Jack Thrills Her! It's Jack Thriller, Y'all


The. Hawk will. Be. y'All. Welcome to rant and rave in with Yemeni game friends. We're going to get right into it today. My guess is Jacks Thriller how. Are you I'm static could be on your show. Thank you so much for inviting me well, I'm glad you will come and do my show like we were just talking before. We started record and I said you walking around this big as place and I'm trying to figure out you know what island yuan and you say when you. In Harlem Harlem. Hey y'all got a fireplace to in my bedroom. That's crazy I don't. Know listen you. All you need is a woman that come up in there and put a couple of. Israel. Oh. Oh! No I have move. You've made I'm looking at Harlem, but we living in two different lifestyles because. My apartment I had to pay my apartment just to make it look jazzy doormen again go by my neighbors. I don't know what AB and half the time I'm rationing surviving where I live. Is episode a good time? Hey usually see the last place. Ask Eighty light bill that a semi and Hakeem heads say it will. Be Good combination. It was that no elevator for slow that. That's crazy. How long have you been because you're not originally from New York right now? You're from Atlanta. How long have you been in New York? But ten years now, okay to years and. We'll have you lived while you because like I? It took me I've been in New York for twenty one years now. and. I moved. I was always in Manhattan for the most part what took me? To ten years about ten years ago, I moved to Harlem and I'm in love with how wanted to take you to get the Harlem in and layer your roots down here. May I moved to Harlem A. When I got here, I was staying with my uncle. He had apartment on wall. Street. Wing seventh and days, and he gave me four months to get know six months to get my shit together and whatnot because I was I was living in Atlanta and I had peaked on everything that I do as a comic. And I was watching Tavist, molly, my uncle, my other uncle in Atlanta and Fifty cents was owned and he was talking about. He was looking for Comedians, writers and directors because he just started a new company Cheetahs. I was like you need to go up to New York's. Fifty and A! You know people always suggest some bushes you should do. Found so far fetched, and it did, but the and I had nothing else going on. While was uptown comedy club every every day right on. at a time a Pat. Brown was there to and she was. On. Am I never Fran. Pat Row I know. We have been talking about moving to New York forever. Wow, okay well. Yeah! And I think I had A. took a trip up to new. York to be assistant director on a lots video and a A call for something like that. Or I know how to do everything wow! As a comic I wanted to be in I wanNA, do TV shit now. I was taking acting classes on a of amid actors. Studio were Dwayne. Robert towns he, doesn't he he he came through. It's classes a lot to. Pat Brown did a whole bunch of overdose Robertson, so she could you know back this up in the test to it and? In the process of doing that these always creature about shooting your own stuff and being independent right. Yes, oh I. Oh, I was with a click of comedians. Name Gabriel Heart gave heart a famous music video director. Now he was for migos. Yeah and we. I assistant director on my president is which yeezy announce Oh wow okay I have later, I. Didn't, but it's like you know those very ambitious things. But how how does somebody doesn't? Like some people don't just wake up and go, I can direct some people even understand you. Know any of that stuff. How did you where did that? Come from with you? That's Edit time in Atlanta. A lot of comedians was doing the music videos to music videos and trying to be that comedian indicated music videos. And in the process of doing that I hate around shouted out a little little do go north hosted at the time, and they was in all the videos and shit and I had a way to this video. Shoot calls. Move bits get. We're ludicrous. I I was very outrageous in the video I had on a blonde curly. We exist I had on a chain shirt. NOSER UNDERSHIRTS, yeah! I was booked fucking while anyway. I had. For you to dress like that like no. No. Understand that so I could get in right, and they put right in front like I knew it was going to do. And I had got sold so living I had in both this girl in the head of I no I did not reclaim outs and it was. Hey, that was great. We won't be needing you for the rest of the shoe. Guy. The whole town I don't see the girl on the flow now. Ask. Me To shoot when going on. Back then 'cause you. Know Person, but they keep up a ludicrous in an juggled salutes video shoots, and I started showing up the more video shoots and stuff in some. I couldn't get in and what I would do is I. would still a gap