Sports PR Consultant and Flight Attendant, Keyon Johnson!


mark don't we have on the show wake up good morning. Everyone welcome in mind this morning show. I'm here with my co host to as always. Because he likes. He likes his name to be said a and also a very special guests a good friend of a friend of mine. we have. Who's also a flight attendant and a sports. Pr consultant kion johnson. How you doing today. Man man of everybody doing out there another paradise hanging hanging there. You're you're coming in from vegas third. It's hot out here to ask how the heat was well today. Today it was actually one of the one of the better days it you know it didn't it didn't get the one tens it was like just like one zero seven zero six so that that's Feels a lot better to one tenth. So i want six. I'm like. I'm really hoping you don't have the humidity. Florida has man i. Actually i used to live in florida man. I used to live in a city called sunrise. So down. Like right outside of fort lauderdale. Okay it rained like literally new. When i was made for because it it rained every day at two o'clock. It just came down ally when that range dr cows man. I'm late today clock. Yeah i mean so yeah. That humidity is real It's it's really weird. We have our typical florida rains. It like monsoon for five minutes and then clear skies. Yeah exactly yeah now are you. Guys are in orlando ish i i'm in orlando to. He's using all of their state graham in kansas. Okay we saw humidity. Or i just moved here about a year ago girlfriend and she actually went to college to adapt to both of them. She went to k stay in ku. But i think she's on jayhawks better so i would say jayhawks. 'cause i got that i grew up with big jayhawk fans My wife's family is a is like pretty much on jayhawk. Stay there in a city. College shawny kansas. That's exactly where i'm at that really i was. I was expecting to say thank ninety star would be to another one Some city like be city year. I know there's there's bonner spring side aside. I remember that one because i was laughing at childish. Yeah no i get that i get. I laughed when i heard that's crazy. Everyone decipher bonner's actually butter. I mean ethnic so so tell us. What's it like being a flight attendant. I i'm terrified myself off-line so you just got gotta be like nature view like second nature is actually a man. It's it's pretty cool man. I i really like it. it's a it's a. I feel like i get paid to go. Visit my friends like all over the country so you like one day. You're in kansas city. The next day you're in orlando and you know. Sometimes you have like twenty hours to stay there so You know when. I when i gave you know foam our friends and we can kind of pick me up. Show me the city. We'll we'll grab some Step to eat over. Ed either gates was the other one. Nato gazes the one that yell at you to barbecue place out and then you know or Were in fort lauderdale. Whatever wherever we are we going you know go graphs on the eve or go hang out and chill and like relationships that you've had for years you probably haven't seen these guys in like ten years eleven years somewhere around there and it gives you it gives you an opportunity to go and You know kind of a world places it you know. You probably haven't seen it long time Right now is low. Crazy with the with the state of the world would coat it and all that stuff and i guess like the hardest part about it right now is just Is just khanna. Megan schumer people are being safe by winter. Mass and stuff like basil. You gotta make these. You know these announcements. I you know keep umass on. Don't take off. I haven't been one of the people that got punched in the face on it kind of happy about that. You were one of the fun flight attendants they didn't speed traumatic for you. Just get through it. I you know. Sometimes it kind of fit. It depends on the mood. Like sometimes i'll make a joke. If people get it denali to make another one in work it goes without personality. I think too. Because if i think if you're a cool if you you know if you are like relaxed than not that kinda liza tempo for everybody else. S get you know. They see somebody coming on board. And you you know you down or you maybe not having a good day in showing that you not having a day. Well let's go go go towards a passenger now. You may be a problem where being cool. They would've made it a lot easier so like say that. That's probably the hardest part right. Now is just kind of dealing with that fisher. Probably flown a handful of times. New terrifies me every single time. It's more like the turbulence or is it is it just a fact of being forty thousand feet. So i've been. I'm so thankful that. I have never actually experienced any kind of crazy. Turbulence people talk about where they're like we feel like four forty feet or four hundred feet down in the air. Like what's like little timmy. Leg went through the roof. I'm like dude. I don't know like i thankfully never experienced that. It's just like me. i'm. I'm i like the ground. I don perfectly content on the ground. I'll go by car go by bo. But i don't care too much to take to the skies. Now if i was like a superhero and i could fly. Okay yeah you can control all of that. That's a whole different game. And that's probably the only way fly other than that. No interest so so speaking of that. Have you had any like crazy. Turbulence ernie stories along the lines of that like some crazy happened. Have you ever thought you were going to dial a plane. Flying as a flight attendant to be honest with you i have not. I'm doing knock on guest. Pretty lucky medicine tacona. That's my that's my bad. i'll take it back. i'll take her. yeah. I definitely hope not. I mean we had some turbulence from four to whereas like you know. Let me let me put this at all but in i luckily it hasn't been anything like a to too crazy to scare me away from doing a lot of times minute crazy part. Is you know when it's when it's super targeted or when it's you know moderately turbulent you still people getting up walking trying to go to the bathroom like this stuff. You know 'cause if it is the right thing making hagan float up hit the hit the ceiling and knock themselves out and you know for me. I'd be like tell us. There's nothing worse than turbulence except for going through turbulence and having to take a poop now. Insist cannot just sit in. Hold this way to this is over or you. Excuse me count. How bad is the turbulence for hidden turbulence. I'm not waiting. I'm going right there right there. My seat it is what scared me i tac can. I don't know there's a few times like you go through the clouds you know and it gets like real pretty shaky like dragon outside. You can see it. Man especially like nervous fliers ban is kinda funny but it's not funny at the same time because he's like man you know. I don't think. I don't think we're gonna fall out the sky man so yagi just chill. But they don't and they just they just stayed around as play games or people and they're walking in your life that one best to nervously really had to play again. You could see everybody can see it when they walk. My goodness the yeah. They'll they'll let you know that. I've never flown before. All right cool man. Just have a sit down relax. That's all you gotta do. Have you ever had to kick anybody off the plane Have not i. I have not been like. I said some people are really really into doing man. I'm not. I just let you know unless they are in. This is a hypothetical unless they just come on in a religious belligerent. Or or just a just just acting full or something like that alleyway. Managers sit down and joy and you know they don't you don't mess with any other flat passengers. Don't mess with us. We got an hour and a half together. Man analysis spot. Yeah we can do this. It doesn't sound so bad but manda even like an hour and a half from here from florida to new york terrifies me. Like i'm six three so like i. Two seats do not accommodate tall people. And i'm like already feeling slightly claustrophobic. And as i'm not i'm not a big fan. Not a big fan. Everything is just like torturous rent there one like i'm in my mind. We're about to this guy any moment a brace for impact back back in the days when we was we was doing how our pie is like no. Let me take this Take this martin reader. assam take this. Take this. take this drink. Calm down a little bit taken that you'll wake up you'll be good. Yeah i've i've tried pre in their portabella. Nothing like the second. We start like rolling it once we