Addressing the angles of it all, adding it all up with animals


Welcome to extra extra presented by sports. I'm your host Vince. Douglas Gregory no filter for very recent. Too don't say a word. Don't say one were pleased. Yes less just as just do to do. Let's just keep it moving the noobs in a newer peeps. You know by now it's HAP- been so many times. I've lost count. I've lost count and I can't remember I can't recall the last time I said those words live. I said those words live. I said those words you know recently but you know what it is. You know what it is and I suggest if you don't go back review historic documents go back in reviewed historic documents and there are some that are poor recent that I pick out for you dive chosen for you that you will have the opportunity to know what goes there for the rest of the non verbal communication is there you picked up on it you know. I know we know it is. It's over with. It's overweight. Not GOING TO HAPPEN. He GonNa do it. Maybe from forced to once again. Maybe if I'm forced to in the future right now present day is not happening. It's not happening yet. I do understand. I know you can't win all the time. Even though we like to win we liked to win. We like winning. You can't win all the time you have to take the ail you have to take the loss you have to use that eventually to your advantage assuming assuming you are strategic assuming that you care if you don't do what to do if you don't hey new judge zone but me on the hand. I know I have to address this big elephant in the room. I know I'm going to have to address. The elephant in the room and noticed elephant is not pink. No this elephant is not blue in fact the elephant is. It's I can't tell I can't tell it's not invisible but it's definitely transparent it's definitely transparent but I have to address the elephant in the room and I'm going to get there. I'm going to get there. Just hold. That thought hold hold. That thought you can hold it in your hand or you can just let it float above your head. Just hold it for one minute or two. Just hold it. I'M NOT GONNA put a time on it because of I'll put a time on it then when I don't meet that go. Dan Don't meet that expectation s taken another Ale. That's failing again and I don't want to lose. I don't want to fail and Noam not competing against you know not competing against anyone else. I'm competing against myself. My own worst enemy trust saying twenty times fast. Try saying that three times fast or just about try saying it period and I communicate to you non verbal at first but I just had to go out I had to go ahead and get it out of verbal Lee former new pts had to go ahead and get it out the from news. You can't win all the time you have to feel. You have to take the ill and no. I'm not going that direction. I am going a different direction and no. I'M NOT GONNA attack. No I'm not going to attack the people who feel as though that we should get trophies that we should. We should all be winners. We should always have winners. Everyone is winning. Everybody should be winners. I'm not going to attack you. I'm not going to go down that line of thought I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole because been there done net and if you need to our point you in the right direction and say vamps while points in the right direction. I just saved. Audio's appoint you to right direction. Just say go do what you have to do but just leave me. Let me let me be this one thing where I just fell at one point one particular point. In time I was being judged. I was judged unfairly. I was being judged unfairly amongst my peers. I was being judged unfairly amongst every one I should say everyone that was Within my world in the world of winning the world of winners losers the WORL- of not everybody gets office or let's just say World Banter Haha jokes or he jokes. That just aren't funny. He jokes the Jess is not funny. Well see the thing is i. Don't mind I don't mind having to use the restroom in a sit down using the restroom and sitting down it's it's okay. It is okay to me. Go ahead and judge but this is a no judge zone. Am I GONNA hit back? I'm not going to hit back. I'm just going to point out some facts. I'm GonNa hit you with the facts. I'm going to tell the truth. Because leader of the mouth breather. Be Me that'd be me or I a truth teller. I'm going to continue to tell the truth. I'M GONNA continue to do the right thing. I'M GONNA continue to hold myself too. High sets of standards that maybe impossible to reach. But even though I don't hit every level I don't hit every standard it's still. It's still pretty still pretty. Big is still pretty. Amazing is still pretty big and amazing and I just combined two words together in one is my favorite word. So you know it's super duper and poured and see I brought back super-duper brought back super duper if a noobs you don't you don't get the super duper yet. You don't get to super duper yet. But their eggs. You get the super duper so I know. I know you're listening to every word. I know you focused. I know you are just waiting waiting for the moment waiting for the opportunity to be like. Yup. That's why it's super duper that is why and it is super important and it was amazing as well. I don't mind having a sit down to use the restroom because sometime you have to take the Ale sometime you have to lose some time. You just can't win. You can't win all the time once I figure when I crack the CO basically when I crack the code and realize that you can't