in and helping them out with stuff behind the scenes to? Learn how to do this. Shit, right at my boy gayborhood. He same thing with him. We would just comedians by night trying to get on stuff in the daytime. We were shoot our own skits and we knew what we wanted how we found out we look. online of how to light shit. And how does it up? Smack it down. What kind of what we needed. And, we became the skit. Guys in Atlanta. And so if they wanted skits, become, get us become. Shoot them. So is this comedian name Rolling Powell? He was he had just gotTa deal with Mercury Entertainment and He. He wanted us to shoot. His gets warm. They call them La Duval now. and. Even be, Kodak Funny I was in I, was in it Alam. I helped direct hit the right and skits all that shit and I think was a young cheesy young. Jesus has seen a video that we. Do our own on video, and he the shoot a couple of videos for his mixed tape and everything, and then Ti. Then it's the start growing and we started building catalogs. And you know we're shoot music videos in the daytime events doing standup at night night and Because you know. From what you talked about you had a lot of opportunity. Inexperience with guys who are already on like young g and TI. Do you think that that's a credit? Like sometimes? When people are trying to get into other aspects, you can't get next to like Britney Spears, or and those guys on that level of popularity. You can't into a Britney Spears or Maybe beyond say but. Yet. Let me, let me say this. We had upper hand because we wear the comedy clubs, so these people come to the comedy club. Why don't we all so you finally? That's what you're doing on the side you. Did it again. So, we were already we had already came through the back door right? Yeah, so they know us and I just feel like from like. When you do more mainstream room while you may have people have. Liberty that stop by not really. How Lane with you. It just seemed like you guys had a at hasn't had an ability to just have. These guys Kinda shoot rat with you and talk you. Know that there were other things that you guys could do other than just doing standup. What let me ask you this with people favorite subject. Themselves Oh, yes. Yes. What do you need? And how can I help you get what you need, so it'll help me get what I need Ryan, are you? You have to put yourself second. Could them first and then everything else? It works itself out, and so it's a part of paying dues. You get your own the backing Ryan. Back in take, it takes a long time. So! You have to work until it words I. Mean None of this stuff that I'm telling you is overnight store. Magin. Yeah, it was A. Lot of hard work hang blitz waited hungry nights and emotion sleeping in 'cause and. You know and I had to do that after I. Got Home Frank? was. It was a lot of lessons that I had the tape for. A got a little, too comfortable had to start over. or Comfortable but distracted. Right out house rounds, yeah! Dumb Shit like that all were drinking and so things. Can you in some way you don't really WanNa, go, you can get quite. I think that's important to people understand that just because you get to a certain level or you get on, it doesn't mean you can't lose things or as things look as easy as they appear to be. Some people think Oh, he's want easy street now because he still takes a lot of work and you gotTa Keep Your Position Yeah. Yeah most definitely it it. It never stops. You know once you start getting. Oh, that's what actually the whole at work starts. Noted was it ain't really knows all about what you won't do. What is on? For. Which you light? You degenerate netflixing. I'm still trying to get that fleet that Shit I'm like Oh. I WanNa take your brain right. Yeah, yeah, I mean I. Think it's I mean it's really intriguing to me because it has been part of. The collective of what I've been talking about Anna I was on I. I've been on a couple of different podcasts shows comic. That would have never interacted with just because they keep a soda separated between urban and mainstream which I've been trying to. I've never liked the idea of that I never liked the idea of You know I've always hit up quote. Unquote Hood Rooms on I. Don't think they any different than any. I mean the crowd obviously can be very different. In because they they not with the Shenanigans yet. Come on now. Definitely, let's go you know. I understand that aspect of it but I think the content and the and the type of comedy me. Give it across can translate to any audience. So hate when they keep a separate and there's a lot of things that I have done, but I. Have you know at some of the guys who have have built their own way and having got like I've done a lot of traditional things, but in the day your apartment looked better than mine. You understand