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Or wherever you get your podcasts scandal woah hiba nine share on your host rob shooter. It is monday. We have a ton of gossiping. Every monday afrin vogel is joining us from zero hundred alvis to rancher darah there rob shooter. I love a good week of gaza. The start of the week like mid we gossip. It's okay you know. But it's like this is brain new. We've had saturday. We've even had friday night with had saturday and sunday and a little bit of early monday morning. So we have chock full of stuff we today. It's the beginning of the week. Anything is possible particularly in the world of celebrity dish. Hey what time is it. My friend turkey turkey teatime. I'll take that. of course it is. Hey before we jump into all the delicious gossip did you watch the. Ama's last night. I know you go to bed early early. But did you think what was your highlight. Here's my thing. I you know we're used to award shows and i wanted to go a little different at the beginning of an award show but you normally upbeat song. You want that like kickoff to give it a bazaars give me some za`z i get a big edge justin bieber. He's he's very popular right now. He's got a lot of music out but you cannot kick off a show on a on a on a slow song. I don't know about you felt about -solutely writes about this. I've worked on. Tv for a long time and they want upbeat. In fact twin artists go on the today show or good morning america. You can't sing the ballard. You've got to sing the upbeat song because it tunes does that at seven am. Can you imagine at seven pm. It was a little strange way to start the shotgun. A little reporting on what you think about this sources. Tell me they really wanted just into come out in a least to a couple of ours and ninety eight bars of an upbeat song. He's got a lot of great anthems hit him on to do that. He wanted to do the new songs. So that this dilemma to they have a song. That's a great song. Don't get me wrong here. I love this song. It just probably wasn't an opening song but do they have the wrong song but the right guy. He's a superstar. He's a big deal. They do television for ratings. They think people get a tune in. Do you think they made the wrong choice. I think the gambled in the senate hoping like. Hey let's get him you know and let's see what we could do to try to work on him to to kind of give some upbeat and hopefully it happens. And you know there's producers that are probably up into the minute like hey we're still working on guys. We're still working on them. Don't worry we'll get this will be the perfect kickoff and then the show happens so i wouldn't be surprised if someone has some answering to do today to production and the ratings people at abc. But you know it's an my other thing is i. I ll justin bieber's very talented. And i get where he's at in his career right now but this is the next like he has two songs out right now all about like. Hey don't don't get mad at mean. That was a pain in the butt. When i was fifteen. I'm grown up. Now i get it man like. That's what one song is. Don't give me to. Don't give me on a sunday night when i'm ready to have some fun like give me something upbeat and then give me that song in the middle of the show right. Let's get into this actually. It's really interesting because you're not the only one to say this. Several of my tv insiders have said to me as well. This is just a wrong song. The song about being lonely an worries you particularly in this day and age with everything happening in the world. It's really really a rough time. I don't know if. I wanna feel sorry for a teenage. Maybe a little older now multimillion ask so. I don't know i've always. I've always had a bad reaction to celebrities telling me how tough their lives are. And i know they are rumors ahead not putting them down. But it's a really tricky thing. We're not got to feel sorry for them. Living in a mansion and driving ferraris and i'm struggling to pay my rent so you gotta i got. I got a cotton swab up. My nose deceive cova. The last thing i wanted to do that is sit down and go. Oh justin he'll be lonely little boy. My grimaldis thanksgiving. Because of this. And i'm gonna cry for justin bieber. I know that is something about it. Also talk about it jaylo flawless. Just long looks whoa. Whoa whoa whoa like she. She like she is going like i could see her doing like what What dolly parton wants to do right now of do the cover of playboy at the age of seventy five. I think jaylo could do the same thing when jaylo is hundred. Fires all looks incredible. I also enjoyed to talking about energy squad after you've got all day. I'm doing them right. Now that i used to work for jennifer. So i say she does work hard. I went to the gym with her once. I know we got into her fabulous. Roy phantom i think it was and we went to the jib the car. That's the car. She's just go to the gym. She worked at like a maniac. Though she'd i barely broke sweat. Like i was on a treadmill. I might have had a slight incline. But i certainly didn't have. It goes all act when you're with Working with jennifer lopez was that when the infamous like. I'm getting my button. Shored like stage of her career. Don't know he was that was. Ben affleck dimas benefit. But i do remember those rooms thin. Not always true when you hear a multi-million dollar contract for their legs so arms or their bottom. It's what we call silly. Press did is the king of silly press change in the name. Get attention not doing any harm. Not telling necessarily laura with certainly world rushing things up to make it exciting. And i think really does make the world a little bit more gossipy also too. I wanted to get your thoughts. On terrar- i loved what i thought coming out and johnson were so glad but she's not a singer she's not a stand up comedian. There's nobody in the rooms if you're gonna tell jokes it's a beat. I mean it was more upbeat than lonely s. She was the beginning of the