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I'm John James Bond. I'm black widow. I'm the call of the wild and here's the things we're GonNa talk about on Film House today so join us. That's right after this the two seconds ahead with you long. Take the film out everybody This week I'm joined by a lease James and Adam I blue name's Daniel so today we actually we get to talk about. Two of my favorite film genres super spies in gangsters. So we've got some frustrations out this week. No time to Diane black widow so chatting about those and then our thoughts on house painting and Irishman. Hopefully we'll have been time at the end of the show. We can talk about the Harrison Ford dog movie in Tom. Hanks from Mr Rogers joint this week the sponsored is a show our Mosey Jeans and Columbia College and Manscaping. But I will tell you a little bit more about about those guys later on. We're going to start with bond. James is the biggest James Bond Villain I know. Have you had a chance to see this gene. I have absolutely really I did not dissect it because I don't want it looking at it and Marty kind of piecing things together and I don't want to spoil it for myself. You're not joining over Daniel. Daniel Craig bond data. Craig come home last one. This is his last one it is. He said it was he who himself previously. There's well he clarified. That's come on dies. He said it's exhausting. And it's very harrowing. Sure last us if we wanted to do this job up next year. We'd say we'd rather kill ourselves. I believe the the quote came in an interview two days after he finished wrapping Specter's so we can understand him never wanting to also it seems like every single time he films. A movie breaks something or hurts himself really bad because he's heavily involved in the stunts. If not just doing them entirely so sometimes as you don't always fully recover from injuries like that like you're you're back to normal you can do action but you still have a little bit of pain. When he got shot in Sky Fall he couldn't hold that gun extreme because the emotional Now Yeah so I watch the trailer wants all the way through got goosebumps. Can't wait for it. Looks Great I I do think the trailer has some weird like pacing issues like it almost feels like a Keith resetting itself. There's not too much I think it's I I don't they haven't released a run time Um I think this is going to clock in over two two and a half hours easy just based off the trailer alone but like you know they get keep resetting so they start. And he's he's on a mission mission him leah seducing they're doing stuff together and it's all going J. Classic James Bond stuff and then it resets into like you know her and then it into reintroduce blofeld which is actually not expecting that guy saggy eyed stroke as he got blown out one of the things. I remember when this movie was coming together. They said No. Christoph christoff volts is going to stay in the franchise cast great but I wonder what capacity ended so his unceremonious for him at the end of it or whatever and and then and then he popped up in this like all right. This is such a great him doing like silence of the lambs thing. Perfect scenario somehow being really creepy from behind bars. Yeah how do you feel about the implication the trailer that are beautiful. Lhasa do betrayed him. I love her so much. A love it because my least favorite thing about specter with with how he's like. I'm walking away you am. I'm walking away. Can you remind me of what happened. Because I do not remember what she did to him in the end of the movie well they fell in love. I mean he was going after Spector was like a continuation of his saga right. They so they were responsible responsible for the actions of Casino Royale. And and to some extent I think even I don't think it was as no quantum and casino royale are inextricably strictly same same movie but Sky Fall was a little bit different but he yeah he was basically like reintroducing himself to the whole vesper thing and it turned out. There's an even larger organization pulling the strings from the other organization and And so one of the people that came back into it was this old man who is involved in that who is like the key to finding out what this spectre organization was and then in his his pursuit of finding that guy he found her his daughter who was Lisa do okay and then and then he they team up and go on across country tree adventure together and a lot and I actually liked thought specter a little bloated but I actually liked to. I liked it too but it did get a little goofy it. Maybe like it started towards that Sillier side of bond than the big loud action setpiece where he's got plot armor physics stop mattering wondering why liked it because normally what happens is that happens in like you have a golden eye and then movies happen like like animals movies happen and then you end up with a die another day and you're like they get here but this is the transition point there is. There is a movie where that Happens in it unfolds in front of you and I kind of Doug how he. They're doing an experiment on a spoiler for them to specter of the movie that came out twenty years ago or whatever For they're like they're fucking with his brain in a classic James Bond Trap experiment experiment and then Lia subdued the only thing. I didn't really like about the movie as she leans into. She Goes I love you and he goes and he like comes back to life. Because I'm like I always thought it'd be better. She's like she's like do you ain't and then and then he pops out of it but when he does pop out of it. He's like new bond. He's like fully-fledged back and he starts. He's picking off dudes from like three quarters of a mile away with a handgun and I'm like that stuff. He doesn't do at the beginning of the movie at all or any of the rest of these movies and I was like Oh cool. He transitioned legend into super spy. Bond movie I love the title treatment. I think I think is really cool. Extremely well designed. Yeah I think they've done a good job with the design on this movie movie. But but the only caveat was that you took so long to get two volts as blow Feld and they also did the The on yeah ah toward darkness thing where they're like they're like what's your name he's like Blow Beld. And you're like you're blow Fella. You know I I said blow belt and then he goes gets a HA. I was blow. Felt all along as gay people like me who have listen Goldeneye forward went. What's a blow fell? I'll how dare you. I don't know any other ones putting him in. This one is great. I think him being like this. Do you think they they realized it was like that was kind of a waste of him in the last movie with like We didn't really get to do as many things with him. It'd be a ways to get rid of him. Yeah they win. The other movie was like coming out or had been was being made that they said the Christoph Waltz would be in more than just one. I really believe if you don't put me in this movie I'll be back for the to the The the big lie for you movie year. but yeah and but then also I also again and I was watching the trailer for Got Malik. I was going to say so I feel like in the past. You haven't been a huge remmy. Malik fan how why would you say that you so you just expressed new interest in mister robot. I've always said he's a great actor who's in mostly garbage stuff by being garbage. I