get ready to like. Hit that hard trait in liftoff. That's that's one all right. That's when i started clenching. Everything's getting tired. I could feel my muscles tighten up. I'm like clinton the chair. Like whoever's hand like in grab and i love looking out the window and cool school seeing still terrified. You're flying through a storm through a couple of storms back to colorado man. It was like thunder and lightning everywhere in the clouds. Rain knows like how many shut this dammar has something going on. And it's never like a never like a flight. i. I mean there's a good flight but it's never like just a smooth easy leaving any time i left because that's what i was before kansas colorado. So anytime leaving. It was fine. It was coming back. It was always something coming back denver at denver. Airports they know do this out. Horse the horse with the red eyes as just sitting did to get up out of nowhere. Do the guy that was that started it died. It crushed him at while he was like originally doing it so his son finished it. I don't think it was meant to be made man. you see. it didn't work and yet he's got those crazy conspiracy theories and everything about it with the underground mall. The new world order every go some of those painting there for real. They're like. I'm seeing some of them do like under the. Are you talking about like in the airport on that. A lot of people pay attention to that. But i'm dark over here by it every single day dark. That'd be crazy. Never remember something else fisher. So what are some of the craziest stories. Have you ever like. Had somebody give birth on a plane like eighth anything insane on. I haven't. I haven't seen that. I i've seen i've seen like a you know people like get really sick and like pass out so then we have to like administer. Cpr and stuff like that. And i don't know if you guys have ever had cpr but that is not an easy thing. You rainy for it numerous times. But i have yet to do it in real life thankfully especially on somebody who just through yet. Nothing's obey man. You got to kind of keep like impressions on their chaz and then and then you gotta give them oxygen and then you get. I mean that's tiring you know really tiring you and sometimes you don't wanna for upwards of thirty minutes so it's like three three hundred rotating in doing it and stuff like that may yet. That's impressed with you. Guys even be being able to perform. Cpr was such a narrow pathway. Yeah you know you know what's really kinda crazy. Just how 'cause normally you'd think ed you kind of freak out you know what i mean you think that you. Would you see somebody Gasping for air or or pass now any in optimistically you saint like oh i can't i can't do this but it's crazy how your body just goes into help mode and you get there and you you know you just kinda you just kind of doing it and then afterwards after person comes to or whatever you know then the adrenaline wears off. And that's when you actually get scared and you're like oh. I can't believe just happen. You know a black thirty minutes. It's crazy how i mean but there have been stories of folks actually like You know Expiring on the play. And and you know you can't really can't really call it expiring on the plane. You gotta wait to get on the ground so you know even if you know that they're not would you anymore. You still got kinda keep doing it until they land and then in emt's come on. They'll you know they'll pronounce a day. But you can't really do it. You know the doctor. He just flight. It's not an easy. Yeah the net. That's like some of the scariest stuff at that. I've either witnessed or have heard about. I feel like i already know the answer this one but i know somebody has to ask you. Have you ever had snakes on the plane. I never had a snake. Oh well. I mean we've had never thought i've never had. I've never has gone we as a lot of crazy animals. Man you know these emotional support. Animal my motion supply brought on baking force as an emotional support. Animal emotional support animal. Yeah writing in the whole siamese. I don't need a settlement of front row and now other people gotta sit in that row with with the baby horse is crazy. Would've made you know what i needed. Emotional support over by emotional support. Badger carefully bites off why to slapped a little thing on his back below cope. And it's like a pit bull just just bargain and folks the whole time. I don't think that's really an emotional support animal but the folks that makes me think that that scooby doo live action movie where they snuck him on the plane as old grandma at that makes me think it would have been able to get away with it now. That was realistic. It was the type of animals staff that came on. I think. I think even read like somebody brought on a peacock one time. So yeah it's crazy. Look it up man. you believe know. There's those people that go and get license to give the licenses out for. Just maybe some money auto care will sign the paper for you and like that's it. You're telling me that when they came to school for the job fairs that one of the jobs was to go and become a person to license emotional support. Animals to people have been doing that. It's a lucrative business this like it sound like they could get some some good though on that man. I feel like i would have been good. That like kid comes in. And he's like. I'm having some bullying problems at school here. I got allama horia. he'll people for you. Be emotionally supportive. This is gonna be great next on. She's bringing on this email Fun factory guys. At the theme parks. Those giant asked turkey. legs are actually email. Don't tell me that don't wanna mela. It's still delicious. no it's a giant turkey that i john giant taking like. It's eating emus of it. I'm not to say that next time. I go whitening. That's easy move. That's if the guy's gonna kick you say as evil people still eat it depending on who who you talk to because like there was one time somebody i was working. I wanted to stands. 'cause i was i don't know where everybody that was actually working san wangled working on one of the the icy machines and they're like is actually i was like what that is and he's like i knew it and he just walked away like this. Okay i beg your eating email. I told you good so good. Like i'm gonna say turkey's still enjoy what i wanna enjoy right do. Even i mean. I'm very happy to hear that all your flights have been very good so far and i know i'm knocking right now. Yeah i i'm so sorry to cut that out there do we do a. Nobody even knows that you're talking about. I took it back. Nobody remembered so that that's good so tell tell us more about this. Sports pr consultant. This sounds interesting actually man. That's a. that's that's actually what i've been doing like my entire adulthood from from college man. I graduated from grandma state university in louisiana and then went over to Undergrad pr graduate adidas sport administration. So it was kind of. I kind of knew what i kinda wanted to go. And then back in two thousand and one I got a call from the houston texans and to be honest with you man. At first i was like never even heard of houston. Texans what is that and and but this was before the team starting okocha else didn't really start playing until two thousand two. Yeah so they. They called me as hey. We sing your resume. We wanna bring you down to interview. So i was like okay Like all right. Houston i like the city of houston to be i e houston was a great great place and i said you know when i get i got to college i would love to go to houston so was there like any moment in your mind right there. That was like this isn't real estate. Scam houston texans. Would remember that. That's exactly. I never even heard these guys so i quickly looked it up after it and i was like. This is real and So i went down there Because i was in california. I went back to california. 