Into the unknown to paint houses in Hawkings


In a cloud where there are already too many film podcasts. You have to ask yourself. What's the harm one? More ordinary men armed with unqualified opinions. Talk Filming to me my friends and welcome to talk film. It's made podcast film podcast about News Entertainment General Pub Culture. We talk about films past present and future what we love what we didn't love and maybe all of the Phantom in between if you like that if you like to cut avow then click on the light follow subscribe whatever bust an concert from Tocqueville me. Anyway let's crack on. I'm joined on the today with my with my cherry to my hand silo with my mom to my dumber with Nicholas cage to basically fucking anything can sign John. How you doing buddy very very good? I'm in the same room as you again to on the bounce on is getting. It's getting nice scandalous. Can Use your face again. Well this is episode one hundred and one. We're talking talking about secret. Cinema talk frozen to going to be talking about the Irishman and a bunch of other filming sophomore. Waving during the last week we have been watching well I watched the first episode so of succession. Have you heard about this seat. Sam Bain on one game. I'm always like a six month later kind of guy I'd like everyone keeps telling me. Oh my Gosh Barracuda now. Six months later on fucking loving it six months after everyone else. I'm always in so give it another four months and I'll get in succession succession but the thing is are they even fucking issues about but the fame shown I've heard a billion times already is apparently is a Banger is with you it. It's is I've if anyone should fast episode if I hadn't watched free enough hours of the Irishman I've probably been halfway through the first series. I still had it was a slow burner but Sam Payne of peepshow fame. He half apiece bright he's readiness Said Americans show HBO so some Scotland Bevere Pain in the ass for a lot of us in England. Watch it. That's fess APSOS. Totally got me hooked. I am so in it. A soda based on the Murdoch's empire by obviously a fictional is your strategy now. This whole family owned the boat at his first episodes laid out these characters. So well right now you just like watch the rest of this immediately. But I had enough. I was of the hours from hot to yes. It was great. Let's fight prison onto that. I've been looking film Switzerland. The amount of people who are like proper bitching moaning Oh was always referred Hoffa Life Komo Still Watch it into goes like I did. I had free fittings two billion tonnes. There's one person ACOG members name apologies but basically it came amount in general release in the cinema last week and it came out on Net flicks on the twenty seventh which is the first day and on Wednesday night are so. It's one ongoing tweeting. A photo innocent Emma on his about the Irishman. You know fucking dedication and odor marks Cassese my side. What is or isn't isn't cinema? You're watching why he intended on a phone or a tablet in Abou- not fair play to sew up in watching fun space season two. That's came out in that flakes last week really enjoying that for the season but now Yakim smart reviewing the finals for the first set. Wherever made the first season ticket or haven't found that yet newson's doesn't mean it's not going to get good on about seven episodes in? I love it. It's the same Leica. United that guy in depth stranding came out a couple couple of weeks ago Hideo Katrina Mcclain. Everyone signs me after about thirty hours. You get really good I can think medium. Do you have to ca ashamed many hours on to enjoy but anyway let's start off l.. I review meaning. John went to secret cinema an undisclosed location to review view. Stranger things their latest endeavor. So here we are enjoy Secret cinema for the UNINITIATED secrets in my is an immersive cinematic experience. Where basically undisclosed London location gets taken over in the theme and the guys over various movie or TV show and guests are invited to go and party get involved? It's the best way to immerse yourself in a cinematic experience. They have done films already. Like blade runner. They have done twenty eight days later. Combat's future and most recently Don Casino Royale which we reviewed a few months ago on the podcast. And I'll tweet ab you're interested in that review as well this time around going into the world a TV. In fact this is a collaboration with net. flicks is right there on the poster in partnership with and I've got the seal of approval to go and take us to Hawkins. This is right stranger. Things are afoot in London and secret. Cinema invited US there to go have a bit of a poke around John full disclosure. We were invited. You know we went as the press. JUNKET staff What did you think I I absolutely loved it and I am the uneasy initiated right? I've never been to one of these things. I've heard you talk about them. You tell tell me about previous ones. They've done none of them. Ready made me think it would be a great marriage to fly theater and cinema the massive convent payment but this this stranger things. Everyone dresses up as characters. I mean there's so much you can do and it did not disappoint Ato Ifo. It was absolutely wicked in the moment you saw get there. Just start walking around doing whatever you light the Atkins sit there and get this way down. You can get involved in the myriad of little storylines all characters or two characters. It was just incredible and I had a grail Of like Oh. There's something between so fits Iran cinema laying paying extra at your a Superfan of whatever it is and it just makes so much sense for. It was amazing. So the actual experience right so you you get a ticket to prevent then you get given a persona you heard about those murder mystery things like that right you get given a character and the backstory and you have an assignment or a mission to do when you get there. We you would give out assignments we will return to Hawkins. And we're working on the media. Par Within Hawkins Any more details than that. We have been briefed firm and what we can count spoil and then we had a great time so if you WanNa send it was something from the moment you step in the moment all of a sudden longer in in London and it's a dreary twenty nine tatum. We're all GONNA die because of global warming and the elections are fucking terrible all of a sudden. It's nineteen nineties Middle America and you're in Hawkins and it's not just the people that make this. It's as the staff that get involved as wedding. The paper I hire these are not like broadish pans. How actors these people top of their games really really honing Ashcroft and immerse themselves in the experience which means you get messed and they're having fun because they get to improvise? Obviously a sat sat what they can and can't do but there's a lot of improvisisation involved so much interaction. Every night is going to be completely different. And Yeah that I mean that's what Kuwait spend an evening. And I think the best testimony can give to. This is that we're British and sometimes British people eh encouragement to get involved in this