what I'm saying. I'm not saying I don. Like, let's compare what we have. What we had don't have but I think sometimes people look at. A resume a resume looks like versus the ultimate thing for me of success is owning myself in my own opportunities and having access to speak to my fan base. My people the way that I want and I think. Utilize that and I think a lot of guys who they can stay sort of like. Comics and they're like well, I don't want to do this. I don't want to go this route. It's sort of like a pedigree kind of thing and I. Don't want to be here. And then I'm looking at brothers and sisters and I'm like Oh well. They really made this instagram thing happen, or they really May. Urban comedy happened, or they really made her came out and spoke with them, and and fuck with them, and they got a. they got more that they can ask for. Cash shakes than a lot of us who have gone to the quote. Unquote mainstream route still can't sell out tickets. For people to put us on and give us opportunities. So, what are you have this to speak on that? There's no blueprint if you just gotTa keep on trying things and trying things. You of one thing that I think is amazing. That you do is your engagement which our audience, and what they? You Know Your Audience Yeah Equal to. A get closely where as me. I don't do a whole bunch of different things and I'm trying to be praying for patients every day. Talk to these people. You know let them say what they want to say to me. Yeah and I. Think as a comic, you know. In a certain degree, it's a lot of us are introverts, or you can just kind of make you recuse. Yeah, I am. I've gotten to this well. I just don't be one of the be Bob. And for me to be on, and I'm trying to go find some money yet. Not get lost in there and like. I hadn't before February. Same my mom it seven years and I said He. Realize right. She? Combined. I'm not I've never been the most family oriented guy. And when I tried to do that, I got married in seventeen and abortion, seventeen and whatnot. got married at seventeen and divorced seventeen or no. What happened was your. Mom at the wedding telling you don't fuck. What are feels words. Ellsworth we. Can you know? I was looking for happiness outside, but you gotta find that sheet you. Can you say that again? That's what people I mean. I've learnt that lesson so much. If you don't have happiness inside, you know outside source. Is You happiness? And so yet, we it was a situation where I. I I hadn't got with somebody that wanted to be Jack Thriller. and. That's not who I am at. Right right and people don't understand about. It's like we can be all of that, but when we come home, we just WANNA be chill. You don't WanNa. Be on all the time. I'm not going out. I cook. He'd home, saying I don't Oh. I'm not going to or anything like that. You know it. You Latin Latin when you do see me doing that. Instagram debt was because I was working right. Yeah, get! Yeah, it's not it's not real. It's not like people like even when I'm dating today and whatnot, women come away or whatnot if I'm hanging around my home bullets. With his weight. Dayton asking. This will come along with the game especially when when when you're doing it like the way I'm doing it. Oakland. Women and all this other stuff and you know. Wrap up coaches. They automatically assume that that's what's going on. As, long as You compression because like yesterday. It's so funny because every now and then I'm on your and I'm not people stories like that and stories, and you know what we gotta talk. We talk about the push. Push the pizza and all that stuff. Obviously, but I'm I'm looking I'm going okay. I see some people with this all of a sudden. I, just see this woman with the most perfect as the most round. Ask them the thinnest waves, and she's just kind of like isolating her, but and I'm like okay. You know you get people a well. Yeah. You have a nice. How much of that do you think you'll call and I see a lot of sexy women on your page and I you know I. Love Watching Women Be Sexy I love anybody who's into body. I'm not against working. You know you want do all that Shit. Go do it and let me see to. That do you think is you really want to share that? How much do you think you want some of Your Fan Base? Some of the guys that are watching I gotTA. Keep them in. Tank give them a little something a hundred percent. It's all it's all about them, but in the way out on do. Is All about them because at the end of the day. This is what I found out to Yemeni A. Win It's good. It's good. You know as far as your you you being successful inside of the business and stuff and. I. When it's bad. It really you can get really bad, so I'm talking about yeah. The financial part of it, so I'm a I'm about making money, but not like doing anything