Cooley Film Breakdown-Offense


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His film breakdown of all of the players from the previous game, which is what we're going to start today. Now, let me just give everybody a heads up. We're GONNA do the offense today, and we will have the defense tomorrow starting next week we'll have the offense on Tuesday and the defense on Wednesday which was the normal schedule but we're getting to it late this week still figuring some shit out right now about how we're gonna lay everything out during the course of the week but coolly is with me we're GONNA. Get to his film breakdown. We will start this show with just a quick what are you got or two? and. I want to get your thoughts also on Alan Robinson who may be available? Via Trade. But what do you got this morning to start this off before we get to film breakdown? I. Think we've got a lot this morning I. Know you've got some basketball stuff I've just. I've been watching the jets and I think it's because Greg Williams a part of the jets and I just follow former coaches wherever they are obviously the rams and a lot of the guys that that I've played for and coached for my teams and I'm watching the jets team and defensively. They can be really really good. Greg defenses can be outstanding but offensively. Absolutely. Shit and. Kev. You think back to an atom gays was the quarterback Guru in Chicago with Jay Cutler, and then he went to Miami is the head coach and it was supposed to save everything there and now he's with. Sam Darnold and Sam Darnold is way better than he's played over the last year and a half. Over the last year for sure I thought Sam Darnold looked terrible I think Sam darnold plays with no competence and I just think it's so funny. What you got isn't necessarily the idea that Adam gays according to get fired because Adam is absolutely going to get fired if I'd be hard pressed unless. They make the big push early in the season to think that he is the first head coach fire. I think gazes. Created a lot of Shit. A lot of turmoil. He's made bad relationships. He's had fights. He's not good with players. You look even the levy on bell hamstring thing that went back to training camp bill apparently at a hamstring camp and gays wanted to pull him and they had a fight there and then he didn't pull them in the game because. I. Don't know if he's immature I don't know if he's Antisocial. I don't know what it is about Adam gays. He must be able to talk ball, but he is not a good head football coach and he has not a quarterback grew unless Sam darnold really that bad and buddy I just don't see it. I think it's almost more like a you heard it here first but Adam gaze is. Not going to be long in New York. That's it. You didn't have this as a head coaching call but man, did you call Jim Trestman a day before he got fired the Ravens offense coordinator. After Washington beat him a few years ago. That was an all time prediction. Who is WHO's the OC in New York again I mean I know Adam is the offensive guy but do they have no oc? They do. I should be able to tell you the OC is right off hand but I actually I liked darnold. I. Think Darnold are I think a lot of people like darnold. Earthy is Dowell. Loggains who I actually think is a pretty good. Oh see so. I think there's a lot of problems of gays and and it doesn't matter Dowell loggains is the best oc in the world. If any power struggle, it doesn't matter gazes is GonNa win that I'm assuming because he's not a guy. That he is. The Oh okay. By the maclagan thirty eight years old coolies on phone and we are GONNA. have that we believe rectified by next week we're going to have a much. Sounding Cooley but yesterday the Monday I think you sounded fine by phone and Tommy's been doing it by phone and we haven't had many issues with that I've got a couple I've got one. What do you got to actually two of them? I'm sorry. Number one is this Joe. Banner the former team president of the Philadelphia Eagles. been very critical of the skins over the years was not a Dwayne Haskins guy at all but he wasn't the only one He tweeted something out yesterday that got a lot of attention and I talked about it a lot on the radio show this morning he tweeted out. Washington, fans who are talking about how good their team is are going to look back and wish they had won quietly that was joe banner former. Eagles team. President. Lecturing. The Washington fan base. Now on Sunday he tweeted out after Washington beat his former team by the end of the season The Washington team will have proven that the eagles yesterday lost to one of the worst teams in football. So. He's not. He's not a Washington fan after week one and Cooley on the podcast yesterday. Tommy, and I were talking about that this in that is there was a shit load of buzz coming off of their win over the eagles. Sunday, I'm talking about League wide, Buzz, you know all of the shows on Monday leading into Monday night football, all of the. buyer sell or power ranking segments, which you know I do yesterday lot of buzz about Washington and I think it's because it was such a dominant performance. Defensively you may know this, they had thirty one pressure side the guy from pro football focus on the road show this morning sky Sam Monson, who I actually like a lot and he said thirty when pressures is just unheard of like. It's a number that's just outrageous. Washington had twenty six percent of all of the quarterback pressures on Sunday or a through Sunday's game. So fourteen games in the entire league, they had more than a quarter of the of the pressures on one team versus you know the other twenty-seven teams that had played Gay Games. That's how dominant you know they were. You know statistically analytically, etc. So I, think that's why. There was a lot of buzz now about Joe Banner. He doesn't like the. Washington team, he was the team President in Philadelphia. He thinks Snyder is a complete moron He's among the many NFL executives over the years that have been embarrassed by what's happened here, and all of that is justifiable the owners don't want the situation to continue here. The way it is league executives formerly executives want you. Know less of an embarrassment in Washington and I I think he is felt very strongly that until ownership changes, it won't change. So he's all in on. This is a terrible organization, but he didn't go after the organization with the tweet. He went after the fan base when when he tweeted Washington fans who are talking about how good their team is are going to look back and wish they had won quietly. I have no problem. Cooley after a win over division rival, which was a feel good. Win On Sunday with fans getting a little bit carried away. I have a problem when the team gets carried away and I think this team has been a massive over promising bunch of buffoons over the last twenty one years that have consistently under delivered. That's been the problem with the organization I've mentioned it. It's Been My go-to they've over promised under delivered year in and year out, and that's why they don't have as many fans they used to have I i. don't have a problem with Washington fans on Sunday being excited about what they saw. I was encouraged because I thought chase young was a stud coming out I thought he could be a major impact player I thought he could increase their win probability. If he were is elite as I thought, he could be in his everybody else thought he could be and I think we saw some of that revealed on Sunday. The problem with a like Joe Banner coming from that organization. Is there's been no more insufferable fan base then the Eagles Fan base in the division anyway, there isn't a chess steer group of football fans over the years. There isn't a more delusional group of football fans over the years than Eagle fans before they won the super bowl a few years ago and God bless them because they did and they deserved it and they were really good that year and it was on some level. It was weird. I could sense the excitement of of Friends of mine who are eagles fans and how it was a lifelong dream that had finally been realized and I and. I understood that that passion in that that sense of of satisfaction and I was happy for them with that said until that year I mean, if you talk to eagles fans in the eighties nineties to thousands before they won a super bowl and you didn't know anything about football, you would think that Philadelphia had been the team that won all the Super Bowl's in the division because that's the way they behaved. We were winning divisions were going to the playoffs with Andy Reid -An and Donovan mcnabb. Yeah. But you don't win anything the last time you'd want something was nineteen sixty and that's what you. Kept referring to meantime this team here in the nation's capital one, three lombardi trophies the cowboys of one five or whatever, and the giants have won three or four whatever it is. The giants have won four. So in the division, you had twelve super bowl titles, twelve lombardi trophies in lobbies of of headquarters and none of them were in Philadelphia, and yet if you listen to a Philadelphia Eagle Fan, they spoke in terms of being like the kings of the division like their team had been winning all those trophies. That's the problem I have with a guy like Joe Banner Any Philadelphia Fan who says A pipe down you know skins fan we were we were we banged up We're going to be much better than we were and you know enough I mean know we took enough of your bullshit delusional crap for decades for decades. It was laughable I used to one of my favorite things to do around superbowl time Cooley was to say you know there's a big super bowl party among all of the NFC east superbowl winning fans and teams, the giants and the cowboys and the skins. We get together every year right around superbowl time even if one of us isn't in the Super Bowl. To have a big party the eagles you know they're not eagles fans are invited because they never have won a super bowl even though if you listen to him, you'd think they'd won seven of them Thank God. They got the one. They got because nineteen sixty was all they had for fifty years and it was embarrassing Anyway, Joe Banner can say whatever he wants I agree it's been insufferable to listen to. And Coaches and management in front office exacts when there's just been a small glimmer of hope there they've been a very self-congratulatory kind of franchise prematurely year in year out I don't want to hear from them and I haven't heard from them since the game the fans are. There Washington fans on twitter and on and social media since Sunday have been having a time of it. But so has the national media. The national media has really opened their eyes to what this team could be this year defensively which which you know I had some expectations and I'm pretty encouraged to anyway. That's my what he got along with one other thing real quickly Cooley. Did you see that holding on before you leave this show banner? You know three days ago he had another tweet. That the. Eagles. Will Run more now and look balanced and people will forget how it started and how they actually got a seventeen point lead. They weren't balanced we both we. I mean that is a shot at his coaching staff right there a little bit. Yeah. Run more now and they'll look more balanced. You'll forget it. Forget a really. So he just got down to Peterson's office and and made that. We're going to run the Baltimore now. So He's not the team president anymore he was he isn't anymore. All down to people. You know the eagles will run more now and look more balance. This loss really hurt him. I mean, losing to us like I don't understand like the eagles will run more now. Are Are. We you know what? The Watch, the football team will. Convert more