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This episode contains adult content. This is the first episode of season two. If you're looking for season one of over my dead body look for tally episode. One on this shows ios feet. It was the winter of two thousand fourteen in a little dance hall in when you would oklahoma ma. A wedding was just getting started okay. I'd like to welcome you to a most unusual wedding. The room was decorated in hot pink and tiger tiger stripes. The audience was a mix of humans and animals. There was several people with different kinds of monkeys they were for the most part in your strollers are on their mom's lap for in their shirt. Jacqueline tomson was among the guests. She watched his three men in matching hot pink in cowboy shirts and black jeans walked to the front of the hall. Today we have gathered to witness. The union of travis john and joe joe said that he always had to boyfriend's outta time he never had one joe was the groom in the middle he had a chrome pistol hanging from a leather holster around his hips and a bleach blonde mullet. His real name was joe schreiber vogel but he was better known mm-hmm is joe exotic in the book of ecclesiastes. Dis betcha didn't know this three are even better for triple. Braided cord is not easily broken. Joe's fifty one years old one of his husbands to be was in his late twenties and the other was just nineteen and can we have the rings please jacqueline. The other guests watched as a small eight gripping white white satin pillow was carried up to the front of the hall after me. These rings as joe slipped the ring on one fiancee's finger finger and then on the other. You may now kiss bert doc after the wedding. The party moved down the street to joe joe zoo. There joe was in his element climbing in and out of cages while a camera crew captured it all for his youtube channel at one point jovan jacqueline over to a bear cage handed her a marshmallow and told her put it between your lips cypriot my my mouth and i'm like hesitating to put my face through the bar and then he grabbed her head and shoved it up against the cage inches from the bears mouth and they're just all of a sudden grab. The food in his tongue ended up going down my throat and all i remember is getting a mouthful of sand and slobber. It was like i was i'm gagging and he was just laughing so hard almost pitas vance and they got that on tape too. It was a wild celebration ah but in a quieter moment joe confided something in jacqueline. He was haunted by a recent tragedy. He says my champ was poisoned. Joe told jacqueline he suspected the animal rights. Extremists were behind it as well as the recent deaths of his wolf pops and he he was afraid they wouldn't be the last and he just started crying wrapped his arms around me and we just balled together. Then joe said she was looking for someone to provide security thirty to keep his animals safe at zoo and to keep him safe over the years joe had made a lot of enemies but there was one who kept him up at night here. You just always call her names like crazy bitch that hateful bitch. It was always something bitch that ah woman was carol. Baskin already talked about was that she won't leave him alone for five years now. Carol carol had been threatening to shut down joe zoo and destroy all that he had built. He said he needed somebody that was really good with a gun that could take her out and and now joe was ready to put an end to it and i said you need a sniper. He's like why are you have one. 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You won't be able to put down and the skim says if you're into mystery thrillers then you're into karin slaughter the last widow by karin karin slaughter get it now wherever books are sold from morrow from wondering i'm robert moore and this his over my dead body now <hes> six feet underground these are stories about two people it push each other to their limits and beyond this season of over my dead body is called joe exotic and this is episode one the tiger kings just off the main highway that runs south from oklahoma city is a little zoo the sign at the the entrance gate says the g._w. Zoo but everyone who drives in knows exactly who's in charge one hot summer day back in two two thousand fifteen. I drove down to zoot. My editor had sent me there for an article about the man behind it. It was the kind of quirky piece that glossy magazines love akai dangerous profession and a sprinkle of controversy when i stepped out of my rental car onto the gravel parking lot the first thing that hit me was the smell a thick stench of hay and cat piss an old meet heading toward the gift shop a past assigned signed that warned the zoo for no liability for your injury or death around all the animals in park except for the tigers or a woman with a giant heart tattooed across her chest was behind the counter with a radio in her hand. I told her her. I'm here to see joe exotic a one. There's a man by the name of robert boers adhere to write an article about gal up while i waited i looked around the shop on the counter was donation basket with a hot