for money, but I know what you want to see and I'm going to. Do what you? I'M GONNA. I'm going to paint the picture for you with whatever product that I'm selling from my point of view in my. Through my comedy, testimony and everything the week. and. They can be a little ranchi. Sometimes, it'd be some some tasteful you see in my. My story's a like. You say that it's. It's vast of broad spectrum of entertainment. Civil Rights Shit going on and. You see some animals of cute little. Bunnies some sheets. Just thinks that I like and I'm you'RE GONNA? See my taxes. I'm a big Michael J. I noticed that. Is that part of with relocating from with you? Where Canes How did you get it like when you first started doing comedy? First of all you? You aren't going by Jack Thrill. No. How's? Your talk to me. Come on. Honey. Though is a stage name. Your Mama, Gave you that you know some black gave. Little Honey Bun, you probably wear corduroy pants and all kinds of sittings gear. I asked pretty cute clothes. but A. Singer Entertainer, actually what okay? He didn't call me that he don't notice. And he doesn't okay I'm. I've only talked to say I. Don't Event Center once. What's? Left of Palooza longtime ago either Nice Guy met him a couple of times. He was very nice to me. Yeah, he was, he was super. He says some crazy about me and I had told his job. He said Dell is funny as club, but it won't work. For You Indeed it on stage and lovable losers and. And it ain't joke. A you year. He used to have this joe where he said it was due came up to me, and his name was delicious. I'M NOT GONNA call. As, bad, listen and that he helped me. Laugh but days about. For days and I said you know if it was doing comedy and what I need to get a name like delicious. Somebody's GONNA, make. This lab we lose the drop. Win Lose the droughts. Atlanta is this thing called a chat line, and its own? It's like being at room owner. Seventeen years old exam. I'm thirty eight now like twenty eight twenty one years ago. Share so anywhere of I'm a chat line and I it's like five or six people in the room on the phone at the same time and his. As it had my name. Is Anybody Hoping? Everybody. Land Hey My name is handlebar. I hope you want my dad. And everybody would laugh and I went to another room. To Room Again Hamilton anybody opening moment i. So everytime I've thought about it just made me laugh, and all that Jesse right there honeymoon. I'm I'm I`Ma. Put on it, so it sound masculine year at it ain't date if he got his honey buttons. Okay Brown used to hate that Shit. Rally hate that she hated. Everybody hated. No nobody wanted. Nobody was cool with hundred projects. The older Gangsta rap another that. What Almost start a fight introducing myself ran. My name is to. Make a way, but then when you get to know me and see how cool I am. Ended up calling me honey. And like people used to get on the ball all the time because he had a best friend named honey buns because you know after we did all of our, we had a DVD for men him and become really good friends, I moved in with him, and Shit became opening neck of bodyguard personal assistant. Pay My dues I- was all about paying dues I just wanted to get it i. want work I want Liar. You know what I'm saying, so that's out of honey bun. Thing about Senator Entertaining Delicious Joe. How long into comedy did you change your name? Honey buns just before I moved to New York. I You had to drop it. How long have you keep honey buns while he was in New York. I've never had it in New York. So you drop the. How long were you honey buns like a year? You know I will hunt on from. From Seventeen to twenty seven, I moved up here when I was twenty seven. What. Ten years, you rocks so at seventeen. You said you you. You weren't doing comedy. You already doing comedy when you were I. I started doing. so that's definitely a seventeen year old move. Yes, yeah, and at what point? You're maturation, did you? Still I'm still racking with honey buns. 'cause twenty seven at some point, somebody decide no that that's what happened at twenty seven. That's one on I was just about to move to New York I. I had A. I came up here in video with Joe in on lots and stuff with my man gay. And Get home and I after I. Was Giving up, apart. Because I I was. In New York on his trip. And I call Rob Stapleton. Yes, Bob. Call! He said it was hundred bucks. I say I'm I'm in New York and I WANNA go up, I WANNA see if I'm funny here. I need to know if I'M GONNA. Funny because it's making a New York. You can make it anywhere. And he said I gotTA show tonight. DUGOUT and What the fuck that is a! Becky stadium in big Yankee, stadium and To a warm-up show before that Spot called MOCHA's with pokey. And so I went. Back The. MOCHA's and honey buns. Talk after this day to day, he talks about