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When you're between episodes of medical mysteries, you should check out another great podcast called meet cute. It isn't a podcast show, but if you're looking for mysteries, that will always have a happy ending meet cute is perfect for you. Meet our short-form audio romantic comedies that can take the listener from meet cute to happily ever after in fifteen minutes. They take place in a variety of settings with regular people of all ages and diverse backgrounds, and because everyone needs a good love story. I'm going to play you a recent episode. If you like what you hear, search for, meet cute to listen to more episodes. Their. Own Yourself either dock master in a manner of speaking I am the king of this dog, and can resupply here sure thing. Now me type the boat. The Rope Oh. Let me just stretched muscles here. Jordan or do you need us? All right. Let's get you set up. What do you need fresh water? You can spare it. Owes is right over. There need gas. It's a sailboat. Or wondering if you wanted to set it on fire. Never thought I'd see the day where a dock master couldn't recognize a sailboat. I'd like to let my job define me and can't on the clock here throughout my clock years ago at least I think it was years ago throughout my calendar to you're wearing watch. But hasn't told Time in twenty years at least. Still Right twice a day. That I'd ever know it. Now! Let's get you in a rush. I'm trying to beat the record for circumnavigating Lake Michigan and a sailboat. Now. Why in Hell would you wanted? Complicate your life trying to set records when you could be sitting down and drinking beer. Take a second. Have you ever seen just how lovely the lake looks from sitting position. You know what they say. No to waves are the same. Pretty sure that's now flanks. They've got a better PR team. The waves of Lake Michigan. Beautiful than any snowstorm. I appreciate your Worldview, but I'm sailing charity. I'm raising awareness of mental health issues. By doing something crazy. How far is this trippy? Yours eight hundred miles down. You know the circumference of the LAKER DOC is parked on knowing how big the world is doesn't matter when all you WanNa. Do is sit still so that's all you do. Sit here on your dock and drink beer. Can't leave kingdom. What would my subjects do without me? Jeremy. Avenue unscreened does a goose crap on the shore? What do you prefer in terms of SPF maybe some oxide for your nose, Aloe for the burn on your shoulders. Larry Year Lakeside? Convenience Store Maryann. I'll take whatever strongest. Thanks sunscreen fell overboard back. Mak Island. Felt like a hot dog out there. Whether last few days, probably steamed your buns. That's one way to put it. You mind if I sit under your umbrella. All this talk sitting. Would be nice for the world to stay still dark for a minute or two. Came to the right kingdom, what a beer is! A gun is not just a poor man's Kovic, yeah, well I guess I'll take a beer. So where'd you start this sailing voyage of yours I'm guessing Chicago at you now. You've got city muscles. What the Hell does that mean? Jim Muscles slightly over toned and smelling of techno music. You probably take spin classes. You're one to talk about muscles. They get winded changing channels woman after my enlarged heart. People around here way too nice before you steal our car. They ask if they can fill up the tank maddening. Nice to have some wit around cheers. Tell me about your trip so far. Started out of Chicago ten days ago. Wins have been good until today was planning to resupply a bit of the shore, but was no way. Make It. Had to paddle to make it to the shores of your kingdom. Don't need a play by play. Just wondering why you went on this voyage in the first place. Tell you charity? No one does something like this for charity and my brother Schizophrenia. Damn. You really are doing this for mental health. I'm sorry I didn't mean to. Be Insensitive. It's. Fine. Had it since he was a teenager. At least that's when he was diagnosed. Been in and out of mental hospitals. Things have been a little rougher since our parents died. A few months ago, he stayed with me and he set my condo on fire. He okay. He was fine. Lost my security deposit. Hardest part was that time it was me who committed him instead of our parents. Might just be the perfect definition of what it means to be an adult. Life fines all kinds of ways to break your heart. Anyway. Conjecture the guilt, so I bought about took sailing lessons. Raise some money and plan this trip. I'm impressed. Ben through the ringer and created something good out of it I'll cheers to that. except I'm not GonNa make it wanted to break eleven days, but the wind quit on me. The way, it looks now be lucky to finish three weeks. If my arms hold up from paddling. Well. You're welcome to stay at Dhaka's long as you need thanks. Honored to be your subject. Say if you're not going anywhere one a hike, see what wonders dry land has to offer you hike been known to step over a few rocks in my day. Share. Fine! The Wind Ain't move neither my. Great. Let me just tell my other subjects that I'll be back in a bit. That should keep them cool. How'd you like sand dunes not quite as glamorous as spin class, and there's no techno music, but added gang can handle it. Say hello to the sand dunes of southern Michigan. Hiking in his hand. Definitely for your glitz. Is that code for you checking out the. Vessel. Flatter yourself I see cage then legs. Win. Stopped trying to get into my pants. Climb up here and take a look. Wow It's beautiful. I like to think about the ancient oceans. That were here a billion years ago covering all of this. Look at how the dunes and the lake blend together perfectly same shape to forms. Dunes are. Just slower waves. And the King Dacas deep. A billion years ago, none of this was here and a billion years from now it's all going to look completely different. Puts things in