down and they're going to look more balanced. Insistently moving forward I'd talk to people say convert more third downs you're sure of it right? Yeah. It's it's weird when you're not affiliated with the organization to start telling the organization, what they're going to be doing next I, will concede that he's but hurt over losing to this team he doesn't like Washington. He doesn't like the owner. He's not a big fan of the quarterback and obviously you know to to get punked the way they did down seventeen nothing and then to have you know the fans on social media probably getting after it was probably. Enough for him. So he he snapped back We'll see if he's right I mean week one over reactions are a staple in the NFL in early September I don't know how you could you know really overreact much to thirty one pressures in eight sacks regardless of Philadelphia had in front of them the other quick what he got Cooley I don't know if you saw this holding penalties in week one were down seventy eight percent from a year ago. Like I I, you mentioned on Monday just the lack of penalties on offense that they just were clean offensively in terms of mistakes which you know is an indication of being pretty well coached and the quarterback you not. You know having a delay of game or he didn't quit wasn't forced to call one time out because he was unsure of of what they are running and that was the same last year too. But I did notice Sunday that they're the games were moving quickly. And I think part of the reasons the Games moved quickly. There weren't many penalties in week one. I hope that is a trend that continues. We talked about at least the football teams game. Having much less. Stop seeing the football team. That was going to be one of my. What are you got today? I'm so sick of it. What did you see all the twitter stuff that got? Messed up, we're half of it was redskins and then have said just football team I'm going to call them football team that's their nickname and I'm gonNA call them. No, don't do that. You're you're getting sucked in. It's stupid calm wash. I hate it's a mocking of them and I think they did the right thing binoche coming up with the name right away. They couldn't. They couldn't sure trademark in domain name stuff they couldn't get that done quickly most teams take two years before changing brandon name. And now right and people are you know La- whatever we've talked about this? You're right. I mean it's it's Ok both GLOC- as far as I'm concerned skins. So, to the entire NFL and it was funny because if you looked at last year how they amended this week, one had at least fifty percent moral I'm sure we could look that up. Even Tom, Brady, tweeted out after week one watching a game that it was agreed to some of the holding penalties. Now there was somebody missed them Washington's game. There were some hold. On the football team. Okay. But column, they didn't call them. So it makes it makes football so much more watchable I. Think you almost have to tackle somebody really call holding. Let's not go crazy. Of that I would love if I would love to see punt returns without a flag on two out of every three punt return. Fifty percent plus it's it's plus don't you think I don't know if it is or not seems like it. Anyway well, and there's some that are. That are relevant there some that are not you know the. Washington game the. They had a legal touch if you remember where ball is downed inside the five native having to repent. Ballers at twenty seven yard penalty but then the very next play Philly had a penalty back up. So yeah. So the special teams, there's so many penalties. Right or were you right that there wasn't one offensive penalty of the seven called. I think I'm right I don't. Yeah. I don't remember one penalty to neutral lemons in. Soft sides to fifteen yards that five on defense the illegal touches six there was a seventh penalty somewhere and I can't remember where it was. I mean I could go through the play by play to to identify it but you know in. Another quick thing. Morgan. Moses didn't have one of those false starts that didn't get called. I didn't notice one anyway. I didn't know anyone. There wasn't a lot of noise so. True. True. All. Right. Let's get to your film breakdown I need to do a spot real quickly and I WANNA ask you about Alan Robinson who may be available. The Chicago bears receiver but I, interest rates have hit record lows, which means it's a great time to refinance your student loans because you can see a much lower monthly payment based on the rates. Now, if you're a parent that has a kid pass this information along to your student or if you're handling that student loan, which you might be it's Time to refinance student loan. 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Kerrigan the clippers lost last night and I just wanted to say that it was one of the worst losses for team in a game seven that I've seen in a long time they looked lifeless they looked disinterested. They looked scared they look tight. My favorite player Leonard who has come through an every single clutch situation he's ever been involved in was. Nonexistent in the second half Paul George was even worse. The two of them combined for five points. Two of eighteen shooting in the second half and Denver Cooley is really a good team. They deserve it. They earned it joe-marie ridiculous and Yokich is the best passing big man I've ever watched period Jeff Van Gundy. said it last night doc rivers said it last week speaking at. Doc Rivers. I think last night's losses an indictment on him. He has lost a lot of games. Sevens is a head coach during his career. I was very disappointed in the clippers. I also bet on them to win the NBA championship before the playoffs started a plus two fifty some extra hurt. But I I really they had no energy. It didn't make any sense watching what? I watched last night I think something's off there and I think we're going to read about it here in the next few days when when I say that I think there was some chemistry issues. There was a report from Marc Spears saying the players were drained physically they were exhausted and they were asking to come out after three minute stints. It looked that way I'm not. Sure why that happened but they blew a sixteen point lead in game five up three one, a nineteen point lead in game six up three games to two and last night they were up twelve in the first half and then completely shit the bed Cooley last night in the fourth quarter in a game that they started down eight in the fourth quarter dating scored their I. Feel goal they they two free throws. They didn't make their first shot until there were four minutes and fifty eight seconds left they went they went over seven minutes before scoring from the field for the first time and they're out and the anticipated Clippers Lakers series which a lot of people yours truly included wanted to see were not going to be able to see last thing before your film breakdown. Allen Robinson would you or wouldn't you? If I told you it had to be a third round pick and then he's a free agent. Next year you gotta pay him would you consider him for this team? Absolutely. Yes. I would consider him I would consider working out a deal with Alan Robertson as soon as I could. If I were Allen Robinson I don't know if this is exactly where I would want to be at this point. I'm sure part of his frustration has to do with Mitchell trubisky. But I think two years ago. We were doing free agent film breakdowns or three years ago and we did Allen Robinson they like. He. was coming off his. ACL surgery which I think he's fully recovered from he had a year at that point and. He's the best number, one receiver that you could possibly get at a discount because he's coming off a severe injury. I think Alan Robinson is in every level receiver I. Think he's a guy that is a terrific route runner. I think he's a guy that can constantly make plays for you. I think people are worried about speed and that's the one thing if you're Washington is you're saying. Is Alan Robinson a true exit through one receiver or is he another Cherry McLaren but in watching the Washington? Game. DONTRELLE INMAN Allen Robinson, and you need weapons right now and so yeah I would that Third Frown Robinson and the Cancer Negotiate I think yes. I would go ahead and do that. You know what's interesting is they went after a receiver big time in the off season. They offered Amari Cooper, a massive deal. They thought they needed somebody else in addition to maclaurin Kelvin, harm and I. I don't know how he fit into their plans after they didn't get cooper I don't know if that was a big blow or not I sort of like tournament at the end of last year but they showed a willingness to pay a wide receiver. They felt like it was a big enough need. There's another part to meet. It says that they will be interested in Robinson. but it may take another win if they were to win at Arizona and they were to know, and let's just say in the division on Sunday the giants lost at Chicago the cowboys loss at home to the Falcons and the eagles lost against the rams and the skins were to and and the rest of the Division was Oh, into I think there might be. An increased sense of urgency to treat this season as a big opportunity and they clearly think that that position is a weakness and maybe if they beat. Arizona or Chicago one in week one also and they came back from twenty three, six down by the way, Matt? Patricia. Just as a quick aside has eleven fourth quarter loss leads in his brief coaching career in Detroit incredible. That's incredible. A mets really hard to do in a short period of time. This is year three for Matt Patricia Right it's only three. Three. Yeah So part of me thinks that have been hit a fourth quarter comeback that they executed in Detroit. Yeah. There was because the Andrea Swift dropped to touch. I. I think that they might be interested after another win this week, and now someone would say, well, they were interested in Cooper before okay That's true and my answer at the time and I forget if you and I had this conversation was Ron Rivera took this job for one reason more than any other. He looked at defensive roster and he said I can turn that thing around pretty quickly. Now what he's done publicly is he's talked about. Culture Change, which there has to be one and it takes time and the military process takes three, four five years before you change the culture and by the way that's Ron. Rivera's approach which is under promising which I love about him already. But I think he believes it when he looked at this roster very closely in late November early December, whenever was that? He could turn around the. Defense quickly enough and that offensively they could add another piece to help out Dwayne that they'd actually be a much more competitive team than anybody was expecting this year so it wouldn't surprise me if it's this week. But if they win again and they start to look here early in the season, like this could be a season like we could have ourselves a season. Then why wouldn't you? If he's that good and he's going to help you that much So I tend to agree with you. You know I love Anthony Miller on that team. He's starting to play well like when he's been healthy, he's played well. But he's not available. He's not going to be a free agent next year. Robinson's going to be a free agent next year which you know and it may be time for Chicago to deal him Chicago did win a game in week one but anyway I. AM here, our I understand where you're coming from I think that Chicago's probably working on a deal frown Robinson. It's just probably nowhere near what he wants, and that's the other is, are we going to be able to work out a deal I think the receiver franchise tag eighteen million bucks. So. If you didn't