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Thanks again to bomani jones for talking with us about his piece on the undefeated ben lyon great guests on the show some icons strong de. Hey you know jones living legend. Mariah k. lions breaking down some crystal talk here on e._s._p._n. L._a. How boogie can get healthy sham sherani from from the athletic stadium who broke the boogie news arosh markazi from hawaii music big show on a thursday in the summer spanning the by the way spanning like the entire fifty. I guess we've got from the east coast covered. We've got arosh from hawaii and then my wife from the universe and i'm sure we'll show not sure wishaw was but either way like we've. We've got a lot of different spots covered. It's been a few days been since <hes> the n._c. Aa amended the certification process for for agents representing basketball players deciding whether or not to stay in school or explore the n._b._a. Draft they no longer are going to require them to have a bachelor's i agree that was something that was being proposed by the n._c. Double a. instead. They've just decided that <hes> the agents don't need a bachelor's degree. They just need to be in good standing with the national basketball players association. This was being dubbed. The rich paul rule because rich paul does not have a bachelor's degree. He's just simply gone on to become one of the most powerful people in sports despite despite not having that degree and this in particular rub you the wrong way happy to hear that there's been a change in the rule that now now no longer requires this because i don't have a bachelors degree and i've never once in my professional career been asked to show it been asked. I don't think i've missed out on any opportunities booties because i don't have it. I decided at that time of my life to bet on myself and jump right into work and look. I was afforded every privilege one one could imagine growing up as a child in terms of education. I believe i went to the greatest heights going this country. It's the oldest high school in america founded in sixteen twenty eight by the dutch settlers. It's called the collegiate school that little on the nose. Our our league was called the ivy league. That's all competed against the ivy league schools new new york sixty five percent of my class went on to go to ivy league colleges right our average s._a._t. Score no thanks to me was a fourteen twenty so i was around great education education growing up which may be made me feel comfortable and going out there and disrupting the traditional model and betting on myself and to start working but but when i heard that part of the rich paul thing it made me so mad personally because i was afforded the opportunity to go and grab graduate graduate college and i chose not to there are so many people in this country who are not afforded that opportunity and are able to go on and continue their lives and i think think honestly as i've gotten older indian maybe you. I don't know what you studied in college at u._s._c. but theater we perform up here. I suppose the idea of going to college for like general studies. I don't know i think it's no longer what it used to be. I think if you go for a specialized course you're in a hotel. Tell management program. You're in business school. Freeman free pre matter then. There's some value to getting drunk. Unquote finding yourself like that's not necessarily we'll college should be well. I mean you mentioned before the idea that you'd been afforded a certain amount of privilege in being able to make that decision for yourself one way or the other do i support it in that right now and and my parents not not support me financially but to say we believe in you do your thing but also too i mean ultimately knowing you have a safety net there even if they're not directly supporting you during during this you know that the bottom isn't necessarily going to fall out if this doesn't work and there are plenty of people around the country particularly in impoverished areas often in communities of color where they don't even have the ability to make that decision one way or the other day and there was a lot of conversation about whether the rich paul rule was in in and of itself racist. I don't think it was a racist andy. It's completely coated law and rule that they're trying to enforce saying well. I don't know i mean to to some degree. I get people are coming from because the effect was going to be. I think have a disproportional is going to have a disproportional effect on and i think a lotta times people of color young people of color people that don't have the same opportunities but if rich paul was white he would would be still considered a threat to the system the way he's been doing things. I don't think the rule was necessarily racist in intent as much as it would be racist just or nothing else ratio in the effect. I mean who's to say you know if if he you know look differently if there would be this need need to come up with some new type of room i think i think if rich paul had the same type of juice that he has with lebron coming up the same way he did. You know going completely against the grain. I don't think he'd get some of the same sideways looks that you know come from rich paul doing this as a young black man but he'd still be looked at as a threat yeah and look at his as walk model or or the old kind of athlete representation representation model worked at a certain time now. You're seeing guys. Take their you know the representation into their own hands whether it's lebron rich sure rich climate who went to an ivy league school in my league went to field sooner. I've known rich for a long time. He's with kevin durant like there is a new age of guys men and women. I talked to aaron kane. This morning works at octagon and works with elena delle. Don steph curry and jessica halts over at c._a. A part of larger traditional models but they have a new the younger fresh energy jess works with karl anthony towns and booker much angela ross right so julius randle. I think this idea of new styles houser reputation representation for athletes is threatening to the older but that's got. That's actually a lot of what i'm getting and these older guys include the n._c. Aa which is if nothing else institution and a moneymaker and look. We don't want the young stars of tomorrow to surround themselves with vultures richard cripps and dirty handshakes. There needs to be vetting seduction eventing system that said a college degree. It is not part heart of it. It's just not an english major from arizona state now all of a sudden you're qualified but