show. It was when she got out and started to shake her. Bits and bobs. I think that was the beginning of the show. Let's begin our show my friend because we've got some juicy dish so clare crawley from the bachelorette and dale responding to the cheating rumors. There was some photographs out of him with some other models some female models. They did look a little flirty sources. Say not much is going on there. They all work together their friends but they were beautiful women and they were a little tichy feely. They did get drinks but one of the women is married. The other one has boyfriends. So don't worry so rather than we spun to then by putting out a press statement going on instagram. They decided to just ignore them. What do you think about that. Do you ignore these rumors. You fight back that were the more you feed it. The gets i think right the more. You're responded there's two ways of going about it the way you know eminem did it in his movie eight mile about his life where you get all the the bad stuff you say like. Here's what happened blah blah blah. Now you have nothing left to sing or you do that. And then they go they have. There's follow up questions. There's always a follow up question so even if you put out a statement it's gonna follow you around like hey this but what was this really about. So it's like you can't win. I guess the easiest way not talk about and move on and because you know someone else will do something in a matter of ten ten minutes later and you'll be forgotten about if that if it was me i'd agree but aren't these two now tabloid stars like aren't they don't famous for their acting singing dancing to russia. The famous relief of being a little bit famous. I mean really. Let's be honest about this. I liked both down. You're on the street level there on the reality show sea level right now You know if it will dish shows their character to do. They want to stay in the press. You know. we're talking about two people that went on a reality show for three weeks and then quit Pretty much So it's like maybe these are the people that don't want that reality. Show attention you know. Think about it so if they ended up winning. I'm sure we would be hearing about this for the next month. But since it was like okay hate. We're actually in love. Were getting outta here later. And we'll see at but we'll see at the wedding. Maybe you might be right so this brings us to uphold kushner the day crowley dale ross are ignoring the cheating rumors should they. Should they say something to twitter. Page at not nicer. Facebook page is not gossip. And be sure to check back tomorrow to hear your results garrett love what are you working on all right. Let's move on Alligator becca now. We lost him just about almost two weeks ago. It seemed you know. It's it's it's odd rob shooter when you know someone has passed on but the work that they have done is still around like i've i've watched jeopardy now more than i probably ever be. What and watching him host the show. It's like he's still there. You know he could probably still be there forever and ever on tv. But it's like this is not weird or creepy. It's not. I don't know the right word but it's interesting to see that like hey. He's giving us new content ronnie's and he's not here. So here's here's what we've learned. We've learned that he's going to be cremated and he'll be spending. His ashes will remain in his home with his wife and You know he died. of of stage four pancreatic cancer which he even spoke about last week to on jeopardy. Which was it was. It was just interesting. How it all just sinked up like that You know he he. He left behind two children and they said according according to Some close friends that he spent his final day with his wife. Watching the sunset mean exactly like you. The best way with your best friend. And i couldn't think of another way we'll garrett you'll be with your wife in the sunset and i'll be behind the bush saying hello. The last bit of gossip guarantees. I'm not really beautiful. He was very partly handy with his hands. So we built a swing denise gardenias beautiful beautiful piece of land and he was on the swing with his wife and Then went to bed and went to sleep. It's a beautiful way to go. But what do you think about. Ashes like It does sound a little strange at the ashes are with the wife. I'm not judging this. You do what you want jane. It's none of my business. I have the ashes ashes of one of my dogs in my apartment very different. I do know quite your game and a haven't yet been able to to scatter them to think about that. Have you thought about yourself. I know it's a little bit creepy a little bit morbid. But i think i would like to be. I always say throw throwing in the face of andy cohen. But that's not exactly true. I think i'd like my ashes to go. Maybe in the hudson river. I can see the hudson river from my apartment and it gives me great pleasure and joy and tranquility sanctuary during i mean. Do you know what floating help me be worse when simon. It's where do you. Where do you want to go because i'm gonna make a note you know i really don't know it's it's one of those things that you know as you get older. Obviously you think about. But i don't know like you hear people wanna be scattered through you know disneyworld and in my thought i get you know the presence in the idea of you being there but i mean they. They cleaned disneyworld pretty good you. I don't wanna be sucked up in a vacuum. You know by the cleaning crew that are you coming by and picking up the dirt. I don't know i. I'm from scotland to. I met bruce in scotland in edinburgh. And maybe the two of us might go back there and be thrilling on them. The state of bel moral if the queen will let us on a some nice estate where we don't have to worry about vacuum cleaners. Thank you gathered. Okay true true. It is true. You budget jennifer. Aniston is now an instagram influence. So why is she doing this. Agendas become the