A. Boy a minute he may be. When I came back I was Jack Releasing nigger. No. Honey buns for album for me all out. And invest a he, he introduced me for Lewinsky called behind abundant fart for me, and everybody does to that no was that my name used to be funny, but because it's such a polar opposite of what's going on right now. Right as Jack through. You know what I'm saying people think of. This listen and listen I'll decide people today. they see me as this gangsta hardcore porn US comedian. And whatnot that's-that's not high on my. McCabe I'm really Nice Conservative Guy The just want down. As a a I had changed my name of in two thousand into Oh this Get back from. I get back from New, York, and Whitland Duval, and we the grand hustle studios, and with ti at TI getting ready to go to jail for the first time. And a day was picking on him inside the studio about being be having a best friend named honey, Bunny Shit, and I might lobby, and I'm. I'm not aware none of this shit, and they grow room, and it really is what rolling. Out about what you mean when he come. and. He said. What's your real name chances? Getting my reader, but that's what I said. When girls, where would they? Girls I will tell him my name, my name CIANCI like INFLEC- street when. I literally. CanNot. Are Browns I was commits you. Need a name. Will you have more names an alias? To Germany I. Never Been Afraid to reinvent myself right I love that about you actually. Yeah, you go. I'll play up I. play the game. However, chips may fall. To any any return, things 'cause which. Is A. There's a difference between what you do, which is reinventing right and reinvention comes. With maturation also right so as we you know, which is why you know it's. Rarities when you have artists like Michael Jackson artists like beyond say, who started very very young, and they're able to take their audiences with them. They said Madonna was able to the same thing, because they are constantly reinventing themselves by keeping a hold of their true essence, but I just WanNa, make sure we have clarity because some niggers just be switching shit up just to be You've got to be a purpose by the moves and adjustments that she make. Exactly Yamanaka you are. You're such a intelligent woman intelligence wait. You. You got it. Whatever idiots. That's what you got. Yeah so when I has what they and we changed my name that night in the studio and it's actually online on you too okay. Yeah, you can see this. I I'm seeing your clip of it asked of. You I know if you can play it in the background or some shit like that and house yet. We'll see what we can do with see kind of magic, you know. We can make. yet it's A. it's everything that I've done nine and whatnot It was I I saw this particular moment at when all the cameras the enroll. Okay, this time oppose the change. Right here and so. Like like positive care being because he got one like Jack Sparrow, and as I said now that's that's. I like the Jackpot, but despair Odessa a character. You what? I'm big Fan I'm How about Jack Rillo? And yet Jack, you know what and then I'm GonNa. Throw young in there, too. You know because I'm a big Fan. Jack up that. Watch you, that's it. I'm be jet Willis. So in two thousand, nine, a March I became young Jack Load and it hit. So I moved up here. August six of two thousand nine a defined fifty. And My, Six months the make whatever dream trying to happen so Family on time. Limits I. Got To ask. You gotTA. Be You. Know what I noticed about Nick New, York. The whether it's a guy or a daughter signed man. They don't have a cutoff point of when somebody gotta get the House that's me I. dated a lot of women that still stay with their mom or sister or somebody. That's related to them, and you know what I'm saying like look. Kick out like this. Also. Just so everybody remembers it knows Diana. Ross was already too old. Be Playing Dorothy. She stole at roles from seventy meals. Okay, who was a teenager? Data. Ross was already on menopause with two kids having an affair with Berry Gordy when she decided she was going to play a fourteen year old girl in ways. Time to get the fuck out the house either way go. As you had to go all the way to ours to do it learn. UNTO, fucking over his. You got you gotTA. You gotta put your family on the time live. Show they see it and that's what you just. Don't mean. Shit like me and my brother. We just bought my Momma Carter ship and whatnot now. We're GONNA. Try to get her house in, Atlanta. I feel like I'm too late. I feel horrible about it to Yemeni. Never give their parents anything. Even have the opportunity so I. Never think it's you know. I had a conversation earlier today with my father. My father's in his six in. Listening to late, but some of the stuff you're trying to accomplish, so