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Now on the T. it's Mattie and the catty here's Berry and Michael College yes the weekly box dysfunction is back alongside the caddy Michael Kyle I am the matter this is talk about growing the game but what the PG save America's doing with this PGA junior league it is grass roots out have fun an it's not everyone gets a trophy but it also is in no one walks away feeling like a loser which is huge horror happens forum so here's the deal PGA junior league championship presented by National Car Rental Not National I I was lucky enough to get out there a bunch of days early and film a bunch of stuff with the teams there were twelve teams Ten p meeting he doesn't deserve a captain's pick which he doesn't but let's start with the PGA junior league and just the experience we had for es born each team which hundred twenty kids between the ages of ten and fourteen yeah the while the age the age most of the competition was done so anyway they fell under they were inside the rules the fourteen year olds there weren't a lot of those there but it was and kids getting introduced to a sport because you wanna feel like you can have success because if you do something and you feel like you're not good at it you're like hey you wanna do it again it doesn't come up now weird so it's national car thank you type in White House dotcom income up Nah not even close now so they they did such a phenomenal job with this and the PGA junior league itself how it works getting kids involved like there are plenty of places that announced this was my this will be because the show airs November third from three to five by the way you talk about this I don't think it should we say we can't see a D D I e that is what the instagram twitter where we have some videos and such posted woo reunion that felt so good and that like the Bros. that due to tricks on SOC on youtube it takes them sometimes third league championship we're going to get into that because it was such a fantastic experience for the both of us plus we'll get into Brooks Kapka mouth and off which I absolutely love and Phil Mickelson Emmett is thirteen and thirteen but then it's a whole birthday thing it's like skip school knows how that works so there were a couple of kids whose birthdays happen after him to get that right but kids so the PGA junior league introduces kids the golf and gets them to play golf nine holes in a way would in months in the making when Mattie and caddied so look to the Desert Scottsdale Arizona for the PGA junior shot right so that's why it's good and I thought the format was was fun I mean just to watch these kids get out there again thirteen and under there's a fourteen year old it wasn't just all it wasn't a boys club which is what we talk about in the media sometimes about how hard it is to grow the game on it's not really especially for a kid and especially nowadays like I got two kids that watch youtube videos and they think it took them a while to understand data we now are the rights holders two PJ championship so along with the contractual rights of the PGA Championship we now broadcast the PGA Junior League which will air group on Monday Andy North Myself and then Mike mcquaid who runs the Gulf division here along with us vp show and all of that talk yeah and the other thing that what I love that Georgia that Georgia had ten kids five girls five boys thirty eight trial right but kids don't understand that like they see trickshot stuff and they're like I try Bam Nah that took two days for there was an eleven year old there that I'm telling you I have seen some action out there that I go if this kid yeah I mean you you qualify it ain't like this is not charity so it was fantastic that there were plenty of girls participating in this stays on this path I will be calling his name at PGA tour events as a champion I mean it was awesome but in now hey an African prince just died and you have an opportunity to inherit some money they sent emails maybe a hundred ten pounds Max and these kids hit the absolute hell out of the ball bro one of the kids was a hundred and eight pounds and had a swim it was so much fun you know what's awesome the PGA of America okay it's it this is a I am so confused expedia one zero to like literally could have come out of his shoes but didn't and I'll tell you what it's this just happened and it was a it literally was a dumpster fire because people thought that they had qualified to buy Ryder Cup tickets and all they're just because the birthday date range but these kids like that was the amazing part of watching these guys play golf at a at a at a pretty tough course at grant but we are riding around and there was this girl who was awesome she was better than every guy her name was race and I wish I remembered her last name but her sister news sometimes with this organization because there are times when they do everything perfect and then in the same week not send any basically the PGA because of how they did Ryder Cup tickets they basically said all they had qualified was to get online and stand in a virtual line for one for Ryder Cup tickets I know I know but whistling straights that bad shots don't feel that bad and he gives us having fun it's the format the formats scramble yeah so that's why talking about how great the PGA is America great saying great sentiment in Scottsdale don't understand now he won right now I don't want to make sure that we got that right I just say there was drama drama drama the people say congratulations you qualified to stand in line you qualify to stand in line when did when did this happen Ryder Cup tickets I'm sure that there are plenty of meetings going on right now going we can't let something like this happen again because again grow the game right grow the game here's The flipside of the coin the disaster that was how the PGA did the Ryder Cup tickets was a dumpster fire like you can comes up to us he goes this is a kid on the team now boileau boy and the team comes up to like hey you guys here to watch the ratio that's what was that this is what kills me it kills me is that how can you do something so right on one hand and so wrong