global amazonia. Vital proteans she posted in all these these instagram pictures of her and the vitamins jen. I do like that. You promoting something really healthy and good and is about wellness. And and i do like this. Why are you doing this. Do you have enough money. I'm getting to these instagram influences. Get on my nerves. A little bit of icy one more fun fab fit. Flyleaf rally box. What that mean say and then the person always line. When i'm not doing it for the money i support. The brand of the field always enjoyed the products for years. And now the throw me a lot of cash but it's not the money it's because i don't buy an choice me now. I have to say no one's ever asked me to endorse anything and mathu might change very quickly in this episode will be deleted very quickly within fun box. But i did do. You didn't do something with you float. Oh my god awful. I got paid. I think was a thousand dollars to promote k y. Jelly floats queuing gay pride. My mother thought it was a mayonnaise. And i didn't tell any difference but you are right. Have you ever promoted anything. Like that of of course. I'm a shameless whore plugged. Did you know the christmas chronicles to did you. Did you watch it. I watched the first one with my my kids. Then you won't believe comes out on wednesday right before. The holidays officially kickoff. Christmas but yet that was the last thing can seem from it. Give me coming. Succinctly put enough to buy a cheeseburger enough to buy get dinner so one hundred dollars going to the store and get some k y thinking. I am really did. That actually wasn't necessarily for the name. It was never been to gay pride. Don't tell gay people or get my taken away a pretty high up there. They should take pride and said to ghodse. Gay pride on afloat and be paid a little bit of money for my friend. Karen came and it was a boiling caught. Danger brought in some witch. I it was. I had to kick off the flow undecided. Kyi today get off the float. It's awful what's happening with candace. Cameron number j tanner there. We go So remember a few months ago. Her husband They posted a nice picture and her husband had his arm draped over her shoulder and then gave her little boob squeezed grabby. However you want to say and then of course the backlash how dot com a. He is doing something so bad. And how do you let your husband do that and so candidates recently just said hey. Listen here's here's the deal. We just celebrated our newly engaged on a level. We're we're in a great mood or took a ton of pictures than the last picture. My husband grabbed my boob. And i said oh my gosh this is so funny and then she said hey. Do you mind if i post this because this is funny thinking that it was just innocent. Fun then apparently The backlash came of all those very conservative. People saying you shouldn't do this and candice recently. Just had listen sex dozen. Stop once you're married you know it might not not again. Maybe not for you. Not for everybody not speaking generalization. But just for her. In general she says You know it's and it goes back to her being each shoe tied back to religion She said you know christian way to pretend like you never had sex. I have those friends that were like. Oh yeah my parents never had like. What how how did you think about it. I don't want you to think about it. But i'm very prudish about sex. I can talk about pretty much anything. I don't like talking about sex. But i do like this story. And she even asked if she could post it so it wasn't an accident. She knew what she was doing a little bit of fun in your relationship. It doesn't matter how long you've been together or not is just lovely. They clearly love each other. And that's the most important thing a little bit of sadness before we go to break. Prince william and kate middleton's dog lupo has died. He was a beautiful black english. Cocker spaniel owned him for just nine years. It's not long enough. He passed away. They got his dog just after they got married. So it's been with them really their entire married life. They wrote much they missing and how much they love. There is nothing worse than losing a puppy. We're sent ks. Yes can i ask you really quick before we move on from that. Is there any type of like protocol. you know when it's interesting. There's nothing formal but since the time of queen victoria that is a little royal pet cemetery in sangram which is one of their country estates. So there's a little graveyard and queen. Elizabeth has put many of her corgis there. So i think i was called susan. What a cool name for for royal dog sousa and so susan's buried in grounds. And i wonder if william and kate will start their own little cemetery remember their home is kensington palace wentz. He's the king bell moving to buckingham palace but I know it just breaks my heart. We're going to take quick quick break and we will be welcome to the show you for having appreciate it so much experiences at hp. I want to him university. I got my degree from the university in business management marketing. I was the first person a mafia minnesota college and graduate so my parents told me i was born to. Hbo you are really didn't have a choice. Some went and visited all those campuses. In when i when when i went to hanson's camp but there was nothing like hampton's campus so i was like it's beautiful. What would you say you learn the most banded. Hsbc the broadmoor. So a new yorkers always new york when i went to hampton and i had a roommate from jersey that i had a roommate from mississippi and then i had remained from philly. It puts you on to all that music now and bringing that back home is the now not just york egypt. I could spin anything. So what advice would you give a high school senior male or female about preparing in choosing either. Hp see you or a regular college say go see. Every college wants took. My daughter would from here to florida every college inbetween from abc. You regular college She concedes she