just feel like the the first season. At least he's just this mute who stares I mean that's his character in that plan and then and then in Bohemian rhapsody. He's really good but the rest of the movies garbage so I don't have if anything against Oak Ramya malic at all. I don't know that he should have necessarily won that Oscar. But I don't care this of all the actors and the need for speed movie. Would we have thought Ram Malik would be the most successful. I know he's supposed to be imposing and threatening when you see him emerged from the shadows this. He's not imposing an threatening to me talk to me so cool is so menacing and then follow him up. You know not obviously not directly leap but two months later with I'm like I don't get that same price. France recovery is it's a slab of steak and Ramming Malik. Alec is a half a twinkie. which is exactly but it's like it's what's on the inside? I think the imagery here's great. He's got the the physical malady thing. Go and fantasy imagery super cool. I would agree with you if his just Rohingya Malik. But we're they're also going to get Christoph Waltz so happy a Batman movie to carry the whole thing to things. There's also introducing a new bank and hot chick and Dharma's pretty awesome. She's like there's there's There's there's the new double oh they're interesting as well. AL which I can only assume as a reference to Halle Berry's character another day. What their name was? Sean Lynch is Naomi's the tally various character. Like like Josephine a lot of key. Suck off. Yeah that'll start Fuck what's her name Emmy rock-hard on the right. Is it the same one where Denise Richards was the scientists now Jinx Johnson. You mean Christmas Jones. No that's her name. Christmas last Christmas does is com twice a year and he's a sorry to let you down but holly berries named Jinx Johnson Yeah Jinx Jinx. The cat okay. Yeah I mean it's not like a bad luck alliteration it's classic bond Bar It is but but no so so I think it looks like stacked with really cool. People Looks Pretty Cary Fukunaga always makes really pretty stuff. I'm excited action. Sequences that they show off often it does. This is the rule though where every other one is. It's it should. It should be good once you bad. Basically seems to be the track record so far right royal good quantum bad scaife all good specter quantum of solace. It's just an epilogue chirp but it's still an entire movie. Yeah I know I'm just saying I don't hate quantum of solace it was the writers strike and it was during the writers strike. overdosing them. It's the shortest James Bond movie of all that have ever been made and and and it. It's just an Epilogue to casino royale. So I don't like I don't think it's terrible right but I'm saying compared to Sky Fox now is the lesser. Then do you think any bond movies are terrible James. Yeah Roger Moore has some garbage one's view to not view to a kill in rigor What is it the one with magic for walking? Oh what is that her majesty's tits or actually really good doesn't give of Credit George license fees. Really good what's her actually. I read a rumor that what is the one with Christopher Walken Unlike maybe moon ringer. I don't Pussy. Isn't that great moon. Raker isn't that great rollerball different franchise while we're thinking on it. Is Christoph Waltz wearing a golf shirt in his cell prison issued. I WanNa see what he looks like conversation tonight. You'll have a hidden links at the beginning of the summer after this is like you trust him. Yeah what's he wearing their polo or something. Yeah there's there's a on on shot of him where you can see it better anyway. Greece Jones was actually reported or rumored to be in this movie found out she had like three lines and then quit okay. There are no small parts parts grace to Grace Jones from one of the worst worst only missing but she is memorable right in that movie. Yeah not announced. It's just the thing the worst thing about What is it a view to a kill? Yeah yeah the worst thing about a view to a kill is mm that if you read the wikipedia it sounds like the coolest bond movie Kaz. Christopher Watkins character is a clone of Hitler uh-huh he's a super genius clone of Hitler and he's like to use it. He's taking over the tech industry in San Francisco but this is the early eighties way before everything and this looks like a scene from robocop this season but except that like the action action set pieces in this movie. Are they go to a horse racing track and I. It's terrible and Roger Moore way too old for this part of it. Because he was the oldest bond ever I think he did did at fifty seven fifty one now better news for at least ten years more that Roger Moore is one of the dudes who is an old man when he was like he turned twenty nine and it was just old dementia. If you go watch live and let die. You're like holy cow. Watch the next one. He does old something happened. I have to reiterate I'd love. Listen you so much and I. I think she's a an actress that feels very classic liquid. Grace Kelly Kim Novak type like she just has that vibe to her and I'm so so glad that she is in a bond movie because I think it is a very classy classic Franchise Classic Classic Woman They do what is hurt. So besides it's She's in depth stranding blue collar midnight in Paris. She is at the very very end. Who Owen? Wilson goes off with you because I know she's like hot right now she's also what mission impossible. No No. You're thinking of. What's her name somewhere looking for different? Well she has a well I would say okay a little different. The the woman mission impossible has more of a slavic face. Wow what's her name it. We don't get caught okay. That's fine not a big deal for I. Just I've been seeing the name a lot and then I remember from Spector. I remember that being not a great part only because those like James Bond don't get married also the things like so. I Killed Her dad. You WanNa Bang. She's like yes head. Yeah didn't he get married in on Her Majesty's Secret Service Chris. Yeah well that was the best. Doesn't he scoop up blow filled in his wheelchair and drop them in the top of now. That's different one on Her Majesty's The secret service he gets married and then he gets married to one of the avengers guys. Okay well the British television show the avengers. He was married to her to over. Are you kidding me crossover no. And then. And then on their honeymoon there like going for a joyride and then blow feld drives by in his car and shoots car kills his wife. Except that George Lazenby didn't WanNa come back so then the sequel diamonds are forever. Is Sean Connery again. And it picks up with him hunting down hunting down blow Feld eld but they never really resolved that arc until just as a cold open for spy who love me maybe or something like that. It's Roger Roger Moore who is now two bonds removed from having anything to do with this woman goes to the grave the George Lazenby bonds and then and then Blow Feld shows up and then tries to kill him and then switches back. It's control of a helicopter. Scoops scoops them up and it kills. Can I ask you a question. Yeah we always know James Bond for his really well cut suits. has there ever been a James Bond movie where you've seen him just chilling out in a pair of jeans. I read Mike and Mike completely elsewhere. 