stuff. When we turned up it was raining it was cold we were hungry and yeah the first couple of minutes Turnoff can be bothering my thing. But ten minutes later we were running around. We were immersed in our characters we were talking to everyone. We want to involve and the best part. Is that the general public against this as well I have narratives that might end up interacting with you because if you all narrative and we just got lost. They didn't wait. Yeah there were times that we have a beer for pound. Yeah this is this is during. Can you be fired because of all the different things you could get up to. Yeah it's very UN British mentally isn't it because as a load of interactions with various people going south fancy dress the per. I think I kind of feel like that's what this country needs a moment now. My God more than ever. I mean this is this skype isn't the highest order within a fandom of something I think you probably know in love because you've just spent a lot of money on a ticket to stranger things which probably means you. I found a stranger things. This is your ultimate experienced. Why would include food so one of the things which I was wondering how they would solve is the white traditionally works Guy Mash yourself inexperienced right period of time? It concludes with an event where you will watch said medium so casino royale. We've done some cool casino. He stuff I think I can talk about now because events over but I want against Terrific details just in case of that but you ultimately end up watching film now. Stranger things is in season free. There's probably about thirty hours worth of material area. What the head I going to do and they solve the problem is not necessarily how solvent I do any only the only way secret cinema? Saif doc anyone trying to like intimidate intimidate and we'll try to mimic this is not GonNa do it to this degree. Normally this this passion that is to this level detail. They got fucking Netflix. It's on the post because Netflix given their thumbs up. Say Yes you may. I approve this message. Roughly fucking sorry. It's absolutely brilliant. The amount of immersive data goes into this. If you are a stranger things fan. This is a celebration initially fucking pilgrimage. View initially your your got Damn Woodstock of Oh my God. I remember when friends. I happened in London to the cafe and stuff like that. But I'm up to eleven and because of the way immerses itself with the actors that the drama the culture has its own law and everything else. Between if that I'd Ilitch his best compromise can give it. I went home. What stranger range of things that night? I guess you up for it as an speaking of someone who is a strange things fan without being superfan. Yeah I still absolutely loved it. I I feel like a mega fan. This is the ultimate. Isn't it really like never mind a marathon actually going somewhere just in Annemasse in yourself in that whole world is is pretty cool is about as good experiences a fan you can get ready. I will say we're not obligated to you. Give this you know. Yeah Yeah Yeah exactly. If we didn't like it we would've just done our review because yeah yeah. It's Nice Nice being invited to stop. You've got nothing nice decided and I will. You don't need a slagging off but I'm win on that because we actually fucking loved it there is one thing will say you you know we might have been caught off guard. Flynn because let's face it toilets were cooling and we did not go at the opportune time. Yes Sir yeah yeah well. Yeah you want Tony Breaks Tactic. Yeah just remember you need to go. We don't fucking children children but we buy seaworld children immersed in it so much. I need to talk to us. We were burst in but I mean yeah I mean that's just a testament estimate how Li- immersive WanNa step away for any moment. Really and how can we say that we. Can't you know that that's part of the thing of this dress. Big or go. uh-huh definitely the best part. Is you now out height to have been someone who just went from work. And then their powerful above. I think there was some but I mean everyone's eighties eighties can be on big issue could Gabon. Donald because of what we should say is that you can put what you get into. This is what you what you absolutely. That's what you get out of. This is what you put into. It won't draw inside and if you not that so a person that likes to interact with lots of people and wants to get involve not stuff. That's okay and that psychiatry say Mas. Well you could just go and drink in the atmosphere and and now times wearing. Actually that's just take a step back. We Spicer Review in his fucking thing. That's actually just have a look around and look at it from every angle and if you just did a view of ours I just want to watch the immersive experience but not participate. You can so do you have a great time. There's lots of things to get involved in their site. The foam out of there is like four one hundred things going on around you. You find time to get there early. No do not fake. You'll just rock up for the last hour and you'll get loads avid and you want to be every second couldn't because there are so many different things to definitely worth the money in my opinion and auto eight thousand quite hefty when you look at just as a price but you have to go every week now nine and I mean you could go again and if there's something completely different eat which is kind of that's kind of good aspect of it if you 'cause I a lot of foam. Oh yeah because there's so much to do you like I got time to do it. All that's happened and the white concludes as well so fun. So I if it gets you involve you are literally breeding every episode of stranger things you are seeing around your a your interacting with it. If you're I mean they're hit the nail on the head this one when I saw the poster for the first time stranger things I mean yeah it's cool but it's going to work look on even futures a fan of the eighties it was. It's a perfect marriage. They've nailed it with this one. I can see this one really making it properly. I believe mainstream so that may be outside of London coming in Alipay from nine to do. Come down for your point in terms of like. It's just another thing thing where people but all my God like. They've done amazing job on this and they're now this is the first time standing in the world of TV so would love to see where they go. And what they I do next but honestly like this. This is the best one year and you know. It's definitely a five-star Noah town if you have a stranger things fan in your life breath dial guys who love this. This is the best Christmas present. You could probably get them. If they are into this overstock yes. Incredible they've probably got enough. TAT's demine experience agreeance and stats treatment. And then we got. We probably will do a giveaway of some kind relating today's Probably a TV show or something Armenian. Oh you better keep us posted on that and yes so they have five five experience secrets in our present stranger. Things uh-huh John Yes as I I he for your old male on Arnie assuring that frozen is one of your favorite movies of all time. Bloody love it. May You did