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A lot of the sales training has been created by men and four men and the tactic so to speak that they're taught they don't really resonate with women they don't take into account what things we do really well things like building relationships things like asking questions things that a lot of women do innately and some of those sales trainings that go through. It's like full. But i've been through this training and i'm not getting the results because it's not using your skills Hello everyone welcome to the. Ktbs best-actor podcasts. For women where we talk about challenges senior female leaders face and being happy and successful at work. I'm your host dr sarah e brown. My guest today is the lexus gladstone. She's the founder of into lead a chicago based consulting practice dedicated to aligning people strategies and business results into lead to find strategies and programs to help clients develop current and next generation leaders increase the effectiveness of individuals in sales and dr organizational. Change that delivers results. She has a passion for empowering professional women and helping them succeed. She's assad out voice trainer and coach on the topics of women and leadership and helping clients recruit develop and retains female talent alexis has presented trained and coached thousands of individuals in public and private companies higher education and not for profit organizations. These clients are in industries such as financial and legal services manufacturing and hospital medical internationally. She has been honored to present and train at a number of financial organizations in melbourne australia for business and government leaders in harbin china as for corporate leaders in the uk. She's a frequent podcast guest around the globe talking about women in leadership and sales and his co author of a book pure wealth twenty six ways to crazy profitability alexa. Thank you for being here today sir. I'm so excited to be here. Thank you for having me. So what is the biggest challenge to help female leaders face in business today right now. I am spending a lot of time working with women in fails. yes i know. People are like ooh sales. But let's face it. We are all in sales in some way shape or form right right and what do you see as the biggest challenge that women have in sales and what might be the symptoms of those challenges. Well i think first of all people don't know how to go ahead and talk about their products and services or even selling themselves because even if we're even if we're not in sales as part of our title so to speak. They're selling ourselves inside organizations or selling our ideas or selling different things and things that need to get done so the biggest challenges people face in the women especially is how do i do it and be my authentic self So selling authentically. And what do you see is the biggest mistakes clients make before working with you in that regard. I think if you're in your true sales. I think a lot of women. They stand the hamster wheel too long without getting the results that they really wanna be getting so. I think a lot of times what they're trying to do. They may have been taught tactics and skills for selling or they may have picked up the tactics or skills from watching others who have been selling a lot of times. Those others they're watching are the successful men that are in their organizations and doing it but they're not really figuring out how to do it like i said there are authentic selves and they're not getting the results that they want. Do you see that. They're trying to copy the men that they're observing trying to copy the mat and it's not what women do well see. The problem is if they've actually been in a sales. Some kind of sales training. A lot of the sales training has been created by men and foremen and the tactic so to speak that. They're taught they don't really resonate with women than they don't take into account what things we do really well. Things like building relationships. Things like asking questions thinks that a lot of women do innately and some of those sales trainings that they go through. It's like full. But i've been through training and i'm not getting the results because it's not using your skills i see. So what's the number one. Free and actionable tip. You can give our listeners today to help them address this challenge. Now you know whether we're talking about business. Sarah talking about sales. It's all about relationships when when you think i mean relationships has everything in a relationship where you're meeting people. Were building them all the time. And you need to build those relationships before you actually need that you know before you're actually trying to get inside an organization to sell something to restore your reform. You're trying to meet someone you want to build those relationships it's all about. I like to say it's all about how people if people know you they like you. Entrust you they're going to do business with you right so building those relationships to let people know who you are and then people are going to really start listening to you and wanting to do business with you and ultimately and what you're really trying to do in re in when you're in sales is get referrals. I see okay great. So what's valuable free resource. You can share with the women who listening today to help them understand this challenge better well part of being in sales and part of selling your product or service or part of selling yourself. It's really talking about knowing who you are knowing. What makes you unique and knowing how to talk about that comfortably and as women were not always good at that. We were raised. Not to brag. We were raised in ways that we don't want to talk about ourselves. So i actually have come up with a way to a a handout giveaway. That i haven't it's ten ways ten things that women can do to help them stand out and be noticed. And that's not feeling like bragging and a lot of those the tips they worked whether you're inside an organization and trying to sell yourself or whether you're not inside the organization you're actually trying to sell your product or service or something your own business so that's ten ways to stand out without groggy. That's very cool. Where where would our listeners. Find that i'm going to give you a link for that. You can put that and the link to this podcast and also just so people know i'm actually gonna be turning it into an e book so people actually give me there in order to get the the handout that the download their name and email. They'll all be notified when the book comes out. Oh very cool. Very cool okay. Great and that will be posted in the show notes. So let's us. What's one question that i should've asked you. That will help our audience to take action to address this challenge. Now which please answer the question. I think the question that i thought of. When i saw that you were going to ask where do i start. If i want to improve sales if i wanted to get better at this what should i do. I and i think if you're in sales obviously you need to know your numbers and you need to know your product for service. You need to know what you're selling but you also need to know what makes you unique. Why are you different. Or why is your product and service different or how. You're selling your product service. Why is that different than all the other competitors. That are out there. So being able to articulate that and differentiate yourself from all the other noise. That's out there. I think the number one place that people should start if they don't know where to start to look at doing something different with their sales that involves selling a product. You're selling yourself as well absolutely it. It works both ways. Because obviously if you're selling a commodity let's say you're in financial service sales and you're selling insurance lot of insurance brokers out there a lot of insurance companies are out there but there's something about you in how you sell and how you service your clients that makes you different and unique and you need to be able to identify that articulated and show it to the people that you're doing business with both your prospects and your clients so alexis for being here today. Thank you so much for having me such a fun conversation. Thanks for listening to the. Ktf success factor podcasts. For women if you like what you were hearing please go to i tunes to subscribe raider and leave a review and if you would like more information on how we can help women in your organization to thrive then go to. Www dot sarah e brown dot com. You can sign up for our newsletter we show notes and learn more about our podcast guests. Read my blog. 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