on the other hand I that's what I don't understand it's like how are you their tickets they were told sorry tickets has gone where they go thank you thank you how do you tell you can't and I look I love the PG of America and what they're doing I understand it but in this case this is a double bogey it is an absolute double bogey selection process sane still had to wait in line on Wednesday morning when the ticketing window opened. Congratulations you're that's the YOU WANNA do don't make your audience pissed that you don't make a mad and that was a you did a three card Monte to your audience you can't do that it's just wrong and now of course the tickets are this is why you can't do something in this manner in our day and age is because we had that coverage on November third next year it'll be live but it was at Grayhawk in North Scottsdale in you and I were lucky enough to be a part of it brought that was your home stop and the ticket you go on twitter if you read any of these read any of this stuff and they have pictures of what people how they were waiting on online and no rental car car rental say rental car it's an inside joke because dottie pepper was there too and she said it the wrong way and so we relentless against and it was article in Golf Dot Com last week who signed up for ticket lottery started receiving emails saying they'd been selected but that only meant they'd been selected for the random the female side not a problem in junior league championship law now is to with the format so they had to tee boxes square and a circle or the up in the back and then based on age not on gender which very cool not on it was on age would yeah teebox from and I'm down the we were following this I tend more right now on the second year mark and that right there's to me that is so wrong that is so wrong that that means someone hand into my head with Andy North so it was like car rental car and ask because if you just put national into even if you do a search and you just write national car rental there's a hell of a golfer in the state of Minnesota but we were following their team and one of the players came up and recognize Andy Huge Golf Fan could yeah and I'm telling you man I these kids probably the average weight was probably eighty seven pounds dripping wet all old again for for people who don't know what happened reading it right I'm reading it now because I was out there that this happened it says so last week fans you sign up this according to requalified too so it some thought it would be a slam dunk for ticket but demand was high the wait was long and some people never got what it looked like yeah because now there's all these names like may actually believe in I had a chance to win Ryder Cup Tasers as guide dry like in the joker costume yes it's it is people hey you're gonna be able to get some Ryder Cup tickets and then go now you're not you're not going Friday Saturday Sunday you're not doing that I find it awfully braised nephew by the way for us to come on here and start now don't think you can't get Ryder Cup tickets 'cause I went on looking for him and I was like are they really gone or can I get him I could go back I used someone rigged the system okay well let me ask you this real quick because I will get into that charge more for tickets and have I don't care where which we all that is bait and you can't do that you can't do that as an upstanding organization that is doing something you know the vacation and it says your end exclamation point sin graduations no well read it congratulations Bryan you've been I can see again not asking about that I'm asking like when you say to stand in a virtual line what then what and then when they got to the front of the line and it was time for them to get tickets if available here's when it opens here's what you do and that's it you cannot give people a false okay so how would you have done this I would have just said here is your link on how to purchase I don't care where the call center is I don't care where it is but I want human to have to talk to human I I'm reading where you get the Oh you have the opportunity to be skinny so well I mean you could do something about that you can't do anything about this right that's what I'm saying I say congratulations selected in the two thousand twenty Ryder Cup ticket random selection process learn about the buying process and options to make sure you were just think they'd marketing of it was poorly done you can't look you can't do that like congratulate like -gratulations you have an opportunity well if I'd yes but I'm saying Jackson no no I'm saying the wrong word being prequalified means you already have a credit card coming from Click Bait if your credit company or something else if you're the PGA and it's the Ryder Cup don't this would actually be a great day for vivid you stand in line I want a chance to stand in line so how would you okay no I agree idiotic a really really bad I'm going to read you this tweet from the Ryder Cup the official Ryder Cup twitter handle and this is their response to it due to unprecedented demand for twenty twenty congratulations. I didn't win anything but what am I leaving with my leaving with potential thank not the virtual line all right congratulations process see we appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and excitement for the Ryder Cup and apologize for any inconvenience unprecedented Ryder Cup tickets unprecedented which quickly sold out today some some may have experienced challenges during the random selection. It's not like something like this hasn't happened before meaning you don't have checks and balances meaning that when you put something online like this you better have a system where that congratulations congratulations you're a sucker that bought it like though the don't I understand that from a Bayton switch I understand please please come on don't I was born in the day not yesterday don't do that that's what I'm saying like it's not the problem that I have it Tim's congratulates you've been pre-selected apply for something to celebrate does everyone get pre selected to apply it well yeah why did you it's too for competition days so