pink sign that red help us rebuild. We lost eight of our babies. When an arsonist burned down our studio slash alligator facility a t._v. The on the wall played a music video starring joe in it. He's holding a baby tiger and singing about the evils of poaching in mm-hmm pain when they allow it in the go on the show were a random array of items. T. shirts underwear packages edges of candy massage oil. Even condoms all branded with joe's face after a few minutes a two-man human video crew came in and pointed their camera at the door you might have we do a little shooting. All you guys doing so. I won't have yeah that's through the website and then joe arrive joe his signature bleach blond mullet well. It fell almost to his shoulders around his hips. Were slung to 357 magnums in a bandolier of bullets his ears. There's were pierced and so is his eyebrow. He was covered with tattoos and animals. Tigers and monkeys peacocks gay document what he wanted to well. I just like i said on email as much time you can give me in the next couple of days. I'll just hang out and see what i can see. Chu said he'd let me shadow to him all week. He even offered me one of his trailers to sleep in wonderful show me around quick quite joe led me out the door and into the zoo itself which was a labyrinth of bare steel. You'll cages. We passed hyena some monkeys a kangaroo and a bunch of raccoons. The camera crew followed alad us as we walked from cage to cage. We have fixing twenty four taylor alligators yeah and then we turned a corner tiger tiger tiger tiger it all the way down that road. We'll go joe said he had nearly two hundred of them. Were packed in two sometimes three to a cage. I'd never seen so many tigers. This was is why people call joe. The tiger king growing up. Joe shrive vogel was misfit scrawny. Shy i secretly gay in obsessed with animals. He moved around a lot wyoming kansas texas by early twenties. He's joe is living in west palm beach florida. He was at a low point in his life when his neighbors invited him over joe walked into their living room <hes> and they're sitting on their peach colored carpet was a lion cub. His neighbor handed you. A baby. Bottle and joe got down on the floor instead of playing like you just you're in awe that there's actually a real live baby lion. You know its fingertips. Fingertips not to mention how soft they are and i remember the first time that it it didn't cha l. Figuring out big lines go and <hes> it was just crazy amazing to head found his calling he moved back to texas opened a pet store and then in nineteen ninety nine. He bought an old horse ranch and started this zoo this husband at the time time bryan ryan a former hairdresser from tulsa joe name the zoo in honor of his late brother gerald wayne it was supposed to be a home for abandoned and abused animals when it opened all he had were a buffalo some emus a mountain lion and a bear named boo a few months after zoo opened joe got a phone call from a local game warden had moved out of a housing complex down and shop or more often and with some some tigers and stuff in the back yard and we really doing his crew crew decided to check it out begotten to a couple of trucks and headed over pull up to this yard and the police are there. Those shares farmer share the game. Dan moore's are there and i'll be god him in the backyard. If there isn't to tigers outlining a black leopard joe could see these animals were in a really bad way they'd been living in townhouses meat of rough concrete and they are shuttle scanning because they just moved and left that these animals has got a whole garden houses and they were eating garden houses and shit now garden hose because it's all their heads and eat on. They clearly been mistreated. The owner had filed down the mountain lions teeth exposing the nerve endings joe shot the meet with a tranquilizer dart and one by one they passed out dan he and in his crew carefully loaded them into cages and onto the trailer eight. Everybody was super excited. I rescue and law enforcement thought we did such a hell of a job. They gave us a police good all the way back to the park <hes> savannah way they wouldn't wake up until we come back part over the next few weeks joe nurse them back to health and do a lot myself in the cage with claiming cages and everything else because i was the only one there all the time <hes> his take time. <hes> brian was already starting to get sick so he didn't come out much brian. Jo's husband was dying thing. They'd been married more than a decade. Everyone around the zoo agreed brian kept. You grounded. He was literally joe's better half. Joe is very extravagant and flamboyant and leaps before he thinks and brian was the one that would pull back the reins brian and live with hiv for the past four years one night in the winter of two thousand one brian started coughing and couldn't stop the pain in his chest was unbearable. Joe called an ambulance <music> emergency room and the doctor. You know it's a missile says if i give him. This paintshop says you know it's going to kill him and i said man is talking over week. I cities skin