work out a deal, would you tag him? If you tag him. What did we upset that? I? Think that there's so much that goes into this that you don't WanNa Trent Lott the tuition rice i. The one thing if you look on twitter and you look at a lot of the bears players they. It's a Hashtag extent a our extended Arab Extend Rob. When players do this, it's because the other player that they're talking about is a good teammate. So I. GOTTA assume that not only Allen Robinson a good player because all the players like he's a good teammate as well. I think a lot of Allen Robinson So, I would definitely try to trade for Allen Robinson is just If you're Kaga. Why would you give out Robinson up for a third round pick you have a good defense you need weapons around your quarterback. And you're sitting there saying. Franchise tagging next year if we can't get a deal done. Why would they want to trade him? I don't know they probably would have beat unhappy I who else I mean they've got Anthony Miller who else do they have on that team I mean you know we know what they have in the Backfield with Tarik Cohen and the guy from Iowa state whose name is escaping me the draft choice from last year. They picked Carl. Montgomery Yeah and I think they've picked up. Jimmy Graham. Yet, they do have Jimmy Graham and they drafted that coal commit Didn't they when that the bears? The drafted the notre. Dame tight end. Oh, yeah see I think. Comex actually awesome. Anyway. So. Yeah. But then out there that you don't have any other deeper draft, the Briley Ridley is a guy they drafted darnall Mooney quarter Patterson I mean the the doesn't do any favors right now to trade Alvarado. No unless you don't think you can sign him next year and you don't think you're good issue but you just want a game so you don't do it before you're in I mean you don't do it until you. You're not gonNA make the playoffs. I agree with you on that from their perspective, you said something else quickly and we're GONNA get to the film breakdown. It will start literally in thirty seconds. You just said you know is Allen Robinson. Unitary McLaren or is he a real legit number one? You still don't think Terry McLaren's like an obvious legit number one receiver do. We'll get to that in the film breakdown I guess what we'll do I think he could develop into one. Okay, I do I. DO think you develop into one I? 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I think a lot of football teams, their scouting department do it on at one through five, which essentially is the exact same thing. One through five eight. So we'll just do it on on a nature upscale I like the a through F I think that's the easiest thing to follow. That was always my pitch to you but I was always open minded on whatever you to do was when we got into the numbering. You would do like you know you'd say sixty eight is in you know an actual d can be more like a C. or that stuff's curve that started when you had a curve in there that really threw me for a loop. So I like the a through F grading scale. So let's get started. Let's start with Dwayne. Well the question is is should there be a curve for phillies not hidden. So. Here's what. Here's what I wanted to do with Wayne Haskins is I wanted to. The negatives I and I'm progressively going to to walk you through the game with some of the negative place because you do like follow along everyone does all try to give you situationally the place that I'm talking about some of the things that I'm talking about when they are impactful then we'll get to the positives and then we will get to the grade. The rest of the players will just essentially run through notes. And then the great for the rest of the players. I think Dwayne Haskins. Is really interesting and I know this game is really interesting I? Think a lot of people could be in a lot of different ways. But I wanNA start with this. I thought Dwayne was terrible and third down situations especially in the first half and I thought personally Scott Turner did a poor job getting them into good situations in third and seven plus situations. I didn't like a lot of the concepts and I'm like what they were doing versus versus Egos Defense that you you pretty much knew what they were going to do in third down situations and so some of those plays I didn't think that they're a great opportunity for doing to progress or through. Couple thoughts in the run game. I like the speed option stuff I like the RPO stuff I like. The read option like integrating in mixing those things in I didn't think dwayne did a terrific job with some of these. I think early in the game, there was an rpo type boot. And the defensive end crash down. I think that he could have pulled it. It was a third and too early in the game, and he's pulling it to what is going to be a boo almost with mckissick coming out in front of him. I saw this last year, the type of play as an Rpo boot type of play. Watching Notre Dame play. Louisville Louisville started running last year in the opener and I loved it it. It's that gun boot. You can hand it or you can pull it, and then the back coming across is running out in the flat I thought it was fun little play. ended up, giving it to Barbara they get the I I just didn't think he added numbers count to run the ball. So that I think he, he can look at it. I think. THE FIRST SPEED OPTION He ends up pitching out to him. to mckissick there was a bobble. There were three players outside of Dwayne as he was moving to his left that's got to be a quarterback Cole. And the thing I hate about speed option is in the NFL. Instead of protecting the ball, he's essentially protecting himself. And I don't blame him for that, right? But it's. Like fuck the speed Austin in the NFL. Suck quarterback then these rent beat option. Right. They've been it should have been a full pulled it. Should cut it back and should've taken it up bill and any high school quarterback in America that runs option would pulled that would've taken it up and most college quarterbacks would've. The wings option quarterback. So. Don't run off they had it in there but explained everybody 'cause I I'm sure most of you understand the difference from just a typical read option zone read that the quarterback keeps of fake you know hand off versus what you're describing, which is coming down the line and having the option to pitch go ahead and just explain the difference to everybody. Well. Ends up being two back backfield and so for dwayne. He's got back on his left in the back on his right and you can do this with the receiver. You see these receivers in motion and the brand, the quarterback kind and that. Behind the quarterback motion all the time they did that last year. Washington did. And so he's initially going to key the defensive. End. On. The front side of that, what what would be on the backside of the initial run? To the side he's going to run and pull to does that defensive at crash down line of scrimmage and run down the line to chase the back. If. He does then dwayne is gonNA pull that ball. And then he's going to go an option the NEC's player. On a particular place doing there there were really three players outside of him. Ah there was nothing to pitch. Right. So you just add another back into the elements. It's. It's really if you really think about it, it's old school dive off. It's not it's not speed option dive option that box elder high school in Utah ran every high school in the Georgia Tech and make the first back to fullback and you're you can do it under center. Do give the first back or do. Polling. Run option. So watching the crash. Same Concept. he didn't. He didn't look comfortable in that either. He didn't look comfortable running the ball in particular I. Don't think he would comfortable running the. Zone read that he pulled down the goal line even look slow but he didn't look comfortable in space. You definitely didn't look comfortable on that naked. which was a third to got him to a fourth down that they went for where you're like just run to the pilot. Why are we cutting this one back? We we didn't cut back option early. Now you WANNA cut back and take a shot. I didn't think he looked comfortable running the ball all that said. Just the idea of adding the quarterback is an eleventh player in the run game even in certain situations does give you some advantages to how you hold the safety in what you're doing to their defensive line and how they're playing run. So a lot of these things I'm saying I don't think he looked particularly great in it. But you have to honor. Yeah because passing him because you see. What you seek non-mobile quarterbacks and we've seen that over several years including guys like Ben. Rothlisberger. At least show it every once in a while. So the team thinks there's a possibility of it happening. Yeah Three are gains a good gain in the NFL? So you can get three or four and a lot of situations. And you do it two or three times a game than it. HAS TO BE HONORED Okay, the past game, and this is essentially these are the negatives what in my opinion as I progress through the past game. The first third down. The West Martin mean play. He takes a huge shot on that place still get the ball out. I. Looked over and over and I'm not going to leave hate West Martin from fault on this play. But I think he might want to just go ahead and try to avoid because you can't throw it until the timing of the players actually been created. You just throwing that one out there Willy Nilly. Before your receiver even get close to turn around that timing takes. Forever to develop to be able to trust the receiver I liked that he's thrown with anticipation but I, I think it's more anticipation of getting hit than it is anticipation of his receiver turning around. I liked it. He's not taking Sachs as well but at the same time, you're not converting that third down. So I think your best option there is tried to sidestep avoid when you have immediate pressure on third low. It's not a huge negative by doing haskins. It's more of a negative by Martin and didn't love the play call, but that's it. Do you want to get hit in the face by me Jackson or maybe just try to avoid them. On the ten coach I'll show you. next driving miss mckissick on a kind of a wheel out of the backfield. Verbs cool. Play dead the tight end to the right, and then just mckissick out of the backfield they were running on that side. Just no touch on the ball. Back running a wheel out of the backfield. In it's it's the right throw because the linebacker runs underneath the tight end, which should allow mckissick enough room to get downfield and it did you just have to let him run under that ball You, gotTa think that Guy's wheeling turning his body of the backfield that he can't go catch a bullet his head. Running back, Rivera said that Cooley used you mentioned that on Monday Rivera one of the criticisms of Dwayne he's gotta throw some of those balls with more touch and it's those flat throws to the running backs where you see it the most. I think you see across the board okay. I do and I'll get to the next. The very next comment is that he throws that inside seen to inmate on a second ten on the third drive. It's an overthrow the ball. It's a bad bog I mean you're throwing the ball on a rope twenty yards down the field. You gotTA. Let inman run under that. That's the right read and that's That's a throw that he's capable of making but that's not the way you throw that ball. You GotTa let Inman track that all the way to the sideline this. Inside same route that you see everybody throwing now. Has Essentially. Replaced the corner out in a lot of offenses because it's an easier throw then the corner out. The Wayne's got a one safety, one high safety in the middle of the field. And he's got inman basically one on one from the numbers to