Local Hour: Bread


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That's casper dot com slash lebatardshow, code Libertad and get fifty dollars towards the purchase of select mattresses. Casper dot com. Terms and conditions apply. Additional fees may apply for Hawaii and Alaska. Derek jeeter made an appearance always good. When Derek cheaters dressed up the way that he is making everyone know that he's in fact, Derrick jeeter person who exists that looks good taken pictures with people and easing our minds about this season. Letting us know that it's not wins and losses that matter. It's the experience and I'll play that sound in a moment. But Billy I want to welcome you in here. Because you're the the Marlins expert anytime there jeeter speaks and makes public appearances that always seems to make news. He has a habit now recent habit of saying the wrong thing. Yeah. Did he run into it? Again last night. I mean, everyone can judge for themselves. But I feel like what he said maybe to the intended audience. Let's just play it. And then I'll tell you my thoughts. This is professional sports so bad for even saying this, but it's possible to win every single game. But one thing you always remember these. We wanted to be a positive experience we walk join themselves and look a lot of times people come. They don't know who won or lost. Sometimes, you know, who's playing, but they do know if they had a good experience. And that's what we're folks. There's an expression in Hispanic culture that I'm sure you're familiar with because as you've been hearing the entire week sitting silently. Yeah, we're waiting for somebody to acknowledge me. Thanks, billy. It goes. Like this guy. He thought the rest mass Benito. And I feel like that may apply here. And I understand I guess what? He's doing because the Italian. Yes, krista. Guess what? That means. Well, I know Bonita and Benito is beautiful, right? Right. Yes. Yes. Say it again. Nato mass means more. Yeah. Now, I don't know. He just go. It basically means you look a lot better. If you're quiet. So here's the thing. What that was yesterday? As I understand it is that was kind of them showing off new amenities in the park like new food options, I guess new lounges areas that they have. And I guess for the purpose of what they're doing. They're they're trying to sell the experience. Right. But you're also running a baseball team. And you probably shouldn't be saying, it doesn't really matter if we win or lose because some people don't even know who's playing you want the person that's running the team to say, hey, listen. This is Miami. The thing is well, that's the thing the people that they're going and showing these VIP areas to may not know who's playing, but also the only other people that I know that go to games don't really know who wins and loses our children. So I don't think that this was a thing for children, necessarily, not true drunks. Also, don't know what's going on. And I have personal experience there. I didn't know that we will already at the point with. Marlins park. This is news to me where we had to renovate the experience because I thought the experience at the ballpark was mighty fine. Actually, I actually went to a couple of games at the Cleveland or add a great time. Somebody hit for the cycle. I found out about that a day later had no idea I was just walking around the ballpark. This is still relatively new ballpark. I didn't know we were at this point. What are the upgrades? Just so in this is actually a day to have David Samson on. And he'll join us at nine thirty five. What are some of the upgrades for the people that aren't familiar? What are some of the upgrades that they're talking about for this ballpark? Now, it is change everything the Lawrence Samson date. I believe is the plan for the upgrades like they everything falls different floor at one point this offseason, which didn't seem like something that could change the floor. I didn't like the floor. Well, you should see the new floor. It's great. But confetti floor wasn't crazy about it. There's there's a new floor. I know that they have new dining options, they have pin factory now inside just paint show. Because apparently they went on a campaign where these people were St.. Doing the factory because it was like a rebranding and people are still in the factory signs. And now, it's just being a home of the people burger people's choice. They have a new pizza thing. Because I think it's Miami's best pizza also. Because Papa John's kind of went crazy. Remember when it first opened it was a surpise. Yeah. Star streaking across a skysurfer pizza was remember that. There was one on every corner. I wish I could add to this except I still haven't been to a game at that. That's really, I know some people, you know, the homerun sculpture man, it was glorious his point on his point is that some people are actually paying attention to the game. But come on his exact quotes. Everyone knows the two teams that are playing and when they leave they say, oh, we know who won or they should know one of the teams, right? Maybe they weren't paying attention to every pitch that like I get his point there. Well, it's just funny to me every time Derek speaks is because he spent his whole career trying not to be in the spotlight. The guy that people interview not saying much of anything at all say the wrong thing. Right. And now it's his job to stay a lot of stuff, and he just feels uncomfortable. It sounds uncomfortable. When he saying it as if he's just like he did his entire career just going to say, something and hope that nothing lands poorly. They put out about a week ago. Like a new. What exactly the new concessions that? They'll have our and they're trying to I guess be more Miami. Which by the way, I noticed on that little map that they put out there, the taste of Miami seems to be absent, but we're not going to get into that right now. Because I don't know what's going on there. We have actually some Derek Jeters comments on how he wants you Miami fi experience. Look, we we want like I said earlier people have come in this ballpark. And and feel as though you're