Episode 118 - Good Luck Chuck (2007)


I like to propose a toast to charlie women. Call him that charlie. Charlie good luck chuck term. You have sex with someone and then they find their true love. Isn't that how it works. Everybody lost their minds. That's ridiculous chat six before or after dinner dinner plans. Buddy you got the tickets to the big show your have a hundred and eight messages man. This is lally any danielle. Stacey spa just hear me out. But now i'm charlie fess up about this sean quite scam. No it's not me. People believe whatever they want to what seems like a blessing cams zone. What makes you think on kissing. You also feels like curse if you sleep with her. He's gonna marry the next guy. She dates true. Started calling on your taxes. They're married it's real. You gotta go. You look great a good time to get the girl of his dreams. Jock will do anything with the curse to the test with anyone. Eleanor scalpels chick. Aimed at getting married. Actually thought that maybe we could the fiscal. I'm going to rat you to you this summer. True love not. now where do i get. This has never been so hard some over want to. I just don't think that we should receive pictures. Dane cook jessica. Good luck chuck. What sex without love. Welcome to they call some movie testing the strength of friendships. One terrible movie at a time. Subscribe to the podcast and itunes podcast services by searching. They call us a movie. We are part of the main network. That's fine more from us. Check the website. The main on our on twitter facebook instagram. At the main namie. We are also a proud member geek. Fives nation you can find them in. Gb nation dot com look. They calls movie. This is anthony video with me. As always is dan. Acquaint landmark myers say. Hello gentlemen going before we get started hot stock tip for you game. Stop by now when it goes to the moon between now and there's the you guys will know that that's still has my favorite the best team to come out of. That was the the daddy. Musk don't know why man but just the just those two words put together are just so disturbing yeah. We don't need to get into the whole elon. Musk colts but this week. Before we get into this week's movie gentlemen. What are you watching. I actually had a question. I i watched a ton of movies. And i don't remember any of them I had a question for you guys because of who the the main character in our movie that we watched this week was abysmal. If you had to do around mount rushmore of just bad actors who do you put up there. I know i'm kind of springing it on you guys if you had to if maybe we could all come together to create our own mount rushmore of horrible actors. Not ones that. We enjoy watching exactly. Yeah and not like malibu who yes. He's a bad actor but we enjoy seeing him. And as this spurred on by dane. Cook or jessica alba dane cook visit. Alba has shown glimpses of being a good actor depending on what searches wearing. No no no. Don't go putting words in my mouth. This is she has done some decent work here and there but it's again few and far between but still she's better than dane cook sore. I will give you that mark. You got any Yeah so dr butler. Now i think i i wonder if That actually be bad for some reason. The first thing they came to my head was hating christianson. Okay that's not a bad pick. Yeah yeah yeah. Because there's a whole bunch that ran in my head when it was people we enjoy. You know whittle this down but thinking about who don't enjoy and maybe just the last taste in my mouth of hating christianson was the movie. I'm gonna leave that. In their eyes move was the movie with nick. Gage outcasts alkhast. Yeah you know so. I haven't seen him I remember being the worst part of jumper. Yeah that movie yeah So yeah. I think he's a good starting point I don't know there's obvious. Ones like carrot top but he was in one movie Chairman of the board carrot top chairman endured. It's amazon prime guys. Don't be don't worry. I'm well aware of mcdonald's. Coated o'brien thing. What about you dan. What i'm trying to think right now. Are you going to say you. No i actually have a pretty good one. And you guys will know Jay courtney yes you hate courtney courtney jack courtney is the who. I don't think he's abe lincoln. I wouldn't give him abe lincoln status. He jefferson yeah. I think i got to put him there because he's not bad ass enough to be teddy. Jefferson was kinda us there. He was cool. I forgot i forgot. We're doing a mount rushmore. Where's he going with. This is not the mount rush-. That's what i'm connecting bounding pick. I'm trying to think of some bad actresses out there. I mean it did multiple movies like a model that they'd want movie. Yeah i'm gonna like. I've never been a big fan of bill. Pullman really asking yeah okay between the bills. Paxton far superior. Yeah that's true. We know who. I'm gonna pick on the pick stephen baldwin. That's a good one. Yeah that's because there's just there's one line reading from the usual suspects that like cuts through me like a knife it's when they find Benicio del toro's body and on the beach And then he's like really emotional about it and then he's like we got bury them and i think it's like gabriel byrne. Who's like well how the fuck we're going to do that. And then he's like with our hands like really emotional for some that scene just sticks out with me of a movie that i don't think he's all that good It's a c plus movie with eight-plus ending. That's right everyone talks about the ending. That's not for this epa this podcast but Yeah baldwin paulie shore if we're going baldwin right polish or yeah you do. I'm struggling with actresses i. There's not a whole lot of actresses. That i gotta be someone because we respect women. Yeah i i think. They're all great in their own way. Yeah i'm struggling with those leaning. Like i don't like it's efficient a barrel. Yeah and i've watched five seasons of girls so it's not like me just being she's gross. I watched all of that. So i know right. I mean if we're if we're going off of their movies. I i love emilia. Clarke in game of thrones but in her movies not great. But i don't think she's mount rushmore worthy. You know no. That's like something's like i love of growing up and probably still do had the biggest crush on natalie portman out good jennifer love you. It not a great actress but she was like my first crush. Here's mark i'm sorry. No no no. No i was. I was gonna say one. But then i i don't. I don't know jennifer. Lopez popped in my head. But then i remembered some good roles and then it was like you know but that would be the closest i can think of. Maybe maggie gyllenhaal. Okay she would be my pick if we knew in katie holmes for sticking with the rachel dawes okay. Yes as as as you would. She was better than Katie holmes that's for sure but anytime i see maggie jalen hall. I'm jake jake gyllenhaal here. Spader joan tone hall secretary bail diving out to save joan hall in the dark night but the reason why i was thinking about it was i watched this movie and then i watched for some god awful reason another dane cook movie. My goodness yeah. I don't know why but cincinnati in it. Yeah she probably go up there. The only other cook movie. I know and i was hoping it was a third well it. It's funny because you know. I don't like to admit these things to many people but i was dane cook fan oh i saw tourism Concert at penn state. So did i. Not at penn state. But i saw at Think i started at the garden. My ass. I'm so glad this is my badge of honor for this episode. I had the opportunity to go to that. Same penn state dane cook show. And i did not go to it. So you snobby. I've never seen dane cook in concert. And i'm gonna put that on my headstone. I think your life. I never saw cooking. We'll say that you're the eulogy. One thing about ant never saw dane cook man. I saw tracy morgan though when he came great tracy morgan's great. I'll tell people that all the time looking back on it. I was in high school towards the end of highschool when he his rise came about dane. Cook not tracy morgan And i would listen to his comedy albums and like no one else laughed so to me. I thought it was like well. It's the children who were wrong. It's not me. I know funny. Funny guy But no one else thought so. And i stopped liking him after i saw waiting because I don't know how many people remember that movie waiting. I love waiting to be they. They put in the coming attractions. They kind of built up dane. Cook's worst part of that movie. He is easily the worst part of that movie and they were. They were basically bankrolling. Oh he's hot right now so we'll just put him in the coming attractions and heat may be has three lines and that includes caitlyn bubble debut is barely a character not moving the. It's i left that theater. And i