win all the time when I when I came to that moment of clarity where everything just open up. The Sun came out the clouds potted birds singing and I just looked at the birds. And say `but you ain't got nothing on me because my my voice is an Djelic. My voice is bird like I can do all the things you do and I can do it better. It's SORTA burs with singing and Chirpy and I was let me go is well. I was letting go as well and it was. It was beautiful. It was gorgeous. It was stunning. It was radish it was Raven. I found that inner peace. My spirit animal was just popping dancing and singing out of my chest and say Vince. Don't worry about it you just you just you just stand straight up and just let me do the work dispirit. Animal did the work Found at an piece. I smelled that in a piece when I realize you can't win all the time. You can't win all the time. And when it inner peace came the whole energy just changed the whole vibe. Just change the whole mood. Everything became reasonable. Everything became great. And I'm just GONNA leave it at that everything. He became great when I found it in piece that you can't win all the time. That's why I have no problem of using the restroom and having to sit down and I'm having to sit down to pee and yes. This is a family program and I am well aware of that so you might want to break out. The ear muffs. But I'm going to do my best. I'M GONNA TRY MA hottest and hopefully hopefully. I learn that. It's okay to fail. I learn that I'm I'm this is going to be a dicey situation. This is GONNA be Dicey Turkey but I'm a pair I am prepared life. Experiences have prepared me for this moment to address the elephant in the room and no it's not about competing against others no. It's not about competing against other people. That WANNA compete against me about trivial type things. Nah IF YOU WANNA challenge go ahead and challenge but it's fine I am. I am when we're sending me as I said before Johnny Opportunity Obstacles talking about again. Ooh Yeah still holding. I thought please continue to hold. That thought continue. Just let it float or just eject either or you'll adventure you choose your adventure you choose. But I'm going on epic journey. I am going on this epic journey. You can choose the comic view onto if not. It's okay. It is okay. It wasn't until I found it enterpise knowing it wasn't founded enterpise knowing you can't win all the time and all that other stuff happened spirit. Animal intuition gut feeling all of it just came together and it was just this one big synergy. Everything was working in concert. Everything was working together. It was an ensemble of May as e essence essence is the is the word because this energy. That was alluring out this energy. That was coming out and when I realized I'll let having to sit down to use the restroom. And at the same time you have to do it you have no choice. And I am prideful. In certain situations there are sometimes where I want to do this. But you have to do some things that you don't want to do and what you're doing those things you don't want to do some time it's just ail you gotta take the Ale you gotTa feel to learn he kinda failed to grow imme- Having to sit down and that was definitely that was definitely me accepting that was definitely me taken and no. I don't do it all the time in. That's why I have to address the elephant in the room have to address the elephant in the room. That is very very transparent and is not pink. It's not blue. I can't tell what color it is. I just know it's in the room. It's in the room and it must be addressed so this sitting down to a pe- all the time. It's only on certain occasions and it's definitely definitely in the morning. It's definitely in the morning I don't know about you and I'm talking about you and you knew who I'm talking about. No one in particular. It's just a you floor. Okay I digress. I know it is sometime. Impossible to use the restroom in morning. Time if you're going to continue to do same way now maybe. You just like just splash and P. N. E. in everywhere. You just go ahead and go on with your your animal instincts. Maybe your spirit animal the dog. Maybe your spirit animal is squawk maybe your spirit out was something just like the spray and markets territor must be around that my spirit. Animal is something more civilized. My spirit animal is something that is how can I put this culture? So I'M NOT GONNA get up and Jess Bray Everywhere. Because sometime in the morning you just kick control. Some time in the morning is just physically not possible to aim and shoot in score. Shoot and score. You do the math. You do the math. In fact hold that thought is well sometime. It is very very difficult near impossible or just not going to happen where you can just shoot in score in. I'm not going to uh I'm not gonNA piss all over the floor. I'm not GonNa do the things that I'm not going to do things that other species do. I'm not going to do two things. Then wild animals do as well because I want to say a little civilized. I am a little culture. And there's there's this complex thought process that I tend to go through and so I realized I had this inner peace as well my energy my essence and all that stuff was going in the right direction and my spirit animal is culture so I realized that I have to sit down. I sit down. I do not care judge me. I won't judge you but I gotta sit down. I'm not going to spray everywhere. I don't want to clean it up and then if I don't clean it up because the stinking and you don't want