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And we're like four or five blow. Fill some guy. This is the they could put this in Austin powers note another absolutely surprised. They didn't dummy Rovuma over his head on the head. You go all Chapman Anyway. House murder sound. That was premeditated this guy fall. I was GONNA change subjects but I did have a good question. Do you think James Bond should die because I know that was one of the. Apparently one of the big breaking points of Danny boil weaving was supposedly his screenwriter. Wanted to kill bond I mean just to do it now. Yeah exactly I think I mean the whole we'll double-o James Bond is an is not true. It's a series of whatever twenty four movies as a character that has a person endured over fifty fifty fifty years or it. There are no rules when some started making it. They didn't set the rules. Do you kill Santa. Do you kill Ronald McDonald. So these he's our cultural touchstone that we cannot rid ourselves of the whole the whole what do you how do you I I would rather than just you know. Just keep transforming bond should be a reflection and kind of dig how you can see a bond movie and kind of have a pretty good idea. What decade it's from? I think that's server. You're cool so sticking with the super spy theme and the new trailers that popped up this week. We got a trailer for black widow which will be Scarlett Johansson. Hansen's ninth time playing Natasha Room and they seem like that much In the grand scheme of all of the marvel twenty four marvel movies Blackwood nine taught there from almost the beginning. Yeah her runtime has been increased since the first are iron man to when she's barely in it has one cool action scene. She does her flipping taller guards. who were just working at the building? That didn't have any allegiance to anyone that she's she hangs up guy she got super cool avengers and then like civil war at some gold moments but like Yeah now we're how many start start. They've been Tony Start. Something like more than that thirteen or something really does count as there's rumors that he's in this That would maybe make because this is a prequel is supposed to take place after civil war these the honestly probably should have made this movie then so here this is the AH I dunno got from this. Is John Wick vibe to it. So maybe we needed three John Wick movies and in atomic blonde firmed ago. Okay you can make a female centric centric action movie set in the more you just make sure. All the women's hair is braided eastern Europe. And then you need some kind of braid and their laundry. The movie by the way is an underrated. I think so. I don't know a lot of people that's all that I hope I mean. Everything is great movie but so obviously Hawkeye Guy. He's not he does bow river is using different hand Hawkeye. I guess. What's the line that they have where they're like? We both remember prog Iraq differently or whatever maybe we got I. I think he's GONNA show up. Open this movie and as like an antagonise to her and it's it's what the events of what that was. I thought after civil war though it bureau never mind then. Yeah that's time was like thirty five minutes so who knows. I'm excited to see what the book ends are for This movie because it's I I I'm guessing it's going to be like saving private Ryan type thing where it starts where we currently are you. And then someone's going to go to. It's going to be like like Jeremy Renner whatever it goes to a grave and then it turns out. That wasn't Jeremy. Renner Matt Damon at the end. But like I'm curious to see how how they're going to slide this into the timeline already fucked it up before when they did ant man Amen to team out after the people that are going to be confusing why she live again. Well that's why they're going to have to make it very clear going to go see it. Yes or no eight months earlier okay. So you're asking what it took to make this movie I do think he was. Captain Marvel and Black Panther both making a billion dollars and they're like Oh a movie not what led by White dudes can make a billion dollars. What kind of weird too? Because it's Carl's your Hanson's been like a Hollywood darling for a decade now. She's not guaranteed box. Office gold enough. I mean ghost on the shell like she's she's been plenty movies where that movie. Her name alone is not enough to drag people. There's I'll tell you what I was. I was not super. We're interested in this movie or the trailer until it introduced Yuliana. She's her and her or her crazy. Russian family red scare us as a UH. I haven't written somewhere there Red Guardian. The Red Guardian harbors perfect murder. He's he's so good and I him looking like goofy. Get Caffeine Erica. I was I was like this. Just seems like it's going to be one of the espionage captain America movies those without captain. America yeah it feels more like winter soldier to me totally watching this trailer because there's there's best MCI superpowers other than I guess taskmasters. I just remember muscle memory or something espionage action taskmaster. He could learn to fight like new night but he chooses not to because the new nights so crazy. How do you know this? I think he's but everyone else. That's true people tweet these no. They learned semesters muscle memory. was they have to going crazy. Because the way Moon Knight fights is so dangerous to Moon Knight the taskmaster would put himself in danger by even thinking providing the way Munari could. Why are we eating a black widow movie when we could be getting moonlight movie night? Show show movie damn it. No you and you'll get it eventually. They had to go through the trials. Carl Hansen with this the the ten years of Marvel Fan. We'll give you a movie me. Yeah I'm curious to see. This is one of those things too. Where like I hope? There is some good character stuff I feel like even though she was in nine of those movies he's she was always an accessory to whoever the main focal point was and it really honestly wasn't until endgame that she is like. Oh she has an agenda. She's a leader. She has she has purpose and she feels things and she isn't just an a A. You know accessory item to one of the main character character or whatever they're doing so northcliffe well and also the fact that you know that she's dead well in those the I forget which vendors in the whole stuff with her. She's like I can't have babies. It's not worth anything and it's like on. Yeah and it's like okay. Well as an amazing woman that does all these things but society mark Ruffalo is also among closer to him going like I figured it out. Yeah so you have babies no he signed autographs so Florence. PUGH pretty big actress. Now do you think he's going to die in this movie. Or is she gonNA maybe be the next black would be black widow and whatever he's GonNa pop up and flapped in. She's GonNa Soldier. I think just I gotTa America so I thought you meant like flap like slang for vagina no no wings. I arcton a mirror okay. I thought you were calling her flopped in America because the crude slang for Regina. You'll never be American. And so so. That's that's what I know. I I think my mind went. They may be setting some stuff up for Disney plus shows Sherri. Yeah I imagined to that. Just because the way comics aren't earn southern GONNA fill. They've already shown to alternate universes and stuff. Maybe this whole thing takes place in an alternate universe where she is still