GSMC Soccer Podcast Episode 122: Will Soccer Start Up Soon?


I want to know the latest and soccer. Then listen to the Golden State Media. Concept's soccer podcast. Ls Is the world the Premier Li. We've got you covered. The latest update hottest matches news on the League's top players. It's the golden state media concepts soccer podcasts. Listen thank you into the. I'm see soccer podcast brought to you by the US. Mc podcast network. I'm your host Paul Timpson and I'm delighted defenders and. I hope that you'll find the next hour so ben staining and informative the world of football. I'm new here so just a quick thing of who the heck I am my name is Olsen as I said I'm originally from a place called Bolton she's Just type side Manchester England north west of England therefore it is my cross too bad I am able to wonders phone who So far removed from the top echelons of football. These days that I get to you the sport from Pretty Pretty neutral perspective. I'm also An England fan when it comes to nationals and I've been a football fan ever since I report my first ever replica. Jersey in Nineteen eighty-six the England Jersey when England playing in the Wilco from Mexico. So since then I just love the thing and I've been a season ticket. Holder at Michael Bolton Wanderers during the. Laurie is when solid ice. Had them in the premier league in force But cy I've since moved to San Diego I'd been I for ten years. I'm heavily involved in the soccer community and Nazi which my games with hostile femmes Manchester City. Funds Villa Wills and Leicester City funds Who at all GALP ridiculous times of the day at full? That seems I love chatting so people have been following the game for ages new funds alike so I am absolutely delighted. I'm been able to be given this opportunity to show my love of of the sports. So without Yeah I'll let you know what we're going to be covering today. The first second Senate be how the different leagues around the world or approaching response to Covet. Nineteen are they. Starting spiker began provisions of being put in place of that of a cul de League. What do people do in the next two sections after that will focus on? Us Sokha mainly the US women's national teams decision to appeal the ruling given on equal pay amd MOS's plans to get the season or from regain in pot three. The transfer market will see the the rumors going around for a different is going to end up on and finally impart for these. Stotts of hopefully a series. I WANNA continue to run. Which I'm I'm calling around the world in eighty Sokha moments and this week one very significant for the US when Diana Ross missed a penalty soldier field and all the folly from all of that and the day. The football rules codified. So I think that's plenty to be getting on with. I'd love you to get involved on the best way to do. That is viral social media outlets we are at GS MC underscore soccer on twitter instagram. And so anything that you would. Let's coming home that's raised in. This custody really looked to hear from me all right. Let's get going on the first of the podcast which is all about current buyers before we get going into that. I just wanted to lay some ground. Rules the way I've been brought up a few things I might say. This may josh slightly and I just want to get ahead of that first of all so donald frenzied. You're listening to a soccer podcasts. I shoot you also know that. Sir in Europe Edgy. Footsie was is football. So on this podcast. Soccer Football footsie. They're all interchangeable and so to avoid if I was ever to refer to. I might come from all that would be. I'm referring to the NFL. In that case in terms of like grandma I will will say the Munchies United Leading in a game and I wouldn't say that much is the united is leading so again just a little bit of a grandma and I may very well drop the idiom so it might very well be a good idea to have maybe urban dictionary something open whilst you're listening to it but I think that's part of the fun I I've no wall quite a bit and so I do censor like to use. The audette auditing but all of that said I let a digging sue. What the The chroma viruses done to the leagues around the world. So you may not be aware the Bundesliga hiring tending to get to it on May sixteenth which is Next weekend this is GONNA be a real test. I think for what will happen around the rest of your who's leagues of not already called it and they will be the first European League to stop so hopefully and Augusta set will be coming out on Thursday. I might get to actually preview some gains. Which will be a wonderful really for not have the seems to do that for a good long while so yet the first game is going to be Shell. Kvass is Borussia Dortmund which is going to be absolutely massive game. I'm we'll get into all of that more next time round. There are very strict health protocols. That won't come as a surprise. I don't think the fans will be banned from the stadiums but they will be playing in each one's home homegrown. The will want any neutral grains which is the proposed thing that will happen in other countries. We'll get into that ultimate Talk about the premise. Lead in little moments Gems bean training since mid April. So there's no classification on the issue of much is being freeze in Germany What I believe it's custos are kind of having talks about doing that. I think to appease the idea of not being able to see your your teams in the stadium. What can you do to prevent large groups from