the sideline really almost from middle of the Hash to the sideline. They let him go run under a ball. least make it a fifty, fifty bomb where throwing it on the opposite side of imminent. He's really the only guy that can jump and get it. It's just no touch. third and ten the next play on that drive. He lets it go to mckissick way too fast. It's it's literally a Nolan Ryan fastball. The route doesn't develop he time in the pocket. He's gotTA climb climbing. Let these routes develop. He's got to be able to climate move. You can't just hit his back foot opened his hips and fling it. Not On third and ten. To running back Can I just go back to the INMAN play one more time because I'm just looking at it and I just got to it. The. I WanNa be clear in that. That is the right read. Correct. That's no. That's. That's the absolute right race because in men's got man coverage. And he's actually got a step on the guy and you just there is some traffic there is you know he the pocket is starting to collapse up the middle on that throw but that's the perfect example of the non flat throw that he's got to be able to throw with more touch. There's no doubt. The other thing if you add more touches, you actually increase the chance of. Because the ball he threw a no one had a chance to make a play. It's an UNCATCHABLE, right This was Early. In the game. Danny Rhythm, but go ahead. Early in the game, absolutely third drive. And then they go three and out on that drive. he throws a near pick to Logan Thomas on a crossing route on the fifth drive I think fourth or fifth fourth sport drivers at third and to. That's that's just a Mesh Concept I. Think they mess up the Mesh in what I mean Mesh. Terry McLaren running across their. At, three or four yards, and then it's Logan Thomas running across her in the create a mesh so. Free pick kind of deal I. Think Thomas should have been on top it's always tight in the. Guy That sets the pick. I couldn't tell you one hundred percent but I can tell you ninety eight percent of Thomas under messed it up. But that's it doing just panics and he throws hard at Thomas and it's almost an interception. We didn't throw it so hard. It would have been a pick that he's got to continue to progress through. And find another option. One on one on the outside to his left there. Could Iran and Manchester Bridge. But you can't just throw that ball because you don't have anything else. You find something you got to make something else happened third down. This isn't a first and ten seconds six where we got another down to live on, we can't make that throw. Progressing through third eight on the fifth drive. So they're still down, they still not scored at this point. Yet it's ten nothing right that point. Yeah Third Eight. INMAN RUNS A. About a sixteen to eighteen yard in. And you have Logan Thomas sitting at about eight yards. And you're judging a high low read between the two of them. I of I think he would have been. Complete to Logan Thomas if he'd come out on time to Thomas. And you would have picked up the first down. But secondly it's late to in-in-in. It's a bad ball low and he has no chance to get it and again. We got a thorough competitive balser. And at this point, he's In progress to three thirteen. Right. It was. Working yards he had the one run for nineteen yards which you haven't talked about. I'm sure that'll be a positive, but go ahead. Yeah. Well. Okay. So yeah, we'll get to that. The one run for. Nineteen was nineteen nineteen years. Should have just thrown him. Sims is running wide open in front of a safe. Five Yard in. I'm not going to criticize around I gave him a positive great writing get to it and put it in the positive side, but he should have just done stamps. Now, know how it. Then third and thirteen. He just like seem climbed the pocket. You know another one where West Martin gets his. Get his ass kicked, but it's like step up. Climb the pocket, drive the ball, throw the ball with power, throw the ball with accuracy. It because he's not moving properly in the pocket stepping up climbing the pocket. His back foot creating space for him to throw the ball from. US and drive off his back leg. He's throwing with poor accuracy. Field is not very good. And he can make those throws but between. Nine and eighteen yards nine and twenty yards. It was not good. That third and third time no he he I mean I'm watching it right now and he gets hit right when he throws it there's pressure immediately we're should he have gone on that play? I know. Gone elsewhere I just think he kind of moved but I will also say that that's the that was the inman right that was the Thomas He throws it in the dirt Thomas under pressure. On the threatened thirteen. They're thirteen. No I just think that he's gotta find a way to move in the pocket a little bit better. I mean. I know you're not taking sacks but on third and thirteen does it really matter you take back versus? Just throw blanket incompletion out of nowhere. If you're gonNA either way just try to make something happen. On that one, there was no pocket to move up into. I think if he slides right on that one. Up and up and write a little bit. He may have had a chance to look just gonNa have to find a way to the pocket a little bit better capable of doing it and I've watched him do it last year I watch new bunch of times. Fourth quarter you open up I actually thought he was gonNA open a pot in the fourth quarter as he completed four in a row but. He, we're on a run action pass boot. Any throws behind Carrie McLaren on a crossing route carries wide open that day. Make that throw sack fumble. He's got Sims coming out of a kind of a little Arrow route. Like selling a and then breaking back to the middle of fill that was one Santana used always catch him third down situation. And I know he's GonNa take a big hit and he ended up taking a hit anyway. But. He's standing there jacking up ball and it's just got to come out on one hitch or it's gotta come out on a plan throw at him. The next drive a second tanny takes us back on an rpo Brennan ship it get blown up that was crap but still I it's either Imon or Dwayne if inland supposed to be running the three steps on the second Jan rpo doing get back. Then I can see why Dwayne sitting there waiting on him. If it was five steps, he's got a window. He's got it throwing lane even still I think that gotta be out there you just. You can't pull it down on our po because. Even. If. You don't get sacked. Your linemen are downfield. Right. Yeah. That's. Like that's when you throw in the if you don't trust it throwing the dirt because they'll be. About play. is either people downfield or going GonNa take a big hit. Because on the backside of that sheriff drew really just blocking the backside a run. Really that they just call that big on the backside and they just make sure that they cut off the back that for if they were gonNA they don't know if he's pulled it or giving it on the backside. I don't like to get knocked in Axel but. The bulk you can't take a sack even you can't take it only bill. You don't like it throwing the dirt. It's almost like when I say there's a lot of quarterbacks around boot and there's someone right in their face throw out staff. Survive a bad play. Can't be in third and fifteen situations. there's a third and three just into the fourth quarter. Got Throws to mckissick on a little anger out of the backfield look. I I mean, maybe maybe you hit him in the gut and he rolls forward for a yard. But as that next backer inside of mckissick. So maybe over the tack over the Tackler Guard does not run with Sims, who's you're crossing? You just progress the Sam's now that said I think sims should have sat down and stopped his route he keeps running. fucked Wayne anyways. Sometimes, they coach guys on the move but I doubt this was coach to stay on the move in don't coverage them should didn't find a hole there. So I I'm not GonNa Credit Dwayne, because he threw. Think he should've thrown if you to look to him and went what the hell are you doing Is Any and then taken attack Sam's messed up play up. Because you can see it's clearly zone coverage. This is a big play by the way early fourth quarter down seventeen, fourteen, third and three at the Eagle Twenty one yard line and it's the one where he throws mckissick and mckissick Scott to people around him and he's in even if he makes the catchy short in Sims is on that crosser and Cooley like you said like you always here again's zone coverage you gotta sit down in the whole of zone if Dwayne hit sims he turns around he picks up another five to change their moved. Exactly. What it is now, but since doesn't didn't impact that play at all in the way of played out, I also think when you're coaching the running back in those situation mckissick, you coach that route to be run with more width in more depth. Like. He should really be selling like he's pushing more vertical out of the Backfield with whip and get another yard of depth as a back. You can't run that at the line of scrimmage because you're not gonna get any yards and you're also not going to push off coverage and that's Not Good. That's not an option route from kissing. no I think that's just a little anger out the following the crossing help. COULD BE I I'm not saying it's not for sure doesn't look like you've ever was thinking about making a choice, an option route in zone coverage right there. He would've sat down at about four yards. Just turned round and sat down about four. If you did it right? There's an option you did it wrong A couple more, and then we'll move on. There's a boot throw that he. airmailed Logan Thomas. Looking Thomas is running a corner post off of a boot. So the double move up food actually like the play design and I think Logan Thomas has opened. DWAYNE has plenty of time and he throws it. Like rope over Logan said. Should. Have been a pick if twenty three's back there playing quarterback is all the ball and not player. He's GonNa kick that ball. But for that play, if you pull that up doing is just got flattening out. Don't throw it high into the end zone flatten amount to about the ten yard line. Let Him. Flattening that post. In almost like a crosser instead of to the post. And he'll go down and make a catch. Those are placing needs to see more of he needs to be able to see where he can make plays on these types of place. I doubt he's ever thrown that in a game. Terendak. Throw. So. When I looked at all of this. On passes beyond the line of scrimmage, he was actually eleven of twenty, five? Passes beyond the line of scrimmage. Not. Swings. To the back or screen eleven forty, four, percent forty, four percent throwing the ball down the field. And if you really start to take out a couple of easy throws. Like a quick spot route to Terry and. On throws that were contested or there was any coverage or any pressure he was like twenty percent. Okay. So look into the positive. I this. By the way I'm riveted because I was very more than anything else. I was really interested in what you were going to say about Dwayne and seventeen of thirty one for one seventy, eight I was like, yeah. But he had the big plays we talked about that Monday so I know we're going to get to that now but you know the fact that eleven at a twenty five on throws be on the line of scrimmage didn't include some of those swing passes, which by the way were uncomfortable. You mentioned it before they weren't thrown with a lot of touch. He's really gotta work on that. Because they. Had to work on that coming out of allow state. Yeah. They could've been incomplete. Some of those swing passes into the flat. Go ahead, what are the positives with? Twain. All. Right. As we progress throughout the game again, react this. the second drive, the first play, the second drive their opening big