work for Disney Murdoch time and cited your wife. Did you did froze as far as that when you were at his neck Eh. Yeah I'd say we worked for Disney about five years after frozen came out and it was still the most dressed up at. You know there was else's Oh says and what the codes are. Lana on a ever all over the ship so frozen just like you weren't so the ship you didn't billion someone at Disneyland it was It was still phenomenal five years. Do this is. It was a big one. I definitely have no time for the music But I had enough well turns out you can have even more good things. I will review in a little bit frozen to the fries and say came out a couple of weeks ago and already become Disney's highest earning animation of his opening weekend of all time. That's fucking insane like we can only we young. We knew that was going to happen to us. By surprise let's say frozen has such a cultural impacts. I think it was probably what really long stay. Dry Kill kill me for scientists but I- Semi Rene since within Disney animation. What I really went big on computer animation? Yes picks up. That's not Disney Company Disney as Nia quiet and I learned some lessons from frozen big hero six record raffle that sort of stuff because the money generated from a film white frozen and tangled to be fair offer that it also means that this becomes Disney's highest earning animation movie ever for an opening weekend and I think he's clearly the billion dollar mark is insane two billion with it being so close to Christmas install was coming out really soon. I don't know that can do it and and I tried it becomes I in China then absolutely. I don't know. And there's only certain number of films foreign films against released in China over the diversity meant that quote here but yeah it is fascinating and we'll talk about more than a review but the review is very much more songs more characters frozen to fast to frozen three honest. That's May Not necessarily aimed at us. Let's talk about something else. Might be a little bit more. Controversial talks about the Michael Jackson movie that that was being skype. Fat Bottomed Payment rhapsody producer last week. So it's out more paperwork diving on this well. Johnny Depp of all people is going to be producing a movie following the life with Michael Jackson as told from his glove now. There are a number of statements that are wrong there which probably shouldn't ever exist. Yeah what's your take on. That kind of sounds a bit Johnny Depp. kind of makes sense but again how on earth I mean is there a S- obviously about Michael Jackson freeze glove. I've noted telling me intrigued and let's make how the same thing. Fuck it. Mike Mike It. What was that show is a cartoon in the eighties where it was about talking shoes these shoes that would talk talk? It'd be a current member after someone will shout out and you're on now. That's a lot about these shoes that had like is is it. We'll talk to you. Know maybe glove has wise and it'd be like it's the hands from addams family creeping around actually starting to go into. I need a lawyer before I make like more accusations Sarah insurance but once Johnny Depp Dennis Man. I'll say I once had this debate with someone in a pub and she absolutely categorically defended Johnny Depp in everything he does. I'm under select. But he's we should put out there accusations of the of domestic violence train him and his girlfriend time and we need to listen to that and we can't decide because you'll Johnny Depp that this slides very story. If is he was an ugly fucker. Would we have been saying the same thing. I'm asking the question. I was absolutely flabbergasted but I could feel my in the last five years joined-up maybe not but I remember for a long time I would watch. NFL Movement because it was a it was a home up for a minute yet. So uh I've still got time for him but yeah I mean I don't remember back growing up when we were younger thinking he was kind of salt the F. Oh never allegations. NFL and then merge breakdown and suddenly and it tells you for the rest of your life. So accidental partridge research. But yeah he was in that fantastic. Beasts sequel. For some reason I've recast INFO and they made it Johnny Depp and I think probably gonNA recast again but Yeah I got to go to be honest. I got time for him. I ain't got time for this. This weather's film. He's currently Jason By. I'll tell you what time full going I'll obey nostalgia for Mister e Yes Trish Zero missed a Mr Go to Mr. Well we have. We have missed the T TO BE MR table at Mr. Smith's the ATA as alien from another planet doesn't mean whitestone genders or maybe good point. Good Point I think my advice is before I denounce audience anyway. This was trending for a couple of weeks actually and and in various different countries where rumors when the advert drop side. At was back on our screens albeit for about free minutes in the form of an advert for Sky TV. It is more interesting because they've got the original child. Actor Elliott to reprise his role as an adult man and at return. At come home for Christmas with literally via the family. There's something quite charming about that. So many nice these child to the public eleven light. You want to do this to grant absolutely there's all sorts of the guy he probably doesn't work in a nice. You probably do themselves to MacAulay. Culkin was that last zero. You remember home alone with Google. Assisted reenacted jumping on. The bed is like a five year old man. I love it do it while the classic films would you like to see come back in. Ob and at four. I don't know I've seen any films all doesn't they grind your as a little bit. When especially sky the most guilty they take beloved films and tenements that adverse? Yeah I know I just WanNa say here's what here's one Amazon. Prime for Black Friday never didn't story story. The dragon delivering the Apostles. Okay would you go about an cry kid. Yeah they're if you're an advocate OBA GIBB Daniel son pulling up in picking you up pretty good. Good I would car rebound respect the guy from Kibe Ricardo. I'm racing highbrow daddy didn't mention it. That's why the classics I was called yesterday. Dow Jeff as prime nostalgic territory. Isn't it well about robocop. bo-kaap Rabbi Club delivery fucking services Titan. Hollywood as I am actually just like just like restroom. I fried burgers and whatever and an or any futuristic. This sat around about now. I like coming and just concede in. They got everything wrong. Yeah that would make a good ad. How interesting political one had murphy turn up inside Generalife the Burgers August come with Mary and I may well? I'd like to see the mighty ducks somehow integrate. You yes forty five year old man for four hundred men running along and a Flying v formation delivering something. Could it could happen here. Is that with more ideas on that. Anyway we don news for so Last week because of the Macintosh terms of mimics had. Let's break up a bit. So coming up is a review of frozen to prerecorded this last last week. We didn't get in time for last week's part solar slaughter in now and here. He is enjoy far away as north as we can go once stood an enchanted