Tenneco outside? I think that's got to be some sort of common sense approach to that. It's not like in the US where every everyone's gains Being live through some Network or other. That doesn't necessarily follow that. Just sit in feud will be selected to be played in times where a broadcaster lights it gains. But even so you know this the positive results. I think Flays in the top two divisions. I've been tested and I think Cologne have three plays. That's just positive just recently so I think that's very much a gonNa be monitored to see whether or not this is a viable option. And I'm sure the Premier League in particular Looking very intently on habits all organized because they are very much trying to get the season Michael running on I think if the Premier League decides to call it then waste. It's just not going to happen. It's all the there through a sixteen nine that have opposed plums to play in mutual grains. Which is the preferred way that the premier league wants do this again in effort to prevent fans from Joe showing up and hanging out outside the grimes. They are trying to move it so that no one has an unfunded each everyone can be insane kind of abbey using the same kind of people come and then all the ground groundstaff rather than having each ground have their own people involved therefore more numbers of people so I think that trying to get dancing obsolete men I know the what foot bosses being particularly am adamant about not playing in neutral grams. What food are a remnant of boat? The relegation zone and so they see having home advantage against some of the top clubs as well Selena they will maybe had to rely on all to to stay in the division and he used words such as sporting integrity as well so I think those sorts of teams around the relegation zone reassurance that if these gangs have played they won't be relegated on the strength of them. I think that's the only way that Neutral grams will be allow to happen. I feel at. This is an exercising just making sure that little get the title. They've been by a million miles the best team this year by twenty points. They are top at this point. It's only the relegation places that are still still needs to be associate and I don't know if these are the circumstances in which you can relegate teams so we'll see how all of that goes. Crackpot is the right word on all. Soman has Mentioned in Western. Australia is a plan that could play the gains in Western Australia but again can you imagine play is being rooted families being left alone for a few months while they play these. Games on OBVIOUSLY WESTERN. Australia's very remote place. I just feel besmirching wrench for everybody to go all the way over there and should stressful time ask. Professional people said to themselves through that what we'll do this. We'll take a little break there. I'm combat talk a little bit more ways. 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Is Your ticket to all things college football doing us as we talk college football from the National Championship the College rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy. So which comforts is the best? We've got you covered for the big ten as these the big twelve the PAC twelve. Abc and everything in between download the GS the college football. Podcast on Itunes Stitcher soundcloud. Google play or anywhere you find podcasts. Just tied Diaz md in the search bar. All right in these such in previous we were talking about. How the Bundesliga looking to going the resumption of the League the primarily? I coming a little bit uncertain. So what they fund today regarding corona virus so in the other major leagues around Europe. Lolita they started testing and training. It's only been about a week since the country. South has been allowed to go outside even to excise around the block so they Apparently returning to individual training all have done already Lionel Messi and bustle own of a working on their own right now The facility they are starting testing place for Corona virus is the protocols. This is all really to get the resumption of valley going. They have eleven games left to play a sink the that this testing is very stringent after be tested two days before they can stop these individual sessions and then being involved with the key collective training sessions. They're going to be tested daily wants. Those training sessions starts on. If there is a positive test that means that they will have to isolate and all of those people they evening contact with will also have to isolate so this much on a knife-edge all this isn't it really. I think this is the case as well in the Premier Leagues that they have to turn up in their own training kit so they have to do on washing that and there won't be any meal be prepared designing the maximum of six players on on a pitch at any given moment and they have to be responsible for their kit to make sure that it gets washed to won't be it won't be the responsibility of the CL. The final goal is obviously collective training sessions. This is the final phase of it all but the provisions on on the cleaning of the facility and equipment will also remain throat. That's in the Premier League as well that they will be required to musk's throughout the training sessions which I I don't know but I when I got trader Joe's and I'm wearing a mask I kinda get anxious not breath so would it be like to be running around visit professional athletes. I don't quite know. Anyway that's that's what's