Kobe Bryant dead at 41...Life is short


It was everybody before we start the twenty minute morning show. Let me tell you about anchor. If you've never heard of anchor this is the easiest way to make a podcast so let me explain Blaine. It's free there's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or your computer anchors going to distribute your podcast for so it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more you can make money from podcasting with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast and one place so listen. Download the free APP right now or go to anchor dot. FM to get started and now stand by for the twenty minute morning show from our studios in Charlotte North Carolina. This is b.j Murphy on the twenty minute morning show for this Monday January twenty seventh. Everybody's still reeling from the death of Kobe. Bryant Kobe Bryant is dead at the age of forty one he he died in a helicopter crash. Flying over Calabasas California on his way to the basketball clinic that he and his daughter were running in. His daughter was a prolific athlete. She was in the plane as well. Gee Gee as she's known by and eight others were on the plane who perished and everybody cannot believe that Kobe Bryant is gone. I wrote this on my facebook page. I wanted to just say this briefly. Because how's the crew. We're going to get together and do an analysis on the life of Kobe Bryant. Later on in the twenty minute morning show For today once once we record but I said this Kobe Bryant is gone. His daughter is gone. His wife and remaining daughters are left left alone in this world. Brothers and sisters. I am a man who has lost. All of his family members like so many. I grieve often in the privacy of myself. The loss of life is heart-wrenching. The only thing we can do is to give each other the love that we deserve from one. Another that Kobe's death breath be a call for us to run into the arms of one another and serve each of 'em be humble and drop are false egos us before our time comes. We must learn from death. Death feeds life. If you understand have the courage to love. Even if people don't love you back this is the love Christ is trying to get us to challenge. People are fake love. Let's be real. He'll put another facebook post on. I wanted to read it to you as I was lying in embiid just looking scrolling through my phone I said as we born Kobe. Bryant's death. Let's remember that tomorrow's never promised to us. Yes we must spend our lives in the way of God and express our gift to the world like. Kobe did with his talent. All of us have a rendezvous with death less reflect on his death as a call to action for our own lives and then I put Hashtag time time and how we use it and the time and how we use it as exceedingly important because we do not know the day or time that the give of life will call it back and just like that. Kobe Bryant is gone just like that and the twinkling of an eye just like that. I wrote another post I want to share with you. I said life is short. Every moment you are alive is a sacred moment. Spend your time loving your moment. And God's universe and inspire others to bring the God inside of them out for the world to see Kobe. Bryant expressed his God hood in his life as a world class athlete. What will you give to the world tomorrow? Fill your life with truth and love for God has created for what God has created out of his mind. That's all of us when God takes good people away from us. He's doing something for the human to ponder and I put in quotes your lives are not your lives. They belong to me and I call interview back and the twinking in the twinkling of an eye to where it all began. This has got talking and then I said so again. Love is the best protection against the fear of death for love. Cast it out all fear. Don't be afraid to love. Love show show unimaginable. Love to your spouse your children in everybody that you come into contact with for you do not know when you're rendezvous would death will occur but when it does you can take the sting of death like a soldier and the army army of the Lord and that's what it's all about. It's about showing love to your fellow brothers and sisters every day Kobe. He is not here anymore but we are here and one day. You won't be here and yes I mean you know so shocking. When we got home yesterday afternoon my son was scrolling through his phone and he just just screamed out? No no no you know what's wrong. He said. Does it. Go on your phone going your phone and I want my facebook page and I post I saw was about the death breath of Kobe. Bryant so death is inevitable. I don't want to sound more on the podcast but we have to talk about it. But we're going to get more into it later with the group when we discuss The life and the death of Kobe Bryant one of the greatest it is athletes ever to walk the earth with the greatest work ethic of any athlete. There's been documented. I mean it's just his. His life is just incredible. You know a working out at three. Am Four am to get better and more proficient and put more distance distance between you and your contemporaries is just an outstanding work ethic that we should all follow Kobe. Bryant rest in peace brother. We're going to follow up on this podcast at just wanted to get something out to let you know that You know we own the Cason. Jason we want to express but God has put us of the life of Kobe Bryant and share some information. Not so see you on the next episode of the Twenty Minute Morning Show. We're GONNA get in-depth and talk about Kobe Bryant.

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