with the boot, and he hits carry McLaren's for about seventeen terry. Good sitting down in an open spot and Dwayne puts it right on it. Good throw. The when you see those, it's almost like. You're playing golf and finally to drive I know I, know I can't hit A. I have a good swing, but I'm doing something wrong because not hitting. The perfect at. I can do this. Well. We school a lot of chips to. A lot of those There's another run action pass. Quickly he ends up throwing a ball away that bad I like like. The media, division throw ball away get it out of your hands. There's nothing there I like that. the third and sixth scramble we talked about I if it's a great job taking off and knowing that he's taking off. And also I think understanding the concept on that side that had to in. So they were breaking to the middle of the field and man coverage pulled defenders to the middle of the field. pull up the third and six and tell me that Stevenson's junior isn't wide open in the middle of the film. Going to find that one. And tell me that's not the number one premier read, and then for me, it's I. I asked myself. Is this the sophomore quarterback who's basically saying, okay I know I got man to man coverage here we've talked about this. If I have man with two INS and I ended up getting the left edge I'll get the first down. So, instead of. Seen if somebody wins. He just thought he was gonNA run me. Do you ever because if he like you tell me, you can't simms there I I just don't understand that. Do you. Do you have a problem with him. When you know you've got, you know fifteen to twenty your play in you without any contact and any risk do you have a problem with him turning down? I'm watching it right now I see sims but I also see the complete left side of the field open up with no defenders looking and it's going to be ultimately a much bigger play than he throws the Sims. A debatable. It is. You're telling me that Simmons can't make play since got a lot more speed got two steps on a defender, and it's man to man coverage. So the next player that's GonNa come from Stacey. I look. It might get strong right there i. Since I'm a problem with Iran sims is going to catch the ball three yards beyond the line of scrimmage. So can you catch it and then make another fifteen? Sixteen yard to equal by the way twain's run could have been longer to he stumbled at the end of the run. I mean basically tripped himself he could have picked up another five six yards. And and gotten out of bounds. You know they were looking for something at that point. They didn't I think they had the one first down on the throat a maclaurin on that you know in that bootleg thing where he threw back to maclaurin that you've talked about. In their down ten nothing and now they got they got create something. Guess I'll in suggesting is. Third Down to you got to move the chains. I I'm totally with you and again, I'm not going to criticize the fact that. We got a nineteen yard run and I a quarterback who clearly understood what he wanted to do at the ball there I'm just suggesting. WH, how do we not see the idea? How why do we not see see Steven Sims? That's like a doctor seuss's there this assise even Sim Sets. I don't know. It tell me Your quarterback you. I. I'll. Equation that there were success on the play. Pause posit and tell me that that ball isn't an easy throw. I'm not saying it's an easy throat but I'm I'm not I'm not guaranteeing any in watching this play and seeing sims come underneath if you get it to them right away you do have other activity on that side of the field and you have none on a third six in. It's an absolute lock that dwayne is going to get the first down a lot more and I think when when he noticed man coverage knew what he had going on the other side of the field, he knew it was going to open up. If. You give me that answer as a player. I'm GonNa tell you great job and I'm GonNa say that Dwayne made the made a good play. He'd probably made the right play I'm just I'm just interested. Wasn't like there was nobody open. Let's put it that way. Right Okay. You really did sideline tripped him up. Pretty good. Pretty good happens to everybody. Not, not. That bad but. Okay. So we get into the a moment after Fabian moment slant to Terry maclaurin. On the right side of the field, it isn't easy. Throw carry wide open the it's fine. It's OK does a good job breaking the tackle. A slant to in that I thought was a throw. That was a big time throw a threat that need on a flat out. Throw a quick out to Terry again. Easy. Throw in corner routed Logan. Thomas when the eagles blue coverage is. I mean, he made four throats. He was four for four. He did what he was supposed to do on that drive I I don't know what to tell you other than that like one really get thrown in men and other than that, and he made three throws pretty much uncontested. Receivers. Tell me where the touchdown throw did did you. Did you like the design of the play and I thought. that. That's what I like the present motion and what they did. Yeah I did like that read. But it should not have been like Logan Thomas should've been contested. Tested mckissick Wide Open Right No mckissick was covered on the flat fifty sits there. I don't know what he's doing I. Think it's fifty. It's the first backer inside of Logan. Thomas, can I just say I got one quick question about this throw I said on Monday I love his quick release and I know that this is not it. This is an easy throw but got it such a perfect example of how quickly the ball gets out of his hands. It is such a quick you know flick of a throw and it was accurate to a wide open receiver run a well-designed play for a touchdown but even though he's backpedaling that thing is just out quickly and with velocity. To throw I, I can make that throw but. All right keep going you. Can I think you know what I think you and I could go out there and you could draw that to me. I could not with not with you know. Ninety seven in in in the others coming down on me I'd probably. I'm just like I'm looking at this threat it's it's still don't don't get me wrong on any of these throws he should make. I'm I'M NOT GONNA. I'm happy. Any major throats? I'm also aware that DWAYNE can make some big throws I. I'm aware of that as well. And we'll talk about them when they actually happen. But I don't think that Dr had much to talk about far as quarterback play. Okay it was a slant, play a play a quick out. To four plays in a row they went into day one install. So yeah, I did. Okay keep going secondhand. We're still enjoying it here starting the film breakdown. We're still underway and we are almost finished with Wayne Haskins and then all of it will be seen listen fly after that. The completion to Sims which? Takes them down to about a two yard line. It's a touchdown if he throws it outside to Inman or across the field the Logan Thomas. It's actually the wrong read. The Eagles are running what? Is called a cover to invert. So both their cornerbacks are dropping back in playing the deep halves of the field. They had a safety in the middle of the field who looks like he's GonNa play middle of the field safety and he's actually stepping up. He's the Tampa Mike linebacker. Which player you know which player are you talking about? I'm sorry. Is it the one. To. Two Yard, line, in, the third quarter after The moreland pick, gut. So what who's who should Heathrow to hear? Well, it's a touchdown if he throws it to either in minority. Logan. Thomas. See that's a tricky coverage down there and that's a variation of cover to that. It does full a lot of quarterbacks because they see one safety in the middle of the field. And you get this. Like will they can't run cover to here. It's just they can that got the safety steps up and plays the Middle Tampa in the corners dropped two depth and if he would have glimpsed that to his right. I. Think it was Matt's. Is. Bailing pre snap. and. You can see him dropping deep. And he actually jumped deep more to the middle and completely aboard Inman who's running up the outside and start to collect on Sims. So that's the play that. That quick release will get it done though. And? Protecting his body were again. We're going to learn from that plane. We're going to learn that as a quarterback you can use your eyes to manipulate defense but at the same time, we're GONNA learn what we've had success. Cooley. What you realize from the end zone on this? He's got no sir, it's all wrist. It's all flick. Like there's no step into that throw. It is super quick but the the footwork right is is not is not great and it's all risk the throw he doesn't step into it. It's really it's interesting to watch his throwing motion. It's one of the reasons it's so quick, but there's no There's no there's no legs into a throw for him on that one there wasn't. Well if you watch him throughout the game, it's not necessarily style. It's just why I think. A lot of situations he's going to lack accuracy 'cause it's hard to throw dark the way he's throwing darts. And at the same time, you look at this and it's like I if I was playing, I would have wanted this ball crowns me as well. If I was saying I want this ball. But if this is Nineteen, Ninety nine football I guess at the quarter but cornerback, but you guys brought up that way a little bit. It's fine. It's fine. We got to play down to the two yard line. You just had to receivers open and that probably. You know that probably wasn't the exact right thrown I'm sure he'd like it back to throw touchdown on the next play have. Pain Barbara have to run it in. The two best throws I. Thought he made on the day. Logan Thomas on the third down he he he works as slant to his right. The safety ends up cutting any progressive through and hits Logan Thomas and it's a good ball 'cause logan tightly contested and Logan jumps forward for to yards that moment in the game that play was huge. And then later on that drive. a slant to inman. was absolutely huge. Those were to the best throws and the other bathroom I thought it was the drive open on that drive that scored hit. Logan Thomas on a run action pass. In the middle of the field through right between the backers, those are the three best rows of the day. I thought with the game on the line seventeen seventeen. Oh. Another play that I liked was the third and fifteen in the third quarter, it was a comeback to inman. Image taking forever to get out of his break. This is. It's like when you're coaching high school kids like teach them that seven chop steps at the top of her out doesn't do any favors the corners breaking on the row before inman turning around in men's taking absolutely forever. Doing doesn't have time and so he lets go. It's that was a good anticipation throat. A man coverage that should have been completed if inman can get a head around. Like Chop Chop Chop. Chopped up. Did you eight hundred, ninety five pounds like not come out of a break and this is the NFL. So. Actually thought that was a pretty good throw. The one thing. I would say to Wayne moving forward and certain fifteen if you have man coverage. Or what anyone you eleven lurker eleven plug or whatever? There's a free safety in the Middle Linebacker who are basically zoning reading is. Man. This is what I'd say Work Sam's or work Terry. Got Man coverage work one of your two best receivers don't work here third receiver. Oh. One more big play that I thought he made that I don't think you'd go unnoticed. After, they convert the fourth down. He has to scramble yeah. From the three yard line. Shariff can't pass up a stunt and he ends up getting himself back to the line of scrimmage. Does the difference between a touchdown field goal in that situation. I thought that was big time. After the fourteen one. You're saying that. I'm getting to that play because I