going on and in Lalita Sarah are also looking if they count stats again. There were some plans put forward. Everyone would come to Rome on us. The two stadium in Rome to the homes of Roma lassie out and then use training facilities around round the city that everyone will be based there however there was a little bit of a spina thrown in the works with three. Fiorentina plays and three members of the actual support unit. They're tested positive krona virus. So so are still are still waiting for the Italian government to give them permission to start training although plays Already training individually home and in facilities around the country. There has been no decision as yet miss to what when the League will resume in Italy so all very much open. One of the other things as well will be the plan conditions Another some owners of clubs have issues with is the idea of just having these playing conditions be so radically changed around. One of them is to have to use a maximum of five substitutes in order to prevent disruptions eating too often in gain the each team will be allowed An opportunites three opportunities so make substitution gang substitution made at halftime if both seems Mak- substitution at the same time this will count as one bathroom opportunities. So it's trying to prevent the idea of you know the end of games. Sometimes my edges will throw on a soap just to kind of destroyed rhythm wasted a little bit of time so it's an effort to hopefully stop from happening. I have heard ideas that they should be allowed. Tens of situations the idea being that even if you do have five subs. That's going to be five. Players who having not played for two months and then being asked to flavor entire full gain. That's also a really big ask. So won't will I think obvious? Is that when football does come back? It will be very different from the final gangs. We had Beam watching and before all of this kicks off. So what do I think what? What is the ultimate plan you? I like to think about Frank. Lampard's comments I have to say. He was interviewed. And I think this is what he's going to come down to eventually. The if the moment frontline work his aunt getting the testing that they need to then have all. This testing aimed at footballers hyenas. And all that kind of thing regardless of what you think about all of that. It just doesn't seem quite right. The all this effort is going into making sure that nine gains get played. I so I think unless that changes There's so much testing about the. It doesn't matter. I can't see this getting off the ground even a little bit. It's all I'm sure primarily are going to have their eye on what happens in the Bundesliga on their organization. Hums the keep of the of the testing in the Bundesliga. This is so important for any decision I think to be made What however what? I'M GONNA finish this little section on as well. They've beaten us. That's it's been quite fascinating to see. Her Wet. Plaza responded to being locked down some more positive than others. Maybe I should urge you to look. Malta Kyle walk out see butts both animal position on the primarily. Invitational has been organized. It's been really I mean. I'm not really into my eastwards particularly but it was quite engaging really the it was obvious that these young players young England plays from all around. The country knew each other really well and probably played each other before now and saw those of rivalries going on our on around an and on exactly James Madison. We played ELECTA. He triumphed in the primarily and he had a last-gasp equaliser against Keenan Davis of vast and villa and then went onto. Actually when it as well so those of being quite fun just be involved in. It is definitely a scene and a really fun lights as well. Well done on on the primarily for organizing that sort of thing all right if you've got any comments about what you think should happen regarding the different leagues around the world letters now. Gs MC underscore soccer on twitter and instagram for any the comments that said he would sue poor forward when we come back. We'll have a look at the. Us succeed focus on the US. Women's National Scene Ho the unless it's looking you're listening to the GS MC soccer podcast brought to you by the US. Mc podcast network. You really can't underestimate the importance of having the right creative work for your brand or your product whether it's a logo a website book cover or an Ad Campaign. You really need a quality design to make that big difference pop and deliver your overall engagement and success in a competitive market. That's where design crowd comes in design. Crowd has over seven hundred fifty thousand designers from Sydney to San Francisco. 