Scoop B Radio Is Encouraging All Our Listenership To Go Out and Vote!!! NOVEMBER 3RD 2020


You are listening. Scope beat radio and on wherever you listen from you and your loved ones a safe during cope in nineteen period. Hey this is the producers scooby radio. Dj meal like timeout. To give a big thanks. Footer listeners to we did record numbers last month so on behalf of scorpion myself. Think for four years of support in brandon on his media. Mediator if you have a few minutes via. Please fill out a shortlist in a survey goto. Scooby radio dot com slash poll. We'll show you opinions about the show. So we know what works and what we can do better than at school. Fi radio dot com slash poll s. c. o. p. deliver b. r. a do dot com slash. He owns out. Don't worry if you didn't catch any of that. Lake will be into description radio with brandon. Robinson cheap. Manny manny radio. You notice official. Barry bob say the best in the business school arena to business school true sports team in an interview he gave to the number one broadcast journalists numbers chamber loose gift to discuss simple. Now you can see the way talk here. Main reading it on his instagram now following. That's going to be bottle him. What's going on everybody. Robinson host of scoop be radio election days. Here please vote. Voting is important netanyahu to go for not telling you why vote just vote. Voting is important because it makes decisions that impact your community. your family. Your friends your financials future. Don't be that guy. Gal who says the voting doesn't matter because it does at the side stop signs of decides Marijuana legalization it decides mansell's as it relates to. How much is getting taken out of your check. It decides a lot of different things. I'm no political expert. But i know that if you're looking for things to be done and you're looking for candidate to make it happen you've gotta vote all right. I'm to get off my soapbox. I remember the first time i voted. Two thousand or freshman year of college. Eastern university was. It was a tough decision. I made a decision lights on. Voting is important. And that's all. I have to say scooby radio on all platforms check it. Out subscribe rate review comet. Were all over the map. Talk to you. Also ace radio you bring a coffee. Bring the dunkin.

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