want to down throw he ends up having to scramble. And he gets up the middle back to the line of scrimmage. I think it was called the sack. was. Hold on but that's a huge play by doing. He's got nobody open in the end zone. and. Not, taking along great great footwork right vision to avoid a couple of people and get that thing back to the line of Scrimmage Yep. Big Play for them talking about allowed about the pocket. Yeah. The other thing with Dwayne oh I mean. Girl I'm pretty much that that's a wrap for the game. He makes a little boots or other dams that's not right deal, but is a big play call. The thing with Dwayne is if you're not going to start to climb the pocket. You're creating a landmark back there. Especially in known passing situations where defensive ends can turn the corner at eight yards and expect you there. If you're not going to step up. And be able to move. Your left guard gets beat slide up and move right flight up and move back around those. That's what the best quarterbacks do when you watch drew brees. Guys get beat all the time you make some miss you what somebody's got to be able to make guys miss back. They're gonna be able to avoid. For God's Sakes. I know got eight times but the first Boston blitz where he was unblocked like just ducked in Boston went over the top of him. Any survived the play. Who got to be able to try to avoid back there a little bit better than I thought doing did at some point in the game and you can't just become a statue standing at nine yards for anybody to come and start swiping the ball. Okay I have the intangibles. I thought he did a really good job for the most part protecting the ball. I don't know if it's protecting the ball or sometimes throws just such a bullet that it's called protected I. Thought He. He consistently had the offense at the line of scrimmage. He utilize the motions and everything pre-snap. Really really well, I thought he did a good job with his cadence throughout the game. I thought. Poison leadership consistent throughout the game. So it's it's interesting because I see a guy who's throwing the ball too early but I don't think I was panicked. I, I think. There's a promise to Duane play and I think that this is a good learning moment in a new offense for Dwayne and they gotta figure out exactly what he's comfortable with and what he can do. And where they grow from there, because most completions were really basic simple concepts and and so. We've got to be able to build on that a little bit more. So the grade. The grade is a C. minus in this game. The poise leaders friendly and the throat in men in a tie game that didn't. That didn't Ken Ono that didn't. Know about that that got it to where it was that I saw that is. At best that C., minus in this game. But. See you can be see starting quarterback you start getting below season. You're you're not a starting quarterback in this league, you're not a great quarterback in the level. I see. Dwayne as being able to be right now better than that. But he's gotTa, he's gotTa be more accurate. He's got to have more touch and you've got to be able move in the pocket a little bit better and I've one question about him, and then we'll get to the skill position players. But before I ask the question about him, I wanNA make sure just like we used to be and you used to be clear this is Cooley grading Duan's game. Not Dr- degrading Duan's overall ability. He's grading dwayne game the eagles the one they played on Sunday as a Sima. here's here's my one thought slash question. What I noticed a little bit but much more. So in following you through your breakdown of Dwayne. is they need to really get more play action into the game for him and they need to get him on the move and play action a lot of bootleg because I thought. You know even that easy throat a Sims. You know up twenty, four seventeen that got that big play out of that. He just looks more comfortable on the move a little bit on that bootlegged maclaurin where he threw. Back over you know to the sort of middle of the field I. think he rose better the touch throws in the flat look ugliest to me the one flick bad footwork from the pocket. It works in a gets there a lot of the time, but it doesn't look smoothie smoothest throws for him our boots and play action but especially boots where he's on the move sort of against the grain. Yes, or no. I I would tend to agree with that I. Think early in the game, you make him more prototypical type of guy instead of. The, rpo stuff and some of the. Some of the quarterback action type of plays where he potentially run I, think you get that mixed in into the second and third quarter of games. When he starts to become more comfortable, I think quick game. With. Some run plays early and then you integrate some run action stuff where he can take some shots I. think that's the best thing you could possibly do. They didn't do anything to create. Big Plays Downfield. Anything where Harry was really. Working double moves or I mean maybe you're thinking that we weren't GonNa have enough time but. I, just didn't see a lot of shots up. All right cooler going to get to the skill position players. Next after we take this moment for a word from. Liquid Ivy. This is the athletic. She'll Kapadia here to tell you about liquid. IV. Nobody likes to feel dehydrated. Maybe you get a little bit of a headache dry mouth you just don't feel like yourself but believe it or not. Dehydration still occurs daily in three out of four people with Liquid Ivy you have the fastest most efficient way to stay hydrated each serving helps. You get as much hydrogen as two to three bottles of water maybe use it after a really intense workout. Maybe you went out socially distance with friends and had a couple extra beers the night before that's where liquid IV comes in. It is healthier than those sugary sports drinks no artificial flavors or preservatives and less sugar than apple plus it contains five essential. 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He's the guy that you see early in the game, he sits down on a deep crossing route sits down and makes the catch on bootleg out to the right and you just like he has a sense and he has a knack and when you watch chairman corn, there's nothing about him but says, he's a second year player or he's a young player. He mature football player. He's a good block downfield. He consistently makes big plays after the catch like you see him breaking tackles more than anybody else. In this? Organization or in that organization I. Think he he his after the stuff is big time. I it's fun to watch him off the ball sometimes because he's open off the ball at times or he's he's doing the right thing off the ball at times. How you Terry Maclaurin will dictate what Lord actually at the show. I think you gotta find a way to get him down the field and more involved in especially in some of the third down situations make him your primary Guy Designing create for. Maybe they maybe they were worried. That area slave would be on terry the entire game, but gift Terry chance to beat him. I don't think they did enough to do that. I've was be in this game. But I just don't see. Him having the opportunity to be in a tight player in it's logging. Do they have to do what Clinton always says is you just forced the ball to your best player. Yeah they they are absolutely going to have to, and if you think about all the motions and all the movements and all the things that they had terry wasn't really involved in much of that you have to find a way to make him involved in that. So you can create them if you're playing at one corner, let's get Terry on their corner. Let's find a way to get him into better situations where he can get downfield. For me that's that's Terry played. The most plays if anybody. for from any of the skills. Skill positions, I I liked Terry Lot I'm GONNA I'M GONNA. Sit here and tell you like he's a the receiver in my opinion. UNTIL HE MAKES X. Receiver type of place this year. And by that, I mean the deep all over the top the big time guy. You know what I mean. Last year receiver the guy that's going to take a slant and break tackle and make a play out of it. They'd be I see him as that I just don't see him as a true exit this point. But the say that there shouldn't be anything that tells me he's not because I see speed I, see some route running ability I think he can get better route runner. But I still think that he's got some savvy to him. And showed it in this game. Do you re? So I WANNA just make sure that people follow that you know that you know that don't really follow you know XYZ receivers and and and and have you explain in the X.. Out there on that side by the by itself. But my question to you is why is that viewed sometimes as more a number one versus number two? So. The seaver. Is always offset from the White Titan. which. Essentially means they're offset from the strength? The backside end or the slot could be set to them in a double situation or you could go completely three over and put three guys with the wire way but the X. in or polar opposite. The why is usually the strength defense is considered the why tight end this thing The EX. The biggest thing and X. can do is make plays when you go three by one away from the. Or when the axes on the single side. Those are the big time ex players that you have to bracket or you have to bring a safety over. So you play two players over one, and now you have an advantage with three on the other side. Dictated that yet with Terry. So. Hopefully I mean remember remember last year especially with keenum they took a lot of deep shots McLaren's four three speed was very difficult to you know. Stay stay with. I mean when the? Remember, early in that year, they'd there is a lot of first down play action deep shots to him with him being you know them trying to force feed it to him I don't know if they'll do that and Scott Turner. He had one in the game. Okay and it ended up being an overthrow by doing haskins and I didn't put this in the positive or the negative dwayne happened. They went with run action pass and Terry took it into about the Hash on an angle it's really it's called an angle route. You can take it into the Hash and then he's going to bend it back out. So it's like back out to the corner. So it's not straight them. It's inside like you're selling deep across. The field and then back out. Terry gets him up. He's got to find a way to sell that further inside hands off. You gotta get over the top on. That is basically what I'm saying if he wants to be a one, any wants to win on that plane and wants to get those got to get over the top cornerback one way or another. He's gotTa find a way to sell it with the stem or sell it with the speed to push the middle of the field that he doesn't get road. As he comes back out of that bending the corner, he did get road. So in that, and then I didn't put that under way because I thought doing gave him a chance I would maybe would've liked ball have a little more touch but I still don't know if that's going to be complete ball. It was good coverage. So I WANNA see you guys get a step on some of those situations that's a hard route in my opinion, but that's what he's gotta be able to do. Terry McAuliffe Berry beat. Sims junior sim since junior plays like fifty eight place. It. I think they realize that he's he's a game changer and Ken be. Needs, to be on the field. Fifty eight plates he had three targets, get three receptions for fifty yards I thought he had the opportunity to have some more. thing that stands out in this game initially. In the positive is his ability to change speed. They he tempos the first three or four steps around twenty needs to he can burst out of those things that. that you don't see from players we talked about this in detail with the