forest enchanted forest. Yes it was a magical place but something went wrong since since then no one can get in or out with ethic dreaded run from it's the see who froze of ribes nonetheless. Yes of course a film that's had such a cultural impact on children across the world has made billions of dollars. It was inevitable we were going to get the WHO frozen to yes. We Are Back Elsa the Snow Queen and her sister Ama- embark on an adventure far away from their kingdom kingdom arendal but they're joined bar friends that we know of Kristof I relief and spin but so much more happens in between this film is set shortly after the events of the first frozen film. Of course those many to seek who spin off things they've done at this is the big next Tau in. This doesn't follow the same team. So of trump's of traditional eight cools right. It's doesn't try and just double down Charles to explore new stuff and the sinister purse. The Mir saying you're trying to explore new stuff because because you want to have new songs and new characters new toys but let's go down the story telling route of they've found another way to find more stories about acceptance captains and finding out the it's not just about traditional story tropes that Khan known come to expect at. I'm going to be honest. I'm a massive fan the first film because it's not aimed at for your old straight men it's aimed at children and anyone who wants to fit acceptance and fairplay. They've done it again in inch loads in this movie the best the toughest critic for this is my two and a half. You're outdoors who I took to go see this. She absolutely loved it. She was smiling. modding it's basically the story is that Arran Dow has been hit with a curse. It's something to do with a forest is nearby and going to explore what is going having on. I'm not going to go anymore. Sport horrific than not. You can get most of that from the Trina in terms of the songs and stuff there are some beltre's the into the unknown is kind of this film's version of Lego. It's going to have as much a cultural impact. Just the first film had but it's very enjoyable nonetheless. I yeah well. All went in with pretty low expectations. Speaking it's going to be another one of their kids. You know just go fuck it as a burden and I get out you know what. I'm sorry but I actually walked out with a big smile on my face. I thought the animation was breathtaking. Cinematography of the animation was beast. I laugh is just as a door and fucking annoying as ever have a somewhere between being hilarious and being annoying and he's always on the end of that spectrum never seems to find a middle ground. The story gets a little bit confusing for a second. I'm going to be honest like I actually had to be wise. That dare why are the elements involve wise the forest during the spring but ultimately the conclusion pays off in a very similar similar wise. The first film in terms of macguffin. There's not a big thing need just needed to be changed as just about looking in yourself and this film does that as as well. Great Lesson for kids. Great Lesson Fateh to reflect on as well. Is this the best animated film with this year. Well actually I think that frozen to enjoy story four ORNA dilutes devote and will probably say that the dragon movie there. How China Dragon furred movies? Probably going to be the best animated movie for that reason. But is still a very very worthy sequel nonetheless is going to make a truckload of money it will continue to make a truckload of money and it probably will be furred frozen. Movie just for completeness. This was directed erected by Jennifer. Lea and Chris Buck the music was composed by Christoph Beck and that's the screenplay was generally in Addison Sharona. So there we go. Let's go have some quick views but frozen to is not a slam dunk. Take the whole fanfare. Everyone now is done by Paul. AC on twitter. And and. I concur with that I think is very much a free out of five. There was a free five. Thousand Maine is a bad movie. I don't think it's like forget or anything like that about. Yeah yes I've seen. The first one was such a revelation. This is more of the same from that perspective. other reviews bring James Burden Ellie. He's is back again is let's go there. So he said that and I quote frozen tears are worthy follow up with enough action in music to entertain younger and older viewers alike. Yes the library of that guys said it was a stinker Matthew Tacona from the San Diego Reader said not much to gain against a good deal of mess. ooh That's Maybe not agree with that. One LAKA SIPHO MAY is a free. Al I've take the kids you got to enjoy some new voice acting in this. We've got sterling K.. Brown he's in this. He's very interesting as well. We've got Evan Right. You would end of the original cast of Christian bound Josh Gad and the like a back in it as well so they have frozen to free our five question. The whole immortal danger going to be regular news so we talked about this last week. So Charlie's angels came out in America. Erica came out in the UK. This week reboot. Elizabeth Banks is writing and directing She come out makes him not gonNA say controversial subjects because to be honest she didn't come out and so you said you long ago. It's just that's been dug up now was basically saying that. If Charlie's angels bombs it will be because the movie going audience. Do not want to pay for it. Because they by implying that basically action films sexist and we've had I. He's an spiderman movie work we have another Charlie's angels movie and that that did upset some people on the Internet and it doesn't help that the marketing Charlie's angels has been very bad as as it. Yes they went and got some great popstars Ryan Brian. Who Song for it? But let's face it. It's not destiny level promotion and yet it's been hardly any promotion and what surprise is not very well in the box office that does not mean. Elizabeth banks is blaming world innings that certain media outlets are trying to find a narrative to to go in there and yeah she probably GonNa find better ways to address some of that when responses since then but anyway she's guys directing an invisible woman movie now remember and last week were talking about the invisible man trailer which has got Elizabeth Moss in banks. And maybe even starring in an invisible woman and now this is not based on that welded. Our parents might tie in apparently in the nineteen sixties. There was a comedy film. About the invisible woman about mannequin. Or woman who works in a mannequin store or something like that becomes invisible and order shenanigans. She gets up. Today and Elizabeth Banks is helping that John does that. Sound interesting. Sounds sounds like a lot of invisible movies but yeah I forty spot movies. I'm all in for for as long as I really creative ways of like a conscious bay just like a Sauk floating in Edgar who saw yeah now think Elizabeth. Thanks having a moment so I think Anything she does. I'm a big Fan and I'm a bit questionable. She saw south up with the Charlie's angels things. Oh it's not my fault. The movie is definitely not rubbish guys. It's not even out yet but if it bombs is because