'cause i was doing an internship out there and and and they called me when i was in california and they said yeah you know we wanna wanna bring you down to interview you for a position that we have. It's an internship and i was like. Yeah let's let's do it so i go down there and it's funny it was right. It was ryan speaking of lives in this step. It was right after nine eleven. So so i go off. Live from san francisco to Houston in it's like seven. People wanna play and i was like. Wow okay this is. This is common scary. I get there. I'm interviewing with them with the with the managers over there and literally meant. It was like a again if you can remember that time. Everything was so hanson in in in the in the office building that interview with at the alarms just started going off like betas. Yeah they start going off and now. I'm looking around at Manager he's looking at me like what's going on here. I was like it's like being you know about this. Is this real man. What are you doing. We gotta his. I gotta go light on. The interview was like maybe five minutes and then that happened and then so we we just left and he called me later. He was like you know what i want. I want to bring you on. I wanna hire you. Just don't like i don't even know what i did but just sell arms man. I'm telling you on was just as scared as you know. Who's going on either man. We we have to get out of there. You know oslo fascinating gave out. You weren't so maybe it's me like man. I know i'm not i'm not. I'm not trying to all victims of that and so So yeah no. It started there and then So i got an here and one thing that that i think is important. I'm always kind of think is important. Is you gotta kinda network and you kinda gotta know where you wanna go when what you wanna do and so in doing that you wanna try to meet as many people as possible now. The the internship did i got wasn't ticketing and so i was like okay. This is gonna give me in the door. And i'll see where it's you know. Meet the folks at that. Where i wanna be and so I was there for about a year and during that year it would gave me time to meet like The communications afford taxes. And you know the whole staff The whole organization Bob mcnair who was the owner of the team at the time and he was he was actually a really cool guy man. He's just a i. I'm just an intern. there you know. And he's coming up. Hey how you doing you know. And i'm like oh man. This guy really knows my name but of course you know you run like a billion dollar company. You know everybody that's coming in and it still kinda made you feel like okay. At least i feel like. I'm belong so again. I just kind of like you know may way through introduce myself to tony while he was the Who was a vp communications. They're told him what i wanted to do. and the the crazy thing about bad he ended up going to He was a graduate of texas southern university which was Which was which was a small hugh in in in texas in houston and i was at an from gramling so we kinda connected with that With that background you know so we kinda got close. And he was like eight man. You know if you wanna come over here After you get off work with the taking an income kind of learn what we're doing over here. I was like yes no-brainer. You giving me opportunity. I thought it was. I thought it was cool. Man yeah. I do it for free so so i started going over there and kind of learning the nuances. That now on a meeting players we we had a we had drafted. Derek carr carr david carr brother. David carse. i'm getting a chance to like need him. And he was like the first taking draft. Some you know seeing how how these guys work work together and now meeting Like big time media people like John clayton. I don't know if you guys remember him but he was on. Espn saw. i'm like now getting to be like really close with these guys and kind of tells me like okay. Yeah we need. We need to talk to. We need to talk to david for interview. And i was like okay so now i gotta go david telling what the interviews about. Bring them over to bring him over to john clayton in his me doing this now and you know and i'm only doing it after i get off work from doing the ticketing okay and you will like that guy in the nba two k. When you play the when you play the my career mode and you finish a game but one that liked comes over and it's like hey you you had a great game tonight. We want to have an interview with you. They take you over to the other. Take you out it. Yeah yeah yeah yes. Oh man. So i did that with those guys and then Then they didn't have a permanent position there so he has so. Tony introduced me to got an kirk reynolds. Who was with the san francisco. Forty niners and So he's like all right we'll we'll we'll We have actually a seasonal. Pr internship if you wanna do that. Yeah why not get a chance to go back home to the bay area. So i went in. I went and did that with them. And they had like a great team Over there at that time they you know they had just came off the the nfc championship game With mary ut was a coach then went up by the time i got there. They they had brought on dennis erickson. And so i'm getting a chance to meet these guys now so now. Steel kind of building up my network and so after a while. Stay there for like a couple of years. And after a while i was just like you know what i can of go out on my own instill utilize these utilize these contacts than i have and instead of just being tied to one team i can you know. Reach out to this team here. This team over here to seem over here and just you know. Just kinda work. The way i want to work and the teams i went out. I i like pitch myself. And they were like yeah and i was like oh really okay. All and light lillyman. I just started. I just started working those guys and then Did the warriors as well. Actually when i was in houston to start working with the houston rockets. Too so i was just trying to get my get my name my phase and You know a presence out to everybody so if somebody said oh yeah. We're looking for a guy Well kion has done is so you know you build up your resume like that and you you learn to get along with everybody. That's the that's the main part about this about a pr. Job in in general is just. How are you going to be able to get along with. All these guys in Interact with all these different personalities. And then intern get these personalities to do what you need to do to get the the betterment of team or for the betterment of whatever it is you're pushing out there and that's a that's that's what i kinda had to learn to do and that kind of helped me out and going through all stepped onto a now and that actually helped me out with the flight attendants to so is is this about networking and talking to people in and basically just show him. Respect rallied people in their time and in what they what they what they need. And what you need and how can you get to. How can you jail. Altogether and that's awesome Has ever been a time. I guess that you like been awestruck or like had to resist getting an autograph from somebody especially like i started out doing man. that'd be the toughest for me. That is a tough is because now you like oh you go from you go from like not knowing anybody into how ucla i ran into a ronnie lott and and and unlike. Oh man i gotta. I gotta ask you to do for pitcher. But then you can't ask him for picture and you can't get stuff so you just kinda high let me let me just push down and kind of continue to be professional and so you know and that actually helped me out a lot too because at times like how man this. This'll be a cool picture to have right with this guy right here over there now. It's a you know you have to kind of resist temptation. Because you don't want them to start looking at you like. Oh this guy's a fan just a groupie you know you know when they when airbus businessman. Those guys worked really hard to be the best in the business at what they do so You know they won't they expect the same from you and that's what you got deliver so that that's a yes is concept now my kids now now nowadays kids will come off. Bring them and now. We're like oh let me go picture. They're happy to take a picture with those kids even want me let kids do you with a sport where you like into before all of this that lean towards the decision at all like where you went first off. I was I've always been into football man. Ogden plan for boston's i. Was you know a young out. Maybe like saginaw third grade unanimity ended up going to a a high school. That was really good. I mean like we were. We were like the number one high school in the nation for like twelve years is a in school call de la salle high school in concord in bay actually even made a movie about our high school so it was a school england so just just kind of certain remember the check it out man when when the game stands tall. That was the if you look at that movie. That was that was high school. Del sound concrete but they like that actually that experience there too man was kinda crazy because i went there my junior and senior year and my freshman sophomore or went to have very a another