and bones. You weighs ninety pounds. I'd say doing the fucking sean man. I said i said k._t. Suffering the following morning brian was discharged. The doctor said there was nothing more they can do and and we put him in a wheelchair to taking down outside mushroom joe picked brian up and put him in his pickup truck and and he died right there and then they wouldn't let me in the hospital with them because he did. He was on hospice so i had to sit in the parking lot with shape okram kerm keno home got their someone was told me that that there is there was joe schraivogel and there was joe exotic. These are kind of two different people exactly yes. I knew joe shrp vocal after brian passed away. Joe exotic came to be joe travelers. If you're ready to build your own website insight look no further than wicks dot com. 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The reason i put attention time was he's got a mullet that still sticks out even in oklahoma. This is floyd martin on the unofficial official game air of a plumber city floyd would often spend his nights out at the copa a gay dance bar just off route sixty six at about eleven pm one saturday night in the early two thousands. The club was packed. That's when joe walked in wearing a cowboy hat and boots and he wasn't alone damn tiger in there. I was there. The door person didn't say anything they let him do it and i was like this ah disaster waiting to happen loud music and dress and a man with a wild animal go you popular pacheco tigers and joe really liked being popular around this time he met a young magician named johnny magic they they briefly teamed up johnny did the tricks and joe provided the animals for their big showstopper. Johnny transformed a baby tiger into a full grown own won their first show together june audience of eight hundred people joe was hooked. He taught himself how to perform magic tricks then he bought a frito lay delivery truck filled it with a bunch of animals from a zoo in started touring the country as his shows got bigger and bigger he upgraded greeted to an eighteen wheeler and bought a bunch of fancy vegas-style illusions and he also gave himself a new name. We're talking this morning about the upcoming mystical call magic of the endangered show. It's coming to the valley view mall. We welcome you this morning. Sir you are and who you have with us well. My real name is joe slovo. Go l'aigle baiju exotic because nobody ever knows how to try and joan is crew with tour shopping malls flea markets and convention centers all over the country. He walked with purpose. His outfits were fantastic. His props look good aaron stone joe's assistant but then he it opened his mouth and i still can't reconcile personally how that voice was able to keep an audience's attention. You have all the spectacle spectacle the lights there's pyrotechnics the all the flashy backdrops the gorgeous outfits and then good evening ladies and gentlemen one afternoon in east texas. Joe and aaron were preparing for show at the town's convention center. They were expecting a big crowd. The local newspaper written article about the show featuring live tigers eggers. They were practising the show's most elaborate illusion an explosion goes off and then a tiger appears in a cage and and the tiger that we had on stage that night for that rehearsal freaked out he could not handle that loud that loud noise it was terrifying. If we brought them out on stage he would be cowering in the back of the prop and it would look bad. It would be an instant p._r. Nightmare but joe had an idea they headed to a flea market and suddenly one of the other stagehands rooms up to me and says joe needs you right now made it sound like a big emergency so i get dragged over to this. This trailer where there's a bunch of animals in and joe says i know how we can save the show. Oh what are we going to do. We just need to get one of these sheep next joe into a halloween store and came back with a bunch of orange and black spray paint and he explained that we're just gonna paint this sheep and he thinks that from a considerable distance no one's going to know that it's not a tiger so he puts the sheep in a box just to help keep a corralled spray painted all orange and then gives it a couple of really basic easy stripes with just some quick dashes of the of the black cab they loaded the tiger stripes sheep into the cage and ran the rehearsal missile again but when the explosion went off the sheep also got spooked then it became apparent that someone is going to have to be in the prop to make. I'm sure that people can see the quote. Unquote tiger joe picked aaron so there. I am hiding in a secret compartment. Hugging tainted sheep pyro goes off track door opens there. I am in a suit hugging. This terrified fuzzy creature and there wasn't really applause in the crowd. There was a quick ooh because pyro but then a bunch of confusion. I can only imagine that they just saw. There's there's a guy holding this sheep onstage afterward when people ask joe what kind of animal that was joe told them with a straight face there was a tiger but all