alive. She's new Hayden. Planetarium sanitaire wherever news lawrence. Yeah Oh similar whiteface. Except she's a really good actress. She's from good midsummer midsummer it's summer. Oh that's midsummer okay. Gotcha this is young thunderbolt. Ross even be definitely d aged him some that means Samuel was the flash. When did this take place? That's what I'm saying. They're going to civil war doesn't sound right. If that's how often gather some some portion of its got a flashback to the Cold War to make the Russia's stuff relevant jump through decades. That could be like a story in the president Mostly in the nineties and it did have those spiderman. I don't know either way. I hope I hope at the end of this. It's revealed that we weren't watching Blackwood like winning movie. At all. In fact it was Ben Mendelsohn with her the whole movie and assimilation are found out nightside. Ralph so do you think this movie could make a billion sure. Yeah I think I think. Captain Marvel did gangbusters because we we blew balls and we're waiting for endgame. I'll take anything anything that gets me by you. Tease this character. Yes what's this about. Let's see it was a man movie but it was like it. Held you over until the big thing. So yeah maybe people are hungry enough that it's like it's going to do. It's probably going to be good to WHO's directing it. I don't know a Cate shortland and indeed director. You've never heard of anything. She's ever directed. You got it girl. Yeah Yeah I think if it doesn't make a million dollars challenge Hanson's maybe go back to school. Find something else for since finds. She gave it a shot acting maybe pursue near new career. I can't believe that I know what you're doing. Go ahead I believe that Wasn't that like ten minutes. I can't believe topics with the way. Marvel cast stuff. They don't have the actress from killing. Even this Oh yes interesting would have definitely been landed in one of the. I love her blonde blonde from Dan Lewis. They've they've they've must have earmarked for something later on different character. Good more to or something. Do you think looks like a bunch of the major characters in this movie are Russians. Are they going to try. And make us re for Russian. They're on a weird politically modern day. DOUBT IT I think they're all going to be defectors or or spies or they're all battling or something I wouldn't worry about David Harvard's fine very worried. If everyone's like bring that hell boy glad he gets a good superhero bureau. Though now I actually do like David Harbor a lot and it was frustrating. When I tried to watch how boy and got through the first fifteen minutes and I was like this is that's not his old He wasn't suicide squad too. I don't know if you guys solve with the guy. That's directing the metal gear movie Jordan volved Roberts birt's I had no idea he went on twitter tirade about how whoever's making this movie is stealing stuff from metal gear. He started putting red circles on things. First of all if you're metal gear known conceal for medical everything from metal gear stolen. It's all heavily reverential. That was my point. Is I think a lot of people were like. How dare they steal from metal gear? If anything just sharing the same references I saw I was like Oh storm shadow cool. Yeah I sure did come before metal gear. Didn't I'm saying metal gear steals ever but sure it's the one kid who yelled at James Cameron goes. I notice your vehicles from Avatar reflections from Halo. Because have you seen Aliens Shit. Talking made halo before Halo. I was born in two thousand and two stealing from the right thing or people like Someone Watch Alien Ago Pretty troby movie because Dan took it very much seemed like a kid complaining about about someone else stealing their ideas. Sure whatever man they came from the same place. That's the other thing too. It's like a of anything that shouldn't be a movie. Probably metal gear. or it's like it's just a snake repeating itself d unintended the last time a film invented a new shot was the matrix like when they put all those together thirteen point but even that was stolen from like commercials and stuff that were experiment doing weird wild experiments sports to like the last time anything with new movies so maybe maybe during Robert's needs to go back to school and if you're looking to go back to school why don't you check out. Columbia Colic Alec with Tradition at Columbia College. Your education is one low price there no fees. No book costs no surprises. 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That's m. y. t. r. are you a TI Owen dot com slash film Check out what Columbia College is doing and thinks Columbia College. Bring us here today to talk about spy movies. I think we're going to move onto gangster movies real quick and There was a huge released last week. I guess a few weeks ago. It was put out into theaters. But right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Netflix released Irishman this is essentially the king of the gangster movie more busy returning with some of the greatest actors of all time. It's really weird that it's in Netflix. Just in a few theaters around the world because this is a pretty huge movie considering. I think the cast the filmmaker subject matter. Adam you have not seen Irishman yet. But I've not had I haven't had a spare four hours watch I you want to. But so that is what about it'd be on Netflix. Makes it weird because it's not in theaters. This is like Martin says he won Oscars. He's making just kind of return to the gangster genre That he kind of owns earn Scorcese Making News. Of course Martin Scorsese movie. He's made in probably what two decades and it's got Robert De Niro Pacino Joe. PESCI finance are is financed by net flicks right. I don't think it was. I think it was it was being made in the net flicks. kind of swooped swooped in. They bought the distribution rights. I mean at the end of the day. It's a movie that you can watch wells. It is the way in which consume it matter to anyone else. Other than David Lynch at the end of the day the the movie that clearly the studio executives involved in distributing the movie said. Go ahead you could do whatever you want. And they did the runtime three and a half hours and the aging kind of the big stories that have been surrounding the Irishman That's all right I. I thought it was excellent. I I love Goodfellas and casino. It's anything like that. It's it is similar. It's not as good as those. It's very much like that. Yeah I don't think that this movie cracks into my top Scorsese now and I think that's because he's made so many ridiculously good movies while well he's also so my favorite thing is that like he figured out how to take those movies that he made the Goodfellas and stuff and he these large sprawling sprawling decades sprawling gangster epics or whatever multi multi decades and stuff. And he would he figured out how to do it. And then I think like Goodfellas L. is is the best version of that and then casino Kinda gets ragged on a little bit because it feels like it's shadow of Goodfellas. It's like almost like very very similar. Movie took the format and they started throwing stuff actually still really like Sinoe because of location subject matter the performance it feels really genuine really fun if it does feel a little bit like. Oh we'll just do casino goodfellas. I