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I time for all the big stories of the day. We haven't gotten to yet. This is the scoop with Anthony. Davis likely staying. Put in Los Angeles former Laker Brandon Ingram has a strong cases. The top free agent in the two thousand twenty class, hitting the market as an all star under the age of twenty four free agency is expected to open a few. Few days after the end of the playoffs in late October, Ingram is a restricted free agent which means New Orleans. We'll have a chance to match what he has offered. But do you think Brandon Ingram will get a Mac deal? I do think he deserves it and he is a great guy and David Griffin, the GM and New Orleans is one of the smartest. GM's in the league I would be shocked. Mace absolutely shocked. If Brandon Ingram got away from the PELICANS. I literally cannot picture a scenario under which David. Griffin would allow that to happen now. I could be wrong. COVID and pandemic, and this weird season that we hope happens may change all the rules. I know the caps going to come down next year. But they've got a great young roster in New Orleans. They have gone I would imagine that. Griff wants to team up. Zaylon and Brandon Ingram as the cornerstones of that franchise for the next ten years, and that's what I think's going to happen. Yeah I think it is. Highly Unlikely that Griffin, let's Ingram. I mean he was the centerpiece of the Anthony Davis Trade. He was the he was the biggest chip in that in that trade, so we got a great young raw through this. The Anthony Davis trace may turn out to be one of those rare deals work. For both sides, yeah, the other one that comes to mind that involved the Lakers was the POW Ghazal deal. As soon as the Lakers traded for Pao Gosol, the Lakers went to three straight finals winning. Two of them and POW became I think he's getting his number retired and hung in the rafters at Staples Center one day, and and the grizzlies were able to get marcus all POWs brother, who is the one of the main guys in in their development that took them to the Western Conference finals a few years later, so this New Orleans Lakers trade may turn out to be that way. Okay Mason an emergency services worker who staff the Dugout at minute maid park during Game Two of the twenty nine. L. C. S. Yeah is suing the Astros for over a million dollars for alleged significant injuries. He suffered as a result of a line drive foul off the bat of Michael Brantley the Worker Brian Carey Ota was working as a dugout paramedic in an area unprotected by netting on October thirteenth, twenty nineteen in the bottom of the fifth, according to the lawsuit Bradley's land drive hit him above the left eye, traveling one hundred eight miles per hour when it made impact, the lawsuit alleges the reason the netting had not been extended past the Dugout to the area were Carolina was sitting is because it would have obstructed the team's efforts to steal signs. So other what the the lawsuit is saying is that had the astros not been trying to steal signs? They would've followed the lead of a lot of other major league teams, and put netting up all the way down the line, and this was for which world series. Twenty nine thousand nine hundred. Thirteen twenty, one, thousand, nine, hundred, okay. Last year Yep do you think this is a legitimate complaint? Or perhaps the victim, taking advantage of the fact that the Astros cheated. They know they cheated. They put together to and two came up with this loophole legal strategy and they're trying to cash in on it. What do you got to believe if you're a stadium employees, a team employee? You're somehow. I mean there's there's always the risk you're going to get hit by. A rather drive remember in the back of your ticket. And also in a PA, announcement they say the dodgers are happy to have you keep any foul ball hit into the stands during the course of play, but if you are hit or struck way, we don't assume liability. I mean they. They go out of their way. That says right on the back of. Of the ticket we, we assume no liability. If you get hit by a ball, right so in this case. Do you think this guy's got a case I? Don't I. Don't I think he's a team employees. I think somewhere along the line. He has agreed to the fact that he He has to stay alert at all times to avoid a line drive. I think he's got no case whatsoever. I'll see. It's an interesting strategy. I'd have to see when other teams put the nets up. Did did the Yankees who they were playing in that AOL, CS. Did they have nets up? You know I'm GonNa. Follow it. It's going to be interesting to see how that turns out. All right British police said this week. They've arrested twelve year old boy after an English premier league player. Shared. Images where he shared images of racist messages. He had received via social media and one of the messages. The kids sent an image of a Klan rally to Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha. Saying you better not score today. CZAJA's from the Ivory Coast now. The Premier League will be seeking a lifetime ban for this