good. Football program wasn't wasn't on that level but it was still like really good and the year that i went over there the year that went over to delasalle my high school. Which was pittsburgh high school at the time. Beat dallas out. That was the first time they had been beat in seven years prior to that in the in the so imagine. Just go onto the school now so it was. It was kinda crazy and it was a it was a catholic. School knew nothing about being catholic at all. So i'm i'm learning all type of new stuff. I'm going into an environment. Where at pittsburgh it was very it was much like a melting pot of everybody. You black white filipino. Asian every type of race. That was around was at pittsburgh and i go to delasalle. And it's it's a say. There's a private catholic school so literally just like ninety seven ninety seven percent white and then like three percent was others. So i'm gonna oh my goodness this is gonna work out but again and everybody was cool. Everybody like accepted me. After after they you know and today it was like you can pittsbur- you us and stuff like that. I like well shoot. I'm here now mainly saharan. Let's go out and go out and get it and Yeah after that man we again went on to win. Twelve straight years so that was Analyst pretty cool man as somebody that grew out love for football. So i think that's what kinda had me going on that level Again went to gram one. Which was a hbu ryan right after that. So i had like three totally different size. Graham is a black school was is normally like like ninety seven ninety eight percent black students and like two percent others so when we you know going from totally different dynamics on each one thing because now i feel like i can interact with any group at anytime you know and and and feel comfortable you know. Yeah so and i think that's kinda that's that's really important to you. Know what i mean you got you gotta learn a culture you gotta learn other backgrounds that kind of progress sport so percents beauty of america we are the melting pot of so many so much out there to remind do it. So you you work with the las vegas rate is now right. So you've you've been inside the massive spaceship stadium i should. I'm gonna y'all over some pictures of that. I have from last year. Actually we just had a We just had a a tour of the stadium yesterday And you know kinda just again kind of getting ready for this upcoming season. Which starts saturday the first game. Saturday so We'll be over there. This'll be this'll be a little different. I really call it man to really the first time that they're going to play in the stadium because now they're going to have fans last year. It was cool. It was it was a it was a great venue but nobody was like it was so weird on on guys seeing on tv or something like that but just to watch a game with no fan the nba. Yeah it was weird like literally here. The players feel your all the press box you can hear them talking and like chan chair for themselves. You know what i mean. It was it was really weird. Was really funny when they started putting like the cardboard cutouts. Yeah because it's like holy shit. It's like the game with such high quality on the game itself was fuck on the audience there the digital. You could have all the different fans at home on the screens The one thing that drew me nuts about watching games with no audience. They still put like somebody's still many some type of like audience. You hear a go open hypoc and things are going on like who sitting there. Manning has added be normalized for the players. Still it was. It was crazy man crazy. So i'm i'm actually really looking forward to saturday. Just kinda seeing how. Las vegas is really going to like the stadium. Self is really going to embrace the raiders. I and i and i'll say the raiders. I in a in a in a test situation because you know the vegas golden knights came here and they like one immed- weekly year. They went to the you know so and the custom here. It's a it's a crazy situation. I i feel like they got a lot of pressure to go out and perform and perform at the highest level to at least make the playoffs. You know 'cause. I'm a raider fan. I've been raider fan my whole life. I'm originally from california and grew up watching because my dad saw i'm falling over. But i was gonna ask you since. Now you're doing stuff with the raiders and before you doing stuff with the texans with david collins around. How is that being able to like do with david car in the now derek carr kraus's thomas story The other day man. So when derek carr their was like maybe like five or six years old he had just running around and wait a minute. Do you like the quarterback. At a rate i is crazy. How to just see that progression. i mean. i'm proud to do though. Manny 'cause i think it's more is more of the fact that i seen him when he was a little kid and now he's you know now. He's you know at least a top ten quarterback in the nfl and he's a. He's raising his own now. Some it's a it's easy cycle of how his name went man brother now now watching you do feel like how many people especially in your position to like. Be that close to see that happen. So that's really cool awesome. It's like i say it's a good situation minutes is crazy and then Also got a chance in a as as as fate will take it man got the chance to work with the will still work with the warriors as well and it went from the warriors being horrible until now they're like they were like one of the top teams. They won three championships. And i was a part of you know are the team who knows the working games When those guys went and championships in and you can just kind of tell just you see teams that are good and you see teams that are great and you can tell the work ethic and the confidence that those teams have when they When they step out set out on the field or step on the court if they are going to be good at an dummy great and every time the warriors step down the court. It wasn't a fact You know is this going to be a close game or not. He was like we're we got We got one goal and that's winning championship. And they set out to do it man and i. It was like nothing. Stop him well the last two years. Of course they've they've been injured in and You know when caitlyn out that that hurt alive. But i think it'll be back opposite hill. Like how how steph curry klay thompson. Hoster they all really nice. Those solid man. They're really they are really like cou like like cool. Kasmin you approachable And and you know draymond is low energy he. He's real though you know he'll he'll he'll talk to you. We'll talk to you and he'll cry around which joking joke by laying clay as a same the logan more. You know goofy on k. d. like reserved like. He seems like he is in quiet. Kate when i when i make katie. The couple of times he was always solid. Man always Just just go in. And you know he would. He wouldn't take any mess but he was like all right. Man just a real nice do you comes from a his mom. His mom instilled a lot of values and a man so he. I remember his very respectful. Various backflow got man. that's cool. I forget that young though. Still though i mean i mean that's still like now early now but to me. It seems like these are like look. You know our kids but but yeah man. Just speak with you with the utmost respect. You know. it doesn't at that's pretty much. Hit is solid news. that's awesome. Let's get the no good to hear especially like as as nba fan of stuff. Like you always had these stories about them being different than what you wanna hear and stuff like that. So it's always cool to to hear like how humble and stuff that they are so good that a clipper search you got on your amicable fan. I've been a fan my whole life. Man when i grew up out in california. Zia young lad. I was always cooking fan man. Elton brand kohima. Getty sam cassell days. Katina mobile was shooter. Yeah i love the. I love i tell everybody may just got my son. Oh yeah. there's kion johnston that got drafted to the you got drafted to the knicks. But now he's he got traded to the always never he never met me before. Just gonna wanna games with a gold card. I'm your father. Maybe when they come to san francisco and Do play the warriors man. I'll say something to him about it. So all the since he got all this inside expertise so you got win. The championships ran nfl or nba. This year You know full disclosure. I am and have always been tampa bay bucks fan. I was kind of hard for me to It's kinda hard for me to go against the bucks