just like this guy's not me an actor gotta go look up who i just rolled with it because i thought both one girlfriend in that move but yet the Man he's got so many people. I can't stand. Yeah basically just him and ryan ready just it along to throw him in there for good cast awaiting. That shows you how bad that could be easily the worst part gas. Yeah it was just disappointing at that point. I just realized you know. He's he's no longer my cup of tea. Ever seen weakening. i mean. I don't know what i grew out. Maybe it was after vicious circle for dane. Cook like getting excited. Oh he's new comedy special. And i saw and i was like yeah. This isn't i by not laughing at it. You know yeah a maybe. I've grown pass this. I think that might have been the time Because in at tourism time i was in at my sister bought me a dvd of the The hbo thing And all that stuff and went to thing but yet but looking back. I'm like you're you're an idiot. Look man i think i mean maybe it's just because that's where we came of age but two thousand. The two thousands were an awful time for pop culture. Yeah it's a black hole. Is i mean besides the emo music But like the rise of paris hilton and tmz. And all that stuff. It's in both can earn amount. It's an l. It's a decade of awful people becoming popular right. We were at a very strange. You know obviously you. We were kind of thrown through a loop as a nation Post post nine eleven man. You can blame it all on nine eleven. We were just latching on to anybody at that point and i. It really showed me on tom. Glenn what we did is we latched onto narcissists. That didn't care about nine eleven right. Eleven did not slow them down gravitated towards like we wanted to be those people we wanted. People didn't give a fuck be. I'm just hot. You know which was available to be honest with you looking back. You know teenagers pretty much like everybody was hot. Anyone who's a celebrity was ranked hot really and it was just like the super skinny. And then we will. Everyone was wearing low rise jeans and chunky highlights and fake tans and harmful awful when there's when we get go ahead l. afo video come to life. Yeah but like. We're looking out fifteen twenty years from now when they start making movies at take place in the two thousands. It's going to be ugly elegant. No one's going to be happy. Did you hear that thing that If they if the wonder years started today the if take place in two thousand one because don't give us today share make everyone feel. I can talk about how we are older than stacy's mom that's true yes gross. Well it i. I feel bad because you know we're here shitting on dane cook or preparing to do so And life is kinda done that or to him but he like fucking a seventeen year old not too long ago. Bradley like borderline right. she was like eighteen. Maybe the barely that is exactly a joke in the movie waiting but it but you know he. His brother stole from him his. He got accused of stealing jokes The the underage possibility. I was thinking about italy man. We're you know. Obviously if cook. Here's this. I'm sure he won't care. But what's one more right guys. What's more it. just walk away. i know. Does he can still do that. Is that still his thing. The the super finger. Yeah it's I have a picture of myself doing that. I'm not proud of it. Yeah oh yeah. Smell episode art ono. Yeah well we're going to get into this movie but before we do we're gonna take a break and listen to some ads so we can pay those bills so we will be right back and welcome back and this week's movie was dan's pit. Dan do you want to introduce this week's moving. Yes we got into for some reason. Good luck chuck with dane. Cook and jessica alba way. Why did you say by some reason when it was your choice. I'd i dunno. I a wheel i if you listen to the show. We usually have good reasons why we choose the movies we choose. I can't for the life of me. Remember why i chose this movie if i could shed some light yet. Gave me two options okay. One was good luck chuck and the other one was year one still it. I have no idea why. I chose this so you came. You came with violence this week. I chose violence. And i say i said of those two. I would pick good luck. Chuck if you're gonna do an episode. The my reason being good luck chuck seemed like from two thousand seven which as we discussed a cesspool of pop culture but it kind of Was a movie. That probably worked. Maybe worked at the time and most likely work. Now you're one to seem like it's bad because it's just kind of like a a dull misfire of people that have been in better. Things seemed like more of a disaster than to something that would wind up being kind of like it was just boring. You know people that we've seen be better just kind of like phoning it in more or less the reason why buying yeah it. None more evident than on. Dan fogler but Where are you coming from this. Have you seen this before. I had seen bits and pieces. And i just. I vaguely remember just being very unimpressed. Very just like just alba's integrate man. This is it didn't leave. It did it to me again. Because i i remember seeing it and it didn't leave an impression on me. I just watched it. I can't remember why i watched it. So that's that's really that should have been on the poster for the movie. Why did we watch this. What about you mark. Have you ever seen this feels like a movie. I should have seen when i was still doing. Dvd's for net flicks Like especially with the talk that we had about How much cook fan. I was back then But no is not seen this before Yeah i we had another movie earlier like maybe sometime last year. That like if felt like. I should have seen that movie but did not The whole time of watching this. I'm white this. This thing's not very good but when it seemed like one of the dumb things i put it in there to you know When i was watching a whole lot more movies than i do now But yeah it was. I didn't have any high hopes going in. And it somehow Went below those expectations With a lot of the stuff that ties into the reason why. I don't cook anymore. You know It seems like maybe. I've outgrown the humor of this movie. Sure i'm for the most part and The only part of it was. There's a little kernel of something in there but they turned it into completely unwatchable and not really funny of a movie It just felt like an excuse for dane. Cook to be around naked women for weeks on end. And i'm surprised we haven't seen this because not only were you a big dane cook fan. Apparently you're huge jessica alba fan which i mean idle hands and Sin city can we forget about honey so okay first of all. Let's backtrack for the audience. we put up. I put up a poll today. Basically asking the question that was all the rage in the mid two thousand once again. We're the pool. Pop culture rain It's two thousand five. And wh- pick your jessica jessica biel or jessica alba damp jessica. Thought he would said just album. I don't know why he just felt like an all all the guy for me. And then i assumed because i know markelle very long time and i know a few things about him. He loves the cw or did love the cw. He loves varsity blues and he loves summer. Catch now two of those things. Have jessica biel in it so. I assumed that mark was going to be a huge bill fan. I have never heard mark ever talk about idle hands city and now honey. Well i'll admit to said to dan that i didn't have a good movie reason. Tobacco my thing. Just between the two them. I prefer alba So i think the two most random movies that i knew would get a reaction out of you this despite the fact that i do like both of those movies to be honest to her at the time when i watched i like both so but i don't know it was clear factor that she was the reason But the to be honest. The whole reason i like summer catches. I'm a sucker for baseball movies More than the women in it That might be the reason and you completely misread that. I never watched seven. So you know that whole thing. That was completely understandable with my love of cw wb teen dramas at the time but Didn't watch much seventh heaven to get You know attached to just could be that way And didn't watch any dark angel which you were about the fight me. If that was the reason why. I think over just deal I just felt like dell if you if you give me the choice based on you know a back then seeing one of them on the poster or something i would lean alba more than deal mark. I one hundred percent agree with you gun to my head. I would pick jessica alba over. Just i go the movie reason for that. It's just like ever been huge on either of them but like they're objectively gorgeous both obviously but they were never my first picks like this the hottest woman in hollywood or whatever but it just it blows my mind got to say and i said it just got. I think the biggest reason for your thing was