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We looked at how all of the different leagues Erin World Coping With Code Nineteen I'd like to move onto soon as a the US coping an news has been happening in US soccer. Probably the big news I the. Us Women's national team had that bid for equal pay dismissed by a judge. Read a week ago at a belief that was and In response to that the the sort of breaking news or the most most recent news is they have filed an appeal against that decision. So last week yeah. The judge just dismissed the claims being on the pay compared to the men's national men's team so it was actually they were actually looking for damages around the sort of sixty six million dollar. Lamont under the equal pay act and it was filed by Twenty. Eight of the National Team. Plays in the women's side against the US. Soccer Federation after the after it had been dismissed the spokeswoman for the US women's national team players confirmed that Sir of an appeal would be submitted saying that equal pay means penguin plays the same rate for winning a game as men get. Hey so and the that women have paid enough if they make close to the same amount as men while winning more than twice as often is not equal. Pay and so yes. I think. The comparison between the men's national team. The women's national team doesn't really back and Parson in honesty. So obviously The win the women's team has been hugely successful. They have won for will copes. Obviously the most recent of which was was last summer and they've also won five Olympic gold medals whereas the US men's national team didn't qualify the previous WILCO. That best before then was in two thousand and two. When they reached the quarter-finals that mean the best was when they placed third in the very first one which is in nineteen thirty. So those don't really competitor. Well let's be honest in the actual ruling the judge and his name was Gary Klusener he said Women's team has been paid more on both accumulative on average per game basis than the men's team over the last period. I think what needs to happen with. This is just more clarity. What what is what constitutes average per game and gate receipts and all of these different things. I believe the way the women's team and the men's team are actually paid in different ways in the different collective bargaining agreements with US soccer. So what happened was that the women's plays compensated. Lancy through guarantees with additional opportunities for services which are not great. But what happens with the men's plays they guaranteed less pay what they can earn lucrative bonuses so light. I think the more clarity needs to be given on what all those things mean in terms of pay so obviously lots of people had their opinion on this and I'm when the peel went through all when the decision was made Meghan repeat obviously one of the leaders of the women's National Team Woman Golden Ball on the Golden Lushes will cook. She said that they'll never stop fighting for equality on the even Joe Biden who He's probably GONNA be the Democratic nominee this time rhymed says that Basically threatened the US sucker federation by saying get to salt at equal pay now A Hey said that you know. Even when he's president this doesn't get salted then. They can go elsewhere for wilco funding which is a pretty forthright. Stand the US Soccer Federation themselves stated that actually what they want to try and do is work with that same and they said trump a positive proof forward to grow the game both at home and around the world so this being a little bit of he'll When it comes to the yet to. Us Soccer Federation. They have not exactly been covering themselves in glory with the some of the statements that they put forward during all these court hearings and invites the President Casa Cordeiro. He had to resign much because of some of the submissions that he had made Because he claimed the job of a male football on the national team requires a high level of skill based on speed and strength than their female counterparts. So I mean they are going down swinging with some of these sorts of statements. So it was that I believe that led the national team to when they were lining up for the game against Japan in the Chiba. Leaves Coke deep this friendly tournament dot also to France and England that whilst they were whilst they were waiting for the national anthems to be played? Jay would that tops sites to hide. The Badge said the. Us Soccer Federation that. They had on their shirts and what they did leave. Pointedly left the the four styles the to represent the local successes that they have had so a very much cove. Okay we have achieved. We've actually achieved something. So we need the recognition. I'm with the equal pay Unser yet lesser people have committed in support of all of this including the male plays on the Western national same yet that they were very adamant saying that the federation continue to discriminate against the women and the wages and working conditions. So what the judge did alive is that he did recognize that they had not been given the right compensation in terms all travel and accommodation and medical support and he allowed the that part of that of the suits To go to trial and that part is set in June the sixteenth. And that's GonNa be in Los Angeles. So yeah there's a lot to kind of unpack suspect Litz. It's GonNa have to get salty note that I don't know when the appeal is going to be heard. I don't think this being a date set for that is yet but if you'd like to chime in on please like. I said the best way to do that is via social media and we are at she s MC underscore soccer. Yeah delighted to hear what you think of. All of that is a quick greatly. I'm will come with the MLS. Us soccer is coping with Kobe. Nineteen this is your ultimate staffer. Everything sports the Golden state media concepts or podcast. Should I say more from the NFL MLB THE NBA MMA? It's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen Stop Okay. Welcome back and the last section. We talked a little bit of boat- Ho the US women's national team trying to appeal the decision made about equal. Pay Over the past few weeks and in this'll such chessel obita bytes about mls and any kind of