but right now anyways. Yeah but i really see that. I really see another rematch of last year. Man i can't city they just got way too much firepower. Man they they'll they'll be there The bugs i think will be a. You just can't count tom. Brady out man. So i like seeing tom. Brady off the patriots. He's got way more of like personality in his having a lot. More fun now. It looks like it man boy. He got his boys down there with them. Though as crazy is a. I think it's i think it's going to be those two Back in the back in the ball. I just can't i just can't go against Tom brady in the in the super bowl. So i think there's leverage goes away. Man ever goes away fat. He definitely sold his soul to the delta play. Football a year younger than me man. Steel just out there. Killing mike about chris paul man. He made a deal with the devil to be one of the best point guards but he can never win a championship. That was the deal man. I was rooting for them to so bad as you have like come on y'all got i gotta do this. Yeah yeah janas. Janas had other other beast. I guy is built different nephew star and yet team. If you starting team would you. Would you take take the i bake now. Everybody everybody that at the age that they are at now. That's tough for me. Because i always. I've always played the nba seasons on the video games and done the gm stuff and my instinct is always to pick like one of the top young players in there like early twenties. Eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one because of all that potential. And how much like timespan you have with them. If it was like real right now and i had it. I it would be hard not to take him man like especially as he can do. He doesn't even need to shoot the ball. Like it's crazy josh. I have josh dill. Yeah guy oven. I'm i i could tell you. The last time i watched basketball was when everyone was so ashamed of dwight howard coming into the magic and quite honestly the magic having like oh six yeah like. I'm like yeah. I think i was still in high snow used. When i was a kid my dad growing up he would watch. Joe landon magic and so i go to those games and i'd watch him and it was cool. I liked being there. The atmosphere was cool and shortly after orlando disarmament like saga kaz. If they lost like everybody after that man he retired and low mahala. Do i had comes. Dude he's making them look good as few others. I forget but that was his peak man. Dwight howard without was the best was his orlando. Magic is yeah. And that's that's been it so after that i i know y'all being is greek. No and the only other people i would know is anyone from the city so like like like harden the big again and do you think he's still on oklahoma city. Okay sure like. Because i'm pretty sure the three year about probably now. I can't remember the other part. Brooke was because he he was he was small may get around good. He's a he's a laker now grenell. Yeah durant's a brooklyn in hardens. Aren't still no. He's in that now. He's to trains on the olympic team. Now that's that's who. I got now a couple of times but yeah they just one gold then. We need to have an episode. We just talk basketball. Let you talk. yeah no you. Don't you don't want me talking about basketball. I know so minimal. I i've been called a waste of height because the theory. Yeah but like. I expect you to play basketball again. You would have just been a point guard. if he played point guard shooting realistically. I have fun playing it. Like at the gym or like at the lion cer whatever but i never liked doing it when i had to like train hard core to actually play against other teams in stuff like i just like it for fun. I don't i don't like it competitively. 'cause i got competitively. See that's my pro. I was always the one lewis like. Let's go and play for fun and then fund immediately turns into competitive. Because i'm like it's not fun unless you win. Liked your facial the focus will we say we're taking his. I'm not dragging syria. Larry's had some anger moments with sports. Like my. I've got two older brothers. There are so many times that you play one on one in we would just go back and forth scoring and he would just post me up and score on me. Every single time analysis gets the point. Where would you start pushing him because he just lost my mind just like tears because that yeah i had my i had my share of wins. I was the shooter of our family. Might come out here. Three exactly albie tuna shooting contests. But i was enjoying playing football more than any sport as much as i'd like. I love hockey has like my favorites or but i would always be more than happy to play football or hockey. Help me out with high. And i'm still trying to. I'm still trying to learn. It knows crazy. I actually used to work for a hockey team in florida. The florida panthers as when i lived in Sunrise i used to work for another guy but man. When i tell you i understand what was going on. It was hard to understand. I didn't i didn't make it just didn't make it in high house like man i tried i gave it. I gave it good goal. But man. I just couldn't i couldn't keep up with the puck. I couldn't i. Couldn't i didn't know like it's the rule i they would start fighting unit. I liked to watch the pie. I didn't know why they started buying. I'll even ask players. I think. I think we had roberto lewanda. At the time. He was a. He was like the big. The big time player that the panthers had when we got the one guy that i'll like. No why do you. Why do you start five. I would. What causes the light. He's like sometimes we'd take hosts you can look up on like you to Nhl mic'ed up. And i believe they've done this with other sports but some people will will wear microphone. And if you listen to the trash dude they sound like hard hard core leg those middle schoolers you hear like over the internet when you're playing four dilate bugging dog. What are your stance or shanley. Do they talk. Some serious shit on is to each other and it's absolutely hilarious. It's they get fed up like 'cause they're sitting there throwing jabs at each other constantly almost every pug drop go you get it bitch like you know just certain stupid and i think that builds up the tench the tension but also sometimes they have those those players saturday they call scrappers and it. It's to start a fight to instigate a fight to get their their good player to wanna fight or to riled To kind of throw throw the game off or maybe change the the tired of housing's going case where the sport whatsoever. He's just there to foul the team. Dude there's some scrappers that are really good like they've gone on to take on more more prominent positions on ice but yet there's some not really what mass right. It's a best in hot hockey fights dot com looking at that one. Do they have some intense on. I can't remember the name. There's been some crazy hockey fights for sure i can't remember. It's like a really really old old old school one that he would just wail on people like he had this like he would like quickly punch back and forth like so fast. It was insane just people. I reminded that. I'm waiting for the documentary to pop on netflix. For the malice at the palace that they're going to do the our test one starts it starts tomorrow on. That thought thing to look at. I know i was excited to watch that once. That reminded me of that game. Watch that game on. Tv and solid happened. Oh this is crazy film in film yes he leaves leaves the court to go into the stands and starts like wailing on the fan because of a bunch of shit happened it went down because what was there like throwing stuff at the players like all is so what happened was is it like five five or so chairs back like disguised just like leave dover destroyed Okay i've seen him probably the yeah but but one dude just came like one fan. They were in detroit and they were planning a pacers playoff game or or what but the guy just came. Ron test was actually like one of the good players on the pace was on the opposite team and he had he put a heart. He did a hard foul on somebody on the somebody on the pistons and so he just went he just. He laid down on the scores table in somebody came like a fan came with. I dunno feels a slush year something in just Later ics craig rightly space to go away in a deal in our taxes. Goals are only just boom. He's any socks them. And then the The crowd just kind of come. They may start fighting him and so his teammates. Just come out of nowhere in just aren't brawl seven. Nba player seventy nba players. Fighting