in Miami is kind of tough to capture diversity the culture the energy of Miami inside of a ballpark. But we think we're well on our way to doing that. I mean, this all sounds really cool. The only time I've been maybe you know, it sounds cooler making the playoffs. Let's make the playoffs. I've never been in another whether it be baseball or any arena, really and say man, this city is inside this arena or in this stadium. This isn't a new thing, by the way, like Samson lawyer. Also, we're trying to do this like they tried to make it feel like Miami. Now their version of Miami feels different than jeeter's version of Miami. Like everybody seems. Have their own version of what Miami should feel like I definitely felt like I was in Miami in that ballpark. I thought that that came across pretty well, it was their intentions were well intended, and I didn't I had a good time walking around that ballpark and keeping myself busy. I thought that that Budweiser terrorist was pretty cool. Obviously, the clevelander is awesome. And just walking around the stadium. I always had a good time. Didn't know we needed upgrade it, but I'm more inclined to check out a ballgame. If they're even catering to that more just distractions. I mean, four years from now if they're according to plan better, and you're actually talking about baseball instead of talking about concessions, then you know, you're not going to have a problem. I'll just you know, this is exactly this is all just kind of fluff and distractions and like, hey, look come out and check out this new thing. And then maybe next year. They'll be hey, check out this new thing while the team is building up. But ultimately the way you're going to get people to go to these games is not the hamburgers that you have not the pizza that you have or not, you know, getting rid of the homered sculpture because now like that was driving. Away. It's the team has to do. Well, and there's mixed reports on that like some people say that the farm system is not great for what it is that they've gotten rid of then there's other people who have ranked at saying like there's these projections that say like if you break down certain players that they have this person is ranked to be a perennial all-star this person someone that will ks the making all sorts and their farm systems. Okay. Which is a lot better than it used to be. And they've put from what I've heard a lot of money and focus on developing the farm system, which is good and what you should be doing. If you want to build something, that's sustainable, and it's definitely an improvement over the last regime who flat out told us. No, one cares about the farm system. Like actually came out and said that on the show about a month ago, who cares about the farm system. But at the same time, this is a fan base that has been doing a lot of losing lately and hasn't really been relevant since the fan base hasn't been listening. Well, actually the team's been losing. And you have bright spots where you have Stanton sixty home run. Season and you'll have a no hitter here and there, but the last time I think that there was an actual feeling of legitimate. Hope was probably two thousand seven two thousand eight I mean, two thousand twelve you bought into it when they started going on signing people in the not just didn't end up working out. But. We need to win. If you want people to go to those games, like the concessions, all that stuff is not going to alternately matter. Like, it'll be your next move is in the Billy like you're gonna work for the Marlins after this. I'm going to work for your biggest fan, and you seem to know how things work around here in this town, and you know. Oh, yeah. But I mean, there's nothing people have tried that you need to win. That's what you need to do. And do I know how to make winning basil team? Oh, I mean. But it doesn't seem like anyone else. Does he get up for Sadie upgrades? I like that the older that I get I get more excited. It's a pleasure now going to hurricanes games where before it was just well because the all the old air. I mean, the Orange Bowl people are sad that it's gone. It was it was it was a dump and I watt something dropped on your head. It was actually it was this folks, it was mixed with rust. It was it was. We had the same stadium as woman Lori was here, and it's the same stadium, and they're just trying to put a Bose whistle. I like that stuff. I like that stuff. If I got nothing to do on a Friday. I got nothing to do on Friday. You're not gonna go tomorrow. There have been three instances where I've had nothing going on a Friday. And I've been like let's just go to the clevelander and Marlins ballpark in wasting time and figure the rest of the night out. That's I I like that stuff. That's what draws me. I get more excited about stadium upgrade than I would for. I don't know Chen's contract if they were signing him this all we're saying we've been terribles reading this spring. But Nelson Myers junior has been working with them things are beyond repair. Like, let me give you an example Mel side of my junior. Let's say he was Leonardo Davinci right and Vinci junior. Sure, let's say he was Leonardo da Vinci junior. Right. And then they have this like up and coming artists or artists has passed as prime. Let's be real. And they like listen Leonardo da Vinci junior. We need you to show this artists. How to be Leonardo Davinci like you can't do that? All right way in Chen is no Leonardo da Vinci pitching. I mean, he's fine at home. Home and spring training and not really playing at home every games of road game. So maybe there's hope Brindisi those leading the minor league spring training at home runs. The he's leading the majors in spring training home runs. He's number one. How many home runs has got five batting four twenty one two multi Homer not fluff. What jeeter saints fluffed that's not fluff. And apparently they keep track because in spring training. There's a chance you could always face just terrible pitching. So they do keep track of the quality of pitchers that you're facing. And he's up there in terms of quality opponents. So he's not doing this