also you can be a con man with a degree there. There are one sitting in the white house and i go there. I mean you absolutely have that ability to have bad intentions and if you have a degree if you don't have a degree i mean either case is possible so ultimately. That's why a vetting system like say. The basketball players association association actually just vetting these guys individually. That's the best way to go about doing this because if you if you are in good standing with them you should be in good enough standing with the n._c. Double a. yeah and look i mean the var ball had a situation with his son in representation that didn't go. No you know why because he didn't know vetting right in house degree lavar. I think he did graduate college. I don't know but i'm talking about the guy that he altered brought in to manage lonzo's money he could like him being a college graduate very possible and he may have been a college graduate. What we do know though is that he actually had served time for embezzling money from athletes piece and this is a guy lavar put in charge of his sons money whether because he did no vetting whatsoever a weather because he lacked common sense since that's the type of thing that the n._c. Double a. should be concerned about not whether or not you know the next rich. Paul is gonna come through the pipeline. The truth of the matter is is rich. Paul is a really good agent. Rich paul works really hard and well on behalf of his clients yeah and you like him or not. I just felt job. I just i felt like when i heard that story <hes> some type of way because it's similar my experience of but for different reasons but the idea of pursuing suing your career what you're passionate about what you care about what you want to say in the world <hes> but having to go through that antiquated checkpoint seems so dated irrelevancy. It's it's completely dated irrelevant and i didn't i mean i'll say this rich. Paul wrote an editorial for the athletic and about six or seven later six seven hours later. The thing got reversed reversed that rich paul writing that editorial gets the thing reverse like six or seven hours later explains exactly why they're so terrified of rich paul that they would attempt this cockamamie rule in the first place ridiculous how shouts of rich paul absolutely <hes> coming up and we've been talking throughout the entire show about nipsy russell and today's his birthday get a little bit into his legacy. You know not just as a musician but also a sports fan and an angelino because he was is at heart a product of los angeles. Donald show e._s._p._n. L._a. Happy birthday nipsy hustle. Today is the late great rappers birthday indicate manetzky ski. Ben lyon sodano show e._s._p._n. L._a. and throughout the show we've just been noting on the first birthday after his unfortunate passing just what he's meant to music and what he's meant to sports but also just what he's meant to l._a. Yeah you know i gotta be honest andy as someone who has lived in l._a. For a long long time i've been here fifteen years now <hes> almost as long as i lived in new york was kinda crazy <hes> but i live in a very different los angeles address than the one that nipsy comes from and <hes> talks about in his music <hes> and i felt in that moment that sunday afternoon when the word kind of spread that we had lost him sort of what what can i do. What's my role in this cause. I'm in the same city as this guy but i'm on a i'm in a much different world and i'll be the first to admit that right so i don't know. I don't know what the answer is to that. I don't know what the next step is is for someone like myself who feels a connection because of shared love of sports and music and culture and his message of of betting on yourself sal is something i completely resonate with but i also feel very alienated and what my role is in kind of helping to heal the city and move forward well i mean the first step is actually caring. I mean like you've actually taken. I guess what would be. The first step is actually wanting to find that second step. I mean like because because a lot of people i'll say this judge mentally saying a lot of people wouldn't necessarily be motivated to try to find that but you can't deny his presence like we said earlier when you're driving down the street someone pulls up to you in a car. They roll the windows down and they're playing like a record. You just you feel it in the city away. That's palpable. It's it's interesting because nipsy did independently of course he tried the big labels a i it didn't work out and it was a blessing in disguise but it just shows you a guy that pretty much built from the ground up when you go to you know his <hes> album release party in rock nation dinners and him and jay jay z and we've got jay z and a news now jay z's the billionaire he buy like a thousand of his one hundred dollars yeah exactly since nipsy he's company ten thousand dollars for for the album at nipsy was sell it for one hundred dollars at the time just the guys thinking that much ahead and having that much confidence confidence and who we is but not only that just really giving back to the community the plasma crenshaw and slauson place where him and his friends. Let's keep it real hustled odin and and had gang activity in front of for years growing up now own in that whole plaza and putting a barber shop in there putting his marathon a store near and now they're they're closing down completely to build a almost a hundred units. I believe one hundred units. They are called the nipsy hustle tower right there on christmas lawson man a guide at really built it from the ground up and to that point you know the idea of betting on yourself can be so empowering to s- especially people who feel as if a system has overlooked them or is not for them right right and that's where i think his message really resonates <hes> <hes> so yeah when you have daylight today. I think it's important to kind of you know recognize what a what a spirit he was in his journey on this earth and lives on through music. I mean i'll be the first to admit like i was vaguely aware of nips he's music while he was alive but definitely not hugely knowledgeable vaguely aware of his presence in l._a. L._a. vaguely aware of his career but i you know i was not entrenched in it but i read a lot about nipsy anger his death it just because i i was struck by how much it really meant to the city and i feel very strong connection l. lab living almost thirty years. You know have lived here longer than anywhere or else in as i've gotten older i felt more connected to l._a. And one of the things that struck