah, man. We've got some awesome awesome patriot members. We've got Mike Mike Scott eight Hamilton we still use sticker. We just relocated in. My wife's wanna make or salary coming soon. Don't worry pal. We've also got a Alex Taylor. We've got Chris Edwards longtime listener Nick read, he's been here while I was well, Scott Clark, Derek Gibbs. He's amazing. I liked it gives a lot. He's one of our favorite listeners. The show Thomas is in there as well. How about Tom town? He's been around since probably the beginning of time. I think before Matt Kenseth was even driver, no comment from Kerry. That's cool. I'll continue on about. We've also got hang on one second. Here. We've got some more Justin campus. I can't forget him. He's going to Kansas this week. I believe and I think he's gonna be rooting for Kyle Larson the pull out a victory. So hope that happens. Joe Nall also here as well. He's our first ever patriot member. And then, of course, Charles k Miller longtime listener the show, you guys are awesome. We appreciate everything you do for us. Become patriotic member patriot dot com slash the final lap.

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