against low end guys aren't gonna make. That's that's super encouraging you need to get that trade. Right. Considering yelich major pay for it immediately. Right. How crazy happy? Would you be? If you actually does make the author. Oh, he's going to make the also he will make an ulcer team. I'm telling you now, by the way, every team needs an all star. So like who's who's going to be our old? I can't believe he's doing it after we crushed his, you know, his dreams last year. And we heard him so bad by thinking, it was mcgee's apologize. We just hurt his confidence. Well, he's one of the kid that guy his cue score went up so high because of this campaign any narrowly missed the all star game. It was it was just by hair. I think he had to sort of rethink his whole approach at the plate after Kris scouting report came out. All that's funny. They say that because I read an article today that he has changed. He did change his approach that he's going more middle like he's trying to do with Stanton. Kind of did a couple years back where instead of like trying to pull the ball. He's working middle away. Just trying to hurt your scouting. Day and just like take credit? I'm just saying he changes approach. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost. Nesting doll living most of her life in the duck inside the other nesting Dole's. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly, she has no brain, however, when in a most nesting dole, his gyco not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer. Pitchy. The INA most nesting Dollond her lot in life. Donlevatar? Chris, Cody, how is it that you had a sharp single off of Matt Lehto and also played with the big prospect you played with the big prospect like coached against Lewis Brinson the center fielder that we got back. He's a five outfielder really good player. He went one for four against are awful baseball team, still God's your ace on the hill. Or know what you do? Is you start with the heat and you go high in the zone Ryan. And when the two strikes come curve it he sits dead red with two strikes. That's right. All right. What pitcher was it for you? Is it like your ace number three number two? Who's number two number two. What she has to now. Nothing. Visit with our show with the stugatz on the ticket. You know, the reach of this show is crazy. Because of you mentioned when we mentioned that whole a scattering report on Brinson. So you know, that got out there nationwide and internationally right because the other day I was in Toronto leaving a game blazers rap. There's and leaving the crowd and somebody yells down says this, and I'm like, hey, he goes, I hear you make a great brunch. You do. Right. What's spectacular? I that. But the point is it's like, I'm not on this show, very often. And it's just like you know out of nowhere. Somebody just drops that on me from another country. And I was like, well, that's pretty darn cool. I like this show once around too, by the way, anytime you guys man, I've been out of town a lot on Sundays, and you know, you can only do brunch on Sunday next time, we're doing it. We're getting volleyball in there. Oh, yeah. Competitive volleyball going on Sundays at ten AM. Probably got a cool it on the most is a little bit because I had nothing left after two thirty. Yeah. We'll do the volleyball. I and and then the hydrate yourself further. But so I've this is just something I felt like dropping on you guys. And because I've been having this conversation a lot because you know, bread is something I try not to eat that much. I try to ease much. Yeah. But I was, you know, having this conversation with Anthony, and I'm just saying to myself. Well, if I had to narrow my bread choice down to one bread for the rest of my life. What would that Brennan you said yourself? This is the perfect conversation with the shipping. Absolutely. I mean, clearly right up our alley. And so I was so all in with my initial choice of a biscuit. But I don't think I can do a biscuit forever. Like, you can't put Turkey and mayo on a biscuit and call that watch me what what a biscuit would be a Brett waste. I have. I'm going down the same path something that you. Kinda use for every single Guinness. Someone who doesn't eat bread. I mean, biscuits are amazing. That's not a terrible as someone who eats a lot of bread. That's a solid. What else you can't make out of biscuits? French toast. Like, there's a lot of problems the biscuit. You know, I see what you're talking about. It is limited in terms inland flavor. Profile even though it is my favorite meal is breakfast. I could do it all the time. But if I was doing it forever. I mean, you want to dinner roll, I think I get what? Yeah. I think I get what you're saying. You can't put tomato balsamic vinegar and some shoot though on on a biscuit. Although now, I kind of want to try that. But yeah, I got an on many. And the only thing I think you can do almost anything with this bread accent. I don't know if you'd do French toast. That's one of the game. We're playing as one just type of bread for the rest of your life. Yeah. I'm going bagel bagel. Gross. Oh, man. Jeez. You guys are making terrible. Why is sandwich like name a sandwich? I can have it with every sandwiches, a job workout. Then when you've got the big get every type of bagel or like a specific type of bagel in this game. It's any kind of degree that. There's nothing more intensive put your jaw through in terms of taxing experience than eating a bagel with cream cheese. Woo. I think more of a bagel sandwich, like those ones from Dunkin donuts is it because you're going through both ends of the bagel at that point how about this nominee, and I don't know if everybody has tried this king's Hawaiian Brit. I love as the only Brit. I like maybe that is something that can go in all neighborhoods like you can make a nice sandwich out of that you can cut them differently. Maybe Muslim them a little bit and still make some French toast out of that can have a burger with that, of course. Yeah. You just gotta do like four at a time right shoes. You leaders instead get bigger ones bigger ones. Yeah. There's like