I think while we are still breathing, and we have life and bodies. We have opportunity to continue to grow and do things and I know. Your Mama's happy just had there, and yes, she is. A, hold hold on just a second making this know. We have. You know lights in an instagram and things like that. Put US on unnatural time. Line it. Puts us a against people that are in our lives that we see we see them doing things in you know we go. Aren't we doing those things and you have to take a step back I? Just took a took three days off from instagram thought it. I really needed it. I said. All my friends are having babies. They're all over instagram. They're all getting married I was like I. Just I can't see that for a while I'm in quarantine. A just broke up with my. You know my boyfriend and. WanNa be seeing that while I'm in quarantine and feeling. Sorry for myself. I needed three days to adjust and I came better. I think people need to take instagram breaks for their own sanity. Most definitely agree. And reject. because. that. was. Got To do a July. We'll let me you know. You you lean in his bed now and food and stuff and we're looking at you leaning over this bed. Mogi there. That Wendy's on my. You you'RE GONNA be bad for my system. You mean bad from. Down Did. You can't get Wendy's if you don't get frosty. I didn't get a frosty. I didn't get I didn't get a frost. Wannabe. Be added having my house tagging. When FROSTIES get out of control sometime time. They said he sometimes. They use some type of glass fibers. I don't know. And the frosty, but. While we're while you're. You're eating now, but I won't know. I can I I can multitask Jan. Good I wanNA know who who was who was young Jack. Young honey buns, young chauncey like. Were you a precocious kid? Like? How did you get into like you know? When I look back at my life, I'm like I understand. Why became a comedian? Was a shock to me all the things I was a kid kind of lead up to a life. who were you as a kid? What were you like? Well. I was always watching TV. Should I I was I would go come on our watch TV every every. Every Sitcom that ever came on I can tell you about it documentaries and Video, so I'll let you my life, yeah. I was I was quiet, but I was very outgoing at school like the personnel was at home. Win The prison that I was at school that was. On. Always had I was born blind in my left APP, so he has become your body and. Give them the same energy that they will give me like if you said something about me I was gonNA. Say some even more creative about you. A education rank right right right and it was finding, and my teachers used to always say that I was going to be a comedian, but I didn't believe that 'cause. I watch comedy shows and stuff and UC's comics on stage or long periods of time like a fifteen minutes and thirty minutes, or are you in class? You uninspired? You make an outburst. I really the same thing. Would you agree? Absolutely I mean you know I was long winded as a kid I? Would I put on? I talked to myself years I didn't I didn't have any so I had imaginary friends probably. Needed to. Did you go did? Say! I say. Did you win student body and all that? was. Out of, student body President I was. Hold on just a second Yemeni. Magic Uzi. and. They're trying to give me the hill. Take the Jacuzzi. Let. Wasn't name. Are you an fucking hall of a Jacuzzi. What we living in two different Holum's allies. Would you. gumming eager when you can get off we. Zoom come on over. Nineteen S. Help? Nodding hanging around and doing. You play tomorrow to to. Let down when he when are you coming back Monday you going to say I was GonNa say when you come back I'll come over. But I I mean you need two weeks. You GotTa Quarantine. On this. I, we get. Face time because I ever you know I, try to Take you over there now, but it seemed like we lose connection. I think my my own in gets week. It might. Probably picking up on on. The phone, but listen this I actually like. We need to definitely do a part to. There was so many things that we were getting into I. Know once once meals calm. You got your crew these that got to be. You know. Ardeshir. Raised to someone. And you get party on, what is what do you like? Would you like to leave you see? I knew when I was I said. This is GONNA be. Really Fun. This summer. I know, but it's hard to. It's hard to really like interview you because it's. We keep dipping into like a conversation which is great. But I want people to really late. Now all the things I've seen interviews with you and I know when people you know a lot of times like it's comics or anything entertainment where people have a certain idea who you are they are to. You liked that idea of what you are instead of really getting to know who you are as a person because I think, people can