twelve year old kid. Question. Should the kid's name be released? Should there be a criminal charge here and should the parents be punished? Great questions all three of them. No I don't think is named should be released. I think a lifetime. Sadly is appropriate because they need to make an example out of this kid and I think the ban should extend to the parents I think you need to make it so uncomfortable even for a twelve year old. To spew that racial crap that that people including parents and anyone else who's at that game just makes it. It's so unacceptable that no one will ever consider doing right. No I want to publicly shame the guy and put his name out there. No, I don't want the parents to get sued, but I do that. Whole family to be banned from the EP L. Forever in made an example out of I, think just that story the fact that they've made an example out of them will send a message. Yeah I agree with you. I don't think the kids names should be released. He does have another seventy years or eighty years on this earth. And? Nobody wants to be haunted by what they did is a twelve year old kid. At the same time. It seems like an criminal charge. Shouldn't shouldn't be. On a twelve year old kid but I like your idea. First of all. I love the idea that he's banned for life as a twelve year old. Secondly you're right banning the parents at some point, the and I don't know I'm not a parent is apparent responsible for what their twelve year old kid does. Yeah, especially if it's that kind of hate. The kid wasn't born that way mace. You don't come out of the womb hating people that have different color skin than you. You learn it somewhere along the way, and if that was my kid, I would accept a lifetime ban and I would immediately take it upon myself. I would make it my life's work to teach that kid about acceptance and not just you know we talked about. About the difference between not being a racist, and you know making a difference being it, you know what what was the way that you phrased it the difference between being anti-racist and something else but it. You've got racism. Racism isn't a black person's problem. It's a white person's problem and people that do this need to be shouted down. I'm okay with it. All right as for USC QUARTERBACK JT Daniels. Let it be on Monday that the. NCAA has granted him immediate eligibility at Georgia for twenty twenty. That means he could start for Georgia this fall if there's the season Anna three years left of college eligibility, he'll compete for the starting job this year. Two questions here number one will USC regret letting Daniels get away and to your USC fan. Will you root for Daniels if he's playing anybody other than USC. I first of all I've, he is an unbelievably talented kid so and and you know I will I will root for him. I definitely hope that he has a has a good college career. In terms of whether or not. It's disappointing that he got away USC. Regret letting him get away. Yeah, I mean I think USC is unbelievably comfortable with Keaton Slovaks who had a tremendous year last year. Matt think is back. It would be. It would be fantastic to have jt, Daniels, as the quarterback and waiting, but it's unfair to ask a kid that talented to wait, so I'm sure USC would love to have him on the roster, but kaeding slopes solidified as the starter, and that's the right guy for the job, and by the way you answer. Your answer was one hundred percent correct. Look, no further than Joe Borough. Joe Borough was beat out for the starting quarterback job at Ohio state. He was a scholarship. At Ohio State. When he got beat out, he left you went to Lsu completely transformed his game, won the heisman trophy and was the number one pick in the draft. If that happened to jt Daniels and I was a USC Fan, I'd be happy for Daniels. Yes, long as he doesn't come back and beat my team I think he didn't slow. This is a great player. IF DANIELS TURNS OUT TO BE JOE borough more power to him Yup. All right so among the activities then NBA players in the bubble have done so far include the following. Golf Fishing Ping Pong Shooting Beers. That's Jj Redican Meyers, Leonard. Riding a bike around that's Javale McGee brought his bike. Playing the guitar that's Nick Nurse who plays the guitar. Video Games, which is a lot of guys and walking paths. John from that list if you were in the bubble, what would I forgot Cornhole Cornhole is the other thing Cornhole Ping. Pong Of the things on the list. which do you think you would be doing? If you were in the bubble right now? I'd be golfing every day. Golf was on your list for eight. And being the great thing about golf is you're outside? You're getting exercise and it takes a long time, so you know you'd be. You'd be out there for four four and a half hours, and by the time you came back, you'd be ready to go to practice and there's your day. So of all those things golf would would be the one, but I wouldn't read that list I. wondered what it would be for because you don't go. Fishing I love fishing. Fishing seen some of I've seen some of the bass that that NBA players