if you're in a virtual line for two hours and you get to the front so right with the kids and then messing it up so bad with the adult some I guess it's a different department I completely agree with it and I'm sure in for a game of honor this is a game of honor you did something completely dishonorable now I don't think so I think there now is your prequalified to thing to sign up same thing here prequalified to sign up another how many people go and then sign up because they're pre the claim your spot at the Ryder Cup you cannot say congratulations you can't do that you know that that is bate and the markup price is because they were on there for like four sixty three per ticket like that is not the face value of those tickets cents at all there cannot be any question like they when you see congratulations than the headline you know what that is it's like when you get the credit card offers that says congratulate that line and there's no competition days left yet now I can the next day gone vivid seats and buy ten tickets at whatever and the only way that you're gonna be able to have that quantity of tickets in your arsenal is if someone rigged system that's the only way but who seeds to be a sponsor on the show I know because it wasn't a four guess where you can get ten tickets are more right that's and guess what so have peoples got tickets to go to Hamilton with my family with my two boys through vivid seats awesome well almost awesome but that's another story anyway I use vate dude that was your Nigerian cousin just died and all I need is your bank routing number and and your social security did I used it and it worked perfect it was fantastic but in a case like this when it's the PJ and you put out congratulations you have qualified like you know what the masters doesn't do the master's doesn't send emails like that out you know what the masters does congratulate is incorrect but I don't think they were deceitful all that is very noman in today's in today's world of online click vivid ain't Sheringham was stubhub stubbing Shannon was seatgeek this is what I'm saying for all of those seats to be gone that fast in that manner Oh you're this is what I'm saying so in a game of honor like this where the bank you're wrong yeah I'm with you the word and how they worded it you've got to be more than that I mean you know there's a lot more than twenty thousand total there's a lot more but well where do you think because like but being pre-selected that's the word you've been pre selected to apply for congratulate patient you won the lottery so you now get to get you have the opportunity to purchase two tickets to a practice round the block whatever whatever this is the exact same thing you know what this is also like this is like when you get to Facebook Messenger thing that says I can't believe this they got this video you on Youtube that means that something something has stink on it and then the only if you're trying to be optimistic about this I know this is and as as some to like this is the other hard thing for me vivid seats man we read for them big time and I got I got tickets through them I'm going to tell people that went on there bought the tickets and then right away turned around and sold 'em again do we sorry that has some stank on does heard to claim your spot at the Ryder Cup run about the buying process right options to that's all it says it doesn't say a name or anything like that man what kind of what kind of websites visiting now it's not websites man messages from other people because other people's accounts get hacked and so what they do is then they send this to you when you click on the link it grabs all your contacts and all their intimation too I just WanNa know like do we know that they had twenty thousand seat tickets debate that seats twenty thousand available I don't know how many tickets are I don't know if they were only all right let's just say Oh you qualify when you say congratulations you've qualified as someone if you're a hardcore fan and you see that uh specially make sure you're prepared to claim your spot at the Ryder Cup correct learn about how you're going to purchase the tickets that you've qualified for you what are you going on man brother apparently you have never or what you've been Trojan horse than you don't even know it no bots can get in there and Riggott how do you okay so that's here's how rigged because it will you were only available to buy two tickets nine you've been selected in the two thousand twenty Ryder Cup ticket random selection process learn about the buying process and options to make sure you are prepared sitting in line there but that's what I'm saying is let me ask you questions Stubhub y listened where where where the tickets go number and we're good that's what it is you've been have you been fished before have you been catfish no man I've been debt fall for it I don't fall for but that's what this is not that yes it is that's what's messed up this is how this out cotton candy of a world you're living in like sunshine and rainbows you're compromising you won't even know that long as you're going with your scam not a scale as poorly written let me read it again yeah congratulations it you can just tell by the followers or whatever you pick up on social media win like at twelve twelve dollars you and Joe's interest you're knowing how the mass let me ask you this let me ask you this like Yo man you know how to ask for society so do you think any of these people were at said find out about how the thing on their to read it Komo I'm with you like did the wording of it was was poorly done but to actually that's the that's the I clicked on it to actually read it I think all these people it was like what time do I gotta get in line then they need to read it it's specifically says says hi hey hi what's doing a high who who are you I never respond to stuff like you know what this is now it's amazing and but this is also what for me as a fan because like on twitter I had a guy on twitter hit me up like come on man you gotTa help me I was alive what do you mean how am I going to help you you just happened recently Ryder Cup the twenty twenty right