your misread of the. Cw shows that. I've watched maybe and after watching this movie. I completely understand why. You completely turned off by jessica alba because i hate her in this as her acting. It's what she does throughout the entire movie. She's i dislike so much. I never seen before. I've never seen this movie before once again. Put that on my tombstone but also didn't watch good luck chuck until i had do it for a podcast Yeah i this movie was unpleasant about it. Yeah we're we're getting back to our roots man. i'm. I'm really digging it The the one thing. I think that three off at Mark tolmie the reason. He likes summer. Catches brian denny. That's that's what gets him going. Watch much just bill. who never. I'm sorry grand boat as i blood dick. If we're being nitpicky yeah. I'm glad that i did that. We kind of we We pick this one Because it's if anything it it's problematic af yes you're tyrod y'all yeah and again this is i think a lot of actors will look back on this. And say yeah. We couldn't get away with this. And i hope no one else watches this movie because they could. Some things could definitely be cancelled here. Oh yeah they're according to our letterbox review. There are at least four rapes in this movie. I counted three but You know. I'll i'll leave it to that person. I'm sure i'm missing one of them now. Is it chuck doing it or being. So now i i think i think he gets raped at least twice. Well i think the his his receptionists rapes him for the most part the girl in the beginning of the movie attempts rape him. Okay does the cop. No the cop is consensual. She doesn't want to kiss them right. And i know. Stu sexually harasses every woman. He comes across That's an attempted rape to rape of false pretense correct. He's he's pretending to be chuck get. It's weird because dan fogler He was in the fantastic beasts moving. He's actually pretty good in that movie every like the most part about those movies. Yeah everything else. It's just like how who decided that he could be in movies. You know it's like yeah you look like you could be a- leaving star it kind of. He's one of those guys. He's like clint howard in that he gives everyone else. Hope it's kind of like this. Is this is sort of like the zach alphabetic role in playing over access this is supposed to put him into stratosphere right this like. It's always the the supporting role in a in a edgy comedy. Where that guy gets the stars in the next movie right. Yeah but that that role does not does not hold up man under twenty one microscope. I yeah but. I don't even know if it holds up two thousand seven microscope. Yeesh man sweet. And even even the even the very beginning. And i only found this after. I m b b because i didn't notice it at first but The the fact that the beginning is would now rather everybody knows that he was on the goldbergs. More than this movie. probably gonna. That wasn't me completely different. No stakes were made not being that movie But yeah about this movie Who is like you said. I'm like i felt uncomfortable watching most of it. I think the most a slightly nine uncomfortable scenes were whenever the brother character would be. They're not jimmy fallon. Yes yes just because it was like something that wasn't about sex when he was on screen you know it was about weed but mckay good this is. There might be a funny joke here. Never never was but is at least a little bit of hope but every time anything that You know stupid in this movie which just like how. How past anybody that reads these things like in terms of scripture. The net were network The studio or like was it just. They didn't care they were trying to do was appetite stuff out at this point it lands up. Yeah yeah and just didn't know why is stuff worked back then. It was the same year. The problem is the writers of this movie Josh stolberg steve glen they. They chose like certain they chose certain things that they thought would be good character traits but it doesn't flesh out the character all so just alba's brother is a stoner but he has nothing beyond being donor Jessica alba is clumsy. There's nothing beyond her. Being clumsy again. Stu dan full a vogler. He's a pervert and that's that's it you know there's nothing beyond those traits. There's no good character building. Yeah i i think one of the big things about as like so. I guess we were. I guess we're a little spoiled with. But i'm sure that you know there's things of american pie than we are now questionable recording someone. That doesn't know they're being recorded But like you know. That was our coming of age movie right for us. Came up ninety nine. And i guess this is Sort of arou- short. Probably some group of teens. That was like this is the first time i saw boobs in a movie this is. This movie is awesome. I've i've never seen a sex comedy. That just makes the act of sex seem so miserable yet. Senior so uninviting because it's it's it's always a chore in this movie. It's really as if he's kind of slave to it. It's clinical to. Yeah it's incredible. How like packed it with boobs. Which is second movie in a row or are we just like up past eleven when it comes to the boob rating But yeah this was less sexy them savage beach to say the least and yes. I mentioned as i mentioned earlier there is. There's like these smallest of nuggets of a probably This feels like a movie. That was like a bunch of people in front of a whiteboard or probably a cork board at this point. We're just throwing out ideas on the kernel of the idea of. Hey what if a guy Every person that he sleeps with the next person Get is like they get married to that person you know. And but they didn't know what to do with that so they just build a sex comedy around that and tried to connect to it at never really connected like you said it made everything Clinical because they tried to make it a comedy drama. Maybe it works better not within cook but you know just using that idea and it just it just felt like it was just a bunch of young. I'm going to assume there were no women in writers for this For what you guys sitting around just like the cork board putting up index cards of funny situations or moments are lines and trying to push him into a movie. 'cause it never. It never felt like there was no development of any characters even dane. Cook's character you know what would make this a way. More interesting story is if it's the complete opposite that happens every time. That dane cook has sex with a woman like something bad happens to them so now it's like he's trying to find true love but everyone is terrified of him hard. Yes so much better as our movie. Yeah and you yeah you could be. Maybe he becomes jaded more and more it happens. It's just. I think you can kind of pull off a better. You can even pull a better love story that way. Because now you're jessica alba is willing to sacrifice whatever and you can make it cartoony. The that happen to people. You can make it serious if we wanted to go horror but final destination. Sure yeah someone listen. I'm going to sit here and tell you that dane cook's ugly guy no. He's he's a pretty good looking guy although hd does him no favours in foreseen. Louis ah his blowjob face you know. You're a complex not great but makeup artists him no favours now but again. He's to me. He's an above average looking guy. I don't think there's any complaints about that. I don't think so and saying oh you know dane cook the comedian guy right so yeah you can even have it as a revenge story right. He was picked on at school. Or whatever you know. And then he's just he goes on a rampage banging these girls and they all suffer horrible fates and then and then we get to the point in the other thing that does not work. As as aunt mentioned the little bit earlier is that their way of making jessica alba not just the good looking Model type is like the rest of the women in the movie is to make clumsy. Yeah that was the that was the choice. For how do we make her not seem as fake and phony as the rest of the girls in this movie and it was a poor choice and a poor job of acting by by oneness alba. It's so grading just to be like the slapstick is just awful. A this is for christmases yes. Slapstick is the same for christmas shadow. John i see you see what gets you laughing. I think slamming their faces into fake icebergs. I think the problem there is just got alba's too beautiful to really care about if she's clumsy a who gives a shit you know you're you're of course you're going to be willing to put up with someone who trips over their own feet if it's jessica alba that whatever but if you're taking a normal person than it might be like this is a little strange I don't know if i'm willing to be with someone who's constantly you know what murphy's law right anything that's going to happen will happen That's a little more