have reeled in the last couple of days. It's really impressive. You don't get fishing. Fishing is is a phenomenal sport. Yet so impressive that they they pre released all these already grown bass. They stop the Lakers. Yes, there, of course they did that. If they catch him and they releasing them, or they eaten them. Yeah, I think they have to go. They're releasing them yeah. What's the fun of that? If you catch a fish thrown back! What sport! Sport. I grew up as an angler. I am an Angler John a born Erno Angler Angler born Angler. You born to do it. When's the last time you baited a hook? Be Honest. When's the last time I baited a hook? That's a good question. It's probably would have been Lake Erie in Sandusky when when? I own that. That was. Eight nine years. Yeah, that's my point. Born Angler having morning nine years. We used to go out for purge. We used to go out for Walleye. We go out for trout ridiculous. Go out for Bass, not a good eating fish, but go out for Bass. We even John. We even did something called I see Bassett. Restaurants in past good eating. FRESHWATER BASS is not is not a great. Fish doesn't have a big fillet to it. I gotTA. We send you to the restaurants I'm going to man. I can't afford the restaurant circle. We even did something called dipping for Smelt. Do you know what Smelt Dr? I'm afraid to ask their their freshwater fish there little. They're almost like sardines. You know the only time I've ever heard that word. Yep, he who smelt it dealt it. Yeah, that's true. That's true, so is this great fish? Fish little tiny kind of like sardines. You fry them up and they're absolutely delicious, but at nighttime we would go, and we'd get this big net, and we dip it underwater and just pull up a ton of smelt and dump them into a cooler, and then put the net back in the water, a ton of smelt. We used to come back with smelt does not sound appealing. A ton of smelt made a really good meal John. Some of US had deficient hunt for our dinner. Yeah. I don't think you're one of them. All right there. You have your your scoop four today. Coming up next John. It's our Karen of the day. Yeah, and also are we supposed to have this mystery guest? Is this happening oh? Is this coming up now? That's coming up next. Oh the mystery guests! Oh, forget about the Karen, we can save her. There's a mystery guest. Coming on unless it's three guest is Karen to to wish John a fifty happy fifty seventh birthday manner wheeled. I'm much younger than you. You're fifty five. Yeah, two years younger. We're from different generations different generations younger. You know what's crazy about that is I technically am from a different generation. Yeah it, it breaks right on the. Generation X. baby-boomer line. Babies and your the beginning of the Gen-x Yup I so John I think you'll be pleasantly surprised a who what mystery gas got lined up for you. That is coming up next Mason and Ireland seven ten espn seventeen espn. Mason in Ireland. It is John Ireland's fifty seventh birthday today yeah. said they wouldn't make it to fifty. Did. You used to think you wouldn't make it to fifty I could never picture myself in my fifties and now I couldn't. Either I couldn't picture my friends with a bunch of guys like that are older than me, and they're all doing great like billy Mac and worthy and all those guys. It's hard to billy. Mack is older than you yeah. Four years who went to the same high school? Billy, Max Peter Pan He's eternally young here he is, he is Peter Pan. He's floating through life. Yes, successfully, so we've got a mystery guests. That's GONNA come onto the show in a minute here and it's somebody. I think the way this is gonNA. Work is John. You'll get eight. Yes, or no questions okay to figure out who it is. or no questions, okay but it's definitely somebody that you know, and you're going to ask them to the mystery guest and the mystery guests low using disguised voice answer yes, or no to your question. Okay. I'll have to I'll have to get creative. Okay, this is a good good little gag play. Games twice today Game Games twice. Lynched we have him yet. Will you give me one second guys. It's a him, so you just basically. Today just gave away the first clue it him. So that helps. The other thing is that. How old were you when you remember your your first birthday? Like do you? I remember my fourth birthday. You remember anything that young. I don't think I remember stuff that happened, but not necessarily a birthday that happened. Yet, so the reason I remember is my brother came home. I'm four years older than my brother and people were coming over and giving me birthday presents, and they didn't want to leave him out, so they gave him presence and I thought. Why does he get presents just for showing up? It's like. It's my birthday and he was born. He was born in December. We're in the middle of July right. So why is he getting fly? He getting gifts exactly exactly so I'm not much older. Is your brother than you? I am older than him. I was born in sixty three. He was born in the end of sixty six. Got sixty-three. Yes i. who was