your problem not made. It doesn't help as well that this is not a foul but in the marketing campaign in London that I'm how big boss fake rhymes like spend money and London's famous for is big right Bossi's as you sponsor the big red buses because when people traveled to London everyone wants to the big red bus. A go you are getting a million type of. You'll post the being shared on social media not just actuated Madonna for fucking years anyway history of marketing. When I went over on those big posters that they've been putting on the buses? There was kind of a fuck up from the agency so at the top of the film they put an Elizabeth Banks Film. They then decide to not put the cart and per Elizabeth Elizabeth Banks Elizabeth banks and another. Elizabeth is a perfect so five times I think it was massive poster and it's SORTA SORTA body actively trying to push through and women's empowerment is Elizabeth by banks. Man It it doesn't help her like I said it's kind of a narrative some media outlets are going full and we haven't seen it yet. Let's be honest reason. Why is because I? I wasn't available for screen because I just had a kid. But at some point we'll catch up on that and maybe do a retrospective review but in all honesty like people come to aspect retrospect too. I'm not really a big Fan of light really retro reviews like you know you see on twitter. Oh my hotel Dressy Park. Welcome might yeah. We know he's a good film. Yeah I'm not sure it's one of them could possibly passes is going to be a net flicks and we might joke about it after The Hague down around but anyway Elizabeth banks is interesting and I can't wait to see what she does with this property. Speaking about interesting people will be Jordan wooden. He has been in some really interesting films document. Creative exactly fantastic. Not to mention kill Manga in Black Panther just to nine bus a few of these amazing things. And he's met with Warner Brothers about becoming superman an interesting idea right. Now be Jordan at Black Superman. I'd be interesting right. I think needs something right. I'm Hemi third record. I love you man if I ever. I know puppy drink cats and I know what dokie bring Dan on dial we'll muster up the courage to come over and be dog but he is superman in for a generation he always will be and he is even come out and said the Cape is still hanging in my cupboard. I've not said goodbye to their. Yeah I think one of ours has for him but let's see what happens there but let's face it. The guys too powerful not really that much interesting in a world where superhero movies or just movies in Germany become more complex. You can't just make strides up movie anymore. You have to find different ways different realities different flavors of society that might see a diverse engaging experience. Some not Michael Jordan can definitely fucking that Yeah Superman is as always i. Think the Lemus Superhero. So I say Michael Jordan David. If Mom's side they have really controversial script about fifteen years years ago written much. Aj Brims and before Star Wars. And before I think it was Ryan cloverfield time matchday And it completely changed. Superman Line Krypton still exists. I doesn't blow up. Superman is not the only criterion that lives on earth like they come back and forth so thing and there was such an issue before the Internet was the Internet and it was like incident but it was kind of like an Internet not not ready and this twitter wall and Internet and even like the feedback was sorry negative of this idea that truth justice and the American Way and and Christopher Reeve and eventually they went down that direction of the Brandon. Ralph Superman Mussa members. which again for my money? I Love Brian I think he's. He's done an amazing Christopher Reeve impression if you wanted to know if Christopher Reeve was still around we made a superman movie in modern times that is. Your film. Doesn't help the director. Theresa is Bryan Singer and the less said about him the better but the actual feel my icon enjoyed. It and Kevin Spacey was other than Brandon. routh anyone else. I should be mentioned from that. But the idea of someone like Michael Jordan taking up the role. Let's not talk about fantastic folks talking films terrible. Not He's fault. Josh Josh Tank the director wrote a review of that Phil read years later about right now well and you could find out what he he. He doesn't go to bed versus really interesting director. He basically he. That project went fucking terrible appearance and that sort of stuff and he wrote review. That would be really interesting. Directors did that more than ten years after the film. Yeah I just explained everything about it. All is the biggest fuck up. So I imagine Zach. Snyder Broder retrospective about the process of making Justice League or other films opposite apparently shawshank redemption was a complete calamity. Ray like everything went wrong by everyone was like dishes now enjoyed making it now that the process was terrible that the pulls production Sharon Schutte are interference. Stephen King was like getting involved in pissing off EPO to the point where no I'm dumb. fucking movie. Shawshank Redemption John. Donald Moving on what is actually one of the best phone. Bizarre isn't it probably shows the power of the immune. Definitely I think miss I'm wolf fame. We'll talk about later in. Our Review Scorsese owes the Ingram along as well when it comes to put an excuse. He's saying editor for his entire career on school. Size as a real. She's only star Percy thanks. She started getting recognition now. like a lot people aside you know what dude you're right direction but you are partnership and only only a fucking partners then. It's not just all about you and again she's the argument and you know we'll talk about that a little bit later on anyway. Let's round off knows So bad td better also as mentioned at the start at. I'll go to the park. I can coach fucking right. View is who saw west right back. Who Song Breaking back whereas athletic let s behind breaking bats? But it's it's definitely not a disappointment. I remember being devious dubious about the prequels but so it was definitely security. You WANNA see more I. I think it's really good shug back. WHO So? I'm this is good. It's the last one so they're going to round off there's is not said it but how can I note. They are because it goes one. Every season mandis diving plays Carton Ovallis paypal is that represents one year sees one started approximately five years before the star breaking bad and this would be season five so that means just by its own logic to season should conclude at around the start breaking back I would love it. Concludes Meeting will Y as literally he goes to work and he gets and while Sydney office that. Yeah they literally recreate the first United Lifetime the he makes them and breaking bad just to kind of I I would like it studiously. A tight too loose ends at the same time one completely agree of you. It should end with him going into his office and meeting. Most what I seen we get for him in breaking bad. I also think this technology trends as the what's been going on in the past which you