perspective I think. My mind, it's all about the undulating nature of matter now you're just showing off. Just plagiarizing from Netflix's documentary and you were doing so well. How almost expected the next line to be something about romance? Hey Watch those clouds. One of them just moved, an inch might just get your wind yet. Just. Sometimes I look at clouds'll those and think that's how my brother's mind works? So. There's wind up there in the clouds, and it's different than the wind down here. My brothers. Wind is different than most. Way His mind works seems a logical because he doesn't have the same wind blowing through them. Wow! That's actually really beautiful. But alone for the last week, and a half lots of time to think while sailing around chasing wind. I know the feeling. Clouds. Look angry like it's about to rain. Let's run really afraid of getting. West you live on a dock. Not The RAYNHAM worried about. That's right. Let's hop into these woods. I know a place where we can shelter. Nice gave. You bring all your dates here. I wish not every day that women wash up on my doc. was hoping he'd have some Netflix's philosophy share. No more pontificating for me although I will say that caves are not unlike those dunes out there here we go there forums by water. In a way, everything is a byproduct of those ancient oceans Larry. You have to watch something else on TV. Maybe when we get back. Do you WANNA. Kill time before then. Got An idea. That was really refreshing. Thanks Pretty Amazing Kizer. Event, the rain jerk. Oh right right that to. That cave in the sound of the rain, but that wasn't already your prime date spot I think it should be. To. Keep an eye out for more. What did you call it a sailboat? How you can call yourself the king of the DOC I'll never. Sorry we can only make out only thing. I need to be intimate with right now as a shower. You are dirty girl. Excuse me. y'All I. Mean you're really filthy from the boat. Sailing and boat stuff not making this better am i. Let's just pretend you never learn to speak. Oh, even after my speech about the oceans. That might be a little tough because I wanted to tell you something wait. You feel that. Feel what wind? It's blowing you sure. An exhaust fan somewhere. Incredible I could go finish my trip yeah. It's great, absolutely fantastic news. Don't pout Larry. You knew I wasn't gonNA. Stay sure of course I knew that. Didn't help at all that there'd be no wind, and you'd end up staying as Queen of the doc come on, sooner goes, I can come back to visit. Helped me get these water jugs felt. Good as I said hoses over there. Larry Come. You WanNa. Leave leave no one stopping you. Why are you acting like this? Only here until the wind picked up a pit, stop well I. Don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows. That doesn't even make sense I told you I've been training and planning this trip for over a year. We just met today. I've got a whole life out there. I can't just drop it. Listen. I know how this goes all right. You'll finish your trip. Get back to the city and you'll forget about the small town goofball. I'll just be a story. You can laugh about with your friends. This guy who called himself king dock and watch too many documentaries. Don't be a jerk. This isn't about you. It's about my brother. It's about me. I'm never gonNA. See you again. Is that what you're doing, seriously picking a fight, so if we never see each other again, you can say you were right. Larry Grow Up. It was great to meet you, but with this wind I'm only two days of sailing away from reaching my goal. Then Go. Let's not leave it like this, please. I'm not the one leaving. You are impossible. Look before I go. Can you just tell me why you're being such? A Childish Jackass I'm scared. Okay? Love hasn't exactly worked out for me. Does this look like the body of a married man is exactly what it looks like actually fair point. Do you really think you're the only one who scared? What did this whole journey because I feel like the master of my universe? Newsflash Larry. We're all terrified strangely enough. That's comforting listen. I like you and. I don't want you to go. It's like my heart is one of those ancient oceans something that I've always had to guess that and theorize about then you show up and I start to see its exact outlines I know this is cheesy, but it's like you're the water and I'm the dunes on the shoreline I'm the cave. Larry. This last year has been all about my brother. Visiting him in the Psych Ward. I see him wearing those gripper socks and think. I'm the one that put him in here. This winless day was a blessing in disguise. You're the first good thing to happen to me this year. And I'm glad I met you. But. I need to finish this. For Him. From me! As you should. I'm. Sorry for being a spoiled prince, instead of a manly king. Happens to the best of us. Watch a documentary about the royal family sometime. All attitude the Q.. Marianne I need to see you again. I'm selling to Chicago. Not Tahiti two days tops, but this win then I'm going to take a shower for a week. Check into work, and then they'll just steal a car and hang out with you for a weekend. Get Him to fill up the tank before you steal it I. Don't think it quite works like that in Chicago. Well there's no use dawdling then. Let's get you on your way while you still have the wind a hope you launch. Thanks Larry. And that rope. Our anchor. Have a truck. Right no reason to steal a car though I do appreciate you becoming a jailbird for me. I did not you know treks better than you now, but It's just getting the hang of it. I heard a rumor that the roads go both ways you. Might even beat home to Chicago. But, your kingdom your subjects. They have no idea how much better their lives will be with queen sitting next to their king. To hear more episodes search meet cute on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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