understanding but people are in the two thousands people were willing to probably cut off their left arm to be with just albuque- so i mean it doesn't. It's not believable where it's like. Oh okay well. That's her quirk. It could be literally it's it's also not a thing in real life. That's that's what. I have such a like a who have a hard time in. It's like nobody. Is that accident prone this a. Is that a real character flaw. If you're trying to get this to be if try some other way to make her relatable. I mean honestly if you're trying to make him fall for someone that's relatable you probably shouldn't have cast jessica to be honest with you shall find somebody that is like you know still pretty good looking. Obviously but maybe you know do. The rachel cook thing could give her ponytail and some glasses and some Suspenders or whatever. The overalls jennifer. How effect yeah. She's very she's very plain jane but she's still very pretty yes so she she toes the line there but someone someone just you know constantly just being accident prone. That's not a thing. Not go ahead. Mark yes i was gonna say the the main thing that they and a lot of this stuff wasn't even like clumsy being it it was you know. Absent minded is probably closer to it. You know the locking keys in the car leaving the lights on. Like and then i guarantee you the when that guaranteed god does with these people were doing writer's room but That the idea for her character came at at whole thing. That brother called her murphy. Because of murphy's law let's build the character from that And built character and then went to the casting or guard. Who should we put next day and cook for. Why don't we get jessica alba l. She doesn't really fit the kind of character we're doing here and it just it just complete mets from the jump With all this was in a movie where they do every kind of phobic that you can think of hit that I'm surprised they didn't go step here and do something that would have been see. Nowadays is something you know problematic now with her. Can i ask you fellows Yes very important Say you have this power right and a friend of yours. It's kind of like the receptionist. Her husband died. She wants to find love. Do you just give out this power willy. Nilly or do you tell them. Hey i'm not doing this for you. Because i am not You know i'm not just a piece of meat. I get paid so you will get paid for it. Oh yeah okay mark. Would you sir kindness out of your heart. Yeah i mean they get paid. Part is for everybody that i think the receptionist would be the exception. I might do that for free to. She's a good person in you. Know husband died and all that sort of pro bono work for ninety nine percent of it is going to be i it it would be a completely different moving sim tv commercials and going through it. But yeah i would. Probably i would assume i would get to the point that he got to in that it just like what. What am i doing Either i had to raise my rates or rich. Needs needs to be something like chasing that high Sorta thing because at some point like he said he just become like like nothing. Just lays there you know. Sort of thing is unfulfilling. So yeah you guys would become male escorts essential. No we're paying for our matchmaking service. That's okay look. Tax forms will say right so i would help nobody. I would hoard like it was king. Solomon's i would. I would give to nobody. So you're being celebrate. Yeah i would do the exact opposite really raw but also they really needed it. I would say no. I think i think me and marker on the morally right side of this chore. Even though we're getting paid for it. I mean you know if you're good at something never do it for free is it's not for sale like that. Wow yeah if if my using amazing turn. I did not expect this if a good friend of mine was saying. Hey i'm having trouble getting a life partner I need that. Dick like look elsewhere sweetheart. Not here closed those for business. So good luck chuck from two thousand and seven directed by marquel frick who only directed an episode of bones and the pilot prison break but he is brett. Ratner's editor choice including editing. Rush hours one through three x. men the last stand red dragon as well as the to jumanji singles four christmases and many more stars. Dane cook jessica alba. Dan fogler jalen. Simmons elliott english lonny. Ross very small cast-list in terms of like people that actually have speaking roles. I am to be score. Five point six and a rotten tomatoes score of five percent budgets. Twenty five million dollars box office thirty five million dollars so made made its money back. But i don't i. I feel like people forgot about this movie and good riddance honest with you but apparently people. That's what i. I totally forgot that there was a third rush hour movie. It's only thought there was too but we learned a little something today. This feels like that whole time period where people like dane cook and they were trying to make johnny knoxville movie star and just that whole segment of movies completely out of your mind. Oh yeah sean. William scott liked like leave scott. I mean he's the lesser of three evils. He could actually act. And he's he's better support role. Be the movie star. Yeah just the j. Just jason bateman. Now not jason bateman. Name the fucking kid from american pie. The pie fucker aches. Jason big s. Yeah because he's in. He's in a dane. Cook movie my best friends girl friends girl that was also terrible. Yeah that win. Looks from what i remember. Look even worse than this that actually that reminds me For some reason. I got my best friend's girl. And what was the movie with owen wilson. And i can't remember. He like moves in with his his best friend. The guy from something about mary oh right. It's it's not drill. But taylor right. That's the one. That's what i watched. Drill bit taylor. This week and i guess there was like a chain of will all right so i watched good luck. Chuck employee of the month. Let me because. I thought are you doing with your life. You go back to watching the league of extraordinary gentlemen Give you this is what you watch. When you're not watching that movie go watch it. I yeah i i don't know what you mean debris so that's what i thought. Drill taylor was which i thought was my best friend's girl. Oh man to man. We're just proving that the two thousands are awful. Yeah yeah lots should get shot into space if we shoot decade into this as it should be the two thousand i was just saying we should all come together as a civilization and just say listen from two thousand and one two thousand nine now happened you know but mark before you say anything you know who directed you me and dupree. That's neider other side the russo brothers. Get here kids do not. Oh my goodness what is going on began to start somewhere. Check reminded me of the which is why brought up. Johnny knoxville of the movie the ringer and god wire. We're just before this podcast is done to us. We have have to relive this shit. Yeah i blame it on. This was also the time period. When netflix movie delivery service was a thing. And you would just put a bunch of movies that you kinda knew people on you know. And that's why a lot of these movies you know. We're probably seen at the time. And then everybody just forgot about him because they never really came to streaming services weren't very promoted that they were on streaming services ra. We could spend all day talking about this man fucking decade but we are going to take before we go take a quick break and you want to plug something sure I would like to talk about our frontier and her podcast. Top ten with ti. Which i had the honor of being a guest on this past weekend We covered the top ten worst endings of a movie and it was a lot of fun. Tia in brittany are so much fun to talk to. And they're very knowledgeable lot. They're very funny so please go. Listen to their podcasts. Top ten with t- You could follow her at t. C underscores stark on twitter Podcasts essentially they just run down top ten list so like i said top ten worst endings top ten. You know best. Rob schneider movies so on and so forth so yeah. Go check her out. She's a big fan of podcast as she also writes for geek vibes. Nation could give her a go. Give her a look. She's insanely talented and insanely nice. Great and yeah. We're gonna take a quick break before we do take listened to some friends of the podcast. So we'll be right back. This is jay coach. Duffy from the ocho d'oro partly our podcast every week. You'll ddh is talking sports movies tv comics and more. It's always probably topics on each episode. You can find the od. T h on apple. Podcasts google podcasts. Iheartradio spotify fisher parveen. Wherever you find great podcasts. Such as the one. You're listening to right now. Don't forget the checkout