kings of wines buns. Yeah. I don't think you can do the tart with it. So it's not you can't put some cheese on top of it with some balsamic vinegar, but you're going to have to eliminate and why am I saying this? D'oeuvres? That's yours. They started thinking of the bread that. I would miss the most if I chose bagel. What would be the one that? I'm like, oh, I can't have. This corn bread would be really hard to live without Norma's delicious. I think is he solved the game. For me. I'm going kings of wine now. That's a great bread. No. It's Saddam was Cuban bread. That's it end. That was the Anthony. Now, we're having only here he chose king's Hawaiian. And I said, I don't know a great loaf of Cuban bread. Can go anywhere you want? It. You have a you have to eat it within two by. That's a problem as you'll chip your multi-purpose. So like if you don't eat it within like fifteen minutes, then it becomes hard as a bad, and you can use it to play baseball or do whatever you want. You just gave Anthony the victory though by saying Hawaiian rolls first before you brought it because I was kind of convinced of Hawaiian rolls for a while. They're like, I didn't think of that. And that's a good one. That might be the winning answer. Roy. What do you got here? Go with pepperidge farm, multi grain. Wow, very specific pepperidge farm, multi grain bread. That's right curveball. They're so boring. Shoot though on top of that. On wall, salmon. That would be the worst French toast ever. Not really I mean, the Tristesse French toast on a bagel would be kind of puzzling. To me, I feel like ROY would be fine eating the same sandwich every day for the rest of his life. But my right. Yeah. Let's see. So that's that's why the bread choices. What it is. Is you have a question for you. Having nothing to do with bread. If you don't mind me asking, I would definitely miss biscuits. The Missoula Chris it's more of a favor than anything. So I've never been to eleven right. You wanna go ahead? You know? So here's the thing. You frequent eleven in fact, you know, celebrities see you and say, hey, hazy what's up at eleven correct. Do you remember which one? Yeah. Giancarlo Stanton, you walk in and just get a table. You're one of those guys. I mean, I haven't been in a while. But yeah, really what is that? Like you haven't been since Saturday. I haven't been since two thousand eighteen really oh, by the way, happy new year. So here's the vision. Here's the deal. So I was at the beach this weekend with my fiance and she saw a sign for eleven. She's like I've never been to eleven and she saw that diplo is going and wants to go see diplo for some reason. And I'm like, I mean, I could ask Izzy, but I don't think we're gonna go see diploam. No, it's interesting when they do DJ's there. It doesn't really feel like it's a special event because it's just a DJ behind the booth and everything else is pretty much the same. They do performers there. And they take the little round stage of the center, if you've ever seen pictures, I've never been been. Yeah. Then then that's an event like that. But when the days are there, it's just other music playing while everything else is at least that's what it feels like for me. Well, here's the thing that I don't really understand about this, and I have seen it wrong. But apparently diplomats going to be the week of Oltra, which I told her like there's no ya. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But then I looked at the thing. And I'm like, he's he's probably getting just so, you know, he's probably going to go on like three in the morning or something like you're going. But the advertise times at ten AM like I think he's doing a set at ten in the morning. I could hang that wrong. But it seems like he's going to be there. Week. Anything is possible. Yeah. And ten AM. Yeah. All right. So never been there until ten AM. You wanna have gotten there at today? You also it's until ten am you don't show up at ten AM. Like, all right. Let's go. Well, ten AM one pm unless he has a set it alter that he has to get to right because they never actually appear on time. I remember one time during Miami music week after Jack was here, and he was going to do something at the clevelander and they couldn't find him. And they were looking for average. I can we kinda were hanging around looking for Africa. And then we saw he was hanging out with Grubman on boat that day, and we're like, oh, well, that's where aphrodisiac is. And that's why he's not here because he's just dancing around on a boat, in fact on the I g on Grubman's, I g afro Jack was sleeping on a boat one while he was supposed to be here performing. Yeah. I think he eventually came. What's the date on that that dip below? I think it's like the twenty something. Let me check. It. Yeah. You wanna go? You wanna take us to to? I'm in town. I can totally. Wow. Is it you're such a good guy? I'm pretty sure though, if you just went to the front and just sort of stood around there, and like ask them the of the other guys there if they watch and listen to the show, I witness yourself. I would never do that. I couldn't do that. You can get there at six o'clock in the evening, and they have to let you in at that point. And then you just let you walk of her. What's the walk of credit ten in the morning at eleven well that week it's usually the walkout. It's that at that point. There's no real line to get in. But everybody's inside already. It'll be hard to get. So it's not that hard to get into knowing. No, it is it is it's really difficult around like art basil and obviously Miami music week. But thing that's good about eleven is the people that treat you. Well, there treat you well, regardless of what time of year, it is really do, you know, purple this isn't eleven this is more of a live than, you know, purple. I have. Phone. Yeah. Really? That's the name. Jeff. Purple really, a Grubman or the Grubman. You've got group. You could have helped us out when we were trying to track them down. You don't want us to embarrass you. That was a good call by you. Yeah. It's good that you didn't who purple purple is like a Miami like party like