like the holes the whole palace in In detroit l. is craig this documentary. I'm excited to get the depth of and everything is could be. It'll be good. I just suspended for like a year and a half or something like that was quite a. Yeah it was. I think it was. If it wasn't a playoff game. I thought it was towards the end of the season. Because if i meaning or something for the game but it was one of the craziest ones for assured. I remember watching that light. Oh mark. I can't believe this is happening us crazy. Yeah i yeah i mean. There's there's definitely been quite a few fights in sports that dangerous man because these are these are powerhouse athletes that i really wouldn't want to be punished by one of these. I mean i think actually boxers they have to. I think they legally registered their hands as weapons. Get in a fight with like if they can. Yeah i mean they they can build. I lose their license in and then they go to jail. Charter has hindered like deadly weapons. Yeah that's crazy to me. That likes crazy. You could take these bad boys roadster. So as as somebody in npr. What about the one though. I can't remember who was on the cleveland browns a couple of years ago. And he scored that touchdown on monday night football and like win over and did the whole like p. thing and and but scooter whatever on the floor and everybody was all upset but then he ended up getting a like sponsorship for those dude wipes the running back for the cleveland browns a couple years ago before they were like good again and they were like they were losing and he scored a touchdown and just like went wild and like. I think you either like us. The football a wipe is but and then chucked into the standard. Something did something ridiculous and people were all upset about it and then it was like two or three days later it was like so and so signs like a hundred thousand. Whatever with dude wipes response was like as a pr person. What kind of work would you have to that yet. Damage like that sad. That's something that's kind of. Like i feel like okay. That's just crazy you'll get a you're you're kind of try to nixed astoria as fast as possible because you know what what is it was it really doing. He signed a contract Or if he did. I didn't even hear about this. I'll look up to see who was real quick. Because i i would allergists. You know if anybody asked questions on that like reporters us down. If i would. I would Instruct them like you know. that's a you know we. We had no comment on that. A lot of a lot of stuff that you can say like isaiah crowell into He was from alabama state here in alabama first and then he went to alabama state. I remember i remember him. But i don't recall that is He was on the jets not the browns. The two thousand six two thousand eighteen got fined thirteen thousand dollars in dorset from dude. What's up made the most cracks me up. That is hilarious go. Pr guy if you ever have more money on say say dude wipes as much as possible to so he wipe the ball on his ass. If you're telling me. I could just get down by my ass on this floor. One hundred thousand dollars sponsored. All i'm saying is that man to high school job fairs were missing a bunch of stuff that i could have been making money really boring away. It's almost like an office. Yeah what are they. They got the job fair and like they're trying to pay per company. Michael scott told the guy. That's that's exactly what the job fairs are like. Some of the most boring thing like basing to nothing. My dad wasn't allowed the job because of a crazy drop was yet. Nothing outside of the box. oh going back to go back to a crazy story. It's not a crazy story but this is probably one of the Things that will will deal with as pr people especially like sports pr. People a lot of times you'll give players that are in contracts Contract years and stuff like that and and publicly. Don't wanna talk about it. But that's all the media wants to talk about is. Oh are you gonna sign back team. Especially if they're really good player. Are you going signed back with the team. What are your plans. You know the the person or don't want to be a distraction tajani to lead up to this. So when i was with the san francisco forty niners a bacchanal three. We had te'o tones and has no who so. Why do because he actually had a show. That's what he knows. Disclosure wanted to coolest people. I've ever worked with like his was bad but that guy was were all some to this day. He liked him you so it was his contract year and he always signs of him. Because you know at the end of one game. I can't remember. Which game was he got voted player of the week. And so we had this. We had this reporter come through and you know is my job to kinda facilitate the the interview so ti was doing no interviews at all but he got this player of the week award and they had they had to do the interview. And so i go up to the reporter. I'm like hey man. We got the excuse. Me as i got yo to agree to interview but literally. Please just only talk about the player of the week. Don't go into anything else because you know. That's not what he agreed to and so me again. I'm an intern at this point. And i have to get this all set an i. Honestly i'm gonna. I'm gonna talk to kirk today to see if he did it on purpose to me. He said it up and he was like you got you got that guy. Go get him on the go get him later and you gotta let them know. Sounds like all right so the guy that reporter through these questions you know. How do you feel about the game. What did you know like just basic questions about being player to we. And he's like okay. Well good thank you for all and he was like well but we still have one more question. And i'm looking at myself. I on those guys. It's not is it and he says you know At the end of the season you're going to be a free agent n. l. Just look straight at me right now. A hey science. I gotta take back to. You know it's time for you to go back and get your treatment. So i had to basically like cut the interview because i knew going with the question right so i i cut the interview as i walked back and then i walked back out to the reporter. Might do fuck you doing man like you. You just got to try to make look bad. And now i gotta you know now. I got him looking at me like he can't trust me to you. Know put him on interviews and stuff like that which is is huge. Because that's your job if you can't get them to do then they gonna look to replace you you know and so So i cut the interview short. I had to go up. And i've talked to my boss. Hey i kept that interview short now. My intern and these guys are like the the the the newsbeat he's on. He's on his feet. So i had it sounded like a man at the cut is interview all because he went into asking t. o. About about the agency stuff and then my boss starts laughing and he is like i good job and then he's like school and so then i walked back down to the locker room and mto is still in there and he is. I come here. I was like over. I immediately like do. I didn't know he was going to do that. Totally and he was like man. I appreciate you doing that. Said you with me from now on if you need me to do anything just let me know because i know you got my back and then i'll tell you that to tell the story like that's you know that's what this job is about. Man you gotta sometimes. Sometimes you gotta be cool indian. Sometimes you gotta you gotta make those tough decisions man and you don't know where it's go now. You did the wrong thing. We don't we don't need you here. Were you know reporter. Te'o auma choose. Te'o i mean it's still and i you know at that point it was a you know. T. o. t. o. Is like the man in the bay area and next thing i know i'm getting invited to like his his party's and and and and like he's having like you know written now clothes like you come in you know. Bring your brothers read. Like oh. I used like crazy. Things can turn out to be like awesome at the end. You know what i mean so it was a it was a good. It was a good experience for me to do that. Get that under mount. Now you know now's easier for me to do that. I know you. Or you know what i mean or not. We ain't we ain't we can't we can't do that. Man oh you know or if or if it comes down to it we need a like. I'm going to really monitor you. And he just picked it was stick to be a big goals off boredom cutting and they know that you'll cut it. You know what. I mean on his name as it's funny how it happens. How how has komen gun and change all the process for you and what