that smell in your home unless that you a less. That's what you do unless that's what makes you feel good and do what makes you feel good. I'm going to do. It makes me feel good as well and I don't want to clean up after myself in. I don't WanNa let that. Just lay in marinate and get investor in. Do all those things. This is going to bring my smile down. Brima smile doubt. I WANNA keep the smile. I wanted to keep the peace. I WanNa keep the enemy piece. I WANNA keep bangs all to the good so I'm okay with sit down indefinitely getting up in the morning. You have to do it and if you are doing. Maybe there's another reason why you're you're you're able to not have to or you. Just don't care that's not my job to figure it out in fact I'm just here to lay out the facts so I have this now. I have to sit down and even sitting down. That's a challenge within a challenge within a challenge. And you don't win at challenge all the time meaning when you sit down. They're still the same problem. You just you just you just basically the problem in half you basically just took one part of the problem way but you still have the problem and if you're sitting down and if you aren't a sports player if you don't play sport if you don't like sports if you don't care for Sports. I'm just GonNa say you probably a genius? You probably know math and see. There's that math thought. I'm glad you held now. You can let it go because here we are. I hope that you know math. I hope you know trigonometry Hoping to geometry. I hope you know maybe a little calculus. Or how about this? You gotta get your angles right. You gotta get your angles right. And that's why. Save you a sports player if you play some form of sport. If you know some form of sport you're good to go because you can maneuver in a certain way you can situate in a certain way and you can get the angles right. And once you get the angers light you a good but you was wrong at the angle is bad if you make this impossible angle. That's not real an angle and it doesn't form a triangle if you don't understand what triangle is you don't know base you don't notice how partners if you can't if you can't figure out the protagonist there. I'd suggest I'd suggest you just flip a coin and just point aim a direction and hope and hope for the best point eight and a direction and hope for the best because if it might be a splash back or your might just go straight through and in a main goal that was there to begin with you know not paying on the floor. You just peed on the floor so even though you just have the problem away by sitting down or squatting or what maneuvering so you're closer to scoring. You're closer to get nick. We're supposed to go still showers with an challenge because they get the right. If you're not gonna English right is going to splash go any and everywhere and you have to be the same thing that you didn't want to do to begin with. So what was the purpose the begin? That's why you have been no sport or you have to know your math. And if you don't know your sport and you don't know you map out suggest free advice advice and it's definitely free advice coming from the leader. The supreme leader chosen went especially one. The one that you say lead US fearless mouth breathing. Well I am. I'm graduating. This free advice Dan. If you don't know math you know sporting all it you might as well just you might as well just when you get to begin with and just say it is what it is. It's manny being manny. I can't figure it out. I don't know what it is. I'm just GonNa go ahead and pee on the floor to begin with. I'm just going to go ahead. And pee on the floor to begin with and just let it just let it. Let go now if that's the end game if that is the choice maybe gotta decide whether or not you're going to clean it up. Maybe going to decide. You're going to let it Fester GonNa let it marinate. Those are your decision my decision. I've made my uncomfortable. Were taken ill knowing that I can't win all the time I found that in a piece. I'm okay with sitting bow. I like sport. I know math I know angles are no tree. I Know Calculus. I know all the things that can possibly help me out. I know the calculations where I can maneuver in such a way. I'm night into splash. Back I can maneuver in. Such weight is not hitting the floor maneuver in such a way is not bouncing. Back and splash up on me. Who wants that not not so I can take the loss. I can take the failure to not try to do what I normally do what I want to do because it's quick it's easy fast but it's Okay. I can lose I can. I can admit see the elephant in the room. I admit I feel sometime. I do things that I don't want to do. I don't want to sit down. I don't WanNa do math. Who wants to do mave that early in the morning? Who wants to do trade that early in the morning? Who's sitting there trying to figure out square root that early and more not I but it gotta do what you gotTa do even though you don't WanNa do it even though you don't WanNa do it. I'm taking Ale. I'm taking a loss. It's okay to it is okay because alternative in that situation alternative in that situation. It ain't it ain't it won't make me feel good in fact my spirit animal wouldn't allow that spear animal wouldn't accept that because already found that in a piece and have. I didn't find it in a piece I'd be amongst I'd be amongst a not the malpractice. I'll be amongst yeah see. I can't even get it out because I'm not there but Dallas has gone now.

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