possible return to regular play so the the Commissioner Mls Don Gaba. He was interviewed this week. Can he said he was cautiously optimistic. On boats cents play and he talks a little bit of boats. And what that might look like What set yet they? Since the middle of March have not been able to play Super. Fortunately had like warm week's worth of gains that They ragle to and at the first round of matches on the other thing is well was the the league below the MLS USO. The Hudson new members as well. In fact I I'm living in San Diego and I was fortunate enough to watch the first home game in the US. L. By the St Loyal. Which is the new protein pro soccer team in San Diego? It was held at the stadium. Us Day did the facility of that and it was a wonderful occasions. Flimsy on the ground It's called it was called a full house. It was full of people that are being aching to see a professional soccer team in San Diego and for it for her everyone who worked so hard to achieve that's and actually habit and be able to watch e on the field who's really unfortunate that something like this came along to prevent that momentum of bill them built. That night wasn't allowed to continue. So I'm I feel very sorry for assembly st loyal who owned and managed by the Great London Donovan so all the recipes that fall success. Something that's really GonNa tail the the progress made by everyone involved in this anyway. Don Gaba. Who said is the major league soccer? Commissioner he was looking into the idea of what he's starting to call Stereo Games which I just every else's calling them Playing games behind closed doors and not having funds around. But he's seeing this is maybe a little bit of an opportunity to have more of a national focus and having the people who would normally be calling the games and Being at the gains in terms of media being a studio and compensates from there and having a focus from all over the place and not just having one a to Machi gains each weekend. 'cause he actually just see this as being of like a really unique opportunity for the league. It must be extraordinarily tempting to become the first ought to come back. We've seen a little bit light of this way. Australian Rules Football. Where an hot second? They were the only sport on the planet and so Fox over here instead of putting Australian rules football on that regular channel which is the soccer plus channel. They put it actually on Fox sports to there's plenty of eyeballs on. I was one of those people in was intrigued because I wanted to see some live some live stuff but after a week of games the first we could gains in Australian rules and AFL. They called a suspension. So that Lee as well so it was unfortunate that Sir we both. I wonder am Melissa looking at this opportunity to be the first major sports back where everybody else is still in an IRA of ways to go. Forward the resumption of s season. I mean we're not even had a pitch one pitch thrown in a major league baseball yet so that least been one game played in mls. Anyway I think they might just have to be very Catholic. Vote that just making sure that the protocols in place another plays seems to be living together almost as well certainly in this sort of loyd divisions in the US L. and South. They been able to train with each other because they are in the same living quarters as each other. What it's definitely not going to happen before June eight because I think that was. The date was called at least till that point. That would not be any games point clay so some is going to be an interesting one really to see all shakes down again. Plays helping a lights resume individual or workouts Seen facilities in that that started only in the past week from May Sixth and seven Beginning to he workouts last Wednesday Apparently there's going to be more to follow in the coming days so it's hopefully is good news. I suspect it's not going to soon as possible but it'll be interesting to see how the sport when it clashes with the likes of. Nfl on the people that are watching on TV. And in the stations that clash works and whether SA- for that but anyway we'll we'll soon find out on a finish on something a little bit more weight so it was announced in the last couple of days on Thursday may seven. That's one of the great stars of the US Women's national team. Alex Morgan on the longtime. Mls PLACE TO UNDERGO CARRASCO. They had the first lady. Charlie ELENA CARRASCO EIGHT POUNDS FIVE OUNCES. And so that's a lovely thing so you. I know it's been. There's been a lot of horrible news or kind of disappointing news or and so it was nice to see says something happened so Evans doing well. I will highlight of otherwise a fairly disappointing. The frustration time when it comes to following soccer so why do is call an end to this little section of the UP CAST. If you have an comments about what you think will happen guiding MLS and USO. That must've you haven't seen that's A. You're following not lead to hear from and yet the best way to do that is jess. Mc underscores soccer on twitter and instagram. And let us know what you think and three what would I do is going to have a little bit of a look at the possible? Transfers and certainly the rumors flying around without plays and wedding. When are they going to win? When will the season starts? Let's take a quick look at that and see what that means for for teens who they themselves not looking for. Are you looking for help. For your fantasy. Football came check out the GSM see fantasy football. Podcast get as best advice on who to start who'd it even who. You should draft from sleeper. Pick STYLES RED HOT LINEUPS. They got it all covered for you that GSM see podcasts. Dot Com backslash fantasy dash football dash. Podcasts we'll cover traditional leads dynasty few. Pr Even I. When you need fantasy help there's just one show to hit up. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs MC PODCASTS DOT COM. For More Info I all right. Welcome back and the last session we talked to by the US soccer scene where that's headed right now and this section the podcast when it's a little bit of trump's for rumors usually this time of year with seasons come to an end having Champions League finals in Uefa Cup finals right around night. That'd be lots of places that would be looking for a move. Maybe WANNA get out of a club that they don't really get a chance sat or wants to take a step away. Champions League teams all of these rumors would be circulates neurone but this is going to be a very different transfer window on transfer indeed. That was a study done. Taking by the international sensitive sports stood. He's and very predict a twenty eight percent drop in transfer values for all sorts of different places and because they'll be a period of probably financial insecurity. Reckon what we call. Bozeman players Players on the contract free agents essentially and they'll be a spiking those types of places chains ancient clear. The books of plays that might not necessarily fit into that plans. The study also predicted a hundred million dollar. Transfer fees won't happen for the next three to four years. The name I transfer for example will be an absolute an outline of for many years to come. They say so clubs will also the study says look to maybe develop plays some might not necessarily go for the fully developed plug and play player. That's going to get you the twenty two season. They might look to develop a player. Bring him on rather than having to pay a massive amounts of money the someone. That's the finished outside. Collegiate were there are lots of players who are going to be a contract. Usually it was a Ryan by the end of June would be the end of contracts would would would finish on so notable plays William at Chelsea Dress Mertens at Napoli Cavani Power Sanjiang. The Tongan Tottenham Hotspur daffyd Silver City. Although I think that he's going to retire not entirely. Sure about not good sir at Borussia Dortmund hedgerow a Chelsea and Sanyal Klein that liberals well if these quality players quality Clubs so of which might not necessarily think they're getting effective crack at it whether currently who wants to move on so what's going to happen and there are some of those plays that. I've mentioned the happy mentioned in all sorts of transfer rumors so for example we have a Taunton who Very much in the market to bolster their squad. They got their eye on Thomas. Monja who plays a part of sunshine? He's the Belgian right back. Currently he's twenty eight years old and Ryan Fraser who they think they can get a free transfer from born with For a later on this summer I think he's a very important for Tottenham in particular to sign plays. The squad has seen a lot of under-investment right now in seen a decline they have reached the Champions League final last year and they just not really kicked home in the probably regressed if anything this year if they are thinking of holding on to hurricane much longer I think that he's going to insist on more investment in that squad that they rely so heavily on him and I mentioned that Cavani and I think he would be a great signing On even if it was just four hurricanes get your twenty minutes rest or break during a Maffei. Cook game or something along those lines. I think Cavani would do brilliantly them and they can get in on Osmond. Essentially I think not being credible business really. I know that has his critics. And missed the chumps. But compared to what Spurs have. Right now. I don't think it won't even be a punt. It would just I think a really interesting signing for them and some backup for hurricane. He is flocked to that so one of the things Manchester United. You think are also going to be big players in the the future. Transfer window whenever that should happen all going solve. She was interviewed recently. And I think he used a family unfortunate phrase. Which was they're going to take advantage of what the future transfer market is gonNA look like citing that there are going to be a clubs that working to get class off that book certainly. Hyannis plays that Lloyd and leagues. That might not be able to pay them the wage they promised I Navy. It was Lost in translation thing but to saint take advantage of is not really in the spirit of where. We're all coming from right now. I think we corona virus in all kinds of jobs so but I do think that's united will look to spend loamy we've got Bruno. Fernandez been an absolute revelation for them in the month. So He's been able to play and I think the only starts out so that all of the young players will be a season more experienced so I wouldn't surprise me the united tramples to squad And in that vein. United PREPARING TO OFFER AC into Milan rats that Argentinian for with Martinez but as interest from Barcelona and passenger on also play. He's twenty two years old united along with Chelsea and they're all interested in lots IOS symbian fail to Malinkovich savage Chelsea Renault. That scene by the