on so you're like where is he gone with the good and the bad of the PGA just happened you're gonNA catch the podcast hit us up on social media at Mattie and caddy the word Mit y word and actually just say the name tdy the word and see that is all after congratulations so learn about the process all the wizard Harry Graf congratulations isn't written big now your in is written better getting anything else see and now learn about what you gotta do to buy the tickets that's exactly what the just said yes a learn what you have to do to purchase the WHO Adultish I had a polo. ESPN as you'd polo and golf pants on to do what's that morning thing for me that week and no one's GonNa believe me but I there are witnesses that saw this I they had fresh milkshakes said no milkshakes until Monday but then they lifted the ban on Sunday yeah you were too adult looking awesome. Pj Junior League yes great moment using week we had a great time so much it was awesome all right the only in team room that parents weren't allowed to go in and I was lucky to be in there every single day and I have one milkshake the whole week the Warren was like come on we gotta do something with milkshakes so we did and that was the only time I got a milkshake and I never was in there they seem to match up the where matching I was told Oh yeah go was told not to match it was you know it's always funny when a kid knows they're lactose intolerant and then there's no parents around I'll care a whole week and it was only because my boy Warren Fisher who again look check this kid out on instagram he about to be a star told his mom at five years old I wanna wear suits not what bothers this is not why about it just bothers me that the PGA had to do this when the masters does it right but we will say about the PG you know me if that ever happened I the first to come out and say it and I would laugh it'd be like Braga catfish so good what voice this is do you like you had a girlfriend and all of a sudden you had this relationship figured out that she wasn't really there no trust me I come on it all right one Alad Jimmy because last year team Washington did not handle the Milk Sea Island a little hung over with the not a little too much Brad and Chad look you weren't getting in that team room you're talking about is our claim as everybody else no man you you look you look wait now you gotta just learn what to do to get your spot it's called fine print read it and this isn't that has basically telling you you one get in hey you know how I missed hitting really close to home for you know it just you know what it makes me mad that you that you feel like you had to stoop to do that right the right time to get another milkshake for not stealing milkshakes from kids I didn't let heal milkshakes I mean on one hundred twenty kids and I'm guaranteeing hundred in seventy five gallons worth ice on the one Washington got put on a milkshake ban because the next morning the put see this appearance again go there's no PORTA johns out on yeah I probably could have going so they finally cut him off and Mase I have your credit card ready there that's all got get in line got tired you got ta on by a girl didn't you know are you kidding I think you did come on we're at our production meeting the night before and north goes off on this whole thing about is like he has he goes Matt What poll color Polos did you get as I got a black one and one that the PGA was calling like Ocean Blue Espn Polos the ocean blue one is really nice it was a cal issued one and the black ones Nike so I hate it when matchy matchy matchy matchy just stupid you wear the black blue which is the best though I don't understand why he's like nomin matches whack today which would have been Sunday he goes where the hour the blue tomorrow new way the black I'm like no I'm looks gutter or the bluest both where blue is now up the next morning ready to do some TV Indian blue caddy and blue dottie pepper dottie pepper and blue natty and black dave the production companies asking them so what do you what do you want to wear so andy goes well what did you what are you have I was like black and the blue and he goes I have he goes but I wore the the hell is this I wanted to these things thank goodness after Monday night I have blowfish with me Yeah Oh yes we needed that yeah needed it like no I'm good with it on my we won't look like a team so I show what is bad because every team out on the golf course matching shirts look so I blowfish with us why because we both took it in the morning because it was very fun night to say the least so what's blowfish look it is the greatest hangover product that I've ever had and I know lie I can say that I use it and it were you got some good he did give me that that's why he didn't get the hanging after the fact and on Monday night hang out with US thank goodness we were GonNa fit we could have been in bed asleep by nine pm but no gotta go have a little nightcap thank goodness we have alka-seltzer looks just like that right and then in about five minutes it stops fizzing drink it up and fifteen minutes you'll feel so much better a hangover one dollar to fix every hangover you're going to have yeah you're welcome twenty percents off your first order of blowfish for hangovers dot com worked you take it in the morning it's the only hangover remedy recognized by the FDA you drop to tablets in the water they phys up it looks a little bit like Os member you are so welcome now here's the deal we're hooking you were given twenty percents off the our listeners with our discount it's like a buck that's the word for F. 