understand it with wall. Street works wash. But then that's the thing. I like Wolf of Austria St a lot because it feels like an evolution of that monarch new kind of gangster and it's also it's not as drab as his other movies. He has a a younger caste. You know but it's very stylish. It feels like it's an evolution. It's like Martin Scorsese's evolution I think departed is similar. Were departed is. Is this big thing that covers a long time. Yeah you're right. I'm a part of two departed. Felt like a movie that came out and it felt relevant whereas this does says feel like he's Harkening he's like I'm making a movie. That's it's set in a different time period. It's not set in present day. Obviously so it's GonNa feel dated but it does feel whereas departed. Felt like Scorcese making movies for the new decade. This feels like him reverting back to the way he made movies. That's that's how I felt watching it. I liked it at least I watched it. All in one sitting is biofeedback. Do we have to. We watched it and enjoyed it. But it did feel like Martin Scorcese making a Martin Scorsese movie which is not as good as Martin Scorsese Ceesay easy making a great movie if that makes sense to anyone going going what. Martin Scorsese movie in Two Thousand Nineteen. He was pushing it. It seems like something you could of made at any point career thank incredibly well written and it also takes a you know a real event in history and and kind of flips in a weird way like ah some some loose ends that we don't know exactly as the ICEMAN kill him. He is buried under a speed need bumping at Yankee Stadium. No yeah well then going back to him it felt like he had free rein but I do think that someone one should step in and said do you think that the best strategy for this movie is to start with the flash back into a flashback. Like there's weird stutter. Steps aren't as seamless as his other movies. You know like I almost wonder if that was an editing decision that they didn't go yeah like they kind of put in these. He's book ins or the in kept going back to that road trip. A few years ago I felt like it was weird because then there's a whole nother it felt like inception if if in inception there was one layer above everything that you just checked on occasion. If you if I was GonNa ask you who you think Marker Sese is GonNa put in a movie who are the names that like you think Eh. Robert Deniro Joe Patchy Matt Damon but looks like he put that Damon and yeah it's basically capital the missing signing this because he's one notable person that stands out for me. It's not in this radio to radio really. He's only put them in to Martin. Martin movie yeah it. It just felt strange because there's like every working. Italian actor is in Vermont especially Comedians Sebastian. MANISCALCO MANISCALCO he's in this movie. Two innings great in. It really gets busy. You know why the word well the interesting thing is that finance pay. We're not trying to shed on Ray Liotta but radioed ahead some plastic surgery and he weirdly. Looks like a d aged version of Ray Liotta so it would have been perfect because Robert Deniro the way what they did with him with the special effects makes him look like a d. h.. Version of Robert Deniro. I honestly I also think too. It was that flashback into flashback was jarring because it shows the the first image of the movie is Robert Deniro in old man makeup Playing like a ninety something year old version of Robert Deniro then it flashes back. What like thirty years or something twenty thirty years to two point? We're now he's kind of like an old man in but not ninety sixty old seventies or something like that like but he's not ninety and then immediately flashes back again to him in his. I have. I've no idea how old because he looks like an old man with a plastic mask And so like it's weird because goodfellas they had a Cast a young actor and then when the time when it was time for him to be an adult man they just brought in Ray Liotta right and it didn't. I wasn't like where's that where do I is. It heels are now like like I just watched it. I mean sometimes like we got the technology. It's use it but it doesn't always I I think that their DHA technology. I also think is interesting looking. Because they're young Robert Deniro doesn't look like Robert Deniro looked like when he was young right. It's it's very straight yet. The Disney stuff where young simulates Jackson looks like young happened. A little bit with Anthony Hopkins with when they came for the Asian for someth- maybe Hannibal then he didn't look we all know what Anthony Hopkins looks like look like there is some sort of soothing only works on Patrick Stewart determined that I think a lot of people have made this point. Wait but the other thing. The de Aging doesn't really do is doesn't make Robert Deniro move like someone who's thirty years old old. That was the thing with Samuel Jackson. When he's like he's like I'm just a thirty year old shield Asian on the beat install? There's one point in the movie where he was beating up a guy in. Its very very clearly an old man trying to not fall over. Who Plays Jimmy Hoffa Chino? Chino okay okay. I mean the whole the whole Jimmy. Hoffa thing it's almost like its own movie shoved in the middle of this movie. It becomes Al Pacino's Jimmy Hoffa movie about forty eighty five minutes in his movie for about an hour. Okay I'm interested in the HOFFA stuff so I I do you WanNa see it for say does feel more like it. It's the life of Robert Deniro with a side of Jimmy Hoffa which I I wish it was more of just the Jimmy. Jimmy Hoffa focus stuff the politics of that it does feel like there's a solid to two hours. Maybe like a solid two. There's three hours of two hours of the Jimmy Hoffa movie in there which which is like it. And that's when the movie's in high gear. Because it's just Robert De Niro's Robert De Niro no crazy makeup or no special effects or whatever and it's just churning. I get what the story they were telling is provide context for this guy this Irishman who was here for all of these major mobster events and just kind of like he's forrest. Gump he's he's it that's all you. That's a brilliant but but you need the context and then you want the fallout right now. Those events events honestly when the HOFFA's stuff concludes which is an amazing part of the film. I feel like it loses steam. There's another thirty minutes after the host a UH becoming older than old looking. It's the loose ends of Robert De as long as it has the same with Geraldo opening up on current affairs. Whatever Jimmy Jimmy Hoffa man here? WE CAN'T DEAL I. I'm sure you've seen this stuff out. 