icon legend, he's like a promoter. And he does live and he does a story, right? Is the other one that he does? So he's like wanna grow guys guys are purple and food gut. Follow follow follow purple on Instagram. It's the guy's life is walking down ocean. He's like, hey who wants to go to eleven? No, I think he became well known or much better known after Tom habit. Stroh wrote a story right about the nightlife down here, and he's sort of the what do they call them the doorman to the stars or something like that? He was the guy who got if you wanted to go somewhere you got in touch with purple. Yeah. I guess he became known to the nation at large, but we didn't need Tom Habra show to tell us purple hair, and he's always like surrounded with like fifty models. He was at like Daniels. Areas. House the other day for like a party, which like just seems crazy to me that he flew cross the country that and then he came back and he. Also doing like if you follow his Instagram story. He's always doing like cycling varies Buddhists. The guy seems to never have a second that he's not doing. So he's he's working until five AM. And at the spin class at six AM, exactly. Like, I don't understand how he can keep I'm fascinated by his lifestyle. I don't know how he can keep it up. I've only actually I mean, he got me in one time. So I feel like I know purple does he know you like say what's up? He also shows up to like every he came, but he shows up in the second quarter at halftime dot is always like, oh, look who's here purple. You got an early today. Yeah. That's my do. They make normal sized Hawaiian roll like wine roles that are bigger or are all them just like the the small one. I think Billy might be the expert on that. When he said, they have Hawaiian buns. Yeah. Yeah. Roles, but that would be a big factor because if they're always going to be that small if I can commit to only having that the rest of it what you guys have Samsung potato rolls. Oh, I love them. I like them a love is that like double the carbs. Actually, I think goes into a potato role is a potato. This is I'm speaking from place of just you really want to know. I have no idea you're Yossi because they're called potato rolls. I've always just assumed there's potato in them. But that also seems stupid. Am I stupid for? Thank you can anyone tell me am I at least stupid for thinking. There might be some potato two potato ROY. We're gonna have to do research on this. Although I did buy. So no one knows if potato is actually is. Okay. So it can't be that stupid of a question. No. There's gonna be potatoes data question says diplo and friends at nine pm. There's no way he's going to be there at hand. This friends his friends we'll be playing early. And then usually what happens is those the deejays are kind of contracted to come on at like one thirty two o'clock. And if you're a bigger than that, if you're not you can come whenever you want to three AM and take half here at the recipe for making potato rolls. And one of the ingredients is a half a Cup of prepared mashed potatoes. How about mashed potatoes into the batter haven't gone to the direction? Wow. Through the hump. I'm waiting for the loaf of bread that just has a bunch of French fries baked directly into it. Mix. Milk mashed potatoes short shortening or butter sugar and salt together in a bowl, blah, blah, blah. So yes, so twice a carbs sugar. Donlevatar would you mind if the new owners of the Marlins knocked down that statue in center field? It's obviously an eyesore. But it's gotten to the point that it's, you know, our eyesore, really. It's something that we all laugh at together so bad that it's become good. You wouldn't go to New York and take away the apple then come on. Stugatz. Would you guys look at a lot of other things and describe it that way, it's something that I'm mock? But it's something that is in the middle of my city. So therefore, I'm proud of it and don't want it removed pit bull. Okay. You went. This is our show with stugotz on the ticket is he are you a game of thrones guy. No, you're like the you're anti game at their. I tried one time a few summers ago to watch like to binge-watch one afternoon, and I watched four episodes or I tried to watch for episodes. I fell asleep during every single episode. I didn't even finish the end of like any episode. I just moved onto the next one. Yeah. I tried to watch the first one a couple of years ago, and it just it's just so confusing. There's so many different lands. There's so many different groups of people as I was confused. I know I should have. More time. And I was just like out on it from the very beginning. This people are saying, it's basically, you know, you've got to get to the end of season one or start off season two episode nine, and I'm just like man, I just don't have time for that. David Samson is now with us. I know this is not what you're reviewing today. But David are you a game of thrones person? Never seen one episode. Thank you. And you're proud of it. Right. I probably Brad. I guess I wear it with honor David actually have a question before you get to movies. I was talking to fair about survivor because you were on survivor, and I by the way have an elevator pitch for Jeff Probst if ever seen him for a season of survivor, and I'm sure he's gotten before. But I need ya. It's quick pitch and throw at him. See if he likes her, but I'm not gonna say it here because then they'll steal them not given credit. But I'm wondering if you watch any other shows, do you watch big brother any of those other competitions or not really there's only one TV show that I watch and it survivor, and that's been the same since it debuted in two thousand I'm now getting into since I got fired and I've got more time. I started watching like billions and Ozark and home. Land and breaking bad. But no, that's that's it. No other reality on scripted shows. How do you feel about the juries? I was talking to Dan about the other day because his friend Ricky Williams was on celebrity big brother, and he made it to the end, and he got to choose to take with him to the end, and he got zero votes at the end because he