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You're welcome yeah via four hangovers dot com is your website between the blowfish in the twelve not time we needed both to make sure that we could actually put a peg in the ground I coming up next Brooks Kapka again and beat Rory mcilroy and Phil Mickelson are honest with everyone and himself that coming up next on Mattie and a caddy arrange organic chicken all of this sent to your door it is fan tastic all the boxes are choose them curated or customize your own with all of your favourite cuts free shipping put your box makes getting high quality meat with no added hormones antibiotics easier than ever can get a free Turkey in their first box get a free Turkey you don't have to deal with all the crowds and the idiots at the grocery store okay let me just ahead we're not matching and then I come out and everyone's wearing and Eamon am I gotta be the bad guy and the do we got who's world would right now because people were like I'm getting sick and tired of his act like Yup here we go I love him to death but we have been looking for because everyone talks about when there's a rivalry out there somebody got to be the bad guy yeah can get a free Turkey in your first box plus you get chicken salmon pork scallops your choice that Turkey's is going to be one serving from butcher box it might scary really scary missing out on GEICO's easy to use mobile app you can manage your Beco- policy whenever between he and rory mcilroy and kept a responded with quote rory hasn't won a major since I've been on the PGA tour so at Rory who the same real roy macaroni when they were paired together at the tour championship took him out behind the woods did he did now this is I want everyone to comprehend what I'm about to say because of the time of the year that it's common holiday season is here new customers to book your box today and get a free Thanksgiving Turkey plus twenty dollars off your first box that's butcher box dot com slash Mattie. Att Y free the year I got a major was he got I'm like that again this dude just dropping hardcore gauntlet Mike's and it's amazing free Thanksgiving Turkey plus twenty dollars off your first box that is butcher box dot com slash Mattie and I guarantee based on what we've seen here's the thing though it's like any player with anything it's tiger it's all these guys if you can always go back to a major you win the argument of that's what I'm saying Brooks Kapka loves him some protein and he again took a shot this was great he would ask him about the rivalry but there was humanely raised the way it's meant to be with no added hormones are anti-biotics ever I've had butcher box it was awesome had it this summer Pat Perez called him and Bryson and got them to come on the show together at the same time and you could feel snow on Saturday on the putting green like people thought it was going down golfers and caddies included thought Joe Because I rat let's play with another doll we can just bury it deep in the ground happy geigo download the industry-leading GEICO APP today just don't view it as a rivalry a you know what I love to people are starting to really not like him and I love that through the meets the stakes the burgers on the grill bothers day it was awesome to take some stress out of your schedule this holiday season sat up a butcher box dot com slash Bryson said to Brooks caddy ricky a if your boy got some say to me come say my face ricky went right over to Brooks taper this on Thursday late mornings almost going to be time for lunch and for me one of the best aspects of butcher boxes how convenient it is a box one hundred percent grass fed that's why it was such big controversy of Rory Wind player to year 'cause it was voted on by other golfers and Brooks is like you know what Roy can set the perfect tone for Brooks but does it like and that's the thing golf needs it needs this kind of guy who literally and we like we like we also see a funny side of him that most of the people don't see right but like we had him on eight and dead serious alike not this is kidding around like yes I would kick your ass which again on nobody had that problem when it was tiger doing it but now they're brooks is actually doing it people were like like this at all and now he's throwing shade these that we've had in this sport and I mean players I mean like old fuddy-duddies is they're always talking about like golf needs personality needs to go back to how we a Bryson say you can say to his face and Brooks was like all right I walked right and as soon as it started going down like the race stop and it was on any given day can beat anyone and beat them badly that is not afraid to say it and mouth off about it and I love it it's good for the game be the bad guy I would have spent time with him in different settings where we yes we understand that we we like him star from advocates curse it is very lifelike and what does it said keep spinning are business though it's it it's a it's a perception of lack of caring yeah okay lack of care from a guy that could win a major every time listen you get a guy like Bryson or brooks that is gonNa just say exactly how they feel and put it on out there and you don't like it and now you mad yeah rooks he would kill me and Brooks go he said I quote Brooks would kick my ass brooks responded with I quote you got that right how brooks gets to play and he was in the final group shower eighty one yeah he didn't play well yeah I mean it was horrible conditions that way in Brixton like that's GonNa sting a little bit like adding GonNa sit real well even I love what Harry Varna the third said like it pisses me off how bothered people to was he was like number one our practice number two regular PGA tour events. I don't care like I'm not into it this dude one comes across like regular tour events or us one majors who'd Brooks has but you know who he reminds me of WHO's inches ironic because he played in the pro-am at the BMW he reminds me a little bit of on the field the PGA championship could beat this group of guys because of this and I've got this group of guys because of that and then there is there's about ten five even if I were to win I have not done enough to warrant a pick I'm not asking for one I don't expect one I think there's a lot better options for the US side agree or disagree Oh for real yeah yeah for everyone just for a minute forgot hold up man we golfers it's not like that it needs to be I love it in a way and life changing week for me and this dude shows up like Nah I don't I don't care whatever and then whoops them and takes the million dollars great and final round he survived it but that being said like there are plenty

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