present when you were born Lbj? Sixty five yeah Lyndon B Johnson so I'm in the small window of Kennedy. BABIES HAVE JFK was president when I was born, and then was assassinated in November later that year. Yeah, just say guys know an update on Mr. yes just called my phone and is going to be calling the hotline any second now. Thank you for that update? Yes, thank you for that update and keeping you up to date. So what point did you nut? Stop giving a crap about getting older? Mesa. For me, it was thirty five. Thirty five and it didn't matter that you're getting older anymore, didn't matter. Didn't anybody remembered? My birthday didn't care if. If you know that I was getting older I. Just said every year pass thirty five. It's good to be alive. Yeah, I think well first of all I. Want everybody to know when my birthday is. It's marched the twenty third. Just in case you listeners are wondering. It's it's, coming up fast. As far as When did I think I don't think I've ever been especially afraid of getting older I. Don't think it ever especially bothered me. I would think it's and my family. It's a little nor I mean it's kind of normal. You know my my mom is seventy eight. I've got a brother one year younger than me I've got a brother five years. Younger guys have Mr Guests on the phone. Okay, we have Mr. Okay good great, so I get eight. Yes, or no question. Yes, okay mystery guests! Have you and I ever worked together? We ever been paid by the same company at the same time. And Lot. No, no that it's not true, okay. I am the salaries fairly? No we have never worked together, okay? I don't need to work with the. When Are they after? Yes, or no questions? Yep Did we meet? Once, I got to Los Angeles like post. Nine, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety five. Did we meet after then or after that? It would be it I don't remember. Okay. If John Stick to the script, That is. No we did not. We met before that. Do you and I share the same occupation. Are you a broadcaster? No. I liked guy okay. Are you rea-? Real Job Okay, you got a real job. Are you friends with Mason? Do you consider Mason of friend? Not at all. Hell no to. So that's four and I'm not any closer to getting this. No, you're close. Are you famous, do you? Would you be recognized walking down the street? Maybe maybe okay. Are, you in sports. Mad. I have no idea who this is. Are you an actor. Everybody's acting all the time. I only got one left all right last one. Have you ever been on the show before now? Man You got nowhere. Do we want to give the other two? Because originally Mason asked me. Why are you giving him? Eight and I said I think ten. I don't think it'll give me any closer well. No. Winter League that he's not in sports, Lindsey to you have a yes or no question that might help me. Yes we'll go off of the premise that he's an actor. Are you. A. Let's see. Are you most known for you? I WANNA see like. Got a question. For you, guys each get one good. Go ahead, good. Let's you got one. You go first, okay. Mine's mine's actually very specific. Did you. Play Josh Lyman on the West Wing. No way how you guys got Brad Whitford to come on the show. Yes, how did you pull this off? We'll let him explain not that hard. It's not that hard. The Brad this is going to not only. Does this make my day? This is going to make my wife's Day. Who would leave me for you in a heartbeat? Happy Birthday. Thank you the the acting president of the United States Happy Griffin, thank, thank you for that. Are you aware that I'm friends with shift? Oh God. No really, but he speaks very highly of you. He says that. He used to live with your brother. Something like he's known you forever, according to him. Brother. All was my roommate in college. Wow, small, world hey. You. You are now my joke that Richard. Richard can be kind of dark. You Know Jesse can. might joke that is. He's doing a one man show, but the only problem is. He hates the cat. Richard is like a brother to me. Literally a brother to me. Yeah, yeah, he the one of the the reason I became friends with him, as we golf together and Brad I don't know if you golf, but if you've ever golf with Richard, it's not a bad idea to wear a hard hat if know what I mean. Because when he hits a bad shot, you'll see a pterodactyl eight iron like flying across the fairleigh. Actor. He's passionate. He's he Back in the day, we played a lot of softball together in New York and he was a great athlete actually. he's a good Golfer. He's better than me, but one of the one of the great days for me was he called me over in back when before cove? He called me over in the restaurant. You said Hey John. And he goes. And Sheen and he and invited Martin out to play Golf, and for me for me, getting to talk to any you guys and Mason in Linzie thank you because they know this brad to me. The West Wing is the best show ever made and nothing in my world is close nothing. I listened to all of Molina's PODCASTS. On several. That's how down the rabbit hole I am. God and your character was as good as any character on the show, and and and the fact that you