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Live from the investors Bank studio bore size syndrome g and Audie boomer and geo on the fan. Simul cats across the country on CBS sports network. Good Thursday morning. The Yankees for the time being are back taking games against the Boston Red Sox at the stadium. Things were looking bleak last night j apple to another band starting thinking. Here we go again, but he settles down this week. Give looking Yankees offense pain back again two nights in a row. This time Brett Gardner with a grand slam to win the game. For the Yankees is one hundred career home run at a perfect time for this team. And the Boston Red Sox all these bad teams that the Yankees have played the beginning of the season the White Sox. The Tigers the Orioles the red sock. Folks are worst out of all of those teams right now. And I don't know how much it's going to change. They'll get a little bit better. But deems healthy. What injury Benintendi was gonna come back tomorrow. So that's the team that you're gonna see most of the year at near bad in the Yankees did exactly what they need to do against got to keep it going against oils over the weekend. Starting tonight. Actually, good morning, boomer, our you. I'm doing great Joe. But it just goes to show you just just how lucky I'd on lucky. I guess the Boston Red Sox last year to get to a hundred eight win really good. They were. But you know, a lot of things gotta go your way a lot of things have to happen for you. And you gotta catch a break here there, you gotta get a walk here there. You're gonna get a hit batter here. There. Your pitchers gotta be, you know, off the charts, and they had everything going for them last year. And I am most of the people coming back this year figured that. They would be a a playoff team, and maybe they still will be. But it just goes to show you how things can change so quickly and for. The Boston Red Sox that certainly the case whether it be the bullpen of their starting pitching or just lack of overall hitting that they had timely hitting that they had last year. And you talk about a time we hit. Well, Brett Gardner had his moment in the sun for the Yankees with that grand slam yesterday. And both he and j happen. I guess I would also include Paxton in that and talk men in that came through in a big way in to use games at home that the Yankees had to win. I mean, they just had it would ball to them. You know, split would have been. So like coming in here this morning. All right. Well, at least we didn't lose ball to them. But the take all to them and to do it the way they did that is that is great news for the Yankees. And now they got the followed up with a four-game be great to get a four-game sweep well against the royals take three out of four that you'll be happy with that. But I think one of these teams going in we were talking about one of these teams had a real opportunity to take a step forward. While the other one was going to remain in this sewer that they began the seasoning. And the Yankees and Red Sox both struggling mightily. Heading into this series and the Yankees played better. Yes, they were home. Yes. They've got more injuries. And all the things that we were talking about going into the series, but they got it done. And I think that what was really really good to see last night just like the night before with James paxon's. The fact that Jay hap- settled down. He didn't let the game get out of control. It's three nothing earlier to home runs right off the bat, you're digging. This guy is just toast again. How many times we have to watch him spit? The bit on the mound early on in the season. Any settled down. He figured it out. And he gave the Yankees chance, and they took that opportunity and the Red Sox their pen stinks. Their starting pitching has been terrible. If you Mookie Betts, I mean, my God he has been another over four last night. He's talking about how embarrassing how on acceptable. It. Is you got JD Martinez as a home run last night? And he's been really really good for them, which is another alarming. Sign for the Red Sox Martinez has been that good again. And come back and being playing this. Well, and they're still seven games under five hundred to start the season. So they're going to have a huge up hill climb. This is not unread sock. Like, we see them have a great year, and then a bad year and a great year in a bed year, that's sort of been their story. But I do not think that that's team that's gonna make the playoffs. I know how early it is. But they've got major major problems. And I think that bullpen of theirs that they didn't really address in the off season is gonna hold them back for the remainder of the summer into the fog for the keys doing what they had to do to get it done. And now have to do it. Again. I say followed up with this four game series with the royals now as for the Mets are concerned ab- sitting there, and I just kind of felt like maybe just maybe he on Brock's them would come through. I mean, you three into basis loaded you're thinking just lay off any laid off the two and to pitch the breaking ball out or half, the nasty nasty slider. And he laid off it, and they even said on the broadcast. Great take it's really really hard to lay off of that is far away from the strike zone as it was because dip so quickly. Especially after the first pitch was called a strike. Right. Right. Well, you know, what though they went back to the box said it was perfect location. The corner of the box right corner of the box. So it wasn't like that was added a box. It was in the box. So you think about Neri at this point looking at kion Brockton three and two basis loaded one run game. And he said, this is kion Braxton. And if I can't get this dude out, then I shouldn't be in this situation. I'm gonna throw him a fastball right down the middle of the plate model. We mono me against you. You puppy raising son of a gun, and let's see what you got ninety four miles an hour. Right. Right. Right down the middle. And I don't know even watching the slo MO replay. I don't know how he doesn't make contact on that at least fallow off. I mean, we're talking about a fastball three into basis loaded ninety four. That's every major league hitter. No matter who. Who you are should be able to make contact with that you shouldn't have been