me was learning about how a couple years ago he helped rebuild world on wheels th this roller rink yeah that's in the mid city eric kind of like inbetween rare he go yeah it's kind of like inbetween pico and samson intersect exact and i've. I've skated there a long time ago. A friend of mine had a birthday party there but it had been close and i i wasn't even aware that it had been closed. <hes> and i had no idea that he was as part of the renovation until after reading about you know his death but one of the things i learned about with world on wheels is how like in the eighties and the nineties it was a really popular spot that a lot of people used to go to as sort of a refuge from everything happening around them particular gang activity and it was like it was like the safe zone own right and you know you would i would imagine have a lot of different cultures and backgrounds in this one spot together and i remember growing up. There was a roller rink that i used to go to called saints. You know like saint louis saints and i used to live there when i was a kid and i went there all the time time and eventually unfortunately saints ended up closing because it started attracting an element of gang violence started just attracting a lot of fights and stuff like at that but growing up like at the time and i never realized this until i got older it was really the first mix of like black white crowds that i was is ever a part of like at a young age and like i've come to realize like seven eight years old like saints was really my first exposure to black culture like black music. They played a lot of prince played. A lot of marvin gaye played a lot of stevie wonder and as a kid. I love that stuff and i never really made the connection until i i was older like okay. Saints really provided me a different world view that i didn't have before and it's great. It's amazing and to take you know yeah to the world on wheels with nips ryan to take it back to sports like that's what sports provide so. Many people right doesn't matter when you're in between those lines your race your gender your your age players play so as a kid growing up in new york. Yes i went to this more affluent high school but the kids as i played sports was on the weekend we're from all over the city and sports has this unique ability like music to bring together walks of life and nipsy was at the center of that <hes> uh-huh and it's just <hes> yeah and when you mentioned the world world the wheel saying i sent my agent is wife. Go all the time and like that's what's going to heal communities. That's gonna bring people together. That's gonna make us realize there are people out there different from us and that's a great thing and i wanna see that continue sports and entertainment name. Yeah i mean like one of the things that i think has been really beneficial for me. Being in this industry is just talking with a lot of different athletes from very different perspectives in mine. That's why black asian. I was gonna say it doesn't matter not just socioeconomic. I mean just you know culturally where you turn up like all these different experiences and that's something that has also i think been beneficial for me in terms of just widening a worldview understanding people better like you know a lot of times. People get more conservative as they get older. I mean i think that's sort of just a societal trend and that hasn't happened with me and i think a lot of ways it's because i'm continually exposed to people of different backgrounds and often to younger people who who had different backgrounds and different perspectives than me and that's something that a lot of ways. I've been grateful for in being in this industry. Yeah i mean look at like the bogey toby we'll be relationship tobias harris and bogue on like those guys like totally represent that completely different backgrounds growing up and have a brotherhood in a friendship that will live on far after they're playing days are over getting back to to nipsy and sort of continuing his legacy mike you mentioned condominiums is that are going up you hear about a lot of the business ventures that were in the works at the time of his passing rena see nipsy statue outside of staples or you see a jersey hung up from the rafters. I mean he had more impact on the city than taylor swift it. I'm not sure to be honest but i'm sure you never know. You never know you never i know like a statue or as jersey raptors. They've they've shown these crenshaw dishes laker jerseys and even lebron and people were saying that would be pretty cool. You know <hes> but we'll see man. You know this is just the beginning just as just the beginning he was really really really love and i think one of the reasons why is really really love because a lot of people know that he really really loved his community you know and love people just he brought crips and bloods together. Manny may music with these guys and without saying hey. Let's come together with peace. He sure he showed it in his actions but if this guy no means but that's what made him humid relatable and right exact yeah definitely <hes> spending you know nice this last four hours to be able to play his music and i mean i mean when when when he died he actually literally literally died trying to help people like ultimately like he was in the act of looking at who help others and that's how he lost his life. May it's just it's it's sad ad and again especially for somebody like me like really. I wish i knew more about him when he when he was alive because it's not like he was pretty fascinating to have been just as aware of while he was actually alive. This song called victory lap. He dropped this album. <hes> all star week in a couple of years ago it was just amazing and eh seeing him perform at the palladium then roll into the n._b._a. All star weekend it was just a great time and time. I'm just taking infrasonic birthday out here on e._s._p._n. L._a. Ben lyons filling in for george sodano and senate you love to every everyone here in los angeles sending love to the communities all across this country have been affected by gun violence in his time. We all come together and move forward and maybe hopefully i mean we save a lot of times. Maybe hopefully that's the like sliver of positive reaction that can come from it. The odds favorite unfortunately but you you have to at least hope for it. Shout out to you guys and also curtis right here. Plan to jam today man all right. The marathon continues coming up next angels angels baseball and chemnitz ben. Lyon sodano show e._s._p._n. L._a.

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