would agree to do this. Dumb dog and pony. Radio show is incredibly cool to me so so I. I appreciate it. I heard. You're a wingnut, so yeah, well matter of fact Mason knows my favorite day of the show ever was when we somehow got Aaron. Sorkin to come in, he had he had written the social network at that point, and and he came in for an hour and I think I freaked him out. Because I I asked him like so many questions about all you guy he. He couldn't have been nicer like He. He couldn't have been better matter-of-fact Brad. This is how into into Aaron I am I. Don't understand why studio sixty which you also start in only got one season I was like that because I thought that the thing that makes the west wing great is the casting is that they just nailed all you guys and I thought I thought they had lightening strike twice with Studio Sixty with you and Matthew Perry Amanda. Pete and thought Sarah Sarah. Paulson was awesome. Were you surprised that? Were you surprised that only got one year or did you know it was coming? You Know I. Think we were all We were all surprised because there was such a big buildup right and that show was kind of a victim of coming at the wrong time. economically you know now that show would be like a streaming show. right right, and it wouldn't have the ratings pressure now. That show would be a huge hit back then it wasn't. Quite big enough, and it was very. You know expensive show with a big cast and everything. but yeah, it was disappointing. I loved if it makes any difference, I I've gone back and watched it once every five years since it came out, and I watch west wing like it's my Netflix Goto, whenever I'm doing anything else and Brad I know I'm not the only one there's a whole gym. I don't know if this still happens to you, but there's a whole generation of people watching the West Wing, especially with our current political situation that you guys. Are there something going on politically? There's something going on I. Follow you on twitter. I know right where your head that, but. The the I just find that that happens to you to people still what stop you and say and ask you about the West Wing? Yeah, it's very sweet and when we made the. There was no chance that. The show would possibly. be broadcast more than twice. There would be a rerun, and at that time one hours didn't go into syndication, and you'd have to go to the Museum of broadcasting to see it so very bizarre that we have like a whole generation of people who've like memorized. Episodes very very strange the funniest story. This kid kind of exhausted looking. Obviously a capitol, Hill staffer comes up to me when I was in DC awhile back. And he and he said what people often say, which is really sweet, he said. Hey Man I just want you to know that. You're the reason I went into politics. And that's all that's. That's really sweet. I appreciate that and he said actually. I'm exhausted. I'm broke and I'm never gonNA Kiss mary-louise Parker. AM I. Not Josh Lyman had from Moyer Kelly mary-louise. Parker to you. Know all the you had a pretty good. Run a getting getting to be a bachelor on that. Show the fact that you get to kiss as many girls rob lowe is probably one of the great upsets of all time. You'd even admit that. Nobody that coming. Man Rick Bradley Whitford Actors with Mason. Ireland seventeen ESPN I want to ask you about Sometimes you get involved in a phenomenon in it happened for you. West Wing obviously was one. You ended up in the movie. Get Out! Did you know that that was going to be as big as it was when you were doing it? man, the short answer is no I remember i. Read, it came out of my office and I said to my wife. Oh my God. This is an amazing script. I mean and kind of. What I call a forehead knocker where you're reading a script and you're like I can't believe nobody's. Done this nobody's pressed race through the horror genre. So I was excited about it I was the biggest Jordan Peele and still am I just. As a performer as a comedian I think he's brilliant. and I wanted it you know the everybody adored him just wanted. To work out, but this was a four and a half million dollar budget which is. Nothing it's like you know a Christmas episode of West. Wing I mean the very low budget I think we shot for twenty two days. So the most we were hoping for was that it would make you know like I. Don't know become an already film and make like you know thirty million dollars, and then he invited me up the Sundance where it premiered at midnight. And he called me into loop and said before that and I said has the movie and he's like I think it's pretty good. I think it's really good. You know you have to think that you have to drink the KOOL aid. You've spent two years. You know working I. Miss and he's like no I think it's pretty good. And then when I saw it sundance I have never seen the SU- clay rise like that I was. Blown away by what he did, and then it just went nuts. Yeah, it was a shock. Hey, Brad I can't take for doing this man. You absolutely made my day and as you can tell, I'm a superfan and please please work with