this was just bait for the real moneymaker journey pedal right there in the mall between the sunglasses stands in phone case kiosks joe set up large cages the fake grass inside people could hold a tiger cub in their laps for twenty five dollars. It was a hit a long weekend at a mall could pull in thousands thousands of dollars. Joe's biggest year yet was two thousand nine. Joe is winning new fans all across the country but he was also also making a new enemy. This video shows cubs being displayed in a mall by one of joe schraivogel entities. The cubs have severe severe diarrhea in two thousand ten. A secretly recorded video appeared online instead of removing the sick cubs from the display. Joe's workers workers just keep wiping the floor and then wiping the poor cubs bottoms over and over you can see the cubs red sore bottoms listened to the cubs squeal so the video had been released by carol basket of big cat rescue for more information on joe schreiber vogel and others who abuse animals visit nine one one animal abuse dot com. The video is narrated by her husband howard. Uh for years animal rights groups like pita have been trying to stop joe's roadshow but he'd always been able to shrug them off even if it meant changing his stage name but this was different. This carol person was relentless. She posted on her website. That joe was pimping codes and shopping malls malls. She contacted journalists in criticized joe in the harshest terms possible when someone says in a in a newspaper article that that the animals were being abused at one of his events he would easily like break down and cry. She even had spies tracking his every move. How did they even and find us. How did they know carols. Got people watching us. I have to be careful where i post things carol find out. He seemed to the thing that she had this personal vendetta against him malls began cancelling on him one and then five and then dozens joe felt hunted it as time went on hearing carol's name became like a grenade in the office everything he built his entire kingdom was under attack and it would only get worse. Uh over my dead body is sponsored by best means an incredibly refund five star rated mobile game. You can find on the apple app store and google play. What most people probably don't know is that making a podcast like this can actually be pretty stressful. 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Rom com stay itunes until the end of the episode for preview of the moment and don't forget to subscribe to the moment on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening to this right now on the second day of my visit it to the zoo in oklahoma joe student front of an empty tiger cage holding a megaphone in front of him sat. A large audience made up mostly of rowdy kids. It's joe was working. The crowd timers out iraq canal's but right before he stepped into the cage. Jews expression became serious. He clutched the holster on his hip. Carry guns because is the animal rights people in boise animals. The crowd suddenly went silent. He told them that some fanatics leave animals are better off dead than in a cage toys chimpanzees here last month came in the march alligator killed joe turned and gesture toward a patch of scorched concrete just off to was left with the alligator house once stood a couple of kids looked on the verge of tears show between the hours of seven o'clock at night and eight o'clock in the morning fine my inches dances and try and i will cap. You got kids when i do these times out okay. Okay don't talk okay because they'll be right. Two days later joe was in his recording studio. He just finished taping his show when his radio crackled to life morgan was wasn't extremely rare tiger lion hybrid known as elijah elisha is what you get when you read a lion with tiger to get a lighter in then breed that lighter with a lion these hybrid cats were joe's pride and joy. He and his staff rushed over to morgan's cage. Morgan was lying on her side dead. This hard part command for the past few days jones notice something wrong with her. Now he suspected morgan been poisoned her third eyelid ever seen we loaded morgan's golden yellow body onto the back of a pickup truck and drove her to the vet on the operating table that sliced open and removed her organs wrote growth. Sorry i'm sorry the cat's body had been lying in the hot sun for most of the day and by now it stunk so bad the vet's assistant had to rush off to the bathroom for him to the vet check out all the cats organs one by one then she determined the cause of death. I think the it wasn't poisoning. We hold the lighter back to the zoo to small graveyard hard near the burned-out alligator house. I picked up a shovel in helped his employees dig down through the hard sandy soil. When we finished we placed as the bouquet of pink plastic roses on top of the grave. Three other bouquets sat a nearby graves. They'd clearly been there awhile wiles at least buried here envy east <hes> streak is as these four sectors lion back their there was poison girls when the chimps had died joe had made a big big deal out of it he even