fooled in that situation that count and he was fooled. But he swung right through it. Now is the end of the game. So they battled back. Again. I didn't even I didn't hear Mickey Callaway after the game. But I'm sure we'll give you the same old. Will you guys didn't lay down? And you know, we we had the tough on the night before they came back and they battled, and blah, blah, blah. That was frustrating as hell especially you wanna come back. Redeem yourselves from the joke that was the night before they got blown out and I had a series loss against the against the Phillies that that is just Doug feel good this morning for them. No, it doesn't and on top not feeling good. Jacob degrom now has strep throat. Yeah. Vargas Vargas on than you expected. Right. Great. Wanna see it's not like it's not like Jacob degrom is going to miss, you know, he'll get pushed back, but they'll move up Noah and just the rest of the staff or we're going to give this young guy a shot, or even you know, we're going to stretch out Lugo lugos going to start. Gonna have an opener. It's frigging Vargas throwing in there. So you lose two in a row. One really frustrating one yesterday afternoon a blow out the night before to the Philadelphia Phillies who you hate. And you can I gotta have a whole day decis on that. And then on Friday who do we get against the cardinals on the road? Vargas frigging, Vargas, you can't get away from the it'll I could do who does nobody does who wants to see Jason Vargas do anything but go somewhere else. Honestly. So whatever I'm not gonna go nuts with them. I still I still think that this start to the season has been has been good in the last two days with the offense as not been good. And that's the thing you hang your hat are moments in a season and in guys career where he can either come through or he can fail and for Brock's yesterday that was one of those moments. So he's kion Brian saying that, but this is a chance to change the narrative. This is the chance to change your story. The chance to become a key. Player in a big moment. In a big game against division rivals that you have a chance to win. Yep. And you know, but it would have been interesting to see what happened with with Wilson Ramos because he gets hit on the shoulder or the back of the the tricep area. Right. So I wonder if he was replacing d'arno, and he has to go in and play if they get the lead in the bottom of the night. He had come out of the game. Then you would have seen emergency catcher situation, which is it McNeil. I'm not sure the emergency catcher is a might be Jeff McNeil. But I'll take a look, but the Mets didn't have to deal with that yesterday. But I was Wilson Ramos deals with injuries every year. He's out for an extended period of time. He's got a couple of I l stints every single year. And I thought that we might see the first one of those yesterday. But as Keith was pointing out and Gary during the broadcast, it just missed his elbow. It was right above the elbow. And if it had hit him square on the elbow that would have been a big problem. So he shook it off he stayed in the game. He knew we had to. But after that of. Of course, it didn't work out for the Mets. Anything jump out at you during this NFL scheduling release yesterday because all all the schedules were released during the day. Yeah. So last night center fell network telecast anything I don't understand how that happened. So they send it to the teams and the teams do these vignettes that are actually pretty funny. If you go on Twitter, the official Twitter accounts, all the NFL teams. They've got like funny videos out there to release their own schedule. So obviously, they need time to make those things the NFL sends that that teams the team send it out to a bunch of people to work on these things or other business partners. Whatever it is, and it leaks, and then it just takes all the juice out of the schedule. Release. It was far as jets and giants. I think the giant schedule is sort of middle of the roads, not hards not easy. But I don't think the giants are going to be a very good team. So it's not like look at that schedule and how about opening at the Cowboys again. Yeah. Well, that's just stupid. I don't know how many times that this might just be the thing. It's like they start there. Every year. They open up. Giants cowboys. Now, we'll go the rest of the schedule. I I mean, it's frustrating from giant standpoint. But that is what it is. It's on the schedule used to it. It's almost like a routine that you get into now. How would you go down there and try to win the game? But it is it is a little stupid that that happens every single year. I don't love those big division rival games at the beginning of the year. I like them middle of the season November December, of course at the end of the season. They're great week. Seventeen is all division matchups. And then with the jets the jets couple of things or the jets one. They don't really travel. It's it's the least seven thousand total miles traveling. Yes. So it's the least amount of miles traveled that they've ever had. So that's a good thing. They've got four add a six home games to start and two road games are relatively local with the eagles were of course, it good team and the patriots who are good team. So you have that. But it's it's really tough in the beginning. Man, you think about Brown? The bills are improved team got him at home and got a win that game. But Brown's patriots eagles Cowboys patriots. And then Jaguars who were going to try to get bagels revenge. Sees it now after that you got dolphins. Giants Redskins raiders Bengals dolphins. That's where you're going to have to make. Hey, if you're the jet. So if you really try to get that's the internal six games of the season. Right. It was so starting in November November third it's at the dolphins. And then you have the giants at home at the Redskins the raiders at home at the Bengals. And then the dolphins at home right now, you're playing to ravens to at the back end of that. Now, it's Lamar Jackson. I don't know what kind of player he's going to turn himself into. He cannot play quarterback the way that he played it last year with that defense on the road on Thursday night. That's not going to be an easy game for them in December. That's going to be a tough game for and then they come back home to the