'cause it was happening even before the movie was when it first got screened. People were up in arms arms because in a pack win plays Robert De Niro's daughter in it red and she says like two words and everyone was really upset. Because there's like there's not really a female presence presence in this movie and a pack win. You've this talented actress. She says two words. I don't get I mean okay yes obviously WanNa see women excelling and films whatever. But I didn't really get the outcry for that because the whole the whole point of it is that she doesn't speak to her father so they don't make her speak. They have stared him real hard the time. And I'm like yes. It's very underveloped underdeveloped plot. I think in it's early. It's supposed to provoke provide some thematic resonance at the End Nights. But it's just under underdeveloped as I found it to be a bit distracting. Only because I know I ain't a pack when is extremely talented actress with a very storied career and then so I showed up house like ooh. We're setting you don't cast in Apac win unless something's coming and then it's her and then the rest of the movie you just see her leaving. It's almost like a routine where you would see the Andy Kaufman. Go Up to the microphone. And he's standing there in silence for ninety seconds. You're going Andy. Kaufman's say something great. And then he goes and then he steps away every time you saw a pack win in She's staring at him in silence. She's not going to talk to him. And you're going okay. She's going to let them have. I never happens if I think some of it is the legacy effects. I think Anna Pack Win if she was offered that role in any other film with any other director. Probably know when someone even come to you and goes. Do you want to be in the Martin. Scorsese film you're going to be playing this character and you read the whole script which is probably about a thousand pages flipping through when you go. I'm I'm not in this and then you go. Yes I'll do it. The Irish woman always going to say we need to cut of where receivable the ryen singers like. We're working on a road in jail into Rapiki or something they just We're just showing it like little Joe Pesci thing but I'm glad he came back for this movie because I thought he was phenomenal. My Gosh I just it made me miss him in wish. He was in more movies because because he was just excellent. Leading every total yellow bastard energy moving not to not to diminish Robert Deniro who I think is is really good but he is completely outshined in this movie by Al Pacino. Becky now you really is. It is weird. Say Robert Deniro's the third third best actor in a movie. Yeah but it's great. I mean without getting too much into spoilers of this movie on discrepancy. Is that one of the things that I think that makes good glue is so great is it starts with him so young. You see how his decision making a product of the environment in which brought up and how he learned to survive a survival method. But when you meet Robert De Niro's character he's already like out of the army. He's of indeterminate. A young man. I I have some Rando Age and then just decides to take on Caroline and I'm like well that's I feel like we're missing a piece link. Why is he so Willing to just happily murder people and don't say the war you can't just do. Oh well the war ever come back from the war and they're totally immune to death. You know like so. There was a weird thing missing missing piece of his character. But then you get Jimmy Hoffa you get you get Al Alpa Kinko and all these people and they're like oh so fully don't I wanNA spoil it for Yatom but there was no nudity so we didn't see any hold on old auto and fix your Dick as he. He makes his male actors where Americans really do they are all his male actors shaved. They should be. There is a point though where there is a point that we're in the sauna together a bunch of people in the sauna together. And it's a I don't remember how old he's supposed to be but like there's kind of a younger issue looking Robert Deniro and his body is so old and it's just a bunch of old man bodies digitally touched up to but looks like they softened often the wrinkles but it's the shape like all the skin is still Lucerne. It's it's it's three and a half hour movie that we walk L.. She broke you know shaving it starts to move. I think after our actions it moves eventually. I'll probably get like over the holiday holiday break. It was the perfect holiday break rented at the red boxer where the theater go. What Irishman Cocoa and? Watch the here to make you unhappy. Damn I'll rent a movie ticket for I don't know whatever's playing Star Wars or cats. And then I'll bring my phone in and I'll stream Irishman on unhappy headphones. Watch it on your phone. Ask Out loud in the theater if this movie Scott Wifi so you question the guys Without diving into it. Too Deeply Scorsese's recently been going after marvel whether the you know one thing and it's been it's been he's actually he's diving into it a little bit better anyway. The media has made a big thing thing about this but he's ways headline. He's claimed that that marvel is killing. Cinema is hypocritical at all to release surf film with Net flicks while claiming that some other studio is killing so now because he's talking about the spectacle of Sama his his criticisms appeared to be mostly directed directed at the impetus for making distribution not necessarily the distribution though. I'm sure if we far enough we could find some things that he has said about conflicts at the end of the day. My problem is the people there's like. It's people in theaters that are ruining cinema. I don't know if that's my issue. Is that like I think central can be enjoyed in a theater on your phone anywhere like at the end of the day but the thing that is killing it are the types of people who go to movies that where it's like we're allowing you get to be okay for you to like whip your phone and take a photo of the screen or just be on your phone the whole time like that. That just shows a lack of interest in seeing film or our attention spans are just too short. I don't know well I mean I think to that point marvel is trying to compete with those types of attention span. Exactly they're trying to compete. They have to keep things elevated elevated like a rollercoaster like Mercedes. He says it feels like why. Keep it that way so that we watch the movie watch that person. The person whips our phone out. Every time the minute things aren't loud and add a plus ten decibel they with their phone out as long as there's any downtime see how facebook is doing and it's like Oh fuck you like. Just don't go but like agree. I'm it's becoming the norm which is also knowing I swear to God. We're not too far off. We're pretty soon. It's going to be Netflix or each seats. Going to be a box that you sit in this way you can be on your phone during the movie. And you're like I guess we solve the problem for me for me. A movie like this was perfect for net flicks because it was coming out and I was like man. I'd love to see a new Martin. Scorsese movie especially with all these talents actors and subject matter that I'm interested in three and a half hours by the time you leave the the apartment get in the car arrived there. Sit through previews it's Tuesday. That's that's yeah you're in the next day you might as well flown across the Atlantic. Yeah to your point about the private boxes I mean. AMC tried to introduce those phone screenings a year to remember that and that backfired horribly sir. AMC wanted to hold screenings of movies. That were ones. You could take out your phone during them. Use Your phone. It was it. was you know he went in with that. Tacit consent that. If you're going into that screening you people around you bees in their phones whatever and then it got huge backlash online and they killed it right. Yeah don't think assholes assholes now I don't sometimes there's too much much hair but yeah I mean like marvel is not killing cinema cinema. We'll be fine. 