made the wrong choice and who to take with him at the end. How do you feel as a former survivor about like, the the spite votes that caused people that actually deserved to win these competitions because they didn't play the the social game the right way. Yeah. There's a lot more that goes into certainly on survivor and to choosing who you bring to file tribal council. So I don't wanna blame it. Totally unreal Williams. I didn't see it. But sometimes you can get pressured in to taking a player you shouldn't take it happens during during my season. There was no reason that would take Tony Tony's going to beat them. But a loyalty. For me for me. It's not about loyalty you're trying to win the million dollars. I'm taking the weakest player possible at all times. Forget voting out week players you keep weep players to bring 'em because they can't win. Would you do it again? Have you been approached about doing it again? So I've seen behind the red curtain, isn't that interesting? I've seen behind the curtain, and and I love the experience if they came to me, and they wanted me to do it again. I would certainly consider it. But it's not as much fun as you'd think the surviving part is way more difficult than I thought it would be how much will you probably can't tell us much. But like how much goes on behind the scenes because I'd imagine there's people there that have medications that they need to take it. And I'm assuming that you have regular check ins with doctors and stuff to make sure that you're actually surviving that you're not just going to be out there and die because I'm going to let contestants die on TV, yet terribly bad look. Yeah. You see the doctor before challenges after challenges if you look carefully at survivor you see players with bandaids or knee wraps because you're being taken care of a little bit. You're still dirty smelly and hungry and grumpy, but there's definitely doctors around and medical checks constantly. And of course for people who take medicine every day. There's a place off camera. Where you can wear the medicine would be in for women. I mean with your there thirty nine days something's going to happen. If you're a woman, and they don't show that on the air, where do you guys go to the bathroom? Do you have a bathroom or you have to go into the ocean? Like, you're required actually to go in the ocean. Using a place downstream. So. Yeah. Scoring dig a hole and could your business. There is an absence of holding. You have to go in the ocean. Teach you how to do it before filming start. Do you have to go number two in the ocean? That's what I'm talking about. I'm imagining a situation where people are digging holes, and then they're going to look for the hidden, immunity idols, and they're digging a hole, and here you go. It's poop instead because they didn't follow rules. There is no digging. It is all aqua dumps what other training. Do you do aside from like you need to poop in the water before it people that you should have seen? How confident Samson was that he was going to crush survivor came out too fast. He came out too fast. And he tried to eliminate the strongest guy on the try. I was a rookie mistake, brother. You can't come in playing the game too soon. Yeah. He knew the game too. Well, and they were threatened by that in her. I if I had to do it again, I did come in wait too strong way too much. And it was funny. But I was gone before you can imagine that things you learn is how to make fire how to make the shelter like the palm fronds. No one knows how to weave the way you see weaving on the first day. Hey, where you weep palm fronds. And the other thing is is out to take an aqua dumped. So is that like a thing like, I guess three or four days before you actually go out onto the island? They go. They take you through this training. Yes. Because you you get checked you have medical checks. You have psychiatric checks. You have, you know, costume checks and all these things go on before filming actually starts, and it's all done in silence because you can't speak to any of the other contestants because cameras aren't actually rolling. Don't all these things kind of defeat. The purpose of what the show is. It's called surviving. And you get taught how to do all these things. Well, by the way, I was taught how to do everything and I couldn't do squat. Literally. I I couldn't go to the bathroom in the ocean. And I had my stomach with was a major issue, and I couldn't make fire and I couldn't build shelter other than that. I was perfect. He's really willful. But that's all he went with like, I can't think of a lot of people germaphobe less equipped to handle survivor than this do. No. But you'd think like watching it the people would practice making fire 'cause you're watching the show, and it's like nobody knows how to make fire. Nobody knows how to survive. This wasn't like a surprise. You got kidnapped and thrown on land, you'd think that you would practice these basic survival skills knowing way, you think. Wait. Let me tell you. I practiced with a Flint I bought a machete and a Flint, and I practiced trying to make a fire in my backyard. And the only thing I did is basically sliced off the tip of my finger. I couldn't get his spark. I couldn't start fire, and I tried a lot. It's it's much harder than you think. Greg Cody things you could start a fire. I know you weren't there too long. But the poop would never just come on shore again. No what area wouldn't it just be a cloud of Brown in the ocean now because remember there's current so they tell you exactly where to go and the current takes it away. Dave, you're an insomniac. Right. That's why you watch so many movies. So how is your sleep pattern while you're doing survivor is there like four minute. I mean, three nights. I was there three nights. And I sleep more than forty minutes night. I would sit up and I'd be looking at the camera man who was not allowed to talk to me. But he's on the worst eight hour shift of all of all the cameramen. There's three eight hour shifts like the youngest guy has to watch everyone sleeps. So I would just go sit in the sand and look at the ocean. And