you do and a lot of ways. I normally just deal with the media so my job is still going as going as normal. I mean we gotta do. More protocol staff like You know we have to show our vaccination car now to to go into the stadium where the mass and you know. It's a little longer but as far as as far as me doing work. I'm still. I'm still going. It's still talking to players. Still getting you know still making sure the media gets whatever they need and want to get their story so my job actually has not changed a lot. I'm going to see this year With with the fans come back. How different is going to be. Because i'm still not sure how. That's gonna work out more on saturday after these games. But it's a yeah. I don't anticipate it being like it was in and i definitely don't think it'll be the same as it was last year where there was you know. A limited number of limited number Limited number of media folks in the press boxes and stuff like that so You know the social and stuff and it last year. A lot of the stuff like After the game the you know the post game interviews and stuff like that they were on zoom while i know this year. They're going back to. They're going back to you. Know in person. Some kind kinda. I'm kind of wary of housing. How that's gonna work. Because i know they don't want everybody up in the players face. You know what. I mean so are they. Don't have them so you know i. I'm just curious to see how giant plexiglass to hold them between to conduct interview directly into the actually got in like a bubble me. Do it works. I guess. I mean man so i got. I got a random random question back Back to the radio deal with tickets. At all. For the raiders on. I do not say my dad. And i have been looking at trying and they have been sold out. Manson's like on even know since day one of that even like going on sale. So i was not secret ways to get tickets ridiculous and i would say now even if you even if you could could get to buy take their you you'd have to sacrifice a key eight or something like that man. Those tickets are crazy. I've got four free to sacrifice saving them for this. So i'm just kidding. Anybody sincere no for yourself out for tickets for the right prize for the right seat. I guess i should say just. Just turn on all the fans. My only vans for a raiders. Ticket that she a like thirty five hundred thirty five hundred. It was a couple years when when the nostalgia of allegiance stadium wears down. It'll you know it'll be. It'll be more reasonable but yet now everything is everything is crazy. It's crazy experience that we're going to have to see him at arrowhead stadium. I guess dan. Yeah yeah i mean i sound like how's how's you've been never been to one still. Oh yeah like you said. You just got honest. I've actually that's one. I've never been to an actual nfl game of mlb of the nba. Mls a for some reason anytime. i was a kid. We went to ball game. I was doing something else. I guess i don't know that my my my wife's family is from. There lay swear by the kansas city chiefs tailgate. They'd say that's the best game. That's what i've heard ever. You know that. That's that's gone down. So that's my girlfriend. Her family said that if we when we do go to we gotta go tailgate because they said it's the best i. I went to a royals game out there and they were and at a royals game and i was like this is baseball people do. I didn't even know you actually do this baseball games. But they're nuts out here for their sports team in the jay lawrence man. There's just nonstop jayhawk everywhere. We see j. stuff like yeah. People people love them. They go crazy actually. Have a buddy that That i used to work with with the niners who is now like the Assistant athletic director with jayhawks. And like you said you've been here for about two years Than here a year almost a full year in twenty days he was. He got there before you and he he had just started a maybe about two years ago. Maybe two years ago. And when he first got there. That's snoop. Dogg came down there and he perhaps me brought like. I don't know if you heard about that story of you have talked to say they. You know dogg cami brought by strippers was like this was like their midnight. You know they the midnight midnight madness and like the students and stuff love that they had the you know alumni and always always great rich older folks. they're like what is going on. It's like eight minutes bring snoop dogg You get snoop dogg. Show invited snoop dogg. It wasn't expecting a laugh if i like did you. Did you snoop dogg. You knew what was going to happen. There snoop dogg. Got game was ready for it. Man that insularity is it's interesting. Snoop dogg lawrence kansas. Yeah i'm sure snoop blast either way. It was nothing but the smell of a strippers in we eat in building up. I guess go back to the snoop dogg thing real quick other than like sportspeople. Since you're around that whole like media in that world has there been any leg celebrity like rappers actors. Anybody that you've got like meat or had a chance to talk to. Because they are in that area everybody goes to everybody goes to sporting events especially Especially basketball also. Yeah you you you see you see us new dogs all the time jay z. Ambience say came to the finals game. At a warriors the warriors a couple years ago My my wife is a big fan of hamilton. That play all those all. Those guys always go to those They game especially in san francisco. So yeah i got a chance to meet the guys i didn't. I'm not play type person. I can't do all singing me. Neither but hamilton's pretty good. I'd say basketball. I've always said you gotta see. I was sitting there and join jordan sat down. And she's like hey we're gonna watch hamilton. I'm like all right. I'll give it a chance and we started watching that legitimate. Like wait. it's wrapping. I was like okay and watch. That looked like two hours late. I was like that was good. Yes i've seen it twice more. But anyways you know all all the actors and actresses not i guess they change but anyway in different places and so this a couple of them have gone to do so say. I watched that snow pierce a tv show in the main guy was from hamilton. The davis whatever's de bigs. Or something i think it is. He's he's he's amilton. what is going on. Check it out. Man i did. I think you know a lot more by the nearly non about about musicals man the only other one i wanna watch is the book of mormon or something from this out by guys. That one's really good. Tony's like doing it the first time visit like the the theater world was pissed when they did it because they wanna bunch of towns from other people had never done it before so badly wanted see. I've heard it's good because a man of culture yet have them had a key. Keep you updated on some other stuff to jas. Yes you know. You know everything kind of crazy cool projects you've got coming up or anything. Anything interesting about the new that i guess the another good event that i'm going to be associated with what we did last year to In we're kind of moving moving forward on it for a for the upcoming year is is again sports related with the With the nfl combine. Well they they they. Nfl combine. They usually have a certain number of guys. Maybe they'll get like a hundred guys from like ali's big time schools to go and you know they'll showcase talent leading up to the draft well again from. Abc you so. They've never done one where they invited kids from like small schools like abc. You so we actually ended up quitting. Wanna last year in birmingham alabama at uab and it turned out to be pretty successful. I think we ended up getting four guys into the nfl. None of them got drafted but like literally like right after the draft teams. Call these So we're we're going to expand on that and do it again next year That that's it. I enjoy it because it gives is that normally wouldn't get a chance to to be seen be picked up that opportunity and you know and it's in it's guys at i come from the same background as meat you know. They went to small schools in a in. It showcases the town with that that they are so I that's one thing that i really enjoy doing that. That company that puts it on is Ran by a guy named us. Pain who's He's really a really solid man. He's a he used to be. The president of the milwaukee brewers so he comes from a like a baseball background and he's doing football stuff south school that that Yeah that was. That was pretty that he just you know he. He saw the need be solid vision. And you know he needs