way that's definitely GonNa be working supposed squad because they have just had that transfer ban lifted they've had the obscene C. Really to sign anyone for a transferring dow so they want to keep an eye on Downey's Tobias who has been on loan outs arsenal. He's been subject. To some rumor linking him with the severe boats he replied to that nonsense with a donald trump. Gif So Schumer say fake news. He's on loan actually from Real Madrid. But he's not strength three years old these Islam decent wise coombs go to couple freak VNC so he's looks alright national that Also in the market full on the Clementine daily William he states. He won't but I feel at one of those plays superindent. That always comes on. Tries out does job looking more and more likely that he will leave. Chelsea and when his contract whenever his contract to and no-one knows when that might be opened there in the market foreign mother teenager from Chelsea his name is Charlie Webster stays midfielder zone sixteen years old but if I was a sixteen year old football along the way sometimes long time since I was sixteen years old by the way I would go to Borussia Dortmund because they do such a good job with all the youngsters they give them a chance. Jaden Sancho amongst them obsolete highlights of the program that they do a good job at all of their youngsters. I think the important thing is they trust. Used to do a good job for them. So Holland has just come in. And He'd been binding goals in right-left incense accounts account. Stop himself he's young. He's in Russia. Dominant team a ripping out. Trees absolutely brilliant. So keep an eye out for that again. I met you Greece Mountains. He's on the front lump pods list. Apparently again these these rumors stat that he added him on Instagram Unders also contacted him but so address. Mertens WHO's thick three years old. He's paints football in Napoli right now but again. I think the Chelsea need a little bit of experience from have Tummy Abram right now you rude is obviously very experienced. But I don't think front pod Zemo all that much looks like they might be in the market for resistance and finally in I will run of transfer. Ostlund Tottenham both keen on Guessing who is A twenty two year old midfielder. He plays in Flamengo. They were and the club will championships recently. In so maybe he caught the eye there so they go plenty to be thinking about in terms of transfer windows and I wanna hear from you about your club in who you feel like. They need to buy -sition to they need to strengthen we are ATS GS NC underscore soccer on twitter and instagram. And let us know who you think your seen Orion all right and final part of the show we start hopefully a running theme. Going through the podcast. I'm calling it around the world in eighty soccer moments and yet the significant happenings in the sport that we love Y'all listings of GS MC soccer podcast brought to you by the US MC podcast network. Are you looking for the very best? Nfl and college football podcast then check out the GSM see football. Podcast get the latest football news. Both on and off the field from the NFL draft to treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines they got you covered that's GSM podcast dot com back slash football dash podcast get updates. I'm college rivalries King Insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want this show in sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visits. Yes MC podcasts. Dot Com for more INFO. Slow all right. Welcome back to the Jesse's Sokha podcast. In the last section. We looked at the possible transfers. And who clubs might be going after should the transfer market opened again in this last section of the show. I'm going to get into. I'm calling the around the world in eighty soccer moms so look at the Significant things that have happened in the sports of shape the game that we we all love and one would have stats off with is one of the absolutely pivotal moments in. Us Soccer. And that is and I'm being a little bit flipping head. The the Diana misses a penalty on soja field. And if you don't know that was part of the opening ceremony of the nineteen ninety-four will find that local finals. She was singing the organizers of ceremony. Thought it would be a great idea if Diana Ross was to kick a ball I absolutely giant football while it was into a goal and the idea was she would type it in there and of course the humidity but the the goals collapsed anyway under the weights of that. Set that shot. But what I'm getting at is that was the opening of something that the US Soccer Federation had been working towards for such a long time and they had only qualified once since nineteen fifty four Wilco tournaments and that was the less nineteen ninety and so what they were doing was hosting the will finals and they did that in. Nineteen ninety-four now. It didn't just inspire plays. That would go on to play in the national team. What it's the event. That transformed soccer's organized in the US. It's also change in attitude. I think in of people around the world people from the US really enjoyed I soccer and Kushner boats it that good at it and they speak well about six and all of these things were achieved by the hosting the nineteen ninety four. We'll files is actually pretty miserable. Wilco for your your host here. Because England didn't actually qualify for the Olympics will so yeah it was a real shame that England was there but in massive thing but few ASAKA and