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Transportation Week Night Jokes (11-22-2019)


Jumpers is produced by Gimblett and sponsored by quip comeback to Chompers your morning and night tooth rushing show transportation league and tonight we've got more knock knock jokes but before we hit the road. Let's get brushing aside on the top of your mouth and make sure to brush circles on the inside the outside and the chewing side of each tooth cute two. Okay time for your first joke. Knock Knock Chu Chill you all. Have you ever done a train. Trains come in all all shapes and sizes from giant diesel trains to superfast bullet trains. Switch to the other side of the top of your mouth. Make sure you're brushing circles over each tooth before we had airplanes. The main way that people took long trips was on a train rain and because the ride was so long trains were sort of like hotels. He had to sleep on the train. Maybe for a whole week nowadays a trip that would take almost almost a week on a train can be done on a plane. In just a few hours Switzer rushing to the bottom of your mouth pick aside and make sure as you're brushing your reaching all the way back to those molar teeth okay. Here's another joke. Knock subway subway. Blais you way under the Rainbow Dreams come true subways. Are Those train systems. Go underground remember. Sub Means under switch rushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth but don't brush to heart. The world's busiest subway system is in Beijing China with almost ten million rides every day. Beijing subway we also has over three hundred stations. So that's a lot of places to go but don't get lost Nice job brushing today. You're all done speed back chompers tomorrow morning because we're going to have some more riddles for you and as always make sure to chompers brought to you by quip grownups. We know that good brushing habits are part of a healthy lifestyle. I mean we make a tooth brushing show here. Whether there you've got baby teeth braces grownup bite. Quip wants to help with electric toothbrushes for the whole family quip toothbrushes feature time sonic vibrations in guiding pulses for a better. Clean plus quips. Specially designed kids brush comes with a smaller brush head for smaller mouths and a rubber grip handle for more control control and quipped delivers new. Brush ads every three months to keep those healthy habits. Coming Clip starts at twenty five dollars and your first brush head. Refill is free. GO TO GET QUIP DOT com slash. Chompers that's G. E. T. Q. U. I. P. Dot Com Slash Chompers.

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