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STEMinists: Emmy Noether


Hello from Wonder Media Network. I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia. Manica today's stem inist face discrimination the nation from every angle she had to battle twice as hard for half of the opportunities offered to men in her day still she managed to overcome at all and and gained recognition from some of the top scientific minds of her era. Let's talk about the marvellous mathematician Emmy Notre Emme. No there was born in Erlanger Germany on March twenty third eighteen eighty two. She was the eldest child in a family of scholars. Her father father was a math professor at the University of Arlington and both emmys brothers would go on to be scientists. Emmy came from a Jewish lineage though her ancestors were forced to change their last names under a German referendum in the early eighteen hundreds like many other stem born in that era emme was expected to do work deemed acceptable for women women were to focus on cooking cleaning homemaking and running the House Budget Emmy Study Eddie what she was expected to study and attended a general finishing school instead of a college prep school in one thousand nine hundred she was certified to teach English and French but EMI was really interested in math so she decided to pursue a university education. Despite the obstacles emmy wanted to attend attend classes at the University of Lincoln to do so women had to get permission from the instructor and even then they couldn't pursue a full degree emme received the required permission and became one of only two women sitting in university classes at the time where there were thousands of men at that point point at the University of Michigan Emmy was still only allowed to take classes related to language and Roman history. She took another admissions test fast and enrolled in a different university to sit in on math classes. Finally a year later her original university changed its policy and began admitting women. Emmy Rian rolled in nineteen o seven Emmy received her PhD in math with the highest honors after graduation. Emmy worked at the Mathematical Institute of Erlanger without pay for seven years there she started her collaboration with several prominent mathematicians working on theoretical Algebra in Nineteen fifteen she joined the mathematical institute in the city of Goetinchen and teamed up with other academics to study Einstein's general relativity theory three years later emmy prove to basic theorems that were key for Growth General Relativity and particle physics. One oppose proofs is today known as no. There's theorem still emmy wasn't allowed to be an official lecturer at the university because of her gender. If she wanted to teach she had to do so as the assistant of David Hilbert another prominent mathematician in Nineteen Nineteen David Hilbert and Albert Einstein himself stepped in to advocate on behalf and she was finally allowed to Lecture Lecture University. She was then allowed to do the job but she still wasn't paid for her work. That's until nineteen twenty two when she became came associate professor without tenure and was allowed a small salary despite these challenges emmy was very productive. She worked on abstract Algebra Group Theory Ring Theory number theory and more in the Mid twentieth century. There was a debate about whether mass should be abstract or more applied and constructive emmys controversial abstract approach to mathematics led to theories and principles that united many any disciplines including Algebra geometry topology and logic. Emmy went on to teach multiple universities in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. She was a visiting professor at the University of Moscow in Nineteen thirty she taught in Frankfurt and in nineteen thirty two she gave a lecture at the International Mathematical Congress Bresson Zurich despite all of EMI's accomplishments the Nazi regime denied her permission to teach nineteen thirty three with antisemitic tensions is mounting in Germany it became unsafe for me to stay she moved to the US to teach his a guest professor at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. She later lectured at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton when she was fifty three years old. Emi had to have surgery to remove a uterine tumor summer. She died from an infection after the surgery in April nineteen thirty five though we know there's life was cut short by her illness. She made a serious mark in her field. Despite these things seemingly never ending obstacles she'll forever be remembered for her mathematical theories tune in tomorrow for the story of another determines feminist special thanks to my favorite sister and Co co-creator Lizzy Caplan Talk to you tomorrow.

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