you get icy Discharges about an always at the stall or maybe sometimes at the end there is a black and white scene of what Jimmy went to. Right isn't not cinnabon getting locked in cupboards and not read very much and being afraid of policemen. Would it be amazing if you find out that that cinnabon is in Alaska and as he's walking home one day he walks past the another gentleman who's just arrived in town. Got Weird Accent Kooning. Everyone Bitch that that. Yeah that's a to be fair. We try to ride our endings but lovely so we just wanted to rent the universe where it's but now like I didn't want him to do to spin off. Movie fucking is brilliant. And now you you got in Vince Gilligan. Trust and he's never let me down now and just a quick thing as I saw in the news was that the show is coming back in February and if in February when discharge finishes Being Watch finish I sign the narrative of releasing one a week. We're still talking about mandatory and we're still talking about succession. We're still talking about else watchmen like I think. Weekly releasing the White Cigar. Yeah Jayme a friends. I mean Bill Up. It was the big show of time he's I think as a world where he's do have binge shows but when it becomes mega it becomes a topic becomes topical often weekly makes more sense but anyway that's let's say about who Bruce L. concludes would you like to see more in this world and ifs. I hope to give a spinoff show today I would take. I would definitely takes Knife I it's really hard to say. Isn't it because it would have to be a pretty cool at this point. Who would you mike my the man? That was the night natural to see how Mike what he did with the cover and he saw problems. I can't be plagued by. He's too you old. Dia Jim the money. Yeah Jim quite easily. Because he's kind of boat. Yeah he's basically just his own. ooh Look at a young ish old man and I'll be happy and just him in New York as a crooked copper and something happens whereas some gets in trouble up washout all day man. We fucking brilliant. And it'd be funny. They got the voice dubbed by the guy applies to recreate voice voice. Now you really. Can't you really anyway. What other shows from breaking bad universe you'd like to see given the prequel treatment gang contact us on twitter at Tocqueville's main? Franks what should be. My cousin. Hustled the Felino. Tough guys around a a tough one. I WANNA thousand workers. Atallah wasn't no more. You got a good friend here. How could you got Russell? He took a shine to me right away after a while. He started giving me little things to do. If there's lot we have been talking about this film for the best part of two years. And that's because we have when the news came out that Mr Martin Scorsese is not only just coming back but he is bringing the band back together. Everyone you have loved nearly anyway in his cinematic indebted his bring them back for one last Hurrah. Dr Richman is a biographical crime for a not that follows the life of frank share and he's played by none other than Robert Deniro he recalls basically the best part of fifty years of his life where he works with people like Al Pacino's is Jimmy Hoffa. He works with Joe Per Skis Russell. I can't pronounce that surname. And there's a bunch of other stuff in between of this now some controversy. I see about this because Mr Mind Scorsese decided to say the week before. The film's release of what is cinema isn't cinema. But here's decided to take on the technology challenge of de Aging. He's prime actors does throughout the film. You will never have the sign Axa in the same age range with the other actor on the same screen at the same time. That's incredible in itself. This is free three and a half. The time is right. You heard correct free and a half hour movie epic on your Netflix Account. At the moment John Before we go deep into this. What's your reaction which bathroom action took me to ghost? Because I wanted to give it the attention it is you want P brakeman and that. Yeah I really liked. I really liked to. I had a lot of hype because I love Scorsese has many of us do and the actors I mean Al Pacino Robert De Niro together. We have a fast. It's been a long time. Come in since that happened. Heat might be lost. One Joe PESCI coming out and saying isn't it allegedly allegedly deniro to convince him to to do it one last time eight even offering couldn't refused firm. It's and it's incredible to see these. I free amazing old veteran veterans back together and given it their game. I mean so private. I would hate to talk primarily about the aging. But it's a big PA the movie. Yeah it's it's almost a character is. Yeah Scorsese's I I mean. It's quite pioneering for very old veteran director to to do this. Trial is new technology probably arguably the most effectively I believe been used so far yes and no. So here's my here's some might my gripes with the the thing and already garage photo. I fucking of this is is that we know what young Rub Deniro looks like. Yes because we have seen in garage roof roof cinematic career for the best part of fifty years. We've seen what Al Pacino looks. We've seen what joy looks like. And when they decided to go back to just around the Second World War and I do some really eclipse chiefs when we saw it. I did side like A. PS Two game engage still looks like a PS two game and they know that they fucking note that because as I blink and miss it seen is that she just just a quick impose a fight shoots gum. That is to say the job done. But I wanted to stick in the try to shut Adrian. Should I cover in this and what I found fascinating that Robert Deniro brings his game to this right. Nice and gentlemen is twenty nine. I'm Robert Deniro is fucking still hitting out the parking kitty out apart with junk and he fucking unwound a up and headed even further. Dr Schmidt which means he has been involved in. Every policy was a juicer. There's a really charming and Stephen Graham who is in this film as well. Good to say Stephen Graham get some real acting chops in this as well and he obviously he played Jimmy Hoffa in Moscow sese show and he has the apply across Al Pacino. Playing Jimmy Hoffa just quite interesting but as management. Sorry Robert Deniro really really encapsulate. He's character also the film crazy. AC process in this which means he done most of the stunts done everything for his character but Itim. So when frank is supposed to be an East Asian so he looks like a that year out. Robert Deniro Bay still walks like an old man in the room. I mean the face looks aside when you get out your nose in your ears. GET BIGGER THAN Steve Young entice. You drive a rubber zero. I mean I mean it almost looks like a different person and service. It's really it's a really tough thing to do and obviously you can't you can only d. h.. The body so so far and he kind of walked the educate the walking resumes. Yeah there is a scene outside groceries almost van opting writing almost laughable because the fight is a kind of looks terrible and I was really surprised it was saying I come. Yeah but it's it's I mean I would hate because so much love and attention guns movie. I would hate for that to be too much