ultra girl polly our dot com where you can find a winston all. The social media accounts links through bands whose music hear each week on the show. Cashback six or seven podcast. Probably points are companion blocked section of the show. Thanks for listening to you now. Get back regularly. podcasts travis. Seems like you're looking for a story. Got one for you. Involves venture friendship era. Why don't you tell them about that time. I saw that mellon. I was going for more. You could come about the time. I kicked her ass. I wouldn't ever tell. Do to get my ref gear on. Okay everyone shut up. Now come with me. As i tell you a story from afar everybody. My name is david. I'm the dm from afar podcast from afar. Podcast is all about four friends. Separated by distance brought together by adventure. Hope y'all stop by giving a listen. Thanks and welcome back now. Time to get into the plot four. Good luck chuck. We open on. You might think by the cars. Meaning this movie which takes place predominantly two thousand. Seven has more eighty s music than wonder woman. Nineteen eighty-four cyclic. W we're gonna party in nineteen eighty-five with a whole bunch of ten to twelve year olds playing seven minutes in heaven. We meet stew and charlie. Charlie is nervous. Stu acts like he knows it all. But it's more or less clueless. Charlie hopes to get to go in with one girl but some goth girl given him the is. Stu gets to go into the closet with a girl who is that pleased to say the least and then shows himself to be pleat creep. Basically threatening spread rumors about the girl who doesn't even want to kiss him. Charlie goes in the closet with goth girl who then attempts to rape charlie and then when he resists she heck's his him and that he'll never be happy and then we cut to present day. Where charlie has sex with a girl on. The beach. Starts off shirtless genes. Which is a weird look for. Just about anyone and close up with like. How much longer is this going on for. Yeah we're forced to see dane. Cook's blowjob face. Hd is not kind to it and then his girl says she loves him. And charlie refuses to say back and then she leaves then he confides in his friend. Stu and question for you guys. Has stu had consensual sex. That he hasn't paid for one hundred percent he has. Yes i think so. I'm on the fence because with his profession. i think he probably gave out some favors. Okay so like. Hey doc if you help me out here i'll take you for. I spin and stews. Not saying no to that okay. So you think he's bartered plastic surgery for sex one hundred percent. Yes okay so so maybe consensual and not paid for but still kind of not particularly Moral right like he's not like he met a girl at a bar hit it off went on a couple dates and then they seal the deal now. I think it's essentially. Hey listen i if you give me some money off of this. I'll help you out. That's fine okay. They talk about a wedding. Charlie is inexplicably invited to an ex- we find out stew as a plastic surgeon and charlie is a dentist and stews. Maybe the most reprehensible person in any comedy ever. I'm wondering why stu got invited. It stinks plus one plus one. Because that's the cold conversation he's like of course i want to go in. Then he's like you know how easy it is to get laid after wedding or whatever. It's never easy by the way. I know why well the other thing i. I kind of hated about the the two thousands comedies anytime. there's a dentist. They always always always always make the joke that they're not a real doctor Always it's one hundred percent guarantee if there's a dentist in the movie that's like a a main character. It will be dropped that they are not a real doctor. I at least the one line in cook's character as this movie is at least a truthful line like she says why dentists. 'cause i couldn't make it a medical school you don't want to write right just saying he's not a real doctor. Just you know. I get your point. It's always you know. Dentists are real doctors. Yeah i think a dentist salary. Any day we i was just gonna say if you wanna if you want to disrespect me that way and i'm making dentist pay. I'm all for heard. Don't call me a doctor. I give a shit making six figures i know. I know he jokes later in the movie. But i i have serious. Doubts that Stu as a medical license. That'd be he should lose it yet many times. Losing it there's no way. I mean it's especially in this day and age. There's no way he doesn't get outed for sexual harassment. He literally allows. Jane cooked a walk into a like an exam a breast exam. There's got to be some type of a hippocratic oath right. We're just common. Decency really must be an awful human being which which flew once again in two thousand seven. You can get away with being complete shit. It's just the way it was who practice their dan. Who who is the gentleman who directed the joker taught phillips. Todd phillips it. This was todd phillips. Favorite time period. Yeah yup oh you joke about whatever now. you can't joke about anything anymore like no. It's what you joked about in the two thousands not good. It's not funny now. You actually have to work to be funny is making prestige pictures like joker and then in twenty seconds we get to stereotypes. We get a sassy black woman who's plays they're those a receptionist. And then we transitioned to the wedding. There's an asian guys singing karaoke. And he's the only gauging guy there and he's the only person we see you sing karaoke. And the bride gives a toast. Thanks charlie for being a lucky charm. And then all the girls of the wedding gossip about charlie who's confused and he sees jessica alba be klutzy because it's the lazy way to explain why she single i was expecting to bomb the drop. We get us moving way too much credit which is one of my character flaws that it was going to be something like her last Relationship the person died of disease cancer or something you know. And that's why think they were going to drop the cancer bomb and good luck. Chuck the answer. I thought that was gonna be the thing you know when like later on when when chuck an galvez brother of conversation. It was going to be like man. Don't you know her last relationship. The person died as all expecting that. 'cause the everything was atropine. This would have been latrobe that if i'm chuck. That doesn't make me horny. Her her ex boyfriend got torn to pieces by polar bears. And that's why she's obsessed with penguins because they're on the other side of the world arnaud polar bears. That's why i also paid the fact that she studies penguins. There's so much fucking penguins talking. None of its interest. I like penguins. They're cute but this movie makes it just unbearable and then they have ginger jiangkou or whatever and then they have some mail conversation about nonsense until she spill something on him. And stu arrives just in time to point out that it looks like he came in his pants. Then they're gonna bouquet toss it hits dove and then falls into the hands of the girl. That just broke up with charlie. The next day at the office waiting room was filled with girls from the wedding. Who are happy to see check. They're ready to get laid at the dentist office. Because that's where you gotta get laid such a romantic setting and then chuck goes the stews office and do brings him into the back right into an appointment. Where woman's topless like. I said how does do even have a job. Still so chuck confides and students as everything's being really weird. A lot of pretty women have been going to his office. So they walk and talk by the weirdness in the office and then they see the girl the caught. The bouquet is now trying on a wedding dress the very day after she met somebody. And she says that charlie is her lucky charm. Chuck goes home as answering. Machine is full of messages for women. He's never met before asking for dates by the way. That is the biggest invasion of privacy in this movie. That whoever advertise if he could charm put got he puts his home telephone number on his business cards or business ads. Unless it's the emergency line. I don't know true. That's true but also two thousand seven phone books still exists. It's true those were thing. Can you imagine if this were. If this movie was set in today's period where you have like tinder and bubble and all that he would never get any sleep. Yeah he's probably has dds on his On his name too. It's probably charles. It's probably is really easy to find him. that's true. yeah you'd be seen like a type of guy that put that in this phone book entry. Yeah let's do that. I think that's one of the reasons. Why i never really got into dane. Cook is that because he always acts like he's the funniest guy in the room right. No humiliated you humility him. I think that's also the reason why. I don't really like ryan reynolds either. The