Aaron Sorkin again. I, know you want that to happen, but talk them into it, will you? I, will you know my wife just wanted to. We re watched a few good men haven't seen in a long time, and that's where I met Aaron. Him because I played initially the Kevin Bacon part, and then he promoted me. to play the Tom Cruise part and it was I hadn't seen the movie since then because I didn't WanNa, see it because I was upset. Because you've movie, Stars came in, you know took right took my, but it was so bizarre to be watching these things, and and like in the scenes between them I still like no. So some of the lights, going back and forth, but I would love to work with him again. He says I, I love him to death. I well have a great day man and thank you very much rallies. Okay kiss the way John. Thank you sir. Bradley Whitford. You guys. That was awesome. That's Lindsey you don't know. That is like my favorite show ever created times ten. Well I know how much you love it, but shoutout goes to mark Kates Yup. WHO's? Malicious with them. Yup Mark knows mark knows of my obsession, so it's for coming up with that Yeah Yeah Melissa cates for her help, yeah. Yeah, they're great, but By the way if you're out there listening if you've never seen the west wing particularly, if you're jaded right now, because of what's going on, who would be jaded? What's there to be jaded about John? We'll make you always accuse me being to Pollyanna. That's why. Because I worship at the temple of Aaron. Sorkin Yup. That was. It's a great show. It's a great show. John I got a question for you so. I think we all agree that the best duo. That will be playing in Orlando is Lebron and a D. Yes. What's the best trio. That okay. And tell me when we come back Mason in Ireland seven ten espn. We are gearing up for The restart of everything galaxy will be playing L. AFC on Saturday. We got that game for you here on seven ten ESPN. Lakers were counting down just fifteen days away from Lakers. Clippers dodgers a week from tomorrow opening day at dodger stadium versus the giants Johnny Cueto Versus Clayton Kershaw. It's all coming people. It's all coming. So John, we often talk about the the the best duo in the League as being Anthony Davis and Lebron James. Right. Let's see this is a guy named. it's from bleacher report. A guy named Dan. Val wrote this K-. He wrote about the Best Trios in the league, the Best Trios. Point of contention here Yup and there's plenty of room for it, okay? Does it. Is it like? Right now like for example can I take steph curry and Draymond, or because they were all hurt this year? Are they out? You want the. Only teams that are going to be playing in Orlando Okay of the teams in the bubble Yep I still think I would take the Lakers because Lebron ad or so good, and then just add one i. who who would your third their third was? WHO's probably I'd probably had coups MMA. Their third was Danny Green. Danny Green's fine, but that but so I don't violate the spirit of your question. If. We were going to play a game of three and three Yup. I think. I would lean. Towards Jason Tatum Kemba Walker and Jalen Brown. But. I again Lebron a are so good. That like you could take. If you want if you wanted like if you're trying to find three equaled. Like across the board I would do those Boston. Guys they've got. This guy's got Boston five with Jaylen Brown tatum and Kemba Walker so. I'm trying to figure out who would be number one so the problem is each one has a throw in right right. So what do you into? The Lakers are right there. Yeah, throw in Danny. Green, throwing cal Kouzmin. They've got the Lakers at number two. Let me. Take three guesses at who number one could be. Is it Houston. Westbrook and throw in. Houston is number four K. include PJ, Tucker okay hardened P. Thicker and the clippers with. PG and maybe Lou Williams. It is the clippers, and by the way, and I say that should be the trio. Paul George Kawhi Leonard Lou Williams. They've got mantras. Herald there Paul George Kawhi Leonard Mantras Herrell as the best trio playing in Orlando I would include Lou Lou Williams. To and I would put the Lakers ahead of him anyway, because Anthony Davis is so much better than any other big man. You could come up with. They've gotten a walkie. At three Jaanus Eric Bledsoe and Chris Middleton Daryl good. Houston is at four Harping PJ. Talk Arrest Horton in there at all. Column and maybe mellow. Let's see Raptors Kalari Pascall Com Fred Vanfleet Nancy their number six. That's a good three. Joel embiid Tobias. Harris Ben Simmons now on paper. That of that team looks great, except they can't win on the road. They've got New Orleans at number. Eight Drew Holiday Brandon Ingram Zion. That is a good young team. Yeah, and then you didn't even mention Lonzo. Yeah, he yeah, he wasn't included there, but yeah, they've also got Lonzo Yeah, Portland's well down the list well down the list, but yeah, the problem with that is. You know it's who in WHO's eyes. Do you choose the trio like I would say Lou Williams over mantras Herald I would say Kuzma. I would use instead of Danny