attraction. But if I'm honest the aging it was hard not to think about it most seen so I found it shut in some of the people did but like I said it might be just a a case of new technology. What film is free and a half hours long because because the first hour is probably more jarring is because you get flashback scenes where it goes really already fall back when I talk a little bit about the war hopes over about these people meeting for the first time and Yeah there's a the same grocery store she's verging on laughable awful but towards the end of the film your sil- absorbed in shape the performance. You don't give a fucking shit and this is what great actors. They're right they bring you into the point where is literally a masterclass from Deniro. In his film I reading a fantastic is what is dry. Patchy is. That's not their side. There's one person out Sean. Everyone because they were fantastic but you can really say the relationships they have for each other in this film especially between Joe Pesci and De Niro. Right there's just a look of administration and love and friendship that has been built for oversee the best part of the sixty years of the camera and it shows on the cameras. Well yeah well I find fascinating bathroom and masterful storytelling is that there are free troops. That happening in film free story tropes that intertwine there is frank as a very very old man. Dan in a care home been school. sightsee movie is going to now. Right over is going to talk about. History is going to talk about what happened to certain people when they died and stuff is the old man rekindling a law. That's passed then. There's a story in the middle of without but we're not quite dead yet and we're going to do a road trip movies and buddy movie. We're driving across. I the country during that drive. We're going to rekindle and talk about and regale ally. I've got to this point. And then you've got the story you've got the boy who grew up. You got the boy who become the gangster gangster who let's not spoil anything where it goes from there. Double Flash Batman movie isn't yes a flashback of flash actually extent and it jumps it jumps trump's free periods. It doesn't tell you what's going on. It doesn't even try and hints at certain things. It's the narrative and dialogue bent on that confuse it sounds confusing describing it but no no even with the agent sometimes it was questionable but it was always quite clear what what was going on how the story was being this. Let's not so bad. The big names so got some big names but not big is the big names Jesse. Clemens is in this film yes in see him. He seems as like just getting older good movies at the moment. Parts which is great because he's a brilliant brilliant accent and again one of those guys were. That's fine you said. He doesn't transform his body L. D. for whatever direction he wants but he just let's talk him. He's great and as mentioned Stephen Graham. I love him. I think he's come a long way from from Tommy in snatch to fucking sitting in a room with Al Pacino in holidays. I'll be honest. I have a massive man crush on Al Pacino. He is my favorite profile actor of all time. He was so good in this as well. The aged little bits and again it's kind of laughable. Sometimes sometimes there is device but the buddy's still the body and the body goes where it needs to guy with older is fantastic. I think this is the last her offer of these actors. Joe Apache coming at retirement for it they leave and aged and all sorts of things in between awful as performance was was masterful. Yeah I mean the best acting has has done in these kind of sitting across the table and just the dialog between the dollar yes. I mean like all great movies that so it's all what about things that aren't being said in the conversation. I is is almost I hate to bring them up again. It's sort of like the way trump speaks where he's not. Aw He's directing people. He's not quite telling them to do that. But they know that it's more bustle. And it's just fascinating like Frank Doc. He his face just melts. Because he knows he's been asked to do something but not explicitly but the mouse he semantics. Incredible is quite. I found it quite bleak movie in a way it is. There's not there's no onto route for the main characters deeply flawed and is quite miserable. Much the Scorsese gangster movie. Because it doesn't go the whole like less less less less type. Some tropes that puts his gangster movies. There's the flashback scene. There's the music scene where you hear some lady narrating over about how great life is about how we we live like kings and got steak everywhere and everyone's high fiving he inadvertently does not do that on purpose because he tried to kind of different ways of signing which is amazing. Some of these. I used to be trying new stuff but let's face it. Let's talk about some stuff. That and he is a man of a set time period generation. I don't think he's very good at rising rising for female characters. He never has been but he kinda gets a free pass because it's mind school so he's not necessarily good at representation people of Color as well. You know he does. He has tackled Tobu's and he does talk about Anti Semitism in this film and he tackles that in a way which is reflective of the characters not rep sensitive of him mm-hmm safer. Yeah I would say I mean. It's a tough one. The Mayo thing he writes. I mean these mob movies set in the seventies seventies. Anna Pat Quinn. Who Plays Peggy? The Frank's daughter in this she gets something like six or seven lines in throughout the movie but the amount of work. She's doing in her face in her reaction also the child actor of her before. Yeah Final Rhino Up. She doesn't acing. It's incredible how much she saying. Just looked so I. I would really hate to criticize this movie particularly for saying Oh you know. kind of like What was the last movie that got criticized for time so on that level I would hate for? She's ready doing so much work. as front door tells so much the story basically Kinda highlights his. How messed up? He's he is with his family and his the biggest life regret so. I'd hate to criticize it for that. And at the end of the day Martin Scorsese italian-american new gangster movies primarily early. And I said why man's game so I kind of think their arguments slide redundant for for that point of view but you know I guess he starts to what is news and that can be a good thing. Let's talk about what the film community out there. Speaking about this. This is Ron Smith. Is it self-seeking. I'll give some quotes from James Burden from real reviews dot com and I quote whether seeing the big screen or smokescreen Oh screening is among twenty nine teens best mushroom pictures and should receive its fair share of Folks Oscar attention in twenty twenty grave that I think it deserves. It deserves a few notes. And in what what about why while it good for Non Side it can do another of one of his Oscar speeches notorious. He famously had a very abrupt one in the offing. Think Deniro deserves the bulk of it. Less big it's amazing to see them both. They all bring their game. Ray Game after Deniro. You know. Let's