same reason and he also acts like the. Aw shucks kinda guy. Yeah it's like. He's the most grounded person ever when he's really not that's the reason why he just kind of me the wrong way. Yeah he's he's definitely danko is definitely a poor man's ryan reynolds. Yeah meanwhile jessica alba cam as her name is works with penguins and she does her klutzy thing and falls into a pool. Gyping her to partially because of her brother. Not jimmy fallon chose a date with a girl who just jumps him as soon as you get into the car. And she gives him the lowdown. He's supposed to be lucky charm. Any girl that has sex with him will find their true love immediately afterwards before they have sex cam calls him and asks him if he can do an emergency dentist appointment and he agrees so. He fixes her to have some more conversation about penguins and chuck's charity work. And then she winds up flinging sharp instruments into his back. I don't really know why he needed those for that appointment. I totally forgot about the charity. Work never comes up again and it's like they really pointed alley. Oh yeah. I go to haiti or he goes to a village. That's not well off. Yeah and he. He helps the children there. What does it really nice very sweet and you would think that this would play some role later in the movie. Like oh you know. Things didn't work out. Jessica alba. I'm gonna go to again. I'm i'm gonna go to haiti and help the kids there. And that's where we find him later. Nope it's never brought up again. I think it's trying to show him that he's the opposite of stu is thick. It's trying to do yeah. I mean it's really the show that he's a nice guy yup but again it's really that's something that's kind of you think is important. No sir writing. Yeah so he asks to take her dinner and then she turns him down and she leaves then she comes back immediately because her car won't start so he gives her a jump and then she'll at electric. It's him because she doesn't listen to him and then she locks her in the car so used to drive her home and this is a long sequence of events turns out that she left her house-key in the car too so she winds up having to break her own window eventually. He brings her back to her car and she her Her skirt gets closed. The car roofs offers skirt and then she still will not have dinner with him. Charlie goes home in his receptionist has been waiting for him at his apartment and rapes him the next day. There's no other way to explain that. He relents but he he never really wants to. So that's right and the next day checking stooges just kinda hang out at. The park is the only two single guys. They're among a bunch of families which is found on and three a frisbee back and forth. Yeah stu explains to chuck that regardless of whether or not shook his a lucky charm. This means that chuck and now has access to a whole bunch of quote unquote trim question because he just popped in my head. If they would've been throwing the football with this had been like the room had been great. Mike well not. They're not inform aware. That would have been the kind of transcended their right. You can throw the frisbee around. Would you have to be in like some sort of formal wear absolutely and then we get a really long montage of fucking was basically the same montage from wedding crashers and winds up transphobic at at the end. Yeah yeah that was rough. Seen the my only thought in this entire sequence was did they shoot this in a day or two or did thank them. Stretch it out over a week just kept messing it up yet. I think we need a couple more girls. I don't think we've got enough for the montage now. Now another question how many because there's no real they don't show that the length of time that's going on here in a day. How much is chuck helping out. These women I'm gonna say between. I want to say on like weekend. He's probably doing six two a day. Okay that's not a lot of time for turnaround. That is a lot though right or is he going to their place. Are they going to his place. It's not it's not really specified right. Yeah let's cabinet four. have out. Yeah because there's a lot of time for traveling cleaning up a factory period and these thirty five. Let's let's be honest. He's thirty five in this movie. You know he's not he's not eighteen right. yeah he can't just keep going and going and going. He's not the energizer bunny really or the impromptu one with police officers the palm over pride. Yeah you have to leave time for the impromptu sex sessions at the grocery store all of a sudden you're getting a handy or something. I don't know it for chuck is just happening. It's only it almost feels like a constant right at one time. It just like that futurama episode where the soul is willing but the flesh is weak bright. Yeah it's like they're gotta be a point where he just you know what i really am not in the mood to have sex for the rest of the day right. He has to work. So he's getting he's borderline. No sleep probably i. I'm assuming he's having sex once their once a day during the week And he's turning on the weekend. And this i feel like it spans months then but this is happening right. I would say maybe a month maybe a month maybe a month. Yeah okay three or four weeks. I would say okay. I think that seems fair because in that montage they just. There's a ridiculous amount of women that they show and so if we if we're capping it at one a day. Yeah you're probably looking at a month or two. Yeah i mean he is. He's a dentist so he's probably. He's probably working ten hour days. Yeah then twelve hours and weekends possibly right emergency calls. Yeah sure he should have set up a system system. The dentist system yes He should've had his secretary kind of like you know. Keep my women in here like all right you. Have you have an appointment at this time. In this time that would have been fun to see just cheating on it too. She knows exactly alike. He's got to keep it secret from her. It was like the deal is lady so essentially like all right. I'll help you here but at the same time you have to help me. Let his personal assistant right. Imagine like these women just coming to his house and the the receptionist is there to tell you earlier. So stu and chuck hang out and chuck tells him that all. The sexes become unfulfilling whilst do tells him that he fucked a grapefruit laughing at the scene laughing. At the way you delivered it had to find a way to one apply. Yeah that's a good point. Marc it's very. We'll show those guys check season penguins on tv so he decides to go talk to cam and we get along seen of him trying to convince her to go out with him and eventually she relents and they go out on a date and there's more fucking talking about penguins afterwards. Chuck tells do that. He's basically giving up this charm deal in order to date cam. And stu shows off his pamela anderson implants he bought at auction stew is reprehensible he so over the top with it man. It's i wish they gave. It seems to breathe without terrible. He is because you could always right. He's terrible but you only see him every so often. That's fine but he's in a large portion of this movie. Yeah this movie. This movie is essentially shallow. Hal and he's essentially the jason alexander character. Yes and the problem with both of these movies. Those guys both get what are essentially happy happy endings at the movie at the end. I don't mean that as a euphemism that are unearned. neither of them deserve happiness is. They're both really bad people. I think cama chuck on another date and they go back to her place sir making out and moves bedroom. But then stu calls to tell chuck. He's done research and he says that every girl chuck has ever slept with varied the very next guy that they've met so chuck afraid that he's going to have sex with cam and she's gonna find somebody else. You leaves and hopes to undo the curse before. He sleeps with her chocolates. Do sit out. Test occurs by having chuck sleep with the most reprehensible i and they could find some stereotypically large woman by the name of eleanor. Who is Has a terrible personality to go with it and got less. I say up to sequence of events the better yet again. That was two thousand comedy right there yet and then cameras at work. Said that chuck hasn't called. And she sat about it and then he calls saying he's been sick so then we get another montage of chuckled cam. Falling love all social distancing because chuck is still pretending. He's sick and stubai another grapefruit. Fuck which brought my question to this was what was the to- the sex toy situation. Two and seven were flashlights. Not invented yet That's a good question. I would think that if they were he would have multiples of them because he had more than enough money. Yeah oh yet. Stu is loaded if he's a plastic surgeon in la all