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Thanks thanks man scape for supporting the show this week letting talk about Irishman and we have a little bit of time left. You guys saw Mr Rogers. Here's movie this weekend is that right yes. The now tidal. WHO's a beautiful daily neighborhood yes? Russia lyrics are when he sings it a beautiful day in in this neighborhood. Did you learn that. Check it interesting. have no idea But most people think it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood this beautiful day in this neighborhood. Yeah Yeah Yeah hello neighbor about Vietnam from little wasn't as tiger was the first king Friday so sad what's going on. I think they're killing kids in Burma and he's the king. Friday was the one who is like re should blue book. Yeah he's talking about in his own little world of make believe or whatever and she's never mind no go far say about how dark that Agent Orange stuff is. They've got a lot of people in Vietnam and they're showing it in your face face like you're these children that still suffer from Agent Orange Johnson and Johnson family company anyway. So this isn't really a mister Rogers bio-pic which is kind of what I thought it was. uh-huh Ori- actional a loose fictional interpretation of a real life aren't there was a writer who is a known sort of like skeptic and pessimist who got assigned to write a profile of Mister Rogers and thought that Mister Rogers had this duality to him that the mister Rogers that you see on camera on TV is not really who he is behind the scenes. This writers impossible that someone I agree. Yes Rogers and this man quickly learn this writer who quickly learned that no. He is very much that that when he is he someone that has emotions ends and can get angry or upset like anyone else but he very much is who he is on camera and they struck up a lifelong friendship that they had until Mr Rogers died and the way that this movie structures Not as traditional bio pic but it uses the story of that writer as the framework And it couches. You know you learning about Mister Rogers. So it doesn't span the scope of Mr Rogers. You know who he was when he was a child how he got into broadcast his relationship with his wife. It doesn't do what attritional bio pic does in leading you through the life of Mr Rogers. It is a very closed case of this person which it also presumes that you know Mr Rogers. There's very much amazing documentary. That already came out that I would say that. I have better time watching. That throws a question. I had that movies. Actually the docs better than the Tom. Hanks movie People are raving about this movie. Everyone really really likes it. I thought it was fine. Fine listen I kind of had a luke warm response. Yeah I mean this. This story of the guy is to me. Way Less interesting than discerning about de Watching Mr Rogers. Matthew Reese with daddy issues right yeah. He's very unlikable biggest variously life from this movie the Americans Suck but great show by the way I think my big thing is his whole like show this guy in how he's so senate a goal and his life's a mess and he's self sabotaging and stuff intil interacts with Mr Rogers. But when you when I walked out of the movie I was like all all in all his interaction. He didn't really have. He spent a grand total of ten minutes around. Mr Rogers I end so either Mister Rogers magic and just accidentally did that or they kind of undercut the amount of time it takes for human beings to change kind of thing really clever way to approach a story of Mister Rogers to say well. Let's let's do it because he helped so many people so let's tell his story through a person that he helped is a really really clever approach to it. But I much would have rather have seen how Mr Rogers got into and you learned that in the documentary about him. But it would've been. I would've loved to seen like because you know what you want from a bio-pic is like you want to see. You WanNa see what you know about Mr Rogers. You WanNa see him at the trial Congress or speaking of Congress talking about getting being funded for children's programming. You want to see that but then you WanNa see the conversation. He had with his wife the night before where he goes. Honey honey I just don't know if I can. I can do this if people are going to listen to me like you WANNA see. What's the Mister Rogers that you didn't see and you don't necessarily get that in this movie which isn't to say that that's not good? It's just different. I've been comparing it to the Elton John Rocket Man bio-pic because that movie also takes a different approach to the traditional bio-pic where it tells the story of Elton John Using the structuring of his addiction using music which is intrinsic to him and using magical realism. which when you think of someone? When like Elton John You definitely think of this magical whimsey person like that can that can you know when he's singing? Lift through the air and But I did. I did like the Elton John Wayne Better. Because it's so the all say there's a couple great things about this movie for all of the establishing shots that a movie would normally use of the city in the world they built miniature Mister Rogers style sets so every single time. He's like I. You gotta go to Pittsburgh it cuts to like a miniature airport with like a string playing ears and that that I thoroughly enjoyed but it was a weird like injection style where some of the rest of the movie just feels like. You're you could be watching anything like little Miss Sunshine. You could be watching any other kind of non stylistic relax the scope of Mister Rogers Life I do. They have them in the pool with his Postal carrier these Puno. No no but he just he him how he did. He did lapse every day. Well I don't know that you're talking about the racism touch on any of those his life they might have made the the transformers Ninja Turtles Mistake. Where you don't spend time with the thing you went to see the movie? Yeah it's weird. I mean I get it. I don't I think especially considering. That documentary came out which covers everything it. I probably would have not been the best idea for them to just do a straight up bio-pic of Mister Rogers but I think what the picked was maybe for me a little too far off. I would also specify that we went to see it at the draft house where they were playing instead of previews beforehand. They were playing tons of Mister Rogers clips because theater. Chain does like a customized playlists for every movie. And so we were watching the actual mister Rogers and like getting getting really hyped showing clips from the documentary interviews all kinds of stuff like that archival footage then you slide right into this and it was like Oh this is not that you see. I think Tom Hanks is good. But it's Tom Hanks it's he's not. That's all close to Mr Rogers. That's my question when they make the Tom. Hanks bio PIC. Are they going to have the actor. Tom Hanks playing his your Colin. Hanks Tom Hanks is like Hollywood's. Mister Rogers Soy understand that testing makes but he is also also played. Walt Disney yeah he did known. Racists won't but Tom Hanks is also a pretty imposing man with a pretty you know boisterous voice and stuff and so so when he's sitting across the room from a guy trying to have a very quiet connected conversation. Like you've seen Mister Rogers do with kids or whatever I got a hidden fee her. You're more than I did from Mr Rogers ever. You really