dwayne Haskins scrambled. But Simms running a five yard in on a third down and most guys run straight to five yards in it and Simpson's like. Pause and hesitation step, and then in break and the burst out of it is awesome by the way on that very same play tear maclaurin did the same thing on a slant and separated he also was opening up. So I noted that from Terry on that particular play but man Sims is A guy that can change speed. He's a guy that can I after the catch he should get more of those little screenplays yet that Nice little slip screen early in the ball game. he can go up and get a ball that that. Down to the two yard line that they ended up scoring their second touchdown. That's a huge play a little. He caught it and traffic. Cutting traffic. He's got good hands. Great play on the bootleg at the end of the game. Just burst out of it with the ball he he's scares people. So to me like. Another guy. To find a way to get vertical down the field, Terry's going to dictate coverage. We gotTA GET GOWNS field. Don't treat him as a slot treatments, your number two and get him down the field There was one opportunity where they did have a chance. They were trying to take a chance early in the game it was a run action pass Dwayne through way. He's running the Jon Gruden Banana. Route. So he's going to sell like he's running a deep crossing out from the right side. SPIDER WHY BANANA Yeah, it'd be a spider Zibanejad. Because he's busy but yeah, that would be it's just that banana didn't have any curve to it. That was a real diflucan banana. Like they've Got Bananas They're not right here those stiff, those stiff bonaly. They got a little too much green on him. You gotTA. Wait a couple days. One more step. Just a little bit more patience on that double move and he's going to be open. It's almost like the feel like. You're running on, you start on the right side of the formation you're depressing in the corner or the player, the DB's outside of you behind you. It's almost like out of the right. Is your any deep across you have to fill them start to cut across the field on the crosser and right when you feel them cut that's when you break. So to me, it doesn't matter how far you take it into the middle of the field. It's it's as far as you need to take it to push that player to cut it, and then you come back out of it. Other than that. I thought it was pretty good. He was be in this game. Logan Thomas you like him. You like him I love him I think he's going be a consistent good player I see him as Morton Lot. More than just a slot. A Don't you. Don't you think he's going to carry the ball to on a lot of that fly sweeping in motion action. I'd rather have him carry the ball in Gibson on fly sweeps stuff. Okay right now can't wait till. Gibson's review in great here. Okay. Since junior be who's up next. Rugged Thomas. Jefferson. Things that I like about Logan Thomas, it. I think the in the run game. He's physical. You you remember last year when he knocked Ryan Kerrigan out right. The, he's I've never seen that the crystal screaming I'd forgotten. Place in Kayode rank here. You had one early in the game where he went down and cut the D. end. Blew him up on a couple of you do that a couple of times the tight end, and they don't want any more. Like. This is this. I think he's got some physicality to him now that said. The first negative I'M GONNA get to they run this little counterplay that ends up bouncing outside. He didn't. He didn't block anybody on that play that's out there. And he's the only player outside. ARRIGO block him. Run into him like he just ran into like wait wait wait is that like I think it was. That was my guy. I saw that somebody somebody tweeted that play out he also missed somebody in the backfield on that. But. He's bypassing the player in the backfield. Okay. Yeah, he's supposed to run pass the player in the backfield because you want that. You. Want that defensive linemen to go down the line of scrimmage and we're counting on him being unblocked in pouncing out. Someone's like a reverse kind of deal. So you just block the corner and then we have a touchdown. Or not. That was weird. Veneer interception on third, down. In. Four I think that it's a poor angle by Logan Thomas. Look. Let's just be really clear. On the near maddox interception you're talking about. Little let me just be clear like this. Doesn't I don't see. Logan thomases a guy that's GonNa man to man coverage. But you're not your third down. No I think he's got some speed but. I like. You look at the catchy made on the run action pass to start a drive over the middle of the field and that's to me. Logan Thomas. He's got the speed to press the scene and press vertically. So he can get into some open zoned well into the timing of the play and make those type of place. But I don't see him as an a clicked which I think he's stiff I. think he's different Tips I. Think He runs away to upright. but I do think he he's physical. I mean, for example, like the he got a little screenplay. Like it. Easy to tackle. I got the brought down by one do immediately. But I do like him I think he's better than they've had. It's interesting I thought. All right. In the I thought you were going to tell me that he had some athleticism court former quarterback, former basketball player kind of ability to get open in separate. I'm not saying at the Jordan Reed level because that was ridiculous but I thought I saw a little bit of wiggle to. I don't see a lot of wiggle. Okay. We're GONNA. have. A B minus B. Minus for Logan Thomas. Gibson. Gibson as a physical runner. That play that he ran through. Might have been me Jackson. Polo shirt. That was the Logan Thomas didn't block anybody right? Pulling the shirt and get the lake drive from. Gibson was awesome. He had a great run in the second quarter for eighteen on trap play. So you run into in between the tackles. But. That second quarter eighteen yard carry you freeze frame that. At about seven yards downfield and tell me that that's not a housecall. Run Straight into Terry McLaren and falls down Kerry tackle this. He runs a little upright to doesn't he? He runs a little upright. I'm. Concerned about his break tackle ability and the open field off of one game. Do like his hands out of the Backfield we've talked about weighing touch, but he made a couple of catches out of the Backfield I. Think he's a better route runner than. Any of the other backs I'd like to see him utilize more Moore's as as a route runner I said that he could be used as an as an HBO type player like maybe it could be blocked a decent blocker. But that, Logan Thomas Screen. We just talked about A. he had a complete Miss Block on that play that his guy tackled. Logan Tommy. Like if you want to do things he. Always think of it this way like if I want guys to for me on the screenplay blocked for them on a screenplay. Like I see a birthday see some quickness icy some real rawness to. Like he I don't see him as a true back at this point. They see him as a as a versus guy that. But I do think at the same time like I think they use mckissick some third down situations. And they even use them like extended from the line just a little bit shipping. That's Gibson. Him. That's that's the Gibson is essentially make him. Your next receiver and third downplays. John. I thought he a C plus in this game. Oh and the other thing got tackled in the backfield on. One little counterplay I I. Two plays. One of the first place you got run down from the backside they ended unblocked. I think it just took forever to develop I. Think he took too long. Okay. I mean. He's practice it. He's definitely trying to sell frontside and counter and set up and I just think it took too. Okay. couple more just quickly inman inman yeah. I'm not impressed with inman too much. He made a couple of catches on slant that I that I like. I think he's Really in this game was average at getting off any kind of press getting any kind of separation to me didn't look like he was fast off at the Baugh. he was a C. minus. In there was. We just mentioned that eighteen yard Kerry by. Gibson. People that up and tell me how inman gets away with holding like every time he blocked somebody he's grabbing outside of their pads. There was a clear defined hold. Oh, and by the way I went through the PF grades they gave him a positive like they don't give positives that often especially in the run game, he got a positive. So if it's a flag, it's called negative to Unin but if it's not, it's a positive. But it should have been a negative us but they weren't calling holding on Sunday. So there you go. But it was okay. Okay. painting barber. I like dating Barbara me too. I think that he has really patients I thought he showed good vision and his ability to run the ball game stiff arm at one point he can run through contact it. In tight spaces was good in in around the end zone with good. I think pain Barbara is a pretty good player. A didn't have a ton of carry. The guy would have liked to see Peyton Barbara get I mean. I. Say that I guess he had. Teen Kerry I on Monday. His seventeen carries for twenty nine yards and I said if you just read that stat line, I don't think you'd miss the point barbers vision and patients in some of those big runs especially down at the goal line were really impressive I I agree with you I thought he looked good. You know he's never had high to get the first down exactly huge because it didn't look like there was going to be i. thought that when he took that pitch, I didn't think he was gonNA make it. Yeah I. He made the most out of it. I I like I like Barbara is weird because like I graded him a be in this game and it and it's like you look at his stats and it's a D.. But I thought he made plays when he had to make plays and I thought he ran. Some good patients I thought like watching him with a couple of the cuts that he made a couple of things that he did. I actually like the barber in this game. I I did too in Remem- remember Cooley he had that really good game the game we're Tampa had five hundred yards only scored three points, but he was really good in that game and I remember making sort of a note I'm like that guy runs with patients and with really good vision and yet he's never really been a guy that's generated a big statistical season. You know his yards per average Kerry, his career is not very impressive like I'm GonNa pull it up right now because I know it's it's always in the threes. Yup Three. Point one last year, three, point seven three point nine his first year in Tampa but he only had fifty five attempts. It was four point one. But when he really became more of a of a a guy that could get a bunch of carries, he's in the in the low to mid threes as an average three, seven, three nine actually higher threes but. Yeah. I liked him to what about mckissick didn't like mckissick in this in this ball game I didn't think mckissick really did anything to impact the game I had a couple of missed assignments. He missed the protection. Yeah. The drop pitch now I know someone's in your face but. I wasn't blown away by mckissick. I thought he was a D. in this game. I don't think he really created any impact I didn't see it. But they must see it in him and maybe it was just bad performance because he had a of the running backs. He had them I think he had the most snaps, right? Yeah. Didn't forty. Thirty. Right. When he was in on all the third downplays. So they they must like him and we heard that coming at a camp I I didn't think there was much I liked him in Detroit though when he was there but anyway you got him as a d. who else offensively skilled positions sprinkled played a bunch of snaps. Like bring wasn't very good in this game. At that. Okay, and Marcus Bob played twenty seven plays, which is crazy. He wore number eighty five he's Not It's Charlie Warner. Going to. Say. Time. Probably GonNA. Play for San Francisco. This week skittles Charlie, I talked to Charlie Warner two days ago. Yeah. Telling. Me You're happy made made the team. I told him I knew it was GONNA? Make the team. You did. Let's get to the offensive line. 