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He order breakfast at mcdonald's drive-thru tell yourself you'll wait to eat at work but it smells way too good so you eat it right there in mcdonald's parking lot neil. There's a meal for every morning at mcdonald's right now get any size. Iced coffee for ninety nine cents until eleven. Am and pair it with your favorite breakfast or one of our tasty bakery treats price and participation may vary but by mcdonald's i'm laughing at market news and insight from bloomberg experts. You can't have a narrow slice of the country doing well and everybody else doing poorly looking more. Damaging great kimberly. The moncton does the shape of the yield curve matter. We're looking at late. Twenty twenty one early twenty twenty two. Were really deal for all these bloomberg markets with bonnie glen and paul weeding on bloomberg bloomberg radio we have some headlines crossing the bloomberg now democrats saying cups guilt in inciting riots is unmistakable. Trump's second senate trial set to begin next week. Today is the deadline for house managers to file their trial brief and in that they are going to say that his guilt is on mistake. Well of course. We expect trump's lawyers to argue that. The trial is unconstitutional. Stay tuned we'll keep you brief throughout the day also on the show jim bianco. He's gonna talk to us about wall street. Never seeing the raiders coming. He will have a bloomberg opinion piece that he wants to discuss molly. We'll talk about stocks. Ira jersey on bonds and also japanese government bonds now having higher yields than us treasuries didn't think we'd see that coming for a while now with all these tears that greg jarrett we're sponsored by new jersey institute of.

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