needed Tom. Hanks is kind of like lose a bunch of weight to get down to that one. Four three wait that Mister Rogers maintain for his this whole. I'm not joking. I'm saying 'cause he did. He didn't look meek in like that kind of his frames. He's great. He's great at a great job. All the puppets voices and stuff. He it just like the movie for me. Didn't really give me enough time to get used to him. as Mr Rogers because cents focused so much on the other guy some four and and then and then I also think the movie is constantly hitting you over the head with this messaging. That like. He's not magic he's like Roger. He's human he just. He put a lot of effort into trying to be good and be connected and love humanity and love human beings and like be attentive and stuff. He put a lot of effort into that but he still was very human and had he wasn't perfect. This movie does despite saying that like three or four times in the movie treats him like magic he just shows up places. The only thing that's missing is the umbrella that he flights down. And then he just like waves his hand in front of someone and then there suddenly cured of their ailments that's-that's hyperbolic example. But it feels it feels like that sometimes. This movie and I was like I don't know I was kind of when I walked away away. I was like kind of caught between like you. Were Law. underwhelmed could've been cool seeing where that guys like feeling about Mister Rogers like floating by his window. uh-huh wakes up stuff like that. There are windows. Nations is unclear about. What's Jose tease to me? that Mr Rogers had the speaking nuance of starting a lot of sentences with you know or the writer that wrote this thought he did. Because there are I I was watching it. He he starts to lost. You know many kids his lesson. Yeah it's just weird. It doesn't add with him going. I have some into show. It's like a dark face all that when you pedalled dark secret. Oh so who also this or does this last week at least that we got the Harrison Ford Dog Movies Taylor in theaters twice now this trailer. What's it about? It's called the wired. Oh were they called us. No call of the wild gene. You just rewind it real quick arena looking like it's the second shot or whatever of the so there's shot number one. It's a landscape of the shot number two guys climbing up hill. The third shot is terrible. Look that looks like it. Looks like the mummy knx level. Cg all the wild head though. I'm just showing Harrison. Ford's like Komi Often Star Wars. I don't want to do another. I WanNa Shift Dog Movie House. I don't think Doria closing the dog getting into the door closes. The Dog. Animation is hair the dog at the door closed. It's how did it looks everything else has surveys. That won't the best thing thing is the shot at the end when he did. You eat mice steaks and the dog August move like Kangaroo Jack like it looks like Kangaroo Jack Oh my God it sucks because everything else in the trailer like the beats of it and the story of call of the wild. I'm like it's kind of thing where you're probably gonNA cry at the end before. Yeah Yeah on a lot of times I get it mixed up with. I guess there's also Balto iron will. There's I got a lot of dog. One Dog snow movies that I'm getting mixed up with this. I think everyone's everyone just called it like Harrison Ford dog movie. I didn't know it was called the wild. Yeah it's it's weird because the movie takes itself so seriously and then it has like CGI dog worse than Beethoven Ski Ski. We'd who sequel. Scooby Doo I. This was scooby and shaggy. The and alternate reality. I'd probably into it tear. That just rolled down. Harrison Ford face looked. CG Two he can't make tears anymore. I don't know how to do it. The girls cry. You want to see some of the footage pre fake dog just shouting at a green screen or tennis ballers hours ago. We're GONNA get this great last shot like Jewish my beans. Whenever committed the dog goes man? That's my favorite part of this lawler whereas as my beans not me sure day after my birthday so I know really screening. You've got called the Wild Elr- as you a Willem dafoe dog movie. All Togo's yeah especially like not half bad place the same At the very end yeah he goes. I should open up a sandwich. Chain the sandwiches will be smaller than that of subway. But they'll cost the same. This new you think this came out in the past air to this actually looks like maybe the good version of the Harrison Ford Disney now is making the knockoffs I could buy the rights to heart so much more endearing it is. That's a real dog. A real physical dog doing cute shit. You Watch the trailer with the sound on after this. Stay in the hair on the back of your neck up helped so much better than willing to foes yelling at the dog. I'm always excited for kids to see Willem Dafoe for the first time time I think the first time I saw him was in American psycho. Mike is that man real got a mannequin to act. Because he's just he it looks other worldly especially when he's he's like in a certain way or why did he. So weird by kids are GonNa be like rubber man was cool so you think that the director of call of the wild saw this trailer and he was like fuck either thinking. I'm guessing every dog in this movie. Cgi It's just done better. Well you have no idea. You can't tell anybody does make it blink. Everyone they have more time and town. I mean it's usually about the same level talent CGI Z.. IRAS are like they can do anything but given the time. Yeah when like I know people give shit to like Black Panther and stuff and they're like fighting they only have like six weeks to make it or something and that's how you know how that's probably all fate. You know how the human brain is just figured out how animation works one image. Split it again and again at a time time think with dogs human beings have just figured out. That good dog actor doesn't look the other dog actor human actor in the I look over their head and beyond to the trainer who solving the dogs don't looking humans exactly yes the thing is. Cg I'm telling you know. He had the dog on green screen. Yes Hsun this Marina del Rey also at ten. Am We should probably go. I don't know what you guys have. You guys have fancy Milan. Trailer came out today. Have essentially might it'd be the First Live Action Disney movie that I give a shit about actually looks Kinda cool. You showed them. Yeah I mean in the in the end they win it was. It's not this is going to be the emperor's new groove wrist the cats I think the like B. and C. Tier Disney movies getting made into live action or more interesting to you me than seeing the lion king again. What about the part of the movies? He looks at the cameras Hong Kong must fall. How weird that? They left that in. It's cool matrix in it okay. I'll cut anyway so yeah we are at a time this week. We don't have time to talk about the honey. I shrunk the kids reboot that they're doing week but thanks for coming around Thanks again to mugs Jeans Columbia Collagen Manscaping for sponsoring answering the show this week. I really appreciate it. We appreciate it. Thanks for bringing us here. And thank you for tuning in. I guess let me know what your favorite gangster movie is or your favorite dog movie. Those comments comments and we'll be back next week be Irish man you're sung 'em Hell No.

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