produced a music video of the burial and put it on youtube but that day nothing no cameras. I know facebook posts. Joe never mentioned it again on my last last night at the zoo. We went out to dinner at a mexican restaurant. We were large crowd a rapper from dallas event at the zoo enjoy invited him and his entourage to join join us. A couple of other people tagged along to when we walked in the door. Everyone's stopped eating and turn to watch us. We sat at the two large round table at the back of the restaurant and ordered platters of enchiladas giant cups of coke. The mood was festive. Even when the conversation turned talk to the topic of joe's number one enemy carol baskin someone asked you about a lawsuit carol had launched against taking joe explained the carol had sued him for a million dollars all over what he said was just a harmless prank frank. Was it worth this funny look in his eyes. He said oh yeah. It's going to be worth it. A lot of what fifteen basically joe is seated next to a young woman with long glossy. Black hair kept egging him on between the right between the eyes. I am satisfied that somebody's brains along. I used to never fantasize about about someone's brains on wall. Oddly jones seem to care that a reporter was sitting right across the table from doc. Look for the navy agreed about me and the funny papers firsthand on explosives to react the she is too that she has drove me to that point at the restaurant that night. I figured all this talk of guns and brains on the wall. It was part of the joe exotic act. No no one seemed to be taking it that seriously but i wondered did carol baskin so i went to tampa. There's nothing nothing on this planet that is more than about and i love them for that. They're just they can go from purring and cuddly to wanting to it. Kill you in the lash on in this season of over my dead body. I am hell bent on petrovic. She killed. She warned me about the place. It's a very much jim jones experience. Come after me unless into sub with based face. I don't care if it has happened on jerry springer in a federal courtroom back pastor the year days are numbered blood. Spurting out of his temple like someone has super soaker has had was shooting it out. A couple of other guys came. I'm running out going. Call the police. He burned down he he got twenty thousand dollars from carol bask and we know you really gotta call me back. He was actually talking about pain came from one to kill you. Try to get me to do it from wondering this episode one of six of over my dead body this season is called joe exotic a story about two people who want to save animals and destroy each other to listen to all six episodes ad free go to wondering plus. That's one dot com slash p l u s if you'd like to help us spread the word. Please give us a five star review. Intel francis subscribe were available on apple podcasts spotify pandora in every major listening out as well as wondering dot com. If you're listening on a smartphone tap or swipe over the cover art of this podcast you'll find the episode notes including some details. You may have missed. You'll also find some offers from our sponsors. Supporting them helps us off our shows for free and thank thank you joe exotic was written and reported by me robert moore associate producer is chris seagal story editor is josh block produced adduced by heather shirring sound design by jeff schmidt executive produced by george lavender marsha louis and her non lopez for wondering wonder you would like to cordially invite you to the podcast event of the year. This is the moment i'm ingrid haase and i just got on gauged and whether or not you have a plus one in your life we'll hear all about my love life and other people's stories as we travel the sometimes bumpy road to love and commitment because what are we actually know about love. Some people think they know when they see it. I was taught that there is a one and no. I looked at him and i knew i didn't. I looked at him it. Let's give it a try others know when they feel it the sort of your intuition which tells you i think this might be a good guy and some are worried. They're never gonna find it. I i tweeted. I pride myself on still thinking love can be like a romantic comedy but sometimes i just think behind in just won't catch up like when we're talking about red wine like i had had some redwine cab. I was in my moment. Our own ballet was the then came from the people who brought you the frank next door dr death and dirty john. This is the moment a new series from wondering where nobody dies and people actually like each other together. We're going to explore the big questions around love. Will i ever find someone if i like it. We'll put a rain on and how the hell does anybody get to happily ever. After so what do people queue up team were just like game cube ruined puzzles everyone the moment premiers on july tenth on apple podcast spotify or wherever you're listening to this right now this is your official invitation tak- saved the day out with. Maybe it'll be janke but let's just do it.

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