014 Pineapple and Coconut Party Cupcakes Recipe (Dairy Free)


<music> hello and welcome to healthy eating kid podcast. I'm your host bought. He ended a registered paediatric dot titian shen and nutrition expert. We'll be teasing out the facts from the fiction learning how to empower your child when it comes to food and a nutrition hello and welcome back to healthy eating for kids podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in again this this week and i'm so excited to let you know that i have a recipe for you. This time is a dairy free high sugar as i call it well. It's a party not recipe. My daughter actually turned to this month and they loved both my girls really enjoyed this coconut and pineapple uh-huh cupcake recipe which really was a huge success so i thought that i would share it with you and usually if your child is is following through diet. You're probably use lots of cook nut in their died either from one of the plant drinks or just from using some of the dear free products that can be often coconut base. I hope that you enjoy this recipe and enjoy baking taking it particularly. If you have any birthdays other parties coming up for whatever's left of summer we don't usually have lots of recipes with sort of a frosting so i noticed that my young my two year old tended to eat the frosting and not as much of the cake and i did wonder if perhaps a pineapple chunks that we use maybe a bit too big and perhaps i needed to chop it up a little bit more so you could definitely give that a try particularly. If you decide that you lied to reduce the sugar in the recipe down by twenty percent sent also which you can do that if you feel that the recipe is too high should i wasn't too worried because it was her birthday and i was quite happy to treat treat to this delicious recipe but she did of goes end up eating off the frosting and not as initiate get through sort of hoff's cupcake cupcake and then she'd sort of lead the rest and usually it'll be my food a four year old who finish it up as she really you know she's quite food in love sweet things but my youngest is a bit more particular with what she likes to eat so let's get straight into into it. In terms of the ingredients you need some plain flour one hundred twenty grams one hundred and forty grams of casta sugar one and a half teaspoons of baking taking powder a pinch of sold forty grams of a dairy free spread one hundred twenty most of cooking so i used used a can of coke high-quality cognitive it was really rich and creamy so you will need to add a spoon or i using a four just his beat the can vigorously so that the cream and the milk in the ten combined while together and a bit of vanilla extract harvey spoon to be precise one a if you want to make this recipe vegan the kneecap of goethe news either banana or flex egg and then i also opened a can of pineapple and i pulled out about three to four pineapple who rings and then finally desiccated coconut to decorate you will also need to prepare some coconut frosting. If it's for a special occasion or you could just serving serving on its own the coconut frosting is basically prepared with icing sugar dairy free spread and the coconut milk and all all of the ingredients and respite instructions will be in the block post-polling to in the show notes for you. Now at this recipe is brilliant to get the kids involved so they really enjoyed helping me measure out the ingredients poor the you know flower into the mix and i found my four year old eating quite a bit of the battle helping us up to the pine poop so there was a lot of eating going on rather than helping me make cupcakes but that's fine. It's all part of the experience and they enjoy so. That's the main thing and i really enjoyed bonding with them. Over this recipes though without further ado so what do you need to put the flour sugar baking powder and the assault with the dairy free spread in a free standing electric mixer using the pedal attachment of us a electric one of those hand and held beaters. You want to use the whisk attachments and then you want you beat it together. You find that it makes this sandy consistency consi type final product and then you add all of the wet ingredients including the egg and the coconut milk and the vanilla extract and once that's all combined it so easy you just spoon out into a twelve hole muffin tray. You obviously want to pop in some pay cases into the muffin hose or i was thinking. Actually this is quite a sweet recipes. You could get one of although silicon many cupcake trays that would be quite useful if you want to make them into really small mini cupcakes up case otherwise the regular standard twelve inch hole or twelve whole cupcake trays will do the job perfectly fine aziz spoon it all in until it's about two thirds full then you add the chopped up pieces of pie brunell. I thought we talked it up reasonably okay okay but i did think that for my two year old maybe smaller even smaller pieces would have been helpful again. See the pictures of how big is drop them in the corresponding block bowls so once that was all poured into muffing trays it just meant enjoy oven that was preheated at one hundred seventy degrees celsius and it was in there about twenty minutes twenty twenty five minutes and once it was cool. We just talked it up with the coconut frosting and i use some desiccated coconut to decorate and it was delicious. It did stay well in the fridge review days as well. I did find that it was it was quite a heavy textured. I dish but it was very moist. My wainscott were little bit. Ordinary founded used up most of the coconut cream from the ten so although although the recipe says one hundred twenty miles. I think i used doubled that in fairness for the rest we it was quite moist so oh you can't use a bit more of the coconut cream if you want to. It gives you the really nice tropical flavor and i loved it. I would very happily make thank this again. Perhaps with a bit less sugar the next time if it's just for you know a week baking with the kids but i love the fact that it has fruit in it and if you want to you could always use the cocoa super for the kids because that would be calcium forty five bye and that would be a really nice way of making the getting your child's daily calcium intake as well and when you make the frosting thing i would use oatley clem fresh. I love that product is also calcium forty five so it's another alternative or if your child can can have soya yogurt you could use soy as well so lots of lots of opportunities there to try out some different products depending on whether your so following a vegan diet or dairy free die because your child has a dairy allergy. If you like me to help you with a child. Did you know who's having if you suspect that they have a dairy allergy or you just like to chat with me a little bit more and asked my help to expand weaning on taylor retired or you'd like me to review the calcium intake or general vitamin and mineral intake on a day frey then do book a free fifteen minute cau- war and i can run through my packages and costings width you are papa link in the show and of course. We're more great idea to visit. Is it my recipe page on u._k.'s nutrition dot com. You can also follow me on instagram which is at u._k. Kids nutrition i do you also have a facebook page at u._k. Kids nutrition and you can follow me there and you should find that i post more recipe ideas and suggestions particularly in the stories so i look forward to connecting with you. If you haven't been following me generally on this podcast would love it if you could subscribe to the podcast and of course do leave me a review as it really helps other parents find the podcast because thanks so much for tuning in today and i look forward to catching up with you with the next episode five <music>.

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