can experience. You won't mind to go to family. She chooses bill if she does. Se it's atm cooed. Love in absolutely. Sometimes you find that. Like for example. Your daughter might you know is going to nyu. You just saw this yourself clinging to will that look like you because there's an unspoken understanding there some level while gotta talk about like you know sunday dinner is going down. You know you know certain traditions. So hopefully she finds her tribe and in its obviously that sheen excellence. Mcdonald's and celebrating as well as we should for more information on mcdonald's black and positively movement you can follow at. We are golden on instagram. Alexa does alexa. Makes our lives better by keeping us connected to what we care about like when you realize you haven't talked to your mom in a few days all you have to say is alexa. Call mom or when you need a reminder to drink water just say alexa. Remind me to drink water every hour with alexa of voices. All you need in the latest episode of law school theresa's matin bowen. Sit down with alexa to discuss all things mariah carey and her newest book alexa. What are mariah carey's nicknames. Mariah carey is known as mc mimi mirage queen of christmas song bird and the voice. Okay i didn't even know all those. To be honest i think alexa might be a lamb for those of you who don't know lambs mariah carey fans mariah carey calls her fans lambs because they are a bunch of little lambs that follow her lead. I really thought we knew it all after eating our book. There's still so much to learn clearly for more tune in to the latest episode of law. School theresa's available on iheart radio or wherever you get your podcast the annual historic shooter with my friend and co host scattered vogel. Dara's let's get to the balls that print totally unknown released a rare solar statement about his mom and he cuts harry out of the statement. Should he did this. Yes or no sixty percent said. No harry should've being left out when she leaves the family when she leaves the family business. You have no business being part of the state lund's anymore. Don't forget to vote on today's poll. You can go to twitter. Page ad not nice. Rob our facebook page naughty gossip and be sure to check back tomorrow. Do you clap. If somebody accuses you of cheating And now it's time for rod nicest of the day new hero putting in ruptured. I'm already telling you start working on this headline for when it comes out lady gaga. Brad pitt dating okay. We'll start with that. That's for the future but So lady gaga is going to star opposite of brad pitt. Upcoming action thriller called bullet train. Bullet train is all about five. Assassins they find themselves under trained but they don't know why they're on this train but they're five assassins so he got to think one by one. They'll eventually be killed arm. But you know it's funny. I was with lady guys. don't win. She got the call to star opposite. Bradley cooper sorn. She didn't know she was in our At a radio show. She just got the call she goes. I'm doing this movie a remake We didn't know anything. She didn't know she was writing a song yet. You didn't know she was doing going to make this huge song that everybody knows So it was kind of interesting. But yet she's going to star opposite Brad pitt and you know it goes. It goes into where lady gaga sees herself like just a normal person. You know she goes. I couldn't make it as an actress was bad at auditioning. Never got a job. And now she's going to be starring opposite. Brad pitt and already bradley cooper. I mean that's that's a pretty good at the end of the day so interesting. Find a way keep going. She was down every way she turned when she wanted to be an actress. She couldn't she couldn't make it so that's why she became a single. Were very lucky. She did 'cause she's given us so much. Joy congressional music is coming. Music is coming from this. Love a nighttime naughtiest today. Not naughty naughty. There's this jane seymour. he'll only eat one meal a day. that's up to her however. She said that she does it because she has rigid self disciplined so she claims that she writes the same amount as she did when she was seventeen and she did it by mainly eating vegetables. Lean fish chicken. Occasionally a little piece of meat but mostly richard self-disciplined. I've lost a lot of white during the pandemic over fifty pounds. You've walked all over manhattan everywhere that is to walk in the city but this rubbed me the wrong way. There is so much more to losing weight them richard self-disciplined. It's much more complicated than that. If it was that easy we would all be the white. We want to so as a person who's been heavy. I've been thin. I fat. i've been up. I've been down. Don't do this jane. there's so much more to it than just thinking. It's about discipline. Hey we're gonna do annulment of rob you get garrett you'd get a robbie gabby rob rob rob said. Don't forget that if you a choosing get you a changing it when you change your decisions you change your life. So don't be passive. don't sit there. Don't go with the flow. choose to do something. Choose not to do something with your the boss. You'll live and your making that decisions. What do you think garrett hundred percent at the end of the day you hire and fire yourself. You're you're the person in charge absolutely. That's it for today. Thank you so much for listening garrett we love you. Thank you for listening. They're not even is with show production of iheartradio. Don't forget to subscribe on the high on the iheart app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen and leave us a review and altogether now. I remember if you're going to be nice. Guaranteed robot back together. That is the truth. So if you enjoy this. I now have a daily podcast naughty but nice with rob. Check it out wherever you get your podcast and every monday on that show is the delicious. 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