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That's K. E. V. I N. D. C., and my bookie will double your first deposit. You're winning season begins today only at my bulky. cavill finish with the of line as exciting as it says, I will tell you before we begin this part of the program that on Monday he said I didn't think the waiting time and I kinda said I thought it was okay and situation. You're right. It wasn't very. I mean he could make better in some situations. The gas wasn't very good. Let's start with Doron Christian, we'll go left or right across the board I the way I like to do this because they're so impactful on every play and it's funny they play the most plays you grade them the most grades. You, right the most notes and people care the least about these. Yet but I think because this is a perceived weakness authencity along with a wide receiver and because Christians been a big question mark and they're going to have to figure out the left side I think people are going to be very interested in how you great out these guys in this first game considering they won the right. To do this, essentially a run grade pass game and up past grading can pretty much put them together because they're two really different situations. So we'll start with your on Christian in the run game. He's not physical. He's gotTa be more downhill. He's got to use hands better. He's got play lower on the backside and double teams E he's getting too far behind his own player that he's double teaming with like humping West. Martin at times like you don't need the Hump West Martin better suited actually get asked asked to ask ash-sheikh moving forward instead of just ramrodding. When? We Push. Due to my big. I. Hate when they do that drives breaking, it was coached last year. This was actually coached last year. I don't know how they're gonNA coach things this year by and I don't know how long it will take guys to get out of some of these techniques if they are coaching in a new way the. Drought just drove me nuts lester. Just getting catching too much like he'd get there. He had the first step and then he catch like wait like if you have the for step attack you one. Knock Him Downfield is there catch him with you get a first step. You got a little space like okay. Now is gonNA run into me. Okay. Now, catch him and let him push me back. I saw that too much In the past game I didn't I thought the first half was good. Bye Bye, Christian. gave up the sack fumble that at least be recovered would have been an absolute backbreaker at that point in the game would have caught. killed all the momentum it would have been a disaster, but it ended up working out and then I thought he. You know I thought he started opening tips too quick and I'll explain A. When you have a specially tackle. There in what's called a kick slide. So they on the left side, kick his left foot back and then slide his right foot straight back. And you're doing this while you're keeping your hips facing downfield. He needs to get to his third big kick before he tries to open his hips and turn pivot. When you open to quick you give up the edge that's what happened on the sack fumble and it happened on a couple of pressures later in this game and really it's a result of pure panic. That's what it is. It's panic. So. You got to be more physical than run game and because you give up a sack or because of pressure, it doesn't mean you panic the rest of the game and he started give up some presser pressures late I four pressures. And a sack in. The in the pombal as well to me in the run game Christian was a D. in the past game. I thought he was see. I thought there was some bad place but I thought there was some positive there. So essentially, you're saying inbetween DNC you say he plus. Be. Flat. Minor. See you see Between DNC would be a C. minus. A right. Okay. Well, let's call it a D. plus give up a sack fumble. No penalties. West Martin. Like West Martin I like he was one of my favorite players coming out of the draft, he was not very good in this game. Oh, my God did he get his ass kicked on that I? Know to be somewhat fair mckissick chips. The defensive end who then runs into the back of a League Jackson, and it changes the dynamic of the feel for pass protector but seriously like. Really. Good job. He must've roller skated backwards as a kid a little bit not falling down right away right? I think that he can be more impactful in the run game the double teams between him and Christian were really good. But Christian didn't help that. He wasn't powerful I. Think he can be scrimmage and he was bowled too much in the past game. He gave up by pressures. He gave up way too much pressure. It's a good front. Eagles are good but it wasn't Cox on his side. It was me Jackson's good player, but it wasn't Fletcher Cock. C. MINUS IN THE RUN GAME D in The past game for West Martin. That's more like a d plus that's the same grade. Yeah Christian. But you like him as a player. I do I, do I think that? He can be a decent player the center tastes? Yeah. I'd way too much. Holding on at the last second, not enough Dr Not enough physicality needs to play or or physicality in this game lost a lot of blocks in the past game. Wait. Fletcher Cox came in and. Kind of bullied him around a little bit over the middle. gave up multiple pressures in this game I think he does a good job in space when you get them out and pulling on the move, he does a good job although Sims on the one screen Sims had for a good screen. I would like to see reagents cut block rehab guy ends up forcing since out about just of down and then can make a decision where he wants to go off of that. But I do think he's got some athleticism some good movement and space. Not Physical enough in the middle. And not consistent enough in finishing Clayton he was in the run game, he was in the past game. Brandon sheriffs. So, this is my first thing in the run game, Brandon can be whatever he wants to be. He's so stout. He's so physical. He's got so much strength and he's still trying to turn it toward people. Now again, they were coached to do this last year. On some of the zone run plays when somebody takes an edge or one side of you that just turned torque and expose the whole like almost pull with one hand push with the other and just torque. It eliminates the possibility of the back going to that CIDER and further. The theory would be that it would open up a hole inside of him. I hate this. Shit. My opinion. It was how he was coach though I don't know what it's going to be, but I hate the. Downgrade. Downgrade him on Torque. Other people might not. Well. His head or is he just doing what is being coached? Can't tell you don't have the answer to that right now. But I think it's just sloppy football I. Think it's Lazy. Just keep moving your feet and keep running your player because he's so good that if he just runs his player, he can run them out of out of the equation I mean God the time and in this game as well like Ren Sheriff when he's pulling him when he's in space, he is an absolute nightmare. Like get him in space and on the move and he's an absolute nightmare. i. do think that he got pushed around a little bit by Fletcher Cox in this game, he gave up that rpo sack. I mean. Ease push back like that. I, think he missed a couple done in the past game. I, like the sheriff I think he's a tremendous player. It's just nothing he's shown me in this game is indicative of player that deserves a massive guard guard contract he was plus in the run he was a c plus in the past he gave up a sack he gave up three pressures and there were very little impact place where I think Brandon Sheriff made that play happened. Okay see for share. was. It the best offensive line grade because so far it is. Not Because of the Best Morgan Moses Morgan Moses actually did a tremendous job in the run game. You got him out in space I mean the fourth and to I think anyone can visualize that big time play. Y- when he was out moving he looked like he had some of his athleticism back. And keep in mind the last couple of years it's like ankle problem after ankle problem, but it diving to make blocks late, make plays. There was a trap, play the bounce out to the left that Morgan dove and end up knocking his guy out on the second level. It away from the play but his guy would have made the play and it was like it's ugly but manned effort to get that done is so big time. And I thought Morgan did a pretty good job as the past protect our really to me. It was only like one fresher that gave up as past protector. And this ball game. So the right side between Sheriff and Moses should be fine Moses. I. Thought he was. A close to an a in the run game I can't find a ton. And I thought he was a B. In the be plush to me Morgan's like eight minus in this game. Well, there it is. It took us a while but the very last player unless you graded out West Schweitzer who played six snaps the very last player was the highest grade in player in the Game Morgan Moses. And across the board, the offensive line if you'd be. It was a d plus C minus performance at best buy this offensive line. and. Essentially if you were degrade the entire offense, I thought made a couple of plays when they had to make plays in finish a couple of drives that were critical down there in the red. Zone. But they did not. They do not strike fear into anybody isn't it? This. Is An offense that near you're not going to be. Ninety that worried about, but it's fun to watch and keep in mind what did I do this I? It was just one game one game. It's an offense that got a new offense coordinator and a second year quarterback and a young offensive line. There enough. Incident could grow we this. These could get better as the season goes up. I first of all I for me overall the the biggest surprise for me is that You is that you graded. dwayne a C. minus that that's my biggest surprise I really thought you're going to come in here and you're going to tell me because of the big plays he made because of the clutch plays that he made that even all the stuff we saw early in the game that that trump's a lot of it and that maybe he was a b minus kind of because I think that's what I. I didn't great him. I should've on the radio show or maybe earlier this week on the podcast I think I would have. Given A B minus because he came through in the same way, he did in the Detroit game last year where he had a terrible game but he came through with big plays when winning the game was a possibility and he delivered I, think that's my biggest surprise I thought. He would have been a little bit higher but you know in listening to you, I know I know it's fair and concerns about touch passing the touch on his passes was something that Rivera mentioned and I can see even with a non expert. Opinion, on quarterback play. Technically, I can see that the footwork isn't consistent or very good I. Do think though the more in listening to you do this, they gotta figure out a way to get him. You know on a lot of bootlegs early and get some easy throws and it seems like his touch on bootlegs is better. Anyway it sounds like you're wrapping up to great job. Oh. I just had this car buttons turned on. All right but no, you're pretty good. We'll do. We'll do defense tomorrow. Thanks. Thanks buddy great job from Cooley first film breakdown a year he'll do defense tomorrow and we'll be doing this all year long Appreciate it have a great day everybody.

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