be just as interesting as a person as they are. IS THEY'RE CHARACTER? So it was my to really get to know who you were, so everyone else could really understand like behind the magic of how people become who they are as performers Omar. Blessing. Nobody This is great on. Let me look at me. Oh. Okay, read us. It I wasn't gonNA cry today. Know that was too much you. bobble waters right there. That was amazing. Though as well I just had a breakthrough. Everybody. Take Shell right to own. Yes. Fix My life. Yemeni show my personality. Who I am. Man. What is something that you would like to leave with? Anybody that's watching 'cause. You talked a lot about really the story behind you is just being a go getter, really having people behind you and your family who are keeping you on task. Telling you that you can do things having the confidence to believe that you can do something six months. You know letting you know that. Oh, his got fifty cents. He looking for this. You know I think people take for granted that not everybody family does that, not everybody has that type of situation you know migrant me, not a unique right Oprah and see. The Oprah show until Oprah. You Black, young black girl! She loved that you. Couldn't you tell your grandmother? And I was like my grandmother so crazy. 'cause open, read-end Shit, first of all was going to be like seventeen won't get to that letter before she touch it, and they gonna put it in the trash before she touch. So, what does the confidence that my grandmother had think, and why and I just reach out to Okra. WHO and she? No, you GONNA make it. If you know you got that, Shit, yes. But. She's waiting on you. You find that you got shit. Matabeleland Sue. The everybody say you can do as gotta, but my grandma's also the same woman who told me I need to see evacuation on forensic files or the first forty eight, and I said well. You know that you gotTa die on that show so. What what word would message? Would you leave with people? That is the tournament of your life that you have used to propel you to success and further success, if simple man whatever you wanna do in life, mango, dude, shit, because it ain't saying video games, you don't get no extra men, yeah. You you You, only live once, yeah! Leave ones, and so you whatever you want. I'm on the phone I'll be out in the fact that. Yes! USO adorable. It's ridiculous. You need to have your own show with cameras around you twenty four hours a day. Trying to be like that, that's what that's. What I'm going to La about tomorrow. Okay, all right, let's me. I. Sit! Yes I'm. I'm really excited about it. Yeah above. Hussein is you don't you have to take advantage of your life right now? Because you don't want to be on your deathbed and say I played it way too safe. Yeah, I'll tell you. Say and you didn't do what you were supposed to be doing. You know people that. Think. They have problems that you really don't if he didn't wake up this morning. People that are in jail right now doing life that they wish they had your problems. They wish they could get up and fucked like you again, yeah! Amen Yeah that's. Real so I said. Hey, man! If you're going through hell, keep on going until you get out. A man take it out, go. Lose, if you every day that you wake up, is another chance to do better s because somebody wishing they had joe problems and shit round with you. Accept you thinking right now and. You. Get. You gotta see it though you gotta really believe it and nobody came on it for you. You know ambition is not a top things is not a learned behavior. You know you just gotTa have that Shit. You know what I'm saying. If you don't help nobody else life, you don't deserve so figure out how Yoshi can help else you re be residual and whatnot and a the same time. take care of yourself. Take care of yourself and make sure you got something to pass on somebody to make these ships go a little bit easier. Man, yeah well I'm telling you right now. I have done some really incredible interviews with some one on ones over the last since the start of the year was sort of just been changing a four man of Ratna Arabian. And Lot less ranting and more getting to understand and rave on people that are in my life. That I know so I really appreciate you coming on the show and taking the time out of your busy Jacuzzi schedule. Right now man. I'm almost, they said. We're GONNA be the last night, but yeah, it is what it is. And clorox in there for me, because if I put my toe in the Ad Kobe nineteen I know that's right we got you. We don't disinfect that. Yeah thank you so much. I really appreciate you. I'll talk to you soon. Hey. Thank you for having me and I love Y'all. Thank you, you amaze. By? This has been rettendon raven with. Meka.

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