and just realized that I was on survivor, but it was brutal. You're all huddled up sleeping together. And there's no Hanky panky of any kind because everyone's gross in hates each other. But you're just sitting there trying to sleep and I never could. So I just got out of the shelter. I never looked for an idol at night because it was so dark, so I'm not exactly sure how to do overnight idol looking. But maybe the next time on the I've always wondered because you have those moments where like they show you alone in the season. There's like an island where they're sending people to and we don't really know what's going on with that. But they're not actually alone because there's a camera crew. That's there. So like how much they tell you. Hey, listen, don't talk directly to the camera. I because I feel like that's the rule. I would. Break if I'm alone, and there's a camera person there. I'm not going to go crazy deepen thought. Well, I will. But I'm also going to spend the time talking to the cameraman, and I'm gonna find out the cameraman's name who I'm sure can't tell you their name. But I'm going to try to build relationships with the people I shouldn't be relation building relationships with and ignoring my tribe. So here's the funny answer that when I when I applied to survive, and I went to meet Probst and Mark Burnett. And they asked me whether I had any issues I said, listen, I wanna go on survivor, and they were happy to have beyond. But I said there's only one thing I can never be alone. If the theme to the season is a player's gonna be alone. I'm not your guy I'm out, and they said don't worry, you will never be alone. And the answer is you're not because you do have camera people there, and I'm happy, and you've got producers and sound people. There's a guy a boom over your head at all times. So you're never truly alone. But they're on they're eating lunch. Like they have food and backpacks and water packs, they're working for a living. And they're not allowed to talk to you. And you respect it. And don't talk to them. It is knowing when they start eating granola bars though. And you're starting you ever asking for a bite like mama little bite turned the cameras for second eight. There is a player who shut renamed nameless. Who got caught taking food from the backpack of a cameraman who is on a break. And he got in serious trouble. Wow. What's his name? Was this your season? Did you have any friends on the island where who was the person that you got closest to I was closest to cash and Spencer, and and Spencer's the one who blindsided me, and I just spoke Spencer on the phone three days ago for an hour actually all of us on our season are really friendly even ankle cliff Cliff Robinson who I was on survivor with who is is. He's a great guy hilarious. We're all still in touch. He missed his we'd right? Like, he isn't. He like a weed business entrepreneur entrepreneurial how long did you spend with him on the island? You didn't spend any time. But how close did you get to him? We were we became closer after the show ended because I actually never got a chance to speak to him on camera because I never made it far enough to be with him. But after the show we spent quite a bit of time in and enjoyed each other. And as far as the weed, you may mean out Harrington, I think cliff may smoke it. I don't think he produces it. We will look it up. But I think he's an entrepreneur. Splitting David Derek Jeter made some media rounds yesterday had an event that the stadium, and he had some really great ideas about bringing Miami to that ballpark. Why didn't you ever think of that? So everything that Derrick jeeter said yesterday, his quote is the funniest thing ever because that's the quote that I gave 'em except he missed the most important part of my lesson. You don't say it to the media, you do that in sales meetings. You do it to your staff. You talk about the experience when you're meeting with season ticket holders. You don't get in front of the media do that. So I he only understood half of my lesson. David I find some of this breathtaking in the Derek Jeter is actually thinking or this group is thinking they're reinventing something and all of these things have been tried down here and failed. And it's it's as if they have a deafness and a complete amnesia about what's happened before them. They're going to all the things in the playbook that have already failed around here. He is on page two of the playbook. But he's so interested in in pretending that he's being different from what I did when I was running the team. And it's just funny because I did the same. Thing. I try to say that I'm different than John, Henry and way nizing got we're gonna corporate Miami. We're going to do things bilingually we're going to do sign edge, and this and that, and it's just funny to watch watch Derek do it, and he does it was such aplomb as though he knows what he's doing knows what he's talking about. And I know the truth. It's just funny to watch by the way, wait to see Clifford Robinson did open up marijuana dispensary, and he has a nickname of spliff Derek Jeter has reputation being super media savvy. But it seems as he does have this recent habit of saying the wrong thing when he's asked about feigns in Broward. He sort of just cuts off this market at Miami Dade County says no we're not really worried about that in. So many words worried about the surrounding area is just not something that you say you don't say to the media. We're not worried about wins and losses were worried about the experience if these are things coming from you. I'd understand it. But it's a surprise coming from their geeder. What does that mean because you don't care about public relations? You've never cared for. Nations. Let me let me just say that you think Derek Jeters media savvy because when he was a player he was good at being Teflon lived in the city as a single man without for many years as the star I con without ever getting into a tabloid controversy. Yes. I do think that he was good at that. As a player. As a player that does not make immediate media savvy. It means that he had good people