face. It had uh had a gap of movies like he was just so having fun in the. Yeah which is fine but I mean and this just to say bring their game and do that together again is amazing. I mean say it's a master class by I can't five you know I mean I felt. Should we talk about the bad things. I have a bad reviews. Christopher Lloyd at the film yet the argument is basically a Marty Scorsese. buffy little always gangster movies lots of Yummy morsels but but it doesn't really come together as a coherent meal and just to counter that as well Rachel Wagon from Rachel reviews dot net. She follows us. Hey Rachel Indians. The pacing is too ponderous address and self indulgent. The carrots is a two stagnant and the story lacks an emotional punch now. What our love this film? I do agree with those views to an extent. There is an unemotional punch. You want that to be you want to be. You want a message to come out of it. I think I did. But like we said it's bleak so if you're hoping for some sort of marshmallow ending or something then you're going to be disappointed but I think it was a really good move. A by do agree with the ponderous pacing free and a half. I was going to say I mean East. East is too long suffering our officers at I. Just I really enjoy these actors and I really enjoy this commode of storytelling and obviously now does it. Bell then Scorsese Give me more like a fucking love chocolate ice cream. Give give me. This is my fucking top of chocolate. Ice Cream are might regret and have a soul. I need to go to the gym for six months off. But you not fuck it is Christmas. I'm indulging by the and you're right you're coming into this. You are a massive fan of his films. You're massive fan of these people on Twitter bitching amount insane. I don't WANNA watch it don't it's quite simple. There's enough reviews out there. The world is not going to change because you didn't sit down and watch his half hour gangster epic which is what it is but I do agree that there's something about there is not an emotional punch. This is not a fairy tale and there are some self indulgent things like. I can't help. It does annoy me where he'll meet someone and it's just a fucking extra right. I'm shaking your hand. Hey we're restaurant. Hey Yeah talk about that talk me. Why nineteen fifties fifty swing on it but then just flashes up? Tommy John Knox died nine thousand nine hundred shot in the head free times. Who Cares enough that this is does that mean that was like? Did you find that. So from village. I felt self-indulgent loved that are for. That was really cool. I was just. It was just the realities of walk. The mall was like at that time. It was Juno Alpha and less glorifying of the modern gangsters then some of his older movies. I liked that because too often criminals get glow fight in these movies. These witty amazing lines and this was a a lot more rail. The violence was just. I mean he was a Hitman. You know he just potentized gun. Show someone twice in a bind houses. Yeah that's the way done. You know the violence silence was just glorified. It was just as every day as you would expect to be all shot him twice in the head. Clean up gun. If I if I might just film ten years ago it would have been glorified. It would have been fucking he. No no no not not Marty. Not My tarintino directed it may we. We know multiple. I like that. He's really stuck with guns as he knows he's living in a world of one and a half hour superhero movies to an extent holding people's attention. It's harder than ever and he's gone. I'm actually going to test you further. So I'm making some people might say that elitist by think he's it's really good. They stuck to his guns his way of storytelling. He let's face. It hasn't got that many more stories the towel we could've said that before what is right and he's pulled this out the backside. Never Y'all dug off. I'd love to see more opportunity now. I'll have more Yeah well I think is now and in lethal weapon movies. I'll keep trying to push for yourself parents. That's all right. Don't actually care. Cellphones Joe. Patchy comedies are few we we need more of them all right. So let's let's give this soccer school. We talk about this being a potential late entry film of the year. We think it's one of those a faint. It deserves to be mentioned but then they moved on quickly. Greg great film is if no I. I'll be really interesting to look back in about a month of the year right. Yeah so after is a reluctant for is this the best best streaming original movie the well off conflict. The Eva's now give me some giving some classics like Hush. That was last year. We have got now. I'm struggling if I would say Probably as the movie is the best. netflix movie no. There's been some. There's been some good ones this year. The actually I I I believe the budget was one hundred. Eighty million dollars for this assists. Maybe that must be mostly actors out retire probably the agents and basically the amount of film they probably. Admission is a director's cut of this. Wow so I agree about fading. Four Athol I've I think yeah I would have to go for. I'm I guess yes. I was hoping for a five. And it's I just don't think of course as best I can really good. I think the vast majority of US had floor out forever now head before we seeing the film I had five hours. I think four I meant is four. Stars are already on the paper whiting. Confirm it's a five acid job done then the more you go into. This is not what I got. I got something different and two more expecting. They still really good so I went in expecting chocolate. Vanilla and and Vanilla Vanilla Never GonNa win ice cream of the year so I I agree so there you have it. The Irish men available on your netflix account breath later everybody foot he is. He's going to go. Oh I know how you feel trust me I nine thank you so much for listening to this podcast. If you've enjoyed listening to this as apple mentioned mentioned in the indirect if you let the customer if you like us talking fill me then. Maybe you're willing Scotty to click on the follow light subscriber bus and it. Is You get more concept to me. You know they'll get. Jonathan clicked that follow them to share. Now John we can't keep giving out but what I will be getting the next month we'd be doing. NPS CBS special. Whereas I guys beat during Christmas special edition films guys paid non edible? Christmas will also guys doing fun end of year. Part where it's going to be my games and and that sort of thing go a couple of interviews lined up and a couple of final that will press releases things but of course. We can't talk about Christmas and films about the Star Wars Autism being involved and yes we will beginning index Boyer Iffy on Star Wars to rise Scott took part in fourth. That's a lot of work but I will do it because people we don't do it for the money you Know Gossiping Money Anyway Bill until next time John It's been absolutely pleasure Asia as always buddy happened. People find your you can find me at detrimental on twitter and I have been Adam Fleet anyway if this is the last time you. Here's Merry Christmas and happy. New Year bye bye.

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