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#944 Praying for Restoration in the Church (1 Corinthians 5:45)


Pre the WORD WITH DAVID. Platt is a resource from radical dot net. First Corinthians chapter five verses four and five when you are symbols in the name of the Lord Jesus in my spirit is present with the power of our Lord. Jesus you are to deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of the flesh so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord. Okay now that just kind of expanded things from verse to so verse two. In First Corinthians Chapter Five. It said let him. Who's done this? Who'S LIVING IN UNREPENTANT SEXUAL? Immorality be removed from among you and then. Paul says when you come together like as the Church assemble the name. Lord Jesus with the power of the Lord. Jesus and remember this is exactly what you just said to do in Matthew Chapter Eighteen. He said I'll be with you. Have my authority to do this. You Look back in Matthew Chapter Eighteen versus fifteen through twenty. He says Paul says your deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of the flesh. That's a picture that's another way of saying you're to put him out of the Church you no longer recognize him as a follower of Christ. He is excommunicated. He is no longer in the church so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord so the hope is the hope in taking this step of removing. This person from the church is that they would see business. Serious LIKE UNREPENTANT CENSURES FOLLOWER OF CHRIST. Hope is the prayer. Is that this man. Because brothers and sisters Christ lovingly graciously patiently address. The senators lifelike confront him in. That turned Christ. He says no and they say okay. We don't do this tears with morning when a place you outside the church. Because you're not showing your follower of Christ and you continue down this road you will show in the end of the not a follower of Christ. We don't want that but you're not seeing we want to help you see it. So set him outside. The church in the prayer is that outside. The Church would realize one of done that yes. I'm not following Christ and this is an extremely dangerous place to be. Yes I WANNA follow Christ. And so that he'll be saved they don't come back to Christ through what is called your church discipline. I'm just GONNA I'm GonNa pray you'll see why I'm just overwhelmed right now. Because God you know people who I love who have been in the church alongside me who are outside the church now because of this process and have still not come back God bring him back gotta obviously not GonNa Mention names right now. You know the names you know their names. Please bring him back. He's bring him back. Ghauri PREY TO HELP US help us to take this step so that people might be saved for their good for their good. We could trust from your word here. That is not good to let someone just continue in the church and unrepentant. Send like no desire to turn to you. This is not good for them to be deceived thinking. They're following when they're not so help us to take this step in. Please use this debt. We Pray God. Please use this step. We pray to bring him to repentance. Please use the step to bring these people that are from my heart. Mind Right now repentance. And I'm guessing others others who people have walked to this process with and they've been excommunicated from the church and still not returned. God please drawn and embrace you. I praise you for how you have done the other stories where you have brought about restoration. Wrexham's you've done this. You've done it. You've used this process to bring about salvation. Thank you God for. You've done that in those. Those names Spray that you would do in these other names we pray. You'd help us to do this in the church. Your church not ours. Your church help us to do. Do what you're calling us to do in your church in Jesus name we pray Amen.

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