surrounding him players Tribune. It's a media site. He started that like, I I'm not saying that he's a savvy. I'm curious it seems as David disagrees. I'm curious to see and why he's had the experience with them that none of us have had our you the Dan because he started the player's Tribune. Which is nearly a website that when you talk about it see operating the players for being you very well know, the answer, I am. I am grading on an athletic curve here. In terms of business entrepreneurial ship among athletes. Derek jeeter is uniquely qualified to go from player to executive and have media savvy. Now, it may not be the media savvy that you have. But I'm just telling you that this who else is going to be like him and Jordan or the ones who know how to have media savvy. So I would tell you that what Jeter was the best that was having someone in his corner. Who was his business manager negotiate with Bruce Sherman the deal that he got to run a team to get paid the way he's paying with the investment he made that is the savviness that he had and that's only because of the hall of fame player that he was it had nothing to do with his accurate and what you're seeing. Now is the growing pains of a person who believes because they're good at shortstop means that are good at business. It would be the equivalent of me telling you that I could replace, you know, JT rela modo and catch for the money Marlins. I can't do that. I know. I can't do that. Is there a chance dear gets better? Again. He's got four years. He had a five year contract. He's done with one of them. He has four years to go, and he will be judged not by wins and losses believe it or not he'll be judged by revenue and how much. Losses is team has and right now the team has losses. He has not gotten the naming rights deal done that he promised. He didn't get the TV deals on that he promised all he's done is basically a race me. And Jeffrey from the history of the Marlins while adding standing room seats that frankly aren't even necessary and taking out a home run sculpture that he just didn't like because he didn't like it and it was ours. So he's got a lot of issues that are more important than his misspeaking to the media about an ignoring Broward. He's got a lot bigger. Fish to fry is Ian over his head. It's it's way to say. But I'll tell you norcal is currently required. But there is still air to breathe I can understand why you would personalise this. But oftentimes presidents in this country get elected by the platform of I'm just not the other candidate or I'm not the previous person you elected. And if you're looking at priorities, it's not the worst plan to just say, I'm going to come here and undo everything saints in and Laura. He did even you can probably see the value in that. Right. Absolutely accepted some point. Remember, he answers to an ownership group whose cutting checks to cover losses right now. So I agree with what you're saying. And that is how presidents of countries get elected. That's how it's happened to storage safely. It makes sense. But eventually people look down, and they realize they've got the same problems. They had under this president is they had under the last president. And then what do you do? So the only thing we're talking about is how much rope does he have before the love wears off. One is the the movie you're reviewing this week. I'm rate. I mean, this is the worst segue of all time totally unintentional deducted of -ducted and planes Aisin transition. I got given this movie to watch by someone. I greatly. Am sorry that I watched it. It is incredibly disturbing. It is the movie about a man who a friends and entire family for the sole purpose of. Of falling in love and marrying a twelve year old girl in Mexico. This is a grown adult, man. This is the worst kind of of sex abuse child abuse. But in addition this delusional man, and it's documentary about him and about the family that he somehow seduced he I can't spoil it. But he had was involved with every member of the family father mother daughter, and this is a true story. And it was the single most disturbing documentary I've seen and I'm halfway through leaving Neverland, which is maybe approaching that. So I'm gonna terrible streak right now of having nightmares watching these documentaries. Both of those are a glimpse into child abuse that I'd never seen before and parts of it. That are fascinating to me. We're limiting to me in. Both of those is how the predators seduces the entire family that it's not that. It's just to me. It was amazing in that leaving. Lansing, the movie to see the manipulation in Michael Jackson weeping in a corner because a seven year old was about to leave him getting up in the morning weeping in the corner. So that this kid would wake up and his Peter Pan is weeping because he's leaving the amount of manipulation in these movies is staggering. And then go the next step down. Which is the parents, then say, oh, don't cry. Michael will keep the seven year old with you at at Neverland ranch. What bothered me about leaving never land, and what's upsetting about adopted in plain sight. And and I'm a parent. So I don't understand how these parents could be manipulated so easily could be so starstruck. And maybe I'm not from Brisbane Australia. And maybe I'm not from a small town in California where I'm where I see Michael Jackson. And all of a sudden, I lose my mind, but twenty years later, the mothers of these boys is interviewed, and is laughing re. Counting stories. I would be so distraught that I let my son be abused. Like that that I don't I don't think I could, you know, live a day, David. We'll talk to you next week. Thank you, sir. Hey, thank you guys by I wanna talk more about that. Because I saw both halves of the documentary. And how this is how good the documentary was Oprah bleep the bed afterward interviewing the the people involved because she couldn't rise to the content. That was on that special interview Oprah didn't handle the post show while but I wanna get into all of that. Because more interesting than anything going on in sports.

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