places. Yeah he's probably gonna milionaire right. Yeah he's making seven year. Okay yeah so they at least had the blowup dolls right. Probably not real dolls. No we we. Don't have those futuristic ones. Now but i i. I'm not sure i don't wanna give myself away here. Grapefruit was in your food of choice. You'll have you'll have to re dan's vice article about what's better to stick your dick in a grapefruit or flesh flashlight. It's my tech in cantaloupes. A man's journey underrated honeybees the money. Mellon band those that splurge and buy into we call it you dan myself away. It was only a matter of talking really. I've always tip toed around it the mo the montage ends and chuck six stew on the reprehensible chick that he fucked in order to see if the charm works. Then i'm talking the phone while they're both in tubs. Which is it's weird to me when people are in tubs doing chuck seen They did stupid thing opponents friend card. Oh yeah roll. My eyes really. Art a mime actually pulling the card our debt. Yeah i just think it's really weird. That people are in tubs. I don't think that's the thing. And then she initiates phone sex and sends him a naked picture which was probably like two hundred pixels at best ally that flip phone. Those things were gold. When you got them. I'll tell you those things were that was like the pinnacle. Let's yeah. I was a fan those minutes all that. If only if only i could go back and in tell my dad what was happening you know because i would always get in trouble if you if you receive pictures or text messages. You know. they didn't have the plans that we do now. That was a lie. You got on a lot of trouble for receiving and sending text messages. I i have a vivid memory of being at a party. At penn state nice still had my nokia brick phone thing in like oh three and four and a guy next to us just yelling about being able to see naked chicks. On his phone number phony ad i think he have like the razor sidekick or something i one photos do look look at titties on my own photos on their phone. That's probably really small screen man. Little did we know. And that's what really drives technology. It is the best way we could be bubis on. That's why i started to get bigger again. We need better-quality. Anyone who tells you differently is lying a little tip when a girl sends you a naked picture. Keep that to yourself. That's and that's the gentlemanly thing to do. Share don't share with anybody else that she didn't send it for. That's that's a barstool move. If you lutely and girls don't trust guys 'cause riser awful. Yeah uh-huh yeah we are. We're the epitome of the worst. This is been your life pro tip of the day and back to the but then stoop calls and said that he fucked the reprehensible chicken that he's not marrying her so it doesn't look like the charm is actually real so check is in the clear to go fuck cam and they do and she might be sexually attracted the penguins. One hundred percent attracted to pangkor right. Find a the. Oh god the worst mid credits ever he But in in the morning chuck watches cam. Sleep then goes to make your coffee and he sees a news report that has that reprehensible chicken love with some other guy so he calls stu and stu admits that he didn't have sex with her because he didn't want to risk it and rightfully so the only good decisions through makes the. That's actually made me chuckle a little bit because of how nonchalant stew is when he's talking on the phone. Oh god i have done that. Because that's that's over extending the friend card like oh but please fall in love like have sex with her so that you have to marry this girl right i do. I need you to fall on the sword for me. But that's not a real friends do and she has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. No none if one of you guys asked me to do that. I would just beat the shit out of you weekend. I need you to go date that. That woman just swift uppercut coming here way. And then check out. The deep end becoming the clingy person of all time keeps calling her buzzer unhealthy amount of flowers and balloons and a barbershop quartet. Eventually he jumps out of a big president dressed as a penguin and tells him to leave after work is praise her in her car and she asks him to leave. Immediately chuck goes to work the next day in stores pretending to be chuck in order to have sex with one of the patients. That's fun it's well. It's illegal he as it is. That's another rape scene. Yeah that's a revenge of the nerds style. Stooge tells chuck that he has to let her go. He's got he's got to let cam go so he does the exact opposite and goes to her work with intentions to propose winds up attacking a penguin expert by the name of what he thinks george. He tries to go talk to cam and falls into the penguin pool and gets bitten the dick so all he's getting arrested. He finds out the big date with george he saw on her counter. Which isn't something i mentioned. Because it's who cares was a hair appointment that she had and wasn't the guy at at the Penguin exhibit so. So we know the whole point. Is that when chuck sleeps with the woman. The next person they date is going to marry them right. Why cannot just date her right like like all right. He sleeps with her and he goes immediately. Hey listen i really like you. I think we should be a thing. Doesn't that does that circumvent the curse. I would think so because the girl on the beach. I think they were together for long enough time for her to say that she was that she loved him. Right yes and then he been that way. Yeah because he's a child and you know The the whole trope of orchids. I love you because i have commitment issues. Which is not really explored outside of that first woman. Nope so no one grows here. That's always good. That's the important message. It was all just one big waste of time. it's an ending so in a depressive state. Chuck realizes that he has to find the girl that put a hex on him to reverse it. And then he walks in on stu fucking a grapefruit once again with a grapefruit responses cana- man masturbate zone home Valid questions fair. It is fair. Yeah he just walks in. he's not. He's not given permission to enter the domicile. Right he's not giving the he's not given the heads up text. Hey i'm outside. Yeah i mean. We're not here to king. Shame stu they disliked lean on it a lot the grapefruit we see him buying a grapefruit. We see him. Like decoy korean grapefruit. It's like we get it. He spree fruits. Yes he's a fan. Yeah and then cam starts feeling bad about how it went with chuck and sorta gets victim blamed by her brother because she didn't want to be around a super possessive person. That may have worn. Her skin Chuck fines initia- the goth girl's house. She's now normal looking mom with husband she makes them realize that there was no heck's in reality. He decided that he has to set cam. Free check goes home and sets up a date between cam and the handsome penguin expert. Howard that she said that she was going to meet at a conference and they seem to hit it off. Jack is sad and spends all day playing xbox. Stoop comes over and tells him that he's engaged and it was one of the girls that chuck had sex. That was self conscious better chest it turns out she has three breasts meaning. She's perfect for stu. The one character that does not deserve a happy ending absolutely. They also tell. Chuck that cam going to an with penguin expert so we have a mad dash to the airport seen piece for two first class tickets for like twenty thousand dollars and deals with nonsense it security and then he gets on the plane but it's not the right ones. We have to go to the other one. And he has long speech about getting back together. Turns out howard. The an expert has a wife the whole time he her a pebble because penguins again these fucking penguins and then the kiss on the plane turns out the gut was actually a real witch. Put a hex on him this whole time. And he decides to de heck's his Voodoo doll that she had of him and then we flash forward to one year later and they're still together and they make out in front of penguins of their tongues to get together and then that's the end and then we get the worst mid credits scene ever where the three boob chicken stew. Watch a video of chuck pretending he's going down on a stuffed animal penguin and then credits is one of the first movies that showed the act of eating ass and a movie and lingus at least on a plush toy. Yeah the that may credits thing should have been to. Just show the three boobs in show that they did in credit scene. They save that for the mid credits scene. Yeah marvan whole point of that. The whole the whole video thing in my opinion in the would make better section of that thing would benefit was like some kind of wholesome video like not not anything sexual at all that would have been even worse for stew right because then it turns them off. Yeah even the mood. No not really. Because they're both terrible people penguins video. Yes this movie is god awful it. It has no redeeming qualities aagh. That's coming for me for those of you. That have wisened in his bond gas before it's interesting. It says nothing outside back cowboy. Looks pretty good in this movie. They're zero redeemable qualities And like i said. I think they hit every phobic. You know there's the transphobic there's fat-phobic you know. There's you know there's homophobic y'all we get the f bomb. Yes that's true. Yes it hits just about everything park. I think he says it right out of the office. Yeah when he says you know not gonna. I don't know if it's when he says he's not going to have sex with people because of the good luck charm more. Where did he's going to hold out for cam or something like that. Yeah one of the reasons of course do drops it but yeah i. It was just a movie that philly philly combination of trying to be What did you say trying too hard to be with. They thought the culture wanted at that point Or maybe that's just the looking back on it. 