Green. And, it's very close between those two I. Think it when you add that third component, it's very close. Lou Williamson's just instant offense. He can just flat out score in a huge hurry. All right, coming up next for you. We've radio tinder coming up next shared. By the way from earlier in the show of of Philip, one of our listeners thank you, Philip. points out that you were right. Sea Bass is a saltwater species, and technically not a bass, but prize for eating freshwater bass is a true bass price for sport fishing, but not eating. Is what you were talking about. Yeah, we never ate white bass when we call or black bass, either one. When we caught them. Those were always throwbacks all right coming up next radio tinder mason and Ireland Seventeen Espn. I tied for Radio Tinder Lindsey taken away. All right guys, so we're GONNA start with our good buddy shack. Who Hid shot? Did it a good thing for family that needed help yesterday after witnessing car stranded on the side of Interstate, seventy five down near Gainesville Florida, the NBA. Legend pulled over Major. The family was okay. Any stayed with them until sheriff's arrived, the local sheriff shared the Dash Cam footage where they think. Check for his assistance before he went on his way. Have you guys ever pulled over to help? A stranded motorists before swipe left or swipe bright. Swipe right I have and. I'll do it a lot particularly if I see somebody older, or if I see somebody female, and they look like they're having trouble like changing a tire. Something like that or you know, I'll just offer to help them. Mace I will I will jump your answer. You answer it, but Mason will not only pull over for stranded motorists. Stranded pets, will you not yes, I will yeah. People Right? If see a dog running down the street and it doesn't have a leash on. I. Am all over that dog trying to get it to come back because I've been on the other side of that where your dog runs away and you can't find your dog. I'll do whatever it takes to get that tag into call that number and to put that. Owner of the dog at ease, but there was a famous one where there was I. we're meeting at Jerry's famous Deli I think when it was in West Hollywood. Yes, still is I. think isn't and Yeah I. Think so and I was driving to the breakfast, and I saw golden retriever. Get get hit on Olympic Boulevard and I pulled across traffic, just straight perpendicular. Getting to that dog. And managed to get the dog to the side of the road called the owner owner came and got it. Sent me a thank you card afterwards. Because the dog was okay in the end, but when I showed up at breakfast I had blood on me from from smoking that dog. But Yeah I'm I'm I'm a sucker for a loose dog and I will always pull over to help a motorist. Anything for the dogs. Not. Meaning times when she does when she does her stuff on ESPN has assigned behind her. That says dogs welcome people tolerated. Kind of sums up your position one hundred percent. All right guys speaking of tolerating people president trump's came out with a new book. One of the most eye-popping allegations detailed in Mary Trump's new book. Is that her uncle Donald worried that he couldn't pass it. Himself handsomely paid smart kid to take his sat's to help them transfer from the University of Pennsylvania. Have you guys ever cheated on a test of importance of any magnitude? Before Swipe left or swipe right swipe right because this is we're talking about. About Mason and I have a different position on cheating in school different all right so Lindsey I did not cheat, but I used to sit next to a basketball player in a sociology class at UCLA, and he said hey man. What you get for number five so I just took my arm off my paper and let them copy number five, and then later he goes. Let me see number eleven. I gave him number eleven and Mason said this was. Cheating, I'd like to think that I kept that guy eligible and gave us a fighting chance against some of the other powerhouses in the world right? You could have helped to keep him on the team. At the same time. You were still cheating. Cheating if you know you're. Hitting the no wait a minute I wasn't cheating. He was cheating. See I would argue that you were because you were part of the scheme the cheating scheme. Just as guilty okay, so Lindsey settle that argument I deduct go in there to cheat. I had no plan to cheat. He contacted me said. What'd you get for number nine I? Let him see what you get for number eleven i. let him see. It did I cheat last one hundred percent. There's no I do. I mean you were come come. What's the word complicit? Yes, you were complicit in the cheating, so yes, you, you cheated. Under under your definition, then yes, I've cheated, but that was exactly how. I would do it when I never I never cheated off someone else, but many times I allowed people to cheat off me so using your definition. Yes, many times you let people cheat off of you anybody you asked. Wow I never offered. Sort of. Ethics. It was getting everyone through the class, so they didn't have to take. It twice Jeez. Wow, wow, all