Steelers Levy on Belleville, and then they finish up with well that rape. Engage CJ Moseley bowl. Yeah. That's right. But Levy on. L a little bit different. Because of all the stuff that happened in Pittsburgh. You know, what Madam Gay's I'm standing up in front of my team today. And I'm gonna say guys whatever I say in here needs to stay in here. I'm talking to you. I'm not asking you to deliver. What I say to you to the media to make me look like an idiot in the in the eyes of the media. Meaning that if CJ Moseley says that the reason that Adam gays came to the jets beat the patriots because that's that engaged said. Yeah. I mean, you know, you gotta gotta button that stuff up. Yeah. I don't think Moseley well, the jets don't look much buttoned up right now. Because every time you turn around. They're running backs performing a concert somewhere. But you know, I I think that CJ Moseley had no ill will toward L. Will I understand? We're not we're not laying down for those guys. We're the new guys here. We're not gonna get pushed around type of thing. How many times we heard that? Yeah. I get it. But these guys are new to the situation they. Think CJ Moseley as any idea about the Rex Ryan kiss Bill bell checks rains thing. You think thinking about that? No, no. I think Adam gazes saying something in a meeting room to his team the fire his team up. Yeah. I don't think that gases saying these things publicly I think CJ Mossley is going out there and amplifying what Adam gates is saying to team. That's what I feel. Yeah. I mean, I think that it always makes team look a little bit less than equal. When those things are being said like, oh, we the about the patriots. We're gonna have to go and get the patriots. Like, all right. The patriots the greatest professional sports franchise that we have seen in the last two decades. And it's not even close what they've been able to do forget about them for now. Like, they're going to do what they do when Bill bell check. And Brady are there. You know, that's going to be a task for you. There's a lot of teams on that schedule. That aren't the New England Patriots that the jets have to figure out how to beat and try to get into the post. Season. And when your sole focus is on the patriots Steelers about that. They're all they were doing was blabbing about the patriots a couple years ago. Remember that Mike Tomlin we're going to see them again. Every one of those Steeler players was talking about the patriots. Then they run into the Jaguars in the divisional round. And get crushed by the Jaguars. And they never even get a chance to see the patriots depending on what happens with the jets. They could get flexed into a Sunday night game late in the season. If in fact, there's good as we think they may be so, but when you look at their schedule overall, there's a lot of one o'clock eastern standard time games on there. And as a former player I used to love those. That's exactly the game that you wanna play. Now some of that change lateness season. If in fact, what are the teams that they are playing in themselves are surprising. So maybe they one of those games to a Sunday night game. But I mean, I look at this. They open at one o'clock against the bills perfect. And they have the Monday night game against Cleveland at home. And then it's one o'clock at New England one o'clock at Philadelphia, and then they had the four twenty five game at home. Home versus the Cowboys. That's perfect. That's absolutely perfect. That's exactly what you want. Yeah. That stretch is going to be very very difficult for them. They do get the by week early on. I don't know you can have any sort of take on a buy week to me right before or in the middle of the at least, you got two tough games. And then three tough games right after it. I don't think that's a worst placement. For a by a lot of people yesterday. You're talking about the bye week early on you wanna later in the season you can rest up, but the jets I'd much rather in that stretch. Brown's patriots eagles. Cowboys patriots have the by week somewhere in there. And it is it's about as close to the middle of that as you can get you got two games tough games by three tough games. And then into the little bit easier portion of the schedule after that. So I mean, it's really probably not going to matter all that much in the long run. But I think that if the jets can some out tread water early on in that really meaty part of the schedule and then get into that. That space where they're going to be favored in a bunch of games. Then that's where the playoffs are going to be determined in that rough stretch we're talking about you know, with the patriots. And and the Browns and the eagles that that right? There is a stretchable define how the jets end up doing twenty nine. I was at the patriots schedule. They have a three out of four games that start at eight twenty essentially. So they have a Thursday night game eight twenty against the giants October temp. And then they then they play the jets on a Monday night at eight fifteen and then they go to Cleveland four twenty five and then Baltimore at a twenty and then three of their last four games are at home and those home games are Kansas City, buffalo Miami. And in the middle of that they play Cincinnati. So their last four games. I mean, you gotta you gotta think that if they have to play them out. They're going to go four an hour swimming, Tom Brady makes it through the season their last four games are going to be four. No. Yeah. Of course. Would you expect anything else I wouldn't? And I'm looking at there. Schedule. You know, they're going to catch Pittsburgh right out of the box, which I think is a break. I think you wanna play Pittsburgh early because they're going through some changes, and they're trying to figure out who they are. And everything else as I again, I then they go down to Miami. Yeah. Well, they they don't always play. Well in Miami, though, remember but early they will late. I understand that. But I- early they will feel like the patriots last couple years early on in the season of not look great. And they find them. Always going to be pointing it's Ryan Fitzpatrick as the dolphins are messed this year. They're a mess. So you can count on them probably lose in about thirteen game this year.

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