'cause it seemed like the the jokes and the force little slapstick comedy moments were forced and not as much of a part of it. I'm sure if we go back and watch some movies we'll see some of the same things But does felt like they weren't like a bunch of people that didn't know how to write comedy just sitting in a room going all right. Well we saw this in that one movie when he He it's an old lady with the frisbee and she takes the frisbee away. That's funny right you know. Like sorta like you know dump stuff like that or the stew- character is just reprehensible. That's funny you know. I it just you can't we would have to have a whole nother podcasts and completely rewrite this movie to try to do a how to make this better. I think the difference between appetite movies and this even if you go back and see knocked upper forty year old virgin if they're things that are some sort of questionable. There's always in the part of the movie before the character learns a lesson else. Like seth rogan and and knocked up. He's you know he's maybe he's not like homophobic or anything like that but he's lose it. He's a loser so eventually he learns to pick himself out of his loser them and you know put gets shit together. He's probably a little misogynistic beyond knocked up in a long time but probably But that's the po- that's what happens. When someone writes comedy well writes a script that has character arcs. They might be shitty in the beginning but then they turn it around and they are people that you end up rooting for this movie is. There's no one worth rooting for in this now. Not even jessica alba no and like yes. She's cute but like is she in this movie. Is that like when they say. What was the sexiest movie character of all time. This like her character and sin city would probably be one hundred times picked before this. Yeah because she's mysterious. You really know much about her. she's a dancer. But she's the affection of everybody in that city. Everyone loves this chick So you want to learn more about our here. You you learn. She's clumsy and penguin and that's really it you know it's that's not a good character trait at that doesn't really flesh you out. You know you could be clumsy and be something completely different. You know you could also be a genius. You could be good at sports it just anything that helps you build as a character. Yeah this movie just to me. I think they were just trying to make raunchy comedy and they were trying to capitalize on dane. Cook's stardom or rising stardom at that point again. He's just he wasn't meant to be and that's okay. If people fizzle out you know it's it is what it is but the it's a product of its time and it's not that long ago that this happened so we can kinda kinda look back and i can't believe the people allowed this so it can be used as a cautionary tale when writing but in order to make it better. I would probably switch it around a little bit. I would make chuck gross. He would be an ugly dude where no one wants to sleep with him and his power in has power. And it's kinda like well does. Just get maybe jessica alba is like the villain sort of you know she. She so badly wants to meet someone like. Oh well i gotta bank chuck. He's grows a truck like st bosomy or late. We said before you can make it into a horror right where chuck kind of goes off on this This killing spree where no one knows who he is. And then the twist at the end was. Oh you know truck was the guy. Everyone made fun of in highschool it. He changed his name or whatever. I don't know his real name is like mike. Whatever but Yeah it's an it's it turns out to be this. Final destination. sleeps with dies a gruesome death. That would be 'cause even no one has to learn anything in a horror movie really. That's true right. No one has to grow. As a character it's survive and maybe there were. There was a heck's that was put on almost like pumpkin head and the goal is to find the witch. Who put the heck's on charlie. I would love this movie. Started to lance henriksen. That'd be so great. So yeah like. He didn't trucked in bang the witch or whatever and the heck's was put on them and he was made fun of in highschool so he's just getting his revenge on all of these. You have the cheerleader. You have the you can have as a jock in their the popular girl. Just like any random Trope vets in high school And it's just like yeah. He works his way down. And i think that'd be pretty interesting at the very may not be good but it'd be a hell of a lot more interesting than this and you could kill off stew for no reason to get hit by a bus. The worst thing that you can think of happening to stu the worst thing would be his junk getting cut off. Sure the worst juicer. that'd be all areas last two and two together. What about he still in the In his profession right. He's a plastic surgeon. Maybe he gets gored with some of his tools or something like that but he gets his eye gouged out. I don't know what they use their in in the the office. But i'm assuming they're scalpels right. Yes probably like what about he. He gets his dick stuck in grapefruit and he was like. Oh this juicer here. Is i put the grapefruit juice. Loosens up the grapefruit. And then i'll be able to slide my dick out then go too far like like you know if you get your tie. Cotton like a paper sucks some in from the dick i. Yeah that'd be pretty good and then he just dies of shock. I like it. Are you guys. Want to plug your shit show. Go ahead mark I just wanna go. I just because we do You know actually have a stranger daime steph that's been hot and heavy going here so if you made it through this episode And having jumped off at any point We are in the middle of getting ready for campaign to for stranger jamie's We should be in. The middle of the character arcs by now You know you guys saw about your characters you created for it. I've done my world introduction So we are getting ready. A march third will be the first episode of stranger. Dame's on the podcast feed. You can watch us live on twitch twitch that tv size gamble pod for streaming the entire session. 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Come say hi we talk about more than just there so we are welcome to talk about whatever you guys like okay and this is. They called. Muga find everywhere. You get your podcast. Just by searching. They call us a movie but she could find especially on spreaker We're the main naming. Not comment is our main website where we post this as well as game vault podcast will. Strange dame is a whole bunch of other stuff. It's the main daime dot com and on all socials just by searching the main daime also proud member geek vibes nation. You can find them at gb. Nation dot com. And wherever you get your podcasts and on all socials just by searching for geek vibes nation tons of great shows on there besides us top down with tia. Seen a nerd and a whole bunch of other. Great shows is out knicks show. I think there's a hockey show now. Bunch great shows if you're into geek stuff and some sports stuff too. There's probably a show for you. They are covering sorry to interrupt. They are covering Wanda vision and i'm assuming that will probably continue into falcon and winter soldier. So they do that live. That's every saturday. Gotcha on the youtube channel. But let's look for geek vibes nation. He can find them on youtube as well. And that's going to wrap it up. This has been good luck. Chuck the director good luck. Chuck was mark health. Rick so for dan. Aquino and mike myers is anthony. You telling marquel freak. Well you certainly made a movie didn't you.

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