right. Yeah, I know I. I'm Swiping left on I didn't Cheat I. Never let anybody okay. How about this you guys? Was this Cheating Mace? You're in a fraternity right? Yes, okay. We had at the fraternity a test file. Yes, and we encouraged everybody when you took a test. If. You didn't get asked to return it if the teacher didn't say, turn the test back in if you are allowed to take the test with you. Are Deal was we would take it with us, and we put it in the test file, so if somebody had to take the class the following year, they would have a good idea of what the test questions would be. And sometimes the the professors wouldn't even change them, so they would have the actual questions. Lindsey is that cheating I mean it's kind of cheating but I. don't have a problem with it because teachers are that lazy to not change their questions each year. They kind of deserve it because anybody could do that. It may sound cheating. Yeah. I mean it's it is cheating. It's institutional cheating, too. It's like the whole fraternity is in on the thing. But, because you're only getting tests as opposed to answers, correct, I think it's less egregious than what you were doing. Why was he would still have to study the test and those answers correct? But, I knew the answers to all the tests I. just letting other people see what I wrote Yeah Yeah, you're a cheater. All, right next one. TYRA banks is twirling into the ballroom to host the. Rolling into the ball rolling on, and she's not going to dance herself, but she's going to host the upcoming season of ABC's dancing with the stars, according to variety banks to new GIG comes. Comes after news broke on Monday, that longtime host Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews would be departing the show past notable ESPN alum from dancing with the stars include our own keyshawn, Johnson from ESPN, La and ESPN's Kenny Mayne wanted to know if you guys would ever agree to appear on dancing with the stars. Swipe left or swipe. I swipe right I would love to try that and it's not. It's not just the I wanNA be famous thing. It's I really would love to see what I was capable of I'm always amazed. My mom tells me. Keeps me up to date on dancing with the stars. WHO's doing well? WHO's doing? WHO improves the most? She? She loves to talk about that stuff I. Think I would I first of all. Nobody gives me enough. Credit I am an excellent answer. and. That's the one thing that surprises. People about Steve Mason is. He's an excellent dancer. so I really would have a head. Start on everybody and I would love to see how much I could improve. I would love to be on dancing with the stars all right, so here's all answer your question Lindsay. I've got I know Rick Fox a little bit. And Rick Fox made it to the final four on dancing with the stars and what he told me he is makes you can do it, but what he told me is. You have to commit to it. Yes, you have to practice three to four hours a day. When Kishan announced, he was going on that I told him right out of the gate. I said you're going to be the first one out. And I said the reason is not because you're not competitive, you are, but you don't have time to put in three to four hours a day. You're on Monday night countdown. You're Flying York every week. You own twenty different Panetta's. Key is just. Talking about key out first week. And, having said all that. I. Think that if keyshawn and Mason had a dance off. I would bet on keyshawn what? Because I don't think that you would put in the work that the difference I would put in the work, but Kishan has been a rhythm in you. Just totally nailed it by the way. That's a stereotype, exactly keyshawn better rhythm. Excellent rhythm. Let's let's take a plane. I guarantee you. I would not be the first one off dancing with the stars I would work at it. I fly myself I would learn. I would listen to my dance partner dance off between Mason Keyshawn, who wins? I'm nasty. Oh keyshawn, that's it again. This stereotypical rhythm thing. Yes, yee's black. He has rhythm. You don't. You lose. I've got excellent rhythm. To be on the Internet, so the whole world can see it. You need to get more famous in order to get the invite. Yeah, I'm not quite there. I'm not quite. There need a little more fan. Okay? A girl I went to college with us to live with my college. Girlfriend is the casting director for dancing with the stars. Oh come on, hook us up man in there. I would love to do. He's the one that got Rick Fox I would love to do it love to do it. I got another one. Well I wasn't going to say this today, but we are due for a break. We'll take. We'll take a break saving until tomorrow, okay? You're always such a slave to the clock slave. We'll talk. I think we should go commercial free for the rest of the week I'm I'm all for that now that you would never agree to that? Are you kidding me? It's business of commerce. You know what I. Say more show well the brakes aren't that long long is this break? About a minute. So, more show in a minute mason Ireland seventeen espn.

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