yeah because from all of this one of the promises the hats be made to fief of was that the US talkative nation would organize a league. They tried in the past. They've have off football league. They did a Pele and Bobby Moore and George Best and all these great players playing in a league in the US but it just didn't kick com at all so what ended up happening was major league. Soccer was developed has been going ever since and it's absolutely imperative to have the national teams done sense that people can make a living playing soccer and then from there may be go on play the National Team. Algo and planes. Your soap. People like Clint Dempsey. Were inspired by that London. Donovan played in Germany and England. Before coming back in claim for the galaxy. Such great extents so it was really important that that day when Diana Ross did miss that and fans it was close but it was such an important mom fee. Us Soccer and absolutely certain that I would not be speaking to you right now. If it wasn't for the fact that they they hosted the Nineteen Ninety. Four will compiles the next little moments is a very significant one on our eighteen. Soccer MOMS is the Football Association in England is formed on October. Twenty six eight hundred sixty three offense at that point the All sorts of different news being played so that when visiting team's happened they would have to first of all Salto whose rules that are going to be playing on the so the the the main ones were the Cambridge rules and the Sheffield rules. So I don't know what your Josephy of England is like that's like the Southerners Nolan's and so instead of having to clarify all of the different rules the idea was to grow up some rules that to make sure that this uniformity so everyone is playing on the same the same principles as he left so what had happened. Was a book called the Freemasons Tub. Eleven clubs from all around London came together to establish a single set of rules for the okay matches that they were all going to be playing that. So what happened was created a formal version of fat at the start of game that we understand this football night. The Senate rules with with different but there was a standardization of things so each school played under our each organization. They had this solid sets of rules. Now they didn't get salted in one meeting the freemasons tavern there were actually six meetings saw. That seems like a bit of an excuse to don't know. Oh yeah well we're GONNA have to come back next week for To do this again Elliott yet. Yeah since I'm yet yeah. There was actually six different meetings. So the official rules were drawn up joining this time over a period of three months so not everyone was happy. By this by the way so There was a tinkle black heath who instead of joining this new. Football Association He decided that he was going to join norther organization and the Rugby Football Union because the the way that he wants to play the team wanted to play games involve being able to handle the ball in open play and so he decided that he standardized the help. Standardize the rules of rugby football. It's actually where we get the term soccer from. It's actually an English word. Even though people tend to think that the Americanization of the great game of football is actually from association rules so the soccer's contraction of association and yet and so I didn't need all those new names all right so I think thought should do us if you have any significant moments that you would like for me to to cover in the next coming weeks months. I'd be delighted to hear from the best ways to get in touch at. Gnc underscores soccer. And Yeah if you have any suggestions on that Gospel. Anything that you've heard on this podcast. Today I'm delighted to hear because the moment not a great deal going on in terms of life ball and so I would love to hear your stories of how you became a fan of the game in the first place. The teams that you support so insurrection. In these times of self-isolation is is a good thing so I would. I would love to hear from me and yeah with us. Thank you again for spending this time with the GNC soccer podcast. Which is brought to you by the Jess? Nc podcast network. I'll be back on Thursday with a preview of some actual for with the Bundesliga. Starting up I get to actually see what might happen in the future which is which is a very hot in thing again. If you're interested in German football please let me know how you think things are going to shake dame that please gives a follow on facebook twitter instagram like I said it's at GMC. Underscore soccer at that will be greatly appreciated. And yet if you come get a follow on facebook twitter instagram I can thus at GMC underscore soccer and that would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to please leave a review. The podcast is well allows all the people to be able to see it and we get to learn about what you WanNa hear as well. Thank you day. Listener do again on Thursday until that time. Please stay safe after. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts soccer. Podcast part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot Jesus MC podcast dot com download our podcast on Itunes Stitcher soundcloud. Google play exist. Ps Embassy to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies said music from sports entertainment and even reared news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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