a. He's actually doubt may manga has responsible for getting these kids. These contracts so hats off to him and you know again such such humble guy man he he just kinda you know. Put up his own money to put up his own money. Put that event. And we have what i forty forty one guys come from come from You know eighteen nineteen different schools. Abc you so ask leeann ad. That was something that was really really special especially sensor so many stories like in the nfl where you have these undrafted players that come out and make name for themselves. So y- it's always good to turn the bone to the little people to anchors. I mean especially in sports like no matter where you're from people. People can have the superior raw talent no matter where you're from kick ass in sports and be athletic in just anything really. It's always the best. See somebody that does not look like they can play whatsoever and ball out like what do we do. Run like a four to eight and that was in the forty. And that's that's not we li- live looked at the clock seven eight times like this real running again. Run it again. You gotta you gotta be. He ran a four to eight of forty way in an afford three one. Yeah yeah that's legit. Yeah so yeah. He ended up getting picked up by the cincinnati bengals. So is crazy. So i got a i mean i can sit here and to pretty much forever event. I'm holding back on my questions this way. Because like there's there's so much that goes it in so much that you've seen it. It's really unique in this industry. Because i mean sports are too weird wonderful thing that we have in the world at some. That really brings everybody together from no matter. What like like some of the atmosphere is created at the games rather than just like being on tv. I mean of course at the parties at home. sure but at the games man. Atmospheres fucking wild. Not if you can't beat that atmosphere. I mean being part of a team in coaching. I mean. I've learned so many life lessons taught life lessons just being a part of a basketball team so i always recommend any kids parents that i talked to like. You'll get your kid into sport. Even if they don't want like ask them what they wanna play then let them play force it upon them as what we do man we we put them in everything. We'll be like okay. Just try it. Yeah we do just to meet other people live. These kids need that. Because you know everybody's not social you know everybody you know and if you're playing a sport it kind of forced to because you got you have to meet your teammates and then you know. Then you're you're gonna meet from there you're going to be the folks obeyed no and then guys playing again so now that you know just from playing this once or you didn't like seventeen eighteen different people you know so chance and again like i'm a networker man. My thing is getting out and meeting people and and talk and and and get your name out there. And and i really look at it in. This is a sum that up. i've lived with since Since since college man. And i are not believe it to be true that network in his one letter away from not working. You know what i mean. I like that. It's it's something that you know it. It'll definitely help you out if you if you utilize it or just try it. You know why they were scared to try again. I'm sitting here like damn job. Fairs man teach me anything at school. Nobis said networking. I i don't know like who if that's been quote said somewhere else now. Don't even care if it was but we do have like a mindless thing. I'm making that you're getting a credit for that. Put that on. The i liked that a lot open more people will gravitate to it. And just you know it really utilized. Try to try to incorporate it in their lives man. Because you know it can. It can really help you out. You know you can really help you out like that. I i mean normally. I ask Any last piece of words of wisdom or vice. I almost feel like that was like the best. But i mean do you happen to have any more hordes of wasn't that you could give for anybody inspiring to change the elusive lucrative career as years. They i would just say honestly manages. Just main thing is a figure out what you wanna do. You know and that. That's the i think that's the hardest part about living. Life in general is is figuring out what it is you wanna do. Then once you do figure that out create a plan of how you want to give their. You know what i mean. And i do set long term goals in offset short-term goals and then when i say long term goals i mean long term attainable goals. Like you know when. I ask people like you know what are your long term goes. People wanna make seventeen million dollars and well. How do you want to. I want to be the ceo of this of this Of this company allow okay. All right it could happen. How do you plan to get there like what are some steps you to tell. I don't know you know what i mean so like i would say okay. We'll just set yourself as i get a job at that place. You won't own. You know that could be your first goal in. How do you get that job. Well you have to resume step to. You've got to meet somebody yard. Try to introduce yourself to get an interview with that with that company so again just like set like little goals to where you can see progress being made and once you see that progress being made. You can count on turnaround back. It was like oh shoot okay. i didn't i. I've already accomplished two of the things that i set out to do. Now now that goal that same farfetched is is reach. So you kinda just kinda again. Keep taking step by step. And sometimes i'll stab some not going to be straight you'll have to probably veer off to the right of veer off to lessons on but still keep you know everybody's everybody's steps could be different but as long as you are continuing to progress. Go forward then. You know you'll get there and you know maybe that maybe that seventeen million dollar goal or that. Ceo now now you know. Four years later are manager at that company. Or you've you've reached the mountain. You know maybe a million. I dunno of seventeenth solid. Now you see that it could happen and as long as you are own reis steps to kind of keep keep moving. Nothing's going to happen for you. If you don't have a plan in the you don't have goals are checkpoints to hit those goals That's that's my vice man is just a you know whatever you wanna do figure it out figure out what it is. Do you wanna do many if you if you wanna. If you want to do something in sports nuit find out find him. You know reach research. People that are in the position that you want to be a settlement. Email send cinema email. Give him a give them a call for you. Know a lot of the numbers that they ever you know. Art are easily reachable. Shoot em a call like. Hey you know i you know this is who i am. This is this is what i want to do. I'm trying to see if you got five ten minutes to talk to kind of pick your brain and guess what ninety percent of those people Yeah let's let's talk. You know that that star show that starts show starts you on the pass to get into where you want you know. And then they'll probably introduce you to somebody else that can help you get there faster you know. Don't don't be afraid to you know. Put yourself out there and really go for what you want. If you know if that makes sense yes yeah for sure. I mean it's it can come up with advice but man's great advice in his stuff that people need to hear for sure. I mean just hearing you say it. I'm like i do. I do need to do that. Sometimes we definitely just need to hear it hearing from ourselves telling it to others. Josh tells me that stuff. I'm lucky i would ever made is fine. Like i need it from other people now and i mean to ads and that it's always good to remember the five piece in the proper proper planning prevents poor performance. All right. would you just make that up. It's like okay. yeah. I seen in office once a old cartoon or something i forgot forgot whereas seen maryland's watching this new show called superstar annual whatever The spongebob poop people eat our patties. The mindlessness is coming back on that saccharin and that customer. Every time i'm happy hit a damn man and thank for giving me on with java. This has been fun absolutely multiple messages. It was a pleasure meeting you sir. Having gone and of course listeners. Stay mindless stay mindless guys. Thank you for listening to the mindless morning. Show appreciate you picking us out of the many great podcasts out there. 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