Morning Brief for Thursday, June 6th


Whatever you and your employees are working for ADP is designing better ways to help you achieve it from HR talent, and time management to benefits and payroll. That's ADP. Always designing for people. I'm Anne Marie for totally in the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal Thursday, marks the seventy fifth anniversary of d day thousands of people, including several World War, Two veterans and world leaders, including President Trump, and French president Emmanuel Macron are marking the anniversary in Normandy, for our full coverage of the anniversary including interviews with veterans, please head to our website, wsJcom talks between Mexico and the US are set to continue on Thursday and the hopes of reaching a deal to avoid tariffs. President Trump has threatened on Mexico. If the country doesn't take steps to address illegal immigration. Meanwhile, new figures show a rise in the number of arrests at the southern border. US officials say one hundred thirty two thousand eight hundred. Eighty seven people were apprehended at the border between official entry points in may. That's a thirty four percent increase from the previous month, Fiat Chrysler, withdrew its offer to merge with were no on Wednesday less than a month after making the offer. The Wall Street Journal reports that the French government balked at the deal because it lacked, the support of Renault's partner Nissan, the top would have created the world's third largest automaker by production were more details. Visit our website wsJcom or the WSJ app.

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